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Creating Effective Paid Ads on Facebook

Lesson 3 of 18

Identify Who is Most Likely to Buy

Billy Gene

Creating Effective Paid Ads on Facebook

Billy Gene

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Lesson Info

3. Identify Who is Most Likely to Buy

Lesson Info

Identify Who is Most Likely to Buy

Identify who's most likely to buy. So, these worksheets is an exercise that we're gonna go to together. And you have to realize the silliness for you guys to sit here and not actually do the exercise and to watch other people do it. (audience laughing) But we will even after I just said that, have people who are just like typing, yeah, yeah, yeah. What's the point? So, stereotyping your audience is crucial. Getting clarity on exactly who you wanna target is there. So, I want you to do this exercise with this in mind. Your goal is to find the people who you enjoy working with the most and typically those people are the people who pay you the most and talk to you the least. (audience laughing) Yeah, and they're really happy. Those three things come to play. So, first thing's first. Go ahead and circle your audience or write it down. Is is 18 to 24, 25 to 34, 35 to 54, 45 to 54, 55, you can just see the worksheet. Fill it out, go ahead, your age. Who is it really? Who is your ideal? Your ...

ideal. And the reason why I'm having you do your ideal because what happens, is don't think about this as, well, then I can't serve these other people. See, you think you have to choose. It just means you have to create two different ads. See what I'm saying? You can still advertise to a whole bunch of people. You just have one series of ads for the new family and one for the old ones. So, choose the one in this particular exercise that you like to get in front of first. And if you're unclear on that, one way to check is to look at your customers over the last X amount of years you've been in business. Those are the people who've already been paying you, or maybe you wanna change that and avoid that, because you haven't liked the way its went. Continue on, ethnicity. Again, as a racist guy, that believes in racism. Just to identify, are you talking to white people, are you talking to black people, you talking to Mexican people, you talking to Asian people? It matters. It matters. Location. Location is a big one. Decide, especially if you're local and then also to my people with physical products, I saw that was a question earlier, which states are more expensive to ship to? Cause guess what? Exclude them with one click of a button. That's what I'm saying. You've got so many options. Now, let's continue on. Education level. Did they go to college, did they not go to college? Did they get their associate's degree, they got their doctor's degree? You ever talk to somebody with a PhD before? (audience laughing) Well, my name is Bill Shaw and you know, it's a different vibe. Continuing on. Monthly income. Some of you have products that cost in the thousands of dollars, but your advertising to people who don't make thousands of dollars. Challenge, targeting by income is huge. Homeownership, marital status and guys, some of them, if they don't apply to you, you don't think it's the best fit, you don't have to select that one, just do that ones that you really believe you can use. Continuing on. Anniversaries, we talked about that. That's just something that you should all be using in addition to this. Same with the birthdays. You should have multiple campaigns running to attack those things because they're so easy. You know what I mean? Just hit somebody and they're not high volume, but they're very profitable. Continuing on, parents, are you going after parents? And if you're going after parents, this is actually important, I know there's mommy bloggers and stuff here too. So, what I would tell you is understand, me having a two-year-old daughter, the challenges that I'm going through with pee-pee and poo-poo are different than having a teenage daughter, which is more like GPS systems and security cameras. (audience laughter) You know what I mean? It changes. So, I want you guys to pay attention to that. Politics. Don't be confused. It's a great way to grab attention as we discussed in the previous lesson. Workplace. This is some of my favorite here, where do they hang out? Where do they hang out? Now, you'll see me do this as I do more hot seats and stuff, but do not sleep on this. For example, how many of you live in a city where there's bars or clubs or like going out places? Raise your hands. Would you say it's fair to say, you know everything you need to know about somebody by the bar they like to hang out at? 100%, Oh, you got to clubs? Yeah, I used to do that too, when I was 21. (audience laughing) Oh you go to bars? Oh, you're a little to chill for me. Oh, you're a hipster? You're a hipster. So, those bars, those are huge, don't sleep on those. Music, all of you, have literally defriended people because they didn't like the song that you brought to them. You emailed it to them, you send it to them and they're like, that is the worst song ever and you're like, oh my God you just don't get it. You don't understand. Like you really judge these people based on their freaking music. Continuing on, what events do they go to? That's a great way to target people. Are they going to an annual conference every year? Are they coming to Creative Live? You know everything you need to know about somebody by where they go. And then the other one, TV shows, TV shows is World War III and you're living in it today. Game of Thrones fans, raise your hands. Look at that. Just look at the other people disgust. (audience laughing) You're disgusting. So, again, the reason why I'm walking through this exercise with you guys is because even though it may seem a little redundant, this is why you're missing. This is Facebook advertising, it's the psychology of understanding who you're getting in front of. These tools are so irrelevant, they're just buttons that you can learn to master in a day, but, this is the real math, this is why people are making money. I give you some other questions there, but this last part is about distribution and I need to talk about this for a minute. Some of you already have people who like your page, some of you have really big followings that are watching right now. Doesn't mean who have really bit bank accounts. And that's what we're trying to save today. But, what you do need to understand is the advantage of having a following. So, when you have page likers, subscribers, when you have an email list, a text message list, when you have people coming to your website, just understand this, without going too techy, it's a discounted price to advertise to those people. Period. It's all you need to understand is it's way cheaper to advertise