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Shoot: 11 Month Old

He is so beautiful high what is his name antony hanging so I'm going to use another prop with him and just to see what he does and see if he'll sit in it actually annie's this fun just to get some variety and then we'll get him because he's actually walking so mom's gonna have to be pretty close by for this one okay come over onto the mat he's got little gray shorts on we're going in here something nice and soft huh so he's not gonna be in here for very long at all and this is just to add a little bit of texture and a little bit of difference mom's gonna come and sit down over here for mae and you feel back to the backdrop and your feet out the smooth ready are you really cute boy okay so if you just sit him in there I'm gonna have to be really quickly something like because he's gonna want to get out and explore and just cross these feet in front of him good boy antony antony hi hi hi. I'm beautiful um meant me so you can see his little personality is just a little bit different hi be...

autiful can you roll me his bowl I know it's so funny what are you doing in there? Can you tuck his little legs down and turned him towards the window just get that's it good boy, you are cute you were so cute you could get him out of there now and he's got gray shorts on and I have a grey lambs wolf are you like that? You want to play with that? Yes, because its can wait I was coming over here can you come in city when they for me? Oh god, honey hi would you be out of jimmy favor and just cross his legs over a little bit more for may and just give his chin a little bit of a wipe? You want that leg out, boy boom boom now antony has darker skin and I have a white background I am actually exposing my shop two stops overexposed just to bring up those beautiful skin turns look at him he's adorable okay, one more time sitting down one more time see if you hold it out and put it over his face to do peek a boo peek a boo hi and put it over his face again hey, that is so fun for him and I mean it's just so cute and I'll get a couple because he's walking and that's a big milestone in his life so we want to get some walking shell because it's so cute so if you can pick him up for me and put him into a standing position oh my god oh where you going? We're going you know you're cute so obviously you'd be like moving around him and interacting with him in your studio he's looking up that he was going and and getting you know shots from a cz many different angles and getting that expression antony oh who the lady trip on that uh where you going ok here if you put him on your lap and then roll it really gently just across here because this is his favorite toy so you can see what he does he likes that you can share that hide it behind your back what he got hey anthony what do you have hey, throw me the ball way hey, what a good boy but you do what you need let's see what else have I got I've got he's pretty cool toe walk to add some mom let's bring this on and put him in it and he can stand up in it because it's so big and again I'm gonna have mom holding onto this basket and I'm just gonna close clone her here second guessing here look look going in here you know anthony boo bring him to me moran say is facing me good boy I can't just move your hand yep and unto the very very edge of it that's it just one hand perfect antony and that is why we always have someone holding on to some boot ready where are you antony where are you? Hey hey good boy can you stand up? Can you stand up freddie boom he's looking at all the girls high hey, can you get into stand up? Anthony oh, booth, where are you? Brad what is it? What you got what you got? Oh, hey, are you done? You done with those e no, no, you're gonna be so quick with them. Antony boo! I see do you see a sake? What are you doing in me? Have fun! Is everybody looking at you because you're so cute. Okay, I think we're done. We got some gorgeous shots. Look at that one there, right? Good boy. Oh, that was so much fun. Can we have a quick observation noticing that mostly used your face and your voice, teo, get their attention versus toys or noises or gasps or anything like that. You found over time that that works and makes the best connection with the babies. Just your voice alone. Yeah, well, because they so explore it'd like what's the word I'm looking for because they love to explore their hands they want to touch everything and put it in their mouth on. I found that if I have so many toys in the studio they end up in the photographs so when it's just me and them interacting and playing a game there's nothing for them to put in their mouth and if I do give them something to play with it's new it's exciting it doesn't have to be ah flash friend your toy off the you know the from came out or somewhere like that it's it's just them playing and doing what comes naturally and then if it is a piece of fabric or something like that that has a new texture to them it's it's going to be nice in the shot regardless of yeah so yeah, I found that I think when you interact with them and you get that eye contact, you really get some good expressions this looks like it's gonna be fun? Yeah, a couple more sort of I'm going to go back to the technical side uh, questions? Why question has come in? Why don't you use continuous shooting mode to capture more facial expressions? We can see that you're very sort of more deliberate and making sure that you're making that connection like susan is there than giving the image I mean, it's, just what I do, I suppose, like a few, um if you want to shoot continuous, go for it, I'm not because I'm timid if I was shooting contended I'm continuous titted it would just continually roll through on the beam million photographs, so yeah, but because I'm too that I'm not, but I want to nail it you know when I want it to be about the connection I'd like if I was shooting continuous um I mean yeah I'm gonna nail it but they like I would I would expect that to be for you know, fast moving objects and things like that whereas I can actually get their attention hold it and captured that beautiful expression in their face and the connection in their eyes into the camera so you can see there I didn't shoot continuous and I didn't need to at all but I've got two point eight I've got a high exposure and um and yet if the photographs are beautiful I just think he's so adorable but look at this we have a basketball he's twelve months old what is his name? Edwin oh my god look at him he is a mohawk this's adorable I can't come over let's play basketball come