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Grow Your Facebook and Periscope Following

Lesson 25 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

Grow Your Facebook and Periscope Following

Lesson 25 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

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25. Grow Your Facebook and Periscope Following


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Lesson Info

Grow Your Facebook and Periscope Following

Teo can you believe it? We're unless in twenty three grow your facebook in periscope following I can't believe we're already here but before we move on let's talk about what we just covered in the last lesson lesson twenty to grow your pinterest and twitter following we talked about how to strategically grow in those platforms and what's different about those platforms and even some of the popular topics on those different platforms and if you're within those topics why you should be on them and now we're moving right along to facebook in periscope in the objective is to learn how to use facebook in periscope to market your business and learn how to grow your facebook in periscope following and connect with your target market on those platforms what you'll learn how to strategically use facebook and periscope to grow and connect with your following periscope one o one and why you should use it and what a scope looks like and how to participate. If your target market is hanging out on f...

acebook or periscope regularly and you haven't joined the party, you're not connecting with them where they're at that's really what you want to be doing, you've to do certain things to grow and facebook and periscope and if you don't learn what those are, how to do them you'll struggle to go grow on those platforms so first up we're going to be discussing facebook who struggles with facebook a lot I'm also us who does not who like amanda sue angie angie tell me about facebook um I have a business group on facebook so I'll have that and then I just have my, um for my block portion so since I've been here especially creative live I just post pictures I have people respond and have interaction so and I have my market is not like a lot of young people so it's I think facebook is just probably pretty much for my target age group lives okay, so you've got your group and do you also have your business page? Yes, and do you get a lot of interaction on your business pain? Okay, most people don't so tell us what your strategy is tell us what you're doing. Okay, well, I oppose things that people like and so that's pretty much like hair tips and I'm like, oh here's a picture of me in san francisco my hair is, you know, it's holding up in the weather, you know? And then people have been responding or here I'm it creative live and so with me travelling and that's another thing that I learned about my market for my ideal client that she likes to travel um a good jet setter and so I think that I need to start implementing something like that in my business and she likes to see when you travel yes, yeah, I'm like, yeah, I need to ask what I was thinking this morning. I'm like, I think they like what I'm traveling that's the most interaction that I've had, um, you know, in the last couple of weeks, and so then I have to have my business group that is very active, well, that's the most interaction you've gotten in awhile, then, yes, that's what you're doing right? And you need to do more of it or think about how you can do more harm than you can even share travel tips what I take in my handbag on the plane, my must haves, how I pack light, what the hair care products I take when I'm traveling all that kind of stuff would also work with that without having to travel to a new place every time, but even just traveling to new places locally where you are thinking photos would probably be a good idea. Yes, yes, thank you for all the tips that you've been giving this week has been helping, yeah, it's awesome! I'm so glad I'm so glad. Amanda sue, you said that you're doing pretty good on facebook, okay, yeah, I have a, um, private facebook group I have a facebook page, I may help moderate several other facebook groups I was a fairly early a doctor to facebook so I mean like I've kind of been through a lot of the changes like I mean, I remember when you could have little quiz results and stuff like embedded on your facebook page like I was there pretty early on so you have my facebook page and on my facebook page I do a lot of pictures my target market likes pretty things and visuals and so I do a lot of pictures and quote graphics I ask questions that gets some conversation going and then every monday I do a video and it's kind of like, hey, this is what I've got going on this week what are you doing this week? And I want to hear you know what everybody else has going on and then in my facebook group hold on, let me ask a question is that so you dio a video every monday isn't a video civically for facebook that you don't put it specifically for my facebook page? Yeah, I have I call it my monday videos I go through and I do a specific one for instagram a specific one for my facebook group in a specific one for my facebook page and they all have slightly different content in them so that's a good reason that you can say this is why you should follow me here yes, here and here because you're getting something different and all of those places haman does it take you to create those video those videos? Well, I okay, so I kind of do the whole like, raw, uncut thing like periscopes I also I don't edit them or anything. I just sit down and so unless my husband pops outside to go hey baby done, yet it kills the the recording, it takes me maybe, like, fifteen minutes and people really respond. Teo yeah, the instagram wants you can only do like thirty seconds so that it doesn't take very long at all. Like the longest thing that takes me on the instagram one is, um, figuring out how to rephrase what I was going to say, where it's shorter because I get to long