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Why Your Customers Should Choose You and Your Brand

Lesson 4 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

Why Your Customers Should Choose You and Your Brand

Lesson 4 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

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4. Why Your Customers Should Choose You and Your Brand


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Why Your Customers Should Choose You and Your Brand


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Lesson Info

Why Your Customers Should Choose You and Your Brand

I'm so excited for lesson two why your customers should choose you and your brand and the previous lesson we covered. Why your business success depends on marketing we talked about clarifying your vision, getting really clear on what you want your business and life to look like, because if you don't know what you want it to look like, then you're gonna have a hard time getting there through marketing, we talked about the definition of marketing the good versus bad marketing, the icky feelings come from the bad stuff, and we want all positive feelings and happiness, and we also took a marketing personality quiz so that you could start thinking about what's really going to work for you when it comes to marketing, where you should put your focus and now we're moving on to lesson two why your customers should choose you in your brand and the objective is to recognize how you stand out from the crowd learn how to become your customers favorite brand who want to be their customers favorite b...

rand, right? You want to be the favorite and become confident when talking about your business. This is a big one for people is getting really confident when they're talking about their stuff, their products, all of that kind of stuff, so we're going to start with that real early on. What you will learn why your ideal customers should pick you over your competitors why you should focus most of your attention on twenty percent of your customers, how we're all salespeople already and my spy of step formula for confident selling if you can't talk about business with confidence, you'll always fear marketing it's always gonna be one of those things that you're just not gonna want to dio and then your marketing will probably feel an authentic it won't feel that great I know struggle to connect with your ideal customer, which is really important if you want to sell your staff and make money and have food on the table and all that kind of good stuff, and if you don't know what sets you apart from your competitors, then your customers can't possibly know it, and very often I work with people and I asked them what makes you different and they don't know and that's okay, because in the beginning you really don't know and it's hard it's not easy to figure out what makes you different but it's important before we get started, I just want to remind everybody to download and print the workbook. This is gonna help you get through the material and follow along really nice, really it's a very, very important and it's free with our rsvp, so make sure you download and print it now I want tio start off by telling you guys that I wasn't always confident talking about what I did. It took me a while to get to this point, so if you're feeling nervous about it and thinking that something's wrong with you, no it's, not it's, just that you haven't gotten to that point yet. And yes, this is me sitting in a grocery cart and kroger with my husband, trying to snap photos with people looking at me like, what is wrong with that girl? She is an adult, not a child, but, you know, I had have a photo. So through years of selling, I have created this five step formula for confident selling, and I'm going to share it with you guys near the end of this lesson, once we've already done the other stuff built the foundation because I think it's going to help you if you're feeling those nerves and it's hard for you to talk about your stuff, your products or services so let's, start off in your workbooks. This is page fourteen. What are your favorite brands? And why do you love them? What your favorite brands and I do love him, and I always start out with this question when I want people to think about what makes them different and why people might choose them is the favorite because it gets your brain kind of moving in that direction and kind of a safe place where you're not yet thinking about your business you're thinking about other people's businesses so favorite brands and why you love them while you guys were doing that I will share one of my favorite brands is probably going to come to no surprise to many of you anthropology how many people thought I was gonna say anthropology pretty much everybody I talked about anthropology all the time and this this is a dress from anthropologie they're just one of my favorite brands now here's the thing I have a hard time telling somebody else why I love them so much so if you're writing down your favorite brands and you're struggling a little bit to figure out what it is that makes them so special it's okay you're not alone I think that we all struggle with that anything I can start to come up with logical reasons of why I love anthropology I love just the feeling I get when I walk in I love the smell I love the fact that I feel like everything is picked out for me even though of course it's not that's that's crazy but it feels that way and while you guys are writing I want teo remind everybody that there are bonus planner pages and for all of you creatives who love planning and having a five seis planner and purchased the course I've put together over forty planner pages this is an example of just one of them and this one I had