on yeah, you can come with him and I want you to sit over here is well, so he doesn't get shy because when when they're sort of six to seven months of age that they quite adventurous yeah and I am but when they get older they tended to get quite attached to their parents as well you're gonna have to do some exercise that this time what do you do? What are you doing? Okay, can you roll it very slowly in this direction way to go oh you you were going to gun shy like you and just roll the bull backless lay very slowly go what you got edwin what he go boom boom e double good boy eh whoa good boy good boy okay don't get hey complain oi pull a job we're going where you going? Well done yeah now he's walking isn't a stand him up and let's see if we can get him taking a couple of shots he's bit shy either oh you hold the ball put it behind you back what's this what's this how began when you want them to walk they word always beautiful you get it go on, get the ball yeah good boy whoa again maybe we can get the bone useable good boy good boy where's your ball is a ball hey, you're a cute that's very cute. I'm not being too overly boisterous with him because he's a little bit shiny comptel he just needs to go slow so if you had a baby like this and they bought a bull you just sit in play without a camera for a minute just to build a bit of trust in a relationship with them searchable convertible good boy whoa! Good job you're gonna be a basketball player good hey, are you ready you ready, come and get it, come and get it come on coming in good job look, that is secured so we've got shots with his ball without his bowl mom's gonna love it it's so simple the chaplains are abuzz with your ability to nail the exposures on this so a lot of people kelly are saying, how are you getting the background? Wait without any additional lights and so they're so we'll start with that so we have in here the most it's what it's a white room and it's got beautiful filtered light and it's just reflecting everywhere and I'm exposing a one stop over exposed so I've really raised my exposure to bring that one up and it's not even like if I look at the history graham on the back of my camera um you know nothing is over exposed I still have so much detail in that white area and you can see it up there on the screen you khun like the majority of the information is that white background which is that that information really close to the white end of the scale, the history ram said that's what the majority of the dark stuff down the black end that's all the shadows and his jeans, the blue on the bowl a little bit of denim on mom's leg in there so that the information in that history ram is all of the information that's been captured into that shot yes, it is. So I think over time and with lots of practice, I've just learned to be able to read that on on a background like this, I'm gonna have to raise my exposure. Thank you and mayor maryland want to know about white balance for using auto? Yeah, I am actually using what a white balancing here as we don't have any color casts its a very neutral toned room. It's not I mean it's it's, perfect to use what otto white bonds at home as well. I do in my studio at home because I have a very similar lighting, but if you're in a in a, you know, if you're in a really shaded and getting some blue color costs, or you're getting some really room color caste, then you really need to adjust your white balance and do it manually. And if you don't know how to do it the same amazing tutorials and there's, some amazing teachers that come on creative life that go over all of those processes absolutely, absolutely. But union great cod helps sorry, okay, great. Yeah, I know. One more question about about your settings and such from minsk the you're setting out a thousand eyes oh are you concerned at all about noise or is that ok for the camera that you have? I have a five day mark three so my camera can handle that noise and I don't mind a bit of grain because I don't have to do too much to these images in photo shop like they're perfect they're just beautiful and you're the grain really comes out in those shadows in those dark areas so knowing what you can push your camera too and I've been shooting in a thousand or so on this camera for so long and oh good boy and it's just I mean I had no problems whatsoever fantastic maybe one more yeah from fashion tv from singapore with all the moving babies is there a minimum shutter speed that you always like to work with in order to freeze the babies or are there instances in which you want some motion blur like for example clapping baby hand? Earlier sinpo folks had seen one of your images where the hand was blurred the expressing was incredible are you okay with that? Yeah definitely because it shows the movement it shows that the baby was actually clapping and movement it tells a story having that little bit of motion in there I love it like if you could've bull rolling out of have a shot, that's. Perfect, because it's moving. So I'm putting movement into my images by having that little bit of blur. Um, but, yeah, I'm shooting at about two hundredth of a second at the moment, and I probably wouldn't go below one hundredth of a second with a moving child. Um, only because I really want to nail that focus, and I want it nice and fast. If it was a still baby, um, asleep, and you belong asleep in a basket. I would definitely not bring my expert my shutter speed down under a sixty after the second, um, because you'd be opening yourself up to camera, shake bio hands and all that kind of stuff. So to nail that focus, you have to have a nice, fast shutter speed e appropriate for your situation.

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World-renowned portrait photographer Sue Bryce and newborn photographer Kelly Brown join forces to bring you an inspiring pregnancy, newborn and baby photography class.

Sue will show you how to work with clients to capture the intimate glamour of motherhood, both pre and post-birth. Kelly will show you how to safely and beautifully photograph babies from the first month through the first year. Kelly will share her award-winning styling, lighting, and “baby-whisperer” posing techniques. 

You’ll develop a comprehensive system for:

  • Marketing to clients
  • Working with expectant and new parents
  • Taking beautiful photos of infants during their first joyful year

Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to expand your portfolio or a new mom with a camera, this course will teach you how to expertly document every phase of a baby’s first year — from womb to walking.