waited and I'm like crap, I went forty five seconds, okay? I can't do that, so sometimes I'll go and do it natively in instagram because then it makes me stop it the right time, but yeah, maybe like fifteen minutes total. So I think what is coming out of this with people who are doing well of facebook is one creating contents specifically for that area, that platform and then also really knowing who your target market is and how to talk to them because that's what's working with angie right now and you guys can keep asking questions is as we move on for those of you who are more struggling with it, most people are hopping on facebook to check in with friends and family to upload vacation pics, to see their friends baby or see if they've had a baby yet see what's going on with people that they don't talk to anymore but used to go to high school with check in on them kind of snoop in that's what people are getting on facebook for. So if you want to become a welcome part of your target markets facebook experience, you have to work for it. This is not a platform like instagram, where it's easier you have to work for it on facebook, you have to create content that matters to your followers that they want to see their so those videos that's going to get them inspired for the week and excited to engage with you and chat with you, and so it works really well, that's a great tip you have to create content, you can't just slap something up and hope that it gets interaction because it most likely will not just because there's so much going on and peoples feeds and then on ly a specific amount of your people see your posts unless they're really good when your poster really good and people are liking them and commenting on them, then they put them in more peoples feeds and that's, really, how you get in front of more people on facebook is really good content videos is that I'm coming from it from a really kind of like, inspirational slash motivational angle. Like most people get up on monday morning, they're like wallets one day again, and I'm like, no, no, no, none of that we're gonna take monday by it's, gnarly little horns, and we're gonna show it. Who's boss, that's! What? We're going to dio like that's my ankle on my monday videos. I love that I love the way you just phrased that that means to me, like one of the catcher, totally like I really literally do say that ugo really that's perfect. So what you want to do is use the writing techniques that we've been talking about through the entire course. Most of them were in session three use the writing process that chris went over. This works for facebook posts use that use the transcription in one person methods from lesson twelve if you're struggling, tio, figure out, how do I say this on facebook? Just record yourself talking about it really quickly because you only need a little bit for facebook so record yourself talking about it for one to two minutes and pull out the best piece of whatever you just said use the one person method imagine one of your facebook followers as opposed to all of them it's hard to dio on social media you're thinking about all of your followers versus just one of them, but if you think of just one of them, you're gonna be much better off use the content creation ideas from lesson nineteen because it's not just for blogging you can use that for everything, including social media and ask yourself, what does this really look like? What does this really mean? Zoom in really close and pull out at least one exciting detail at least one thing that's going to break the pattern and stand out from everything else that people are saying and that could even be the photo that you used you could use something that really catches people's attention it doesn't necessarily also always have to be what you write. The other trick is remaining active without overloading your followers feeds I think I think that this is a big key to why I do pretty well on facebook I'll talk about another reason that I think I do pretty well on facebook coming up, but this is one of the reasons but I think I do pretty well is that I only talked to them when I feel like I've got something good to say, and therefore they pay attention when they see something because they know I'm not sending out facebook post every day I don't, I don't do that one of the other things that you had mentioned, and it was a huge light bulb for me, is that because it deals with the thing that drives me crazy about facebook, is that you don't when you, when you boost posts, it's not ads that you're boosting your boost posts that will make people just happy for no other reason, and I realized that because I'm in the same kind of sphere where a lot of my ideal clients are on facebook and they're doing, they're looking in business groups and all that sort of thing, and what we see and what I see all the time in my feet is ad for business coaching ads for business is just like constant, constant, constant, so I tuned it out completely, but you have things that the things that are boosted or things that just make you feel good, which is so it's like it changed the way that I saw it, because I don't want to be a part of that conversation of gimme gimme like that's, not at all who I want to be. But that the way that you put it it's like that's, who we want to be, I want to be the person that's just making you feel good just because and then later on, we can talk about how I could help you, but right now, you just need to not be worrying about all of those gimme gimmes, here's just a happy thing instead, yeah, when you're only showing up in your followers feed when you're selling something, then it doesn't feel good and that's, why I boost post that have nothing to do with selling? I also boost the post that I talk about let's, say, marketing for creatives my e book, I will boost a post like that, but because you've already seen a bunch of my other posts, that one is like one out of I only do that maybe once a month, usually once every other month, so that you've already heard