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Make Marketing Fun so You Actually Do This Stuff

Lesson 6 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

Make Marketing Fun so You Actually Do This Stuff

Lesson 6 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

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6. Make Marketing Fun so You Actually Do This Stuff


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Make Marketing Fun so You Actually Do This Stuff


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Lesson Info

Make Marketing Fun so You Actually Do This Stuff

Back for lesson for make marketing funds that you actually do this stuff. I really, really think that we can all figure out how to make marketing fund for ourselves. I love marketing, so I'm kind of like the lone person out sometimes because I love marketing who else slow summer? Does anybody else kind of sometimes? Yeah, yeah, ok, well, for those of you, who don't, we're gonna we're gonna figure out how to make it more fun in the previous lesson. Lesson three your target market in a day is your ideal customer. We talked about why you might be attracting the wrong followers and how to fix it, how to write an ideal customer profile that you actually use, and how to break into your idol customers, habits in rituals, and why all of that stuff is important, and now we're moving on to lesson for make marketing funds, so you actually do this stuff. The objective is to make marketing fun and creative, inefficient to implement more right brain ways of marketing and promoting your business. Tto...

learn how to make marketing work with your personality even if you're an introvert, and in fact, I think we can all do it even if you're an introvert, what you'll learn, why taking risks is a must and what you should take risks on. Why you should make marketing decisions based on the business you want tohave and not the business you currently have how to build relationships with other entrepreneurs without being creepier sleazy how to market your business is an introvert and how to market your business when you also are working a full time job if you don't make marketing fun, you're not going to spend as much time on it, right? So you're not gonna get your stuff in front of your people that's gonna be a problem because you're not gonna have a cz many sales and that's probably going to lead to a lonely paypal account and lots of three a m nights where you're wondering if you're doing the right kind of thing, and if you don't make a habit of planning a marketing strategies, you'll probably won't implement them, and then you'll be disappointed and frustrated and have all of those bad feelings that we don't want to have. So, like I said, I love marketing, but some things do make it more fun and more enjoyable. I love this quote, and I think it really pertains, teo taking risks, especially when you're promoting your business and trying to grow your following don't worry that you'll take a shot and you'll miss the fact is you'll miss every shot you don't take, right? You're sometimes we're afraid that we're going, tio fail or the person is going to say no or we are going teo submit a guest post and we're going to hear back that no, we're not the right fit well, we'll never get the guest post if we don't try at least so if you want to stand out, you've got to take risks and I think risks actually make things more fun because if you're always just doing the same well, same all it gets boring and it's not as fun, so an example of a risk for a lot of people might be doing their first scope on periscope that might be a big risk, sydney, that was for you, um hosting a blog's siri's trying out some guest posting and the more risks you take, the more comfortable you'll get taking them in, the more often you'll do it and the more often it will pay off in such great ways that you're gonna feel like, why didn't I do this sooner? So I want to know what's the biggest marketing rest you've taken in the past three months, this coming here? Yeah, I thought I thought a lot of you guys would say this and for that's fair for you guys that's definitely fair anything else? Anybody else? Yeah, just like what you said just getting on periscope and putting myself out there that was probably this definitely the scariest thing I've done in the last three months but after doing it several times was getting really good feedback and I'm just I'm doing art so I'm creating art in front of people and they're talking to me as I'm doing it asking me questions I what's that product how are using it and it's it's really been great new having a conversation like you're doing art was somebody right there in the room with you so it's it's fun yeah so it was scary at first but now it for making marketing for you and promoting your business even more fun yes definitely the art part I'm still a little bit frightened and terrified if I put my face on periscope enough I'm actually talking but if I'm just doing my hands with the art, I'm definitely comfortable without now was hears you about putting your face having your face on video it's just it's just scary I mean I guess being an introvert and not not being used to being in front of people like I can get and teach in person I used to teach creative classes years ago in person and I never had a problem with that because it's it's you're there with the person I think angie and I were talking about that earlier when you're connecting with the person in the room and you can read what their reactions are too things you're teaching it's really easy to adjust yourself, but when you're just not talking to a camera, our video, you know it's like, ok, I don't have no idea what these people are thinking on the other end of the screen and so it's just scary, you know, I bet it will get easier the more people that are your people watching and that are coming on regularly and giving you nice feedback and saying like, this is amazing, I want more of it that makes it easier I would assume it's even more, yeah, and there are some great people that already doing that, and I totally appreciate them because I have made me feel more comfortable doing it. It has for me two for on periscope the first couple of times the names I didn't recognize this many of the names, and now that I recognize so many names because people that are you guys and people that follow me and read my block and nomi that are joining me