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Bumps to Babies: Photographing Motherhood

Lesson 26 of 36

Maternity Shots and Videos

Kelly Brown, Sue Bryce

Bumps to Babies: Photographing Motherhood

Kelly Brown, Sue Bryce

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26. Maternity Shots and Videos

Lesson Info

Maternity Shots and Videos

I just want to show you the pregnant girls, um, that I did, and I'm about to do. The reason I did a bonus video was because I wanted to be out of hundreds of girls, and I wanted teo, um, we have to do it on camera, which I can could trial instead of live, which I couldn't control also a couple of opportunity shoots, I did, they instantly went into labor, and I didn't want teo, um, have anybody going into labor and anyway, so I'll show you a little snippet of this video, but before I do, the images that I took from these girls in my studio are behind me, as you know, and the beautiful I went down to a florist, and I bought this crown, and I bought this, um, actually bought a book have twigs that cost twelve dollars, and we turned it into a circle and got little twist ties. You see me do it and put it on your head, and then we stripped bits out of it, and we put it on to ashley's head, same crown, and I just put flowers and pen flowers all along see, see me do it, um, I do it because I w...

anted teo, I'm show you how I do it, um, quickly. It's you know I didn't pre papi the crown I didn't spend lots of money these files already in my studio I needed to make it in front of you so I could prove to you how easy it wass ashley is wearing a scalf that I have in my studio that he was supposed to be draped in when she came out of the bathroom to feel private and comfortable and she suited the gold so much we just editor ribbon so it was like a tunic and then photographed here so we just put that beautiful little ribbon on so there was literally just a little scalf that she just wrapped around here and we tucked it into a boob so you see me do this um this one here theresa is uh we got these four crafty little pieces of chill like they billy uh that big and we just wrecked them around her body and we pin them at the back was he eclipse and you see me do the whole thing and then I change the background to black and standing side on I removed the tool so she looks naked but she's wearing both underwear and a bra and I removed that on photo shop so the finished image that we got from theresa wass here okay with it central one so she looks nude so it was exactly the same pose and that for me was the demi moore that any labor that shot for amenity fear a long time ago which is one of the most signature images on the planet of a pregnant woman so I want you to do something tonight I want you to go on google pregnancy opportunity photography because I was I was really shocked this is not something that I actively doing my studio because you would only shoot the babe of their mother in order to get the baby because I don't do that I don't actively advertised to pregnant woman, but what was that for million babies born in america this year? Four million pregnant women and I have never seen such a low standard often overall genre before and I'm going to talk about it tomorrow in my marketing because I know why because I've seen in a portrait studio for most of my life or over half of it and I know that it's not a big seller but you're not here to sell materially I know you're there to create a client for life and I know if you can get that woman to look like that then she's gonna let you photograph her baby and her over and over again for the next five years? Wouldn't you agree because she will trust you beyond measure so tomorrow it's about teaching where to put their hands how to connect bringing their chin around and you were going to slightly warped her cheeks you're going to slightly warped her arm so that she looks incredible and she is a beautiful shot and then in the marketing or talk about how we can give away opportunity package in order to get a year of baby shooting so it's like a giveaway they pay for the baby and it's like when you book a wedding and you get the free engagement shoot we're gonna book the baby shoot they paid deposit they're going to get the opportunity shoot okay, so um I think it's a really important way to look at it so I've got a little teaser off the behind the scenes video which is about an hour and a half of both these beautiful women and you get to see them live and you get to see the gorgeous photographs and I really enjoyed shooting them they were so graceful they were in a state of peace there's four beautiful poses we can work on tomorrow and um yeah and we have a pregnant student intent you can practice in lunch time uh all right, so if oh, I love this too. This is beautiful this shot of actually because I feel like ashley and theresa were quite illustrative um in the shoot and the reason I'm going to shut this we don't need them anymore I feel like they were quite illustrative because I wanted them to be wrecked in tulle and and sort of let it but what I did do was I start always here even when I'm going to take my client's clothes off I need to do two things her mother might want a pregnant shot of here I don't know her husband might look at it and say I don't want a nude photograph in the house, honey and she might have a difference of opinion but she's not gonna buy it if he doesn't want it but he's going to live by that you know she might look at the node one and say or so it's a bit too much you know, I really like the pink dress one so and also I want a warm my client up into the portrait I want them to look beautiful but that to me is a magnificent portrayal off ashley and how gorgeous she is for her food baby and you know, she's got two little girls and we don't know if there's a little boy and then but she said on even if I have a little boy now, my look girls would just love these photographs of may so she he's got some couple of beautiful pregnancy shots in my experience of being in a studio for many years, I've never seen a portrait client spend more than about six hundred dollars, maybe I think the highest would be maybe twelve hundred dollars maybe once or twice on opportunity shoot, that is not what I want her for, okay? I don't care if she paid the deposit on on the baby sequence that we're going to market too for the first year and I shoot the opportunity for free and give you to five by sevens. This is not an image she largest and put in the lounge. This is not an album that she keeps its not what she wants is a beautiful record of her child and you need to nab her so that you can get her child. Yeah, um, if we can play that video, you get a little snip it off how I'm dressing and undressing the girl's pride so that they feel covered in safe and you can see how relaxed there it's kind of like how kelly poses newborns anything other than put a block of light here and the reason I put their block of light there was to stop the amount of light going to the background. I haven't changed your outfit. I've just turned to his side on and taking the crown away. I'm gonna go to that classic demi moore, sharp witches and any leibovitz for vanity fear it's got to be the all time most beautiful pregnancy shot either it was probably one of the most requested charts in my studio for any pregnant woman she comes up onto this toe that's it right out because if she comes up on the other one you can see the front of your crap so it's it's about creating that line this sam goes through the bottom off the belly and so they're actually hides the front of her underwear the side of her underwear and gives that beautiful shoulder shape in the front which is what comes forward when you push the shoulder forward and then the back hand comes up and around the breasts and you just gotta make sure that you took that thumb and so the whole point of being up and around the bris is that we lifting the boobs give yourself good cleavage we've got this belly shaped innit shot side on so the whole point of this images to push this shoulder tuck this how bo back to their push the shoulder forward and then connect the chin all the way around to the front long, long long to the front so it's a beautiful shot I'll take it then what I'm going to do is slide in the black background I'm going to take the tool away and show you hell with one pose I can get two completely different shots so shooting it don't rick lee