from mia bunch before I'm selling something to you, and I love to tell people when something is free, like don't worry, this is free. You can go latch for free or download for free so that they know that as well, because it feels like a lot of selling, so if something is free and you're telling your audience about it, let them know that, too. Post that include an album are picture received one hundred twenty to one hundred eighty percent mohr engagement from vans and text based posts and this is from the book the power of visual storytelling so pretty much always use a visual this has become more and more apparent that you always need a visual and not just any visual it needs to be a good visual, but you're taking photos for your instagram you're taking photos for your blawg for your products is everything so it's okay you're going tohave photos that you can pull in and use double duty triple duty I use my photos for everything it's not that I create a photo and it's just for instagram it's for across the board and then people are recognizing it and then they know it's mine and if they see it again they know it's something of mine so it also helps with that consistency. So let's also talk about how you khun cell in facebook without just selling because that's always a concern. Now first of all, I want to say your business it's ok to sell to your people and you should be because they want to hear from you if they're liking your business facebook page they want to hear about your business there they want to be informed did they want to know what's going on so when you have something to share share it but if you want some examples of how to sell without selling here's one for a wedding photographer, you could show a photo from your latest wedding shoot, a detail about what you really loved about that wedding, or working with that couple, and then how many packages you have left for the season with a link to where you consign up, if you want to work with me, so it feels like I'm getting a little something fun, and then if I want to work with you, I can go ahead and do that. An example for a knitting pattern designer, you could show a photo of someone wearing one of your designs that they have knitted themselves and a short testimonial, and then where people can buy it so that is selling, but it feels really fun because your followers air seeing somebody who's taken your pattern, knitted it themselves, they're wearing it, and you're featuring that, and then also the person who needed it feel special because you're featuring them, and it feels good for them, too. So it's, like a win win, win, win, win. Do any of you guys have trouble figuring out how to sell without selling on facebook, anybody? Amanda, I think I do the first part, but I don't add the link or anything like that, I just because I do wedding photography as well and I always just post here is the beautiful pictures that I took on that's it yeah yeah one of the things I think you might be doing with your business is spreading yourself a little thin as well and I know you want to do all the things as you're going to do all the pigs but what I would suggest it's focusing in on a couple of things and bringing for instance your photography into one of the other thing yes and you can still do if couples are contacting you to do wedding photography you can still do it I mean if you've got the time why not but as far as your business and your online presence if you focus down people are going to know what to come to you for so people started to come to me first for blogging and then I started talking about other things like social media and marketing business in general productivity but I got them in the door because I was talking about blogging I was talking to chris about it that I don't think I even want to do weddings anymore it's hard for me to say that oh yeah oh it's if you know giving it up is it's kind of a little heart wrenching a little bit but I realized that I am overwhelmed with everything that I'm doing and I feel like I can maybe just have photography has something else that's already a part of my business that I I want to do? Yeah, it sets apart your block post, it sets a partner social media because you're taking these pretty photos to use in those areas of your business. Lots of times we feel like we have to sell all of our skills and really, what makes you unique businesses when we pull those skills together and we're selling one or two of them, not all of them, yeah, and when you let go of something, you make time to do all the stuff you really want to dio yeah, and I feel like that's, the biggest thing for me right now is that I just don't have that time, so I'm not being good at one thing, I'm just like, yes, friar elf, thin and not having the time and feeling we're now all the time and working way too many hours and didn't you feel overwhelmed? You feel like you're putting out fires like rochelle talked about and you're thinking, okay, got to get money in the door. So what am I going to do next is supposed to have in a long term plan and feeling really confident about that long term plan because you've got the right people in you're selling the right stuff, you're doing this stuff you like yeah so we've got to put all this stuff together and we're going to talk about that even more in the next lesson but excited we got to put all of that stuff together so I want to share why facebook works for me and what I found works best for me I post once or twice a week that is the timing of it and I haven't found a time of day or night that works best I just do it once or twice a week I usually post when I have a block post that I put up then maybe something else on top of that and then I boost a lot of my post for somewhere between five and ten dollars if I always start with five dollars and if it's working really well and people are clicking on it a lot I'll add more money to it if it's one of those ones that just isn't doing as well I just leave it at the five dollars and at the end of the month it's maybe fifty dollars