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The Psychology of Marketing (a.k.a., what works and what doesn't)

Lesson 7 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

The Psychology of Marketing (a.k.a., what works and what doesn't)

Lesson 7 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

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7. The Psychology of Marketing (a.k.a., what works and what doesn't)


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Lesson Info

The Psychology of Marketing (a.k.a., what works and what doesn't)

We are in lesson five can you believe it? The psychology of marketing a k a what works and what doesn't before we pop until us in five let's talk about what we covered in lesson for which was make marketing fund so you actually do this stuff in that less than we talked about why you need to be taking marketing risks, why you should make decisions based on the business you want tohave, how to build relationships with other entrepreneurs without being creepy and marketing tips for introverts and those with day jobs and now we're going to talk about something that I find really funny. The objective of this lesson is to learn the basic fundamentals of psychology and marketing so that you can apply the ideas to your business and marketing strategies. What do you learn? How dopamine effects selling and growing you're following how to build trust with consistency, how to use the power of reciprocity and scarcity in your marketing and the questions you should be asking to get testimonials that...

convert into followers and customers because some testimonials work a lot better than other testimonial. So the questions that you shouldn't be asking if you don't know what has been proven to work you might waste your time on marketing strategies that don't work and when you're putting a lot of effort to grow your following and isn't working, you'll become frustrated and possibly give up there are lots of times when I talked to people who were at that a verge of giving up and we don't want you there, and I just want to say again that the leak, the first eight lessons are really foundational. We're building up to that point where we're going to start taking a lot of action, we gotta build the foundation time to get there, so we want to start out with this quote from unconscious branding, you're probably ninety nine point nine percent unaware of dopamine release, but you're probably ninety nine point nine percent driven by the information and emotion it conveys to other parts of the brain dopamine release occurs when you're introduced to something new. You imagine using a product or service so not even having the product or service, but just imagining the product or service something or someone breaks the pattern of what you were expecting to happen. So you're reading a block post or going along, and then william, somebody says something that you totally weren't expecting. You kind of wake up and get that release so let's talk about each of these a bit more, and I put a little perfume model appear because I think about when I'm buying perfume. I feel like I get this happiness feeling just thinking about getting the perfume and what it might smell like and how my husband might say, oh baby smell so nice it's so it makes me happy just to think about it when we're introduced to something new our brains release dopamine example of this the of a business that does this really well is apple they release new products and the product that they release is often similar to one that you have already had but there are new pieces to it and it gets so exciting for people who are loyal raving apple customers that they go and stand in line for hours or days to get their new apple product and it's because it's new I gotta have the latest thing I've gotta have I gotta have the newest product so how do you introduce your followers to new things? This is workbook page forty eight example product or service launch teaching different ways of looking at something learning something how do you introduce your followers to new things and thinking about how you really use this? Well apple has that lead up of releasing a product they get people excited how are you doing that with in your business? How are you helping people toe learn something and new if you teach you do this regularly and actually have an example from a student in here anybody recognize this this's from olivia it's from her instagram and I just wanted to show how she uses instagram to teach and sell without feeling super sale z she shows an example of her brush letter practice guide and how to use it so that people can see oh, this is how I will use this this is how you will make this letter and she doesn't really well she is the master of this you're so good at this thanks guys it actually it feels fun because the videos are just owns doing my thing it doesn't feel sales e it feels like this is how I'm like doing the lettering and then by the way, if you want to buy the thing I'm showing you here is the link yeah, exactly exactly that's what works really really well that's why it feels good it feels good to you, but I bet it also feels really good to the people following you I know for me I bought your guide because I want to learn how to do this and you're the person on instagram for me that showing this and so of course you were the one who I was going to buy something like that from I mean, there might be other ones out there I don't know because I'm paying attention to you because you're teaching it and I'm learning something new just from a short instagram clip which feels really good for the people who are following possible. Yeah, watch it happening and it's like that looks like it's an enjoyable thing that I could do. Yeah, I see it it's happening in front of my eyes. It's exactly don't be mean can be released just from imagining. Using a product or service, I get happier thinking about buying a new candle my husband is is here watching this right now and he's probably gonna want to strangle me because I recently bought a ninety dollars candle and he flipped out. He was like, put assess and nineteen I've never even heard of the