now and I recognized from blood comments or emails that they've sent me or social media interactions that we've had in the past, that kind of thing makes it more it makes it easier, but periscope is one of those things that's a big risk for people, but it's one of those things that I think people are going to say down the road, I wish I would have joined sooner. I wish I would have done it when it was new are now everybody's on it and it's harder to get a following and it's harder to connect to people. I guarantee that people are gonna be saying, not just like with instagram people were saying, I wish I would have done it sooner. I didn't join in the beginning and I should of I'm one of those people thinking that, but we have tio we kind of have to step out of our comfort zone sometimes and it can pay off it really can and it can make it more exciting and fun any risks you thought about taking but hesitated or didn't try. I've got a lot of you guys hesitated thinking, am I really going to go to create a flyer for my not going to go to a great a lot of should I really go? Should I not really go now? I was actually asked teo need to be clear, I didn't hesitate for long, but I had that fear feeling. I was asked to be an instructor for etc maker cities in from canada, so it was in halifax which is a large city close to where I am in atlantic canada and I was my hesitation was because I haven't been in a real world classroom in a long time, and I was I was a teacher that was my profession before, and I loved it so much. Ah, and I was so scared that I couldn't do it, and I knew that it was just that fear thing happening, and it wasn't riel, but I was so scared to to go and it's an important thing, I mean, at sea it was really exciting, and it was a really big opportunity, and I think this is like one of those things that when you know that you start to feel that fear of, like, what if it doesn't work out it's usually rooted in the fact that you know that it's a really good opportunity, so, you know, and so what I'm trying to convert that fear into, like this is you recognising that it's a big opportunity and try to use that, you know, fight or flight thing is excitement rather than run away, you know? And I did, I ended up going and doing it, and it was amazing and so much fun, and it was really cool to be in the classroom again. I got to sit at the table with people and talk to them about what they were doing, and it just was amazing, it was fantastic, so and think about if, if you had said no right, it would have been awful it would have been and I would have because I saw it all happening on social media and stuff, too, and I saw all the amazing things that were going on and all of the people there in my favorite city in the whole world, and I would have been totally devastated if I didn't do it because it's exactly the right thing for me to dio it was perfect. Yeah, the very first big risk that I took was I entered this contest to get a free consulting session from sri knee from the unmistakable creative, and it was back when it was broadcast fm for any of you guys who know that podcast, and he was offering free consulting sessions, all you had to do was leave a comment, and my block wasn't even a month old at the point of this time, and I thought, he's not gonna pick me like I've I have nothing to offer he's gonna look at my block and be like, you have two posts, really? I don't think so. I'm not wasting my time on you, and I got one of the consulting sessions, and he gave me a really great idea for connecting with a group of women, and then that room I blogged from twenty, readers a day, two, eight hundred readers a day. Over the course of a month and it was because I took that one risk and then I took another risk and then etc picked up on the siri's that I did for my blawg and then I spoke at the etc success symposium and that was a huge risk before I walked on you guys I was like I can't do it I can't do it I was on the I was on the cell phone with my husband who was back home because we didn't have the money for both of us to travel for me to speak and so I was on the phone with him I was like I'm walking out of here right now I am getting on this elevator you bet or not you better not you better do it and so I just I I calmed myself down but it was a big risk the very first time you do anything I feel like it's a really big risk and it's hard but every time I've had substantial growth I've taken a risk and every single time whether it just be I'm nervous to email this person to collaborate on something because what if they say no teo even tweeting somebody thinking like wow really goingto think that you know I'm not cool and you know you never know and so every single thing that has led to big growth for me it's been a risk and it's made things more fun now the next thing that I really suggest thatyou dio to make the stuff more fun is to start making decisions and investments based on the business you wanna have and I'm talking you wanna have one, two, three years down the road as opposed to the business that you have now? Because that's, how you grow, you never really feel ready think about the business decisions you've made you don't feel ready. I did not feel ready the very first time I ever spoke, I did not feel ready the first time I ever offered a group coaching program and it's sold out. I did not feel ready the first time I pitched my first guest post, but I could see this vision I could see this picture down the road of what things could be, and so I was making decisions based on this is the business I want, and so I have to go for this stuff, even though my block is only one month old and I have very limited post and nobody's reading except for my mom, I mean you you have to make those leaps and it's hard to dio, especially when you're trying to figure out is it worth the investment, especially when it comes to money stuff like hiring website designer or hiring somebody onto your team for the first time, hiring a virtual assistant it's hard to know and often I have found from my own experience and then also talking to lots of other creatives who are doing really well for themselves is that it's like the chicken or the egg kind of thing? Well, you can't grow to this level until you actually do hire somebody else on your team so that you can get this stuff off we replay it so you can spend your time on all of this other stuff and that's how you grow to that next