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Questions and Aerial Pose

Let's start with questions in the studio audience. Um, oftentimes you'll have a family with a toddler and a newborn that want the toddler in the newborn together for pictures and it's very unsafe, but they still want pictures. So kelly did do newborns and toddlers for her newborn workshop and what she did wass you head, she set up the newborn, and then she put toddlers lying down around them because they're not holding them. My bean bag in front of me set up to the window, and I have one of the parents bring the toddler in lay the total it down, and when they're happy, I put the the rapture newborn always wrapped, because their arms and legs are going to go everywhere, and when they rap, they feel secure. So then I would just place the newborn down, but the moran and take a shot and it's done its and the parent is right there, nick to the baby the whole time. So I do want to just do that shot just to show you and I, even if I have to do it myself with fake baby, I think it's worth it, ...

so basically what I did was I asked for some black fabric, and I just gotta drop sheet of black fabric, and then what I do is it if you want to come and just take those count, slide him over. The one of the shots that I always do with a couple which I think would look beautiful with a newborn since we're doing it with kids is to stretch this out. So if you just want to help me stretch that out, then we have our pillow and their pillow is for the head and we always have a pillow up under the hood and the reason we do that because people always look better in an aerial and it looks good if you put it up on underneath the fabric because it's really simple I can elevate the here and basically if I go back to the posing manual on the keynote um this is a shot that I do all of the time with couple so I need to go to the opposing manual on keynote and I wait for that and I'll show you the picture that I drew off this aerial shot. So what I wanted today was a mam and dead with a newborn that I could do this but ah, the newborns you know we line up so many babies in it's you know, I always get them straight away so the lying down aerial shot should be the last shot yes, there you go okay, so what I do is I do this shot with a couple and to me it is one of the most beautiful shots you can take a couple they can they often are in just boxer shorts and she can go without a top because he can cover her breaths and it's a skin shot in it's really arty and I lie them down in a scenario just like this and I literally hold my camera over like this and I shoot down on them now kelly six foot tall I don't get up a letter because I don't have to do and it's one of my favorite shots so I was like, what if you could do this with a newborn and we didn't get anybody that could lie on this side today because of syrians so if unless my couple the next couple came coming and she can lie on his side I won't be able to do it with an actual baby which just really bums me out for the manual because I wanted to see it so basically what I'm going to do is is anybody in the audience want to be my model you can have my fake baby okay? So I have to choose what I'm gonna do here what's that outfit I'm going to do this because I wouldn't really just do this in street clothes I wouldn't do this in an outfit that she's just walked in and like this I want to make it a little bit more arty I want to eat a draper in fabric like the opportunity tomorrow or you know one of those two things but what I'm gonna do is I'm actually going to get you to lie down on your side no that's right? Because we just showing people how to get you into this pose and so what I do is I lie down in the first thing I do is here he's got to go on the pillow but her arm has got to go underneath here here okay? Because it's like a sleeping position where your arm right up like you're sleeping that's it more more they go and then I bring the here down and around like this and so from the upper position she's in the heart shaped parties but lying down then what I do is I normally get the couple so normally I would get her her partner to lie behind her and and then maybe lean back into to him or her that way like that. And then if she's got no top on they can connect hands and it's like an art shop and I make it like the sleeping it's really beautiful. So with this one what I wanted to do was create this pose with men and a woman here with the bet with their baby and so I wanted them to be like this I'm gonna have to be your husband today and so obviously I would have two pillows and he his arm is going to be here okay? So he's either going to support his own head or he could have a pillow under his head and support here here I wanted to create an east from above and then create the new born here so I could shoot it from above because it's such a beautiful pose and so hopefully you never know will be out to do that. This afternoon, I also thought about how wonderful it would be if I had just a single girl that could lie down like this with her newborn because if he if I bring her knees up, that's it and so she's a little bit more tuned that way and then I can create a nest or callie could wreck the baby, we could do anything, then we'd have