ninety dollars candle I said, doesn't the house smell so good? He's that's not the point e thought it was quite funny, though, but just thinking about getting a new candle and what the smell that it's going to release in our house and how it's, how people who come over are going to say what smells so good and all of that kind of staff that just in and of itself makes me happy, it's just thinking about the candle and then when I get in the mail, of course I also am happy. Another example of this is if I watch a youtube tutorial on some sort of hairstyle just watching the tutorial gets me excited to try it out and makes me happy and makes me want to keep watching this person and learning from this person so how do you create this for your prospects? How do you help your prospects imagine that they're using your product or service olivia does this very well does anybody else do this? You helped them imagine um I think lately through periscope just showing them how I do my art journaling and letting my customers get a feel of how I work and I'm working alive and I'm messing up and uh you know so whenever you work and art you're not always gonna be a perfect and and so I think it's relatable to them because they were like oh well, she messed up and that's how she used that product in a different way but she you know, fixed it down the road and there's really no mess up to doing art darling it's it's just playing and having fun and I think that's important to show people that that's really what it isjust to give your self permission to play with it. Do you ever get nervous when you when you do something in your life? This is not what I wanted it to be like? You know, I haven't, um during the art darling because I've created several art journal pages live on periscope and I really haven't I don't know why I think it's just because it's just I felt so comfortable doing it and that's just how I work normally in my studio so you're in your zone I'm in my zone yes dopamine is released when someone breaks the pattern of what you're expecting so what if I like just break a move but southern right? Not like everybody is sitting out paying attention right now because I just like a busted a move, right? This photo is an example of this I wanted to break the pattern of what people are expecting so that when I share this on social media, people pay attention, they see it and they're like, what is this? Because I'm doing a crazy face and I've got confetti and it's something different than what people are expecting to see another example of this and the reason I actually did like bust a move just there is because somebody who does this really really well is hillary rushford anybody who knows hillary rushford, she does these dean street dance break and she'll do them when she hits a certain number of followers and in the beginning when she was first doing them, I was like, this crazy girl is a dancing on instagram and she's good at it, but well, I don't think I have the nerve to do something like that and it made me pay attention and x cited and I wanted more people to follow her because I wanted her to do more dance parties and celebrations and every time she does it it's so silly but if she puts on periscope that she's doing a dance break, I'm ok I'm there yes and I'm just watching her dad's because it's something different it's something new so people pay attention it stands out among everything else that's out there so you don't want to do this in negative ways though, so for instance, if you sell jewelry, you could very easily say my I make my jewelry out of rusted chains that are following apart and that will only last two days of course people are going to pay attention to that it's going to break the pattern but not a good way going to be a very bad way, so you always want to do it in a positive way. So how are you currently breaking the pattern of what people are expecting and how can you do more of this? How can you wake people up, get them to pay attention? We're going to talk about this, especially in writing how you can do it because a lot of times we get in this rut of just saying the first thing or writing the first thing that comes to mind and that doesn't break the pattern or saying what other people are saying because not because other people are saying it, but because it's one of the easier things to say it's hard work to break the pattern, not when you bust a move which looks ridiculous, no that's not hard to dio, but when you're doing it professionally and in your coffee and things like that it's difficult to dio does anybody have a really good example of this, either from their own businesses or from other businesses that really break the pattern? How I do this? I've had a lot of people tell me that one of the reasons that they like connecting with me is because I'm very open about what it's like being a mom entrepreneur um a lot of people kind of paint this picture of like, oh, they're kids only eat healthy food and they don't watch tv and they loved what of what? And in my copy, like of crack jokes about leaving your coffee cup in the microwave for the sixth time like you keep warming it up and then you get back to work and you forget about it no my god it's still in the microwave and you go back and you re heat it again and your kid is singing let it go from frozen for the eighteenth time you're about to tear your hair out like I'm really open like, yeah it's not all cupcakes and sunshine and roses and whatever being a mall montagnard but it's worth it because of this um and I've had a lot of people tell me that that's why they like connecting with me because I'm not painting this rosie weird picture of what it's like working with kids in the house my husband leaves his coffee cup in the microwave times and we don't have kids he doesn't have an extensive that was like the number one thing on my page that people kept messaging me and going, oh my god that's so me like even my mom was like, I do that with my tea yeah, I wake up so many mornings because my husband gets up earlier than me and I find his coffee that he hadn't he didn't even have in the microwave he's already at work and I will call him and be like, this is so