Bumps to Babies: Photographing Motherhood

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Bumps to Babies: Photographing Motherhood


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Shoot: Moms and Couples

All right, what I've done is I've made a little crown while I've been standing here and I'm going to put the sun katie, I really love the little drape we did on katie, so I'm gonna photograph it for you so that you have it in the manual because I feel like it's something you should have and katie looks so good in it just seemed to shame that I wouldn't put it in anywhere at least for her and so my little crown is here, so I'm going to start off without anything first I'm just gonna put that down I've got a few here pens they're smart stuff, so what I'm actually going to do is put katie on this box, so stand back there, kenny, and then come and stand on the edge of the box for me and I'm going to go back to this piece of fabric here because I love the color on here and I think it looks really beautiful, the reason I've got all that big bugs okay, we'll go to the little box because I'm five foot two and I don't have a shooting letter so let's give you this little one here you go and you ...

can stand on the sorry about the noise, all right? The reason I put them on a bucks actually quite amazing not only makes you look so much longer gives you that sort of feeling and whenever I drape or do any laundry, since I always get the girls to stand on a box to me, it's equivalent to being in heels well, when women say, but I want to win my heels so that they feel that lengthen their body, it doesn't lengthen their body, it shortens their movement in the knees and their hips, so actually find it's much easier just to do that. Then they kind of a standing on a peter stall, so from here I'm going to go to the end of my fabric, and katie is wearing a strapless bra she's gonna open and drop here robe and I'm going to go over here breece line just like that, and I'm going to take it just like there, into the side of her bra. Now, I always want to shape the briefs, so I do that by tacking into the brown line here. Now, if I can't do that, only the stitch it or pin it, ok, because I like there. Then as I go around here, I'm going to the first rep I'm going to go under her boobs because what I'm going to do is define hubris line and put that beautiful rep shape there, okay that's, the top of her belly, and that gives me a beautiful rusche okay, and then I'm going to go again and this time I'm going to define the bottom of his belly, so I'm just going to go to the gonna record up and I'm going to define the bump, okay? So that looks absolutely perfect and this here I need is my little drape to the floor just like that. So if you're watching the posing guide or if you download it already, you will see that this is one of the images that I've drawn. Kelly, can you bring me a couple of pins? I'm going to pin this side in fact, if you go to this camera to in this way katie, I'm gonna pin this side to their so that I have to find where her knees so from the front when you come back only one pin so I tapped into a bra three spends around one pin to the needs and we have l mommy dress mummy get it oh alright it's mommy draping now you can get really creative with this, but just don't make her look like you know this make it look really gorgeous and I want to try and fish tail so the only way I can fish tail as if you need comes in and if she feels like she's going to lose your balance she khun step off any time okay, some people hold the poses and they feel like they have to keep holding them and they don't have to. All right, let's have a look at all the different little posers I can put here in while they're getting this camera fixed from here who needs across? I love the shape in her body let's just have a look at this. I just want you to do one thing and especially this camera's up here nice and close to here this to the front of her sorry, I really want to be out of show you the shape of her hands from one of the front angles because I feel like from the side you're not going to get it. So if you could just come here have a look at this from the front if she holds your hand flecked there and a hand flat there it's going flat on her belly out but one of the best things you can do is sort of just tune and shape the hand there and then shape the hands softly here okay, so it does make a difference and it shapes in the first thing everybody does is they put put the elbows out uncomfortably here okay, so I just want the elbows to come into here and just tucked in nice in nice and close to the body because it looks slimming and it shapes the body beautifully excellent thank you all right so I am right here at two point eight I'm six forty so it's going to change my focal point I'm going to focus on his top leave part of her eye she's in position I'm going to shoot this around the three quarter mac which is what I call number four or five and my posing guide meaning I'm at the top of her head and I'm shooting down to the knees okay have a look at this I'm just going to take a shot but now what I'm going to do is actually position her body so now she's in a beautiful position with their hands but her face is not engaged to me at all so watch this I