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Ad Copy Example

Lesson 7 from: Creating Effective Paid Ads on Facebook

Billy Gene

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7. Ad Copy Example

Lesson Info

Ad Copy Example

Anybody wanna practice writing some ads? Wanna give it a shot? Now, we don't have to go, like, line by line, but I'd like to go through that exercise that we just went through in real time. Sup, my scaredy cats? There's my guy right there! You ready? I'm ready. I like this. Bring it, let's hug this one out. Thank you for being here, okay? Thank you. Alright? So, let's rock it. So as much as I would love to jump into this ad copy, the process is the process. So, without having clarity on who he's talking to, the problem, solution, I can't even get to this step. Which is why we're in order. So I'm gonna do it at a little bit quicker pace for the sake of time, but let's go into, tell everybody who you are and what you do. Let's start there. So my name is Ian Griffith, and I'm a speaker and a coach. Love it. And what do you couch people through? So, everyone learns how to do all these things, but then when it comes time to apply it every day, they get off track. So I give the...

m tools so that they can stay on-track and be the greatest version of themselves. Oh, so a consistency coach. You might be the most needed coach in the world. Literally, the most needed. Isn't that where we always fell as entrepreneurs? Right? We're great for four days. Day five is, it goes back into it. I love that. That's cool. I like what you do. So let me start there, right? We're just doing the same exercise. We're gonna go prob, we're gonna go solution, alright, and then we're gonna talk about consistency. Consistency coach. Now, for who specifically? Let's get specific. It's for people that are probably 30 to 45. Most of them are female and they have been to a lot of personal growth events, but have not applied it consistently in their life. I love that. This is good. You know why? Because you can literally run ads to every event, that'll give you an exact target. Google "events for entrepreneurs" and then get more specific with it. What kind of entrepreneur space? That's the only thing we're missing. It would be anyone that wants to help other people. You've gotta be more specific. You've gotta give me an industry, or it's just not gonna work as well as you want. Coaching. Other coaches. People who wanna be versions. You can do that. That's fine. So coaches. The coach's coach, for consistency, okay? So coaches right now are going to, like, what events? What events would a coach be at? Tony Robbins. Ah, okay. So you've got a lot of coaches for Tony Robbins. Now, is it fair to say that Tony Robbins is probably having an event right now, this second, as we speak? Probably. And at those events, he draws a massive audience. So he has an address that usually takes up a couple miles long, like the place he's at. So could we go into Facebook and type in the exact address of the conference, and put less than one mile? And then write an ad, actually we say an ad, that says, hey, if you're at the Tony Robbins event, you need to watch this video before you leave. That's all. And then in the video you take out your cellphone, you look at the camera and say, "You and I both know, don't we? We both know. We both know you're loving the event right now, and you're having fun with Tony Robbins, and things are all good. We both know what happens when you get home, don't we? Don't we? Come on, we know. We know you're gonna get all hyped up, then you're not gonna do anything because this is the third time you've actually attended this event. Not a lot of people know that, though. So my name is Billy Gene and I'm the coach that you need, which is the consistency coach, because we know you ain't gonna do nothin' if I don't put a foot in your right now. So, here's what we're going to do. As soon as you leave that conference, I want you to click this button here, I want you to schedule a time with me one-on-one. And on this call, all we're going to do is create a game plan for you to do every single day for the next seven days so we can make sure that you actually get a return from this investment. Sound fair? I'm gonna kick your butt for free the first time. Done. Great. Love that. Right? That's it. That's it, we can go through. So the fun thing with this is, I mean, you're done. That's cool, we can do questions. Alright, thank you. (laughter) You know what I mean? By the way, I can only do this for so many people, there's an urgency. Because there's also 10,000 other people at this event, and they all need me. So click here. Make sense? Questions from the audience. [Man In Gray Shirt] We had a few people, and we've said that this is sort of universal regardless of what kind of product you're selling, but we have a few people who are wondering if maybe we could do an example with someone who's selling a product, a physical product that they're trying to sell, if anybody is willing to volunteer. Yeah, 100 percent. So, if there's someone who wants to go here, or I can just kind of freestyle it. So, anybody have a product on hand? Service people? Alright, so here's what the deal would be. Now this is where the process completely changes. Ready? Okay. Alright. We're done. Nothing changes! (laughter) It's the same thing! What do you mean? What problem does your physical problem solve? [Man In Gray Shirt] Well, alright. We had a couple of examples. We had one person who is selling wine, they weren't sure about that. Another one was selling a card game, power tools, we've got a couple examples. I love it. Yes, I love this. Let's go with wine. First challenge is the same. A lot of people drink wine, so who are you talking to? Are you talking to the rich white guy who likes to have a glass of wine with his steak at the end of a long work day? Are you talking to the mom who's got four kids that needs a glass of wine? There's a difference in what you're talking to. So the first thing is you've gotta get clarity. And then you say, but my product's for everybody, my wife, everyone, cool. Make an ad for everybody. Make a hundred ads if you feel that passionate about it. But chances are, if you have a small business, you can only really handle advertising to one group anyway. Let's talk about the problems there are with wine. Let's say it is for the mom of four kids for the sake of this example, why not? What problems does a mom of four kids have? (audience murmuring) Yeah, four kids, right? So, I'll go into this example, I was gonna talk about this a little bit later, but this would be a great opportunity to do story-based selling. And all