Shoot: Traditional Family Standing Pose


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Shoot: Traditional Family Standing Pose

This is where we're going to start and we're standing with a bigger baby today not one of the smaller babies and I actually think the bigger babies entirely different vibe there's going to be a little bit more talking and a little bit more distracting off him to get his attention and if it was the sleeping baby it's going to be very calm until we have some sleeping babies more midday so I feel like this is how I would actually shoot so I would draw it up and I would go from these scenarios and then I'm going to try and remind myself of each of the scenarios that I can extend into from then, so I'm going to revisit this keynote throughout the whole shoot because if it was in front of me, I want to try and remember that I have all of these options outside of changing my light and then outside of changing my pose and how many can I break down? And so when you get this posing manual, you're like I said, you'll get this picture and when you get this picture here you'll get all the photos we...

re taken around it just to remind you of the changes you can make to make this look different and let's see today how many photos we can take off this manual and build a bit emmanuel from it build a bigger manual from it so that you'll never stack when you're shooting families and that you just always going in confidently and strong and then you can start building this incredible folio off this manual. So what we have to do is go over to the shooting side, we have to turn around, we have to get out for his family and neither our camera and get started. All right, let's have a look a basic structure of got rachel and tyler, so they're going to come on over in the holding. Connor connor is five and a half months old, and if he needs to keep his dummy like now, you can keep this dummy, you bring him on over, and so then you could just hang out because I'm happy for landing just to be here. All right? To come and stand here for mae in front of my bed. Graham, I'm discovers. You sure hear how cute is that, baby? Hey, look at him, he's. All right, so what I'm going to start with fist is what I always call the heart shape post to kelly. You come and get you come and get him because I just want to show everybody and cum stain on this side and I would really love it if we can get a camera almost a straight as we can to tyler and rachel so tyler and I just need you to take your watch off one is because he's gonna have his arms up around the baby into is it could scratch the baby anyway and I don't want it in the photograph so I'm just going to show you something really simple that I do with a couple with without a child so the first thing I do is I turn them towards each other okay? And to me they're back hip is touching each other and when the back hip touches that connects them now with a couple what I does is the hips can go to give them more because they're joined there through their energy if you're a brother and sister, you tune your hips away if you're you know brothers if your sisters you don't tune the energy towards each other but a couple can then I connect them with their bare come around each other so they are fitting in nice and close there and they normally I would either connect rachel there in tyler there so I create the shape here and then I go rachel bring your chin away this way more and then tip towards him that's it now come towards me tyler so with your chin that's it more more in fact you can street you for that a little bit more so towards her not me that would put both feet out so wider stance man stance okay mina triangular there sandra priority is lower so they go wider and the legs wider in the arms and his dance looks stronger right straightaway and instantly all I have to do is bring tireless face forward okay and then touch heads they go so that two may create the love heart and that's the couple love heart that I've always worked on all my shirts they opened here in the cheer so from the front you can see that the body language is open but they totally connected to each other very important that you don't tip your head towards each other but they almost cheek to cheek so they're going towards each other this way then I've got the space here now this space here exists when when it's a couple I can bring rachel's hand up into here she can bring her hand onto his cheers good engagement shot when she's got engagement ring on the other side they can interact they can kiss they can laugh you know they could do all of those things. So to me that's where I start with every one of my couples regardless of the age even a a seventy year old couple I would pose in the in the basic love heart now I failed a newborn shot the first thing I would do here is create a basket within this space so to me this is about putting a newborn in here and so kelly would be our talk us through the newborn and we do have a smaller baby coming so we'll lay the newborn down but we have connor and connor's not a newborn he's not going to kill up in here so I have two choices you either have to give him to rachel to fill the space or I have to give him to tyler okay, so I can do both because either of them changing out