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Bumps to Babies: Photographing Motherhood

Lesson 27 of 36

Overview of Manuals

Kelly Brown, Sue Bryce

Bumps to Babies: Photographing Motherhood

Kelly Brown, Sue Bryce

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27. Overview of Manuals

Lesson Info

Overview of Manuals

I guess this too may is where I met my strongest so I kind of couldn't go to sleep thank says writing writing kelly and I were getting so excited and we're sitting out goddio was downloading and writing staff I feel like this is where ironically, I struggled the most when I started my business because I was a photographer with no business and then when I started to do my business it was so horrendous the whole experience of starting a business to may the struggle and you know, the criticism and the um the judgment in the fear and all of those things were so strong but I actually managed to lynn so many great lessons and now I feel like it's actually my strength so sometimes your greatest weakness well always your greatest weakness becomes your greatest strength because you learn the most from your greatest weakness I'm not comfortable shooting I'm still not comfortable shooting after twenty three years I like it but the other the last two days have bean I've really stressful on me shoo...

ting live is ah hard component with children going in different directions extra hard you know? I like the control of my studio so I don't believe my strengthens and shooting I believe my strength is in how I can eat what I do to the people who pay for it and now that I understand it I feel like I'm very powerful at this I write all the staff and I designed all this product for you guys to use because I thought, what could I design that you could actually use to grow your business? You know now if you're going to shoot babies in maternity and it occurred to me this this last night and this morning when I woke up this has to be the greatest honor to be here give this to somebody's business I mean it's so outrageous to me that I get to do this because I feel like I said this morning I know that you by the workshop and you get all this product but I said teo kelly, I feel like oprah everybody get to template everybody gets a tip it you get everybody gets a different I was laughing and you know, the truth is is that, um I remember what it felt like to be in my first three years of business and I just wish somebody had given this to me I wish that this education had been available to me, so I just want to show you today what we're going to do, so I'm just gonna run through the keynote today's downloadable manuals heads over four hundred pages so this store being finished today as we work on them a cz we shoot opportunity, they're putting them in, so I'm going to give you an overview of what's coming I'm on a day when kelly took you through twelve months of the baby's first year she's been told you are basically with the red and the physical structure and then she did a live shoot okay so every one of the chutes on this manual you can then go back and watch that life shoot so and then she did two months and then that's about two months and then she did that live show and so she's finished these all for you so that you can go back through her first day of shooting we had our three month twins and then that was the chute that we did hear that you watched and then we hit out four months I wasn't she fabulous and then we hit our five love that and then we had out six gracie and then we had out seven most celery root stargate and then we had our age and then we had out nine teen and then our living and then l twelve months and you got to see all of these shoots live and you can go back and watch them and reference them and how crazy and manic it is yesterday I took you through making mom look good and I absolutely loved what I did here so I went through the images and I did what I would call my art instructions and it's such a formula soften her face slim her arm slim her waist okay, that's it because she wants to look good that's all she wants, and when kelly place that little baby in her arms just absolutely blew me away when she turned her head, crossed her feet and put a little hands across him being terrible. Bo and I was just absolutely so blown away by that it made me want to create more of those images, so I went through and I took her images, and I didn't at instruction for them on opposing guide because you can watch the retouching. And then I took you through the finished image of how I finished here to where I want her to be, and they're absolutely beautiful. So you can reference these, and she was just so gorgeous I absolutely loved during the show, so I've opened everything in raw for you. Um, I've showed you the retouching instructions, and then I finished everything off for you. So that's another really good reference for you. Then we did our family posing the family piping menu consists of my drawings, and karen set with a fines on and listen to me teach you life so she actually wrote everything. I see it about the pose because it's, so wonderful to do it when I'm teaching it, not when I'm trying to say it to you. So she's actually written how upset it and as she did that she followed through on the manual and then she's going to take all the images from around the shoot to reference that manual to show you what it's going to do, how it is how we did it, you know and you can watch the life shoot as well and we referenced all of our poses that we drove we added children we added toddlers with families and then we had a generations right and then traditional standing traditional sitting ottoman and lying down we went through the lot so we put them all on a beautiful um pity of posing manual for years, but what I love us that you'll be out of reference these images in front of your client's bythe drawings, not by the images so you can you know, keep the image is away and I also show you how to pose the mom first and then how to end the father so I feel like there was so many variables we post mom, we dead, we change dead, then we change dead for mom and so we put those on there as well we interact with the baby, we interact with the camera, all of us together, and then the only thing I didn't get unfortunately was our newborn in the afternoon way head too newborns lined up and I really wanted to do this newborn pose but if you've got kelly brown's newborn workshop then I teach this autumn impose you're just gonna have tio we've got this far but not that one okay? And so what I did was on all the images I didn't reattach them I've kept them roar for you because I think it's really good to see raw imagery and I've just cropped it where I would crop it just to show you the scene said that you can still see the whole placement of the image and get reminded of where you are is a quick reference guide when you're doing your shooting all right and then mum on her own and then adding dead and then the sitting reference for that and then we put the black around we change the scenario and then we added toddlers so the lying down aerial shot was the one shot that I really wanted to do and unfortunately we didn't get our newborn so we had to use our fake