level or you can't get to that level of sales that you want until you have a professional looking website well, you can't have a professional looking website until you hae their website designer but you want to be making money before you hae their website designer but you can't make the money until you hire the website it's like sometimes you have to make the decision and go for it and think about what could be and make decisions that way and it makes this stuff more fun because when you're stuck and you're not growing it doesn't feel good and that's when you start to think about should I give up or am I you know what am I doing wrong and often into that you're not taking those next steps because you're scared that in and of itself will make marketing and business more fun when you aren't allowing for growth you'll always feel like it's a struggle? You'll always feel like that and it becomes frustrating so quick. So your turn what would you love for your business in the next one to three years? Would you love to be able to hire team members or hire out specific tasks? Do you have an income goal what's the dream? So to achieve this stuff, you've gotta stretch and make decisions that will help you grow to that place, and there is a bonus available just for r s v p and that is the your dream life of business workbook that will help you delve into this stuff even more. And so getting clear and what you want for your business is gonna help you make really smart marketing choices until you know where you want to go it's hard to also invest money into something because you have no idea where it could lead, and when you have that vision it's almost like you are ready to make the leap because you've got it clear and you're ready to do it makes it easier. Nationally, representative samples of us adults indicate that slightly more than half of us fifty four percent are moderately mentally healthy, yet not flourishing, that is, we lack great enthusiasm for life and are not actively and productively engaged with the world, and this thinks we still so sad, and I feel like one of the reasons that we build our businesses is so that we have this great thing to work on and so we have to make these choices thes difficult decisions to move forward and to grow and to do the scary, risky thing. So I wanted to share this with you guys because I feel like it's very easy to get stuck in your day to day activities and just do the same things day after day and trudge through as opposed to being really excited and flourishing and happy and excited about where your businesses at and where you're going and all of that kind of stuff and you don't want to get stuck so what's the purpose of your business this isn't your workbook it's on page forty one is it to do work that you love visit to feel excited about your work every day? Is it to bring joy to other people to help other people? What are the purposes? There's probably more than one of your business just want you to be thinking about it because in order to make that stuff work, you've got to get your products in front of the right people. You have to work hard to spread the word about your business, you have to get serious about marketing even though that word for some people makes them feel like you've got a scent, marketing goals and work towards them the service so important it's so so, so important to get to all the other stuff the purpose of your business you have to do this other stuff, so having explicit objectives that are challenging and specific with clear timeline and performance criteria leads to better performance setting a goal is about making a commitment and words and words have the power to create a better future. This makes me really excited too, and I believe that when we start to get serious about our goals and we write them down and we tell other people were much more likely teo actually do it. So I want you to set some marketing goals to hold yourself accountable to keep track of the progress you're making because it always feels good also to see that you're getting closer to your goals and to move forward in a strategic way. Reaching your goals won't make you happy unless the journey to those goals also makes you happy, so keep that in mind, so if you're setting a goal for ten thousand twitter followers but you really don't care about that, then you really don't care about it and it's not gonna be fun trying to get to it either, so you need to set goals that you actually care about, not that you think you're supposed to care about even stuff that I tell you from like you have to do this but I love you they don't care about that then okay all right and sometimes we're not clear on what will make us happy so this isn't always stuff that you can figure out over night I tell people that the dream play experiment have fun this stuff should be fun your this is your business it should be fine you should get excited to take photos for instagram you should be excited about working on your next marketing campaign and shouldn't be something that you're like oh I have to do this instead we have to figure out how to make it something that you look forward tio and something that is a part of your business because you really do enjoy it and you're not gonna enjoy everything accounting for me I don't enjoy that but marketing is going to be a big part of your business for most of us it really is especially for the first few years it's usually about fifty percent at least of the work that you're doing so we want to have fun so throughout this course you will create a strategic marketing plan and I suggest that you use a system that works best for you to keep track of your marketing calendar, your ideas and your to do so I have been showing bonus planner pages for you guys for those of you that it works for then ever note is a really great a tool for some people you have to figure out what works for you, ideas that aren't planned for our scheduled or much less likely to get done think about the stuff that you're like. I'll do that tomorrow or I'm really going to make the time for that tomorrow and you recycle that idea over and over and over again, that's the kind of stuff we need to get down or we need to get off of our to do list because either we're just not going to do it or we need to get it done. I wanted to show you guys just a few more of the plant, our pages in particular, I wanted to let you guys know that for every lesson there's a page