sad this is so sad, so yes, that would make me pay attention also because I would relate to it people relate to that now and so you're saying things in a unique way but also something that people can relate teo yes when hillary is doing her dance breaks, I want to get up and dance with her I relate to that I relate to the fact that I take dance breaks during the day because I I have a hard time working out really hard for really long periods of time, so taking a dance break is something I do already, so when I saw that she was doing it this's my girl, I love her, I wanna hang out with her, I want to be best friends with her, so another thing that you want to do is be consistent to build trust one of the things our brains are always doing there, looking for inconsistencies there, looking even though I already talked about when people come to you, they really want you to be the answer, they want you to be the right person. However we've been conditioned over time don't eat the poisonous berries that if something is inconsistent, our brains pay attention to that and our bodies release quarters all toe warn us, and so it feels like something isn't right here, so you always want to be yourself. You always want to be honest and trust it's, hard to build and easy to lose anybody who's watching I say tweet that because it's so important to remember so inconsistencies at any point in time, we're going to talk about being consistent with all types of things, like when you're sending out your email when you're blogging, updating social media now you can't be consistent all the time you're human and things happen and you get sick or your kids get sick or life is falling apart. You have a family member with an emergency, you know things happen, but when you can, consistency is going to be your best friend. If you khun blawg every week on the same day you're going to build trust just by doing that. Even if the content isn't amazing, it should be amazing. We're gonna talk about how to make it amazing, but if you blogged every day or every week on the same day you're going to build up trust with your readers, they're going to feel like I can come back in see a new post each time it's person isn't going anywhere it's unlike the sights when you get there and they haven't blogged for three months, it's and you're thinking where's, this person, should I really buy from this person? Because they seemed to have disappeared from the earth? So you want to be consistent in all things, and if you have a brick and mortar store, a lot of people who have brick and mortar don't necessarily follow me because I talk about online stuff, but just a quick tip. If you d'oh, make sure the scent is consistent. The scent of the store so burned the same candles or whatever it is anthropology has the same scent every single time I walk in and like heaven to april on my husband is thinking get me out of here that's into him is probably the worst than ever he's like my bank account is taking a huge hit today but be consistent and all things look at all of the details of your business and c where you're lacking consistency we're going to talk about this when we talk about web sites we're going to talk about being consistent with your website your fonts in your colors have a really hard time with us I need to have a sit down with amanda about being consistent with fonts and colors because I love fons and colors like these air not my fonts it in colors but this is for something specific on another one side so I feel ok about that but regularly you want to be consistent in all things so look at all of those details and people want to be consistent so use this once someone makes the snap judgment on whether or not she likes your brander block post she's going to look for reasons to back that up so if she gets there she says this website is unprofessional she's just going to keep looking for reasons why it's unprofessional it's really hard to change her mind at that point in time she starts to read a block post, and she thinks I don't like this person she's going to keep looking for reasons why she doesn't like this person, as opposed to trying to figure out a way to like you, we want to be consistent. Once customers become diehard fans, they'll often stay loyal forever. Even when you make mistakes. I have made mistakes and people who are loyal customers of mine, even if it's a mistake with them, they're like, I have sent you three e mails, and I'm like, oh, man, I'm sorry, I feel really horrible about that, they're still with me, and they're okay with it because they've already become a consistent, loyal customer, and they know that I'm gonna be there maybe just a little bit later than expected. Get your customer involved by asking questions or fill in the blanks for having survey on your site. This gets them involved with your brand, and it makes them want to continue to be consistent. So at the top of a block post, if you have a custom that they have to answer and let's say they answer yes to it, and then you're helping them with that thing like, do you want a web side that brings in thousands of new people every day? Yes, well, I'm going to show you how they're gonna want to keep reading because they've already answered yes to that question survey khun do the same thing, it makes them feel invested in whatever it is you're doing or a fill in the blank if you have people fill in the blanks. So money, who does this really well? Is amy porterfield? She had a webinar and she had a some sort of workbook to go with it, and it was fill in the blanks, and what you wanted to do is you wanted to get on that levin are because you wanted to be able to fill in those blanks, and then once you start, you want to stick with the webinar because you want to keep going. So it's really a good tool to use to keep get people involved right away, okay, use pre suppositions instead of saying, if you buy this necklace, your girlfriends will what will envy you say, what will your girlfriend say when you wear this necklace to brunch? Because then there, imagining one of my girlfriends going to say when I wear this necklace to brunch instead of if you buy this necklace, you take that out of your