in mind to go along with this exercise I think it's really cool to keep your brand inspiration one spot and in your planner especially if you use your planner for business it could be really helpful so there's a spot for you to put your brand the brand name brand color palette why you love them what what you can learn from them and then even a little spot where you can put some of the photos from them that inspire you so I want to hear from you guys favorite brands and why you love them anybody got for shell? Um I love vans okay because they help me to express you know, part of my style and I know they'll always fit I know what size I wear and I know I can order them online and they're always gonna fit okay? What makes van stand out as opposed to maybe another kind of footwear that might not be as similar because it's a unique brand but what makes them stand out from the rest do you think for you specifically oh um for me well they are in my brand colors almost always I can always get something that's black and red um they had just have like a style that fits with my personality and it's like a california southern california style okay, so anybody else want to share favorite brand? Yes um so apple products uh the new iphone especially is uh a brand that I like one because the hype like I want to feel cool, I want to be part of the crowd I want to be an early adopter, the other thing I like is they don't discount, so if I'm an early adopter, I don't feel penalized for being an early adopter when two weeks later something goes on sale I like that one I like that one, especially because people always ask about sales so that's a very interesting point that you bring up with apple I feel like when we're talking about our favorite brands and we are falling in love with our favorite brands it's kind of like falling in love with a person maybe not it's serious, but it's it has a lot of similarities in that you can logically say what you like about the person but it's hard it's hard to really describe what it is that makes that brand so special or that person so special when it's first dating my husband I could say well, he's smart and he's funny and you know he is a southern gentleman and things like that but I had met other guys that were smart and funny and that we're southern gentlemen's and so what made him different? Well, sort of like your favorite brand I think it all comes down to feeling how you want your customers to feel so when I walk into anthropologie it's a feeling that I get that's why it's so hard to describe? I think when I'm around my husband it was a feeling when we were first dating it was just this feeling that he got me and I got him and it was hard to describe to anybody else like you can see it often when you see a couple that are really in love you can see it on their faces but it's hard to describe so I wantto share this quote with you guys my angelou says I've learned that people will forget what you said people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel and when people ask me so how do I stand out there all these other people doing something similar to what ideo there's all these other people that are doing something similar to what I d'oh how do you stand out what I really think it has to do with the feeling that you create for people and I really believe that every detail should create the feeling that you're striving for and if you pay attention to the details that's going to set you apart so when they read your block post when they subscribe to your email newsletter when they see your latest post on instagram, even the details that are all pulled together for your brand creates that unique feeling. Create something that helps you stand out among everybody else. You guys, are you guys with me or that? Yeah, and I want to point out when I was picking things for the slides, like when I picked this photo, I picked it for the feeling I picked it because I was hoping that you guys would think this is so pretty. I could look at it all day kind of thing and it's not just a slide with words on it and that's because you're my right people. Now there are other people who are like no nonsense, this is what I'm this is what I'm teaching you, and this is how it's going to be and they have their people and that's what is just one of the pieces? So if you like this kind of thing, then you're my people. So we want to get really clear on why our ideal customers should pick us, even though it's hard for our customers to describe it it's really hard, a lot of people say, well, ask your ideal customer what they love about you. Or why they buy from you and while that can be helpful it's going to be very hard for them to really tell you what it is that they love so much because often for the people that love your brand it's a feeling but what we can dio is we can start to put the pieces together and the piece is start with some questions so we've got these questions in your workbook on page sixteen how do you solve your customer's problem and even if you sell something that isn't world life changing you solve a problem for your customer? How do you delight your customers? How do you add joy to your reader subscribers customers a day that's a little bit different they're similar questions but they're a little bit different what do your strength and what feelings aaron concentrating on how do you want your customers to feel when interacting with your brand and it's not about just one of the answers because the way that you answer for lit for instance let's say how you saw your customer's problem? There are probably other people who answered that question in the same way. For instance, if you want to grow your follower following if you want to learn about marketing, there are other people who have courses on that, but