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Ideas with the 12 Steps

Now let's, take any of our ideas will start without private group healthy adi let's say a private group for one year and let's go back to our twelve steps and just have a look at one thing how can we maximize all twelve steps through our thirty okay, so we've got our idea we've got thirty we're going to take them through a journey of the year they have a private group you're going to see this this one group of thirty you might have two groups, you might have fifty but let's just call them the city for now. All right, now let's look at the overall okay name and brand in the folio off work. Well, that's pretty easy because name brand you know I didn't fight you. The folly of work is what you're going to create for them over the next twelve months, so in order to sell it, you need to have one. So you need to pull images that make them believe that for the next twelve months you khun document their child better than anybody else better than they can do with their own camera. Okay, so that ...

means you've got to create that one to twelve range and make sure that that folio accurately sees it if you're going to create this system and your website, why don't you create a page that they can log into or advertise a bed on your website that says one of the city make the special group have a special name. Okay, this is your income for the year you're going to new to this one group and taking us through this juni and they're gonna pay you off so you need to look at their own special beds that good summer link to the facebook group it has to be something special. A badge is easy to put on your website, okay? You can create their own little logo and its thier own secret club make it special, make it elite, make it fun, okay, but make it theirs. They owned that on your website and then specialize or multi genre you know exactly what you're doing, you're specializing in one group of women and you're going to follow their pregnancy and the baby right through twelve months. Okay, the product is what they're getting, so you're gonna have to do that on the cell on market, okay with the folio in the products and this is my folio, this is what you're going to get in. This is the price for the twelve months and there's going to have to be lots of wonderful value in there, but what they're going to like about it, there's two things once they get to pay it off over twelve months. And to look what they're going to get over there twelve months okay the value of it they get to pay it off they get twelve months of the child being photographed by you okay you can put whatever price point you want on that just make the value with them wanting to come and do it okay then you're going to create a special pity if just for them it's gonna be about it's gonna be what your offer is it's going to be heavier folio in it this is into invite a pregnant woman to join your group okay so every time you made a pregnant woman you khun say I'm documenting thirty pregnant women right now through the pregnancy and for the first year of the child's life this is what you get for it I would love to invite you to be part of this group okay and then you send them this beautiful pdf and you market this group to them okay don't hide the fact that they're paying for it because they're getting something ok you should join our group okay if you don't want to say I'm inviting you you're paying then say join our group we have got this amazing promotion going on it's a private group there's only thirty women I want you to be part of it we're documenting the child's first here and you get this beautiful album with a whole year's worth of images you can release them digitally because you pay for it throughout the year and you conjoined this private group and then give them gifts in products service, this group. All right, take this group and make a youtube video and pinterest board make a pinterest board for them. Make behind the scenes videos of these shoots, document twelve months of their children. They want that video, too, and gets what? At the end of the year, when you release that marketing video, I'm pretty sure you're gonna be booked up for the next three years because when by the end of that year, you have been paid off to photograph thes thirty, children throughout the year you've documented on video on youtube, but they ended the year people are getting to watch a timeline of these children grow up and you got paid to do that, and you've created advertising that essentially would have cost you thousands of dollars and took you a whole year to create, think smart, how can you create something so incredible? So what if each child has one specifics pose that's kind of kind of the thing like they sit in this one place or this one little backdrop that you get in that johnny's backdrop in every month for twelve months, he gets twelve images, and then that your exhibition a slide show of twelve months of one child going up to the standing up on the same backdrop. In all, thirty children had the same thing. I mean, this is just one idea. Come on, there are so many. I feel like we can just keep expanding out. There are so many choices, but look at each one and say, what price do I put on there? What product can I give them for that price that would make them value it? What folio should I show these people to sell it to them? How can I make them special on my website? How do I specialize in show them that I'm specializing in this one genre? I mean, how do I create a pity if the just services this client, what could I possibly make for my social media? That would make this incredible. How do I document the social media? Juni of these women may be every day or every week or every month I screen shot what's going on what's happening on that facebook page so I can show next year's group what we're creating. How do I sign up that nick's group? What do I keep that blogger alive? Because I want people to know that the thirty exists, but I I want them to keep it kind of exclusive at the same time, so people kind of know but don't know, and I'm blogging the city because I'm photographing theory, different children a month, and then the experience I can keep that experience marketed in alive by just servicing this group and then constantly hitting them on facebook and giving them