for a key takeaway note and checklist you guys have the same thing in your workbook so that I thought it would be really nice to have everything together in past courses that I've done. I haven't included something like that, so I thought that this would be really helpful to keep everything together. And if you want to keep it all in your planner than there's, the option to do that as well and the checklist is for things that you come up with to do items that you come up with during each lesson, so the homework that I give you khun go on there but also things that you think of like, oh, I should really do this so you can make your checklist and then the key takeaway because when you're done with, of course like this, I think that's the important stuff to go back tio, you're probably not going to go backto everything, but the key takeaways are the most important, thanks so if whether you're writing them down in your workbook or you are writing them down on planner pages, I really recommend that you try toe take at least one thing away from each of the lessons. All right, let's, talk about reframing education like this course, and you're creative work in marketing because sometimes so we say to ourselves, oh my gosh, I have to do this or I need to do this as opposed to looking at it that's something of a privilege I caught myself saying to my saying to myself recently about this course, like, all I've got to do this and then I thought, but I long doing best what am I thinking? And as soon as I reframed it in my mind, I got excited. I got myself a cup of tea and I was having fun doing the work, so reframe it when you find yourself with the negative stinkin thoughts and change it around and when you think about marketing, don't go down the negative rabbit hole remind yourself that the purpose of marketing is to get your products and services in front of the people that they will help focus on the positive tell yourself a new story instead of saying I suck at marketing say I'm getting better every day or really a bad at periscope I'm getting better at periscope every day, every time I do it, I get better and I want to talk a little bit about connections and relationships because it's one of the most important pieces for marketing but also it can make this stuff really fun even if you're an introvert and you get your energy from being alone, having people to connect with and rely on can make a world of difference. You are going to reach your goal so much faster if you have other people in your corner and then if you're trying to do it by yourself so I've got a little relationship, a blueprint for you guys, this is just kind of a fun you can follow this if you want to type of thing because people often say to me, well, I don't know what to dio or I don't know how to start or I feel like I'm being too creepy or what do I say or where do I begin? So I've put this together just for people to have so that they can kind of have a little checklist if there are people that you want to connect with, start by sharing the person's content on social media and leaving a thoughtful blawg comment that could go a long way that right there, the person could reach back out to you and say, hey, thank you for the block comment we should chat, and that could be it relationship blueprint over. But if it's not keep going, keep connecting on social media, keep leaving thoughtful blawg comments, bonus points if you really want to connect with somebody by their product or their service and then tell them how it helped you or why you loved it, that is going to mean more than anything else. When they know that you're investing in their business, then email the person just to let them know that you like what they're up to after you've connected on social media after you've shared their stuff, maybe after you've bought from them, continue to connect on social media through blood comments and then email and say, hey, do you wanna chat on skype? This self is not difficult, but I cannot tell you how many times people say, but I just don't know, I don't know where to start, so if you don't know where to start. This is the simple solution for you to just go through and checklist each week, teo, connect with the people that you really want to connect with and if you're trying to connect with somebody and they're like no, I don't think so its okay, just just move on, just move on and do it with multiple people. I am constantly doing something like this with people that I want teo continue to connect with there was a point in time where I'm like, I've got my people, I've got my inner circle, I've got my entrepreneurs that I connect with and that we're friends, but I realize really quickly that that wasn't enough and I do this constantly and I'll even write down who I am working on, connecting with who I think I want to build relationships with where I'm at in this kind of process because it helps and because we get busy, so having something like this is not only just for those people who are like, well, I don't know where to start, but also if you're feeling really busy and you need help with staying on track, so who would you love to build a connection with and get to know? List creatives in and out of your neesh this's in your workbook on page forty three, and this is something that you can continue doing later on and thinking about when you're on social media who really stands out to you or when you're reading somebody's blogger who are you like? I think we could be best friends and then I also really believe that you need a virtual water cooler to hang out with people that could be paras kelp it could be a facebook group it could be twitter, instagram could be a mastermind, it could be having an accountability partner whatever you need to dio but I think this is really important, especially if you work from home by yourself to say I'm having this rotten day or this isn't going well or I launched my thing and I haven't had any sales for somebody to be like I've done that too or hang in there it's going to be okay or let me look at what's going on and give you some feedback convene the world of a difference so tweet me where do you have water cooler moments online? And then we can look and see where people are hanging out and maybe find even more fun places to hang out with people so use the hashtag bell live so that we can check each other out online all right let's talk about introverts first I think it's really