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Grow Your Pinterest and Twitter Following

Lesson 24 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

Grow Your Pinterest and Twitter Following

Lesson 24 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

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24. Grow Your Pinterest and Twitter Following


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Lesson Info

Grow Your Pinterest and Twitter Following

Thank you so much. We're on lesson twenty to grow your pinterest in twitter following before we move on let's talk about what we just covered, which was grow your instagram following we talked about instagram one o one, we talked about examples of successful instagram accounts and what makes them successful the strategies that you can use to connect with your ideal customer and grow you're following, why you need to pay attention to captions and how you can edit yourself fees and get rid of your wrinkles now we're moving on to grow your pinterest in twitter following the objective is to learn how to use pinterest and twitter to market your business and learn how to grow your pinterest and twitter following and connect with your target market what you'll learn how to strategically use pinterest to groan connect with their following how to strategically use twitter to grow and connect with your following the most popular topics on pinterest and twitter. If your target market is hanging o...

ut on pinterest or twitter regularly, and you haven't joined the party, then you're missing out on connecting with your right people where they are already we really want to do is go to where people are and hang out with them there and then bring them back to our party. You have to do certain things to grow on pinterest and twitter and if you don't know what those things are or how to do them, you'll struggle to grow on those platforms so let's, talk about pinterest first pinterest is a place where users can upload pen, save in sort images for free with registration through pens and other types of media like videos and images to create collections on boards. Let's talk just a little bit about the difference between personal and professional if you have a personal pinterest account, then you're just pinning what you're inspired by what you really like if you have a professional account than you want it to be very branded you wanted to represent your brand so that's really important if you're just using pinterest for yourself, then you can kind of pin whatever you want, but if you're using it for your business, then you need to use it in a way that somebody could go and this is a clear visual reparative representation of what your brand would look like does anybody love was pinterest anybody's favourite? Yes, a few of you. Okay, patty, tell me, why do you like pinterest so much? I just think it's fun um and uh, somebody talked about was it trish that said you would go down that rabbit hole? Yeah, but I like it because I can like group my thoughts I can save things in ways that make sense to me and I have fun finding things that I think my followers will find interesting it's like who I think they really like this or I'll really like that let me put this over there so to me it's the most fun of all of them really and you're also looking at it in a really positive way as well I think that's important what aboutyou jenna you you raised your hand I started this summer tracking all my social media so instagram, facebook and um the only one that really took off I think because I had more clear vision and style was pinterest so I think I've gravitated towards that because, um I was getting like the positive feedback from increasing followers, but, um I don't know, I think once I was doing it for kind of business see purposes then I started doing it for fun, so like if I want to go paint a bunch of frames, I'll make a board on that and then I'll go do that project, but I wouldn't say it's strictly for supporting my block it's like personal and blogged right now okay, so I would separate that so or you can make some of your boards secret and so you can have some personal boards that air secret that's what ideo is I use make house for blacksburg pal, but then I have a couple of secret words so that I can pin things that don't match my brand but that I really want to go back teo and check out that inspire me for other reasons and other projects I'm gonna sue you you raise your hand to you like pinterest yeah, I love it I don't use it like I use it for basically two things one is like better look at what I'm all about like me and my business and my brand and personality and like this is this is me this is like if you want to know what I'm all about here I am and then also like kind of like a vision board uh I know a lot of people talk about vision boards and I have had physical ones and I would like to make another one again, but I also kind of use pinterest for that like this is what my dream house looks like and because I think that's part of my personality and brand to like everybody has aspirations everybody has goals everybody wants to see like this is what can happen if your business makes money or you know things really take off for you and so got kind of used it for that too yeah, very cool I think that that will also get other people excited hearing what other people love about a platform so some of the most popular topics on pinterest our food d I y weddings, art, baby kids, fashion style and beauty, those air the most popular topic sump entries. So if your business falls into one of these categories, it's a really good idea for you to be there, because that's where your people are and that's where they're looking for her stuff, and I really wanted to use this rain boots, so I thought that this works with, like, the fashion sort of so that's, why that guy's on there, the most important thing is to create a branded pinterest account that represent your brand branded and brand or both in there for a reason, because that's really, really important, this is your chance, it's, to create something that is a visually representative of what you think your brand is without it being all your own photos. So instagram is all your own photos, but pinterest is where you get to use everybody else's photos plus some of yours to create this visual representation. So let's, talk about your strategy on pinterest penn about less than twenty percent of your own content, just like anywhere else online you don't want to be always selling, especially on pinterest nobody's really going to follow you if that's all you're pinning. Penn you're content on your own boards but also interspersed with other products and brands and by that I mean you might have a board that too just your products and then you might have a board that has other products and staff with your products within it as well. So for instance where shall you might have a board where two just your jewelry and then you might have a board that is using photos in jewelry scrapbook that kind of thing like using photos from your life kind of bored where your jewellery is there but then you have scrapbook photos you have how other people use their photos and sentimental ways so have it so that somebody could come and follow aboard with just your stuff but that you've got boards where it's mixed in because that's more likely what people will follow make sure