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Utilize Your Booth Space

Lesson 23 from: Secrets of Selling at Craft Fairs: How to Get In, Make Sales, and Grow Your Business

Nicole Stevenson

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23. Utilize Your Booth Space


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Utilize Your Booth Space

Utilizing your booth space this's maiden voyage they have this whole like wall thing something vendors don't like to be next to them because they're so they utilize her space so well that it can overshadow other vendors so that's definitely something to consider to but they're such sweet people that you could never possibly like me like I don't wantto but it wouldn't be there you know because they're so awesome they've got their great pricing sign ege there they call their price list a menu you know it's just everything is there you know and they've set it up to where it's just the thing is out there I want that shirt what size they've got everything in the back boom boom boom super efficient yeah, like like a passed through window right? Did they kind of yeah yeah. So you have to also think about the limitations of your car and you know, stuff like that so on these air to more of this is sweet perversion on the left uh they do cards and bags and now wrapping paper and pencils so they ...

do several different kinds of things. What I love about their booth is they have that cash wrap station there you can see that so it it conceals all their business supplies all that kind of stuff in the back totally makes it super pro style you know when you walk in it's pro that is where she stands it's in the back so she can see the whole booth so it helps with loss prevention plus she's super utilizing it by that section on the right is being used for display so really putting that thought into every bit on the right we have hero handmade goods and those air pallets you know which are usually free wooden pallets and then they've taken plumbing pipe and then that's what they're hanging there their tea towels on and then the other policy putting extra shelf there they have their cards there and that really fits their their brand so they have to booth displays they have one that's kind of more like jeanette style where it's like very solid it fits in a ten by ten you know, this is how it goes and then they have what they have, what they call hero minnie, which is a smaller version of that display and they take that toe one day shows they take that's just shows that are only maybe five hours because their other display takes a long time to set up so that's how they were very smart about utilizing their time and money you know we're going to cut our expenses at this show because we don't make much money but we still want to do this show by cutting down our labor of taking two hours off of our booth display you also want to have adjustable functional items. So what I just talked about with hero. They found a way. You know, they have their solid set up. They have their hero many. Where is jeanette? She would only do a ten by ten show. But booth a show with boost that are ten by ten. But that's fine for her. You know, it's, whatever is working for you. I also like to think about long term flexibility. Like many of you. I made a lot of different kinds of things and I was in business for a long time. And I was changing stuff around. So thinking about that flexibility and how your displays khun grow with you. Especially if you're investing time or money into them. Even if you're not, I think it's important. I love this these air, um it's like screens like dressed dressings, dressing screen so it's that setup. Where? It's? One, two, three and you can make it bigger. You could make it smaller on then he's customise it with those shelves for his coasters. It's like you can see everything he's utilizing every inch and then this one on the right. I love how she's utilizing everything, but you can see that stringing clothes pins. You know it's very inexpensive, but she still has found a way to utilize there is no reason that you should just take your stuff and just set it on a table and not and not use anything I don't care if you only have ten dollars do not do not just throw your stuff on your bed blanket on the boardwalk okay, bring it on little girls girls from online shares that they back they've found that having a boost that people have to like walk into doesn't work well for them it seems to work better to have a display across the front of the booth I don't know maybe some of your experiences have been in here with that aspect but it's just interesting to see how everyone's approach is different teo to me that's a personal thing so who who has had good experience with walking and raise your hand one, two, three, four what about who has had a good experience with having everything up front? Raise your hand okay, yeah, uh like part of my booth has a table where people can approach the table they're like, ooh oh and then they look to the back and now oh what's that back there and they don't feel as you know, like they have to go in and commit totally they can take a quick peek and then go ahead and meander and if you create the vibrate so you're drawing your drawing them in at the front with a little table or a little booth or something yeah I like that um so this is pegboard this is my favorite thing I feel really sad that it took me so long to discover it but it's not very expensive you can have them cut it for you with the hardware store it's so easily branded you can paint it any color any color on what I've done here is I've created a frame for it uh I don't know how I could possibly show the back but I've created I've created a frame for it it's on hinges so it folds flat open up if it's windy I will you know weight it down here I have like a little lip on the inside bottom here and then these any configuration so I used this when I made jewelry I use this when I made tea towels I use this for my makeup bag here I'm borrowing this for a second I use this for when I made make up bags like that so you can also I don't want to mess up they also have longer ones of these so they come out to here and you spread apart you put a shelf there you could have yourself you can have your price sign there you can have your display below another thing I'm good with. I'm good with a word. No. Another thing I like about pegboard is you don't have to build the frame out of it. You can just use this flat front part and you can hang it from your tent. So it's just yeah, we're cool. Yeah. It's, just super super vote versatile it's. Not that heavy