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Email Segmentation and the Process of Using Autoresponders

Lesson 20 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

Email Segmentation and the Process of Using Autoresponders

Lesson 20 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

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20. Email Segmentation and the Process of Using Autoresponders


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Lesson Info

Email Segmentation and the Process of Using Autoresponders

Thank you very much. We're on lesson eighteen email segmentation in the practice of using auto responders, but before we move on, let talk about what we just covered in lesson seventeen. Track your subscribers in reader's behavior who talked about the eleven things you should regularly track for your website? The four things you should regularly track for your blawg what to keep track of when it comes to email marketing and social media, and then how to use this information to grow you're following and now we're moving on to email segmentation in auto responders. The objective of this is to learn about email segmentation, landing pages, auto responders in sales, funnels to grow your following and convert those followers into customers. What you'll learn, what email segmentation is, and how to use it to grow your following, what landing pages are and how to use them to connect to specific markets and grow your following quickly. What auto responders are and how to use them to save time ...

on email marketing and how to set up a sales funnel that grocer online following and converts them to paying customers twenty four seven if you don't know how to segment your email list, you won't be able to talk to specific markets, which is one of the most effective ways to use email marketing has talked to the right people. If you don't use auto responders, you're wasting your most precious resource as a busy entrepreneur which is time and without sails funnels you have to constantly sell, sell, sell and that gets overwhelming and frustrating so why not set the process up once and let it work for you that's the easier and more effective path so let's go with that one. So first up, what is email segmentation when you separate an opt in or segment for your email list it's narrowing your focus, sending e mails to a targeted group of people that's all it is this kind of separating out I'm sending an email to only this type of person on ly the people who signed up because they want to hear about this specific type of stamps or they want to hear about stamps as opposed teo calligraphy or they want to hear about art journaling as opposed tio other types of mixed media why you should use segmentation if you have more than one ideal customer you have to talk to them differently so that's why you might wanna have email segmentation you have different types of products and services every time I am about to launch a new product or service I ask myself should I set up a new email segment for this? If so what's my goal? What am I trying to accomplish whom I trying to get on so that I can do it in the right way, but I always consider it I always consider setting up a separate segment so that I can talk to those people because when it comes to that product, if they opt in, they're really interested in that product, which means I can email them a lot more than I congest email my main list because my main list is going to get overwhelmed if I e mail them as much as I would email the segment that's saying, I want more information about this, you talk about different topics. So hillary rushford I showed her opt in and she talks about style and she talks about business. So she has a different segment for each because she's going to talk to them differently and send them different information, it allows you to connect much deeper with your market. So here's, what? You're gonna do it, you're going to start with their goal and work backwards. What's the goal? This is how you figure what kind of segmentation, anything to set up the goal, work backwards from it. Start with your business goal. Think about who you want to get on the list, why and what you want to share with them. So goal might be to sell a specific product, so you know exactly who you're trying to get on the list? Do you know how to set it up? You know what water responders to use all of that good stuff here some ways to segment geography if you have a brick and mortar business, you should have a local segmented list to talk to people that live in your area when you're talking to any melis that might be interested in your business but really they don't live in your area and you only sell locally for the most part it's not going to be helpful. Those people are going to get irritated right away if you're telling them about your new special so you have a coffee shop, your new special lot say that they can't get their hands on because they're not in the area it's it's silly so having it that you have a segmented list just for those people past purchases to keep in touch with customers to continue to provide them with information. This is really great for service based business is this especially if let's say somebody signs up for chris's blogging boot camp and she has them on a segmented list and she decides a few months later this would be really good for them? Let me give them a little extra something something they're going to really appreciate that interest level to continue to provide information on lee those were interested I do that sometimes for instance, when I was selling a blogging course via blacksburg bell not everybody who was following me was interested that interested in blogging and so I had a segmented list for the people who were interested in blogging because I didn't want to be sending those emails to everybody and annoy the other people education level beginner versus intermediate versus advanced this could work really well for patty because they're going to be beginner knitters intermediate intermediate knitters in advance sinners and having them on separate list you would send them separate information do you guys have any questions about this stuff so far? No yeah when we're talking about sending the different information are you