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Write Sales Pages that Actually Sell

Lesson 16 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

Write Sales Pages that Actually Sell

Lesson 16 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

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16. Write Sales Pages that Actually Sell


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Lesson Info

Write Sales Pages that Actually Sell

Wear on lesson fourteen right sales pages that actually sell I know you guys are excited about this one but before we jump into it let's go over what we just talked about which was less than thirteen persuade connect and sell with story and we talked about why you need to master storytelling to produce great content that your followers share and promote for you new ways to tell stories and how to make them really exciting and engaging and how to make it easier so that you don't have to tell the entire story and now we're talking about righting sales pages that actually sell as opposed to just sit there and they're crickets the objective is to write effective sales pages that resonate with your target market to sell your products and services to the right people to feel confident when you sit down to type up your sales paige I want you to sit down and feel like I can do this as opposed tio I have no clue what I'm doing or I'm just trying some things out and we'll see how it goes, what y...

ou'll learn how you might be selling to the wrong people and who you should really be selling to why you should never start your sales page by talking about yourself and what you should start with instead why you should focus on benefits not features and the top ten reasons your sales copy isn't converting if you don't learn to write effective sales copy, you can attract thousands of new followers without growing your income. It can attract all the followers and then they don't become customers and that is such a bummer. I cannot tell you how many times I've worked with people that have traffic, but they don't have sales and people tell them like I like your stuff, but they don't have sales or people are reading their blawg, but then they're not clicking on the link to the sales page or when they get to the sales page there it's not converting this is very, very common, so your sales copy is your important opportunity to connect with your target market and let them know that you get them and convert them into new customers, and you have to avoid the big sales page pitfalls in order to do that, so we're going to go over the big ones. The point of getting more followers is to convert them into customers, and in order to do that, you've got to write effective sales copy to convert your copy will be more effective if you sell to your loyal fans instead of trying to convince people who don't already see the value this happens all the time that people feel like they have to convince people that are kind of met or on the fence as opposed to the people who are already into your stuff those are the people you talked to in your sales page that's how you're going to convert people into buying the meth people don't worry about them we don't worry about them when it comes to anything when it comes to the target market when it comes to blogging when it comes to email we're not worried about them and we're definitely not worried about them when it comes to sales copy but this is really the place that most people write to those types of people the people who were in that middle ground who are kind of like a kind of maybe I'm checking out you're saying but I don't really love it those people you don't want to talk tio so for instance, trish, you sell jewelry, you don't want to try to talk to women who don't wear jewelry, which I see all the time where people are like, you know you would look so fabulous in this necklace I know you don't wear anything but you should because this is why it's going to make your outfit so much better or it's written in a way that it's to somebody who would otherwise not even used the product or be interested in the product and it's not that I've seen you do that it's just I've seen examples of that from other people often so don't try to convince people who aren't already into it because that's not gonna work for you and then it's not going to resonate with the people who are into it. So, patty, you're not going to talk to people who aren't internet ing, right? And I see it all the time where people are trying to convert like you should become a knitter because of this and this and this, and this is why you should buy my knitting pattern as opposed to talking to somebody who already loves knitting. And I want you guys to remember that people love to buy stuff they love to buy stuff so it's okay that you're selling to them, especially when they have the money to buy it, and sometimes, even when they don't, it could be their favorite splurge. People love finding new products and services, they love it love it love it I love coming across something that's going to become my new favorite thing, my new favorite candle or my new favorite necklace or my new favorite boots? It's exciting when you find that stuff. So instead of thinking to yourself that you are annoying people with your sales copy, think about the fact that you could become somebody's new favorite fill in the blank, whatever it iss, and then it becomes easier to sell when you write sales copy, you've got to dig deep. This stuff takes time you cannot write a sales page that is gonna convert in twenty minutes I heard someone saying that you are her sales page in twenty minutes and you know what? It probably sounded like everything else out there you can write something up in a really short period of time, but I guarantee you don't go through chris's writing process when you do that, you don't go through every step with a sales paige I mean, you can go through it really quick with a tweet or facebook post, but not with a sales page, so and I also don't think that that is normal people take time on their sales coffee I've had clients that I've worked with that we're saying it's taking me five hours to write the sales page and it's for this big program that they're doing and launching and it's the only thing they're launching in three months and I'm saying that that's