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Track Your Subscribers and Readers Behavior

Lesson 19 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

Track Your Subscribers and Readers Behavior

Lesson 19 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

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19. Track Your Subscribers and Readers Behavior


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Lesson Info

Track Your Subscribers and Readers Behavior

Wear on less in seventeen. Track your subscribers in reader's behavior, but before we move on, let's, talk about what we covered in less in sixteen design your email freebie and write your intro email. We talked about the five questions to create an email freebie that your ideal customer cannot resist. How email freebies defer for product based businesses and service based businesses, and the welcome email recipe that you can follow, step by step to set up a welcome email that you're going to be proud of and that your readers are gonna love. This lesson is less than seventeen track your subscribers and readers behavior. The objective is to learn the importance of tracking your subscribers and followers behavior to know what they will actually want and need from you, not what they say say they want and need from you to start tracking and looking for patterns that you can use to build a strategic marketing plan. What you'll learn eleven things you should regularly track for your website ...

for things you should regularly track for your blogged what to keep track of with your email marketing and social media, and how to use this information to grow you're following if you just guess what works within your business, you often make assumptions that aren't correct you make business decisions based on what you think you know instead of what's true if you don't take these stats and used them to create a more strategic marketing plan, you're less likely to duplicate past successful results, which means you're leaving money and followers on the table so I went enough can you truly say that you know what's working and what what? What isn't in your business? No, not a sort of tell us. Tell us, olivia um so when I first started periscope ing um I put a post it note with the shorten link a bentley link to my sales page for my brush water practice guide and I could track that link to see how many clicks there were per day and the time of day so I could see like, right after my periscope video, I'd get like a sailor too, and I know oh, it's because a periscope that day so good. Yes, I love that example and that's not even in here. So you just added to it. Does anybody know the most popular block post on their on their website? You know, what is it, uh the one that's called care of magical creatures, which is basically my dog in the snow wearing the harry potter scarf? Uh, so it's got that sentimental emotional feeling to it, okay, does anybody know what social media updates of theirs or the most popular sort off I'm usually on my instagram it's kind of a behind the scenes shot of me working at my art table so it's just kind of a it's a messy studio shot really and I get the most comments and likes on those kind of post one ideo so do you do lots of those because they were I've been trying to do more yeah with like you know me in the process of working on whatever I'm doing have you ever done a short video of over the like spanning your desk in the mess and kind of pointing couple things out? I haven't done that I've done short videos of me actually working on what I'm working on just don't put those on instagram and those get really good comments to I would try even after you've created a page having that page there and then the stuff that used to create it and doing like a short shot of it africa because videos worked really well on instagram because lots of people don't use them right that's a good idea so if that works what do you think you're most opened email was in the past three months now obviously you can't go check right this second but does anybody know off the top of their heads? What the most open email wass or shall you deal my often email yes gets opened every time because I think that I'm giving away free stuff what about emails that you've sent besides that the emails that you're sending out I have a pretty good open rape but my list is really small so it's hard to tell you unless we're looking at this stuff regularly we can make incorrect assumptions and we don't want to do that consumers aii humans make most of their decisions and life quite unconsciously and this is from the book unconscious branding which I really recommend it's a really fun book for those of you who like the psychology and that kind of stuff it's a fun book for that so what you want to do is track their behavior you really want to know what works with your audience not what they say works because sometimes they're different and you've got to get a handle on what is actually the truth for them as opposed to what they say the truth isthe I use google analytics to track my website statistics you can use another tool. There are other tools out there but google analytics is free and a lot of people say it's the best tool to track I'm not an expert in that area so when I read block post after block post saying google analytics is the best one to use that I'm going to stick with google analytics how many of you guys use google analytics to track so you're using it most ofyou okay, so setting this up on your website so that you're tracking this kind of stuff just linking it up they have step by step instructions that it's pretty easy so let's talk about what to track this is on your workbook page one o six to one oh eight you want to track monthly traffic new and unique visitors return visitors the bounce rate exit pages what are people leaving from the most often? And how can you improve those pages so that people aren't leaving from there? Website speed and also when you're looking at your exit pages, is it that you're not linking to anything else on your website and maybe you need thio link to other stuff other related things so that people are staying longer website speed people get really annoyed when they're waiting forever for your website toe load and were small businesses you know it's hard for us to control the speed of our website but there are things that you can do and knowing the speed of your website can be really helpful because then you can figure out okay, maybe I need to work with somebody to get my websites beat up because