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The Transcription and One Person Methods

Lesson 14 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

The Transcription and One Person Methods

Lesson 14 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

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14. The Transcription and One Person Methods


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Lesson Info

The Transcription and One Person Methods

Theo with lesson twelve the transcription in one person method let's review what we went over and lesson eleven first lesson eleven was transformed ho hum writing to content worth reading and first we had chris to join us and talk about the writing process which was amazing you do not want to miss that we talked about what the friend test is and how to use it to get rid of robotic writing how to write with personality and how details transform writing and how when you put all of those pieces together make sure writing so much better and it makes the process easier doesn't make it easy because writing isn't easy but it makes it easier so now we're going to keep digging into writing and make our copy even better the objective of this is to write block post emails, social media updates and sales copy that actually sounds like you and connects with your ideal customer in an emotional way what you'll learn to techniques that will insure your writing is filled with personality what the trans...

cription method is and how to use it to create pieces of writing that sounds just like you what the one person method is and how to use it to create pieces of writing that connect with your ideal customer if you continue to write content that falls flat you'll continue to struggle to grow your following and convert your followers into customers and here's also the thing when you're putting out content that is or ing let's say boring, that isn't that filled with personality or details, your reader stop paying attention and they kind of tune you out, and that is absolutely what you do not want to happen. You do not want that to happen, you don't want them tuning you out when they get your email, you want them to open it up right away or when they I see you have a block post, you want them to read it right away, and so I know I've made mistakes in the past, and I can guarantee their email subscribers of mine that for a while I was putting out lazy writing one because I really didn't know better, and I didn't know how to make my writing better, and they probably stopped paying attention to what I was doing on a regular basis, and I lost them who knows if forever for a little while, but that happens off him. So you need writing techniques in your back pocket that you can use whenever you're feeling frustrated by the writing process. Whether that's writing a facebook update to promote your latest block post or writing a product description for your new jewelry line, this kind of stuff is nice when you're still struggling, because even when you have the tools. They're going to be days when it's still a huge struggle to get something done or it's that piece of writing like it you're about paige and you have a really hard time talking about yourself and your business in that way that personal way not knowing what to share what not to share knowing how to set it up all of that kind of stuff having these kinds of methods is going to help you when you've got that one piece of writing that you're still struggling with despite everything else so first we've got the transcription method this is something you should absolutely use if you're struggling all it is is you talk about whatever it is you're writing about instead of writing about it you talk about it you record yourself you record yourself when your smartphone you can record yourself on your computer or you talk with a friend you connect with somebody in the private facebook group you connect with one of the ladies in the studio audience and you say hey, I'm struggling to write about expires e can we hop on skype and you ask me some questions about ex wires e you'll get talking about it and you will say things and little pieces that are just golden nuggets will come out of it and you can start from that point and right around that that stuff and you are talking about it so you're going to sound like yourself and we actually did this I've already done this sort of with cindy I haven't shown her the after product yet, but what I did is I asked her some questions about herself because she was struggling with her about paige and then I took that and transformed the copy on the about paige and it's how I would write it but trying to be in cindy's voice and therefore you may still need to make some changes to it cindy but I think I've been able teo kind of transform it in a way that it feels like what you're about paige should be like so what we're going to do first is we're gonna pull up your about paige and you're going to come up here and join me come on up to the hot seat on if we can get cindy's about paige pulled up there we go okay, so here we have her about paige now and I'm just going to quickly read through it hi there I'm so glad you came to visit my name is cindy and I'm a mixed media artist I love creating happy quirky art thank you so much for being here with me on this creative journey journeys are always better with friends I agree with that one I have been doing something creative all my life even though my main creative thing is mixed media and are journaling I also love collage