baby and out on one of our students but it's one of my favorite shots from the day and fake baby is even doing a thumb is up uh and and you look so a piece with a baby all right? So it's one of my favorite shoot so there's a great extra tips so she she literally wrote down everything I say see, that was important and and you know, that would actually make a difference to you as a photographer and that's in the family posing manual from day to and you can watch all the shooting live as well. So it's a quick reference guide its opposing guide and it's a guide to go back and look at whatever shoot that you wanted to see remembering I also put in there that you have four light scenarios I had a color backdrop a black thief let a brick wall a plain wall sorry and a backlight and those are the four scenarios I work on in my studio that gives me for entirely different looks I want you to go through that we're gonna have a sleeping baby we're going to hit the connection with the camera we're going to hit the interaction love with maman did we're going to hit the interacting with the baby mama dead with the baby? We're going to change deads position we're going and I'm alone with the baby in a deadline with the baby we're going to add a toddler we're gonna add grand parents and that already gives you sixty three scenarios just on working on the interaction with your client it's all right, so if you print that list when you had that listen you printed out, you could just remind yourself now when I start shooting I go into automatic mod automatic pilot mode and you just forget the amazing things you have to do and learn. And if it's written down, make a list reflects it, I have a shooting table. I put it there, I draw out my poses and I work through them now I don't care if anybody said it all, but I'm a creative. I'm I'm a creative too. I mean illustrator, I mean artist you know I'm all of those things. I am also incredibly forgetful when I pick up my camera because I go into automatic pilot mode. My stress levels go up, I'm nervous and I will finish the shows and go why didn't I try that? Why didn't I do that? How many times you do it every single time you shoot right reference it, keep it there reference it what can I do now? O that's, right, susie, this nine steps nine steps I can do in this pose on. All I have to do is change the interaction from them to me to each other, to the baby and then ed anybody out? That's, right? That's how important that is, right it down. Keep it in the studio discreetly study it, go in, practice it until you don't need the list anymore. It's so incredible today right now we're going to do the posing guide for maternity I don't believe maternity is a big genre I only want to show you how to do it beautifully so you can make a woman look good so that the woman want to come to your studio see that you get the newborn when she get the newborn I'm gonna teach you how to market to a lifetime client okay? So I practically would give away the maternity shoot in order to get that year of shooting and I'm going to show you how I would do that I've got the rules there to teach you I've written and drawn for very, very cool styles that we can show you I'm also going to take you through the shoot that I did that's the bonus material that's already up so if you bought the course already you've already got this watched it all can download it today right now I drew my pictures and then I did the poses now kelly said to me last night isn't that incredible that you can actually draw a picture and then you create an image from it like when I do this and then I do this and I said visually that's how I work my mind works that way I don't make a list and go do a lying down pose my brain has to see an image is when I'm shooting just a note to the south somebody I've got a good about five emails saying bed retouching job on the back it's a tattoo and I didn't wantto remove it because it's here tattoo it's not my business so if if anybody thinks that I didn't quite get that smoothness on the back it's ok, I got it um I wanted to draw poses and then move around one hundred eighty degrees I wanted to teach you that you could just see so much more in your images so when you see this video I start on this pose but I take a step this way and I take a step this way and I take a step this way and then I move your legs and then as she moves her legs she her face comes with me the whole way and it follows me and it follows me and it works his shoulder and then when she gets into a position I really like I take the white single ralph and I change it with pink chul and it's so fast in so simple and it's such a neat little video watch so we'll do this today I wanted to re create the demi post because I feel like it is one of the most beautiful poses I wanted to do it with clothes on and I wanted to do it without clothes on I want to show you how to be a little bit more creative and illustrative with the opportunity shoots we're going to dio reference to find out, but we can't do nude life and environmental ideas because I think this is really, really important. I see a lot of environmental pregnancy shots at maternity shots that is terrible and, you know, and I want to address on give you lots of ideas to make it better. So you're gonna learn the posing today supposing it's exactly the same when you're out and about home studies offering home studies for both newborn in pregnancy, particularly when you don't have a studio would be one of the smartest things you can do at the end of the day, everybody wants just a beautiful portrait of themselves, and then we're going to teach fabric and draping, so I've got a model coming in and I can teach you all how I drape very quickly it's so fast and it's so easy. Um, I want to take you through heading a partner to maternity. I don't I think it's a really big genre, but I think people are doing it particularly well. So I've got one of the girls to bring your husband in, and they're going to do some couples posing for the belly, which I think is really cute. And then that'll be lunch time and after lunch I'm going to take you through a twelve step business that I told you about so there's twelve steps to business in every single one of these steps here related to marketing in some way so this here is the be all and end all of it client acquisition right through to referrals from those clients and creating a lifelong client I'm going to take you through the twelve steps you can write your business as I take you through them and we will apply a marketing plan tto all of these twelve steps because if you are not I'm taking off twelve of these you've got the opportunity to just expand very very quickly because you'll be shocked at how much you're not doing from those twelve steps I'm going to go take you through everything so these twelve steps are absolutely phenomenal there great way to chicken on your business and what you're not doing and they're really probably the biggest wake up call that you're going to get in your own small business because we get so busy shooting we forget to do everything else and if you're not getting bums on seats you're not shooting anything into so many people fall into this trap we've made a beautiful pdf for