we'll change the image significantly so let's give them to rachel and let him face rachel okay, so if she's holding him this way then he's gonna sneak in here now landon wants to be part of the family straightaway. Of course, because he's got he's got the baby you wanna come back to me, tio all right, so what? I don't want any leagues hanging, so I just want you to hold him properly so you get that to go now come back in exactly the same pose and then straightaway tyler's arms all the way around here just stand back so that they can sustain this idea. So all of a sudden tyler's arms all the way around here and look, we got a regular okay, so look, exactly now what happens to rachel she throws his shoulder up to the camera and she throws you hear better okay? And this is what happens because he's going to go for here here and she's instantly going to pull her chin back so all these photos of women holding babies and they're always in the awkward position there okay? Two choices dropping down rachel so that years ago when he sits in that knock there he's not up on his shoulder, okay? And his arm is all the way around supporting that wait and then he can lean on both of you. Now the two of you can come in to give that and we've got to get tyler's attention, so get ready to go tell we're going to get sorry we're going to get tyler's attention and tyler tyler okay, we're going to get connor's attention to the camera but then connects these two together, so what I want to do is bring him back and between them as much as I can there goes all right and now you two stay on kelly and kelly's going to get his attention so I'm just gonna make sure I feel like when you photograph babies and family this is where your assistant works out really well he's leaning back right now I can't land and come and look at this time of day that you finally came look, look, take a fighter do you want to take it? You can stand up oh okay stop again right you'll bring your ten down to your shoulder and tyler coming to meet here don't worry about him kana kana wait for him to come up okay tyler come to rachel they're just trying to turn around right well white friend okay don't be afraid of take leading mom giggle and leave that seat to tyler come forward with your face both of you I can try and push him back in between you if you can wear your knickers rachel drop your arm down that's it that's it okay tyler put your arm up underneath around them it's that support haram that's it okay now you two come together at the top beautiful rate you'll bring your ten back to shoulder he's lopping case and don't worry about him you stay there okay kind of lyndon let's go and make kind of life we need to get kind of yeah all right just watch this see rachel shoulder keeps coming up I know you're taking the weight tyler try and help you out there he is a big boy okay, so don't let this get high and drop him down as low as you can. You too that's it now you two need to connect the coming okay you two need to commit be ago ok, I'll do this look at you okay you two stay dea what's going on, you know touching hits that's cute perfect way just got to get him without his finger in his mouth thank you to push for that funny funny a great eye contact with them all right so if I was kind of ed linden now okay do you need a break cause you can give them tio yeah yeah now you're gonna pick up the bigger one okay so now look at this come back into the same pose but tyler's gonna hold him okay and instead of being here I want you to put him in the middle said ten and back to your chest yeah turn and back to your chest swap over that's it and now rachel you come in but this time a little higher because you've got an interactive babies he don't need to touch here two you just come in here nice and close tyler bring your chin forward that's it bring your chin ford and then come together the three of you there ok kelly try and get his hand out of his mouth just bring us bam around so it's not towards the camera now rachel now that you're not holding him no no no to you like hold'em normally that's the one okay, now rachel when I want you to do is pull his hand out of his mouth and then reset your hand but staying in your position because you can do that now but then let go of it like pull it down and she's going to get his attention tyler come together and that's it shoulder um chin tyler come in tyler come in go go go go go tyler come in come in touch it touch it there stop what's his front hands okay we want to just go out there I can't wait go nice and high put that way bridge to ten forward connect soft hand stuff soft ain't on the side no can you believe that e is and then again oh that's all right so we've got it now if I was gonna put lander then you take you take connor landon come to daddy come and have a photo champ up pick him up in your rounds this is one of the hardest shots to dio I think is when you get a toddler and a baby like this because you have to look at this the way open up deads post and then all of a sudden nobody is in position and nobody's connected so I open up dead suppose or do I tend them this way? You know the back to back doesn't work for me like I look at it let's try it I think that doesn't work I don't think anybody's body types and I simply don't think