want you to push your chin towards may gesture chin katie and then drop down stop good girl don't move I'm just going teo make sure here it's nice and soft like this that's the one nice long chin there it is now soften your mouth for me katie I just want you to completely relax your mouth keep your lips together but just now a tension through your mouth now I just want you to give me a beautiful soft little smile in your eyes a little bit more in your lips okay katie don't turn your face away from a straighten up straighten up this way that's it push your chin forward better down stop reelection mouth that's a girl you're holding teaching in your mouth everybody does it so I'm just going to keep my eye on it and I'll just keep telling you to relax your lips so relax them good gil that's where it is and when you push your chin forward to me just a little bit more down down relax your mouth tiny little tickle of a smile just a little bit more good girl see when it came into her face did you see that beautiful transition she bought your chin in and straight away she transitioned into that soft expression and I feel like it was just a kid next straightaway said one more time push your chin towards may I know it feels weird and so this is something I always say to people when I say chin towards me they often push ford here but what they don't realize is they need to come forward and thinned down so it's on this access not the nick it's on the chin exes so something I want you to do is I want her to come forward to engage with me this way and there's another way of looking at it I call it looking over your boobs so I want you to look over your boobs down to the ground stop look down with your eyes ok now from the front when people do that all she has to do now is open her eyes to may and reelect him out relax a mouth lips together good girl tiny little we smile so to me that's where it is it's when they pushed the chin for that far so it's looking over the boobs looking down and then engage in their eyes and it's beautiful wait it's loading okay so from here I want you to stay looking at may push your chin for it again chin down that's it can you give me any more shaping your hips comfortably good girl okay push your chin forward and down and I want a tiny little way baby smile too may so relax those lips honey, relax those lips you're still holding okay, I need a little bit baby smile and those idea go you got it? Stay there. Okay, so I just pull back a little bit more and did a bit more of a body line I'm just gonna put my little crown on get your crown on. Kelly, can you come and sort this out because you're nice and tall and just push it onto a head until but just before she starts bleeding. Okay that's the one kind of on the side there kill I've got no flowers on the other side to just spin it round they go stay here it's beautiful bleeding that's right that's perfect. All right, from the air. Stay there. Don't move long chin towards may good girl. Push it down a little touch eyes to may and you gotta soften that face from a katie you gotta bring me those beautiful soft eyes. No. Bring them down. Not up. So tiny baby smile just you got it. That was beautiful. Good. Gil so from here, when I retouch this, I tend to put a little bit more of a vintage e spin on it. I definitely like the de saturated tones. I'd definitely like to use the art paper filters on alien skin exposure for because I think they just saw a magnificent and you just look beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Okay, so from this way, I just need you to turn a little bit are now let's, hold your hands under your belly together like in a prayer position going down that's exactly right? And I just need your elbows back a little way, but more but not your shoulders. So if you drop your shoulders down and then bring your elbows end that's it go back into a preposition and don't pull your elbows back. Just leave your elbows out, that's it and then try and just shake your hands down lower that's a go long chin towards me now there it is, okay now when she brings her chin up it looks a very step to whisk and beautiful and long but when she puts her chin up she raises her eyebrows up okay so I'm gonna push the chin forward and bring the chin ford now and down now okay relax at mouth good girl relax relax relax relax all right bring your face back to me katie tiny little smile that's it don't move from here I want you to circle your belly in higher that's it and now I want you to turn your face this way stop not to fair you've gone to father it's a halfway on the nipple line that's it and then chin down okay hellfire down can you go before it feels that you're gonna fall off that stay there not that far a yugo and this is her looking down shot so she's going to be down her body line here and I want that fear so from here I want teo let's have a look if we can spend here here so to me I love it when here either comes on one shoulder and cascades around because I feel like that is very feminine and I also just have to make sure she's pushing her chin forward away from her nick there it is good girl that's beautiful now I would possibly build up this headpiece bring you chin back to me katie so it's not stopped yet there it is. And stay down for them down now don't both