scrapbooking creative planners crafty sewing, decorating with vintage goodies, photography and graphic design I love using things in unexpected ways in my heart and in my home. I also believe everyone is creative and some way I truly believe creativity is good for the soul here at junk art, I hope to inspire you to be creative and try new things I hoped to encourage you to make time to create and make it a part of your life. Most of all, I hope to put a smile on your face by encouraging you to create so here the things that pop up for me with your about page, the first thing is that you want to talk about your business first and not yourself and that is always we think that we're supposed to talk about ourselves first because it's our about paige that's what most people d'oh but what you want to do is make as help people know that they're in the right place because you're about paige is one of the most popular pages on your web site, at least for most people. Check out your statistics and see if it's something that people are going to a lot people go to my about paige a ton and so what I want to do is I want them to know that they're in the right place so that's the very first thing you want to dio and then there are a lot of words that are used multiple times and that's because they're the words that you used, right? So it's easy to use them, okay, now we're going to now that we've seen that before, we're going to go back to the keynote, and I'm going to tell you a few things about what, what cindy said when I asked her questions about herself and about her business, so she talked about how sometimes people spend our women especially spend too much time on social media and then they don't have the time for creativity and taking time for themselves. She talked about if she spends five minutes in her art room slopping paint into her art journal that she's less stressed and I loved it. I loved the slopping the paint into the art journal that made me wake up and sit up yeah on the floor, everything you know, just yeah, and that sounds really good that makes me want to come over and play with you right? Then she talked about guilt have a feeling guilty when you are taking time for yourself with creativity. She talked about giving women permission to play, and there are a lot of times that you were talking about play and you talked about it not having to be that complicated, right, right, right you want to make it easier for people you talk about that, it's, just the fact that you took time for yourself and how good that can feel like you feel guilty about doing it beforehand. But once you've done it, it can feel really great that you took time for yourself getting over the judgment. We talked about that and how people really judge themselves when it comes to creating art, right? Thinking it has to be some kind of masterpiece. If you take that time to play or do art or anything creative, I had to get over this that you feel like it has to be perfect. It has to be something that you can immediately hang on your wall are jewelry. Where is the pink? You know anything but it's more about just taking time for yourself and giving your self permission to play? Yeah, exactly. And that's what you do for people that's, how you help people. Then when I make something for myself, I usually create something that I love and can sell. I also really loved this when she said that that when she does take time for herself and she's trying to make something just for herself, that it actually ends up being something that she really loves and that she could sell, and I think that would resonate with your ideal customer. And then talking about it, it's about the process of playing and creating and cindy said much more than this, but these were the things that I pulled out of it that really stuck out to me or that she talked about more than one, and so this I'm going to show you now how I put it together into copy taking the transcription method. So these are the things I pulled out of it and how I put it together in something that could look like cindy's about paige and you tell me what you think, it's a few slide, so you gotta hang in there with me, okay, imagine a light, playful feeling when you peel open your art journal, the paint crackling, the palms of your hands glistening with anticipation instead of from judgment and anxiety. I bet you're like a lot of other creative seeking women. You constantly tell yourself that you'll make time for it, but then you find yourself scrolling through facebook, shuffling your kids back and forth from football practice, though we mamas love to do it and scrambling to get a hot dinner on the table while shoving another load of laundry into the wash. It's eleven pm your eyes are begging to be shut as you slide into your flannel pajamas and you didn't even take twenty minutes for yourself so I wanted before we move on I want to point out a couple of things so I took out the playful feeling she talks a lot about art journaling she talked about social media so I said, what does this really look like? It looks like scrolling through facebook instead of just saying social media cindy's son plays football right? He does and so you've talked about going to his football practice and so I thought let's pull in some thing from her life that I know about her and that you really enjoy going and seeing your son playful teo and I'm going to miss a game tomorrow so that's okay oh and so I think that your ideal customer could really relate to this and it's starting to tell her am I in the