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Choose the Right Social Media Platforms

Lesson 22 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

Choose the Right Social Media Platforms

Lesson 22 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

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22. Choose the Right Social Media Platforms


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Lesson Info

Choose the Right Social Media Platforms

Wear at lesson twenty choose the right social media platforms but before we move on to social media let's talk about what we covered in less in nineteen double your blogged readership we talked about why social media should not replace blogging thirty five types of content the foolproof way to come up with a year of weekly blawg content that actually works and that your target market will love and the blogger post blueprint and now we're moving on to social media. The objective is to figure out what social media platforms you should focus your time on to start thinking about your social media strategy and write about bio that people want to follow what you'll learn, what social media platforms you should focus on, how to write a social media bio that people want to follow and be friends with the types of content you should share on social media and how to get more followers on any platform. If you don't focus your social media time, then you can end up spending hours on it without much...

to show for it. And I'm sure most of us have done that at some point or another you want to know what platforms would be best for you and your brand so that you don't have to try to do it all? If you don't have an enticing bio, you'll lose out on followers every day that would otherwise connect to you when you try to do it all, you often do everything just okay I found this to be true of myself and lots of other entrepreneurs that I work with they're trying to do everything some things are just okay and most things air just okay that doesn't mean that you can't be doing a lot of different things but it's helpful teo focus especially in the beginning until you get things is built up somewhere and then start to spread your time out onto other platforms so let's talk about choosing the right platforms this is on page one twenty five of your workbook choosing the right platform should actually be pretty simple if you can answer three questions question one what social media platforms does your ideal customer use most often this cannot be something that's just your guessing this needs to be really where she spends her time what social media platforms do you enjoy spending the most time on? Because that's important we want to be having fun with our marketing that something that is really important to me I'm building my business because I want to have a good time I want to enjoy my work what platforms worked best for your type of business so if you're a service based business, periscope might work better than instagram if your product based business than instagram is probably going to work better than periscope really depends on your specific business but think about that. Think about that for yourself, and you can even rink rank them from most popular to least popular within your audience. You could do that under one and under two, ranking them from most enjoyable to least enjoyable for yourself to get really clear on that, and then even ranking them for which ones would work best for your business at the top of number three, and then the ones that aren't really gonna work a cz well, for your business further down, and when you put those pieces together, you come up with the right social media platforms to be on. Does everybody have an idea of where they should be by answering these questions, or you already knew where you should be? Kind of? Yeah, we're shall. Where are you spending your social media time? Um, well, where I spend my social media time probably isn't where I need to be, okay? I think I need to be on pinterest and I doesn't really like it that much. You don't like it that much. So is there a way that we can make it easier for you so that you're on pinterest, but that you're not spending tons and tons of time on it? I think that there are probably just figuring on a system and scheduling it rather than trying to wait until the inspiration strikes I think we need to make like a time like ten minutes before lunch you're going to get on pinterest and you're gonna pen strategically for ten minutes and that's gonna be it for the day and in that ten minutes you're also going to pin one of your products and then a bunch of other things that you find and I think once you start following the right people on pinterest to its easier to penn and not spend as much time yeah, I think once I got into it and like learn how to do it well I probably would end up enjoying it but I just don't want the learning curve I'm not ready for it yet yeah, we're going to talk about pinterest and how you can get started kind of easily I think as long as you well we'll talk about pinchers I'm gonna get to pinterest but I'm hoping that that'll help yeah okay, thanks amanda sue we're gonna also what he's just going to say you can use something like tailwind it has a pager version but you can also use a free version of tailwind and what it will do is as you see stuff that she wanted pin it kind of makes a queue and it'll just like randomly disperse it out throughout the time so that you're not like dumping all of your pinterest pins on your followers all at one time think what song called tailwind tailwind who good tips amanda super high five that's why we work better as a group always trouble exactly where she's spending much of her time what do you have any tips? How? What? I figure out exactly instagram pinterest yester graham and pastor thank you sure that's okay for sure and then pretty much everybody's on facebook. Yeah, but what is she going to facebook for? So when we get to facebook, we're gonna talk about that, but most people are going on to facebook see like baby pictures and what their friends were