o k in the u are tiny little respect. More good girl. Beautiful and that's it that's my standing portrait that's, my joyce tennison and sort of look soft, you know, go for the pinks. Go for the blues. Go for the yellows and they eat it slight de saturation use your art papers, it's a magnificent shot. Seven dollar outfit, thirteen dollars twigs and just collect flowers in your studio because every girl should have flowers in their studio. Right. Thank you, katie. That was sergeant way. Take our crown off. And katie, get to rome. The only the fastest way to sell somebody. This show is to show them one. Okay? Because anybody loves it, it's. Just one of those things. It's. Feminine it's. Beautiful it's. Part of everything that we all want. It shows femininity. It shows prettiness. It's maternal it's motherly to our lines. Shape the belly. Do something artistic create something beautiful afterwards illustrative lee. So I'm gonna do I'm coming out that way haven't announced it yet, but I'm gonna be doing some more illustrative layering foryou, compass it. Not today. Because I do a lot of it for the awards and I never even showed anybody how to do it, so I can't wait to show you that. So you know, you can think about the compass it's that you can put on these images absolutely gorgeous. Thank you, katie. You're amazing. All right, so next I have got the tatiana in eugene, so if you guys come round this way, so I bought a partnership in because not very often when I do opportunity shoot with a couple, but eugene wanted to be photographed with thirty anna and obviously the fabulous looking couple and I love the screen dress. It was so beautiful, so I want to do something fun, but what I want to show you is connection now very similar in the posing manual for families. There was a very similar shot I say similar in the sense of what I'm about to show you off the mama dated with the newborn when they're interacting. The irony is, is these shots and no different than the family posing manual? She simply doesn't have a newborn. She has a belly, right? So to me it's no different she's holding something in her arms and he's holding her, and they're interacting with each other and with the belly, because there is the future child that they've made together so it's kind of like to me a beautiful connection between the two of them and what you really need to get is the connection between the two of them so I'll take some shots of these two together and show you that connection and all base it on the family posing manual from yesterday so that you can say you can say so that you can see what it looks like all right, here we go I'm over here I'm gonna take this away I'm gonna do my all time favorite thing as you well know and that's opening the beef let leaflet once I get my shoes my coffee everything out of the way sorry, I really want that all right come in standing here tatiana will you do when I you just september september the tenth oh that's so cool. Okay, so what I want todo is I won't put a reflector in here so you can watch reflect is always going to be better for me the first thing I'm going today is I'm going teo step you away from the wall so what are you doing? Come and hop behind here thank you. Perfect. Now I want you to put your arms around here okay all the way around here you go now straight away this is something I always show people boise they do two things they go under the arms or they go around now remember what we're talking about when couples at almost the same height it's really hard for the guys to circle them when the wife is either kirby pregnant or the same height, so have a look at this I can elevate him on this now I would rather do this than have him on shoes and this is the reason I'm going to do it so you hop up on the eugene and now do that again, but this time I want you to put your fate out why don't okay that's it and now when you put your arms around here you can drop down lower because I'm not trying taking a full length shot of them I'm taking this position here so now he's gone and done the next thing that will mean dio and it's to go under her arms. Okay, now boy goes under the arm, gil goes on the outside I don't think so not in my world, okay, so that's what they do and then the third thing they generally do is go for the breath because in the human bra and so it's always like they're so predictable sometimes okay, so here I am here now I don't care that he's this much taller than here because I'm going to bring him down into the interaction first thing I'm gonna do is open her body up so the two of you can go like this to me stop forty five degrees just like that now what that does is it makes her look slimmer and him wider isn't that ironic so when when the women turned forty five it makes that feminine line when the men turned forty five it makes them wider because she's in he's out so his arms are going to look bigger and then what I'm going to get you to do is to come down with your shoulders that's it so he's not taller than who now now he's just in a perfect position to kiss her okay talked to her whisper sweet nothings and connect with her this way for the baby which I think's coat now if they had a newborn and kelly was putting a newborn in here tatiana would be holding her arms and they would both