when I put all of these other things into it it makes what I d'oh different so it's not just about knowing one answer to one question it's about pulling all of the pieces together and that's where the magic happens and that's the really hard part it's not easy to pull it all together it's taken me quite a while to figure out how to pull things together in a way that stands out and that is really truly something that I'm proud of and excited about and wanting tio share and tell everybody about like marketing for me now is very simple and very easy because I want to tell people about my stuff when I'm preparing this course I was talking about and talking about it talking about it because I know for the right people it's going to be really helpful and I'm excited about it and I've put it together in a way that I'm really proud of and I've spent all this time putting together what I think are really pretty slides and a really beautiful notebook that's perfect for creative entrepreneurs and so I'm excited to help people about that but it's because I'm starting to put everything together so some of my answers all of my answers wouldn't fit on a slide but these are some of my answers I want my customers to feel inspired, supported and powered that's really important to me I want them to know that they have something unique to offer and that they can make it happen lots of people come into my online world and they have these goals but they don't even really wanna admit most of the time that they have the gold or the dream because they don't think it's possible and so something important to me and my brandon business is to make people believe that they can do it because I truly believe that they can do it. I add joy to my customers day through pretty photos creative worksheets motivating and empowering blogged posts I put all of these things together and some people would be like, well that's not important well that's that's not my person and then my strength lots of people have different ways that they teach and I think that one of my strengths and teaching is that I can break things down and make it doable and actionable and break something that otherwise is kind of confusing into something that everybody can take and apply to their business and that is something that I had to learn from teaching over and over and over again and figuring that out as I went along then also I have creative passions that really resonates with creative entrepreneur so why I work with creative entrepreneurs one is because I love working with you is you're my favourite kind of people to hang out with and spend time with but also because I have my own creative stuff and that helps me connect with my market that sets me apart from another lets a business consultant who is also working with creative entrepreneurs but they don't have those same passions, it doesn't mean that my way is better than that person's way just different, so we're going to attract different people and then connecting others I've realized, is one of my strengths, and then my level of intensity sometimes is a little bit much, but it makes me different. It sets me apart so answering these questions and pulling these pieces together, it's going to make your brand really unique. And so I want you to spend time on it's, not something that you're gonna be able to dio in just a couple of minutes it's something that you have to continuously think about and keep coming back, teo and really being honest with yourself because a lot of times I think we end up pulling things into our businesses that really we think we're supposed to dio or we think it would be a good fit for our market, and we tried out and we end up not liking it and it's, not us and it's getting us further from the place that we want to be and so being honest, when I put all of these things together, I become the perfect brand for some for some of you guys, and I become the wrong brand for other people other people would probably think that I'm a bit much that I am too girly that they don't need the fluff that they don't want the watercolor and that's okay and actually that's a really good thing it's a really good thing when people are either in your camp or not in your camp now I know that it is I know it's hard when people don't like what you have to offer especially if they tell you in a mean way it's not the most fun but it's really good when you've got people who love you and people who are like you're you're not for me hopefully they don't say it in a rude and mean way but it's actually a really good thing. So do you guys anybody want to share any of their answers to these questions? You don't to share all of all of them you could share maybe one or two yeah chris I have, uh for the what feelings are you concentrating on? I love that by the way I think that's absolutely fantastic because that's like yeah that's life is all those feelings you hav right um and I was thinking about it and I you know initially I just said empowered because that's really I do I want women to be empowered to just shout out their message and say their things but that's not the feeling that happens first and so I was thinking because you don't just wake up and feel first like I can't do it and then suddenly be like uh I'm empowered I'm taking over so I was thinking about the steps along the way and I realized that there's all the things that we have to deal with before we get to that empowered place so the feelings that happen as you deal with those things they're like a feeling of relief so like how you can be simple and a feeling of capable you know, there's capability that I am capable of doing this thing and the feeling of success and satisfaction and those air like building blocks that will get you there so it's almost like I'm not creating