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Visually Marketing Your Business

The price of what you charge is your cost of doing business, plus the profit that you want. You will get that if you value the product that you offer within that price range, and if what you give is within the maximum off the price range you offer, okay, whatever that is because in that some relation to you so if I break that down, it means this the cost of you to do business is climbed acquisition juices, cost of running a business in producing a product. So if that's six hundred dollars, and you want to make six hundred dollars profit from your shoot, you need to charge twelve hundred dollars, twelve hundred dollars is only going to be with anything to anybody if you were giving the maximum within the product range that you want to sell. So people want to see the value in that twelve hundred dollars, they want the most they can get for the money. They want to get a beautiful printed folio, and they want to get the images on dvd on cd, everything they're purchased on city, not everyth...

ing they didn't pictures, everything they didn't put just didn't get purchased stopped giving away your non purchase photographs because you feel sorry for them, your clients will do a number on you. If they want to images but what are you gonna do with the others? I'm going to throw them I um okay I'll give them to you for nothing you're the only person that loses from that conversation all right? So just think about it what is your cost of doing business now we've been talking about this a lot I'm kelly and I sat down and we did our cost of doing business susan stripling did it the other day and you're winning workshop this is how much it cost me to run this winning studio I need to make on average of two hundred forty thousand plus a year in order to run my business and help the lifestyle that I want most of you are just so busy trying to get one payment you've stopped looking at the big picture and that is how much money do you need a year to live? How much money do you need a year to live? How much money do you need to run their business? But more importantly, how much do you want to get paid? Because what do you were with now the sick and you decide that you put a number on it and then now there's a number between us all right? I know what I'm with, I know what I've done I know what I'm going to do so now there's a number floating on the table and that number will only be accepted by you if you see value in what I'm giving so let's say I put it out there to you, my number is three thousand dollars it's a big number, yours could be fifteen hundred, it could be twelve hundred could be nine hundred don't let it be least alright, start them working where that number now sits between us and if there was something on that table let's say you're holding three thousand dollars and I put something on that table that you want in your holding three thousand dollars you're going to you're going to take it, but if you see no value in what I'm doing now, people only see value two ways. One is if it's a product that they desire in an experience they want okay, both. So if it's both of those things I was like, look at this, I get my baby photographed, I get this incredible baby book made I'm there for twelve months, I only have to pop in once a month for twenty minutes I get johnny gets this finished album off his year and look, isn't this wonderful? We're doing this with their mix baby as well, okay, that too there is a value and the only other thing that stops it value is if you don't believe it's worth what it's with because you will block that on every level so you have to see the value in it so to me I have this three thousand dollars open door policy open the door policy mean if you went to my highest package you got anything from me I would rub your shoulders buy you champagne because to me you're the highest level of my price list and if somebody goes to my highest level there's nothing I don't give what else can I do for you? You know how can I help you? What more can I give because to me they've honored bay they've paid me well so I have an open door policy at three things three grand alright, what products do you offer? You will sell what you offer okay? So if you are current sale if you ever sell right now it's too low you need to look at what you're offering and what you're giving for that we're not allowed to go into sales goes down marketing are they easy to produce? Do they have good profitability? And if these products do not direct sales remove them immediately okay so the second point in marketing is to first meet somebody and entice them and the second point is too thin show them your products in entice and feather so I look at products is marketing and even though it's sit here in my price and product range sits up here that's who you are and that's what you do, but essentially at the end of the day, this is what they leave with this pat here. So you've got to make this path something that they want, something that they really really want. All right, your pt ifs so suddenly you're marketing to people and you've created beautiful pdf the connecting tio they connect him to you and all of a sudden you're not marketing on price anymore. You're creating infographics, you're creating beautiful, beautiful, priceless that have visuals with them. You've got video in youtube on your side, and now you have countries because the cool thing about petey ifs is you can now linked to video on your pity, ifs and actually jason hobby his talk talk about one hundred classes here, creative lives he does an extra bit pro class where you can actually get it it's a cheap class you're