be holding a newborn child which they will be in two weeks time okay so again that maternity shoot not a big shoot we don't want to overdo it if they want to bring in their partner that means they want a beautiful shop off here pregnant excuse me on dh he's coming to wonderful shoot here alone shoot him together take a beautiful siri's I'm talking twelve images twelve beautiful images black mind keller for them to view and choose from you do not need to do more unless she unless she speaks specifically says to you I want the whole nude study or I want the whole opportunity study because I want to create an album for it and lee she's booked that I would go with twelve gorgeous shots about four of here in about uh maybe eight of them to give it interacting around there so remember the family posing rules used today we want to go with mom and dad looking at the camera baby is asleep which is what we've got here alright mama dad is looking at the camera so what I want you to do tatyana is I want you to come up onto this foot excuse me and I want you to push your bum back there that's it so I need you then to bring your chin all the way around to make no eugene stay there today anna bring your chin around that's it stadia and before you go back there come forward yeah more more stop the ago okay the fish shall they take up everybody is mom and dad looking at the camera so eugene chin up just half an inch stop perfect all right and I just need you to come down a bit lower just like this first chicken I'm just you hold that for me drop your shoulders also make thank you very much dear it is ok so here tiny little we smile tatiana chin up just a bit well, that child you're having in there is gonna win the gene pool lottery, I think. Gorgeous. All right, now we can move their hands around the belly. So I want you to hold your hands higher and I want you to hold him. That's it perfect. And I want you to come on this way. That's it in the go on, both of you looking down so touchy anus got a chin forward and they're relaxed here, and I really love this. All right? So from here, I want you to hold his hands. Okay, so you hold his hands that to go perfect. And now they're both looking down. Gorgeous, beautiful, big smile. You two were never going to sleep in again. Yeah, but who cares? I keep your arms around here. Beautiful. You hold his hands, that's it. And eugene, I want youto like you going to give her a kiss and say, just snuggle into each other. Nice and close. Beautiful. Davia. Nicely done. All right. To me, this is really if they bring in the panel, they want a beautiful portrait pregnant. You just want to take a photograph with they're both connected to each other, they connected to the ballet there. They look happy got a gorgeous portrait one day the child will own it I mean, I keep it there simple. The only other thing that I would do is steep away is all photographed artie anna on her own and the only other thing I would do would be to sit him down here for you jane thank you. You come and sit down there and tatianna you come and sit between his legs so she's got to sit down you comfortable doing that good girl now I want you to put your leagues that way if they're comfortable I want you to put them to the side needs together I can't get comfortable first and don't lay back on him yet sit forward. Okay, now your arms ago over his you didn't feed out a little wee bit that's it and you can hold this elbow up here onto his knee so the ago you can lean and then he's gonna lean ford so it's not about tatyana leaning back it's about him leaning forward so you need to support who the actor okay? And then she's got to feel supported because if she doesn't feel comfortable you need to get your band back so your tummy's comfortable so you sit comfortably good guilty go so you can stretch your legs out and down as long as your ankles across in there out of the way perfect and then I'm gonna move around them and one hundred eighty degrees so what I like is from here what I'm seeing is that interaction so I'm just going to go at this okay tune and look at me both of you come around here tatyana chin this way thank you wow okay follow me look down at your belly follow her gaze you dean big smile you two I always say when your client can't move you move okay when your clients stay still you have to move around them but we so often as photographers down this one line come around go in and out if you shoot with a prime that's okay get up on out and I'll tell you what also try this try to know your camera this way standing up and looked down tatyana that's it two new camera this way and look down at them shoot down on that belly you know just play and you just kind of walk around and see what you can see you just get so tripped and what you too and I feel like I do it too I know what I know to deal beautiful smile to me I think to myself if I could just watch people and just allow them to just be relaxing after move they can just do their own thing and then I can just make it go but her shoulder must be in hiss okay his body support who she doesn't lean back to set up eugene everybody does this lean back into him the way you did when you first sit down so you sit back he was back here and she instantly layback into him but you were setting up a little