up tio they're not necessarily going there to hear about business stuff and so it's harder to get in front of your person on facebook than it is in other platforms, but I would say pinterest and instagram thank you do you like and saruman instagram pinterest not so much because it's a rabbit hole for may I get lost you gotta set a timer, set a timer and have a plan human rachelle khun b on like e ready e I love that you have to do it weighs so fuck anybody struggling to know where they should be with these three questions everybody feel good all right, so really this is not a guessing game you really need to know the platforms your market is actually using not what you think that they're using and you could ask people obviously you can ask in the facebook group if you really don't know I bet there are people in your target market in the facebook groups and there are hundreds of people already in there now you want to write a short, exciting bio for your social media pages, start with it and then tweak for what works on that platform so we're going to start with one small bio and then you can use it and tweak it dependent on what platform it is and if you get more characters and what works best on that platform so let's talk about how we're going to do that how can you give a glimpse into what you do with lots of personality because that's what a social media bio is all about a glimpse of what you do with lots of personality and I'm going to show you some examples the first example is from somebody in the studio audience chris chris on twitter says, hey kitten, have you found her voice yet? I'm a professional writer and marketing coach and biz kitten voice maker at with a k writing services this works really well because she starts off with hey kitten it breaks the pattern, you're not expecting it, it works it's in her voice I mean obviously this is her jam so she does this really well but this is a really good example next example is for shell and this is on twitter she says maker writer dreamer seeker I love to make you look good whether it's unique jewelry, gifts advice or just being dorky er than you are that's why I picked it is because you have the orjust being dorky er than you that was the part that really stood out to me and that broke the pattern and made me want to be friends with you immediately I mean already I want to be friends with you but if I read this not knowing you it's the one detail we're going to talk in just a minute what's the one detail one or two details you can pull into her bio that are exciting like that piece or like the hey kitten here's another example this is from hillary rushford this is on instagram it just says dean street society periscope personal stylist and business coach brooklyn football god in west wing have my heart hello at jean street now on periscope depth a tatoo that whatever the bio part the part that stands out is the brooklyn football god and west wing half mahar that's what would get somebody to be like ooh, I like you I'm gonna follow you as far as a bio this is my on instagram a tiny panamanian artist with a t rex heart the detail t rex heart that's what makes you want to get to know her more she's an artist she's tiny she's pockets I east but she's got a huge heart. And instead of saying huge heart she's using a detail that's a lot more exciting that's the point this is laura belle grey on periscope owner talking shrimp dot com for creative web copyrighting and tv promo still, someone pays me just to watch tv, including back wages for smash and hello, larry. It makes you want to be friends with her. It makes you wanna follow her to see what she's going to say on periscope. And this is my bio on periscope ceo, creative executive officer of blacks for belle. Watercolor and photography photography dabbler live for tulle skirts. College football go hokies and red lipstick. The details. What makes his bio stand out? We've already got it. It's the details. Each one has a detail that really stands out. So what I want you to think about is what detailer, too. Can you include in your bio? They all give you an idea of what the person does. How can you share what you do in least amount of characters? Your turn, write a short bio that includes at least one exciting detail. Include a bit about where people confined you whatyou dio and read your bio and ask would you want to follow this person would you want to be friends with this person if you just read the bio and then switch out your bio I want to hear somebody's exciting detail anybody haven't exciting detail that they've decided but I'm always rummaging the pantry for food that is an exciting detail eyes an exciting detail that tells us something about you personal it doesn't have to always be busy nous as you can tell it's not always business it's about let's be friends let's connect cause it's social media anybody else want to share their exciting detail dog fanatic dog fanatic too much I know but I think you need a little bit more actually I think even do you have a dog you haven't flown a retriever yeah somewhere I have um lover of golden retrievers so and what your golden retrievers named willy willie okay so I think something like and always spending the day with my golden retriever willie okay or somehow if it was on periscope maybe and maybe you'll see a shot of my golden retriever willie he usually turns up yeah something like that that would be the exciting details so we so we've taken dog lover dog fanatic and we're making it even more detail so it's even with main zooming in zooming in and what does it look like you are net for your like animals to write like scars. There's, willie wear scars. So maybe you can put something in there about willie in his car. You know, I think that, you know, really my golden retriever is my favorite model for my knitting patterns or by yeah, that would catch my eye like your muse. Yeah. You okay? So good. Have one, but it makes the heart beat fast to share it. And my palms, little sweaty do it. Murder mystery reader. Yeah. Should I do that? Yes. Wait. Okay, so we all met up before we started