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Bumps to Babies: Photographing Motherhood

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Marketing with Templates

Kelly Brown, Sue Bryce

Bumps to Babies: Photographing Motherhood

Kelly Brown, Sue Bryce

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33. Marketing with Templates

Lesson Info

Marketing with Templates

So when I did the twelve steps I wrote down the twelve steps and I realized that most of us aren't marketing through twelve of them and yet we think we are because if you review it I love the name I love my brand of my studio like anybody kids okay I think my folio was fabulous except for nobody thinks he follows fabulous because when you ask a photographer for the business card what's the first thing they say to you oh don't look at my with so they haven't updated it for ages don't look at my webs that everybody says that susan not just you don't look at my website I haven't updated it for ages what a fabulous marketing line put your hand up if you're guilty of that one ok then you do go to the website and you have a look and you specialize in your multi genres but you're maybe not really speaking to those genres and then all over seven your product and priceless they're going to sell themselves because those numbers really move people to make bookings with you not cheap priceless do ...

not bring do not bring clients to you and if they do bring clients to they don't bring anything else because they don't stay clients for long and then all of a sudden we've created our pdf but I know for a fact because I've been pushing this so hard most people are doing that and most people certainly think they're doing this really well, and they're not. So all of a sudden we've got a block and I know photographers, they have a block for three years that still haven't active blogger on the website, they're not actively blocking. I know how hard it is to block because I have to do it there a days, weeks, months where I fall down on my blogging, and then I'm reminded off the constant interaction and archive that they're blogged brings me. But somehow in all of this, I have to create marketing that entices people to get to this part here so that they can have an incredible experience and then by the photographs. But if I do not wrap up the product and service that I have promised here, I lose everything I've almost gained in my fifteen steps, and I'm just absolutely shocked that we don't see it like that. It has taken me years to view my own business like this because for me this is old made. This is new business. May what I call myself what I call myself am I good enough? Am I good enough? Am I good enough? Am I good enough? Am I good enough, I hate my website. I hate my wood said I wish I could buy a better one oh I like her website which I could copy here website she's so lucky oh I need to do everything even though I hate I hate photographing weddings I hate photographing weddings but I'm gonna do it I'm gonna do it anyway and my products or I don't know what to sell how many products should be here I don't sell if they were that nobody's going to buy that I want to price myself here I'm not getting any money I'm not getting any money but I'm not good enough I'm not good enough to get the money I'm not good enough to get any money and what's a pdf and then you're on youtube I love watching cat videos our favorite social media I can't even upload a picture of myself on social media because I feel so nervous I don't know what a blogger is because they hadn't invented them here anyway the client experiences I'm amazing on and I'm gonna blow you away and then my product or service epic fail so where was the marketing in your business and are you even marketing your business because I just don't see a lot of marketing around and I kind of think to myself then what is it because to me it's kind of I kind of got a look at it like you gotta you gotta create something beautiful here that speaks to the client that you want, a photograph and that really every time you show your folio, its radical generosity, how can I help you? You know, we then create this basic website, it just has to be functional. It doesn't have to be the faintest web site on the planet, but we have to now market and speak through every one of these touch points, and we need to create the marketing for everyone. Now, if you were my brain storming group here and you, nine women were my brain storming grope, and instead of saying this is what I want you to do if we sat down together and we brainstormed ways that we can get our website, improve our website, you know, upgrade our website if we brains timed ways to do that, to get attention to link tag xia and then if we sat down and brainstorm how we could separate our multi genres, and then we brainstorm the most basic product range with profitability cost of doing business that really told us how much we want to be paid and then showed our clients what they were actually getting and then brainstormed really cool ways to communicate that through our marketing, you know, because still people are ringing, we telling them how much we're still not telling them what they're getting and then if we sat down and brainstorm dad are priceless that we all felt really good with and you knew you valued it and then we thought of ways that we could ed gift with pictures create a scrapbook I mean, how many photographers out there have done a baby book in a scrapbook and giving it to every one of the clients? Well, I'm not a baby photographer and it was my first thought it's like I can't kill babies baby's not even in my realm eight of you have babies wouldn't you love a baby book of your child? You know? So how many people are actually thinking beyond? Am I good enough to be paid? And I kind of think to myself, okay, if I'm gonna compete with you as a photographer and your you nine women are lined up and you want all want the maternity shooting, I'm up against you well what's going to make me stand out your connection to may in fact that you value what I do on what I'm giving you that I'm going to give us much as I can for the base price, not for the cheapest price but for the best price and that my marketing is going to be consistent it's going to be enticing, but above all it is going to be filled with intent and the intent is I want your work not I want to be paid. I want your work. I want to photograph you every month for the next twelve months, I would commit myself to a year to thirty women if that's what they wanted if they wanted to pay me off because I could just imagine doing nothing better. Then knowing those clients in building that relationship do you know how many people would be knocking on your door going? Can I be thirty one? I know you're not accepting any more clients, but can I be thirty two? Because you photograph carol and cannot be this and come? Do you know what it would be to actually create a system that would make people want to come back to you every month for a year? It's not hard to think about it, it's pretty exciting. I feel like sometimes with marketing, the greatest thing