talking about like the email newsletter itself? Okay, so we're going to be writing different email newsletters depending on who it goes to well, let's say you put up a block post in the block post is helping beginner knitters and you have these three different tech mints you would only send that block post to the beginner knitter list you wouldn't send it to the other list it's because it wouldn't be helpful for them doesn't mean you have to come up with extra content for the other people but it just helps you really connect with the beginner people ok? So if you're doing a once a week blawg and you're sending an email newsletter twice a month. How do you sort of make that work? Okay, so I would say for you that you should send it once a week, okay? And you would probably have beginner and intermediate. Those would probably be your two segments. So you would be writing a block post that would connect with the beginner twice a month and the intermediate twice a month. Okay, so that's how I would set it up if I was you. Okay, thank you so that I have three sort of directions that I go and some of my people are I have I use milton, but I have it set up so that their segments that you can opt into yourself and they each have their own often, you know, gift and all that sort of stuff based on what you're interested in. So there's blogging, and then there is writing copy for your website, and then there's just writing skills, and so some of those folks aren't even business owners, they just are interested in learning how to write better. So what? I'm wondering because I tend to write based on what's happening in my business over the course of the year, and if I'm focused on blogging right now for my business, all of my block posts are about that. So I send them out, I send everything to everybody I don't use my segments I have them set up, but I don't use them at all the way that I think I probably should, but I don't want to completely ignore everybody else you know, if I'm doing a launch sequence for, like seven or ten posts and it's all about blogging because that's my main focus from a business right now, what on earth do I do for those folks who aren't interested unnecessarily and blogging, but they really want to know about writing for their website or, you know, writing in there story writing, you know, they're memoir or whatever, what do we do with that segment? Okay, so there are a few things one setting up auto responders so that you have content going out to them as they're signing up. So their use is tio getting some content for you so if you could set up let's say ten auto respond er e mails and you have them going out every other week at least they're going to be getting content from you for almost half a year okay so that takes care of that then what you khun dio is you can think about each post and ask yourself would this help them or if I tweaked it a little bit would this help them so maybe I take it out of the blogging context, and I switch around just a few things if it won't take you that long, so if you're talking about writing with personality or something like that, it could easily translate to them as well, and you could even send it to them and have a little introduction and say, I know this isn't your main thing, but I thought it also might help you because and then you not have to tweak it at all, that would probably work really well, because I spend my block posts are really, really in depth, and I spent a lot of time on them because that's my main way that people get to know me and trust me, and because they just want them to have all of the information and stuff I'm a lot like amanda creek in that way, but yeah, I could just change instead of changing the block post that they're being sent to change how I introduce it. You may not be super interested in blogging right now, but there's actually a community it's true there's, actually community of people who do mentor, you know, d memoir writing in that sort of thing, and they have logs and maybe look into it and here's ok, very cool, yeah, that's a cool way to deal with it. And if you have auto responders set up you don't have to feel like you have to do that with every block post you can pick the ones that are the most applicability send those so that you're still talking to them that could work in that way so and like the ten auto responders are we going to talk about the shape of the auto what your other responders going epic yeah we're definitely gonna talk about ways to segment more ways to segment people who clicked sending an email to those who clicked the link in your email but didn't by saying something like I saw that you were interested in this and clicked on this that that that that that that especially if it's running out of time or you only have so many left or the bonus period is going to be over people who didn't click sending an email to those who didn't click so that they don't miss out because lots of times sometimes we're just busy and we forget so sending them something saying hey I saw that you didn't brooke you didn't click on this link I think it would be really helpful for you but if you don't want to hear about this kind of thing anymore here's where you can unsubscribe so those people may not be interested anymore so give them an easy out but lots of them will probably have just been busy and missed out v I p or membership setting up an email segment for loyal customers who spend extra special content teo extra special goodies too your turn this is workbook page one twelve do you currently segment your email list? If so, what segments do you currently have? How can you get closer to your business and marketing goals by segmenting your email list? What segments do you need? Tto add within the next month these are ones that you really really need to add and then which ones do you want to add that are like this would be cool if I had this this would be fun if I had this that could be further down the line, but if you had to add let's, say one segment right now that would really help your business and help you get closer to your goals. What would it be and how getting that set up putting that in the calendar to get done? And now we're going to talk about auto responders, auto responders, air emails that you set up to be