to look at how you can sit that out with a newborn because I feel like an aerial shot of a baby all killed out. So why don't you wrap the baby in a piece of fabric that you would literally do a blanket? I got a piece of black blanket and I'll take your head off and we'll just put it for their posing menu in case we don't get it because it's something that I really want you to do, I don't have undressed my baby you realize this child's gonna hold me? Don't you have to come with me? Ok, so the trick is with this one to make you look good, you're going to see me do this post tomorrow morning with the opportunity I actually lay their pregnant girls one of the pregnant girls down on his side and what I did wass I lay her down on his side and it's really about swimming from the front so you'll see what I did I do to things I bring this need down because the other one go straight and then she can roll there to support her belly, the pregnant women and then I made it look like they were nude by bringing this arm down to the floor, enrolling her ford and it covered her boobs so from the front I shot who like that and this one hides hubris line but gives you a beautiful shape into a booty here belly supported nice because it's a a big pregnant belly and they can't roll forward and it's a beautiful shot so it's exactly the same is there, but just with this one I'm going to roll her up a bit she's going to be cradling the baby like this hurley can go back because I'm shooting it from above and I want to kind of create this down shot that's really beautiful to sleeping a sleeping mom in a sleeping baby so kelly's rep to bait bundle up you better tell everyone hated that thie arms don't bend just being the somebody I can only all I've done is I mean in a first shot like this you could wrap them a lot tighter and you could tire and things like that but all I've done for something so simple because you want it soft is just too bought the fabric up over the legs to hold the legs in place and took it down binned. Obviously I'd be a bit gentler with the baby and then cross one side over and babies like having their hands up near their face because it's how they are inside the world and when you try and construct them they're trying to fight against it and they know you're wrapping comes undone so I displayed them out and then just cross it over and then once you're holding the baby tightly and it's wrapped and when you place it down on that bit it's not going to come undone anyway beautiful you can have a fight with my baby with a little bit odd in this part of the arm it comes a great headrest the baby would be present um supported from underneath with some of my cloth nappies or a pillow or something like that but this hand is a great cradle in the nest and then this arm is a great pillow too lift the baby's head is all I have to do is make sure mom's face looks really good so I want to make sure that she's not tucked in him hitch in I want to make sure her face has turned up we want to make sure the baby's asleep and handed tucked in and I really just wanted to create a cradle so two things one has close your eyes like you're going to sleep is the fear shot I would actually shoot it on a forty five down and then up a little higher but not straight down and I would do that then when I added the other partner here and killed them up it's really the heart shaped lying down also, I like to shoot this even though I shoot this down this way I team to tilt that way so that the perspective is there. Once you get the perspective, I think that with a newborn now okay, so two things need to happen when I look at the image one has that baby needs to be asleep because it's looking at I don't too is two is her nose can come down to the baby's face so she's there and I have to just find the right angle from up on the camera so I can't see it from here but no like you're going to kiss the baby so pull back yeah that's it so I want to find with the best position for her faces so if the baby is asleep and all bound up and wrapped up beautifully that she could be wrapped up too secondly, try and come above her cows so that you can shoot straight down ok, that works but not for her chin. So if she's going to do that, only you can see that you just have to guide you from here so what I want you to do is if that doesn't work the baby needs to come away from here so she can push your head forward because then when a hit comes for her chin goes long when your chin goes long then she gets a beautiful shape and who making chair it looks lovely okay, so if you see his face looks wrong there you watch it come into place that all we do is pull the baby away and then they're all right so if that was a really beautiful dark black and white newborn shot now don't worry about that, mom, you just had a baby. All right? So just turn your face up to the camera but still sleeping okay? Now, if you had a partner space here still sleeping you could do a really beautiful aerial shot, so I've put that in the menu because I really want to do it if we can't do it this afternoon then I'll try and find someone that can do it so we can finish it because I feel like it's it's one of the best ones if you've got twenty eight days with me or look at that see that's where I wanna be I wanna be