you need to get through in your business is what do you want? Write it down and then say, I want city women to come into my studio this many days with the new born. I'm going to build this up over here while I'm still shooting weddings or family portrait on friday and saturday on these days I'm going to charge them this month, I'm going to put them on a payment plan. This is what I want, and then you actively go and seek those people because I've always said it to people you make more money when you make goals for work, not money, all right work, not money, so if you're looking for city pregnant woman, you'll find them, trust me because what you seek you will find that is truth, and then you're seeking pregnant woman and marketing to them. So right? I want thirty pregnant woman, I'm going to shoot them all opportunity, this is my new system, that gonna pay it off, and then I'm going to get this client I'm gonna in three hundred thousand dollars this year, and this is how I'm going to do it, write it down and then go and find them. But I bet you if you if I said to you, you need to make a grand a week, you wouldn't know how to do that. You would go and try to make money, you would fail one week, you'd have a down week, you'd be sitting at your care, fate, lunchtime going, I'm never going to make a grand a week. No, you're not, but you could find theory. Pregnant women think about the energy around it shifts everything and your marketing, then focus all of your energy and service on that one group. And when I run into you, you're not somebody struggling to get work you were working in building up you've got monthly payments coming in your building this group now think about this imagine if you put your clients like that one group of clients on that special marketing program in their own private group on facebook and you connected city pregnant women to each other and then you market and release images off that group to that group they've been correspond with each other they connect with each other we're on baby's first year with you this is so exciting you can create product you can create a small community just from that one group that had paying you off they're all paying you the same amount, okay? What if people then say what about the up sell? What about the upgrade? The whole point is you don't need to do it your year is seating stone it would only take you a year to build that out next year. I bet you two have theory waiting in fact next to you might want to take sixty because you can it worked out for you you got a system going, you now down shoots and then I'm doing six hundred thousand dollars in portrait think about it it's so easy I always looked at businesses this I don't have a business degree, I don't have a market a magazine degree, but I'm not stupid once you'd a week for fifty weeks is fifty grand my studio costs a thousand dollars a week. I'm not going to make any money in my all pay myself so what do I want? I want to work four days a week I want three thousand dollars a day and I want twelve thousand dollars awake that's my cost of doing business this is what I want and how I want to live then I break it down for chutes away sixteen shoots a month where do I find sixteen women? Okay, that till I wick that's how I built my studio is like can't be that had I'm just looking for sixteen woman that really want to be photographed by me a month if you work on the ten percent roll, ten percent of the people you talk to will say yes then I have to speak to one hundred sixty woman to get my job to get my work to get my wig every month and I was like all of a sudden the fear is gone and the cat heads gone and you know it's very easy what do we make it so hard? Why is marketing so hard? Why is business so had why shooting so had I didn't do anything difficult esteemed people in the corner off my house on a frosted window and a palestine reflector and I connect with them and take the bass photograph I can all right I want you to break it down to that easy how else can we make this work let's have a look your service in your production here's the answer to your question no this money has changed hands if they're happy they will share this with everyone if they are not heavy they will share this with everyone okay he's your best marketing right there and you know it is your referral and your word of mouth all of your referrals air here on all of your brand loyalty is here and your business reputation is here and they're right there and you will get five referrals off a good shoot if you tune that work around so something that I've been doing and to stop this from happening is I've been doing revealed in my sales so I've never believed in digital sales because in an online pooch thing because it's not my thing but what I do like is this so we're a pdf so I'm going to go to price what I really like is the idea that I can offer my client's finished products but they walk in and do their viewing as a reveal and leave with the product I do not believe with become a digital nation or a digital world I believe we're becoming now world it's not that we don't want them on sunday because we don't would then have to go and print them how annoying if it's the same price, I'd rather get them professionally printed and have both because I want to see them on media. What I don't want to do is wait eight weeks. I don't want to give you my money and then wait eight weeks for a product that I've been tune up for and you haven't done probably, do you? How many photographers do that go on? You're guilty, I'm guilty, so I thought to myself, what if I was smarter? What if I printed the products in the week before I saw them? I printed the products, finished them, retouched them, met them and put them on the wall and that all they have to do is walk in, see the viewing gallery and it's really to take with them, pay now by now, leave with your album now it works for my business model it's not gonna work for your business faro if your business model was to up sell and it might not work for yours if it's an album, but just think about it in terms of instant product, if a folio is what you want to sell because for may one hundred percent it's working perfectly no follow through they leave that night with a boon cd and whatever images they chose and bought in their box give crept in front of them while I'm taking the payment with a big smile on their face leaving my studio we have not become a digital society will become a give it to me now society I I want to download this you know I design opposing pdf everyone buys it but we want them his cards so it takes me months to find a good printer months I go through complete hell, I find a good printer, I send them out and people are angry that they've waited fourteen days for the delivery but they don't want digital products, they want manual products and if I could wiggle my nose and make it turn up, I would and then I realized it that's what they want they don't want digital photographs, they want printed photographs, theyjust want them now they just want to be satiated now. So in your marketing you have to kind of think of a way that you