down the front all they have to do is I was going to tuck your brown because anything that can save me mori touching at the other end is and it's gonna work in my favor I need youto worker shoulder that's it I need you to tip your chin this way just her chin don't move anything else tip your head and they bring your chin around more more more that's it see when hu chin comes around she's fully engaged in the front there when she's fully engaged she's connected to his shoulder she sighed on her body her face is directly towards me and the shoulder just goes forward this tin comes back shoulder fortune back working, working working okay so here it is here and you know that may comes up to give your body a little bit of a kick but if she can extend her belly because it's uncomfortable don't make me do it a case of beer it is there all I need from you theresa is a little bit more work in that shoulder more just your shoulder honey push the shoulder forward more that's it now bring your tin around to may and there it is now chin up a little wee bit and around a bit more so tip this way yeah and chin that way stop to not touch relax it mouth that's what you do that's so beautifully good girl so right now I feel like this is incredibly joyce tennison you know she photographs those soft divine image jizz and you can make this look fashion really quickly so I'll get you to bring this give me this means we'll push in this black the flat ok I'll come round this side so basically without moving tereza that's it I'm just going to put a black around here because this will change everything and all they have to do is unclip it so she can stay in exactly this pose and I can put these clips down here and I'm going to unwrap here so you don't even have to move honey you just stay relax I'm just gonna come in and there were four little hair clips and two little strips of chilled so I'm just gonna pull them off here and they can go straight down there and she's in the same position so now she's belly um shoulder extension now because I'm shooting on the black background I'm going to shoot about a stop and a half under exposed I'm still at six forty two point eight I need you to give me a little bit of demi booty a little bit more that you can good gil I need you to work your body around that any deported alphabet so in order to pull her albert beck which he's doing perfectly her hand can just sit on the bottom of your belly there which is absolutely beautiful and then I want you to hide her bra and I'm not worried about the top of it you contract it down a little bit with your thumb I'm more worried about the bottom that's it because I can make the top look good perfect thumb tucked in working their chin all the way here tipping the f so don't let them take the hit back always chin fording around bitter connection for the body but a shape for the body and have been a make sure he looks beautiful long chain right to the end of your shoulder pushed that shoulder forward so I'm going to shoot this one like that could go now bring your chin around may now bring you turn around and up that's it so from here straight on to that black background uh chin around a little bit more more more and you can kick that video if you can good gil there it is I'm just gonna drop the explosion and show you the difference and then I can take it to that really dark beautiful one time stop half of stock under okay and really kick that shoulder forward good girl that's the one wow that's so beautiful there you go perfect so from there is my dv pose I'm going to get here a piece of fabric so whenever I've finished shooting my clients the next outfit change then expect drop change the first thing I do is walk up to them is I read them okay, so that they feel comfortable and then she can go and get changed and we can change at the background. That was exactly what I wanted notice that I'm not over killing the amount of volume that I'm shooting. What I'm doing is taking my time to make her body look incredible connecting her, taking these beautiful shots, she has the same eye lines every time down to her belly to the camera, a little bit fashion but it's really just about form and just so beautiful, so really enjoyable shoots to do all right, that was it. So you get to watch that whole shoot, which is cool because it's like a twenty eight days video to me it's very instructional and it's strong. So tomorrow we're going to shoot maternity live. There were really four base poses around maternity, but for me this multiple styles around maternity that I want to address, and so we're going to do that in the morning and they were really just going to go business and marketing because there's too many templates there to not work it out also it's really good to have all the shooting down for you guys so you can go in practice, but at the end of the day, the one thing I get asked over and over again is I need bums on seats you get bums on seats by showing beautiful work in your failure and I'll give you lots of other enticing little team puts to put into marketing. I want to finish with inamoto. Kelly did this really beautiful thing was she photographed one of her clients from pregnancy, like finding out she was pregnant to having the baby and she actually went to the birth. Now boo thing photography is certainly it's something that a lot of women do. I know a lot of photographers here that do it in america and if it's something you're into then it's definitely something you might want. Teo, you know, including your genre. But what I find the most beautiful about these images is it's called nine months in the making. So kelly called it dad and in terms of it being a michael in campaign, if you have a girlfriend who's pregnant, a sister who's pregnant and you can mark this journey, I think a slide show like this put together on any moto. So inamoto is only two hundred and forty nine dollars, a year, and you get unlimited high resolution slide shows off your photography to music it's a mindy glade whole song which who I love and she does all the music from my videos, and kelly put together this slide show and it's just so beautiful to see and I feel like there isn't a pregnant woman alive that wouldn't think it was amazing said this I want to show it to you quickly, I'm kelly, you also put it on youtube toe advertise your business, right? You'll excuse me, the full birth is on youtube, so they're they're slide show that you're about to see only has a handful of the actual birth shots, but the full birth is documented on youtube as well. Yeah, so I'll just stick with this vision this's great, this is just shows you a timeline from pretty knows that excitement that everything that comes with when you see that positive strip and right through to when they smiling at you. It's brilliant! All right, wait theo, do that, but I'm glad the pregnant one bullet because the media market the works uh, they're always tears and created by god. There is there are certain companies I endures cell dixon for nao do my albums in a motor do my slide shows I deal with them because they're just great people with good service, they have done a very special deal with you. You can take a year fifty percent off a year of an emoto pro by going to this length there will post the length and it really is just such an amazing way to connect with your clients. And as you can see, the pregnant woman there who has chosen to have her heart walking outside here two months love wasn't that cold. You know, I've been harassing photographers to create behind the scenes videos to create fusion videos, to do the editing, to learn editing. And when I spoke with mimoto, I actually think I meet with you guys. Maybe I'm looking at this wrong. Maybe what you guys need to help photographers with is to bring the marketing better to the forefront by just doing beautiful slide shows, and I just feel like if the video aspect is above your head, this is not only a user friendly, it is highly doable. It's highly emotional, it connects you to your audience. It goes on video in youtube, we'll talk about it, I get I get my marketing buzz on and when I get my house up, too, okay, we'll be here all night. Can I say that the family that's in that video, they live in australia, but the rest of the families in the u k so it was a perfect way for them to share their experience with their with their family that you know millions of miles away, so it's it's an incredible gift to give someone.