to people who already follow you. So, your chances of being profitable with your advertisements are much better. Cool? That's all I need to go into with that. So, let's talk about the plug it in section. I'll go through this briefly. The reason why I do this last exercise, we sit here and we go through this, all I did was reverse engineered Facebook's advertising platform and turned them into questions. So that way when you answer all of these, you can now go into Facebook and this is what it looks like on Facebook and you can literally just select it. You can have those worksheets and you can go pull out your computer and you can just say, oh yeah, I said, I'm only for 25 to 55. Oh yeah, I said I'm only talking to women. Oh yeah, I said I only want people in San Diego. Oh yeah, I only want people who live in this location, I don't want people who are traveling. Oh yeah, I only want people within 10 miles. Oh yeah, I want this zip code. Oh yeah, it's literally just the questions. It's just the questions, going through. So, the whole point of this exercise was simple, is to get clarity, because you can just plug it in. Facebook's got everything, demographics, education, field of study, history. That is so powerful. It is so powerful. I don't know how many out there today are like history teachers looking to recruit students, but find, advertise to a school and advertise to people who are a history major and be like, yo, does your teacher suck? Try me. Maybe don't say it like that. (audience laughing) You can get creative. The monthly income thing. This is the exact screenshot from Facebook's platform. Check a box. Check a box. The homeownership thing, every single question I just asked, I don't need to go through them. But, even the relationship category, civil union, complicated, divorced. Advertise to people who go on Facebook and say I'm in a complicated relationship then run an ad that says, are you in a complicated relationship? (audience laughing) Use the data. Use the data. Let the data lead, right? You might be able to remind people about their own anniversary. You know your anniversary is in a month and you're gonna wait until the last minute again? Who the hell is this? (audience laughing) Did they just jump into my screen? Creativity. Creativity. That's why I keep giving you examples of this, because a lot of people you just see it, but you're not taking it to the next level of you know, how do you leverage this? We talked about the birthday campaigns earlier. I really wanna get in the hot seats that's why you see me kinda going through this, but I do think tactics are important. Job titles is huge, so note on this, Facebook took it away, then they brought it back and then they didn't have it, so I'm not sure if you have access to it right now, but something that was really, really cool for a long time and it may be still be there for some, is you can advertise to people based on where they work at. So, when people have a cool job at a company they're proud of, they put it in their profiles a lot. So, they may say, I work at Creative Live, then maybe you wanna run an advertisement just to those people and say, hey, I wanna teach at Creative Live and then just show them video ads of you speaking and teaching. Powerful stuff, right? The crazy thing about it is, it doesn't really cost you much to do, right? A couple of cents, per view. I'll take that all day. Another thing that you can do. This strategy people like a lot is you can completely control PR, so, I'm from San Diego, but the one thing I'm noticing in San Francisco is this whole building is like all these young tech companies, but in addition to that, in Los Angeles, there's all these media publishers, there's all these people who work at Ellen and Steve Harvey and you can advertise based on address. So you can literally take the address of their corporate address, advertise to people less than a mile away and then say, Ellen, feature this story. She may say no, but her whole team's gonna see it on their phones and it's gonna cost you like three bucks to do. Crazy, right? Is it just me or is that like the coolest thing ever? I get excited about this stuff because this is like, it's nuts. So, continuing on, I'm probably gonna pass this. Okay, cool. Exercise. How are you going to find customers turn to a buddy and state the following. My name is blank, I'm in the blank industry and I'm gonna find customers with blank, you can say, Facebook, using the blank targeting capabilities. Sounds like this, my name is Jordan. I'm in the dog adoption industry and I'm going to find customers with Facebook using the dog lovers interest. Simple. Do it right now with the person next to you and for those of you at home, say it to yourself. Say it to yourself, literally go through the exercise, what is it? Does anybody wanna do it live, right now? Oh, everybody's scared now. (audience laughing) Everybody's scared. I'll pick one of you. I have no shame. Who wants to come up here and try it? Come on up, man. Come on up, man. (audience applauding) The brave soul. What's your name? Josh. Josh, thank you for participating. Thank you. Are you nervous? No. There's thousands of people watching right now. (audience laughing) I used to be an actor, so. What if you say something silly? How many of your acting things are live-streamed? None, actually. This is a first. (audience laughing) Should you be nervous a little? You could really mess this up and everything will crash and like oh my God it's all over. Okay, one thing, I've gotta give you the rules of Creative Live, you can't curse. Okay. You fine? I'm fine. Alright, he's ready. I'll survive. Let's talk about it man. Let's see if we can fill this in for yourself. Go ahead and go through it. I'll just kinda. Alright, so my name is Josh Joshua. I'm in the social services industry and I'm going to find my customers with Facebook using the monthly income. There you go. Simple, right? That wasn't so bad? (audience laughing) Anybody else wanna try? See, what you did? This is how movements get started. I'm in the business of movements. That's what I'm saying. Come on up. This is easy guys. So, at home if you're not doing it, what are you doing? Come on over. That fly jacket on. (audience laughing) Okay, my name is Monique Johnson, I'm in the video marketing industry and I'm going to find my customers with Facebook using the Creative Live interests. Look at that? Look it, and you plugged Creative Live. (audience laughing) Something fun though, right? And so, thank you. (audience laughing) It doesn't have to be crazy you guys. Part of my teaching style is I really try to give simple exercises, because this is how you really get results. It's not the sexiest thing ever, reading a flashcard, but it's the thing that makes you money, it helps you pay your bills, and reach more people and impact millions.

