Shoot: 3 Month Old Twins


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Shoot: 3 Month Old Twins

Okay, we have a two month old baby coming in eight weeks old she's, smiling. I just met her out in the hallway, she's absolutely adorable, but it's not really to be honest and age that I photograph a lot because the tony sort of eight weeks after they've come in for their all six to eight weeks that they've come in since their newborn session, and they're not doing a lot this smiling, which is beautiful, so you can still capture them beautifully, but they're they're not going to do a lot during the session, so I want to keep it really simple and a great way to get variety from from a baby of that age is to use different textures, different colors, different props, things like that. So with a baby that isn't really moving, isn't doing anything, you know, you can use baskets, you can use anything to put them in, but as long as they're nice and secure because they are going to be awake. Um, this little thing is absolutely adored it adorable. Her name is harmony and she's very, very smiley...

. He she comes what I'm going to do mom, mom has left her nappy on. Um because we have to move quite quickly I just want to sort of show you what I would do I probably would leave the nappy on a time some nappy covers on her but I want to use some textures and I have this beautiful headband and this rap that has been bored in by one of our audience members amanda and she's actually um the owner of lillian grace, which is a prop company that I buy a lot of stuff on it she's got amazing textures, amazing natural tones and something that really fits my brand so I can't believe she's here it's awesome actually owes him and I have some new stuff the player so I'm going to sit down here next to mum and what I'm gonna do is just use this just to wrap around her because she's an older baby like I said before with a newborn I rapped um very sort of lightly so that when I'm unwrapping them I'm not going to disturb them too much, but when they're older, you know I'm gonna have to sort of pick up and move around to get different shots but I am going to wrap this around her just to give some great textures but I'm going to leave the arms free because she her arms moving around a fair bit now are they oh hi gorgeous and the basis is in every hello and you can see she's starting to hold her head up but they lose that control so I'm not gonna have her lying on that on her tummy trying to lift her head up because it's so heavy for them and they don't have those those really strong neck muscles yet to lift them up and a beautiful girl so I'm gonna have her laying down I'm gonna shoot above her because it's going to be the safest option for may you know and then I could start to mix it up and put her in a couple of different props and things like that that a big enough for her because you know obviously she's a lot longer than a newborn so finding something that they can fit in safely I'm going to be covered in fluff but they so um at home I have a change table which I can do this on but I'm tall enough so have quite quite long legs and I'm just gonna lay her down here on may and wrap this around right come here miss now what is her nickname hero hero earns her money but we call it a mine at that camp is hero you are the happiest baby hello beautiful high he is I know it's funny I could play with them all day okay so I'm pretty much for this shot I'm gonna shoot from here up I'm not going to shoot too much from down here once I'm finished up here in the beanbag I'm actually going to pop her into a basket down with some nice texture around her just to get a style shot like you can still style a shot yes you can with great term with great props and textures and fabrics I know you're happy he was one happy baby I know it's funny being on here okay are you ready? Are you ready? Yes okay. No isn't that the sweetest thing a kid so simple and so beautiful I'm gonna have buckley's of getting a headband on a baby that's older cause they're just gonna go what is that s o these little ones I'm gonna I'm gonna address this one up and you're not gonna political so I'm not going to tie it tight but I've just wrapped it around my fingers and then I'm just going to place it over her head and tuck the ends in I mean and you could even leave them out for a bit of texture yes, she could oh, you are pretty pretty kale and I like this look at that, you know is it my funny hair? Hi hello falling down hero hero jai jai you know what else I've got? Because they're just starting now to be able to hear things to get their attention eureka you are your vehicle uh huh so I'm going to take you take quite a few just to get that perfect expression that little look that they're going to give you hello I like you okay? You looked down you look down that was kids there's something so simple and so pretty and you know all the different little expressions that they have a so gorgeous and you want to get up and go but you can't know your guns so I'm going to get mom to come and stand over here she's an older baby she's on top of something I'm never gonna walk away put my back to her without having mom or dead or someone close by spotting her because like she doesn't look like she's going to go anywhere but you'd be surprised our dinner it's not yet it's not a risk you wanna take is it? They come and stand in nice and close here and let's take that off, you can see so I have this basket which is nice and long, which she's going to be able to fit in it's got a hard edge sh around it, but it hasn't got anything sticking out that she's gonna hurt herself on and there's nothing in here that's sharp or or anything but it is hard and we don't want it to be uncomfortable, so I'm gonna line it with something that's really soft she's beautiful first from j d vintage okay, so I've just placed it in the bottom there, but I am going to use some of my cloth nappies just to put it the top here for her head to go on. So it's gonna give her a little bit of support and I'm gonna shoot down on it, and I can either film my frame with the whole thing and tuck her up in here, or we'll just shoot the top half of it, but just trying to get as many different angles as possible, so just put that under there, you can't see it, we can take a bit more, and I'm gonna also put in quite a bit at the bottom for her feet so that they're going to be supported. It's goingto say to keep them up taita, which will make her look earlier, so don't raise her head too much, because if I raised her head, a change is gonna come down and because I'm shooting above her, I'm going to get a frame full of forehead, so we don't want to raise her head too much because we want her looking up at the camera, but I've raised it quite a bit here where his feet were going to go. She has that adorable nappy cover on what color is in it? It's got lots of bright colors. Um no that's fine. I'm just gonna find something to go with it it's really great when clients bring in their own things because I think you know, it gives you a break from using the same stuff all the time as well and it gets thie the inspiration going when you're trying to put things together okay? And I'm gonna do it over here on on my backdrop thiss so I'd set all of this up first and then placed her in there hello, munchkin I'm gonna leave this wrap around here because I think the texture is gonna look really good and it's a very similar color to the flooring that's below her hi. Okay, so being careful that her arms and and everything our legs aren't going to sort of hit anything on the way in and I've got a great tight grip of her and that nothing's quite thick so pulling those out jeez by crossing over that rap and it's come in right up underneath you could tie it under here to keep her little legs up into position she's so happy hello? Hi. I'm trying to cover your neck. Let me just have another little play. King might put that up in between her legs, so if it was a white a white disposable nappies I know I'm gonna be so quick, okay oh, jose, you on just a little bit darker over here I'm just going to get an exposure shot before I start trying and you can see that she stand of fast just a little bit high uh oh uh oh sweetheart hello hero hi how you know we're gonna get this one but I got a very quick shot off her in that basket and uh oh oh what's going on out here everybody isn't that the cutest baby thank you so much because we have official mummy oh you were perfect just perfect so now we have three month old twins coming in I think we're going for a record here and see how many babies I can photograph in one day speed babies speed babies so really really simple look at that face you know we have a big black bar and I would crop that a little bit bring it down nice and close but we have some great texture and I couldn't bring a lot of props or anything with me because I had to travel by playing but you know if I was in my studio I have some really big props and things that don't have you know bars that I can put babies in but using texture and all of that just to add variety to something say that they have two completely different shots but the baby is doing the same thing so it's um it's a great way to mix up a session

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World-renowned portrait photographer Sue Bryce and newborn photographer Kelly Brown join forces to bring you an inspiring pregnancy, newborn and baby photography class.

Sue will show you how to work with clients to capture the intimate glamour of motherhood, both pre and post-birth. Kelly will show you how to safely and beautifully photograph babies from the first month through the first year. Kelly will share her award-winning styling, lighting, and “baby-whisperer” posing techniques. 

You’ll develop a comprehensive system for:

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Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to expand your portfolio or a new mom with a camera, this course will teach you how to expertly document every phase of a baby’s first year — from womb to walking.