prizes in monitoring them because they are worth my time because they're paying me for years work and that is so worth monitoring that group and keeping them active don't get greedy, don't get greedy and lazy and not monitor that group and lose them. And then, above all, follow through with what you've promised. Okay, because that marketing there we'll get you five for farrell's from every one of those girls follow through. Don't drop that ball right now any marketing your idea? You have now over the next two weeks, open this up, put it on the left hand side, and then tell me how you can apply it to a freak single one and if the first one is, what shall I call this marketing plan because I'll call mind the city and I know what it is. Make your name and brand the look in the name ofthe the marketing plan you've now started I want you to consider one thing exist in photographs for your children let's put that on the left hand side, you're gonna ask me christian, weren't you so quickly? I was just going to ask what? What would you say? The best way to get those thirty people would be, would you announce it on your block or facebook in those places? Or would you kind of seek out those first on your own by what I would do first is take a pregnant woman and take her as fast as you can, as much as you can through their journey, and if you've already done that, you've already jumped over a huge step, you know, too many people at this stage will say, but how do we get those people? We have to show those images you have to show images off those people, and if you don't have them, you need to create them, which means you're not ready to market to this jonah for another six months. Are you because you need to actually start taking someone through that journey? But what I don't understand is that somebody would expect that they would go out and find thirty people with no folio, no images and no plan and then go it didn't work for may I understand the having the images I mean, would you present it with the images and with the marketing stuff behind it just on the block really common christian for mary but how do I find them? How do I find a pregnant woman? I understand what I just massing would you make it like a big announcement? I'll seek out the people individually. Yeah, okay, but you don't have to announce on the back foot, you know that's the problem, right? I haven't idea too late you blow it. Um I am documenting pregnant women from the pregnancy right through to the booth and twelve months of the baby's life I am I would love you to join my group. Okay, okay, all you need to do a source them and offer but you are doing it not I have this idea and now I have to try and find a way to tell you this exciting across you money and that's we everybody markets from you're trying to sell something, you're not trying to sell anything here. What you're doing is partnering with this incredible group. They get twelve months of photography for that amount of money. Would even that mad amount is you need to come up with what that is, but the truth is is think about it and put it in concrete, pushing your own brain and then break it down to this so I always look at it like this I need thirty woman who are going to pay me two thousand four hundred dollars a year two thousand four hundred dollars a year is two hundred dollars a month, okay? For two thousand four hundred dollars, I'm going to create a fifty page album in a dvd cd video off their entire shoots collectively like just I'm just speaking out loud, then I work out the cost of that for may the time if it's viable how many woman I need in that group how much time I would spend on it that's my acquisition and then I've got my maintenance of those clients because I know now what I'm going to adjourn for the year if I don't take any more work that's exactly what I'm going to go in do I have the time to dedicate to these clients to keep them nurtured and and keep them pumped up? And then I stopped and I get right any thirty pregnant women, then your job is to simply look for theory pregnant women and when you're really looking, you'll find them so the face thing I'll do is oh, I'm doing this incredible shoot right now I'm looking for a pregnant model you khun do a pregnant model shout out on facebook and you might get fifteen emails and then you can choose the one that you want to work with for your free shoot that for advertising, she gets beautiful photographs. You get to use her work, make sure you have a contract, and then you can contact the wrist and say, I'm doing an incredible project right now. I would love you to join this group and offer it to them, but sell it to them, sell it to them in a way that they realize how incredible that joining this group would be. So, really not out. All the details. First, before you make it work. But just to me, it's, just something I now I make friends with my clients, okay? They still have to pay me, but they're my friends, and I feel like I could wring any one of my clients from my last four years. I could ring any of my clients and talk to them like, I feel like I could be friends with any of them, and I might not hang out with them will go to coffee with them. But I know every one of them would take my call. I was going to do a video. I nineteen needed a model for that, and what I did is I partnered with a doula, which is the midwife, the midwife, yeah, and she offered the free session for the couple as if she was gifting it assists I was gifting it to her so she'll give it to them yes and but they knew they were going to have to sign a release or whatever and it's giving me a lot off which is what I did with my business gift vouchers I gave them through somebody that comes from somebody it's always easy you'll find somebody that knows somebody that's pregnant that know somebody that's pregnant that's in a group that's in a coffee group and they're pregnant and she's pregnant before you know when kelly and I started doing this workshop for the last three weeks I've seen more pregnant woman in seattle it's scary it's like seattle is pregnant right now on and kelly was like I know it's when you buy a cow right you don't think you see it anywhere and then you buy a car and you see it everywhere because when you suddenly our loot to your client base they are everywhere secondly think about what you could create