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Design Your Email Freebie and Write Your Intro Email

Lesson 18 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

Design Your Email Freebie and Write Your Intro Email

Lesson 18 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

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18. Design Your Email Freebie and Write Your Intro Email


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Lesson Info

Design Your Email Freebie and Write Your Intro Email

Wear on lesson sixteen design your email freebie and write your intro email anybody have trouble designing their intro or does designing their freebie or writing that intro email so that it really speaks to their person now some of you guys before we jump into it let's talk about what we just covered we just covered lesson fifteen basics of email marketing why you need an email newsletter how to create an infective opt in for your email newsletter what's email about in the four questions you need to answer before writing your next email newsletter and now we're moving on further into email the objective is to create an email freebie that your target market can't resist and to write a welcome email that creates a sense of urgency to use download watch your freebie and get subscribers excited for future emails you want to be getting the right people on your list and you want to get them excited to take part in whatever your freebie is and then excited for more e mails from you so what yo...

u'll learn five questions to create an email freebie that your target market can't resist how email freebies defer for product based businesses and service based businesses the welcome email recipe that you can follow step by step if you don't put much thought and effort into your email freebie you'll lose out on subscribers every day and for most online businesses and email list is their business pretty much everybody I can think of the majority of their business comes from their email list be a majority of their income comes from their email list. If you don't write a welcome in email that connects with your ideal customer, she may ignore future emails in the email freebie you spent valuable time for eating we don't want her to do that so let's talk about your email, freebie and email freebie is what you used to entice people to sign up for your email list it's the thing that they get for free as soon as they sign up the instant gratification type of thing. So here are some ideas for us we've got workbook or worksheet, an e book webinar replay an interview, a free sample they could send in their address and get a free sample of your product free shipping on their next order a discount code, downloadable print calendar, desktop wallpaper, some sort of tip sheet, some sort of list like recommended tools, a tutorial or quiz or survey people love quizzes lesson one quiz I thought that's going to be a hit or miss? It was a big hit because people love taking quizzes and they love sharing their results, so if you have also have a way for them to share their results on social media and tell them to more people, come and take your quiz because they're seeing other people share their results and they're like I want to know what my results for that quiz would be so on workbook page one hundred I have five questions to create an email freebie that your target market can't resist number one who are you trying to get on your list? This is your ideal customer this goes back to lesson free that target market many times I've already said this goes back to less than three your target market your ideal cussed homer that's why that foundational work it's so important how are you guys feeling right now about target market ideal customer stuff feeling pretty good feeling iss sort of ok tell me about the uh sort of I feel like I kind of know who I'm targeting um even based on the people who have signed up for my list I kind of have an idea of who I want but I'm wondering it's like are the people you already getting and the people you want to get like should I just stick with what works or try to create something about for the people that I want to get that confusing? I want you to talk to cindi during the break I want you to talk to cindi and ask her because she uses stamps all the time right for mixed media stuff so she is somebody that would fall in that target market so I want you to talk to her and ask her questions and cindy you would be open for that right absolutely okay so that you can get clear on anything that you're still wondering about your target market and really getting the right people on your list because you want people like cindy who are already buying things like stamps because they use them because they're already creating art not the people who are thinking maybe I'll create art one day in the stamp looks nice I do that sometimes because I don't spend enough time creating I need more cindy in my life and I need more cindy person e worker saying okay question two is what will prime your target market to buy your products or services so if you sell handmade stamps you might offer card tutorial that uses one of your stamps what will prime them to buy your product or service because what you don't want is to have a freebie that then doesn't lead to somebody who's going to buy what you have to offer so that could even be a discount code because you know when somebody signs up for discount code that they're probably going to want to behind your thing now the only thing with discount codes and I'll probably mention this again but the only thing with discount codes is somebody already has to be interested to sign up for your list if that's your often so for product based businesses that's the on ly like takeaway for that but like the on ly con for that one is that they already have to kind of I want what you have in the point of getting somebody on your email list is teo get them interested in your stuff even more and make that sale so we're going to talk about this more but I think it's great to have some sort of discount code or free shipping or something like that but then also have a different offer on a landing page when we get to landing pages we'll talk about that but that can really help to get people on who aren't already like I want to buy this and I need the discount code number three what are your ideal customers biggest pain points what are their biggest pain points and their biggest pain points related to your business so not necessarily just in general