usually less than that that I'm spending however it's getting me in front of a lot more people every week I have new people liking my facebook page and I get a lot more engagement than a lot of other businesses and I think people got really angry when facebook said okay now you're gonna have to pay to be able to use this but us as business owners, we expect people to pay us to be a part of our thing and use our thing, and so we have, you know, we have to allow businesses to grow and kind of roll with the punches, and I've actually found this to be really effective. It helps also, tio, when you're writing really good content on facebook and you're breaking the pattern, it stands out and you get in front of more people, and it actually works in your favor that they're doing this and that you can only get in front of most of your people if they're actually liking and commenting on it. One of the funny things you guys when I post on facebook, my husband races toe like it, he wants to be the first person to like it and he's like, I've gotta like it so that it will get in front of more people. Come on, come on. I got to let me know as soon as you put some facebook he's so sweet he's, so good. Do you guys have any questions about boosting post? Yeah. When you boost your post, um, you have an option to boost tio I think your followers and their friends or are you like, okay, okay, yeah, that's the question because I wasn't sure if you used the segmented audience yeah, I boost to my followers and their friends because that's usually who is gonna like my stuck the people who are already following. But if you're trying to grow your facebook, then you segmenting in a different way of people that you really think would be interested in your your stuff, and getting in front of new people could be a really great growth strategy. It's just that I want to get the strategy of mind right now is to get my facebook post in front of the people who are following me, right? Try like testing both ways. Yeah, experiment, I say experiment, especially when it's five dollars, when it's a five dollar thing to experiment with, try it out. Do you have a budget of why are you just do like five or ten dollars? Yeah, I just do between five and ten dollars for each one, I'll probably increase it going forward, I haven't decided, and if I do a launch, I think I'm going to try using ads and try seeing how that works and I would probably set a budget for that, and I haven't decided on that either, but at least a couple hundred few hundred dollars, maybe even five hundred just to see if it works, try it once and see experiment with it. Is what I'm thinking I'm going to do for my business, but I haven't used that I've just boosted post that's all I've done so far, the ants feel a little bit overwhelming to me because there's so many like targeting and re targeting and dropping facebook pixels into pages, and so that you can target people who have been to one of your pages and not another one, and I'm just like I'm overwhelmed I like the idea of just boosting a couple of weeks this feels like I can do it. Yeah, because I've been hiding from facebook, I go in and I talked to people in groups that I'm in just to say hi because I like to be used to you guys, but otherwise I kind of avoided altogether, but this feels like it's doable? Yeah, it is and you don't have to put a ton of thought into it as faras ads. If I do ads, I probably would even hire somebody who's an expert at it because I am not you have to help me out with that. If I'm going to spend a chunk of money, I would probably get somebody else on board to tell me like, this is what we should really dio yeah, because it's way more complicated yeah, it's upsetting thought of setting this is good to be back in the studio and chris brought up being apart of groups that is a really great way to grow your following on facebook is dead be a part of groups and be active in the group's, so if you're active in the private facebook group for this course, I guarantee people are going to go and follow you if they connect with your stuff, your brand what you're talking about because that's what we want to do when we get to know each other, then we want to follow each other. I was gonna say that success this year has been directly related to being in groups apart of your courses and interacting with people it's directly related to that. Yeah, and if you're in a group where it's the right, it has to be the right group to it has to be the rate people brought together that really connect and can work well with each other. I think I do a pretty good job of it bringing the right people together just by being very focused on who my ideal person is. I know that sometimes people get irritated with me by that they'll say like you are not teaching this for men, I will say yeah, but I hate for you to feel alienated, but yet my target market is women and it's making them feel supported and comfortable and as if they can hang out together like we're having you know, brunch or coffee and chatting about business, and so while I get you, I understand that that could be frustrating for you, but you have people too. You have people to go to to. I've heard that a lot like this is obviously not for men. Yeah, yeah, and so I couldn't say, oh, my gosh, okay, what am I going to do to change that? And how can I include them? And instead, I'm saying, I'm really sorry that you feel like this isn't for you, but here are some other people that might be for you. So really being who you are works? Yeah, because not every female business consultant or coach is for every woman I mean that's just not the way it works, and I'm sure that there are some men that that would find value in what you d'oh just if you make the connection or not has anything tio gender? Yeah, especially men who are really creative and have creative businesses, they would probably feel comfortable being a part of the group. Yeah, yeah, it's a lot of men who have more corporate types of work and too soon just don't connect to it, so