in your handbag right now to totally walk up to a pregnant woman in the street and talk to her about a pregnancy now most pregnant women no that somebody is going to come and eat attach your belly or talk about it it's crazy it's not and it is all quit and I always think to myself never ask a woman if she's pregnant now it doesn't mean I wouldn't care if she if it waters were breaking I would just look at her and go could you be pregnant because I don't think you should ever ask a woman if she's pregnant but if you see a pregnant woman if you're in the situation that spring the woman what could you possibly give here in terms of a gift voucher that would be cute that would be significant to her that would be something that you can always having your handbag that you could say I would love you to join our group because I'm a photographer and I'm documenting pregnancy in the last months truth a newborn right through your first year of your baby that's all you have to say to heat I have to say how much it costs at that moment let her call you ah you will run into them everywhere and it won't take you long to find thirty I tell you all right so exist in photographs for your children let's just try this one on the board okay let's have a look at it exist in photographs for your children is the name and I'm going to connect it to supervise my brand the folio I'm going to do I'm going to do before and afters okay I'm gonna do before and afters because I think that is the fastest way for me to get a mother into the studio I'm going to create on my website not just on my block but on my website a special page that is existent photographs for your children is a campaign I'm going to make it a visual campaign both on facebook, on pinterest on twitter on my block and it is something that I'm going to do, but I am also going to shout out for all other people to do it exist in photographs for your children I want this to be something that everybody starts doing this is not just a marketing idea for may think about how smart you can use this let's have a look at some ideas do you specialize or a multi genre? Well I'm specialized so I'm a glamour photographers so for may exist in photographs for your children is about taking there mother whose fifty five plus that hasn't had a photograph taken for twenty years who maybe it's like maybe not maybe just the kids I put on a few pounds blah, blah, blah, blah blah and telling the story off this message through her then I'm going to create a product just for her I'm going to create a product that has something to do with existing and photographs for your children I'm going to feature here on my my price is exactly the same as all my other portrait I'm going to create a pdf that pulls it here heartstrings I'm going to tell something a story about losing your mom I'm going to tell her a story about why it's important that your children learn to love themselves in the fastest way to do that is by watching you love yourself and I'm going to teach women that and I'm going to tell them the stories I'm going to create a video romeo and the youtube marketing campaign out of it and I'm going to get it going on the mirror and youtube and all I have to do is a few free shoots and interviews and talk to women about existing and photographs for the children I can see that quick little interviews I could even do it on my iphone it would both be interactive interesting and people would watch it okay I'm going to create amazing inspirational social media blogged posts anything that goes out there is going to be about it's not just the sob story exist in photographs for your children and why all right and then I'm going to always bring the attention back to my business and what I offer what I offer and why I offer it and it's not to get intention it's not just to get attention it's because I truly want people to exist in photographs for their children I want women to know that I can make them look incredible and I want to make them believe it all right what else can I do I can block a different story about a different woman that's existing in photographs for her children. For the next year, I can create an experience that is thean exact experience that I've promised in all of my massacring that I'm going to take the best photograph you've seen of yourself, and then I'm going to deliver, all right, so use this twelve steps in any and just tell me what you can create, what other products can I create around that I could do amazing cards? I could do printable sze yu know I created a script, but with karen and now all of a sudden there is nothing I can't make and give to my clients. And even if it's elektronik, my price doesn't have to change, I can create a special price for a new marketing that I'm doing. But the truth is is when I go through and look at every one of these things, you have to remember the golden rule and the golden rule is what am I getting? And I made them okay because I can say existent photographs of your children, let me photograph you exist in photographs for your children, is the name off the campaign and photographing them is how you do it, but what are they getting? Okay, so you need to tell your client, what are they getting? You need to tell them on your block. You need to tell them elektronik. Lee, you need to tell them with your petey. If you need to tell them in your social media, tell them what they're getting constantly and stop making it about you.

Class Description

World-renowned portrait photographer Sue Bryce and newborn photographer Kelly Brown join forces to bring you an inspiring pregnancy, newborn and baby photography class.

Sue will show you how to work with clients to capture the intimate glamour of motherhood, both pre and post-birth. Kelly will show you how to safely and beautifully photograph babies from the first month through the first year. Kelly will share her award-winning styling, lighting, and “baby-whisperer” posing techniques. 

You’ll develop a comprehensive system for:

  • Marketing to clients
  • Working with expectant and new parents
  • Taking beautiful photos of infants during their first joyful year

Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to expand your portfolio or a new mom with a camera, this course will teach you how to expertly document every phase of a baby’s first year — from womb to walking.