in life but related to your business whatever their biggest pain points what do you think christine what do you think some of your ideal customers biggest pain points because I when I'm looking down the line I struggled the most I think when I think about your ideal customer um I think in the earlier um in the earlier lesson when we're thinking about ideal customers I kind of had the inside when you said um what did they lie to themselves about and I'm like they lie that they have time that they're going to craft that they're going to use the stamps that I'm going to make something cool, but then we all know that it's all just backing up somewhere and they don't they're not using it they don't have time so I'm like maybe one of their biggest pain points is actually, you know, taking it out of the packaging and using it and making something making time to make something so yeah, and if you can create things that are simple for them like this is how you can use the stamp to make this really easy gift tag yeah, like a project yeah, but an easy one really easy one so that people feel like they could do it as soon as they get it that it's only gonna take me ten or fifteen minutes I can do this number four how can you help your market with one pain point in a digestible format? We always want overdeliver and this is the biggest problem because when we give our person of fifty page e book, they don't usually read it, they get it it was for free so they don't value it as much because it was a freebie it's not something they paid for and it takes them a while if they go through it at all, so we want the freebie to be something easy so if it's a video tutorial it's a five minute video tutorial if it's an e book instead of an e book it's a three page tip sheet or even if we can get it to a one page tip sheet that could be really helpful because you're fifty page e book maybe really valuable but it's not gonna help anybody if they don't go through it and think about when you download something online and it's huge and there's so much to it you're like, oh, this is so awesome, but then you don't go through it and then five what angle can you take to provoke curiosity and build excitement? For instance, your viral blogged blogged post blueprint is more exciting than how to write good block post or write better block posts if you're telling somebody this is your viral blawg post blueprint instead of right better block posts or you're right better block post checklists, the other one sounds more exciting and enticing and curiosity provoking. So how can you make it a little bit more enticing and build that excitement for people and it's often about the words that you choose so let's talk about product based business is because I know product based businesses struggle with this seems like more than service based businesses so are you talked about discounts and free shipping can work well but that you should create another landing page to use on another type of opt in to use at the bottom of your block posts especially at the bottom of your block post because you're not always just saying here's my product by my product or if you are we're going to change that when we get to the blogging part because that's not what you should be blocking about all the time so having something different for the bottom of your block post getting them toe opt in for something else besides a coupon code or free shipping example for somebody who makes jewelry it could be some sort of fashion guide like how to style this necklace ten different ways and it could even be that the block post is how to style this necklace ten different ways and then here is where you can sign up to print off this material in a pdf format so that you can kind of have it forever and it's not just a block post so you can reuse and repurpose you don't have to create something necessarily knew all the time example for knitting pattern designer knitting video to knitting video tutorials or how to read a knitting pattern video could work really well besides free shipping or a discount code on buying my digital patterns or something like that could get the right people onto your list so let's talk about next steps consider making your optima offer even more specific vague is bad specific is really good and that's pretty much in all things within your business an example how to get your first five hundred email subscribers versus how to build your email list the first one is really specific is going to get the right people on your list and it's going to get people excited if you're targeting beginners who are new to building their email list and that's what you have a product for then you want to have something that get specific in that way telling them get your first five hundred subscribers and then if you're helping them do that then you can help them get to the next level if they see results from your freebie because it's easy to use and easy to follow then they're going to want to buy your next thing decide on a format e book worksheet linked to a private video whatever you want to make it consider design and if you need to hire out any part of it like the photography or the filming remember that this is your one of your first impressions to your email subscribers and so you want it to be really, really good this is one of those areas that you might want to hire it out you might want to spend the money to get help making sure that it's amazing and for any type of intro to a product or service or something like that it's worth it to invest in that kind of thing and then brainstorm headline ideas, go back to the lesson on headlines and use that to brainstorm the best headline idea possible for your hopton, and then you're going to create your email freebie and add it to your welcome email. Have it be a part of your welcome email letting people know this is how you get access to whatever itwas this's my freebie and I've created a bonus video that shows how you can add a pdf to your wordpress site and then include it in your email it's very simple to dio but it's complicated to think about and so lots of people have trouble with this one if they've never done it before, so I've created a bonus video you can check that out it's with purchase with the core, so if you purchase the course, you can get access to that, is there a reason why you would want to have it? Um there it's a maybe like on drop box or, um someplace like that? Because I mean that's what I did, I have it on drop box and then just linked to it and they can