there with a sleeping baby and maybe all all wrapped in cloth or just plain clothes and just really take that into an art print because I feel like that would be a beautiful shot of mom in a beautiful shot of the baby seemed even I all right so if you got twenty eight days which was my workshop on portrait I actually do this pose with a couple without a baby and she's actually got the husband or the partner he's behind here so you can either make the love hat lying down or have him behind in elevated on one elbow for I really hate that I'm leaning on my albert looking down at you shot lying down it doesn't work for me I would rather shoot an aerial at shot then shoot a sideways elevated shot looking down but what does wig is if you come up onto this elbow better and we've positioned your baby in there you could position you could potentially if you had them lying it but I think this is just going to be an uncomfortable lying position for most women maybe the ottoman would work best you know if she was kneeling and then she was on the ottoman then she can interact you see with the baby says she can look down she can kiss the baby it's nice and close without bringing her up in a standing pose like to me those sitting ottoman poses a great so as you start working through the posers get them in position and then start seeing what works with them coming up and down interacting with the baby in them remember the rules all of them are looking at the camera parents are looking at each other you know mom and dad are looking at the baby all right and then baby is asleep mom and dad are looking at the camera interacting with love adding a toddler adding a grand parent and then change dad's position so he goes from behind to front she goes from left to right you can swap them both over and then your other scenarios ah what were they? He goes back she goes back he changes she changes et a grandparent's is always an option there were nine it's in the list anyway on the posting pdf any questions? Uh question someone has people have repeatedly been asking including crystal ship if you don't have a studio, how difficult would it be to incorporate all of these techniques and shots in an outdoor setting and outdoor sitting would be a pretty silly for a newborn. I don't think you could do it, would you, kelly? Because the whole point is kelly works with if you see her newborn workshop, you can see that it's pretty amazing and that actually had come earlier in terms of about all the different ages and the poses that air in the manual, not necessarily, but I could do this on anybody's lounge floor and just take the black backdrop. Yeah, this long asses a natural light coming through, I'm covering the cap it so if they have a not a very nice floor, that would be easy, tio dio and if you didn't want to do a beautiful shot outside like we did before with hero draped in fabric, if it's a nice, warm day, you can go outside and do that in a beautiful garden setting or anything like that, but I wouldn't do a whole session outside because there's so many elements the drugs to take into consideration there's, uv son, all of those things and newborns, you know, it's, so sensitive, talk to everything that's outside, but kelly said they can't regulate the body temperature, so really it comes down to their body temperature than newborns is they get older, they can regulate their own body temperature so you just have to be careful, and also I don't know that many newborn mothers will want to do an outside shooting the first two weeks of their baby's life. I can imagine there'd be like let's, go to the beach and shoot that because her maid, the newborn shot is no different than the glamour shoot. It's controlled it's, an uncontrolled environment and it's meant to really be shot in the studio with props. Um, it's always going to be better with props. So just one quick question on this scenario. We're black because it's beautiful. If a woman had dark hair, the question is coming in. Would you still be able to use the black? Yes, because even if they have black here there's enough highlight on the here from the window like to get separation, and if it's really just deep black it, it still has shine on it that's, not fabric, and you don't have to use a black fabric. You could use a brown you can use a great you know you don't have to use black.

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World-renowned portrait photographer Sue Bryce and newborn photographer Kelly Brown join forces to bring you an inspiring pregnancy, newborn and baby photography class.

Sue will show you how to work with clients to capture the intimate glamour of motherhood, both pre and post-birth. Kelly will show you how to safely and beautifully photograph babies from the first month through the first year. Kelly will share her award-winning styling, lighting, and “baby-whisperer” posing techniques. 

You’ll develop a comprehensive system for:

  • Marketing to clients
  • Working with expectant and new parents
  • Taking beautiful photos of infants during their first joyful year

Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to expand your portfolio or a new mom with a camera, this course will teach you how to expertly document every phase of a baby’s first year — from womb to walking.