automatically sent out to subscribers a specific period of time after they subscribe so you're welcome email is usually stant it goes out that same day maybe minutes later, then you could set up another email that goes out a week later or goes out three days later or two weeks later however you set it up basically, no matter when you sign up for the email list, did you get the same sequence of emails that's what auto responders are so when you send out let's, say your block post, only the people who are on your list are going to get that information. They're only going to be the ones that get that email you have auto respond er somebody could sign up today and get all of the sequence that you've set up. They could sign up next month, and they would get the same sequence that you've set up. Use them to continue to share her best calm tent and save time you khun, go back right now through your blogger archives and pick out your very best block posts and set them up as auto respond irst your email list and then know that you've already got content going out regularly and you can send out less. You can go to twice a month instead of every week it can help you save time stress all of that kind of stuff. Well, and if your auto responder like I have you, if you have your segment set up so that the end result is that, you know there's a certain product or service that you're sending them to, and you already wrote lunch materials for that once that's, just your other responders I'm done, yo, that was awesome! Yeah, you've got a seal's funnel, we're going to get the sales funnels and just the second you've got the sale's final set of excited, I didn't know I had one. Yeah, when to use them. Your first email should be an auto responders so that everybody who signs up gets your freebie instead of letting your best block post get worried you could set them up his auto responders for her in malice, because often people aren't reading that stuff anymore, and if you spent a lot of time on it, it could be really helpful for new people to see it and it's helpful for you. If you have a business in which your customers will only be on your list for a limited time, like a wedding photographer, if people are going to be joining her list and getting off when they get married, let's, say, then setting up auto responders with the length of time you think people are gonna be on your list. Let's say most people are on your list for about eight months to a year work hard to get those auto responders up so that then you don't have to email your list anymore, except for when you have news announcement sale something like that makes it so much easier. So if you have that type of business, use your past block content and then as you move forward when you're blogging set up those auto responders and then really you won't have to do that much work when it comes to email marketing becomes easy how to use landing pages a landing page is a page on your website that includes on ly one purpose or one action and you can't do anything but that one thing lots of times a sales page is a landing page and you only want them to buy that's the only thing they can d'oh some more examples ah webinar sign up you can on lee sign up for the weapon are an opt in landing page the only thing you can do here is opt in for my email list a sales paige I think you paid jj sometimes when somebody buys people have set up a landing page where just thinks the customer and the only thing they can do receive a thank you ah content landing page if you want to share content in that the only thing you want that people to focus on you can share content on the landing page or video landing page because you want them to watch the video and that's all you want them to dio basically any time you have an action and you don't want people to get distracted by anything else you set up the landing page here's an example from amy porterfield free webinar how to use facebook for your business this is the only thing you khun dio is clean your spot and it's very simple. There isn't a ton of copy, they don't have to be extravagant with lots of bells and whistles and lots of copy here's another one this is hilary rushford are you ready to feel effortlessly chic and this is opting in? All you can do is opt in. This is an example from a landing page that I set up with my carly's from heart made blawg and this is our b school mastermind bonus landing page. We were telling everybody what the bonus wass from buying through us as affiliates we had a video on here and all you could dio is click to join b school that was the only thing that you could do from this page so it's your turn brainstorm auto responder, email topics and ideas brainstorm landing page ideas for her business and keep in mind that you want to grow your following with these auto responders in landing pages that's the point of it you want to be pulling in more people the right people and getting them on your list and having them share and tell other people about it? Does anybody have a really good idea that they've come up with for landing page auto responders sitting here during the segment nobody's come up with anything really good I have one for my often so I'm thinking I should probably get on that yes definitely absolutely yeah, absolutely for sure anybody else anybody else thought of a segment that they need to create with their email list in order to help them really push a specific product or service or sell that product or service I think I need to because I have like my natural hair blogging side and then I have the coaching so I think now I need to really segment those who really just want to talk about here versus the ones who are catering to natural here enthusiasts and building their businesses for those with that market you need to have something set up kind of like hillary does yes, I'm glad you showed that because that's such a great idea yeah and it's very similar teo something that you're doing your business model is very similar and it works for her really well so that type of thing can work I have one low well a question about that you have so I already have basically the auto responder content written I just need to tweak and make it work for for emails rather than ball post um well I guess I have a couple questions