callie called nine months in the making which is her advertising pdf we're going to give you templates for that so they're still being uploaded now but we have about twenty five templates for your pdf so there is no excuse why you can't create incredible infographics right now for your business and we've made them very baby orientated but mostly they're like little album designs we've got this bonus material designed by karen a so her and I set down she's a graphic designer karen will more sorry that's her married name and been well moore's wife so you know, being he's instructor here on creative live karen is a very talented designer and you know, she just I said to her these are my visions and she went away and she just came back with about four hundred files and it just absolutely mind blowing what she's come up with we sit down, we just wrote a list I said I want these people to have this and I want them to be able to personalize and I'm photo shop put their own logo on it change the colors, change the fonts, change anything. There is no excuses now that you don't have hundreds of product to put out there on your social media and two seemed out to your clients it's absolutely going to blow you away and let me show you what it is so after we do our twelve steps of marketing, um we've got birth announcements it is a huge advertising component for newborn photographers we've got we've created birth announcement for you, we've got a discount too for a laugh and grow priest cause she is doing such beautiful announcements for you, so if you don't want to create your own, you can simply go on by them. We're going to talk about gift packing to mom the cost of your client acquisition, ongoing gifting reminders templates so we've got this ongoing gifting system without marketing and reminders to keep coming back for chutes and she's done them in templates of blue pink grand cream these fourteen templates times those colors so you've got about a hundred to choose from and they can all be changed. So how can we put these in twelve system and just make constant marketing? And they're absolutely beautiful right? From proofing galleries nine months in the making business alliance twelve months of shooting the baby book we've done a baby book in green lemon pink, white blue cream in a fancy style each of the baby books have about fourteen pages and double covers, so you can create these incredible online baby books and build them over twelve months and I'm going to teach you how to sell it to your clients is twelve months of shooting she's done even how to use pdf so that you know how to design them and we've got these gorgeous covers here and you can actually create your own albums printouts and really they principles marketing printable lt's okay, so I think right now, if you were smart, you could go on print entire sets of these on our paper, customize them to each of your clients and use them as an incentive to book baby shoots to book maternity shoots to book newt. I'm newborn shoot and give them to your client's a gift with purchase, so when they buy and book with you, you can give and create these books for them, and there isn't a mother alive that isn't going to go nuts over these designs. It absolutely incredible, and these are like I was born on may, the teens I weighed six pounds, three ounces, I was twenty one inches long in my eyes on you can customize this for your clients with your beautiful images in them, they can be framed that could be printed that could be put into albums. They can also be used to scrapbooks. We're going to create a baby dot com personalized website ing, baby, facebook, personal group club, baby male and and all these ideas I know cara pal sitting here, she's down a book, I'm going to show you that I'm just to connect with your community, connect with your audience and basically just keep getting clients we have got. Exhibition and charity books zero to five section the millionaire's club. I'm going to take you to that. I'm going to show you one of my favorite melbourne photographers. Susan is ira who's done this incredible campaign, she's. Like kelly, she shoots newborns but lots of children, and she started this beautiful campaign called little big, which is when she takes images from when they're little baby newborn shots and she photographs them through their life span. And then she's put them into a book and exhibition to show when they were little and now what they look like and it's remarkable. When you see these little baby images on the lift, the children that they become and how they look and how incredibly mind blowing that is, tio, any mother in the world that's watching her children grow up and that if you are, if you get the complete honor like susie, it to be a client to be a photographer of a child, for a lifetime like that, to build a gallery like that. Then you can understand that if that is not the most dynamic marketing tool that you could even put out there because that tells me that they liked her so much they came back over and over and over again and she has created that sort of brand loyalty and her marketing in your business and I think that is more powerful and business than anything else she could do because that tells me she's doing something right and the best part about it is she's not cheap. Okay she's a three thousand dollar photographer so I would really love to showcase that so I can teach you about because I think she's remarkable we've got vouchers and scrapbook design element, so I thought about it and I was like beyond the baby book what elements that you could create is printable so there's incredible web sites out there. One of my favorites is tip junkie dot com it's owned by an incredible woman who I met at a talk in if I had faces and lori tick is just one of the most dynamic woman you'll ever meet and she created this web site called tip junkie and she has like seven million people come through his sight in a month and she really creates printable tze and just the most incredible product and she has done so well and when I talked to laurie, I said I'm going to create something for my photographers and we went along the line of a design element like a scrapbook but these could all be changed, modified and personalized on photo shop so you can just take the bass design that karen's done for you and create the most incredible products that met your studio and make them your own and then every one of your clients will belong to you they will create albums and books at home and it would just give them reason to come back. So in the scrapbooking pages they're all personalized they go through the baby's first year every single part my fist at the speech my favorite place my favorite auntie you know home for the first time this is what maybe dream looks like we've created it cut out scrapbook kable album design in all of these features can just be made you know and designed around your studio so you can take them or make them or yours gift them to your clients. You could even create beautiful siri's off scrapbook or albums or even personal books like imagine if you went selling a photography album but you were selling more of a scrapbook album of a child I mean you could even create all the components