quizzes are the most engaging content on facebook. As you can probably tell from when you're scrolling through your facebook feeds and you see everybody simples results for different things and then you really cool I want to know what kind of character I am from the simpsons or whatever it is they're really popular so if you have a quiz created with your business and you have a way for people to share those results on social media that's going to get other people excited and wanting to take the quiz and there's a lot of free platforms to do them to now it's one of the post that is in the blocking boot camp that I have so I did a bunch of research I can't think of many off my head but there's a couple that make it really easy to share and you can actually use them as market research to so it's super fun people share it it's really exciting for them but the information that goes into the quiz you can start to get insight into the different kinds of people so it's like a perfect sort of interesting, sneaky fun way for you to figure out sneaking in like a cute and adorable when uh you configure out here you're different ideal clients you know are you what kind of for me what kind of writer are you? And then I can be able to say like these are my three ideal clients berry and I'm showing me showing me really clearly what other stuff that they're feeling, yeah, it's another one of those win win win, win win thinks so what's your facebook strategy who are you trying to attract? How do you want them to feel when they read or see your posts? That's something that you really want to be thinking about going back to that feeling because people will forget what you said, but they won't forget how you made them feel that's, why they'll keep coming back? What kind of content do you want to be sharing? Do you wanna have something extra special, like amanda sue, which is a video on a day or something else you share, quote every wednesday or whatever it issue, share something different for your facebook following what would that content b and look like what's the goal for the people who follow you a lot of times on social media, we're trying to build up our followers, but we don't really have a goal as to how we're using that to benefit our business. So what's the goal, and how are you getting them back to a website and signed up for your emails? Manda krieg, shaking her head like, no, I'd never do this, yeah, if you're sharing something really good at the end, saying go teo, amanda creek dot com forward slash whatever and sign up for emails if you don't want to miss out on any of this information or if you really liked this topic, I talk about it on my weekly e mails go teo amanda creek creative it's, amanda creek creative man a crit creative dot com forward slash emails and sign up so you don't miss out it's an easy way to do it. You just have to do it. I feel sales e I mean not, you know, I don't want them to be like, oh, you put your link there, so you're trying to sell me every time so that's, what you're putting a link for free information? Yeah, you're not putting a link for your sales page every time, right? You're putting a link for them to come and get your emails and get more value and get your seven days to glam your brand or the checklist that you're about to create, you're sending them to something valuable. So you want teo, make sure that you feel really confident in what you're sending them to, so that you feel good about actually sending them to that thing, and if they don't want it, they just won't won't click on it, but people who read your post and really engage with it, they want more they do want more you have to give them more okay what's right? Any questions about facebook before we talk about periscope are we ready for paris? Go. I'm so ready for paris go I love here okay, who loves paris go can't even just be to watch it doesn't have to be teo actually be on it. Yeah, okay. Who has never been on periscope? Okay, jenna, you've never been on parent christine you never run on periscope. Okay? We're gonna get you on periscope. Uh, patty, you didn't raise your hand. Tell me what? What is it about pick? Do you look kind of like it's? Sort of, um I like the behind the scenes glimpses, but sometimes it's a little it's a little too much and a lot of people are like putting on makeup and talking teo I mean it's just a little it's a little too personal for me. See, I love that you like that. I love it. Yeah see that's too personal for me so you don't have to do that part, right? That's something that you wouldn't have to dio or even watch that kind of stuff because that's not your you're right person so you probably wouldn't follow hillary rushford, who I've talked about because she puts on makeup on the weekend I do actually you dont mind yeah I could only watch her for so long yeah, I was um yeah she's she's a little too over the top for me yeah, I love it yeah, she gives me energy so here's the thing I'm her ideal person and you're not necessarily like you khun tune and every once in a while you're one of the meth people so she doesn't really she shouldn't really think about you when she's planning in your first night she should think about me and how much I love what's going on and how I love to watch her put on her makeup because I also love to watch make up youtube tutorials and that kind of stuff so that's like my geon see right? Ready, right? And I don't want any of that. Yeah, yeah so what about you? Have you found people that kind of just get on and talk about their thing and like let's say chris tucker, have you seen him? I have no okay, so he gets on and he's just talking business and helping people with business, okay, not sit he's not doing his make up on there are anything like that? I guess I'm just old school and you know, you just don't just don't do that so that's generational probably yeah, so for me I love seeing it but also I am not even close to thinking that that's something I would do for my brand because I feel is it for my brand having my makeup and hair done