maybe should I send people to the block post to keep it in the email for the auto responders it depends on the purpose do you want them to comment? Do you want them to engage or do you want them to just focus on the content and go to the next one? Okay, I'll think I'll think about that. The other thing that I'm wondering is that some of my people are all three a lot of them are, um, and each of the because the content that I have thinking of their specific siri's built really about that pain point and dealing specifically and really in depth with that one thing. So how would I deal with, you know, somebody who either doesn't pick one of the three or somebody who picks all of the three? I can't send them all of those auto responders of poor things will be so overwhelmed. So how, you know, should I have another segment that's, like, you know, more general otto responders that deal with the whole thing? How would I manage that? You think well, within most email platform is what you can do is you can say you're sending it to this list, but you're not sending it to these other lists, and and so you can pick the one that most people are on and send it to that one and then exclude the other lists and so that they're not getting it from each list, okay? And how that makes sense it does how do we choose? Like, if somebody loves all three, how do we choose which thing to send to them? Is it all going to the same type of product and service? Well, it's all going? No, not really, because there's blogging and that will go really specifically to my blogging boot camp. Um, and then there's copy for your website, and that goes to either me being your copywriter or teaching you how to write specific pages one on one, and then there's writing skills, which goes to courses or masterminds or books that I'm working on workbooks that I'm writing for them. So they're very ather three different sort of funnels, so I think you can send it teo, I think you can give them all of the information. For instance, I have signed up for pretty much all of copy bloggers, auto responders and all of their e books, and so they send me stuff about all their different types of things because I've signed up for all of them, and I want all of them. So if it's not the exact same type of thing and us totally, then you can send it to each of them and you are great, but you're not superhuman, so you're going to be probably setting these up different, like I'm going to focus on this one and I'm going to do this one so it's not like they're going to be getting it all at the same exact time that's a very good point yeah I'm not gonna wake up tomorrow and be like teta it's all finished all right what if that would be a decent problem to have everything was suddenly done someone who lets your emails I've never once gone in my in box and gone oh my god chris was emailing e o okay so yeah they want to hear from you yeah and if they decide that they're getting too many emails from you they can choose to unsubscribe from the segment that they don't this's it if they're like I'm not really into blogging this is what I want it's good that's what I want I want them to be targeted for what they want and usually when they run subscribing it shows them the little checklist and they can check off the ones that they don't want to get any more information from perfect of pickle all right you want to use segmented list landing page and auto responders to set up a sales panel sales funnel the reason you want to do this is because it takes about seven touches for people to actually buy from you and you want this to be working for you it's hard work to set up but once you have it set up it's doing that sales work for you in the background and it can feel really nice and when you wake up and you see in your inbox new sales, yes, I'm glad I spent that time on the sales funnel, so a sales funnel is basically this lead, engage, convert, and what that means is lead via social media blawg guest post interviews, features lead means it's actually the person the lead, or and how they're finding you how you're getting them to your word landing page for your freebie toe opt in to get your auto responders, then engage is building trust and relationships and giving lots of value so that's through the auto responders that you're going to send them and then convert show value of product enclosed the sale broken down, it's pretty simple, but it's not that easy, it's, harder, it's harder than I'm making it out to be, but once you do the work, you're going to be really happy that you did it, so you have to figure out, how am I going to get them there once I've set up my landing page? So step one is what's my freebie set up my landing page, then how am I going to get them there? I'm going to use social media to use my blog's! I'm news guest post interviews, features then I'm going to set up auto responders that build trust and relationships and give them lots of value and then I'm going to show the value of my product and sell and at that point they're going to be like give me give me give me I want more I'm ready to buy so I'm gonna give you guys a couple examples of this one for service based business in one for a product based business okay, service based business start with landing page with a free goody that your follower has topped in to get and primes her to buy let's say you were selling a surface pattern design course. The free goody is an illustrator cheat sheet with the shortcuts you recommend students learn then you're going to set up four to eight auto responders that go out twice a week or every other week twice twice a week every other week yeah, about that you couldn't even do more or less depending on what you think is the right fit. Sometimes people will have it going out every other day during the cells final sometimes people set it up so that they're only going out once a week some people like to push it even more toe every other week drive traffic to that landing page via blog's social media, guest post interviews, speaking engagements, youtube all of those things would be really great for surface pattern designer so looks let's look at the auto responders for this example we've got the cheat sheet are responding number one is just going to be the chief chief auto respond er number