filming here, and trish told us that she loves murder mysteries, and I can tell you that we were all like, whoa. And she says I don't read anything else unless somebody get killed somebody's gonna get killed and it made us all laugh. Stay eric lee and it made us like trish even more, right? It made us want to be really good friends with you. And almost everybody else was like, yeah, like watching murder mysteries there. I like reading them too. So it's not like it. Your your readers or your people are gonna be like, yeah, me too. Yeah they were kind of thinking and you can even go a step further by saying something like uh I don't read books unless somebody dies in them e o e I would be interested in that that would be exciting that would be a detail that goes even further because that's the way you said it the way that everybody laughed I know that scary for you but I think it's really everybody with contrast is a cool thing to because you're so sparkly and lane and your products or show lightning divorcing and that's what made every one of us go what and love it is that that contrast this so cool okay exactly right be brave so we want you guys to tweet me what exciting detail did you add to your bio I want to hear about everybody's exciting detail everybody who's watching online I really want to know what's that exciting detail used the hashtag bell lives so that we can search for each other and then follow each other online everybody here is going to be searching we can figure out what those fun things are about you like the fact that maybe you don't read books unless somebody dies in them or maybe your favorite model is your golden retriever willie then you're gonna wanna look at each of your social media pages and ask yourself are they branded do you use the same colors and bonds if not fix it you want it to all work together and look like it goes together now that you're getting people interested with your bio and following you how are you taking care of them? How are you taking care of them? This is a custom card by the way that kimberly made for me and there's her her business for anybody who's interested isn't it so cute it's me with my red balloon anybody who knows my business really well knows that I've got these photos of myself with this big root balloon with this dress that has this lacey freely part in my boots so that's where that came from I get the coolest thing sometimes e really d'oh how are you taking care of people once they give you their attention once they're following you, they're interested I want to know I want to know how you guys are already using your social media what are you doing or what do you doing wrong? You know, like I know that I'm doing this wrong or I know that I'm probably doing something really good and this is what I'm doing anybody have anything to share is farrah social media patty will use instagram pretty regularly but I don't have like a thought out plan and I don't really do the behind the scenes stuff very much you don't feel like that is interesting is having like um you know, nice professional looking picture but I come from that background so it's hard for me to to do the you know, the unfinished the rough around the edges type stuff so by behind the scenes do you mean what behind the scenes even be something that you're currently knitting and it's not finished yeah, I never do that okay somebody who is a knitter I love seeing that kind of thing yeah, I feel like it has to be in an interesting environment like I don't know maybe that would be my excuse to to go out somewhere and and like that in public are we're putting it just having it on a table top with a mug of tea and a book that you're reading that would be enough to create a story that's enough a cozy like a cozy day where I've got my tea and I'm knitting and I've got my book that's my favorite kind of day okay, so you're creating a story okay for ideal customer with with your photos and we'll talk tomorrow now you said hot pictures of what she's working on and we'll have her followers try to guess what it is that she's making and it's a blast we all love when she does it's okay really that's interesting? Yeah it's a lot of fun trying to figure out who we should making a hat is she making fingerless clothes? What is she working on that's a fun that's fun anybody who really struggles with social media I have a hard time with um instagram I really love it I really want to be there. I know my people like being there and it's a really cool uh combination because I do a lot of copy, I have a lot of words on my web site and I wantto start like that's one of my goals is to start making the visuals more appealing and I know that I do a really good job on periscope because I can teach really easily there and I can show people my principles, my worksheets and help other people plan blawg posts and help other people do stuff there and there's interaction. But on instagram, I've got like a bunch of pictures with like cute little things in a little red k or like a notebook or whatever, but I don't have a plan for it and I don't know howto really optimize it and make sure that I'm doing it to the yacht of the best possible. Yeah okay, so I look at your instagram and I think it could be more I know e potential, but I just don't know how to bring it to the next level, so I think you have to take your storytelling side and put it into visuals and so you're creating the space for your person who let's say the perfect writing space the way that they would feel more comfortable when it comes to writing I mean I could see just even a really pretty notebook with a mug of tea and some glasses or a pocketbook with a notebook in it with maybe some post its coming out of the new book things like that that create that story for your person who is a writer, a blogger on the go busy things like that we're going to talk even more about this and in each for each social media platform we're going to talk about why people they're following you there and they're trying to get out of it and then how to give that to them and for instagram it's really about