sec. I did the eight foot peg boards for the first time in my tent and it was the whole wall. An event on it made such a huge difference because it opened up the space. So muchmore and so I'm still working on making it look a certain kind of way, but because my my mood board in my mind from my businesses like black white pops of yellow and then so the jewelry can really stand out, it made such a huge difference to have it just kind of act is my walls and have fun stuff on it. Yeah, and I love what you said about creating your booth to make your stuff pop that c that c I d that's what you should be doing so. I think we talked about everything about pegboard I feel like I could talk about paige bored all day, but s o this is couch guitar straps I love I love what they've done, and it just looks so nice and neat and clean too. But again, it needs to fit with your branding, you know, peg board has kind of like in an industrial and industrial feel, in a way, it's like, kind of crafty it's raw, so you need to make sure it fits. I love how they've, you know, taken that liberty with the paint also kind of like pay border, just pieces of wood, you know, this full it folds flat, but she has them so that they're propped up so she's giving height without creating a storage issues. Now we're on tio pvc pipes. This is what I talked about with weight and size. One of the things I love about this is I'm always getting in the way of the process. One of the things I love about this is it's so light it's so light it's so it comes apart so easily and then once you take it apart it's so small wrap it up with a bungee remember our bun jeez, and our little kid, uh I made a backdrop for my photo booth at my wedding out of this, so I had two legs like that, and then it went up like that. And then I hung record album covers from it. E just remember that right now. Um, you can also make a dressing room out of this. So imagine that these pieces or taller and then you hang, you can buy curtains or if you're handy sewer. So curtains ago across boom it's a dressing room that takes up a tiny bit of space in your booth and makes a huge difference. If you have wearables, people will want to try stuff on halftime. Do you buy something without trying it on? Unless you're ordering from online, then when you get home, guess what you do. You try it on that's. How you decide. Uh, so this picture here she's actually not using pvc pipe she's using wood, but this is something you could do with pvc pipe and it would be a lot lighter. You can take a most a lot of us have plastic tables so you can take karen for the name of the tool, but it's kind of like a drill, but it's hand cranked one, and then you just drill a little hole in your table the size of a pvc pipe stick it in that side, stick it in that side hang across boom your signs hung from above that's what my dad did for my mom sign so, uh there's very few things that pbc can't dio yeah take shapes yeah with can't afford nicer manic in or something like that you could make them you have a little kid sweaters things like that yeah, I definitely see I've definitely seen that before and they even make the arms short so you can't even really see the pipe underneath so oh, and then the other thing that my mom did was she covered hers with fabric tubes so my dad made the little thing and then she just made like a tube of fabric that covered it that matched her tablecloths because nobody wants to look at this I spray painted mine yarn bombed hers yeah, spray paying me so um again back to miriam I don't think she used pvc pipe here. She actually used pipe pipe but you could do the same thing with that and look at that great height with her sign and her display you see that stuff from faraway aside from that, you know, she's dressing the part too she's got a great set up there now thinking about storage of extra stock and supplies you want that out of sight from your customers it's just this is an old booth of mine uh, so I've got my under rack storage. I mean, it took me, like, three years just being like that that was space that I could be using under my racket was just like, what? Uh, haven't had a lot of extra stock at this show, so the bins air kind of overflowing. This was the beginning of the show on then under my table too. So you've got your tablecloth there reaches to the floor, and if you notice that tablecloth too, it fits the table. It's actually sewn custom for the table. So normally we have tablecloths that are I mean, she did a great job of kind of pinning this back, which we'll talk about when we get there, but having it so that it fits your table is just like, one more step to to the professional style. If you need a tablecloth, email me. My mom will sew it for you, not for free, but, uh, but not for five million dollars. That was my necklace yesterday. This is great storage of extra stock and supplies again, he has a little cash wrap, you know, like we saw in jeunet's booth from sweet perversion, and then another thing I love about it is if you look on the right, all of his displays her on castor's so he wheels them out he's got paintings hanging on the front of them he's got stuff stored inside of them the top of them is a shelf I mean, he is boom on the utilizing space situation apparently have a boom person again sweet perversion that I love that that's her husband's foot so again she's got that she's got that cash wrap and this is kind of her mini cash wrap one remember the other one was double the size and then she had display there so it really just depends on the city on the situation but like how pro style is that booth right? You look at that and you're like trade show booth not craft show booth, right? That is what we're aiming for here that is our goal now we're gonna have another one of my favorite thing. This is kelso doesn't dance. This is a long time ago picture we're going to see another picture of her and you can see how she's grown and changed over the years. First of all, can we just talk about her tablecloth? We don't even need to talk about it we're in love with it, right? So she what she does is little little books and papers out of children's books, library card catalog style I mean, how on brand is that? You want to go there just for that but it's not overpowering her stuff you look at it. You're attracted then you're into her stuff. The important thing with tables is that it will stop bending over in a second. Important was people's if you look at this table when I come over here what do I have to dio? Yes, it's, just that extra thing of like making the customer do something. You have a table riser. If this table was