important that you let your passion lead, you'll be more energized toe work with engage with others if you're passionate about a topic push yourself but at your limits so maybe that's once a day maybe that's once a week, maybe that means you're going to do your first periscope maybe that means you're going to tweet someone maybe that means that you are going to email someone or apply for speaking engagement or come to be in a creative live audience don't force relationships that you're struggling to build even if you started to put time into them. If it's not working out, move on and dip your toes into the shallow in before you dive. So check out something like periscope get on a few of them before you do your own comment on a couple of them do the things that make you feel comfortable and build up to it. Cindy, I bet you watched a couple before you actually did your own. Yes, yeah, you mean that times and turn it off? Yeah, exactly okay, find your people online. Join a facebook group that you feel connected teo hang out on scopes where your tribe is hanging out and make a rule to be consistent. This can be really helpful. So, cindy, if you make a rule for yourself that you were going to do a scope every week, it can help you when you're having those moments where you're feeling like, well, maybe I'll just skip it recently because it feels scary focus your relationship connection times so that you don't waste your energy so introverts are we get our energy from being alone and so when we're around people we have to take care of ourselves and then we also need to focus that time on the stuff that really matters balance people time with alone time I'm going tio go home from creative live and I'm going to take a lot of alone time to re energize myself I'll be doing lots of water colors and all that kind of stuff all right marketing tips for those with day jobs so the reality is in the beginning it's normal to spend fifty percent of your time on product service creation and fifty percent of your time on marketing planning content fifty on your product creation and then on marketing and men that kind of stuff content creation like blog's teo female stuff social media stuff sometimes even more it can even become where you're like doing twenty thirty percent on products in seventy percent on marketing and in men and stuff like that in the beginning so you need to set marketing and in many hours don't just think it's not going to come up or if you just push it aside everything is going to be okay and then focus on high leverage tasks so instead of writing ten block post for your own blawg right three block post for your own blawg and to block post just for blog's that have much larger audiences do things that are going to get you growing faster because you have less time, you've got to focus it, you've got to get serious about where we're spending our time, pay attention to what you really enjoy and do more of that and that's not just for those with day jobs that's for everybody. What do you really love to dio? Because if you love doing it, people are going to notice that and they're gonna want to be a part of it and you have to make some sacrifices. You have to find the time somewhere. So the time's not going to just magically appear. When I had a day job, I was waking up at four thirty five a m every day to work on my business before I went to my day job, who will say, well, how do I find the time you're not just going to magically pull it out of the air? You have to figure it out, you do have to make sacrifices. That doesn't mean that everything has to go by the wayside and that you have to stop living your life, but you do have tio decide, okay, this is what I'm going to be working on my business, and this is what I'm gonna be getting. Serious about it? I was so serious I was always waking up early and doing the work even on the days when it was in new york it was cold I don't want to get out of bed at four thirty in the morning, but I would force myself to do it because I knew of what could happen what could be wake up early if that's an option? I really recommend that because lots of times if your day job is draining even if you're a night owl you're not going to do the work at night reuse and repurpose as much as possible and we'll talk about this throughout the course how to reuse and repurpose stuff but if you have a day job, create something amazing and then use it as much as possible and if you're having a rough day struggling to take your product photos or write a personality filled block post, add one thing to your day that makes you really happy and focus on that focus on the positive instead of focusing on the stuff that isn't working focus on the positive call your accountability partner get into that facebook group that makes you feel really good just take a bubble bath and mean sometimes us ladies we just need a bubble bath or to paint our nails and we feel better that so instead of really focusing on the stuff that isn't working, do something for yourself this it gets easier it snowballs, I promise I've seen it happen over and over and over again. You get to this point where things start to click and things become easier and until that point you have to just keep your mind focused that you're going to get there because you will get there so today's mission pick one person to start the relationship blueprint with and begin by connecting on social media so somebody a blogger maybe that you're like I would really like to get to know this person just connect to them in some way re tweet something of theirs today hang out at your virtual water cooler for fifteen minutes to give yourself a little pep. Well, energy for those of you here, this is your water cooler right now like you're getting your energy from each other. For those of you who are watching from home, you could jump into the facebook group, the private facebook group set up for the course and hang out in there with us and print out the marketing plainer pages and start having fun with them. Get your right brain of love like get your markers out, get your paints out of thatcher thing, get out different colored pencils, pullout washi tape pull out things that make that kind of stuff fun really really, really get your right brain involved as much as possible because that makes it a really fun time. And you should have fun when you're planning this stuff.

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