creating kind of a world for them yeah it's like aspirational think this is what it will feel like when we yeah okay that's cool that's going to think about yeah because I think there's so much you could do on there and I think more pictures of you now that we know now that what your daughter seo there's no excuse I wantto I want to see lots of pictures of you and polka dots I love polka dot yeah do you guys want to see that we'll want to see that yeah I got here I realized this is the only thing that I brought with me that isn't black and white polka dots and it's just kind of like a polka dot it's like wreckage a polka dot thing, apparently that I really like it doesn't really count as something much different, you know, needs to be the same. One of my suggestions is too bachir content to save time on social media. I do this all the time I take a bunch of photos together, I come up with a bunch of tweets I don't do this is much on facebook because I don't post is often on facebook I post once or twice a week on facebook and that's it, and I think that that really works for my audience. I don't think they want to hear from me on facebook for more than that, and we'll talk about facebook more, but I think that's one of the reasons that I do pretty well on facebook, I get in front of a lot of my people there when a lot of others people struggle and I think it's that I'm consistent, but not over the top with that, but batch ing your content when it makes sense is a really great idea, even just sitting down and coming up with okay, these air, some ideas for facebook or here's what I want to do on periscope here's, what I want to talk about on periscope for the next eight times, or just even having a brainstorm list so that when you get on periscope you've already got an idea or you're getting ready to get on periscope you've already got an idea do you guys batch content already some a little bit and doesn't make it easier when ugo yeah michelle no I don't do it do you think it would make things easier? They probably would you have you thought about doing it before I've thought it yes yeah but I don't know dio what's stopping you from doing it um because everything is urgent with me right now so I'm always like putting out fires so you like I need thio catch up and actually have like a plant yeah yeah that's a big one for people so you're like working inside of your business so frantically that you can't do any of the the stuff on that right perimeter to make things easier is there anything that you could hire out to make those fires easier or does that make you really nervous? I probably could schedule more stuff um like in buffer something and that would probably make it a little easier hiring out is in a kind of an option right now it's not an option right now is that something you would like to work towards if I was gonna hire out? It probably wouldn't be social media it probably would be like what designed and that kind of thing it would be glad like web design and stuff like that yeah that I'm talking about hiring out anything and your business so that you could get that off your plate and have time for all the other stuff yeah I would definitely want to hire out my web design and maybe product photography because I don't like that yeah okay so we need to get you to the point where you feel like you could do that yeah yeah absolutely so that you're not always putting out fires because that's a hard place to work from it is it's a really difficult place to work from it's also a really difficult place to work from when you're like I've got to make money right this second I've got to make money today trying to figure that out I've got to make money this week as opposed teo I've got this let's plan it out for next month makes it so much easier sharing on social media don't do it if you wouldn't want it on a billboard with your picture next to it because things live forever online so if you don't want it on a billboard with your photo alright there don't post it online use that rule what's a share on social media business updates testimonials testimonials worked really well on social media using them as a tweet using them as a facebook post using them even as like an instagram picture just using the testimonial your process is a great thing to share on social media pati behind the scenes stuff patty other people stuff you can share other people stuff on social media that's a really great place so we talk about not wanting people to leave our websites and our blog's and our e mails but social media is a great way to connect with other people share their stuff with your audience in a way that feels really good to you makes them feel good quotes, quotes work really well on social media you can come up with a list of fifteen quotes and have a bunch of tweets have a bunch of facebook post even if you put them on top of pretty pictures a bunch of instagram posts inspiring content, interesting antidotes pretty photos, news announcements links to your stuff resource is recommendations, announcements and infographics all of those things make really great social media updates and you could mix it up mix and match you don't want to be sending out the same thing all the time so how do you get more followers? You're consistent you post valuable helpful entertaining content so that others share it because if you're the on ly one sharing your social media stuff you're going to struggle to grow you really want other people sharing it in order to do that you've got to post stuff worthy of sharing encourage people to follow you on the platform giving them a reason so if they already read your block, you've got to give them a reason to come over to periscope and hang out with you or come follow you on twitter or facebook or instagram let them know what's different what are you getting on those places that you're not getting where they're already app so one of the reasons I tell people to follow me on twitter is because I can answer questions really easily on twitter if you ask me a question on twitter and I haven't gotten fifteen million people saying