for periscope is what's on brand it's not on brand for me to put on my makeup and chat with people it's just not and so you also have to think about what's on brand for you so even though I like watching that it's not something that I implement or do I even thought about doing a periscope while I was in the makeup chair and I thought no because this would be really fun to share what's going on behind the scenes that I'm getting ready for creative live but I thought this just isn't on brand I never do this so it's not a good idea for me to do it right now yeah I'm warming up yeah okay let's get you really warmed up okay all right so this is why you should join periscope now for those of you who aren't on periscope for those of you watching at home who are not on periscope it's still new so you can be a pro by the time it gets really big you can connect with your market authentically it's like really and it's riel it's really my dark my dogs will bark at some points in time you know things happen it's really life so it feels like nobody is being fake and if you are me think it's very obvious right away you can connect with other entrepreneur so you guys can connect with other creative entrepreneurs who are going through this same types of things and struggling with the same stuff and talking about that khun feel really good to have that water cooler moment each day there isn't pressure to be perfect because there's no editing and it israel life and we can hang out in real time on a regular basis you had me during the course after the course I love periscope I hang out on there a lot and in my opinion it's a lot of fun it's a lot of fun when you get past the nerves and especially if you're just watching it's a lot of fun so who it works best for it works best for anyone targeting other businesses business to business is one of the best ways to use periscope anyone teaching their craft so olivia when you do periscopes and you're showing the brush lettering that's a really great example of somebody who should be using periscope anyone wanting to show off their skills to attract clients. So let's say your makeup artist and you want to show off your bridal make up and that you know what you're doing so you can show how you would do that and then people who are watching who are brides may then want to hire you anyone who's more comfortable and video than writing paris group is a great place to hang out if you're more comfortable on video anyone who avoids video because of the editing process so if you just hate the editing process and that's why you don't do video but otherwise you would periscope is your best friend let's try it out let's do periscope so what we're going to dio is pull up my phone first I've got to dismiss all of these people went live while we were talking and so okay there we go okay, this is what periscope looks like when I'm signed in and you just scroll down to see the recent ones of the day a man to seo I see something from you and then you can see who's live so you can see danielle from the merryweather council is in there talking so that's like the tv portion of it then you can go to the little world and you can see in a list or you can go to the map and see who's pera scoping and from where then if you go over to the little people that's where you khun search for people up in here so if I'm searching for let's say hillary rushford, this is how I find her, I click on her and then I'm already following, but if I wasn't, I could follow I could turn off notifications but I'm not going to do that because I really like her stuff and then I can click on the recent and get to her most recent periscope and watch it if I want teo and then up here in the little corner this little guy up there that's where you can see your stuff how many people are following you, how many people you're following, how many people you've blocked and who you've blocked, how many hearts you have and all that kind of fun stuff and then down in the bottom with a little rid kind of thing coming out of the bubble that's what you click on when you want to do a periscope and you type in the title of whatever it's so we're going to type in we're live at creative live and let's use a hashtag of creative business just like pretty much anywhere else in social media it's the same kind of deal um if you want to share your location then you can go over to the little arrow guy or the little or is that the little locked guy see what the little locked guy does okay, that makes it a private broadcast we don't want to do that the little arrow shows where your location is usually I have this turned off because it will show really close to where you're at so normally I have that off plus makes visible on the world map and that's when you get all the creepers coming in that's when yeah, exactly so I usually always keep the little birdie the little twitter birdie going because that means it's going to share it right away when you go live on twitter so all your twitter followers who are on their will know that you're going live okay, so I'm going to start out with my phone kind of like this because it always starts pointing out so normally I would have something kind of cute like maybe my notebook I would put that there and I would start with that, but since we have an audience, we're going to start here and then when I go live for them to see me, I double tap the screen and it turns it back around, turns the camera around so we're gonna start our bar broadcast. Usually I say something like thank you so much if you're watching this on the replay, I really appreciate it. Amanda sue joining for everybody who's joining us hey, this is in the future for all of you who are watching the creative live course we're testing out periscope we're doing a little periscope for the course I'm gonna double tap and turn you to me there we go, here I am and the hearts that are coming up that you see that means that people are digging what you say they're enjoying what you say you can't trade them in for like a mansion or anything else