so what I try and do is I try and bring them around I'll bring him to you bring him to you exactly the same yes, I'll bring him onto this hit that's the one so landon's gonna be this way with tyler and then these two are going to be this way and I try and bring the four of them together so you need to actually drop him down and because tyler is bigger than you it would actually help if you swap children I know you get the really heavy one and you know why? Because tyler remained in a really big right now and you two a smaller and if you swap over then he's going to be a sit lower on his chest come to mom can we shuffle this way just a bit for that back all right, so how close can I get them in this diamond right now? Landon you give mummy a cuddle and put your teak here we give mommy a big cattle ah, you are so awesome, baby do you want do you want my baby to take the photo? All right, nice and close, tyler now you can hold him with your right hand and you can wrap your arms around your family this way. All right, now you two a circling rachel shoulder in your chin comes this way okay, seat mom, sit dead and then get the kids okay, okay, I lied and I'll get the baby you stabia you want to come to me good boy the head's scale so I can carpet square what he won't give me the top of the sheet a bit lower you your tool I am toe e okay mami honda good boy. Oh, okay, for once again the only thing I'm going to change and here is that their arms are really strong across the body and if I could get it lower I could get them to sickle in but I kind of feel like at this stage go back into pose I'm going to try and push them because this is exactly how it happens it's not like you get it's not like they're still you know I put your arm around I can't you can hold you can hold him with both hands. Yeah, because it's tyler that's wrapping his arms around you and just don't bring your body across they didn't come forward like that it's a boy good savior you stay there for me and you just bring you to spring can afford all right? So now that I'm here and you're all set up, you get ready to go I'm just going to make a loud noise I'll get close to the camera okay, boys gonna oh, landon, come forward a little weed and you give me a beard for a while e o land do you want to give her a big kiss you give him a good boy all right so put landon down because it's pretty breaking around all right to come back to this hat shape one two three four okay from here straight away if I go through my list remember I'm going mom with baby dead with baby s o I make that decision now and then I swapped mom I swapped dead but what I didn't do with this so rachel week around behind so there's another one I changed my change dad teo teo all right, so when you do that that's okay because I interacted want to stop throwing your head back right there I know your heart just like you just keep throwing inhibit to just stay chin forward that okay hence to the camera can come around to baby or underneath or come up under here and hold him but you could you to interact with him but just keep your chin forward okay when we interact from the side roy's tucked in leather no right now we'll see if we can get him back to the camera so you're on tyler's shoulder bring your ten away around more, more, more coming to tyler a bit more and just pull his hand down right toe you do it because you're more acceptable kana kana e time just for a second look at me and ignore no it's like I can't get at her hi. Hi. Oh, hi. Oh, wait. Because I was a good take it, but wait, just walk. I wreck it. I think as soon as you break the pose and you let them walk away and they just stopped yeah, I mean, he just settles down instantly. I'm going to go back and do that over and over again until I get the shot that I want. If I've got a baby that owed and I've got a child that old, I'm know that I'm going to be pushing my luck to get that one great shot and, you know, let's face it. I hid swap e do. Yeah, well, I'll take mom and mom and told her from the side and dead baby from the side and I make him work to give us. Okay. So number one heart shaped number to put in the baby number three. Have them or looking at the camera. Number four. Have them interacting. Change the baby to dead. Change the monk's position, change the dates position and all ready in one place in the edge of a toddler. So they had stephen scenario straight away and they haven't moved yet.

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World-renowned portrait photographer Sue Bryce and newborn photographer Kelly Brown join forces to bring you an inspiring pregnancy, newborn and baby photography class.

Sue will show you how to work with clients to capture the intimate glamour of motherhood, both pre and post-birth. Kelly will show you how to safely and beautifully photograph babies from the first month through the first year. Kelly will share her award-winning styling, lighting, and “baby-whisperer” posing techniques. 

You’ll develop a comprehensive system for:

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Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to expand your portfolio or a new mom with a camera, this course will teach you how to expertly document every phase of a baby’s first year — from womb to walking.