readers can pin from your website so they can do the marketing for you that's the fun part repent and share create boards that work with your brand example a jeweler might create statement necklaces street style women's fashion create boards that really work with your brand use keywords in your day descriptions edit your pins if needed especially toe add a link sometimes you need to go back in and edit the pen toe add a link to it if you're uploading it from your computer definitely do that because then you can link it back to your website pen from the block poster website page not the website home page you want people to be able to go to exactly where that picture is at a price tag if there is one set a timer and pin away for those of you who get lost down the rabbit hole my best advice is to set a timer go for it and then use amanda sue you talked about you talked about an app that allows you to do this what was it again tailwind tailend so set set a timer pin away used tail when it'll go out at different times follow individual boards as opposed to people if it makes sense you really want to be following people in boards that match your brand so that you can easily go in and pen pen pen pen pen and not get caught up in other stuff that really doesn't make sense who here are some pinterest accounts that I think a really well branded this is oh joy and everything seems to go together and this is such a good representation of her brand this is easy and this is such a good representation of her brand to so if we go back we can see the difference this is like really colorful and playful and then we come here and it's got that like almost edgy modern feel to it it feels like it all goes together even though oh they're different types of things there is a fitness board and a wonder less bored and d I y board, but they all go together it's also important to strategically pick the main image for each category this is free people, their product based brand they sell clothing may create eights stories with their images, they do a really good job with creating a story with their pinterest account and love following them. I get really inspired by their stuff and this is the crafted life. This makes me feel really fun and playful and something that I kind of just want to spend all day looking at here is the fun thing once pinterest really represent your brand really well, you can check out who's following you and then look at their pins what they're pinning recently and then you could figure out what your target market is interested in in what's relevant and fascinating and exciting to them look at what they're pinning and then look for patterns. So are a lot of the people following you because obviously they like your brand their target market. Are they pinning things with polka dots or in certain color palettes? Are they petting lots of fall boots? You could just mention that somehow in a comment or you could share that you got these new cute fall boots chair photo of it on instagram knowing that your target market likes that sort of thing because you can use that to come up with block content content for other areas of social media, I think that's one of the really cool things for me about pinterest is that I can easily learn more about my target market just by looking at what they pen pinterest hips, infographics work really well, even for business to business, vertical images work better than horizontal so longer human just work better because you see more of it penning to shared boards can help you go grow quicker and pinterest users shoppers are usually more active on saturdays. I found out this statistic and thought, I need to share this, so you should pin something of yours on saturday pen one of your products on saturdays because shoppers are most active on saturdays, use that to your advantage what's your pinterest strategy what's your strategy for pinterest? Who are you trying to attract? What content are you sharing what's the goal for people who follow you? How are you getting them back to your website and signed up for emails? So who are you trying to attract? What content are you sharing what's the goal for people who follow you, and how are you getting them back to your website into your stuff? Who has a really good pentru strategy that you think works really well, anybody jenna kind of I feel like I'm just doing so many different things figuring out what I want to dio that it's been the only thing that I have been like proud of um and I think a lot of that had to do with, um creating community boards and inviting people to pin with me um uh so it's kind of like, you know, you're losing a little bit of control because you're putting your block name I'm on it so you have to, like, be careful who you let pin with you but, um I think to serve the sharing for ing yeah, yeah, yeah, well, I like that one the community boards yeah, anybody else have anything that has worked really well? Interestingly enough, I get a lot of traffic from pinterest out of all of social media it's the one that drives the most traffic to my website and I am a service based business, so if I'm not really interesting and I think it's because I use pretty images and people pin them and share them and one of the things that people pen over and over and over again is this blood post that I wrote years ago, which is fifty art journal props and people pin not won like crazy and it's in traffic to my website all the time and some of those people are just gone forever because they want that type of thing and that's not necessarily what I provide on a regular basis. It's not anything I provide on a regular basis, but some people are creative entrepreneurs and they look around a little bit more and they sign up for my email or they start reading my blawg because they see that maybe I can help them because somebody who's interested in that type of thing might have a business or want to have a business. So interestingly enough, pinterest sends me a lot of traffic, and I don't spend very much time on it now. Let's talk about twitter, anybody really love twitter? Okay, a few of you were shall tell me why you left with her. I like twitter, but I don't use it for increasing my business. I use it more, um, to learn about things rather than to put out content I like get content from it. Okay, so I'll follow people who were putting great content, you know, marketing ideas and stuff about business, and then so is your target market, not there is that way. You don't use it for business. I don't think they are. I know I really yeah, yeah, that could be very true, yeah, they're not they're really spending a lot of time there. Amanda so oh, I uh send stuff to it from edgar like barb put block posts of mine I post quotes um I really like posting questions and I love twitter chats so much fun yeah, twitter can be fun to connect with people yeah in a really easy way yes and even for introverts because you can think about what you're going to say to the person and it's only one hundred forty characters so it's much easier it's really a good thing for first service based businesses it's not as helpful for product based businesses it's, an online social media platform for networking in one hundred and forty characters or less you khun read impose tweeds if you're a registered user so the pros and cons of connecting with your audience in one hundred forty characters or less it's easy to respond and