vocabulary don't say if you read this block post, say, read this block post for deduct a doctor that I had to change this for myself, I learned this that this works really well and it has it makes it so that people click on when I send them an email and I give them the introduction to a block post. I used to say if you want to keep reading, click here and I changed that teo, click here to keep reading and you you know what? My clicks went up it's a little thing, but it matters it's just a little thing, but when you give somebody a direct like this is what you're going to dio, they're much more likely to follow it, and they've already gotten to that point in the email they probably want to click here. Sometimes people are probably thinking paula do it later, but the click here to keep reading gets them just a little closer to doing it doesn't work for everybody. Obviously we have to have our own minds, but it's, if you're already there in digging what I've got to say it's going to be more likely that you're going to do it instead of saying if you registered for this course, you'll make more money and double your online following say how much more money will you make when you double your online following? So for this is an example for this course in particular, I could say how much more money will you make when you double your online following as opposed to putting in if so, words that worked really well for this are clearly obviously evidently I'm sure, you know, everybody knows because when you read something like, I'm sure you know, then you're going to be thinking, this is the truth now here's the thing this is where things can get sticky is when you use this for things that really aren't true or you don't really know that's the wind marketers cross the line into manipulation and horrible things, so instead you want to use this for stuff that really is true and the stuff like click here to keep reading that's that's not manipulation that's just getting your people to click and keep ringing. But clearly obviously evidently I'm sure you know, use that when it's true, I could say I'm sure you know blogging is a great way to market your business, right? Blogging is a great way to market your business whether or not you want to do it that's another thing, but it's a great way and we'll talk about this in less than fourteen as well on writing sales pages and how to use this within yourselves pictures all right, the power of reciprocity, power of reciprocity I love the power reciprocity because when you were given something for free, then you want to give back to that person in some way when I receive even a thank you note from somebody that is saying thank you so much for everything you've done in the mail, I immediately want to give back it's like, okay, I immediately want to contact the person and think them back for thinking me and sending me that note what you see is silly but it's true or think about have you ever gone to a wine tasting and not bought a bottle of wine and how you feel guilty if you don't buy a bottle of wine? Yeah, you feel you've had all of the you've tasted all of these different wines, especially for goto a winery and then you don't buy you feel this twinge of like I'm supposed to buy or at the grocery store when you get a sample, you feel a little bit you want the sample and you eat it and that's less less guilt that you feel a little bit guilty when you walk away and the persons looking at you like, don't you want to buy my thing and you're like, thank you see you later, but there's, that guilt there. So how do you build free value into your business? Because when you build free value into your business, people are gonna want to buy from you again with olivia, she builds that free value by showing those tutorials for free showing her worksheets for free and how you do it and then saying you can come and buy it it makes me want to only buy from her and not even look to see if there are other options so how do you build free value into your business and this is in your workbook on page forty nine I try to give free value constantly every block post I write I try to give really great value and that's why people keep coming back to me because they know that I know what I'm talking about because I'm giving away so much for free people always say, well, what do I give away for free and what do I hold back so give it for free give your best stuff for free and people will buy I truly truly believe that I believe that giving this entire workbook for free instead of making it for that you have to buy in order to get it or giving, you know, three lessons so you get a little bad and then you have to buy to get the rest. I truly believe that giving this for free will get more people to buy the course then less because you feel invested because you're like this work looks amazing I have to go through all of these lessons if I miss a lesson I need to buy it so that I could go through the lesson right, so if this stuff really does work and you're doing something good, so this should feel good when you're giving away value for free, it is not one of those icky marketing tactics it's something that feels really good to help people. I have people emailed me saying, just from your free stuff, I've been able to do x wires a I've been able to increase my income by twenty percent I was able to get my first sale, I haven't bought anything from you, and I've already got my first sale, and then the next line is usually like, and now I just bought your marketing for creative e book, and I can't wait to dig it. I know you guys give away free stuff, so have you always felt that way? I mean, as far as that as soon as you started your business because, you know, sometimes you're doing all this investing, you know, sometimes out of your own pocket, when you feel like you need something to come in and then you can you struggle a little bit about how much free value to give my giving away too much. I mean, how did you have you always felt that way as faras like giving away that so that is a really good point, especially because there are some lines that I am not going to cross for instance, somebody wants a one on one consulting