can now create now product that doesn't hinder your sale that's going to market to your others to get referrals but is not going to take away from the tune around of the service and production off your product okay really, really important, so I'm really enjoying doing I call them reveals because to me they walk in and see an entire wall of images and I'm loving it I'm going to experience it more and keep blogging about another next few months because if you can find a base product that you can reveal instantaneously for money then is going to really work for you all right on nine steps outside our twelve step program first admitting you have a problem uh and then rating yourself and writing it down where you can expand on all of your marketing that's where this is my my synopsis of most small businesses and we're going wrong in my own experience and seeing others now what we're going to do is say okay, I might be doing that a little bit wrong I might not be communicating very well through here here, here, here and here to tell me what to do so let's look att ideas because ideas uh born creativity I think ideas have to be where we start to say get me excite what about this so I can now go and do something about it get me so excited about speaking to my audience that I want to keep speaking to my audience you know I get so excited about marketing now I can't believe I was so afraid of it like I do not understand that I was so terrified of marketing my business when it's actually one of the coolest things to do all right so this is how kelly um is using her announcement a template so these templates here I want to just take you through them and look at kelly's beautiful images in there kelly when you put these out do you put your um a microphone well come on up so kelly when you put these out on facebook and when you share them when your client see them is your logo on there it's on the back okay so you put these cods they printed by my my prince supplier in brisbane australia and they print them on a fine our paper and they're protected and I don't know anyone that's throws out a birth announcement if it's a relative or a friend but I think I want someone's fridge how many do you print decline I give them like packs of twenty five you see you wouldn't be here to do this with glamour photography maybe winning photography and then you put that in the photo boxes well but you're right the baby is that too my day at your kid's photographers how many of you do both announcements do you print them his physical cards half of you all right so that's amazing how many do you give thief I I give packs of twenty five so they could buy one on pax and hang him out to the bags I actually add them on so they can buy them part of ala carte menu which is great separately or they can add them on for discounted price and you know what? I don't care if I don't make much money from these because I'm marketing with them more people are seeing my business they picked them up, they touch them they turned them over to see if there's any on the back are websites on the back yeah, lava that's incredible and love there and I guess what the newborn genre and any baby freddo updated family photo to way stop doing this it's really funny I've shot families for years we always used to give wallets we called them wallet because that's what they were and we would give fifty wallets and you know what's really cool is the brag book I don't see many brag books anymore but my mom still has brag books well, that's working on the baby book that maybe book is the great book too may absolutely perfect many brag book I actually think we probably stop with those follow through products because we think somehow it's gonna limit our sales and it's not going to explode them because he might you know you want to sell you grandma and granddad a big album, not a you know, a seventy five dollar brake book, right? But you've got to remember where it's being shared every one of these air incredible so this is laugh and grow press dot com and they're easily downloadable templates you khun change the font you khun put any image in there they're so customizable it's not funny and just really easy to use okay I'm just to throw it in there there is a discount on those yes and if you go to the crate of liveblog credit by dot com slash flog you can get the link and the promo code oh and you have it right there sorry I could handle going on yes you do but I just love that they're so clean and fresh and nothing on there is distracting from the actual baby but it has all the information that the families want to share well this is a non design if you don't want to designed by a team plates how much they are they're so cheap it's not funny on this on this download you have to in all of your michael a material you have your own birth announcements but if you don't want to design them going get these because mind blowing right give peck for mom and the cost of client position a friend of mine is working with booth thing unit it's all right abou thing innit? It's now private bathing units in all of our country's they're popping up everywhere studying to become something that is a thing when you want to have a baby people are lining themselves with other businesses but more importantly, when one of my girlfriends recently had a child I bought her a gift pack and when I went to go and get all the baby gift packs they were all baby gift packs and I was like, oh so I went you know, into nordstrom and bought the mum give back you know the pampa uh you know the foot scrub the moisturizer, the beautiful moisturizer, the heat treatment and when I gave it to her she was like put it from me and I think yeah because everybody's buying gifts for the baby and I booked us for here it occurred to me that it would be very easy to create a gift pack for women that have just had babies that were personalized to your business and brand that had a beautiful gift voucher for photographs and up for the new porn shoot all you need is access to that pregnant woman and that too may is an interesting notion because think about it if that gift pick cost you sixty dollars and you got a client from it that spent two thousand then your cost of acquisition is sixty backs but our biggest problem is is we're not spending the sixty backs so generally when we were running businesses we would pay marketing management we pay advertising fees to be in magazines ah lot of wedding photographers pay to be in winning magazines or on winning blog's that is called the cost of acquisition that is the money you pay to get a client now if your cost of acquisition for pregnant woman was a beautiful gift basket and it was recommended by a friend who was pregnant and you created this is part of your business is called gift with purchase okay? Just like estee lauder do just like elizabeth out and do just like all of the commercial photographers do. If you're gift with purchase was to sell, we'll give a voucher within a beautiful gift basket for mothers then you are using a market to market on the periphery what you do and if you think about how incredible that is, you ed it up over