something to me recently so that my feet is insane I pretty much answer all of the questions I get I would say I answer seventy five percent of the questions I get on twitter and it's because it's really easy for me to do so so if somebody wants to ask me a question then I tell them come on to twitter follow me there because that's where I will easily answer your questions and give you some feedback be social it's social media be social don't just post your staff over and over and over again that's the easy lazy thing to do and it doesn't work on social media credit people and tagged them if it makes sense give people credit for their ideas tagged them when you talk about them be authentic don't say things that you wouldn't in real life don't connect with people that you don't actually want to get out with before you hit publish you want to answer these questions would my followers thank me for this would my followers love this so much that they'd share would I say it like this to a friend would my followers be surprised by this would they go holy cannoli that's been that's fascinating that's fantastic that's exciting is this how everybody else would say it and if so can I break the pattern these questions will help you come up with content that your followers were really really really love do you think that these questions will help you guys yeah and think about also all of the content ideas you came up with when we were talking about blogging because those khun b pulled into social media as well before we move on does anybody have any questions anybody still feeling stuck when it comes to like the intro to social media getting followers yeah I had one thing that I was doing with instagram and I was featuring a natural so anyone who had natural hair so have people from minutes way lets in mexico and so the end of the week what I would do is I would draw for since named I feature during the weekend send them a gift then I fell off I don't know what happened I just feel like it was too much work trying to like get out there and you know find a five more people to feature for the next week and so then I just felt like it was like a lot of work, but then, you know, I was I was starting to get more followers and then I just went off the edge and fell off, so I don't know if that I was putting more work on myself. Maybe I should do something like that once a month, so try and do it once a week well, they get boring, keep featuring, like because I would do a quote than a picture so I could have that grid on my instagram so well, it sounds like it was working if you were getting more followers and I always say do more of what works and less of what doesn't. If it feels like a lot, then yeah, do it once a month as opposed to every week or how how often you were doing it. You were doing it every week. Yes, at the end of the week's, like on sunday, I would pick whoever I featured during the week and then I had to go to the post office. Now, you know, like doing more work, yeah, so maybe doing it on the first of the month or the last day of the month so that people know when to expect it having it be the first having it beat the same day each month, it could be really helpful, but it's working, so I would say, figure out a way to do it that makes it manageable for yourself, and it sounds like a really cool idea, you know, I was having fun with the stone, you know, like michelle, you know, you're putting out fires than your own business, and you're trying make everything work, and so some things you like what? I worry about that right now, so and sometimes we have to put some of that stuff on the back burner and do it when we can get other stuff off of our plate, so you may have to wait to do that until you can let's say, hire a virtual assistant, help you with certain things, or hire somebody in person that's an assistant that's going to the post office for you and taking that stuff for you. Obviously, we want to get to a certain level in our business before we hire people, or else it makes us really stressed out. However, I think we always wait too long to hire someone. I also believe that's true for myself and for almost everyone that I've worked with, we wait too long, the higher web designers, we wait too long to higher assistance because we can't get to that next level without them, we're stuck, we're plateau owed. We feel like we don't have the income or the money to hire somebody, but yet we can't get further ahead until we hire somebody. And so that's, just my little spiel about hiring people and the importance of that, but you have to have some momentum going before you're going to feel comfortable doing that, but it could be something that you have on the back burner that you say, I'm going to do this as soon as I hire somebody there certain things that now that I've got amanda sue helping me out, that I'm doing that I had put on the back burner, but now we're doing because I've got her help, and now I can do it, and so it was overwhelming, and I wouldn't have been able to do it alone, but now that I have somebody helping me, I can do more of those taxes. So it's a really good idea, so I would try once a month, if it becomes too overwhelming, then I would put it on the back burner until you can figure out how to get other things out of your business or into somebody else's hands, because I'm with good, sweet I really shouldn't have an excuse, because now when you can automatically post to instagram. So now, you know, I should reconsider when I get home, but in doing that once a month tip, like you said, yeah, well, you came up with that. Well, you're this smooth that came up with, well, I have some coaching, any other questions? We're good, okay. Today's mission. Finish writing your social media bio, switch it out on each of your platforms, tweaking it a bit each time with necessary for that specific platform, and share your bio in the facebook group. Because we all want to know what it is. So share in that private facebook group with us so that we can see it and give you feedback.

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