but its social proof thank you so much yes you're time travelers and then you've got the comments coming up and people can share with their followers and it's a little bit slow but I think that's okay because we're just testing it out oh it's so good to see you so good to see you rebecca so usually I just for the first couple of minutes say hi to everybody and check in and then tell them what we're doing for everybody who's just joining this is we're at creative live right now we're filming you're a part of it yeah you're going to see yourself that's exciting all right, ladies that's usually how you end things all right ladies we're going to sign off and then you just swipe down and then stop broadcast and then you can go down and see how many people were on eighty two total viewers seventy seven percent retention one minute thirty two seconds and then it stays on for twenty four hours can we go back to the keynote now? Do you guys have any questions about that it's really fun for those of you who haven't done it before? You were attempting this for the first time um what there would just be crickets basically I mean I know you usually still we'll have a couple of people especially what you do is join watch a few broadcasts comment during them people will follow you and so you'll have usually a few people hop on and still be there hanging out with you but have something planned to say so I'm going to talk about what to do with your first periscope and just the second so that we so that you know for sure it's connected to your twitter as well so if you haven't been following they will a little tweet goes out automatically saying that you're scoping so if you have people on twitter who are into periscope they'll be like oh what are you gonna say to me jenna and they'll probably too now thank you so yeah I can tell you right now I don't know about anybody else but I'm usually pretty fast if I see so and so is on for the first time I'm usually pretty quick to jump on it because I know they're going to need the extra love because maybe they're new to this and they want a little support and to know they're not out there alone in the world and let us know so yeah let us know we'll come and say hi it says your name and that you're on for the first time there's a major telescope and that's what it says and so people jump on and helped out so I usually use the lighting kit from lesson nine when needed so my house is pretty dark I have a little bit of natural light and sometimes the light is good enough I used the light in my hotel room when I've been scoping the past few days and that's been just fine but when I need a little extra light I use that same lighting kit it does double duty for me and so it makes that really nice so let's talk about your first go take a couple days to get acquainted to the platform playing in your first half egg and practice a bit so practice with the topic make it short concise maybe share three tips something that you can get through easily take notes because it can be very easy to get distracted notes help with that people are asking things they're commenting you're wanting to read their comments so you might forget oh what was my third tips so have it written down test before going live by pulling up your camera in video and checking the lighting that's how I checked my lighting before you go live on periscope because you can't there's no way to check before you hit the life button on periscope otherwise so I just look at what does it look like on my phone right now use the title that will intrigue people select the twitter birdie so that it automatically tweets when you began if you don't want people knowing where scoping from don't cherry location before you begin, stabilize your phone or to plot device if you have a tripod, awesome if not stack of books works just fine, you don't necessarily have to have anything fancy do your first cope with in your first week on the platform so you don't chicken out so you don't keep giving yourself excuses on why you're not going to do it just yet or why you need to learn this before you do it, or you need to watch so many more scopes and then do another and the next day in another benex because the first five to ten scopes will be uncomfortable no matter what, even for somebody who is used to speaking live, they're uncomfortable because you don't know what somebody's going to say you're getting used to the heart you're gonna use to the comments and reading them at that speed you're just getting used to it. So I also say do it when you get on there near the beginning so you don't have a huge following so you can get used to it without having eighty people on your periscope so what's your periscope strategy? Who are you trying to attract? How do you want them to feel when they watch your scopes? What content are you sharing what's? The goal for people who follow you how are you getting them back to your website and signed up for your emails? Same with all other social media? What is the strategy? How are you using this platform? Periscope for me has been the best I mean, I have other of my other social media places people can see sort of what I'm up to, and they might follow me that sort of thing. The periscope has been the best at converting to sales for me because I can actively show people what I'm doing and where I use a lot of work sheets, and I do a lot of teaching and that's a part of what I d'oh I can actually be doing that live with people and they can immediately go. I've had people like, you know, the little ding from paypal is happening while I'm on the periscope talking about the thing, and I have olivia's really good at doing this, too. I have little cards, um, that have my little biscuit in picture on them with the bentley link, and I shortened bentley link and I haven't just sitting there in the frame so that any time somebody asks me where can I do? Because they're asking right there and then immediately, and I can say take a screenshot that link in the corner will get you to the place and then they'll