that is important people will leave if it's really slow tracking your key words what are people searching for and finding you with pages visited an order of pages visited so where they go from, where they go from, where they go and making sure that they kind of work together but also work separately your most popular pages length of stay or sext session duration in your top three refers I liketo have this stuff every month I like to look at it and see every month so that I could see the change is if you look at it day to day there's often not a lot of changes and so it's not as helpful, but if you have one day a month where you get your cup of apple cider or tea and you light your candle and you look at your statistics, you have it kind of be your maintenance day for your business that can make things easier and you get it done each day. So I have in the calendar like maintenance day for my business and I'm going to sit down and do this on a regular basis it's also when I d'oh the other stuff like accounting, getting that ready stuff like that it's also when I might tweak things on my website cause I find that if I don't have a specific day for it, I want to do it all the time there's always something I want to change there was always something I want to update and so I'm wasting time on tasks that aren't getting me anywhere they're not high leverage tasks, so having a maintenance day can really help here is one of the popular flows on my website landing on the about paige going to our landing on the home page going to the about paige and then to the new start here paige this is something that happens quite often it happens a lot for people especially it seems like when they're new to my website they land on the home page then they check out the about paige who am I and then they check out the new start here page so I need to make sure that they kind of work really well together but also work separately so that people are saying on my site and then hopefully signing up for my email list after they've been on these pages all of that kind of stuff is good for me to know this is kind of the way that people go this is the most likely route there are other routes but this is the most likely and that's all through google analytics. So what to track on your blogged monthly the most popular post the least popular post number of comments on each block post a number of shares for each block post because this can show you what headlines are working because of people are coming to the block post than your headlines are working then depending on how many comments and shares you have shows you how good the post wass basically if people resonated with it and know that most people don't leave comments only a very small percentage leave comments so if you have a low blawg readership, it's okay that you have little very little comments, but if they're a blood post, you get comments on and blood post that you don't that's the difference, even if it's just a couple of comments. Deconstruct why you think you're popular post was your most popular post? What was it that really resonated with your readers and about the least popular post? What was it that didn't resonate with your readers? What didn't work? Was it too overwhelming? Was there too much information was the beginning just something that you slapped together and you didn't really work on? What is it about that that didn't work very well? And if you're only blogging ones a week, this is a pretty easy thing to do once a month toe look at those four block posts and see which one's the most popular, which one's the least and how you can improve and you'll improve a little bit each time just from doing that just from looking at that and thinking to yourself, okay, this didn't work, I need to fix it next time, has anybody done this before? Come in to steal I had a different question should we also and we we might hit this later when we talk about social media but should we also be tracking our social media stuff because I kind of stalked that to see like if any of them had a bigger jump than usual like maybe I was doing something really, really write that month or something yep we're getting to social media don't you worry we're getting there okay? My most popular block post last month was download your free workbook here very simple it's a very simple subject by and sometimes they don't have to be that difficult people like free they like my work books apparently I don't often give out lots of workbooks, so I'm thinking that's one of the reasons that worked well I had photos of what it looks like and so people wanted to get it and download it. I talked about it on social media, I talked about it on periscope I showed some of the pages, some of you guys talked about it on periscope on social media showing some of the pages so it became a really popular block post it wasn't just what I did it's also what other people did because other people were sharing it as well so I should do more of this this was a really good thing for my business I should probably do more free workbooks not all the time, because then it would get boring and people wouldn't pay as much attention to it. But if I did this every quarter, it could probably be something that would improve my business and bring in more followers because it absolutely brought in more people that said, I'm new to you. I love this workbook I'm so excited to take your course. Now this works for me, tio, any time that I put up any of my workbooks or principles and they're still I mean, I did one a year and a half ago, probably about how to build a blogging editorial calendar, and that still gets shared and people still come in, download it regularly, and I haven't touched it in ages, and I haven't licked even linked back to it in ages because it's an older style, you know, change the way that I do work book since then, so I don't want to send people there is much, but because it's ah, helpful thing that I can print out news, people share it, so that also might be one of the things that you actually do. Go back in and then change it so that it matches your style. And then you can also be sending people to it on a regular basis is well if it's something really popular than it's worth it to go back in and update it if it's not you don't need to go back in and spend the time updating things the block post that got the most comments was your official invitation to join my block tour and this was an engaging post because I'm asking people to leave a comment telling me that they're going to participate in the block