for the mother to build your own and just provide the images for them and she can also put in her own images and just give incentive to keep coming back because can you imagine if she has a beautiful newborn shoot in the front of album? And then she has a whole lot of her own bad shots? And then she looks at that she'll be like, oh, I want to go back to that photographer again and then there's a another beautiful shot at one month and two month, so I can't wait to take you through those, and there are over sixty designs just in the scrapbooking elements, so I feel like it's, so exciting, nobody can tell me this kid to market their business, like nobody could possibly tell me that, because I feel like you have got no reason to tell me why you would be afraid to market your business to mei I've just given you everything you need to get excited about what you think would entice women to book with you. You are marketing to your clients on price, and it doesn't work, people are interested in price, they're interested in what they are getting, and we mark it out of fear and competitiveness. What's so and so down the road is doing, and I'm better than them, and that charging fifty dollars hoke ears, stop it, stop doing this to yourself, take these downloads, build your folio until it's, so beautiful, take these designs and have fun with that and throw it out there you're not trying to place the photographic community you're trying to be a professional photographer that is running a great business servicing your client's, making money, having an incredible time doing it and flourishing in that role and you I only do that by getting excited there is so many incredible components in here and all I want from you today is teo get excited about making a marketing plan okay no fear no how will they approach their business? Listen to yourself how will I approach that business? Listen to yourself listen to what you're saying how will I don't need to worry about approach in my business I love what I do and I can show everybody I'm doing this right now and I'm filming this and I'm shooting this and I will make this my excitement aloneness marketing you know it's that whole I'll have what she's having and I really feel like in our industry they seems to be all this criticism I get on facebook and these attacks and nastiness and I call them drive by shootings you know and it's a it's a I'm not going to I'm not going to come onto creative life after working every day for fifteen hours a day for four weeks and not support this industry like it you serious right now I am everything that's right with it and if you can't you know if you can't find that just come and visit my page and if I'm being negative just write on my wall hey remember we're in this together and I'll go oh ok yeah because that is the bottom line for may there is about three billion woman on this planet in a lot of them are gonna have babies all of them one a nice photograph thank you where they live or who they are or how much money they have and they all want you and in the market so flattered and everybody's a photographer and oh hogs wallet you know there's just a whole lot of women out there that want beautiful photographs of their children and themselves and I'm only focused on them you know everybody deserves money and income for what they do you give you receive you give you learned to receive you lin to give in it's a fifty fifty and it will be always in that direct proportion and you deserve that everybody to see is that you deserve to feed your family you deserve to go to hawaii for christmas holiday you deserve that everybody deserves abundant and is enough to go around so enough with the scarcity and the fear and all the things that get in our way just get excited because you my friends have a dream job you know I dreamed so these design elements for mei are really just to get you to a place some people will just take those designs and just do nothing but those designs some people won't do anything with them some people will take them and make them your own. Karen has put them out there is a template which main start here grow, you know start here go and oh my god, how awesome that we get to give this to you you know what an incredible gift for me because I tell you I don't answer my emails anymore because my studio manager does but I read them okay? I don't think I haven't read your e mail I read every email but I just cannot answer them because I'm still running the business but I I know one thing when I read those emails for every single person that says you changed my business and you changed my life I say no, I didn't actually you changed the business in your life I was just talking and you listened. But every time I see this sort of content, I think this will change people's business you have the opportunity to change it and I think I've got to be the luckiest person in the world and I woke up singing were quite a few questions that came up with regards to the templates and the scrapbook yeah photo shop is necessary in order to use all of these things no okay, but it is if you want to change components I think it can also be opened an illustrator but they could get elements for bishop elements because this long you can do layers and elements can you as long as you could okay oh my goodness and I know that we've all said through elements workshop haven't way ladies we're finding out yes I think elements is seventy nine dollars and if you join then yeah oh and I'm I'm so sorry but I'm light rain deficient you can't be lazy no so photo shop but we'll see if we can dio lays an element yes, yes you can go thank you thank you to your room so elements of seventy nine dollars for the opportunity to do multiple designs I mean if you get if you get a couple of hundred templates and you redesign your funds in your colors so you're just doing the base structure and you change no boxes you change no design elements, you just moved them around you ultimately just quadruple what you can do instantaneous they see they only have to be a designer. The whole point is that you can't afford a designer when you start your business I couldn't afford a designer I had to do it myself and I learned to design on photoshopped c is three foresees too I think itwas all sees one when I first out of my business because I just couldn't afford to pay a designer fifteen hundred dollars and not like it, how many people have paid a designer and hated it? It's just absolutely incredible. And so, yeah, I feel like if the base designs there, then you can expand really easily. Our pdf files. Is that, uh uh, ps dave. I'm sorry. Thank you. Yes, she may have done them as tips, but no, they pierce too fast. Okay, yes, they are laid. Pc perfect. Well, people are very excited about those and and very motivated by what you've been saying about how we have such an incredible job making people cry and changing lives on the internet. Sales is this is usual here. Incredible. Yeah, you don't get to change your own life. But the truth is, you know, I really do believe in the change. The attitude, attention, attitude, everything changes. And I think sometimes you just get caught up in the negative it's just too easy to get caught up in the negative.