session from me. They're going to pay for it. I cannot give away my time for free it's not something that I can dio I continue to my blawg where you can get lots of free value, but I can't sit down with you one on one and spend sixty minutes because that's time that I am creating things for my business and getting paid, I've gotta put I gotta put food on the table just like everybody else, and so people do email me saying, can you look at my web site? I get this a lot. Can you look at my website and tell me what I'm doing wrong and that my response to that is unfortunately, no, I cannot look at your website and tell you what you're doing wrong because this is something that people pay me for, and I will spend this much time because I can't just glance at it and what I usually do is I will glance for maybe a second and say that number one thing that pops out to me is this. Unfortunately, I can't go any further than that because I would spend about forty five, sixty minutes. And I can't do that for everybody who emails me. I get about this many emails every week asking for the same thing if you want more help on this, this is where you can get it, and I point people to that, so there's a balance you have tio give away value while also charging for things that you need to be charging for does that home, right? So I see for your time for me to sit down someone one on one, but the value that they can receive is from your blog's your detailed against cornerstone pieces of block, how they go in, they can learn something that they want something further, then that's where they would have to pay yeah, or when somebody's watching this live, they can watch it for free, with how my butt, because often you miss out on pieces if you don't buy so many people will buy that it makes up for the people who really can't afford it and can get so much out of watching it for free. So there's that balance for me? And I don't feel bad at all when people will watch this course and not buy it, and that doesn't hurt my feelings, and in fact, I feel excited for them that they can get this content because it balance out with all of the people who they can't watch it during that time or they really want to go back through it or they found it so valuable that they want to invest in it so it it works, it works for me, so you have to also think about what is it specifically and how does this work for me and what can I give away for free? So blawg material your freebie opt in and then pointing people to that when they come to you and they say, can you help me with this? You can say, well, here is where you can sign up for my consulting services or my group program and if you want, if you want just a taste, you can check out this block post that I wrote on this this will help you and get you started so you can give them a little something while telling them if you want this, you have to my okay, thank you. I think I think that's really awesome of blogging is that you can build a library of that and like, and when I first started my business, I was giving away the most because I was building that library and I looked at, you know, the the writing process, we're gonna talk about the things that I really feel like people need to know that will help him the most and I wrote as much as I could about that and I gave free principles of that and they've built up the library so if somebody contacts me and wants to have that one on one but they can't afford it right now and they need that information I can send them there and it's ready for them already it's just like a perfect archive of the stuff that you've already built and you just keep building it so you have more and more there and I guarantee so chris is teaching a segment on the writing process with us I guarantee she's going to make money from that? I guarantee it I'm certain of it I'm certain people are going to see how amazing she is and they're gonna go to her website they're going to sign it first up they're gonna want more chris thirty minutes of chris is not gonna be enough to know that we owe people we're going to need more and it's going to make sense so she's coming up here teaching a thirty minute segment for free but so much is going to come out of that I guarantee it because she's awesome michelle, did you have something to do because I sell a product so I mean I do have an opt in where you can get a download of our three downloadable inspirational prince I can't really give that much away for free okay, so you're often also is the thirty percent is it ten percent or thirty prison fifteen percent off okay fifteen percent that is enough ok, that is giving away free value they're getting something out of it that is enough then also, um you still have blawg content and stuff like that that you give away for free that people are gonna want to come back and buy from you because they are in your world they're reading your blogger on a regular basis so it's not that content is one of those things that anybody can d'oh, whether your product based business or a service based business and not necessarily not teaching them how to do what you do but thinking about who's my person and how can I help her even more right? And if you do that that's the part that's going teo get her excited and wanting to buy for me. Ok? Like the fact that you sent me that necklace I know you can't do that for everybody you can't send everybody free jewelry I wish I could I really dio I know I know ugo, but that makes me want to come to you and get christmas presents that makes me you know what I'm saying and so that kind of thing even though you can't do it all the time it's another example of how it makes it makes me not just because I want to give back because it was so such an amazing gift it really was like I was I had tears in my eyes from it but also because it's something that I love and I feel special with it so then I want to make other people feel special so there are all these different pieces to that as well. Okay, thanks. I'm kind of having an ah ha moment here because I give a free pair of earrings with every order but I don't have that anywhere on my site I don't even know e no get on that I love it, I love it and that