higher loves her just group you bomb back this way yet so sit up tall otherway you first sit down so everybody does the same thing they sit right back and then lean back but I pushed her forward and they made him come forward now he's got his arms around her her arms look good hooch iness ford and down and connected now everything that they do is perfect because they're in the right pose okay so that's how I shoot my couples just like that now I'm not that sort of groovy hipster photographer that does hands feet running walking that's hailey and haley it's so incredible at that I wanted actually to be out to get hayley to do a pregnancy study for you but she's booked at the moment I really wanted her to do that because I feel like so many people do that genre so well and even though it's not my genre I think it's something everybody's into and that always looks good when they've got little toddlers kids husband partner to me they're all amazing so all of the same rules apply with the couple posing that were in the family posing with the newborn um stand up one more show you another one all right so I'm gonna put eugene back I want to hear because I can yep I'm stand upon their thank you and you come and put your back to him all right so this is one of the newborn poses that we didn't get to do yours today because they unfortunately we didn't have a newborn in the end but this one here was I need to just to come back a little wee bit so if you step off eugene are sorry you go okay so instead of a newborn we've got a belly but basically kelly did this one which one to do the men's hands off mom's hands or would you use both just okay so her hands were crossed over this hand has the bum of the baby this hand has the heat of the baby okay, so the hidden one is close to the body the ago that's right? Because the feet come off the side all right, can you get fake baby e I I didn't get to do this here today and I was like ah, this is an entire series that I just wanted teo you two having the manual and isn't it manolo so she writes okay babies nude okay, so when kelly placed fake baby fake baby's head uh the head that's writes nice and high that's it okay, so what I loved about this pose for the manual was it they're not side on them or front on this way. Okay? And so the arms were tacked meaning the thumbs and this this foot went over this foot came out because when the foot was to the camera remember what kelly said and then when you breathe in relax mom breathe baby's face theory eyeline ok, now mom's chin pok has to come forward not not in that in his comes into here and their engagement level and that's it now we've got three engagement levels with this image one is um they've got a sleeping baby and they're looking at me so I'm gonna take it for the family manual because this is my new born so there it is I love the horizontal eugene levy on lean on tatiana that's it perfect okay, fake baby's doing something a bit weird but okay, so we had engagement level sleeping baby mom and dad looking at camera okay, then we had mom and dad looking down at the baby that's it so you do don't lose your head that's it bring coming to tatiana just come around here that's it perfect and that was when we were kind of silla waiting we were keeping it nice and dark I'm gonna under expose its he get a little bit more of an idea beautiful sleeping baby in mom's arms dead supporting her now technically baby would be here so his hands would be were cow where do you put them? I would have deads hand come in instead of just coming in and around here a cake say and even under here depending on you know the height difference and that okay, there it is shooting it on that black nice and dark nights silhouetted line and this is where you can come up and do something like this. Eugene, lift your chin up a little bit more but stay eyes on the baby there it is and here I love that this is great if the baby is awake, you get that really great connection if if the baby's quite content in it just looks up into the parent's eyes or but when its sound asleep and don't man and you see the parents look at each other and they smell the top of the baby's head like there is nothing in this world that smells better than your baby. So when I ask a parent to smell their baby like you can see the emotion in their face and then I asked him just to turn and look at each other and that's all you have to do like it's all there you're capturing every single emotion that they're experiencing at that time it's that's my favorite shot all right so on their list then we had interacting with baby so smell the baby play with the baby talk to the baby and then the other one wass to each other baby's asleep so you didn't come into here but don't tune too far away from him I want that so eugene I want you to come down and just tip onto here like you're going to give her a kiss that's it and I just want the two of you here nicely done and then eyes down touchy anna so state gorgeous and then I want this with a beautiful big smile and shooting down okay you getting it right yes and that's what we wanted for the opposing family manual yesterday with a new one that we didn't get so I'm glad we got it with fake baby theo let's do this shot with belly so I want your hands on the top of her belly over her