right place? Where am I not in the right place is this me or not? And then I kept going you promise yourself that tomorrow you'll make time but that was about one thousand ninety five tomorrows ago and you said something like that when we were talking as well I understand you because I used to be you I used to feel a heavy sense of guilt pushing down on my shoulders when I take time for my own creativity my family is my everything and life revolves around them but I know that I'm a better mom, spouse and friend when I squirrel away even five minutes a day to slop paint into my art journal, I'm happier and you know what they say if mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy won't agree with on something amazing happens when you let go of the nagging guilt and allow yourself to play to create something just for you. When I create something for myself, I usually make art that I love and even better art that I can sell it's, the judgmental inner critic that causes us to pause and to doubt ourselves when we evict that little bugger from our creative time, we make art that we're proud of and that we want to share. I know it's, not that easy, but I've got lots of tips and tricks to get you started down a really fun, playful path. If you want a regular creative push, make sure you join the junk art family and sign up to get regular emails when you join, you'll get my finding your heart and soul print for free. You can download and print it immediately. All you have to do is put your name and email into the form below and, like magic confirmation email will head your way now that you're in the junk aren't inner circle I'm writing your permission slip a permission slip to play pull out your pains that air screaming for some action open your art journal, set a timer for twenty minutes so that you don't have to worry about the time and follow your instincts right for five minutes covered with paint doodle, stamp right some more, cover it with paint again, let go and enjoy the process and if you feel like you still need some inspiration, check out my top five most red block post adblock post here and then what I would do is have some space below that where you write about yourself and have a couple of paragraphs about you breaking it up with images, having some headings in there. But that tells people I'm in the right place. I connect to this person and I use so many of your phrases they pulled out so many of the things that you were saying and just put them together, it's about putting that puzzle together. What do you think? It's awesome, it's pretty much may I mean, you nailed it? Yeah, ready? Well, yes. So what do you guys think? Any thoughts? So I don't know if I'm her ideal client, except I don't have the kids and football games and stuff, but still the feeling that overall feeling that really I mean, I'm like but you're a busy person let's go yeah, I mean any business just yeah, permission to just send on exactly and that's the feeling that I get even though I don't have the kids and I don't go to football games and whatever else I still get that feeling and I'm like let's go I want to do it let's go right now well, I think any of us whether we have kids are you know, family or not we get we always we all have something busy going on and it's always that guilt feeling I'm giving ourselves time for ourselves and a lot of times it's writing are its painting or it's making jewelry just for us and that's where the magic happens when you actually give yourself permission to do it for yourself and to play and then you go well, I love that what you know and that was okay that I took twenty minutes to make art or whatever it is you do? Yes, it's a radio and I just want to point out a couple of more things before we move on let's go back a couple of slides here so one of the things I did pretty early on is I'm trying to get people to sign up to her email list and if they read past a certain point on your about paige they're excited, they're hooked, they're feeling it, especially if you're talking about them in your business, as opposed to talking about you. We always think we're supposed to talk about us on our about paige right away, but that's really not how to get people interested, they're wondering, am I in the right place? And you give him that, then they're they're yours. So if there's getting down to this point and they read that they're going to get a free print, they're probably gonna often, and you're probably going to get more female subscribers for that, and also, I'm giving a very specific call to action, and I'm trying to make it an emotional thing by saying joined the junk art family, and now that you're in the inner circle, I'm trying to really appeal to emotions in that way and make you feel like this is a family, you're going to come and play with me, and I'm giving you permission instead of just sign up for my emails or get my free print wording, and in a way, that makes it a little bit more of an emotional appeal, which I love that because it is exactly how I'm trying to, um, make myself site b is like a home for creatives to come and be a part of the family and it's, not just about selling my stuff it's about creek um connecting with crew other creatives it like today the same thing and share things and just make this is maybe a second wall home for them to come and do their art on and they have access to me to ask questions and yeah, yeah, exactly. So it works. It works so well and the reason that I was able to do this cindy, you would be able to do this. I kept