the feeling of empowerment I'm creating these things and then they're ingredients and then you can go and mix up the empowerment kick yourself so that was really like a lightbulb kind of a moment of clarity for me well I like that I like you a lot and because I know each of you not not all of you really, really well, but I know pieces of each of you and I feel very strongly that you were each very unique and don't you think that about each other getting to know each other really power rangers yeah, we all have something to offer we've really d'oh it's believing it and then putting it out there and having the confidence to put it out there and to talk about it and say, hey, this is my thing and come check it out because it's really a cool thing, which isn't always an easy thing to do, so we're going to get to that many of your followers and customers won't be able to tell you why they really picked you. They might not even be able to tell you what they want or need. How many times do our blogger readers are? Followers tell us that they want something and then we give it to them and it's like crickets happens all the time, right? It happens to me and I think it's because it's really hard for us to actually put this stuff into words, so what we're going to dio instead is pay close attention to what they're saying, what they're doing, what works, what doesn't, and one of the things that can really help your marketing is just doing more of what works unless of what doesn't, and when we get to lessen seventeen that's like, way down the line, it feels like really far from now, but we're going to talk a lot a lot about tracking your subscribers, behavior and your followers behavior and paying attention because I think a lot of us don't do that regularly I'm even guilty of that I have to like have my day where I sit down and look at this kind of stuff on what's working and what doesn't but that can help more than anything because what they say and what they actually do are often quite different so just a little bit more about standing out from the crowd one way that you can do that is you can out care your competitors it's not easy it's really quite difficult, but if you do it, people will always come back to you your people will always come back to you customer service providing the best customer service that you can and we're we're human and a lot of us have small businesses and so we do the best that we can, but if you constantly you're asking yourself how can I get even better at this, you'll get somewhere you will stand out from other people who don't who don't take those extra steps quality of content so we're going to talk a lot about content we're gonna be talking about blogged posts and emails and social media and all of that kind of stuff if you spend the time to put out quality content, you will stand up now I feel like people are constantly publishing things that don't really need to be published that they spend very little time on putting out there and so there's all this noise and the way to stand out from all the noise and actually be a delight for your person instead of an interruption for your person is to put in the time for the content to really think about doing need to be posting this on instagram. Is it going to be something that my person is going to see how cool this is so pretty or yes, if they read your quote and that's what they needed to hear that day or they get your email and it brightens their day as opposed tio ah here's, another email to delete or scan the email and just get it out of here. So we'll be talking about that a ton don't worry, consistency being consistent and this is, I think, hard for entrepreneurs it's very difficult. We get that moment I'm going and then we dropped the ball or life gets difficult or something comes up and we're no longer consistent. But you stand out by being consistent, somebody who stands out for me and that way is marie for leo, she is so consistent, marie tv comes out every week the same day it's always high quality and rain or shine it's coming out. And so she stands above and beyond because of that for that reason, I'm like yes, and what to be you when I grow up because of that reason that's one of the pieces details paying attention to the details that will set you apart and that's your own details, the things that you really like or that you think your target market is gonna like, whatever those details are, so for products based businesses when your packages air going out, the details and the care that you put into them when you're a service based business, the details from the moment somebody comes into your sales page, teo, the checkout process to when they're working with you, and then after they're done working with you. What happens? Thinking through all of these details in each area and every aspect of your business, and this is really difficult work that's why the people who do this stand out above everybody else because they're doing the work and it's hard work, but we're going to try to make it easier. That is my job to make this stuff easier for you guys so that it doesn't feel completely overwhelming, so I thought this was a little fun little tidbit. The world's greatest salesman, according to the guinness world records, was joe gerard, and he sold an average of six cars per day. And the reason he sold so many cars or the reasons there are multiple reasons one is he always told customers what he liked about them psychology shows that when you flatter people they appreciate it now I don't know this joe guy but I'm assuming that he tried to pick something out that he really did like about the person and compliment them on something that wasn't just fake because we can we can feel that we know we know when somebody's being thick he always told