two is going to be reminding people to download the cheat sheet and a video of the person talking through it explaining the cheat cheat number three is going to be one of the videos from the class she's trying to sell her surface pattern design class she's going to show a sneak peek of the course while teaching because they're going to learn something from that video number four she's going to share the story of how she became a surface pattern designer because this is when people are starting to care about her and why it matters then in the fifth auto responders she's going to highlight three testimonials that emphasize different benefits and demolished different objections for her course and she's going to link to the course in case people are interested at that point in time number six she's going to sell the course including one or two more testimonials number seven auto responders she's going to give them a reason to buy now maybe the price increase in one month maybe a limited time bonus maybe it's the fact that they're going to change their lives through changing their careers to become a surface pattern designer cumbias easy is that and then number eight she's going to answer some frequently asked questions because confused customers never buy. So at this point, she's probably getting questions about the course she can then use those turned them into a frequently asked questions auto responder and add that on, and then she's got something that's working for her all the time without her having to do anything else let's look at one for a product based business. We're still starting with the landing page with a free good, eh, let's say you're selling jewelry. The free goody is a style guide styling a statement necklace ten ways she's still going to set up the other responders and drive traffic to the landing page, but she's probably going to do it through bloggers, social media features and interviews and the sale's final example. The auto responders number one is going to be the style guide. Simple is that number two, reminding people to download the style guide in a video of her talking through it, giving some tips as she's like flipping through the style guide number of three a short video clip of you talking about the do's and don'ts when wearing a statement necklace number four would be ten statement necklaces that can go from work to an evening out, and this is just unexamined all number five three testimonials for your statement necklaces highlighting different benefits and demolishing different objections number six selling your line of statement necklaces helping your subscribers pick the right one for their personalities maybe with a fun quiz and number seven giving them a reason to buy now, so emailing them again, giving them a reason to buy now limited stock free shipping for one week once they've gone to the end of the auto respond or giving them free shipping could be the thing that pushes them over the edge and if you've built free shipping into your price, you can do that and it works and you're not losing out on anything so it's your turn set up your first or next sales funnel what's the freebie how are you going to get people to sign up for your free b? This is workbook page one fourteen how will you engage them and build trust after they sign up and how you convert them into customers after you've built trust? So we are going teo run through this with an example from the studio audience and I've got angie in mind for this one. Come on up here, let's, give her a round of applause for coming out till you're awesome red skirts I love it! Thank you okay, so you talked about meeting to segment a little bit, so setting up an auto respond er in a sales funnel would probably be a really good idea for you. And we're going to talk about the people that you're helping with their blog's slash businesses is okay so let's start with that so what is it what is the freebie that you would give away I know you already have one right right yes okay so what is it so it's uh a freebie for pinpointing your ideal client avatar okay so what you're going to dio is set up the landing page and this is what it's a pdf yes it's a pdf and then I also recorded a little audio of power point that I did was kind of like you can either listen to it or you can watch it okay so on the landing page what I would have is maybe just a shot of what it looks like what the pdf looks like because you're pdf so look really nice and I think they're very well designed and targeted so what I would do is share that have the title of your thing and have just a little bit of copy like the couple of landing pages that we saw that just had a little bit of copy I would just have a little bit okay maybe highlighting a benefit or two maybe even putting a testimonial up on the landing page but that's really it okay then first auto responder is going to be getting the freebie second auto respond er do you need tohave the audio in orderto understand the pdf or could the audio b the second auto respond er I could approach it I could I was thinking when I was sitting here like you know you were sailing we should elevate our businesses and I'm thinking of the audio pretty quickly and I would like to remove it okay, so I think that I would like to take it off. Okay, could you do another power point walk can people through it for this second one in a way that you feel really good about it? Yes, I think that will be better. Ok, then they could have the option if they want to see it or not. Okay, so we're gonna have a power point video and we're gonna have a reminder for people to go and download the freebie. Okay, okay, what else do you think within this within this thinking? Because we're trying to get them to sign up for the mastermind? Is that what we want them to sign up for? Ok, so I want them to sign up for the mastermind. So thinking about that, what is something else that kind of goes along with this? Because we don't want to move completely off of this track that you could include as a third auto respond or that would help them out? Is there something else not included in this that could also help them out with their ideal customer okay, what about a strategy session with me to see if like we're right fit for I think that's too much too much okay