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Recruit Craft Show Assistants

Lesson 17 from: Secrets of Selling at Craft Fairs: How to Get In, Make Sales, and Grow Your Business

Nicole Stevenson

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17. Recruit Craft Show Assistants


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Recruit Craft Show Assistants

Now we're going to talk about craft show assistance uh we've talked we've talked about this a little a little bit and I just want to briefly tell you the story of my craft show assistant nightmare my friend was supposed to come with me I was living in l a to show in san diego which is like three it's three hours away it was a very big big show I really needed help I needed to go to the bathroom and eat lunch so the morning of he didn't he didn't pick up his phone he didn't you know he didn't answer the door nothing so I'm driving to san diego all by myself freaking out who do I know in san diego who do we know in san diego I need help I need help is my busiest show of the year this guy's the only guy I know in san diego this and he was my ex boyfriend at the time. So the only person I knew is ceo was my ex boyfriend who was a mechanic and I called him up in a panic and I was like steve police can you please help me even if you just sit in my booth why go to the bathroom? I need help he...

came down there, he rocked it he saved me so you know, I thought the person that I had set up for my show was a stylist and you know, he knew he knew this stuff and he was like, dressed dressed right and this and that he totally screwed me this guy the mechanic totally saved me so you want to really pick the right person but you also don't want to honor underestimate the person that can help you when you're in a pinch so thinking about who can help if you have employees are obviously your number one choice if you have interns, I would say they're number two intimate knowledge of your business is very important to me and trust that's what I look for, you're going to figure out what you look for in your assistance and then after that I go to friends and then after that I go to family if this is you know, you guys might go to family before friends who knows and then fellow makers so makers that are just starting out there may be needing some mentor ship and this is where again you utilize social media chances are somebody follows you on social media that wants to be like you no matter what level you're at there's always going to be somebody that's, more successful and less successful and reaching out and saying like, you know, anybody interested in how in how this runs like want to come help out also I'll give you a belt or whatever it is that you make and then students so this is like as we go down I'm getting into like, it's like my favorite you know, like the thing that most helpful you know, like this is your number one choice down I'm not trying to trash talk fellow vendors you'll understand why I'm saying this so students local yeah local high school community college like anybody that might be interesting that your friend has a teenager great that teenager you probably don't want to put them in the sales position, but they can certainly go and get you lunch and sit there while you're going to the bathroom and then fellow vendors what I'm talking about with that is vendors who are also at the same show so vendors that you know ahead of time you're not able to get an assistant you know ahead of time before you get your booth assignment and you ask the producers if you can be put next to each other or even on your application hey, if my friend lisa gets in, can you please put me next to her that's it um this is my dad he's totally awesome and I love him and he's super supportive but when I was selling in craft shows sometimes he would be the only person I watch my booth which was awesome I really had to go to the bathroom the second I would get in there he would call me nicole there's somebody in your booth right now I'm like okay cool that's awesome say hi to them no no no there's somebody in there with you need to get back here right now I can't get back here right now a little bit indisposed well can you just say hi to them until I get back just just get back here okay you know so yes I am so grateful that he that he was there you know, aside from that he's some most support of my parents are amazing but he would not be my choice if I was looking for like a full day's assistant you know, talking about um our assistance you you know, trust don't let the strangers be in charge of your money you want to assess the strengths and weaknesses I had a time I wish I would have done that with my friend and assess that his weakness wass he was unreliable like he had all my other points but he was totally unreliable. Andi I like to have a training session first even if that training sessions over the phone if you don't know that person if you're like recruiting somebody from social media it's on skype and you go over this is what the day is going to be like this is what I expect from you you let them know I had a time and you figure out all of this stuff ahead of time hey, I'm paying you and trade I'm going to give you two hundred dollars worth of my stuff and five nights of baby sitting or I'm going to give you this or I'm paying you one hundred dollars for the day plus lunching gas you know and I will give you an hour off to shop the show you know, whatever it is that you decided you agree on that ahead of time and then talking about paying assistance you don't want to ever pay anybody less than minimum wage we've talked about trade so much trade, trade, trade reach out on social media again there's gonna be people that admire your stuff they might have free time and then those favors baby