learned so much you by acrobat pro, and you can actually do live links on your pds and proper pity ifs, so design them and photo shop and then export them through chrebet pity ifs look at kelly's visual communication engagements three seconds to reading email, perfect if you've got multiple genres and new studio links to mohr infographics videos and show reels, the average time spy on a website is our ticks website is forty eight seconds if you add a video it's five minutes and fifty seconds so it's eight times longer if you put a video on there and if you put images up people will always look at them it doesn't matter people will not read your words but they will look at all of your photographs do you think pfc over like sending the pdf and your email over sending a link with a live like you have a page on your block? That's has a password or whatever dick it into that has all the same information and looking feel I don't care what you do as long as it's interesting and I want it I want to go to it all of my prices air here view this gallery view this behind the scenes video of what we do with the priceless what you're doing is you've got to be really careful don't you hate it when somebody markets to you and the first question they ask you is and how did you hear about us? And your question was how much does this cost? Because they want more information I don't want you to lie to me, I want you to tell me how much you cast my images start my folio started twelve hundred dollars if you'd like to know what a shoot looks like watch this video so I'm saying up front what I cost but I'm giving the opportunity for them to seymour off me but be direct whatever you do just be direct and do not put up you know, mountain images start at four hundred dollars where is campus images started for fifty and then I've got vinyl mounts and then I've got that people don't want to know they want to know what we get and they get very, very confused by our products to keep it really, really simple and try and think of this if you were going to enter a competition right now to get somebody to click the link to your priceless what would you write on there? What would be a fun, cheeky, smart, amazing way to get people to look at it? Why do we not think like that? Why do we have to do what everybody else is doing? Why don't we think like that? I just don't understand when we stopped thinking creatively, you know, so I think wouldn't a photograph do it if she wants a bird? Washington you seen the boudoir shoot? Watch the show if kelly puts a newborn video up, watch this newborn shoot you're gonna watch it because you're about to take your newborn there how amazing is that? But make sure the priceless is simple, easy enticing easy to understand that is good marketing then every now and then somebody pops up with this clever idea. Everybody rips it off. You know, I always look at it like this if you come up with something that's really riff really fresh and new in terms of your marketing and it's quirky it's fun that gets a bit attraction virally on social media. Yes, people are going to rip it off, but I bet you it's already being done before in a different way because there's nothing original in this world and when somebody does rip it off, that means it's time for you to come up with something new. And if there is a limit to your creativity, then you're the only person that believed that so just keep creating because to me it's like well, if I can come up with one fun idea, I can come up with fifty more find a way to get them to open that up for you. But take the words off any questions around that waken talk about that more anyway so kelly's pdf this is what karen three together, nine months in the making. I said to karen, create a pdf that pretty much she could seemed out with your process attached to it and then it can go to the slide show watch this slide show nine months in the making, which he saw yesterday and I realized that when I look through it, it was beautiful and then all of a sudden, she's pregnant and she's having a newborn shoot, and then you can create marketing around that entire sequence. So be photographed with you, opportunity, twelve months, nine months in the making. Think of all your marketing planes that you're going to come up with in the next two hours and then apply it to this pg year. But more importantly, little pieces photography who pricing information is there. So they actually get to look through a gallery of images before they get to how much it costs and the link to watch the video. But more importantly, when you look back at hell visually beautiful, that is, I looked at the templates that karen's designed and look what she's done. She's actually designed it the same way you design an album. You know, it's really got no other design component, no trilling, no lines, no designs, no backgrounds. And were you looking for any of those? Why? Because you were looking at the photographs and it amazes me that we're not just being that simple in our design, pds really, really, I could talk about this for days. I do talk about it ahead of everybody about their pds, and the best part is that's when somebody winters on facebook or they get on facebook and say, this is no work out there but a lot, I always say, sammy, your pdf, I'm still waiting, I'm still waiting. Yeah, all of this material here like this is already prepared and designed for you. So to me it is so simple to create online visual mac thing, so I think sometimes he is the disconnect for may. When I started my business, I was working at home in my garret jj, I didn't feel like a professional photographer, I felt like a fraud even though I was getting paid to be a professional