makes people want to buy bonuses or one of those things and that's gonna feel like a bonus makes people want to buy I will buy things take from let's see, I'm trying to think of a recent example I can't think of a reason oh, I know, I know okay, I bought a bandeau I think you say the company bando so how you pronounce it? Okay? They have these planners. I bought a planner because I got the stickers with it and I wasn't thinking I was gonna buy this planner and then I saw the stickers were going to come with it and I was like, that's my planner, I'm getting not planner and so people love bonuses it gets them over that hump of why I should buy now people for casting and we're going to talk about that it gives them a reason to buy now how do you reward loyal customers? Loyalty programs work really well because people want to be in the know they want to be in your inner circle an example of this for me is that I am a sephora vibe member and I feel really special because I'm in like the sephora inner circle and when I go in there and when I'm checking out they say see that I'm a vibe they go above and beyond I can tell they're like oh, we have these free samples of this would you like this? Can we help you with anything else? Would you like a free makeover? I mean they go above and beyond and it makes me feel really special and it's because I invest in their company they can't do that for everybody I mean they give free samples to everybody but they can't go above and beyond for everybody they have to have those loyal customers that they do that with but that's why when I'm ordering any kind of new makeup I go to sephora first and see if they have it and if they don't have it I go somewhere else but they're always the first place I go and it's because they treat me really well and one of the things that I tried to do for my customers is make them feel really special one of the things I've started doing is sending out cards every month and I can on lee takes me forever usually because I like to decorate the envelopes and I like to think I could send out a lot more but for those of you who have received them and have received like when I decorate the envelopes I don't do it every day time that I try um send out about three of three to five of them a month and I'm hoping that the people that get them feel like I must be important to her since she's sending me a card for really no reason it's like a no reason card or if I see somebody that's having a launch and I remember to send them something that could make them feel special and like they're a part of the blacksburg bell in her family inner circle let's talk about the principle of scarcity so the principle of scarcity is when there is a possibility of missing out if you don't act so order by blink to get blank for the holiday that is a form of scarcity so yuk I can't guarantee that you're going to get my product unless you order by december so and so and that helps because it pushes people over the edge to by now ah, limited number of items. So if you make jewelry and you only have a certain amount of beads for whatever it is and you made ten necklaces, will, once those ten necklaces are gone, they're gone. If you have a service based business and you do one on one or website design, you khun on lee, do that with so many clients, and so if you let people know I have this many opening still it's much more likely that they're going to buy now, then wait for later, so when you go to a sales page and you see on ly two spots available until twenty sixteen, I'm going to be much more likely to contact you and say, can we work together? If I'm interested, then if it doesn't say something like that and I don't know because I'm just thinking I consign up whenever I want now the one thing about the principle of scarcity is he never want to make this stuff up. You really never want to make this stuff up, and this is on page forty nine if anybody's looking for it in their workbooks and it also pertains to marketing campaigns so you could make a webinar replay available for only a certain period of time and that's free content. If you have a free webinar and it's only available to your people for forty eight hours, more people are gonna watch it because lots of times what people will say is all I'll watch that later. I'll watch that when I have time, I'll watch that next week and then we never do it. We never get around to doing it so you could do this with your free stuff to get people more likely to act or having a limited number of seats in a webinar, getting them to sign up saying I only have one hundred seats in this webinar cause some platform's you have a limited number of people who conjoined, so you never never want to make this stuff up. If you heard on a platform where is many people as possible conjoined, you don't want to say that there are only a hundred seats, but you want to say it when it makes sense when it's true, when I do one on one consulting, I really can only do it with a certain amount of people and that's it. And when I was telling people to sign up and apply to be in the studio audience, I was saying there are a limited number of spot. Because there's a limited space in here, we can only put so many people in this space and so letting people know that is going to get them to act sooner rather than later. So how did you incorporate the principle of scarcity when selling digital products that their unlimited downloads? Okay, so one way I've done that before is increasing the price. My first round of marketing for creatives, and I know you're increasing your price already did already did awesome. Um, my first round it was, I believe, twenty two dollars, and then I was taking it off of the market to revamp it and add more to it. And then it went up to twenty nine dollars, and so I said, if you want to get it now while it's twenty two dollars and there was a huge bump in sales when I sent out that email so something like that can work. Or, um, what else have I tried with digital products? Well, with courses and things like that that are limited time, another way you can do it is have limited time bonuses. So for the next two weeks, if you buy this product, you also get