customers that he wasn't excited to tell to sell them a car that day but he was going to be excited if they came back again and he could sell them their second car that instills trust when somebody is going to be x sighted about doing something for you that second time as opposed to the first time I get really excited when I have a repeat customer I feel like I'm doing something right when somebody is coming back to creative live to be in my studio audience I love you guys it makes me really happy and excited and it makes me feel like I'm doing something right he sent out cards to customers every single month and what I couldn't fit on the slide but is another little piece of it he that he had so much business that customers had to make appointments seven to ten days in advance for him to sell them a car I didn't make an appointment so he was so booked that that pulls in that scarcity piece which we'll talk about when we talk about the psychology of marketing and when you're thinking about I have to make an appointment for this guy to sell me a car it makes you more entry you think he's got to be really good if I have to make an appointment it gets you more excited about it I mean there are so many pieces that made this work I thought it would be a fun little little tidbit to share so let's talk about why you should focus most of your attention on twenty percent of your customers I'm betting that a lot of you guys have heard of the eighty twenty rule which is that most of the time eighty percent of your revenue is being generated by twenty percent of your customers and this isn't always the case especially if you have just one product that you're selling and you don't have a lot of repeat business but if you have the kind of business where you have repeat business and you look through it's pretty crazy when you see that most of your revenue is being generated by such a small percentage of your customers and it's your loyal die hard customers and those are the people that if you spend your time on them and you care about them you will have a successful business and your success depends on them it just does because if that eighty percent of your revenue goes away uh I'm going to be good and to keep those people coming back over and over again it's all of these things that we talked about but especially making them feel something and it doesn't always have to be about intense customer service you can make people feel something without that piece but it's something that's really important to my business I bring up a lot but there are lots of ways to do that so let's talk about what loyal customers are and what they aren't first of all they are not deterred by price you're awesome customers that you love working with who don't tryto haggle with you who don't say well that's a little high or I wonder if I could make that myself or no those those people that you're thinking can you not talk to me anymore thank you very much your loyal customers they're not to turn purpose and even if it's a splurge I that for some of you who traveled out here it was a splurge to come out here but it's worth it they see the value in it so even if your product is a splurge for your customers the price is I understand why it's that price and I value the product or the service despite that they make repeat purchases they purchase a different products and services so I am a loyal, loyal customer to anthropology I have bought a couch from them I have bought multiple pieces of clothing we have dishes from anthropologie I have candles I mean, if they sell it, I pay probably have it or want tohave it and I am one of those people I have purchased across the board from them, so I am one of those people I am one of their twenty percent of people they refer others to you, so I'm talking about anthropology right now I bet some people may even see the stress and think maybe I'll go see if they still have it. I refer people to anthropology all the time I talk about their candles and god may smell and why they need them. I sent one to amanda's seo because we're working together and have this candle in your life they were for others to you and they don't care about competitors. I don't even know who would be a competitive for anthropology I'm not really sure if they have them I don't know about them, but they don't really care about competitors you're loyal customers. That doesn't mean that they won't necessarily buy from other businesses similar to yours, but they're not gonna pick them over you. I tell people all the time that they should learn business type stuff from multiple people so I don't get my feelings hurt when people tell me so I took this course I'm taking this I get excited for them because I know they're still my people too so how do you regularly communicate with your loyal customers have you regularly communicate with them those people who are your loyal people and if you're in the beginning stages thinking about how you're going to communicate with them so if you don't feel like you have those people yet you will he will I promise so that might be a private facebook group it might be through blawg comments it might not be in a private area and might be through interacting via email maybe they respond to a lot of your email newsletters and you reply back to them there are lots of different ways that you could do what does anybody have a specific way that they that they communicate with their loyal customers on a regular basis I have an emerging one which is really setting booty yeah you know and you love it I first of all I do I've logged all the time generally I'm not super consistent right now because I've been busy getting ready for this exciting thing but yeah I blogged really often and it's a real communication thing it's a total conversation so I