Class Description

World-renowned portrait photographer Sue Bryce and newborn photographer Kelly Brown join forces to bring you an inspiring pregnancy, newborn and baby photography class.

Sue will show you how to work with clients to capture the intimate glamour of motherhood, both pre and post-birth. Kelly will show you how to safely and beautifully photograph babies from the first month through the first year. Kelly will share her award-winning styling, lighting, and “baby-whisperer” posing techniques. 

You’ll develop a comprehensive system for:

  • Marketing to clients
  • Working with expectant and new parents
  • Taking beautiful photos of infants during their first joyful year

Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to expand your portfolio or a new mom with a camera, this course will teach you how to expertly document every phase of a baby’s first year — from womb to walking.

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a Creativelive Student

I love kelly, LOVE LOVE LOVE her. She is a wonderful photographer, so calm and patient. That is the style that I have when photographing. I liked Sue's portion, however, I did skip over most of it, because I found that she kept talking about the same things. Sue has a great personality bubbly and funny, she just over talked the some topics.

a Creativelive Student

i LOVE this workshop!Sue Bryce is AWESOME!! I'm enjoying learning how to pose the mum to make her look beautiful. and I want to specialise in maternity and newborns... Thank you soooo much! I'm learning so much.... Kylie, NSW Australia


I LOVE this workshop, it is absolutely amazing material and I enjoying watching it again and again! Every time I learn something new from it. And you can't imaging how thankful I am!! Sue and Kelly - your are the best in maternity and newborns!! Love you both so much!!!