update but sometimes it's hard to answer in one hundred forty characters, so while I really like it because I can easily respond to people, it also is sometimes difficult I'm writing them like four tweets in a row trying to get everything I can still in the shortest amount possible so it's sometimes difficult and then info goes by really quickly on twitter and therefore a lot of your people don't catch what you're saying so it's okay to schedule something to go out multiple times because your person probably doesn't see it most of the times so edgar versus hoot suite versus other scheduling platforms edgar is really user friendly and maya pan has a really pretty dashboard which I like its stores your content for you and you can just pick dates for you're content to go out and then it just chooses from your library and just picks out the content from your library which makes it so easy you don't have to go back in and reschedule things and who sweet I was having to I don't know if there's a way to do it but I was having to like copy and fit paste and reschedule something if I wanted it to go out more than one with edgar you just have your library of content and it just pulls from it and it's more expensive especially because hoot suite one of the options is free but for me the way that it cuts back on time it's a work that some popular topics on twitter some of the most popular topics are sports entrepreneurship, productivity success and health psychology and science and travel so if you fall into one of these categories, you're probably going to want to be using twitter the three r's reply retweet remain active if you do these three things you'll grow faster than most you have to be social you have to interact and this is what will make you successful on twitter replying, retweeting remaining active and it's a pretty simple formula so let's talk about what to post on twitter you're blond post titles in links what you're working on quotes blood post that you enjoy other people's blawg pulse that you enjoy retweeting what others are saying news small stories like bits of chunks of stories when we talked about the stories and that lesson and we talked about bite size stories this is where you can put some of those launch information testimonials, products, books, tools you love questions when I ask questions on twitter that's a great way to get people to engage with me you want sound bytes of information on twitter and then I like tio take multiple tweets from my block posts and put them into edgar so it's not just the title that's going out on a regular basis it's other things as well so what I do is I pull out the block post title and then maybe the first sentence of the block post if it makes sense and then other sentences that makes sense on their own that provoked curiosity and get people to click pulling out any senate is when you're reading through that you think who this woodwork on twitter use a comment tagged the commenter and always include a link to the block post you can use bit lead a short met you're new to twitter bentley khun b one of your best friends or pretty lynx is one that you can use with a wordpress site tip click through rates tend to be better on the weekend because less people are posting, so don't neglect squid scheduling tweets for the weekend lots of people think that they shouldn't schedule on the weekend, but because lots of people think that more people are clicking on the weekend that's a statistic that I ran across and thought need to include that one as well. Use click to tweet to create tweet a bles in your block post and maybe in your copy. Yeah, especially like them on, uh, sales page two. Yeah, and if you notice, I'm not really great at being concise. You you probably noticed that I talk a lot, but um uh every now and then after I've written a full block posed reference after I've written a full sails page, I'll go back in and I'll see maybe that doesn't need to be a headline, maybe that's a perfect little click to tweet and I end up getting two or three usually so that people can share for me. Does anybody not know what clique tweet is everybody now? Okay, so you go, teo, I believe it's click to tweet dot com and then you just put in the copy that you want to use just the sentence. The one hundred forty characters plus the link if you were linking to a block post or whatever and then you click a little button and it gives you the link to use and so when you go in and you put it in your block post you've got that sentence and then you can write right next to it click to tweet and just link that and so then when they click on that link it pops open the window with what you want them tweeting okay there's also a wordpress plug in so you don't have to do that you just hit the little bird in your do you know what that's called cooked a tweet and it's by cho schedule it's by cho schedule but it's free it's a free plug in off of her I actually prefer better click to tweet it's also a wordpress plug in and it lets you bit lee it it hooks to your piddly account and automatically bit lease your block post yes, thank you man actually product it's not click to tweet it's like if you highlight if your reader bought a boat there's a couple of different ones to do it but yes super cool a few highlight text like as a reader if I'm like oh that's cool sentence and I highlighted myself it pops up a tweet right it's crazy a pops up a little tweak his click on little bird then off it goes I will have fun so many did so what's your twitter strategy what's your strategy for twitter who are you trying to attract? What content are you sharing what's the goal for people who follow you and how are you getting them back to your website and signed up for your emails? You want to be sharing your content but you also want to be socials the same thing on any other platform does anybody really struggle with twitter? Yeah amanda creek tell me uh just I can't be concise hundred and forty characters is a little tio not enough for me I saw somebody do something really cool and because I'm the same with obviously here you figure uh but it might help you to is that they had um written out like a paragraph so it's not a blogger post because that's you know it's unrealistic but is like a short paragraph just a little bit too big for the one hundred forty characters and they screen shot at that and then posted as a picture of the text and then had just a little right and just had very, very clever and had like a little tiny teaser of it and then the link back to whatever and they actually it was somebody who was talking about and I don't know who it was so I can't give them credit because it was ages ago but they were talking about how statistically any time that they did that instead of writing something it was shared more often because it was an image and it was that like slightly unexpected a little bit of novel thing to see it that way yeah I mean just stand out as well they've seen out pretty much everywhere huh? Social media yeah also I think a lot of your block titles are less than one hundred forty characters so you can start with that and then talking to people who you feel comfortable talking teo connecting with them on twitter retweeting their stuff and kind of just hanging out with your people who you feel comfortable if we'll help you get into that flow and responding to them we'll help you in that way because you know when you