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Not only does Facebook have more users than any other social media site, it earns the lion’s share of online advertising dollars. So if you want to be where the paid advertising action is, it’s a good idea to focus on Facebook.

But keep in mind, advertising on Facebook can be complicated. With so many types of ads available and so many different ways of targeting audiences, novice social media marketers can feel overwhelmed.

Billy Gene, CEO of Billy Gene Is Marketing and one of the top online marketing influencers, educators and practitioners in the world, will show you his tips and tricks for ensuring your Facebook ads help you reach your business goals.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use advanced Facebook targeting to find customers.
  • Manufacture fame by staying in front of your audience.
  • Create information capture ads, lead ads and messenger ads.
  • Figure out which ads are best for certain scenarios.
  • Emulate the success of some of Billy’s clients.


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Joshua Proto

Billy powerfully challenges us to redefine what we think of as the purpose of sales and our role as business owners. Getting to hear from him how sales is a process of having a product so beneficial that your customer is better off with it than without it is a tremendously powerful sales mindset. Also, I never knew how important it was to stack additional offers/upsells for my services. I'm feeling confident that I won't be going out of business anytime soon!

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Are you afraid of sales and marketing? I know I was!! Notice that is past tense? Billy will be your new best friend, but a friend that will kick you in the a** while holding your hand. Do you see that little blue button that says "buy" - just do it! You will not regret it. There is so much information in this course that you will not be able to digest it all the first time you see it, and the work sheets are invaluable. By the end of the class, I knew exactly where I needed to start to cut through the noise on social media so that I would be noticed, and I had clear method to do it. PS - I need a videographer to shoot the 5 rockin ideas I came up with during the class, lol.