download it from there no, it just makes it it's just the way that I do it makes it easy, I didn't know there was like any kind of strategy well there on your website so if they're downloading it from your website there on your website that the on ly kind of positive to it but it you don't necessarily need that especially if you don't think they're going tio stick around on your website if it's something that they're going to dio and then they're goingto work on something of their own then it's not necessarily a big deal okay that I just do it because it's easier for me anybody else have any questions about your email freebie do you guys have good ideas for email freebie you think you've got some trust? What do you what do you thinking us and I'm gonna have to figure out the logistics of it but I was thinking maybe a jewelry style quiz to find a jury styles theo but I'm the idea sounds great, but I've got to get the steps to figure out how to do that so that was one of my ideas okay? Um I didn't I had another one maybe a necklace guide like went to where choker went to wear opera length etcetera do the quiz I like the way it was do you like the quiz? So there are a bunch of different there's more and more software options as faras quizzes now I would just google how to create an online quiz and you're going to come up with options to figure out how to do it it's nowadays it's it's a lot easier to do that okay yeah that's exciting anybody else wanna share theirs along the lines of styling? I like the idea of how to style than in peace different ways that you can put outfits together of course I would get help with that. Yeah, yeah and your photography is so beautiful that I think it's really important that in your freebie your photography is kind of a big deal okay featured all right because it's so beautiful thank you isn't perfect but it's like yeah so that's going to draw in your person and want them tow have whatever it is just because you create such a beautiful story with your photos already all right, you don't need any help in that area. Okay, you were welcome email we're gonna move on and talk about that in this card this little hello cardiff anybody really loves it and wants to know it's by the rifle paper company I have so many things by them I love them when someone comes into your online and her circle via marketing the first step is not the sale. This is where the conversation begins because it usually takes a few touches before somebody buys, so if they come from facebook or twitter or instagram or a block post or they just land on your website somehow the first step is not to say hey by my thing the first step is to start a conversation now it can be a little bit different for product based businesses because people expect you to start selling right away so it's easier for you guys to start selling right away and not feel is like I can't do this immediately you can you can start but you still want to be having a conversation don't go into robot marketing mode right like you talk don't use phrases that you never actually say I'll read a welcome e mail or any email in general and it will be a sentence alvin I know that person would never say that like this, but they're in writer mode and so they're writing because they're in writer mon they're using this language but they're not connecting to whoever it is the secret to successful marketing is that it doesn't feel like marketing it empowers and inspires it adds value. It doesn't feel like marketing you don't feel like you're being sold to that's the best thing about really good marketing and when you know you're being sold to you're excited to be sold to because it's the right thing for you and so you're happy you're ready to hand over your credit card your papal whatever it is and get the thing when you really find something that you're excited to buy, you're ready to do that I don't feel sold tio when anthropology since me an email about the latest skirt they have in the collection that I'm absolutely in love with and have tohave I am ready to buy I'm not like you're selling to me again I'm excited about it or when I hear from marie for leo and she's talking about the next thing she's working on I'm excited I want to know what she's working on and it's because she's talking teo me and her target market instead of just selling to us it's a conversation it's hanging out with friends biggest welcome email mistakes too vague written in a rush lots of us we write these things in a rush because we want to get that opt in done we want to get it up we wanna have a welcome email and then we don't go back in and fix it and it asks too much of your new subscribers ask one thing one thing and then with the next follow up email asked the next thing so for this one thing it should be to download your freebie toe watch your video tutorial whatever it is that you're freebie is that's what it should be don't ask anything else follow up with your next email and say hey I've also got this other thing you might be interested in and by that time they've already digested the first thing and they're ready to move on to the second thing because again, when you have multiple calls to action in anything, they often pick the thing that you don't want them pick and we have a hot seat amanda so you're going to come up here and join me and we've got her welcome email up here come on and have a seat everybody get here around a lot of loving this top combination you've got going you shells necklace love amorous scorpio model today I love this color with your hair thank you, but we're women we have to point these things out ok, so tell me about this when you wrote it I want to know how long it took you to write it your fault process squash I don't even really know how long it took me. I think I mean part of problems like I stalled for forever before writing it and then I was kind of like, ok, I guess I actually should probably let them know that they successfully made it out of the list. Why did you stall? What was it that made you stall? Uh, because back when I wrote this, I really hadn't figured out my voice yet and I was afraid that it was going to sound just off because yeah, I was really struggling with my voice at the time and everything either sounded like completely over the top perky or it sounded really, really stilted and I'm trying to be professional. Yes, and there wasn't any middle ground there at all. Okay, so I think a lot of people can relate to that, and so I'm really glad you brought that up. What you