tour and my block tours always works so well the very first time I did one I did not think it would work as well as it did I did not think I was gonna have over fifty bloggers participate in it I just I didn't think that I was just trying it out I said let's see how this works that's why experimentation works so well so when I was going to come back to create alive I was going to do another block tour to promote the creative life course get everybody talking before he and because I think that's one of the reasons that my course is kind of stand out is that people are already connecting beforehand and getting to know each other and so they feel comfortable they're already asking questions all of that kind of good stuff the warm fuzzy feeling and I'm inviting people to take part in something in my business and the first time I did it, ah lot of people thought that that was something really special because the time before that it had been a blogged tour that I just invited some of my colleagues some of my peers to be a part off what to track with your emails opens for each email clicks for each e mail monthly most popular subject line, which is the most opened email most popular email, which is usually as faras cliques, so you know it's working if people are clicking on the link inside new email subscribers and from which opt in forms and landing pages if you have multiple op tins, multiple landing pages knowing where they're coming from and which ones are working best is going to be really helpful for you. Some of my most popular emails and this has been in the past six months. Download your free work book here. Creon sell your onee courses of free six part series c I used the word free quite often because it works for me and they're my popular email. So even though it's one of those words that can get flagged for spam, I use it anyways because it's like the balance instagram inspiration challenge for the month of april and a giveaway the trendy lie you shouldn't believe that one worked really well because it's curiosity provoking people wanted out what is the lie and my top email in the last fifty emails was are you coming? That was it are you coming? And it was to a live call just asking people are you goingto you're gonna be coming to this life call but it feels very personal that's why that's such a refined worked and I learned from that so I want to make sure that I'm doing more of that I want to be using more personal email subject lines because it works serious remember getting that email and I opened all of your e mails but I remember getting that one was like where we're going the wrong way, theo mysterious the curiosity provoking for me the two things that worked best our curiosity provoking mysterious or some sort of invitation to be a part of my stuff one of the other what to track the social media monthly new followers on each platform amount of traffic to your website and shop from each platform most popular posts on each platform and then for each post you can look at the likes shares favorites, comments it depends on what social media platform you're on and all of that kind of stuff but if you're looking on periscope, how many hearts did you get if you are on instagram, same thing how many favorites did you get? How many comments did you get? It can help you figure out what works, what doesn't my most like an instagram pics recently our views tio this one it breaks the pattern and this one is just pretty things and my people love pretty things so I know what I need to do more off. My most popular facebook posts have been these two one is behind the scenes preparation for creative live the world the reason that this one worked so well one is because I'm talking about a creative live course and my followers really love that stuff but really it's because I included this print that I made with my video essentials and then this other one is why I want to kick marketing ute gurus in the shins and that breaks the pattern that is something that people are what did she just say dumb? I read that correctly let me re better good and I boosted that post and you can see that it reached two thousand five hundred and eighty seven people and it was a really popular one it drove lots of traffic to my block I boost post that are not even related to I'm selling you something because it works well for me on facebook and it works in the long run to get me new followers and new customers which leads to new sales so what to track with your products best selling product service? We're selling product service most clicked product or sales pages and are they converting that one's pretty easy and if they're not converting go back to lesson fourteen on sales pages and look at the top ten reasons that your sales pages aren't converting and make sure that you're dealing with those things other things to track use google alerts to track whenever someone mentioned your brand or website whenever someone mentioned your competitors and the reason you want to do that is not so you're like spying on your competitors but it gives you a really great way to look at places that you could be featured or interviewed where you could guess post because you see see where other brands air doing that that are similar to yours so it's a really good way to figure that stuff out track your loyal customers who has bought from you multiple times you can also if you do videos you're most watched videos and your most downloaded podcasts you want to pay more attention to some of this stuff like what's really selling and not not other stuff like it's not as important what you're popular tweets were as it is what you're most popular product is that's the most important thing knowing that kind of stuff it is my sales copy converting is it not is more important than tweet so if you don't have time for it all make sure you're tracking the important stuff and really paying attention to the important stuff used the other stuff to just get better use this information to get strategic with your marketing, do more of what works unless of what doesn't and it's that simple. It's, that simple is looking at this works. Let me repeat this process. This doesn't work. Let me stop doing this does simple. Is that that's how you make your marketing better. So today's mission is to print out your monthly and daily tracking sheets, which are in your workbook already filled them out for the past month. Look at patterns at what's working and what isn't, and start to apply that stuff to your marking.

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