this, and that could just be a couple extra work sheets for you, and it goes away after two weeks, or it could be for the next weak you also get access to this tutorial that I put together this sixty minute tutorial that works through all of the pages giving extra value but it's only for a limited number of well limited time those air ways you can do it. I wanted to talk about the xerox experiment people standing in line to use the copier where thirty four percent more likely to let someone cut in front of them even when the reason was just because I have to make more copies even when it was just I have to make copies I have to make more copies. Can I please cut in front of you? Thirty four percent were likely they let them do it just because they had a reason so provide reasons and give explanations whenever necessary what? And try to give reasons whenever possible why should they by now so I could say for this course by this course today because you'll double your followers by the end of october. Well, no matter when you buy the course you could double your followers within the next five weeks. But I'm saying it's important for you to do it now so that by the end of october you can have doubled your followers so it gets people to think, well, maybe I should invest in the course now rather than later so that I can get more followers I could say by this of course now so you double your followers before the holiday and all the holiday sales come in give people a reason reframe high prices. If you're selling a program for nine hundred and ninety seven dollars a year, break it down to less than two, seventy five a day, two dollars and seventy five cents a day and you can say that you conjoined my program for the same amount you spend on your morning lot, eh makes it easier to spend when you say my stuff is nine hundred ninety seven dollars that's ah oh, how feels like a lot, but when you tell them it's the same amount of your morning lotte, if you break it up over a year, feels very easy to say yes to something like that. I could say you'll pay off this course over the next five weeks with only five dollars and eighty cents a day or over the next year with fifty five cents a day. If you break it down fifty five cents is pocket change, you can do it right. It makes it easier to spend the money, so if you have high prices, reframed them in a way that people can swallow it easier, too many choices. There was a jam experiment where reacher researchers set up in a gourmet food store and they set out twenty four flavors of jam they did that and then they put the twenty four flavors away and then they set out six flavors of jam well, more people came to the table when they had twenty four flavors of jam because it probably looked a little bit more exciting however on ly three percent of people bought when there were twenty four jars thirty percent bought when there were six jars because it was too overwhelming there were too many flavors he couldn't taste the mall they didn't know which one to pick but I like this one and I like this one s so I'll decide later it was too overwhelming so do you have is your is your shop set up in a way that there are too many choices now if you have a product based business and you have lots of products the way you get around this is you don't want to have the same product let's say the same bracelet in twelve different colors you maybe have the same bracelet in three different colors that doesn't mean that you don't have lots and lots of bracelets but it's when it gets so similar that it becomes hard for people to choose. So if you have the same type of knitting pattern in, say, thirty different dating patterns that have their seemed very similar it's going to be harder for people to choose if you have five it's gonna be a lot easier an example for me for this has anybody got into forever twenty one and been so overwhelmed that you just walk out because there's just so much it's just so much that it feels overwhelming now young people when I was young I could go in that store and just shop until I drop but now I get really overwhelmed no, of course I'm probably getting out of their target market which makes me sad but it's feels really overwhelming and I remember I had gone I go shopping with my mom all the time as we love shopping together when we go into forever twenty one she's like I can't even look at us yeah yeah my daughter that she shops there and I did the same thing I'm like oh my gosh there's just too many things and you're unhappy in chief and does the same thing innit it's her store she has to where she is just so overwhelmed she's like mom just let's just go okay? I've been shopping in there with my husband hook it so irritated I will have picked out we have been in there for an hour I've got all these things that I've picked out to try on there's still half the store left so I'm like I can't I don't want to do this anymore let's go he's like we're no we're going to the dressing room you're trying this stuff online we're buying mess we're getting this social proof we want other people we want, what other people want, and half how often do you read reviews before buying your customers? Do it, tio they do it too. When a brand has been featured somewhere credible, we find that brand more credible entrusted. So when I say something like I have been featured in where women create as one of the top twenty inspirational and educational blog's, you find me more credible, especially people who don't know anything about me. I say that and their pay attention a little bit more. So how can you use this to your advantage if your featured somewhere you want to make sure people know about it? You want to have that on your website, you want to talk about it included in your next email newsletter just has an update send people the link to the block post where somebody said something really great about you and it used reviews were going to keep talking about this don't worry testimonials that worked best first it's from someone you know and trust. So when you go into a website and on facebook how they have it, so it'll say, like twenty five of your friends already like this, that makes you want to like it