respond to every single comment that people leave on my blogged and I encourage them to respond to one another's comments too because I wanted to be a meeting place and that works really well and I love it. It makes me so happy when I get the little notifications that somebody commented and I get to go and see what my friends are saying, um and I'm just starting to really get into periscope, which you know and you love yeah, I love it and I love it too because it's a different way to have the same conversation with people who are there with you right now and who? Because periscope is becoming really busy now it's becoming a noisy place now eso you really I know a lot of people are turning off notifications and stuff because they're like there's so many people on periscope, so I know that the people who come there, the people who I want to be in that conversation with me right now so it gets to be even more behind the scenes and even more I can give you an mohr because it's a smaller group of people and they can ask me questions in real time and ask each other questions and talk to each other in real time and it feels really great and it's like in my life too, so my kids jump into the shot sometimes and the cat will go like big that cat that lives in my office on my desk would go in front of the camera and stuff, but it's just a really life conversation which I like paris go we're going to be talking about periscope because I love it so much and I think it can be such an authentic fun way to connect with people it's really it's live you're not shooting something and then they're putting it all together and there is a place for that and we need that and I think that that's really important but then we also need this other piece which so I'm so glad you brought that up I love periscope anybody else have a fun one eye with my email newsletter so every time I end my newsletter I always say like, is there anything you want to see or like just hit reply and you know, let me know and every every week that I send it out people do reply and they'll be like, oh, I love the newsletter this week or e I think you should do this I'm like okay, great and so I'll reply and I'm like this is a nice wayto like talk to them one on one and they feel like they can reach me just my replying to my letter so yeah, I like that whenever I respond to an email not whenever but every once in a while when I respond to an email out getting in while back saying I can hopefully you responded to me you know and and I think to myself such a big deal for me, but sometimes it can be a big deal for the other person and even just having that line of communication, and you do anything special for your most loyal customers. So besides having a way to communicate with them, and this is also in your workbook, we've got a pretty little rose on the page with loyal customer stuff. Page seventeen do you do anything special for your most loyal customers and cheerleaders? And I also want to mention cheerleaders, because sometimes we put the focus on the people that are buying from us. But yet some of our cheerleaders who are sharing our stuff constantly, maybe they haven't bought from us for one reason or another, maybe it's because it's not the right time for them, you never know. You never know why somebody who loves your stuff isn't buying right then, but that person can become one of your really good people. Amanda seal is one of those people for me for the longest time, she wasn't a customer, but she was constantly leaving block comments constantly interacting on social media, sharing my stuff and let me tell you like I recognized her name over and over and over again, and that is just a special when somebody is constantly sharing your stuff for you that is doing the marketing for you. In with somebody else does the marketing for you, it even feels more trustworthy when somebody else is saying, go read this block post it's better than if I'm saying come read my block post when somebody else is saying you need to read it. So do you do anything special for your customers in your cheerleaders? Yeah, I sent my customers a little gift, a pair of earrings, and I did that with my top five people that always comment on social media would just say you can do it or you just give me kudos, and so I've received a lot of emails back from that, just like, thank you or I wear my earrings, like, three times a day, you know, three times a week, and so that really just makes me feel like, okay, well, I'm doing something good, so I love that I love that one. Anybody else? Okay. Well, dio amanda sue first in the michelle. Um, I also pick out guest for them, but I try to find something that's, something specific to their particular personality or their lifestyle. Um, one of my clients, really, when she was a kid, she loved the, um oh, gosh, I just totally blind princess and the pea that was her favorite fairy tale and there's a line of fairy tales it's written for grown ups and I went and found the version of it from princess and the pea and sent that to her, um or the yarn ball. Um, so that's what? I like to try and figure out something about them that aiken send them something cool. Amanda sue sent me a yarn bowl and it's the right color it's my favorite color. It's just perfect for me. I knit so it's something that is the perfect gift. Michelle, um I love sending presents to my loyal customers and my cheerleaders, so because that's how I got into a huge filtering out into doing what I do in the first place it is I I love giving give so yeah, I I will send people stuff and cards and things like that and does it seem teo payoff? I know you're not doing it for it to pay off, but does it seem teo, um, I don't know that it comforts to sales, but it helps me build relationships, which I think