you're trying to give it all away so you're creek you're amanda greek just like I go to the audience for help yeah, you're a good match a quiz to see if you're a good match to work together yeah, you could have wanted to do a quiz so thank you and actually you have also a video of yourself right introducing yourself saying this is who I am or you want to know what I want to do that I would like to okay, so let's put that in for this fourth one let's have a quiz right here a video introducing yourself could be really short like two minutes introducing yourself. All right? Okay then we're starting to get teo you you want to buy my thing like you want to join my mastermind of I'm starting to give you stuff away for free this also might be I might change this one and put the quiz down further actually because that would be a good way to sell saying that we're such a good fit instead of just saying by my thing I wouldn't put it down further so instead here let's put quiz over here so that we come back to it okay and instead I want you to give them more information about helping them with their idol client so maybe they're still stuck. This was great, but we need a little bit more so maybe it is so in the freebie I have a section where they can answer questions and then I have one where they make up their ideal client avatar okay, talk a little bit about why they wanted, you know, build their business and what propels them too, like when the storm comes like what's going to keep them going forward and then I have a section where also going to the ideal kind of avatar where they can build it maybe I should divide that well, what you could put here is you could put ten more questions to help you write your ideal customer profile. Okay, so you could create just a little bit of extra content and has ten questions to help write ideal profile. Okay, then I would maybe put the quiz maybe here maybe at five and then have benefits can testimonials in this one and then I would have here's my thing so we'll share my thing. Here is the mastermind here's why you want to join one to two more too testimonials? And then I would dio frequently asked questions because I bet anything there are people who wonder still after reading your sales page, when am I really going to get with this mastermind or have questions about it so what I would do is I mean I would ask the women who are already in your mastermind did you hesitate before joining if so what helped you get over that hesitation and learn from those hesitations then I would run through my sales copy and say to myself are there any objections are there any confusing elements to this that I can explain even more in the frequently asked questions any e mails that you get that include questions just start adding it to this list of somebody emails you a question and says but does this mean that the live calls are also recorded and I get access to them make that a question just added to the list of your frequently asked questions and and keep adding to it as you go but this could be your sales funnel right here getting people end in selling them your mastermind okay and to make sure that this corrects I always get confused with the emails because I'm like visually I'm like trying to figure out so each one will be a different email that what just automatically sent to them so what's the time period so I do it three days later I mean do I give him what do you suggest between the emails okay so this is immediately ok then for the power point video reminder freebie I would even maybe do this one just two days later, okay. Then I would give them a little bit of time to write the profile. So maybe I would make this five to seven days. Okay, then the video introduction I would do that one pretty quickly again, maybe two to three days. Then we've got the quiz that again, could maybe be two to three days and same for the rest. After you sell, then you might even wait a week to give them a week to think about it. So this one, maybe seven days. Ok, for that one, I see. Crystal clear. Yes, yes way. Taking that paper home. Way done. Yeah. You know, here's your paper. Thank you. You can have it. Thank you. You're so welcome. Does anybody have any questions about that? Yeah, funny thing is making me really happy, but I want to know when you have a full sails page that you've already created, it has a lot of this information in it already. Is that what you will send people to? So if your you got to, you know, and he does her quiz and they find out the results are in that you're a great. If it does, she send them then to a sales page for direct tio by, like, it goes to the sales page, yeah. Yeah, that's a great question. Thank you for clarifying that. Yeah, absolutely. When you're linking teo where to buy, send them to your sales page because they're probably going to need more information before they buy anybody else. When you set up a sales funnel like that, um when you started, it goes to people like new subscribers, right? So what do you do with the people who are already on your list? You send them to that landing page so you can either start them. You can either also get you khun, send it to multiple list when you've set up a new auto responders sequence, you can also send it when you're sending out an e mail. You khun select other list to send it teo so you can just decide I'm starting you out on this as well and that's totally fine, because they've already signed up for your emails. Or you can say, hey, I've got this free thing if you're interested in it, here's where you find it? Oh, yeah, here's where you can get my free whatever it is that you're giving away on the landing page and send them to it. Okay, dumb question, but, uh, no, I'm my, uh, mentoring page. I don't have it where they could directly purchase it because I want them to do a strategy session are not really but like kind of getting to know you session to see whether we're a good fit before they buy it um so if we've already kind of covered that in the sales final do I need to have a second like a secret landing page that they go to worth taken by it after they've been through the sales funnel or how do I handle that if you think that through the sales funnel if they've gotten to the end of it and they're going to buy that they're the