asking the question what does this really look like? I tried to zoom and went in the very beginning I was working on the very beginning for a while. Imagine a light, playful feeling when you peel open your art journal the paint crackling thankfully, I know about this because I art journal and I know when you pee hell those pages in parts like this so it's, so satisfying yeah. And so just imagining that in my mind I was thinking this is exactly what would would kind of suck me and as a person who likes this kind of stuff and so I just kept asking myself, what does this really look like and how can I zoom in tighter and get those details so anybody can do this? I know that it I spent about an hour on this it took me at least an hour to take what she did and turn it into something but if I had had to start from scratch, it would've taken me much longer than an hour if I was starting from a place of I don't know is much than it really would have taken a lot longer so having all of those pieces from cindy slopping the paint that's still my favorite part of this entire thing is that your favorite part of the entire thing? Yeah, and that came out because I was asking her questions about why she does what she does and all of that kind of stuff and you can do the same thing all right let's give her a round of applause and thanks for hanging in through those slides. All right, now let's talk about the one person method the one person method is imagining one person in your mind and writing to that one person and we also often get really freaked out by this because we think we're gonna alienate a bunch of other people when we do this and in fact what we do is bring everybody in closer because even though amanda doesn't have kids, she still felt that because in my mind I was writing it to one person you could tell very clearly that I had one specific person in mind and that's who I was writing it to and even though a man does not exactly that person she connected with it in a way that if I had written it for everybody, she wouldn't have connected with it so that's the difference, so keeping one person in mind and writing to that person so ideally would be your ideal customer. So the problem, the profile that you wrote up in less than three, ideally it would be that person that you're right into, and if you have multiple ideal customer profiles and you can pull them out and switch it around and write to different people, you write more specific, emotionally focused copy when you're thinking of one person and it's the difference between an email saying something like you guys, are you all as opposed to just saying you and that changes coffee completely when somebody's reading it? And they think that they that you're talking just to them, I really do get emails all the time saying it feels like you wrote this just to me and it's, because I'm imagining one person, and I'm obviously not writing it to all of those different people, but it connects because of that reason. So I'm going to show you guys some examples of this. This is from angie's sales coffee I pulled this out, so the before is when the alarm clock rings on monday morning or any other day that you have. Toto work do you have an overwhelming feeling of dread and sadness? Do you sigh and roll your eyes when you think of getting ready for another day in a place you don't want to be? So I feel like this is getting really close, however stop something like or any other day that you have to goto work makes it feel like you're not you're not writing it to one person you're writing it to more than one person because your person is getting up on monday morning that's the person you have in your mind so you can leave out that other part so here's what I changed it to when the alarm blares on monday morning. Do you press this news button for the fifth time and pull your comforter over your face? Dreading the day ahead? Do you grown thinking of your boss's halitosis and the pile of uninspiring work on your desk? Yep, you've got a case of the monday blues you see how that changes things around and I'm really picturing one person in my mind and I'm thinking, oh my gosh she is does not want to go to work. She doesn't want to have to deal with her boss like hovering over her with horrible breath she doesn't want to deal with a pile of desk of the pile of work on her desk she what she hit that's news button over and over and over again in the morning. And it's, because I'm imagining one person I feel like when you wrote this part of your copy you were trying. Teo, get into your idol customers head. But I think you were thinking about a group as opposed to just one person. What do you think about that, angie? I was thinking collectively as a group and not just the one person. Yeah. And what do you think about when it's changed? Teo one person I love it because you can. Really you khun visually see the alarm going off and hitting it five times and pulling the comforter over your head groaning, rolling your eyes. I mean, it's, just so visual. Yeah, that has more of an impact. Yeah, yeah. So I'm imagining one person and I'm also zooming in really tight on asking myself again and again, I know you guys were sick of here of, of hearing me say this, but what does it really look like? What does it really mean? Because when you do that, it sounds like something that nobody else is saying. It sounds different and it wakes people up here's another example. This is from amanda creeks, facebook post her facebook post before wondering what to post it to instagram need