said paint the bathroom mended their you know if you you do sewing offer to do their mending offer to do ironing offer to cook dinner and you know, for a frozen dinner like but homemade and bring it over whatever it is we all have talents to share. Casey what about students and interns? Do you did you just say hey, you're helping me out and learning some experience and that your players should you still I never tell people I always asked like so I would have a conversation beforehand like, hey, I'm looking for somebody to help to help me out in my booth I always give them something you know if they couldn't get ours as for school written off that's the thing they're getting if they if they're just trying to get experience you know if that's the kind of situation with great always at least lunch you know and like and their expenses but even when I had an intern it's like okay you know for you here's appears a pair of earrings you know, whatever it is and you side had a time like what would make this worth it for you and I think we we tend to like at all like mayor when it comes to money and we don't we don't talk about it ahead of time and that's when we get into trouble but just having an honest conversation with somebody and saying hey, I you know I really want you to help me out my booth like what do you think what do you think it's fair here's what I was thinking gas lunch twenty bucks plus experience wait no we need to work on that reaching out to that list of potential people may be reaching out to the local high school you know? Some cities have like arts high schools I know you have people talking about why personality traits and looking for personality traits are so important I'm it I'm curious as to what kind of insight you're going to be talking about that in that regard yeah so you wantto you know when I was talking about that but person I don't want to mention his name not that he's watching but you know, you really want to think about those personality traits and if they're a good match you know and like you said like one of your requirements is that somebody can deal with your disability so it's going to be different for every one you might be somebody that's like really loves being in the front being the sales person so you want somebody in the back that khun package and ring up and that's what they do or you might be the opposite so you're looking for big bull person to be your person that's out there selling your stuff and telling your story so it depends on what on what you're looking for and you have to you're the only one that can decide that and also what we talked about figuring out your budget, you know, and and I think it's important to somebody that knows you're brandon business, you know, so that they can communicate that story easily unless if they if they don't you have him in the back they're ringing people up you know you you train them, I have this saying that if somebody that works for you doesn't do their job right it's always your fault because either you picked the wrong person or you didn't train them right? Of course there's like a margin for error with everything but so I'm I make assistant qualities worksheet these are just some things that I look for years, they're going to be different, so I want I want somebody that's friendly and outgoing. I want somebody that's able to start a conversation to make small talk, not be like some reason you're booth. I know you're in the bathroom. Uh, somebody that's good with numbers trustworthy. It was actually important to me that their aesthetic fit my brand like I wanted them to be able to, to represent my brand in that way. Yeah, and look like they belong there, not easily flustered. A multitasker was important to me. I was doing a lot of high volume shows, and I need somebody that, you know it could couldn't. It was like a waitress basically, you know, like that was what I was looking for fits your budget hygienic, reliable and on time knows your stuff and can talk about it, and then I prioritize thes so whatever's, whatever is important to you and you, you sit and think about what what's yours, and then when you're thinking about a person that's, how you rate them.

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It was an awesome experience. I learned so much from Nicole. She is entertaining and so knowledgeable that I feel I left the show with soooooo much info. I loved being in the studio audience, I met so many great people, crafters and new friends I feel we all became one big support for each other. I am putting to good use everything I learned. I look forward to coming back to Creative Live for another learning experience. Craft Show Secrets taught me all the ins/outs of craft shows ...I'm excited for my next craft show. Time to Create!!!

Lisa Jones

Great Class! Full of practical information + tools about how to REALLY succeed doing shows. I have attended many a craft show and found an enormous amount of useful tips. I especially loved the bonus material! Thank you Nicole and Creative Live for keeping it real + FUN!!

a Creativelive Student

I've been growing my business successfully online for the last six years, but hadn't shown my work in person for a decade. As a refresher, I took Nicole's craft show class to be sure that I made the most of the time I would have in front of my customers. Because of the preparedness and mindset that I gained from Nicole's teaching, my show was a huge success. My interactions with the customers, producers, and other vendors were genuine and joyful, building a stronger foundation for future business and relationships. This course took the worry and stress off my shoulders so I could enjoy the opportunity that I had. Thanks, Nicole! Tamara Kraft Pithitude

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