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Shoot: 9 and 10 Month Old

We have a nine month old and he's so smiley and he's busy are you ready to go yes and what is his name great junior uh oh come on over bring junior over here so I want to do something a little bit different with junior I'm I'm going to put him in a basket over here in a minute but I just want to get a couple of simple shots off him now when I am photographing them I tend to do a lot of the same poses the lot of same setups for babies it's repetitive for me but it's not repetitive for my client because my clients don't tend to know each other so whilst you know but it's it's nice to be able to do different things all the time and throw different props and colors and textures in look at him but um but it's not boring for them so everything I do for them is new and fresh so it's it's and there's just less is best all the time so if you want to just sit down on the floor with him if you can sit over here actually and put junior there good boy he's a moving baby oh hi where you going? Where...

you going beautiful boy where you going? You're a cute you was so cute and clever uh so my my exposure has not changed from the last baby no it hasn't junior junior junior oh, you're a clever boy. He wants to go over there so can you grab him and bring him back into the middle of the floor? Good boy. What is that? What is it? Where you going? Where you going? We're going we owe you good boy. No all right, that was awesome. So just grab hold of him because I don't have to quarrel often hurt himself and I'm gonna get a basket to put him in. I'm gonna put something in here though, so it's nice and soft he's a big boy so you can put a nice big prop in here and put a blanket in it. Anything like that? What is he gonna be all? It doesn't matter that oh, can I have that brown blanket just there on the floor? Can you pass me that brown blanket? You have that one? Thank you. Sorry. Awesome. So I I picked this one because the colors tend to blend well together and then, you know, some are a little bit doc and it's a dark blanket. So I want to have a little bit of contrast, but I want them to blend nicely together singing us throw a towel in the bottom or might so it's nice and comfortable for him because we don't want it to be scratchy or anything on there, but because he's crawling and he's sitting so confidently we don't need toe line it teo to sort of help prop him up in any way he can just sit in there and and he can play what I am going to do is because he is moving and it's not a completely stable prop mom's hand is going to be on it the whole entire time so just place this out but it's fun just to play with with your props and your blankets and all your different textures and things like that so what I'll get you to do is sit down on the floor and again with your back to the wall and your feet out towards me and you can pop junior in there I got it what are you doing in there high you are happy so I'm just going to bring him forward just a little bit on his side so he can hold on okay, so I want you to put your hand on the basket I can clone her hand out and photo shop because it's not worth letting go and it toppling in any way oh us secured how I know I'm being in a basket is so funny so my exposure still has not changed I'm shooting it it a full stop overexposed two point eight to get that beautiful soft layer I yeah I know I know hold on to their basket logan but you know what was that sees many thing I love this this is awesome logan logan oh oh oh you're funny okay we had done you are beautiful don't let go of the basket get out wait he was awesome e g o a special shout out to lauren who's our own uh c l andrea as one of her best friends so thank you for coming and bringing junior thanks andrea do you know what I want to do now what's that is bringing this same less down sir while we're doing that do we have some questions? Absolutely so quite a few people including believe in dreams photography I would like to know about drooling kelly talk to us a little bit about whether you wipe it whether you're constantly wiping the drool offer you photo shop it or you just let it be or what do you think about that topic? I will usually have a tissue or something like that but when they're happy I just let him go for it. I mean and you khun photoshopped that out if it's really really bad and anything like that we just get a tissue and we get the parent just a wipe it and because they're close by it's easy for them to do but yeah it's hot like sometimes it can be hard to photoshopped drool out like so it looks like it was never there in the first place oh my god look at that picture is that that look in his face that is insane here they old rule at this age you know I'm from four months on the teething so they're constantly drooling and it's okay it's all right like that's them at that age and we can get rid of it this's gonna look really good with the same less so kelly we still have a number of people asking again about sort of the timing of the sessions the number of backgrounds and backdrops and I know you talked about that it yet often varies but in generals from captured by jess in a typical say forty five minute session where you're changing props and backgrounds four to five times well is that the case and then how many photos do you end up with two parents. Yeah so I mean it's very hard in my specific studio to change the backdrop four five times but what I can do is because I have a lot and I have a doc and I can introduce different props so I could do five different setups so we just did I like to write then in the space off, you know, ten minutes five, ten minutes and it went so quickly so you know, it's just having different things in and being I would introduce new props new outfits I mean he may have had like the curious little pants or something like that. He might have come dressed in a gorgeous little outfit that you can photograph him in and you know it. But if you do have a backdrop system like this had different different colors and things like