right fit then yeah send them to something where they can just buy from you but if you still think that maybe it might not be the right fit or after getting a couple of those people and you're like maybe this isn't narrowing it down as much as I need it to be then you can add that in but yeah they're probably ready to buy when they get to that whole anybody else all right two main purposes of a launch one is to build anticipation and two is to grow following interested in your products and services most launches air not just to build anticipation about that product or service most of them are also to get more followers you grow you're following buy a ton if you have a really good launch because lots of new people are coming in, lots of people are sharing your launch stuff because I ruined stuff is our best stuff most of the time, right? So people are sharing it. We're getting lots of new people in you put time and energy into creating a new product line or service, you need to focus that kind of energy on launching it makes me so sad when I see somebody who has put so much effort into something they've created and they do. Okay, here it is it's for sale, manda creeks, giving me a look like I do this all the time e makes me so sad because you spent so much time creating this thing, and you could have a lot more sales, which could grow your business, which could make you happier make your business happier, but yet you haven't focused the time on a launch, so launches really to get your product and service in front of the right people and continue to grow your following at the same time it can be is involved or is intensive or simple as you want it to be, you get to decide how much you put in and how much you do for a launch. It should include block posts, emails to your list, maybe a segmented list in social media posts, it should include those thanks it could also include guests posts, interviews, features, live events, video siri's, facebook ads boosted post live q and a calls and affiliate program and even more I mean this is just the beginning they could could include a blogged tour lots of different things it's really a ce faras your creativity will take you it should include some of those things or all of those three things and then some of these other ones if you've got it in you and the more you do it, the more you see that it works every time I've done a launch and I've really put the effort into doing guest posts in interviews and the really hard work that makes it feel like even more of a struggle I've been more successful and been much happier with the results so it's worth it it's worth it before your launch began set specific measurable goals this will help you figure out what you need to do differently next time and it's also really interesting every time that I have said specific goals I usually hit right about the gold that I've hit when I sent an income goal and I don't think it's I mean maybe the universe is helping me out somehow but I really think it's because I've got this goal and I start to think to myself what do I need to do to get there and I'm working harder to reach that goal so maybe it's a combination so set a goal for yourself how many sales do you want or how much money do you want to be making see if it happens and if you're in the middle of your launch and things aren't going the way you want what can yu dio can you tweak your sales copy can you pitch a guest post can you get an interview what can you do to make this happen for yourself? The planning of your launch should begin when you start creating your product or service don't wait until announcement time or else you're going to feel so frazzled you're going to feel really frazzled you're not gonna probably do any of it you're going to be like here is my thing see later after your launch ends you want to build product mentions into your marketing you don't want to stop talking about it so this is why sales funnel works really well because after you've launched something new people who are coming into your business can still get into that sales funnel without you having to keeps telling the people who have been on your list about this thing however you still want to mention it every once in a while you don't want to just drop off the face of the earth and not talk about that product anymore which happens more than you would think that people stop talking about the product after they've launched it build that n put it in your content calendar have it so that in your bloggin three months you're going to talk about your product again or in emails each quarter you're going to talk about that product build it in there then schedule social media updates I use edgar for twitter and I schedule that stuff in I just have I add the content in and it just goes out automatically so schedule social media updates about your products that are going to keep going out so you don't have to worry about it anymore you don't have to use anger you could use hoot suite or there are lots of other things that you can use but you something to get those things scheduled for yourself and here are five bonus launch moves pick five to twenty early adopters to try out your product or service before the launch and collect feedback and testimonials this is going to make you more confident in your product because you're getting feedback and people are probably telling you oh my gosh this thing is so amazing I love it so so so much so it's going to give you the confidence to actually sell it and you can tweak things if a few things aren't going exactly right I know that if I asked him and suit to go through something for me she's not going to come back and be like this is wrong and you are stupid she's going to say you probably like there's this thing right here that you might want to fix she did this for me yesterday yeah he's one of my early adopters in my blogging boot camp and I'm still going through with that calling my mentor class because they're going to be there for the new kids when they arrive and they don't know what they're doing yet and, uh, she told me last night oh, there's a kink here with one of the auto responders that goes out with your monthly payment because it's telling me to sign up again so last night I wouldn't have known that otherwise. So