is crucial. Tio what I'm what I'm doing so I know you know, making relationships is it is very important that I totally agree with you so some examples of little things snail mail free products a thank you card sending a book that you think that the person might like sending your favorite candle or nail polish or even a five dollar gift card to starbucks and saying you deserve to go have a lot of uh you know, something special that stands out from what other people are doing and I recommend that you set a budget like have a monthly budget even if it's small it could be small at first if you're not you're not bringing in a lot of money it could be like you send out to five dollars starbucks gift cards that's it that month or you send out a few cards you got a pack of cards a target and send out a pack of cards doesn't have to be something big I mean the big stuff stands out but anything that makes somebody feel special stands out there is another planner page and it's for keeping track of loyal customers where you can put their name their birthday and products that they've purchased and I think it's really helpful to keep track of it in some way if you don't want to write it down stoli fine but I'm one of those people that loves my paper products and so therefore I'm creating more paper products for the world all right? So let's talk about getting comfortable with selling because what's gonna happen is there going to be bringing in all of these new followers because you're going to be doing all of the work and you've got to get comfortable with selling in order to convert them into people who are giving you money and you can pay the bills and do all of the things that you need to dio so first we were all already salespeople we really are I want you to think about a time that you were really persuasive and why you were really a persuasive why it worked, so maybe you persuaded your spouse that this was a good idea to come here for maybe you persuade your kids every day to do their homework and take a bath so you're already selling people on something it's not giving they're not giving you money, but you're already doing it in some way or another and you can take that you can take it and apply it to this other stuff, so we have our we have a hot seat that I'm really excited about now this is something that I haven't prepped any of you guys on and it's just a little fun something that is going to get us in the mood of selling so trish come on up here enjoying may so first trish, can you introduce what your business is for everybody? Yes it's a jewelry okay jules bye, trish dot com all right, perfect. Okay, so I'm gonna give you a task and putting I'm putting trish on the spot here, you guys, your task is to sell this gold binder clip to us for fifty dollars, okay? And you can do it any way that you want, teo. Okay, can use any kind of tactic that you've got up your sleeve. Just try to make us want it. Okay. Um, you need this in your life because I know you have sticky notes all over your house, and they're everywhere. And when you go to find the sticky note that you're looking for, you can not find it. So you're going to bind them all together with this beautiful gold clip that's going to make you feel awesome and organized at the same time. And so why should we spend so much money on it? Why is that one special? This one is special because it's not only beautiful but it's going to keep you from feeling so frazzled in your life, and you're gonna love using it because it is so beautiful. Okay, so one of the things that trish is doing is mainly using story. So you're mainly using story right now, which we're going to talk about. I wanted to see how you might sell us on it, somebody might say, well, it was owned by this celebrity or one hundred fifty people have said that this is the best binder clip that there ever waas so there are different ways that we sell so I wanted to see see, I wanted to pull you up and see how you would try and sell it to us. So story is one of the really good way to sell to people and so I put trust on the spot so we all have to give her a big okay thank you. Thank you, my darling. And now or shall I gonna put you on this on the spot as well? But you get to sell me something that is something that you made okay, so we're shell made me this beautiful necklace you guys it's of a picture of me and my husband on our wedding day. And so I want you, teo, sell this to me. Oh, well, you would think it would be easy because I could just show it isn't that gorgeous. And it wouldn't you love to wear that every day and remember that a moment when you and chris had your first dance at your wedding? Yes, you should buy it. Wait, you could feel like you could feel that way every day when you put this on, okay, so you are using a lot of feeling sentimental. This is very sentimental, tio um this is why you should buy it so that's an e I pulled her shell up because I feel like it's ah difference it's much easier for rochelle to try and tell me something that one she knows about because she made and it's something that she is passionate about and does on a regular basis than it is to try and sell us this finder clip, which nobody wants to pay fifty dollars for it's a lot easier to dio this other thing. Um, so I thought it would be just if I think that they basically sold themselves. I think so too. No, I think so too. Um, as long as people know exactly what I did, then yeah, then they sell themselves. Yes, you guys will see me wear that some point during the five week, so don't worry, it'll be back. All right, you all right? So let's, go through the five step formula for confident selling and I'm going to start out with a quote because I love quotes. You will have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want. So