would do in that instance is you would get a friend and you would talk through your welcome email, you would have them ask you questions about it, you would record it and you would use that transcription method that we talked about so that you can sound like you and pull out those pieces that would really sound like you, and you can keep it short and simple. When I rewrote cindy's about paige, that copy needs to be longer welcome email doesn't have to be that long, so you could just pull out a few things and build around that and you'll be fine. So if you're having that same issue, don't don't don't stay stuck in that issue do do the thing where you speak with your friend and you build it around that okay? So one of the reasons that I pictures was one because I asked for volunteers for this kind of stuff, and so whoever volunteered is now here in the hot seat, so amanda sue one of the reasons I picked it have you been told how much you rock? Okay? I've been looking at everybody's websites in here how many of you think that you have somewhere on your website something that says like you rock you're a rock star it's a lot more than that because I've seen it on a lot of your websites you might not even realize that it's there I've seen it on at least half of your websites something like that so the reason I picked this is because everybody says it and I have said it multiple times and it's becoming one of those things that is the go to that is the cliche that everybody's using so we don't want to use that language so you didn't do anything wrong because half the people here had something like that somewhere in a block post in their welcome email in an email that I read from being on your list somewhere on your website it said something like that about half of you okay no let me that let me tell you then you are awesome so you do something really smart here and that is that you use flattery and flattery copy with flattery outperforms copy without flattery every single time so when you flatter your audience it always works really well the problem here is that the language is way too vague and then you have them doing two things so instead I want you to have them hitting reply and telling you telling them a little bit about themselves but not all the other stuff so either tell me about yourself how you found me and if there's anything I can do for you even this is going to feel overwhelming to somebody they're going to feel like they're gonna have to spend way too long replying now I'm sure you probably get some replies I get no replies okay well that it had a few people that have replied and have basically been like, wait no they don't even reply to this one they replied to the other one there's a email that they get after they download the thing that's like hey snoopy happy dance you know I'd give you chocolate if I could, but it would melt or something like that and I've gotten a few replies to that one, but no, nobody ever plays to this one okay? So then it's because it's too overwhelming okay, because you're asking too many things so I would ask one specific question that they can answer a lot easier so maybe like what's the number one thing you struggle with or something like that? Yep, change that takeoff, join the facebook group and instead have a follow up email for maybe two or three days later saying I'd like to I'd like to welcome you to my facebook group data data data here it is come on in, join us I can do that on then just with the top part just keep asking yourself what does this really mean? What does this really look like and just get more detailed and then you'll have a pretty great I used to have something more like oh my god is that a new haircut girl you look great today or something like that much better okay that's much better yeah okay, so go back to something more like that go back to something more like that and that is your personality. So if it's perfect so let's talk about the welcome email a recipe you want to start off with an attention grabbing subject line mine is why you should unsubscribe that gets people's attention pretty much right away I get e mails every single day saying I cannot believe that you're subject line I had to open it and I don't want on some scott yeah I love you because then I have a video saying this is why you should unsubscribe to my list I'm trying to get the wrong people off immediately. I want them out of here. I want the right people on my list just one I'm paying world paying for our list once they get to know some point so we want the right people on them and if you're my person I will pay anything to have you on my list but the other people got to get off then the first sentence needs to break the pattern manda soo when you say um look about new haircut I love it breaks the pattern nobody's expecting that it's gonna wake people up and they're gonna pay attention to the rest of the email it's perfect it's awesome write that down so I don't forget don't forget it welcome the person to your inner circle they've just joined you're for lack of a better word tribe so welcome them intro your freebie quickly you don't have to sell them on it because they already want it they've signed up for it intro it remind them about how great it is linked to the freebie if its applicability all if not if you've got it in there somehow or it's a video link to it if it's the download link to it then give three bullet points highlighting the benefits of the freebie what are they going to get out of it? Why should they actually do it because even though people opt in for it they're going to be lots of people who don't utilize it don't use it don't download at give them a reason to do it now one of those benefits why they should do it now put a testimonial for the freebie even for free stuff you guys should have testimonials so have a testimonial from somebody saying how great your freebie is why somebody needs to use it or downloaded or whatever break the pattern with a closing sentence say something that is unexpected hillary rushford always says something like with grace and gumption that breaks the pattern it's not what I'm expecting do something a little bit unexpected and then have your name signature however you wanna finish that out, follow that recipe and then you can change it as you want that's just like the beginning think you can add to it you can take away from it but this is something that will work really well if you have all of these pieces and we went another hot seats amanda creek come on aah uh feel like