last night I sent my email to the support people at my courses software to figure out how to iron that out and I wouldn't have known otherwise. So is this kind of like a beta beta testing a beta launch of this it's just my first round because it's going to be an evergreen thing? But it's fifty two weeks that it goes for, okay, so we're on week three or four I'm kind of in a time warp right now. Yes, with traveling everybody, we're in like a week or three or four, so there's some people who are right now signing up like yesterday somebody else signed up again to begin so there's people beginning it right now but most the folks who are sitting here with me right now it's already and are my first so they receive any time they receive something new, they'll let me know and they're fantastic too, because we really got there's a typo here or that didn't quite work so I can fix those before people who don't know me and trust me yet get there and say, I don't understand I don't if I still trust you because there's a weird thing that just happened yeah, so even most of the time the people who buy from you first so it's not as if you set up like a beta testing of this. Yeah, it's, just because your most loyal, loyal customers are going to buy from you first bought from you and now they're going through it and giving you feedback that often happens is to so you can often use it that way. A lot of times you don't build in the time to give ourselves that window of opportunity to let people go through something before, especially with fifty two weeks there's just that I mean, you would have to have an entire year you can't do that I mean maybe starting some people a little bit earlier, but that happened naturally, yeah, but this this is the thing that I added in like I have three different levels and for folks who and they've been waiting for it to, like amanda creek is the one who said, please make this for me so she's, my muse, that made this all sort of start in the beginning, but they were they were waiting, they know, because I was talking about how excited I wass about this thing that I was building so they were ready as soon as I had the button they are, they pushed it, and then other people who hadn't been haven't been around for a long, they haven't been hearing about it for months, they didn't know it was so exciting yet, so yeah, it was totally natural, totally natural, and how good does it feel when you put something up and you have sales because you've been talking about it with people who are your loyal people? So you have sales coming in right away, and it doesn't feel like, oh, I put in all this time and effort, it is update and it's not working, it feels good, right? Yeah, because I'm really excited about it. I think it's going to be fantastic, and it was really cool for me to feel that excitement come back because everybody was like, we're excited, too could you please hurry up and get that page ready, and I actually had people saying that to me because I was like a week and the sales page will be ready for you soon they're like, would you just give me a button? Because I don't need to read the rest of it's, please, I want to start the thing, and so that feels really good and it helps you to get the momentum to dio yeah, the work on the sales page and to make it happen because sometimes that could be a little bit not as exciting as you might think. Yeah, exactly click to tweet, give me a button thing. Another thing you could do is offer some sort of free trial period, our money back guarantee this is really going to help get people in the door who aren't is trusting of you or who are newer to you now, of course this is risky and there are a small amount of people that will take advantage of it, but most of the people are good people and they're not going to take advantage of it. They really are going to only get their money back. If it's not the right fit, they're not going to try to get it and then get out of there and get their money back there are there are a small amount of people that will but the amount of people who will sign up because this is an option usually makes that worth it even though you're going to be losing out on a little bit usually makes that worth it I did this a lot in the beginning of my business especially invest in professional intro sales video bonnie from going home to roost has this for her skills share course and I think she filmed a lot of the other videos herself which all of them look great and they're on her computer so they're there you don't need a professional to do it it's like using screen flow you're just recording your screen but the intro video she got professionally shot it's a really short video but it makes you want to sign up and it's because she invested in that that give a solid reason to by now we've been talking about this a lot because it's so important don't forget this step or else you're gonna lose out on way too many sales and I don't want that for you reach out to your peers and ask them to share they won't get upset every time michelle ward has taught it creative live I've received I received an e mail from her saying, hey, I'm teaching at creative live it's coming up I've put together cem clicks to to eat if you don't mind sharing about it and I always dio I'm always like, yeah, so excited about degree alive high five, I'm in your corner. Yes, let me schedule some tweets for you because everybody needs to know about it. So doing these things, they take extra time or their extra effort or their extra risky, but they often really help with launches. You often make more money when you do this kind of stuff. Do you have any questions about launches? Everybody good? Okay, today's mission. Begin your sales funneled by creating your freebie and setting up your landing page so your leads can opt in to receive it. Schedule the rest of the tasks to finish your sales funnel within the next month. Like promoting millionen page, creating the sale's final content, scheduling the sale's final emails all that kind of stuff. If you get it done before the holiday rush, you're going to be ahead of the game, especially for products based businesses and makers. If you can get this set up now, you're gonna be good to go.

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