we're shell and trish both dead this when they were trying to sell things to us, they were trying to help us get what we wanted in order to sell their thing so step one is believing in what you're selling that's really important when you don't believe in what you're selling like that somebody should pay fifty dollars for this then it's really hard to dio it justice it's really hard to do it now I feel like a lot of makers and creatives they do believe in what they're selling and they're really passionate about it but I do run across people who for one reason or another they're not as confident and it might just be that they're just starting out maybe they don't have a lot of testimonials maybe they haven't had a lot of customers yet so what I tell them to do if you're in step one is you've got to get you've got to believe in it so that might mean working with some people for free even though you've got to make money and you got to get food on the table and I'm all for that you have to build up your confidence you have to start somewhere so if you're in the part where you're not necessarily fully believing in it then that's the first thing you need to do to get over the hurdle so that might mean learning more about your thing maybe it's that you feel like you are more of a new newbie to whatever it is and you need to learn more about it and that we all start somewhere so that's totally fine too then step two is to ask questions so once you believe in what you're selling instead of saying, hey here's my thing by it it's to ask questions because you could do a much better job selling to somebody when you know something about them or where they're coming from. It's easy for shell to say, don't you want this picture of you and your husband on this special day? Because she knows that this is a picture of me and my husband on our special day, knowing about the person is going to help you do this a lot easier and could make you feel more confident. So instead of feeling like you have to sell right away, get to know your people. One of the things I do is when people sign up for my email list, I have a question, and I asked them to respond to the question. Now everybody doesn't respond, but enough people do that. I've gotten to know my email list pretty well, I know what they're struggling with on a regular basis. I know what the main issues are when they get on to my list, I know when they keep e mailing me about certain things, that those are things that need to be dealt with because people are struggling with it over and over and over again, so asking questions and getting to know the person then step three is serving before you sell, so talking about how you can help somebody as opposed tio what she could buy from you. So therefore trish was talking about getting organized, and you've got all of those post it notes and you can clip them all together. It was more about how this can help you as opposed tio, why you should buy it right the second, and this can work for product based businesses. Service based business is just really talking about how you can help and helping on a regular basis is going toe pull people in better than anything else and it's going to make you feel really good makes me feel really good when I'm helping people, and they tell me what a great job I did helping them, then I'm then I feel even more confident selling a similar type of service, then step four is using testimonials or examples testimonials helped so much because they do the selling for evil. So if you're nervous about selling your thing, having people who love your thing, talk about it and talk about why they love it so much, I can help you get over that hump we're going to talk about, we're going to talk about questions you need to ask to get really good testimonials later on because the testimonials that just say, hey, this is great they're they're nice, but they don't help with the selling, so we need something that's a little bit more substantial and then step five stop when it's the wrong fit feel like things get really uncomfortable and feel icky when you feel like you have to keep selling or the person isn't the right fit and you're still trying to make the sale think you're shouting about your thing, wondering why the person isn't paying attention. It's probably because it's not the right fit and it's okay, it's totally okay, when somebody isn't the right fit, even though we want everybody to love us and we're human and it hurts our feelings and somebody says something mean it's, okay? And when you put these things together, it can feel a lot easier to start selling. And I wanted to start talking about this in the beginning, because as new followers come in, we want to be converting them into customers. So today's mission is to talk to three different people about your business. Talk to three different people about your business. It could be for those of you in the studio audience, it could be talking about your business to three people in the studio audience for those of you watching at home, it could be friend, it could be a family member. It could be getting into the private facebook group and hooking up with somebody else in there and talking about your businesses. There are lots of options, but just getting comfortable talking about your businesses has nothing to do with selling them on it. Just telling them what you do then number two, is. Do something special for your top five customers or cheerleaders. Number three is brainstorm ways to make your most oil customers feel like the eyepiece, because this is all the good stuff that's going to make you stand out and make people come back to you over and over again. I feel like this is why people come back to me over and over again.

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