the year you say I bought fifty gift pecks at sixty dollars each, it cost me three thousand dollars out of the fifty gift pegs I photograph ct women they spent two thousand dollars it costs sixty thousand dollars in income it costs three thousand dollars to get sixty thousand dollars in revenue, but we don't think like that doing because all we think about is what if she doesn't buy anything because that's the first question somebody's gonna ask, but I didn't ask you to tell me what she wouldn't dio I asked you to give a gift basket and advertise yourself, but we've already jumped a heed to the fact that she's going to say no we've already decided we wasted our money now if you pay three thousand dollars to get fifty gift baskets and you only do teen shoots and those teen shoots take the two thousand dollar peg a genuine twenty grand it cost you twenty six thousand or three thousand dollars to twenty is that viable? Is it got good profitability? Yes, now you decide but the point is is that you know okay, so I think it's really important that when we're marketing we look at how much it's costing us and stop expecting it for free facebook is free and it does work but it is not going to get you bums on seats all of the time because you can't keep marketing on your facebook page because people turn off because all of a sudden you become snake oil salesman who's just pitching constantly and people get sick of the cell remember it's supposed to be knowledge forty percent knowledge forty percent positive opinion keep people connected by giving them stuff by getting them to come back bye bye. How can I help you buy what do you need not fifty dollars off here fifty dollars off there. You know what a main just constantly giving so the cost of your acquisition I think this is something you need to sit down and really work it out what do you currently working on? I've got a friend who markets with nowadays he's a scanning unit she calls him I love it she called him they um pregnant guy um and I think that might even be the name of his business but he does the scans where you can see the baby's real faith they are freaky like they are freaky so she works with this business and they exclusively give every pregnant woman that comes into her studio about for her three hundred dollar gift voucher to come and do a photo shoot with here and a newborn shoot in a pregnancy shoot with here now why would a business do that? Why would a business give you away to somebody else and it's not it is free you get a discount but you still have to pay, so why would they do that? What would be the incentive for them to actually hand over your card and make sure every single woman gets one? Does can anybody answer anybody want to guess anybody wanna say, what would their incentive bay probably be a wait for them to make their client feel valued by giving them something. No, I know just like you had the pill well saying before just like that if someone believes in you several loves you and another I know another photographer they just pay someone to do that she pays them there are some wanna look things it just like you will find those people who are just like totally believe in just love you and they own some kind of business they can do that so they must but if you pay them yes, not once though do it once, but they're not going to do it every week for two years she pays him and it amazes may so's I can watch you pay him just like I take him out for a very fancy dinner and I give him three thousand dollars and that's my years wick, I was like it's, just insane and you're expecting it for free. You pay for everything else, including your expecting to be paid just like I said to you, how many of you have paid somebody else? Two thousand dollars tv family portrait taken in the last year in the last two years in the last three years, four years, five years but you want it, you want it, you won't pay for it, okay, so I need you to start thinking smart, but then we get the newbies coming and the newbie say, but I'm not making any money yet, but I haven't gotten it to that point yet, but I'm not good enough yet am I good enough to do that? How would I pay that? How would I get people to pay me and you gonna come back to here because when you're starting out and this grid here when you're starting out, if you don't have that system see that you're not at the stage yet so you can't connect in market to other businesses and to you tie up all those twelve steps and those twelve steps come up together they come up slowly but they come up together and that's really, really important, right? Let's take it back to more ideas how many of you are going to create a private group of clients that you're gonna photograph for over a year? You like that idea? Okay, what if then I like the idea too? I was thinking of how I can do it with glamour clients and I've got a cool idea for it. So the truth is is now when you're looking at how many pregnant woman you want over the next twelve months and how many babies you want to start shooting have a look at this because this is really, really exciting if you've got ongoing and gifting and reminders. So the templates that on your course are in blue pink grand cream you can constantly keep gifting and reminding those clients, but remember if they've got a payment sit up there in your private group, you can constantly be reminding the whole group and you could be constantly gifting their group, so if I have thirty clients there are committed to me for a year, paying me off for a year. What can I go and get them and then announce it on that group page? What can I say in this group? You've all come in for your two months, mac. Three months mark four months. Mark laurie just came in with you know what? What else can you do to service this group of women? Think about it. How can I help them? How can I give them more? Because this group of women are going to give you a year's income. And all of a sudden, you've connected them in one group, they no longer the one hit wonder. I wonder what happened to rose. She never called me back again. Maybe shouldn't like your portrait. And then you see rose down the street, you have an awkward meeting and they've gone to somebody else, you know? And the truth is, is that either the day these women are now concentrated there in their private group there in your group, in us servicing this group, you're servicing them every week. You know them, you know them really well, and you're connecting them to each other. How incredible is that what's gonna happen after the first year, I think they're gonna sign up for group number two. Right? And I don't think you're gonna lose many, and if you lose someone in the group address it immediately, we've lost katie out of the group. She didn't want to be photographed anymore, like address it to the other women don't don't leave evil and wonder what happened to the city of person. All right, start servicing your clients like a network that it's meant to be so you can keep marketing to them. Like I said, those woman are going to say I'm in a special group or you could give the year's group a special name, okay, and