more when you see the other people who, you know like it it's more trusted, or if a celebrity has endorsed something, it becomes more trusted than everybody runs out and buys it. Most of us can't get a celebrity ten door saar products, which is ok next you want someone who you can relate, teo, a picture of the person really helps when I am on sephora, and I'm looking for something I always read reviews always, and if it's somebody who has a similar issue to me, so if they have combination skin, I pay attention more to that review, then somebody who doesn't have the same type of skin is me, or if they're in my same age range, I pay more attention to that to those type of reviews, so you want to make sure you have reviews from your ideal customers from people who are like the people they're trying to attract. You might be able to get reviews from other people outside of that because they were going to be other people outside of, like your ideal customer target market bubble who buy from you, but those aren't the reviews to really put up front and center. If you have lots of reviews, they go towards the bottom and then linked to where that person can be found online, if you don't have a picture of the person having a picture beside their testimonial makes him feel really if you don't if you can link to where you can find the person online, it makes it feel like it's a real person and not something that you just made up so the testimonials I used earlier in the course I used people from this studio audience because everybody can see that you're really I'm talking about you and pointing to you and they know it came from a real person that I didn't just say susan queues as I'm amazing and so you should pay attention to what I have to say so linc, if she has a blogger if she has a twitter page if she has an instagram account facebook wherever if you can find her online if you can't it's ok khun still use it but it instills more trust if you've got a link so here are the testimonial questions these are similar to your interview questions but the's air what work really well to get really good testimonials and some of you might remember when I was asking for your feedback for this course and I said, hey, I'm going to use it as testimonials within the course these were kind of questions I sent out I didn't say did you have the tape before buying but I said, what do you like most about working with me? Would you recommend me to a friend? If so, why? Because that's when you get the good stuff not when you're just did you like the product? Was everything okay? So what did you like most about buying my product? About my product or service? Would you recommend my product or service to a friend? If yes, why? What would you say to your friend getting that language right there? What would you say? Say to your friend, did you hesitate before buying? If so, what made you hesitate? And what did you decide to buy? Why did you decide about that last one? Almost every time gets me the best testimonials. I don't know why what it is about that question, but that question works really, really well, why did you decide to buy it's? Usually because I bought this before, and I loved this, and this was on your sales, paige and I trust this, and then they'll say something like it was worth it. I got this and this and this out of it, it was worth it. I'm glad I decided to do it, even though I hesitated and most people hesitate your die hard people, maybe not, but most people hesitate, and even your loyal customers will hesitate. I know some of you, you're my loyal customers, I know some of you hesitated before coming to creative live, and so knowing the hat reason one is going to get you a really good testimonials, but to it's going to help you write your sales copy because whatever they hesitated about, they're going to be ten other people who have had the same hesitation and didn't buy, so what you want to do is address it in your sales copy if you haven't already today's mission today's mission is all about testimonials because they work so well they worked so so, so well at a testimonial to your web site near your often on your about paige on your side bar anywhere, anywhere on your website you wanna add it? Add a testimonial on three testimonials to your last product description or sales page if you don't have any collect them, get them from people don't feel bad you're you're happy customers will want to tell you why they like your stuff, they'll feel excited and included don't feel bad you're not bothering them. When I sent that into the facebook group, I'm sure some of you were happy to tell me what you liked about me, why you chose this course, what it's like to be in the studio audience? It wasn't like, oh, I can't believe she's asking for thus right? We think that our people are going to be like that, we think that they're going to get annoyed with us and they don't schedule five of your best testimonials for social media twitter, facebook, instagram over the next five weeks if you do this, I bet you will have an increase in sales just from doing that. Every time I share a testimonial on social media, I get sales now my social media following has grown I don't have the largest social media following by any stretch of the imagination, but it has grown but even with small amounts of social media followers, if you share testimonial and where people can buy the product, you will increase your sales and somebody who does this really well? Is daniel spurge from the merryweather counsel. If you check out her instagram, I do not know her instagram handle off can I believe it's merryweather council or the merryweather counsel? But if you look her up daniel spurge s p u r g e look at her instagram and look at the testimonials she shares she will just write it up and use that is the image tell people where they can buy her thing and her stuff has been selling like crazy and that is one of the reasons she's sharing this in their bite size. Some of them are really just I love this I love this book I'm so glad I bought it now those aren't the best kind of testimonials, but even those air working really well

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