that. That's great that's awesome. So it's up to you how you want your session to be styled and and I'm today I'm photographing them very simple, but if they have a special outfit for an older baby that they love, I'm going to get them to bring it along, because that gives me an extra set up and it's, you know, it's something else that special for them that they're gonna love because they've brought it with them. But today I'm keeping it really simple because it's all about the posing and just working with them and understanding what they're capable of it that age. He's gonna look so cute up here looking like he's ready to go. He is he's like, let me over there. He was in the lunch room before crawling around on the floor. So come on over. You might need to take your shoes off to step onto the white. Okay, so I'm going to get you to come and sit over here, come over this way. And I'm gonna drive this around him and we're going to see what he does whether he wants to pull it up and hide he might want to play peekaboo because he's nine months ten months ten months so they're really playful at this age and it's just too much fun for sitting down sort of angled facing towards me and straight this around him maury lewis is not going to face this way hi hi what you got what do you care hello if you sit down I'll grab him and put him back into the middle and now bring that blanket up yeah and just see if he's he's interested in playing peekaboo in bringing it up to his face uh no he wants to go where are you hey go oh he's got his favorite toy what if he got just pull that blanket out for me who was that what is this high over here but what's this no he's a bit shy oh can you bring him over this fight for me and put it back into the middle what is this your toy? You can't bring him back for me again you know chuy where we're going we're going ooh boom where ugo and put him back into the middle for may good boys good boy good boy ready hey no sitting no pity today I know no kidding, logan all right let's get that blanket out of there where you going? Where you going? Where you going to give boy you bring you back into the middle he's going on pretty money's hands and knees facing may that's it and I'm gonna get down really low and get a shot of being like that I'm bringing back again boom boom I'm pretty back again ready me out like that makes a noise and that is it you could chase him all day that day, eh? Kelly? The internet thinks that vinnie is a super star looking a interesting susan just leaned over and said, you know they're so different among by month that he seems so much older than some of the other kids and it really is just I mean he's ten months, right? Yeah it's amazing how you do need the different poses in the different methods for yeah that's amazing you have to be so faster when they move that and it's a work out for you reid we have another baby or do we want an answer? Some questions let's just take a couple do you have in the end our studio audience? Yes right in front of that is also forget your mind about a middle one. Go ahead with the question yeah, if if mom sitting off to the side and you find that baby just wants to look at her and not at you I'm assuming you don't want to move her away for safety, so what do you do? Just bring out bells and lights and exactly and you know what we've been doing? So I've been calling their name and I've asked them all to bring a favorite toy, and if I have it, they're gonna want it, so they're gonna look in my direction. But yet as long as they know that their parents it's close by there going to be quite happy to look around and explore because it's in our nature to explore so they they're intrigued by everything that's going on around here, and they want to know who is that strange lady calling my name? So, yeah, I've never really had a problem with that. What I do have a problem with his parents standing beside mei jumping up and down and singing and that's really hard. So I tell them at the very beginning of the session that I'm going to get you to sit beside the baby, and I'm actually going to do all of those things because I really want that connection in the camera. I want them looking in the camera, not at you, and they understand that if you explain it in a nice way and tell them you know why they're going to get it. And they're going to stop. But I mean, if it just depends, like sometimes you do have babies that respond really well to their parents, see good to try everything, but I always start with just may trying to get their attention and it's, usually with a toy. Um, anything that can grab their attention and and it's some. And if you get a baby that's sort of a little bit unsettled, you can actually distract them quite easily for a split second of time to get that photo. And is there an age where it's safe to start having parents come around unlike behind you, or do you just always keep the parents right beside them? I mean, here, it's, a little bit different. We've got tv's on wheels, we've got camera gear. We have teo like for safety reasons. We have to have someone close by them in my studio. If I know I've got a crawling walking baby, I'm gonna clear it out.

Class Description

World-renowned portrait photographer Sue Bryce and newborn photographer Kelly Brown join forces to bring you an inspiring pregnancy, newborn and baby photography class.

Sue will show you how to work with clients to capture the intimate glamour of motherhood, both pre and post-birth. Kelly will show you how to safely and beautifully photograph babies from the first month through the first year. Kelly will share her award-winning styling, lighting, and “baby-whisperer” posing techniques. 

You’ll develop a comprehensive system for:

  • Marketing to clients
  • Working with expectant and new parents
  • Taking beautiful photos of infants during their first joyful year

Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to expand your portfolio or a new mom with a camera, this course will teach you how to expertly document every phase of a baby’s first year — from womb to walking.