to freshen up your web site with some new photographs I made a list of twenty must have photos for your creative biz read the list here and there was a link and this is what I changed it to after you already know what works an instagram pretty photos, but if it were that easy you'd already have twenty four thousand followers. The struggle is brainstorming fresh photo ideas that are business related because there are only so many times you composed a shot of your cat without becoming the crazy instagram cat lady. So I've done some of the work for you with my latest block post twenty must have photos for your creative biz are you talking about my picture? I didn't have you in mind just the tiniest bit thinking like I could imagine you thinking I can't post another photo of a cat I don't want to be the crazy cat lady, but you're not you do it in a really cute way that is fun, yeah that's being cute, but you don't want to be that person exactly, so I'm imagining one person I'm imagining the person who's thinking, I don't know what to post I always post pictures of my pets and I got even I zoomed and even closer what does that really look like a cat crazy cat lady and I made it into something that made you guys laugh how loud that's gonna wake you up if you see that on facebook and make you wanna click it so what do you guys think about these couple of examples is it something that you think you can dio do you guys have any questions about it? No. Okay, so who here is really struggling with with writing in general who here is really struggling with it and would like a little bit of it would like to come up to the hot seat and have a little bit of help everybody's putting down their hands patty patty you're the last one to put your hand out let's bring up the flip chart you have a seat right here, my dear. Thank you. All right, so what we're going to dio is you are just going teo imagine your ideal customer okay? And you're going to tell me specific things about her? Okay. Um so she's young like say twenty five to thirty two okay, one person oh, she's twenty eight okay, she's twenty eight um she loves anthropology. Okay. Uh harry potter she likes to be seen trendy but not over the top twenty sort of the current family's important to him she likes pretty stuff but not necessarily over the top really she's educated crafty likes to make stuff okay I want to get more specific with some of these things okay, what does this really look like? Harry potter oh, so um like is it so much so that she is so looking forward to going teo disneyworld where she can have the butterbeer oh could be sure. Okay all right, so we're getting really specific. All right? Tell me tell me more about family what does this really look like? So family so like family dinners would be important um family could mean um pets as well as children zoom in really close get really specific so she has a pet? What kind of pet does she have? Um probably dog I don't know why I wrote family again. I meant to write down dinner here we go. So dinners, you okay? She has a dog. What kind of dog is it? Big dog golden retriever we'll go. Okay. What's the dog's name buddy buddy. Okay, so this is something that I would pull out because you do the dog like scarves and knitting stuff. And so saying something like this would be perfect for your golden retriever buddy and even getting that specific and using that kind of language because even though her dog's name is not going to be buddy that's going to emotionally connect with her or talking about something to do with harry potter because you have a line of harry potter inspired scarves yes okay, so talking about going and sampling the butterbeer for anything like that are watching the harry potter movie for watching one of them specific get really specific for the eighteenth time okay and noticing something about her miami okay, those kinds of details are what's going to really pull her in and emotionally connect to her so we started with really general and then we started to get okay more specific, all right does that health yeah, this is hard for me you conduce I've never I thought about it quite like this. Yeah, you know it's always just sort of this broad generalized things so yeah this's yeah, you think you can with practice you think you so I'm gonna work on it for sure. Okay, I want you to keep asking yourself what does this really look like? Zoom in so when you say pet I want you to say what kind of pet okay what's the pet's name when you're talking about harry potter, what does that really look like that she loves harry potter? How invested is she? How many times has she watched the movies? All of that kind of stuff is really gonna appeal to her, ok, I can see that so it really paints the picture yeah, okay, yeah and think of just one person so you started out with an age range? Yes we're going tow. Just think of one person in this in this method, you want to just think of one person for this particular, all right, all right, thank you. You guys are awesome with these hot seat. Thank you. So today's mission is to use the transcription method to write your next block, post email or product description, and then use the one person method to write your next social media update. I didn't want to give you two big chunks of writing, so patty, you can use this information to write your next social media update something about golden retriever named buddy. Put that in there. Get people to one of your knitting patterns and see what happens.

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