then create some sort off not any value, but prestige around this group. I'm one of the first thirty I'm one of the city that did this, they were doing an exhibition off this first year, we're doing a slide show off three babies in one year, we're doing this think about it. So when you come back to that grid again, how many points off those twelve points can I now include in this group in this one group of women, which are paying me for a whole year? How can I put them on youtube? How can I put them on video? How can I put them on facebook? What kanai she with them? How can I ongoing gift them and remind them to come in for the shoot? How can I connect with them without annoying them or heh sling them well, it's easy there in your group so you can simply put a facebook meter jump and say, cara, maybe you're coming in on thursday. I'm so excited to see you. How big is robert getting and the rest of the page like going all by goodness, he's looking good? Now these women who have a similar interest in you are watching your child go through the year is well, is you and you're getting paid to facilitate this free page, do not drop the ball, you get thirty woman in that room, hold them in your arms and go at this, okay, think about it. Yes, keep those women happy because those women tell five other women because women like to talk, god knows, I don't like to talk, all right, here's the templates for your reminders, ongoing gifting in reminders you can't keep testing your clients if you're not connecting to them because it's hassle and nobody wants to be hassled. You know, I actually physically feel my heart rate go up when somebody macklin calls me on my iphone, I was like, you are my private time right now. I am not interested in you, but if I was creating a group that I was getting something from with connection in interaction in a common interest, then I'm part of it and it's just part of the network and part of something that I do here's this beautiful templates, you can put your own logo on these air reminders these khun go digitally, these khun get printed. Like kelly said, you can put them with your logo on the back, you can send them out to people you consume them out to clients you've already photographed to get them back again, include a gift voucher with money towards more portrait because of somebody spent with you have him as a rule warded client, invite past clients to your new group and then create something like two seat hairs where you're photographing your clients when they're little and watching them grow up. We'll talk about that after the break, and these are all templates, these can have any words, and then they can have any colors and got designs that you contain off it's all there for you or you have to do is fill them out and make them pretty make them pretty make them yours all right nine months in the making nine months in the making if that's going to be the name of your group, go for it and then you've got moments in the making you've got baby's first year, twelve months you know you've got baby's first five years I started something a long time ago for a client where I was consulting in the business called babies millionaire's club because they found this machine that makes a credit card it's not exactly like a credit card it looks more like a plastic business card but you could actually design a baby's credit card and I thought to myself imagine you know the prestige when you get a black a mix you know it's limitless right you can pretty much put a million dollars on order something and people think it's prestigious to own this card I said, what if you did baby millionaire's club squish you want your baby to grow up to be a millionaire so he can support you in the lifestyle that you want to live in and I thought majin creating an amazing little credit card and when they buy the shoot they get credit on that card and then they keep you could just keep heading created to that card so every time you want to connect to them you can email them and say baby millennia number four hundred twelve you had now have an extra three hundred on think about it all I keep thinking about is ways that I can make it quirky, fun, interesting enticing I khun still on and now for the rest of the break, I'm going to show you all the other ways that I can think of and I want you to take them and just run, run, run with them because there's another twenty ideas coming up and now we've got to get excited. So those twelve points do you feel like they had hitting points? Do you think? Do you feel like I was accurate it on a lot of them? Do you feel like you were failing at a lot of them? If anybody feel like that, they're failing at lots of them not to ban you doingood okay, but you feel like this some you goto wick on big time this's my fourth year in photography business from just like when I just liked picked up the camera just like, you know, like pro camera and just looks hard to shoot. I felt like first three years were like failing and every single one in so many ways, and my husband will keep remind me and just like about a lot of things that he was saying, just like he was just like now we have to be fast you have to be quick but I have a two year old writing like the old of excuse excuses after we moved to seattle area I revel ated a lot off the things and what I would value as a client with those photographers that we hired what I've valued, what I've seen in a look value in and I tried to do my work fast right now just like really follows you around time yes, this is exactly just like and a lot of things I didn't know exactly how they're connected together right now I have a system right now let's see exactly just like where I felt and smart something's and whereas tohave to correct and tweak but I was moving lust three months in the right way I actually am quite shocked by the fact that most people think marketing is something different than what we're talking about and two may I actually kind of think it's more like service and then people keep saying we're going back to a service driven business so if one thinks that means being nicer to your clients and doing more for them but the truth is is actually predicting right through your marketing that it's about your client not about you and yet when I show most people that system most people are quite shocked at how much they're making it about themselves instead of what they're giving so do you twelve points sit down? Now, what I'm gonna do is I'm going, we're going to go to break, but when I come back, I'm want you to look at all of the ideas. I want you to pick out what you think is going to work for your brand, your business in your style. Then I want you to take that idea ok, like the private group, and then I want you to look at the twelve points and say, how can I put that? That idea into all twelve points off my business as marketing, how can I take that simple idea and then have them exist on video, youtube, facebook, every point in my product in my price list. So I need to now make sure you take every one of those boxes for that one idea, okay? And I hope you get more than one idea to execute.