arms and decked it perfect and I want you to do the same thing exactly the same thing don't move I'm going to just come back here nicely done eyes to me you two perfect just bring you here off theatre tea and just a touch that's the one do that again when you took down this way so just tip you chin the swag ago and eugene you come with her they go nice like a beautiful smile you two I love that your hands don't stop moving all that baby you're excited, right? How cool is that? Well, good luck to you and, uh, look for teo. I'm saying you haven't were ago a boy. Well done. Well, thanks, guys. Super much from online if you don't mind. Sure. I just like this to be clarified because people that maybe haven't watched you shoot before lydia asked, is she focusing on her belly or her breasts? And this was from earlier I sense she's got her on a box and it doesn't look like she's focusing on her eyes, always on her eye. But can you talk about the level that you actually shoot? You're under the island? Yeah, very important. So what I'll do is I'll actually I've got the white side. So michelle, you coming because you're in a black tree and so you're a perfect. I lined me up, everybody tries to away some high heels and mustard and what do you do? All right, let's, have a look at the high line. All right, so if you come to here and just tio a forty five degree tune this way and just lean in with your shoulder, gil and I just want this hand to go up underneath your belly and sickle in this one to come across elbow down so when a nice little bean in the rest perfect and then I want you to bring your chin towards me away from your neck so imagine that you're looking at the floor like that more look down at the floor that's it now bring your eyes up to mei don't move okay, so once I get them sit into the oppose and bring your chin around stop perfect then I come back to my position and I'll show you the different angles that work if I wanted to slim michelle down like if she was curvy and I wanted to make her look smaller this lift your chin towards may and tip away from the wall I can't now bring your chin towards may slip they're down stop you've got it, kelly a little half reflector might be good I don't want to block anybody but I'll see it have a look where I am on her eye line so meaning the distance from aliens to her I now what I'm doing is I toggle my focal point right to the top left hand side and I'm now focusing over her right eye and then I after I've done that I take the photo my position and then I recomposed and bring your chin forward a little weed but more you've got it michelle don't move okay, so what I've done is I come up to here now I'm at my full height I'm on a box and I'm the same jai this michelle so I'm shooting here right on her eye you look like that girl on it it's like julianna somebody what's her name she's going around show now okay, yeah ransik or something? Yeah, okay say now ok? If I wanted to make her look smaller I would go just above her eye line and tipped down turn around to me, michele big but it doesn't really wit with pregnant women because it's you don't point slamming them down and it doesn't release them the arms is about pushing hitchen forward so if I wass at this position I mean she still looks incredible it's not like I met lali popping her or making her look but you know, I want to show that belly line so I'm more likely to come down to here, which is a a very common post for me to be shooting in it's when I'm in a little bit of a squat and what I'm doing is I'm shooting around here nick or chin high now follow me with your chin good girl perfect now still focusing on now who lived I and nothing has changed all I've done is gotten lower and made her chin move with me chin towards me and down good girl more towards me though thank you here it is so I just toggle that focal point over her eye and then I make her chin follow me down so her body doesn't change now that to me shows more belly and I just bought her chin with may so that's what I do in this always same thing focal point to the I recompose and do a back button focus no, no, all right, my next one is michelle and she's wearing black on black is a very common shop for me actually for pregnant ladies and I think it's really beautiful I would repeat exactly the same poses that I do with the nudes in exactly the posing manual, so if you could take me to the posing manual, um, I'm going to show you the picture I drew that is relevant to this next pose, so basically I would do that wall shot a series of wall shots pretty much straight off with every client in their outfit, okay, so on the posing manual, we've got our guide. We've got our styles we've got our environmental, these airbase posers, a case of the standard portrait pose the lying down pose, and then we had the sitting prostatic calvin klein e post and this was my demi and I definitely do this all the time, even with clothes on, because I think it's just beautiful so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to keep her away from the backdrop. So she's got a beautiful light hitting here and then I'm shooting straight onto that fleck backdrop on the beep let okay from the front. This hand here covers the boob. Now, if she's wearing clothes, it really doesn't need to touch the