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World-renowned portrait photographer Sue Bryce and newborn photographer Kelly Brown join forces to bring you an inspiring pregnancy, newborn and baby photography class.

Sue will show you how to work with clients to capture the intimate glamour of motherhood, both pre and post-birth. Kelly will show you how to safely and beautifully photograph babies from the first month through the first year. Kelly will share her award-winning styling, lighting, and “baby-whisperer” posing techniques. 

You’ll develop a comprehensive system for:

  • Marketing to clients
  • Working with expectant and new parents
  • Taking beautiful photos of infants during their first joyful year

Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to expand your portfolio or a new mom with a camera, this course will teach you how to expertly document every phase of a baby’s first year — from womb to walking.

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I love kelly, LOVE LOVE LOVE her. She is a wonderful photographer, so calm and patient. That is the style that I have when photographing. I liked Sue's portion, however, I did skip over most of it, because I found that she kept talking about the same things. Sue has a great personality bubbly and funny, she just over talked the some topics.

a Creativelive Student

i LOVE this workshop!Sue Bryce is AWESOME!! I'm enjoying learning how to pose the mum to make her look beautiful. and I want to specialise in maternity and newborns... Thank you soooo much! I'm learning so much.... Kylie, NSW Australia


I LOVE this workshop, it is absolutely amazing material and I enjoying watching it again and again! Every time I learn something new from it. And you can't imaging how thankful I am!! Sue and Kelly - your are the best in maternity and newborns!! Love you both so much!!!