respond to chris and you can't say everything you want to say she's going to be fine with it anybody else struggle with twitter my stuff is visual so really good an instagram really bad a twitter I know there's different ways tow you report your instagram pictures into twitter but I feel like that's not necessarily like twitter specific enough for me um part of my struggle might be because my block content isn't that great yet so I don't have a lot of like places to drive the twitter back tio we're fixing the block content thing for sure and then I think even just using your images and writing up a little caption on twitter because they will stand out because their photos I mean the tweets that I have that I have photos with they tend to get more traction so I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing to try and build it around some of revision als and see how? See what happens see how it works out and you brush letter quotes, quotes or super popular on twitter yeah, so I do I do tweet those yes and make sure they're going on like autopilot where they're going they are on buffer. Okay, perfect so buffer allows youto have content like a content library and it had allows me tio grab the image from my block post as well okay, perfect, perfect so I want to hear from you guys tweet me your biggest ah ha moment from this course so far since we're talking about twitter, I want to know what's the biggest haha you've had so far I would love to hear about it and I'm sure other people would love to hear about it too, especially since we're coming to the close of the course they would be able tio be reminded of some of the ah ha moments I think it would be really helpful and you want to remember that the goal is always to get followers back to your website and signed up for email newsletter send them toe, opt in landing pages, get it set up so they were going to your optimal landing pages and a tip for for writing tweets. Just like anything else is, start with what you've got, zoom and get detailed. Ask yourself, what does this really look like? What does this really mean? Because that's what's going to stand out, that's, what's gonna help it stand out from everything else that's in that feed, everything else that's in that feed who really rocks at twitter? You don't think you do, you have bad. What do you think makes makes it pretty good for you makes it really good for you? Um, well, for one thing, in my bio, I have, like something I've what was that? I either mentioned that I'm like totally geeky or that I'm a gamer girl? I don't rember which, maybe both, and so I get a lot of conversation struck up that way. People will connect and they're like, really, what do you read? I like lord aries. You like laura rings? Oh, yeah? What about doctor? Who, you know, we, like have all of these conversations about what our particular geeky bent is? And then the other thing is the twitter parties, those things are they they're crazy there's. They fly by so fast, but you make so many connections with them because you might throw out an answer to a question somebody's like, oh, that's totally me, too. And the next thing you know, you have, like, six people that have followed you just from that one question that you answered alone. Talk more about twitter pot parties, what are they and how do you get involved in weird? Okay, so there's tons of them, and they could be about all different kinds of things there used to be one that was like ah, hashtag mambas mondays and would be like every monday evening at seven pm, and they would have all different questions and some of them are sponsored like they had one that was sponsored by ups and was all about questions about how you handle shipping in your business and things like that, and they were giveaways and things like that, um, sits girls does a lot of them, so you confined ones under that sarah shots, um, has one that she does are that she follows that's ah, for makers, and I can't remember what it's called exactly remember they do one too, but there was a different one that's like on wednesday nights, I think, and it's specifically for makers. I wish I could remember what it is, but they ask all different kinds of questions, like, what kind of stuff do you make and what your process? And when you figure out what it is, tweet it what's your what's your handle on twitter so that people will be able to command to sue how alright are super easy to find perfect and so that grows you're following? Yeah, they ask questions, and they're all like q one question q to question, and then you answer back a one question, but you have to include the hashtag like so a one answer hashtag mambas mondays and then everybody who's following that thread you can just click on that hashtag and it'll pull up in twitter or you can make a special box for that twitter hashtag on hoot suite and follow it that way there's all different kinds of ways that you could do it but you really can't just do it right in the twitter on your browser and follow that hashtag and you can see like all of the people that are commenting and replying and you can go through and see all of their stuff and see what they're answering to yeah it can be really fun lots of anybody else done one of those no now did you really enjoy it the first time I did it uh it totally freaked me out really what is going on here so anybody who hasn't done it if you got like don't think that it's it's gonna it's gonna be okay don't forget it's scary at first because it seriously because it goes so fast you're like how do I even what we do and I think red was in it was maybe it was a creative live one actually and you're like it's okay chris she gave me she told me how there was like a it was really cute there was like um I don't know what it was it was some sort of uh plug in the kind of a thing what was it called? Yeah, we're not being in a long time ago, but there's something that you could go teo tweet show up just right in its own feet so you weren't like having to pick it out from all the rest if you sort of chance yeah, yeah a lot of the alternate jurors air doing tweet in the face but that's what you have to be in the o r feeling it'll show the whole every hashtag and it'll show it in real time to sew as people are answering, you can see them come up and you can reply to people in there too and that saved that made me feel less scared and it lets you know when people like mentioned you so you can you find one that I follow insistently I'll open up like I don't use hoot suite for most stuff I use edgar, but I'll open up hoot suite and I'll pull up one that has the hashtag in it and one that has retweets and one that has at mentions for me and so I can see where people are tagging me and stuff because it does fly by so fast that you might miss it so yeah, I can see like where people retweeted something I said, where people mentioned me specifically and then just the main threat itself smart, okay, all right, I'm gonna write that down webinar topping jimmy handed. Does anybody west? Do any of you have any questions about pinterest, twitter before we move on, everybody feeling good? All right, today's mission. Create your content strategy for pinterest and create your content strategy for twitter, use the hashtag bell live to share your biggest, ah ha moment from this boot camp so far on twitter, because I want to know what it is. I'm really excited to hear from you guys.