disappear for a second and then I'll get a little ding from paypal and then they'll come back and be like I did and I'm in it's amazing it's the most satisfying thing and it doesn't feel like selling because somebody is asking you where they can buy from you yeah and I'm in the middle of just teaching and giving them something for free so I feel good about it because people are saying at the same time some people are buying but other people are saying you've just inspired me I'm going right now to write a blogger post I'm going to go and do this right now because they feel like they can do it immediately which is great because even if you're watching a video if you're watching a video and it's all really beautiful and it's produced really well that feels good for one reason but it also feels a little bit like it's not really that easy you know you know but if it's me in my house and it's like sort of falls over maybe a little bit and my cat goes by in her tail and you know back and gets in the way and stuff that feels like it's really and so when I say you can do this it's like yeah I'm an actual person I'm not too fancy or whatever produced to be really yeah michelle interaction like you can watch a video and it's fun to watch but like I'm watching periscope and I'm just like tough talk to have to have to have to have to wait you know, comments have tio beto so we're it's a conversation yeah, it feels like a conversation as opposed to just somebody talking to you when you're watching a video yeah, and if someone has a question you can answer immediately and you know and you can say if they ask you a question, you're not really sure you can say what do you mean? Is this what you mean so that it's like all of those miscommunication things that happen disappear and then after you start to feel that you realize all of the stuff you're nervous about going into it before your first scope are the things that make it really great? You know it's not going to be perfect that's the thing that makes it awesome yep is that it's not perfect exactly it's addictive exactly, but I feel like you need to be using periscope because you are one of the cool ish chicks I know I love your personality so much and I feel like people can't just know you by seeing a picture of you on a website you have to be using periscope on a regular basis I know and I like it and I want to do it but I look like hell all the time like I don't look like this in real life I am where I'm like an artist so I don't get dressed for work I where do you want to seek my don't know everybody wants me o have your t shirt that you can change out into when you're going to do a periscope have three different options that you can change out of and so you can get out of the t shirt and feel better but really we want to see what's happening when you're making the art because that's what we want to buy from you we want to know what's actually going on and and we just want to talk to you and get to know you better and that's when people are gonna want to buy from me I think you're totally right I feel like you're totally right so I'm gonna work on that and I actually had an idea while you're doing that like I could take this bracelet and you know why people want to look at it and but I could show it on periscope and say this's my grandfather blob oh, you know this is my grandmother and blah blah blah blah yeah yeah exactly and I feel like people grown ups would like to come and have grown up story time with michelle like that would be fun working on it okay, I I will commit to that and we need your stories with your your thing in your studio I forget the name jang valerie valerie can never own show on our backs story. You never even said you have a question, I'm just kind of toe what were shell was saying? I mean, I felt exactly the same way she does like, well, I can't get on periscope because I don't look like this every day I must mom and I were a mom uniform every day and no makeup, usually in my hair, in a ponytail, so, like, I can't do that, but I went ahead and did it. I kind of fix my hair a little bit the first time, but I left my mom uniform on my t shirt, my art apron, because that's, what I dio and I have gotten some of the most the sweetest comments, like directly emailed to me after a few periscopes like, thank you so much for doing that you gave me permission to art journal, and I'm having so much fun doing it so it's really the connection thing, and they just, you know, see me as a real person of, you know, I'm not the made up person everyday, so yeah, that veneer, yeah, and makes it more accessible exactly because you're just like me, you know, I can trust you, yeah, and my dog snoring and and, christine, you need to be on there so that you can show people your stamps, even in such a short scope, just showing what they look like when you stamp them and even the before, like this was the lettering, and this is how the stamp turned out and showing that that's going to get people excited. I took olivia's advice yesterday, and I tried doing a video of me doing one of my lettering on my instagram and, ah lot of people like that, I was like, oh, my audience, he likes video sneak previews like I follow me and my big ideas she has a really awesome planner and like, um, two or three weeks ago, she did a sneak preview of the two thousand sixteen point and I was like, oh, my god, I'm so hopping on that and I had so much fun watching it like, yeah, you're awesome idea! Yeah, there's lots of locks that you khun d'oh so today's mission is to follow me on periscope so that we can connect and hang out and you can be a part of all of our group chats about the course. Do your first scope, do it even if it's really short, even if it's only for a minute, just get over the hump and do it create your content strategy for facebook in periscope. So you know what you're doing moving forward. You know how you're growing or following, you know how you're getting those people back to your website.

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