up here, you can see it, you can grab it, you're not straining yourself thes air, very inexpensive. You know, they're under thirty dollars, really around twenty and you can even put two on top of each other. You can create your own bad riser, so just bring that table height up a little bit can make a huge huge difference. Uh, and the other thing I rode out here with is standing out, you know, all the other tables were the same height. Yours is up high, you're standing behind it or you're sitting behind it she's actually, on a tall a tall seat, you know, it's just it's just that difference and then assessing the venue in the space early, which we talked about so you can see here maggie hurley, she has that backdrop there, so she's good she gets to a show the people behind her I have stuff that she does, what she has wanted customers to see boom she puts that thing up that's something you could make with pvc pipe I think that's actually from its like a photographers backdrop thing so it folds up very small these ones here so she assessed the venue ahead of time she knew that there was a wall behind there for her to hang up her sign and so she utilized it and then on the right hand side same thing hey, not sign up high when you walk in that room you see you see that sign don't rely on that don't know there might not be a wall behind you you know you might not be able to put anything on it ask the producers visit the location if possible we try to be super clear about that this is what it looks like. These boots don't have walls this has this this has this uh don't be scared to ask questions that you don't know the answer to that you've researched and you can't find it be scared ask the questions that are the answers are right in front of you and then this too when you're thinking about that assessing ahead of time you want to think about do you need wifi? Do you have to run your credit cards on your ipad? Can you run them on on your phone can you ah hot spot from your phone to your ipad what can you do there? Do you need electricity and then you want to build up down and all around so you want to think about every aspect of your booth like I was saying you want to use crates and shelves and and case you want he was crazy and cates and shows and you wanna hang from your tent and hang from your umbrella like we saw that sign and paying that pegboard from here from your tent you want to create something we're using everything you want to use under your rolling racks like I did for your storage you could even use out for party or brandon if you don't need storage space and light create a little scene down there that could be your like little property area uh okay bring it on so okay, perfect so talking about building up down and all around, we're gonna look at jewelry a lot of a lot of you guys make jewelry I'm sure a lot of our online audience makes jewelry again simple things I you know, I'm not sure if that's cardboard or foam core underneath there but it's covered in that booth for enchanted leaves this one through store frank, you know through store frame screen from a screen door inside their perfect place to hang the earrings debbie from glitter lines that I mentioned the other day, she's got that great shelving system for her jewelry. You can even have that be part of your pricing this shelf this much this shelf this much. This one. This much, uh, that rack, you know, thinking about doing things that are tall and skinny. You know, our is much easier to fifth and thinking about something that's wide, all that upper space, all the shirts or there. This is one of those booths, and we talked about the booth there like that. Booth is so is so crowded. This is one of those booths. They have a clean display they have, you know that up there you can see them from miles away. Great piece of wood, little screw in hangars up on top of their table. And again cnn, which we talked about. I love her. I mean, four by six, you know. Look at how much she has going on there. She's branded she's got sign it. She's got all of her products, has everything she's got little back room and it's, all on wheels. So shelves in boxes like we mentioned earlier. So I kia is just a great place to think for shelves in box. This is a little shelf it's screws together like this you can bring your drill with you to the show if you don't have a lot of space in your car or you can put it together ahead of time so just imagine like doesn't make a difference right? I mean this isn't even branded I would have her spray paint this gold you know? She was going to use something like this, but it just makes it just one little thing like that could just make a huge huge difference one of my other favorite types of shows is this using the crate wouldn't create has to fit with your branding but turning it this way like she did using this part to display stuff putting stuff on top in the back but you have your ipad with your square thing you have your bags you have all of your stuff out of the way but very easy access when somebody buy something you don't want to be bending down into have been to get them back you don't have time for that you're going to be too busy helping customers uh deborah from rebbe great way of turning her tent into into iraq for her clothes and then branding it by doing some embroidery on you know me it'll work on the outside chocolate and steel hanging from the side which you could do with pay board you can do with wood oh my gosh, we're about to get to our work shopping to boost I'm so excited um these are this is the floor when we talk about building down so those rugs on the left I don't know for sure but but I have seen some attic before they're very inexpensive it's not like a big drug that you have to rule up and put together he's fooled him on top of boom and it's it's super cute and then the one on the right that that fits with their branding but you see, like they do men's jackets did you see how they kind of created this whole thing it's like a living room like dudes want to go hang out in there with them? You know you can get those like a sample carpet squares they're so cheaply like twenty five cents each or something from a carpet store and then you could do a little later on then they just hold up a stack. Well, that's that's a great idea ready who we were just talking about usually has a rug about this size but it's kind of made out of plastic almost on dh there was a really stupid I think you can get them at like a cost plus or a store like that or if you have a chinatown where you live they sometimes have them there

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