Creating a Successful Wedding Photography Business


Creating a Successful Wedding Photography Business


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Capture the Bride Getting Ready

Now we're coming to Dani's wedding. This is the wedding I shot about five weeks ago. Dani works for me, you saw her in the video interviewing the clients, that's Dani my client. So Bride's House, I didn't do the groom's house because we didn't have enough time so my friend covered the groom's house. A good friend of mine who is an excellent photographer. So he covered the groom's house. I covered Dani's house. So we were there from 11 o'clock to 12:30 PM. I shot 734 images in that time. It's a lot of pictures, but let's have a look. Variety. I said, "Dani, that bathtub looks great, jump into it." Of course she's got stuff on her, and she's a fun girl. She did it, I captured it. All my exposures and settings are at the bottom so you can see how I shot. There was a beautiful light coming from the top window in the bathroom and that was it. This is a light coming from the window on the side. Different version of the picture. Girls having fun before they get ready. All the exposure again, ...

you see it's 1/1000, that's quite a standard setting icon now. There's hardly any grain on it. On the contrary what I've edited is extra after software. Girls having fun and I want to capture... This was I saw that picture and I said, "Who's that lady, Dani?" It was her Grandma. I said, "Why not put her next to her." You know? I don't just put her next to a picture because there's a picture there. So it was great. And Dani having fun on the bed and some portraits. This is what I cover, you know, standard at the bride's house. You see if you see continuously 28mm so that's a 2470 lens I have on me. (camera clicking) And see this look again. Perfect, it was good, Dani. Okay there a window light there. I saw this big mirror I said, "Hold it for me, Dani." And this is the final results. So holding the mirror, she was holding the mirror, that was the result. Dani, why you stand like this? Stand more dancey. (upbeat music) Love each other! Yay! (girls talking and laughing) That's it, perfect, that's good. Alright then. (girls talking over each other) Just wait. And let's go into the results. You know when they're having fun you capture real moments. Yeah, it's not photogenrealistic, but it's a real moment, it's not a fake moment. The girls having fun. This is why I go click click and this will go on the page of an album.

Class Description

International award-winning wedding photographer Yervant explains how to make your wedding business a success from capture through print. Before you can take great images, you need to build a strong relationship with your clients. Yervant guides you step-by-step on how to foster that relationship with your clients, interact with the entire family on the wedding day, and how to piece together their story to guarantee a happy client who’s excited to make a large purchase. Utilizing a real wedding, he’ll break down every moment of the day from portraits through reception. You’ll follow Yervant through his post-production process and album creation to help you maximize your product sales.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • Capture techniques for the bride, groom, and wedding party
  • How to work quickly on location shoots to keep your clients happy
  • Editing and retouching techniques in Lightroom® and Photoshop®
  • Album layout and design
  • Monitor calibration and printing techniques

Being a wedding photographer starts with a passion to capture your client’s love story. In this course, Yervant will share his secrets for remaining passionate, relevant and maintaining a thriving business during his wedding career.