photographer. And within about the first four months of my new business, we were up to twenty thousand dollars a week. I remember thinking to myself, somebody's going to out me as a fraud, she's a fraud she's, not really a professional photographer. I don't know whether it was my lack of education or my lack of confidence, but I had been in the industry since I was eighteen, so at thirty two, I was starting my own business, and I just felt like an at home fraud. I didn't feel like a business owner or somebody that even knew about comments or anything like that, but the truth is is when I started to see my work like this, I started to realize I was a professional photographer, I just didn't feel like one, and when I shifted my own perception of myself, everything changed. So when I look at these designs, I was like, I was and capable of showing my brain like this, and now what I have to do is drop in images and change the text, and you see very really that very, very, very quickly that I am with exactly what I'm paying for. All right? So this is who you are, this is what you do, and this is what you're shouting out in what you look like. So in terms of social media, I've come back to the block because I realized that I envy mia and youtube, um, and my blawg and pinterest and now an archive, all right? But you can't go back on facebook, you can look at different pages on countries that interests you, you can follow, you can't look at youtube and jimmy I now people tell me every day on email that they search for may. On google and then they search for me on youtube because that's, what happens? Second biggest search engine on the planet and now there are so many videos of me on youtube and people are watching them and subscribing to my channel, I can't do you all have a youtube channel? Yeah, and you're gonna start uploading your videos behind the scenes video slide shows of your newborns babies, pregnancy shoots love go, I can't show don't tell, is your new model and in bed link tag and share other words you're going to put in your office? Okay? Because everything you do must link back to everything you do must be shared lengthen tag after seventy two hours, people remember ten percent if you're takes information it's that simple? So social media nobody all the conversation is hitting on facebook one point, one billion active uses twitter for daily shout out so I look at it like this facebook would be for my clients and twitter would be for my industry facebook's for my industry too, but I'm more interested in connecting on my industry through twitter when I am through facebook. So anything that's happening in my industry is how I follow everything that's happening on facebook are potentially putting out there to my clients. If you let your clients and on your personal page, you can't be very personal on your page. You certainly can't talk about your clients, your business or the state of the industry ever, because you look like an idiot and you won't ever, ever attract those clients. So if you want the money business page, make a personal page private and keep it private. Currently on pinterest the new giant forty nine million active users it's, the fastest growing start up internet social media in the world and now they've got video shir and now they've started the dentist pinterest is a oh, it's got a really funky name, teo and I just said, you can get it's, not portraits, but something like that. It's for businesses does anyone know what it's called tick? You actually paid? Have a pro account to ever tighter business on pinterest and it's coming it's either coming or it's being launched, but it is incredible, so for the big country, its users it's the opportunity to go for it on a business page and it's got a funky name, so you have to google it or it's coming. Combine the power of youtube and prentiss so last year countries had more video she is then youtube did not more uploads more shears. Visual shears so you must get your youtube account get your premiere account in these stats cheering on your country's bored as well and that ability right there gives you such an interesting marketing pull straight away. Two more more video mohr video more video I need more video t shirts combine the power of youtube and pinterest ok, this is who you are this is what you do and this is what you're putting out there every day in your shout outs so on facebook about fifteen people are reading your status updates maybe a hundred you think your marketing your business you're not at all it just makes you publicly contactable but then so does your website. So that's why I've gone back to the blogged because the bloggers where archiving everything I say and do to me the block is really going to blow up again everybody thought that it was a big trained and now it's going down I think it's coming back so I think it's really, really important that you start looking at your blood from marketing and today we're going to look at ways that you can keep it really active this is something I teach everybody if you've heard me say it before I'm gonna say it to you again write it down again I don't care how many times you hear this it doesn't work until you start applying it that is your block etiquette and your micro etiquette for facebook and for twitter and for your blogged I want you to do forty percent knowledge forty percent positive opinion team percent personnel of eighteen percent self promotion this is something you should be actively doing on your block twice a week. You need to blow twice a week facebook once a day tweet once a day it's that simple keep it active remember to follow people react follow shia retweet shier on facebook she had links and bid tag and