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This Boot camp came on the best moment. this is the best way to introduce the arid topic of marketing to creative people that really dread to deal with this part of their business. I am in the middle of creating my web site, brand, everything, and all the ideas and tips given here are going to make a real difference in the way I approach my tasks for the next few weeks. I find it so amazing that you and CreativeLive offer this course! It is an amazing, outstanding qualtity and even though we are in Lesson 5 I learnt so much already. I don`t want miss a minute of what is said and offered here. My view of Marketing changed already and is moving forward. I love the easy to swallow way of presenting all the topics. I am very visual so I love your presentation style and the level of detail you go into to make the course come alive. All the pictures and the color palette you use really make me feel welcome and happy to be here. I really appreciate the effort April puts into making this a comprehensive and engaging course. April & CreativeLive have been above and beyond generous in what you have provided for free for the ones seeing it LIVE, I just feel that the price of the 5-week course is an incredible deal and I am sure I will hit the buy button before this is over just because I want to see what more is in the rest of the material. Thank you very much CL and April, keep up the good work!!!

Denise Chakinis

I haven't completely finished the course but I have been working through the wonderful workbook. My time to listen is very limited but the book alone is worth the cost. I love April's spirit and openness to share so much information. I also love many of the things that she loves such as Anthropology candles. A beautiful person with a lot of knowledge to give. Once again Creative Live thank you for bringing such inspiring people to our world.

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