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World-renowned portrait photographer Sue Bryce and newborn photographer Kelly Brown join forces to bring you an inspiring pregnancy, newborn and baby photography class.

Sue will show you how to work with clients to capture the intimate glamour of motherhood, both pre and post-birth. Kelly will show you how to safely and beautifully photograph babies from the first month through the first year. Kelly will share her award-winning styling, lighting, and “baby-whisperer” posing techniques. 

You’ll develop a comprehensive system for:

  • Marketing to clients
  • Working with expectant and new parents
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Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to expand your portfolio or a new mom with a camera, this course will teach you how to expertly document every phase of a baby’s first year — from womb to walking.

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a Creativelive Student

I love kelly, LOVE LOVE LOVE her. She is a wonderful photographer, so calm and patient. That is the style that I have when photographing. I liked Sue's portion, however, I did skip over most of it, because I found that she kept talking about the same things. Sue has a great personality bubbly and funny, she just over talked the some topics.

a Creativelive Student

i LOVE this workshop!Sue Bryce is AWESOME!! I'm enjoying learning how to pose the mum to make her look beautiful. and I want to specialise in maternity and newborns... Thank you soooo much! I'm learning so much.... Kylie, NSW Australia


I LOVE this workshop, it is absolutely amazing material and I enjoying watching it again and again! Every time I learn something new from it. And you can't imaging how thankful I am!! Sue and Kelly - your are the best in maternity and newborns!! Love you both so much!!!