part of the price is right e going up I also love this I think you love animal friends. Thank you. Okay, so amanda creek also sent me her intro email and she said, I know I need help with us I know it terrible and this is what we all dio I even had a terrible intro email for the longest time it was a few sentences like thanks I'm glad you're here piece it wasn't much we all do it. So what you want to do with the subject line here is here's your free copy of seven days to glam your brand I actually like that subject line because they signed up for this you're telling them here it is so I really don't think that you need to change this up because they're opting in. They want this that's going to stand out the fact that you're using seven days to blame your brand and that's what they're signing up for in their inbox, they're going to pick it up. Ok, so actually think you did go with that? All right, then we have thank you so much for joining, so we're gonna switch that out, okay? And we're gonna instead have something that breaks the pattern. Some kind of attention grabbing breaks the pattern, like amanda sue dead. So we are going to say something else about maybe having an embarrassing website that you don't want to show to anybody. Something like that really detailed would work better, and then you can thank them for opting into your email list and letting them know giving them a little intro to the seven days to glam your brand and then having some benefits like, why should they download this it's? Very helpful. They're going to get a lot out of it, but why should they download it? Ok, so tell us right now. What are some of the benefits? Well, I almost think it's too much like a cz you were talking, I think it's, what is it? It's a little e book that I made and it has some questions and then it has some tips of, like not to use too many fonts too many colors like all those different things kind of like what I did for my bonus pdf except not a school is definitely not a school, so this I just created because I felt like it had to be this way I didn't put my personality and then or anything, so I feel like almost I've outgrown this often, actually, and that I need to maybe mix it up or do something different, so and I feel like that's, why it's the way that it is? Because I I just didn't really put a lot of thought into it. Yeah, so I almost benefits it might overwhelm that thing that's not a that's not offended, okay, so if we boil it down, what would you want to do, what you want to do? Some sort of maybe checklist? Yeah, I've talked to chris actually about that because my tendency is to overcomplicate things make things like I want to give them all the information at once, so I want it I want them to just know everything that's inside my head that's probably too overwhelming for most people, so yeah checklist we've talked about that, and I think that would be it would be simple and doable and a lot more helpful than my crazy message, often that I currently have and think about the people who are really successful and have hundreds of thousands of people or thousands of people on their aim, a list usually they're free being pretty simple, usually like a checklist or something like that. I've talked about nicky college, brown, her opt in, the copyrighting, whatever conversion, whatever she had it's very simple it's not that complicated it's, maybe a handful of pages, but it's really helpful, and I went through it because it was doable when I downloaded it, I could get through it, so okay, we're gonna simplify, we're gonna give them something, and then all the other stuff you have to offer, we're going to talk about creating a sales funnel and creating auto responders so you could still use all that stuff, but you want to break it up in a way that's me manageable, right? So that you're not giving it to them all at once, right? I'm like, make your whole brand in seven days? Um, yeah, I'm still working on my brand and it's been a long time, so yeah, I think I think that's a big thing, and I was a little nervous about putting out there? It was like I don't feel like I am doing this right, but I'm just doing it because I know I need teo so now I'm at that point where I am learning a lot and I feel like just doing that simplification and making it for them and not because I feel like I have to or making it for me yeah, yeah okay, so you're going to do some sort of checklists, okay? And this is going to be a priority to get done you're going to make it look really cute because we know you can because you created a workbook for a bonus for this course, so we all know you have the capability you're gonna make it you and branded and get that up there, it won't be that difficult because it is just a checklist and you're gonna include the benefits of it you're going to change around just a few things instead of saying here's your free copy of whatever you khun say here's your free checklist data data data, right? Just changing that okay and then inserting a testimonial and there and never a lot of that never thought to put a testimonial I was like what my ears pricked up when you said that if you send me the check list, I'll do the testimony oh my goodness I mean, how many of you guys would give her testimonial for a checklist because you've already worked with her yeah way already know you're great you send it to us we'll give you testimony well, sounds good. Okay. All right thank you. So today's mission is to create your email freebie right? You're welcome email and watch the bonus video for this lesson anybody have any questions? Yeah welcome you know is that ok for us to put a video of ourselves like welcome yet okay, yeah if that's your main thing however, if you have a freebie that you want to focus them on and I know that you've got one that's really good I wouldn't take their attention away from it with and with a video about yourself because they don't really care about you yet they care about you were saying that's going to help them so your follow up chemo could be like remember teo reminding them remember to download you're saying that I sent you and if you want to know more about me here's a quick video intro and you send that out three days later so you're not taking away from your freebie but you're still introducing yourself okay great all right so that's the order so the often then the welcome and then three days later we can send something possibly about ourselves yeah, ok, great you're so welcome

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