boob. So I just put it here and down, which I really like. And so as long as your hand is just cupped around there and tucked in there, she has a good briefs line. Everything looks really good she's going to incite onto may a little bit more that's it because when she side on, I get this perfect shape. I can see that back arch of her body. Now I just shake this front legs that comes straight up to here. I bring the chin forward to me in all the way around. Stop. Perfect. Now all I have to do in this position, I'm going to take a take a, not engage women, then engage when kelp. Can you just bring that reflector? Um, over here? Keep coming. Just tip in that way a little. Yeah, there it is, okay, I haven't I'll show you this first because I think this is so pretty. Her body looks great but I haven't worked her shoulder or her face because I want you to see this okay from now while they're doing that just put this down while I repose here kill all I'm going to do is this watch this tip you hid this way that's it stop bring your chin this way stop work this french holder for and stop relax your eyebrows tiny little tickle of a smile good girl and have a look at the difference so engaged chin shoulder expression see absolutely beautiful so easy to dough tip it a little bit more stop chin down stop showed afford good gil soft time it'll spa bring a chain around to me michelle there it is love back okay from here this time I want you to bring your chin down to here I want you to look down at your belly now stop no no no go back see what she did she went straight to central belly position okay so bring your chin down here don't move here it is eyes down to your body line and there it is here now because I love this so much on here I'm going to get a slowly rotate towards me so rotate stop everything like move your feet and everything good girl stay the out with this front shoulder towards may there it is but just you showed us they rotate back and now to spring your shoulder forward all right, so just watch what michelle's doing she's actually bringing her whole arm forward and you don't need to do that pen net down just bring here it is it's just that shoulder bone and it makes such a significant difference long chin down, beautiful, long turn down eyes down not so far. So you girls have all head you hear makeup position today and you all look so gorgeous. Isn't that wonderful to do that? You know, it's a bit of a treat is now I just think the makeover for my clients is with the money and if you don't want to pay a makeup artist, educate them to pay makeup artist and have them pay the makeup at historically but please consider that your client experience is so important and if she looks pampered and feels pampered she's gonna love you and talk about you all the time relax your eyebrows, michelle tiny little smile on your lips beautiful. Rotate towards me a little bit more so everything comes around that's it in this time I want you to come right up onto that toe. I want this sailboat a touchdown and I want you to get a circular motion with your wrist so just tuck that back into boots a little bit more and just relax your fingers good girl okay and so over here bring it back let's see what looks good okay come back here there it is right up in there and you boobs long chin towards may that's the one perfect in this hand here just a little higher that's the one and then chin this way stop so she's fleck shoulder to may but I'm gonna work this shoulder around I wanna work a chin slightly down to the right hand side okay that tip stay there long chin down eyes down your body line in a beautiful soft smile there could girl we don't always have to take their clothes off you know the cool thing is that sometimes they just want a beautiful shot and a fitted dress like this I love this I could do this sitting down rotation in this and let's let's infect do it because I feel like this is such a easy thing to see and I really love the way you can do this so easily at exactly the same way that I shot tutti honor and eugene is I sit her down like this actually you're a nice full pregnancy you're okay lying on your side on the line down one you want to try it I'm going to show you how to do it so that you don't feel uncomfortable about asking women to do xt actually really easy to get into this position but a lot of people are scared to ask so let me do this position because I think it's wonderful steep thatwe michelle what I'm gonna do is something I would do in the studio I will pull out my b flat like this and I create a little um sort of sandwich board like this and I just opened it up but I obviously don't have an assistant holding it I just put something behind it because I really just proper so kelly's gonna just have to hold it for a bit the idea of this poses you do it first and what it is is two things one is I get them to kneel down okay and then I get them to go onto the hit like that because that's kind of uncomfortable right now for them and then what I do is I I say to them, push this bottom leg under and take the weight off your top league okay? Because that means that it stops the belly from touching the ground it's this knee that supports the belly then this hand comes out and it's like you're sleeping like this and this hand here is directly