you're gonna do is tell the story, or video the story, of a mom who's just going through a normal day. And then finally, the only peace and quiet that she gets is this one thing called nap time. But you don't call it nap time, you call it wine time. And that's your whole thing! Is you just literally say, you're stressed out, you need a break, we got this solution. It tastes good, doesn't make you too tired or too drowsy so you can still manage when they wake up from their naps, but it's just enough to power through the day. Wine for badass kids, you know what I mean? Whatever it is. I mean, like, it doesn't change, you guys. And that's the thing with this course and this training is, like, everyone wants to know, how does it work for me? You follow the process. The challenge is is that, and not to change directions so much, but for everyone, is in order to follow the process, you have to work. You have to take time. You have to bang your head against the wall for a little bit because you can't figure out how to apply it. You've got to Google some stuff and see examples of what other successful wine companies are doing and how they're owning the same process. You've gotta do the work, it takes time. It doesn't have to come to you in these two seconds. It comes to me right now, in fairness, because I've been doing only this for six years. This is all I do on all the platforms every single day. I teach about it to thousands of people, I make videos about it, I speak about it at Creative Live, like, this is it. So do not look at this and be misled that this is just going to naturally happen. So if you're overwhelmed right now, and you're like, holy cow, how does he do that so fast? Talk to me in six years. And then we'll be like, oh, okay, let's make ads together. So just at first be like, cool, this may take you freakin' three days to get through. That's okay. It's okay to suck at first. It's how you get good. It's the people who are unwilling to suck that never get the results, so suck a little bit, Creative Live. (laughter) (coughing) It's okay to suck, you guys, and you'll get through. [Man In Gray Shirt] Here's a question, and this was originally posted by Smurfy, and Smurfy wants to know, when you're first getting started, how do you get those first social media business clients when you don't have the proof, you don't have videos, you don't have clients yet, you don't have testimonials. Favorite question. No doubts about that one. So, my favorite questions are the ones where I can be brutally honest out of love so you guys know. And I see this all the time and I wanna talk about it here and I'm glad I have the opportunity to. Only in entrepreneurship, if right now all of us decided to be doctors, and that was the career path we all chose, what would we have to do? (audience murmuring) Probably a decade of school. And to afford it, what would we have to do? Loans, ooh. How much? $200,000 at least, yep. Probably 350,000 bucks. And we'd be okay with it. During that time, what would we have to sacrifice? Well, we'd probably live with a friend, live with a parent, we'd not be going out that much, you eat a lot of Top Ramen, you're stressed out, you're overworked, then why do people do it? They're passionate, that's one thing that gets them through the bad things. What's the end result, though? You're a doctor. You make a crap load of money. You save lives and stuff like that. The end of the rainbow, if you're willing, check this one. In entrepreneurship, the game changes. People go, I bought Billy Gene's $199 Creative Live course. I should be rich right now. I should have so many customers right now, like, I'm good. Excuse me? Entrepreneurs are the most entitled group, even more so than millennials. I'm 29, I am a millennial. I hate em, though. But entrepreneurs are worse because we have this expectation that it's just gonna happen because you saw one episode of Shark Tank and to you it looks super easy and everybody got rich because they invented a new version of a scrub or something. I don't even know. I mean, like, that's what happens. So my answer to you is this. Just like you wouldn't want a doctor to perform open heart surgery on a family member or yourself if they've never been to med school, you shouldn't be messing with someone's business, which is the way that they provide for their family, if you're not ready. You still need to buy courses. You still need to do training. You need to go get mentored. You need to partner up with somebody else and learn and shadow. Or just be completely transparent with the client. Hey, I'm just learning this stuff right now. I don't have any case studies. But I know a lot more than most people and I'm willing to work my butt off for you. And I'll do it at a discounted rate as a result. So you be transparent, you be real and you get better. The end. That's all business. That's products, anything. And the biggest mistakes I've ever seen entrepreneurs make, ever, is trying to figure it out by yourself. Would any doctor every try to figure it out by themselves? You know how many people would die along the way? But only entrepreneurs, especially creatives. That's why I love having these conversations with audiences. Y'all are crazy. You're just like, yeah, I don't know. I don't know why I don't have sales for my wedding business. How many sales courses have you taken? Zero. And then you're surprised! I don't know why my Facebook ads aren't working. How many Facebook ads courses have you taken? Zero. It's just this group of entrepreneurs, and we're all guilty of it, including myself at times, we don't wanna put in the work. As a result, it costs us everything. So sacrifice for what you want, or what you want becomes a sacrifice.

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I've been looking for that boost, that little step up to actually say I know how to market my products. Yes, you'll learn Facebook ads, but there is so much more brilliant info that will increase your sales, upsells etc. One of those CL courses that deliver way beyond what's promised in the title. Thank you Billy Gene - this has been SO helpful!

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Billy powerfully challenges us to redefine what we think of as the purpose of sales and our role as business owners. Getting to hear from him how sales is a process of having a product so beneficial that your customer is better off with it than without it is a tremendously powerful sales mindset. Also, I never knew how important it was to stack additional offers/upsells for my services. I'm feeling confident that I won't be going out of business anytime soon!

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