bid, link and sheer those are the words that we gotta constantly do when you support others, it keeps coming around sometimes you lincoln tag and sheer people and they don't reply to the favor. But you know what? Sometimes I have followers on my page and they will lincoln take and she me daily and I know who they are I know their name, but they might I don't follow them, we'll go and get the thing, you know that they do this to me and then one day they just stop and you realize that these this point with they think, well, this is a two way straight and I do this for you twice a day and you're not doing anything for me, but I have not met this person or connected with them in my business but if they had emailed me and say, I share you work absolutely love it, I've got something coming up. Would you help me? She this then I would, but you've made no connection with me, so don't just assume that you could do that to other people and that they're going to give you something back and don't get angry when they don't, because I also have forty thousand other people that are doing it, and I don't think but you do come up on my radar species if you have a name that I recognize because that name this keeps coming back and I got I don't know who this you know, danielle is but she's always on my page linking cheering, taking and it comes up straightaway, right? I always do old new borrowed blue. Think about it, it's the winning slogan something old, something new. Something borrowed something we take something old that's from our past we reap post something that an image we took twenty years ago. We talk about an old style. We talk about an old style of photography. We talk about thirty, two hundred grain or cross processing. We talk about the old hessel bled this is the new head of blade, something old that's. Relative to my industry then we talk about something new that to shoot with just down post something new something borrowed his inspiration it's a feature post when you feature somebody else in the post something old, something new something borrowed something blue blue was from the heart it's when I speak and write something personal it's from a heart it's really important it means something to me when people tell me they've got nothing to blogged, I just say rotate those subjects oh new borrowed blue and just keep making it freaked by coming up with content that makes you know instantly connects the market that you currently have, so we're going then to our experience I think the most credible part about the experience is in those every single one of those points up until number eleven we don't really know what we're getting from anybody even on the block you're talking about yourself in your own image is on facebook you're talking about yourself on website you're talking about yourself but nobody is telling me what I'm getting and I feel like this is where we're falling down on our marketing all right? So what am I getting is the experience of when I'm actually at the shoot and I think this is what's really, really important you get to the chute, you have the experience of the shoot, we have the experience of the sale and before you get tip number twelve in your business they pay you money, okay? So it took really a lot to get somebody into this stage of your business and then you do this little experience with them here which is the shoot which let's face it the chutes never pleasant people are always leaving a shoot going did you get some good photos then alway hope you did and then they come back and they're absolutely blown away by what you do and they hand over the cash and then we take an opportunity to hand over the product and this is where I think most photographers fall apart. So in this moment here the most marketing for your business is down, so you're pretty much screwed up the first ten steps by not telling anybody what they getting you finally get someone and then you really scrub the last bit because in this last bit now the money between us is in my pocket, not yours. And you've now had a mild experience. You have the hope of an incredible follow through on product and then you get nothing. So I hate you more than anything in the world right now and that's what your marketing too? Okay, do you understand that this is something I just see over and over again and it's something I've experienced over and over again is a portrait studio I forget to tell people what they get from me. And then I finally deliver it. When I do get the small percentage of people that come to me, and then I don't follow through. So the marketing here, this marketing here, is being done by your client's in in the most damaging way. Because every person that they tell that they're angry with you is ruining your chance of getting a referral and repeat business.

Class Description

World-renowned portrait photographer Sue Bryce and newborn photographer Kelly Brown join forces to bring you an inspiring pregnancy, newborn and baby photography class.

Sue will show you how to work with clients to capture the intimate glamour of motherhood, both pre and post-birth. Kelly will show you how to safely and beautifully photograph babies from the first month through the first year. Kelly will share her award-winning styling, lighting, and “baby-whisperer” posing techniques. 

You’ll develop a comprehensive system for:

  • Marketing to clients
  • Working with expectant and new parents
  • Taking beautiful photos of infants during their first joyful year

Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to expand your portfolio or a new mom with a camera, this course will teach you how to expertly document every phase of a baby’s first year — from womb to walking.