in front of the boot so it covers the boobs but if they're naked or in a bra they look new and then this hand here supports them and if this risk comes up they can lie the head here so this post to me traditionally looks like a sleeping node and it just happens to be pregnant so it's, just one of those beautiful form studies that I think really works every time I've done it there bought it, I've never shot this and not sold it did you know that in five and a half thousand women I photographs problem or now I've never photographed somebody without their clothes on and not have them buy it? Not once I photographed shoots where people have not purchased, but never if they've trusted me to go into that chute where they've taken the clothes off, done a nude study or lingerie never because I feel like I can honestly say that to people as I I've never photographed anybody with their clothes off and not sold it to them if I can say that, it means I can they can trust that I'm going to make them look a certain way and that they have to trust that I can do that with your body, and if you could do that with somebody's body, they will follow you home, you know, because that is something you trust and if you trust somebody like that when you're that vulnerable and, you know, then it's just marvelous come in, michelle, so what I want you to do and wherever my client is, I'm in the same height, so if my client sits, I sit and she lies. I lie okay that's how we will have a role that's a girl top need to support your belly and see she got into this position really easily. I just want you to bring this hand up and then this hand covers your boobs up someone that might be fine now what I want you to do is bring your hand out you're not sorry you're right I do refrain from saying left and right hand because people get confused it's so much easier to say mira me I move this hand you move that hand you know, once you say that at the start they'll marry you for the rest of the day two things you have to be aware of in the shot one of them is you can connect these hands one of them is everybody gets a bit of a small chin or a double chairman they lie down so the idea is that she needs to push her chin towards me so I try that's it to then bring the chin forward and down from the front position which is actually easy to do you just ask for them to bring the chin forward and down they can still work the shoulder but if you want to hide the boobs so let's say you've got a bra on and then you still want to see the cleavage because we want to hide the boob line underneath but we still want to see the best part right and that's the whole point this here gives her beautiful shape. This knee is stopping the belly from going on the ground so she's comfortable and I have never hit a pregnant woman complained about being in this position the standing positions and more tiring than line one um so this to me is ready to go and she looks beautiful the chin comes forward towards me and down good girl and she's sleeping I cropped this at about three quarters so I try and crop this at about elbow eyes closed michelle to go and I don't care have a look at this I'm going to run it a floor put your chin towards me and dan and that to gild the way I don't care about that bottom line on the floor because I can retouch that quite easily that's where I shoot back there and I want to be a cz low as I can. One of the things I do want to do is get michel to bring her shoulder forward, that's it down towards her body line and then what I do is this now if she's knows you're going to get a little bit more separation between his skin on the black background so you're going to see a little bit more tummy definition which is fine, because this one's just in a black trees so we can show you the pose. Easy down and I take a couple of gorgeous shots. We can see her cleaver's. You can see her bump if she wasn't wearing a black terry should be out to see her thigh. And when you sit up, give me your hand and I'll help you look perfect. All right. So again, we show our pregnant women the gallery we show them this is the lying down pose. This is the new post. This is the fabric pose. This is the draping pose. This is the flowers in the here. This is environmental. This is home study. You show them the six styles and you'd ask them which one they want. Then you choose two to three scenarios, tops and you nailed at least four beautiful images in each scenario. Then you have twelve gorgeous images to show them. And that is where you start your marketing for the baby that they having. Okay, bye. Just creating these beautiful, simple folios. Alright. Thank you, michelle. That was really cool coming, tio.

Class Description

World-renowned portrait photographer Sue Bryce and newborn photographer Kelly Brown join forces to bring you an inspiring pregnancy, newborn and baby photography class.

Sue will show you how to work with clients to capture the intimate glamour of motherhood, both pre and post-birth. Kelly will show you how to safely and beautifully photograph babies from the first month through the first year. Kelly will share her award-winning styling, lighting, and “baby-whisperer” posing techniques. 

You’ll develop a comprehensive system for:

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