normal five hours is normal it's okay that you're right that you're spending five hours on this big thing that you put all of this time and energy into so never start your sales page by talking about yourself what you want to do instead is think about what's in it for your customer what's the promise that's what your customers thinking about what's in it for me? What am I going to get out of this and, of course, the stuff that I'm talking about, their exceptions to the rules, that's, why, throughout this course I've been even showing exceptions to the rules because they're not really rules. They're just what works in general, so you have to make a decision based on what works best for you and your brand. But these are things that really work in general. Emotions affect buying more than anything else. More than anything else, we give ourselves those logical reasons, but it's really the emotions. When I was picking out the clothes that I was gonna wear for this creative live course, I was imagining myself up here in front of you guys teaching and how I would feel in it. When I was in the store trying on this blouse, I was thinking about how it would make me feel. I thought I look so cute in this blouse, I have to get it. I love polka dots, I can put something on top of it, so it's not so polka dotty and it'll work, and it'll make me feel really fun instead of just a plain blouse. And it was the feeling that I got when I was in it it's the same with all of the clothes that I picked out for this, and for me, it wasn't about the price. It was about how I felt I have things that I bought for this course that our two hundred three hundred dollars for an item of clothing but I have things that I bought for this course that are like fifteen dollars or maybe even less and it's because of the feeling that I have when I'm in it so keep that in mind it's all about emotion the most startling truth is we don't even think are way too logical solutions we feel our way to reason we feel our way to reason so you want to engage your ideal customers imagination illustrate that you know what it's like for your ideal customer now and what it will be like for her after purchasing that's how you create this emotional experience is this how you help somebody who's buying from you online get that emotion because she's not trying on your blouse she has to imagine it in her mind you want your prospects heart to beat a little faster after looking at your product photos and reading your copy you want her to look at the product photos let's say you sell in etc and she's scrolling through and she sees your thang you want her to be like get a little yeah this is this is something that I'm gonna love and click on it and then when she reads about it you want her to get even more accepted that's the experience you want to create because people buy based on emotion. But they justify with the reason how many of you guys can think of something that you bought recently based on emotion. But you justified it with logical reasoning. Yeah. Rochelle, do you have a specific example? Teo? Yeah. Okay, tell me. Tell me more about that. Um, it was emotion that made me, like, really want to be here, and then I had to back it up with reasons. Okay, so what were the reasons that I was going to learn a lot? Ok? And make and solidify connections. And I wanted to be in this group. I really, really wanted to be in this group. And what was the emotion? Um, I just knew it was gonna be fun, and I was gonna get to hang out with all my friends. And was there any piece that was like, if I don't go, I'm gonna be missing out? Oh, definitely, definitely, yeah, yeah, I absolutely was like, I I really want to go because I know if I don't, I will be so sad. Yeah, that often that is one of the most important pieces is that if I don't get this, something is missing even for something small. Like this top that I'm wearing I thought about well if I don't have like this has to be one of my outfits this is really fun I really like it it shows off my personality and it's more about what it would be like not even having it and wearing something else and that seems so silly but it's the truth a lot of the times it's about missing out or not having that because you're thinking about what it would be like to have it I had already imagined myself wearing it here, so it would be very hard for me to put it back because I already had that in my head. So let's talk about features versus benefits features are the factual or surface statements about the product or service the benefit is what it really means and does for the customer example for nail polish future it has this x y z ingredient inside of it benefit last entire week before chipping I don't care about the ingredient in fact whatever it is is probably going to scare me but what I do care is that it's going to last an entire week before chips that's what's gonna get me to buy an example for this course feature is twenty four lessons a benefit you double your online following in five weeks you you care a little bit that you're getting the twenty four lessons but really what you care most about is that you're going to double your online following that is going to be the selling point of it so who has a future that they can then turn into a benefit for something that they sell anybody? Chris told me about the blogging boot camp. Yeah, the blocking boot camp has fifty two planners, so the feature is one of the things with the whole writing process that we talked about is being able to outline things and that could be really difficult and I love making the work bookie stuff and the planners and outlines and everything so I create I send out a planner, a brainstorming sort of tips and work sheep and an outline sheet for a different blawg post type every week for fifty two weeks, so the feature is that you receive you know, the planner in the outline sheet every week for the full year and then the benefit would be you never have to think about what you're going to write on your block again. You never have to decide what you're going to write about again, and you can use these for ever because that outline can be changed and made into any different subject using that type of post and that's what we care most about is hearing is hearing about that that were never have to worry about what we're going to write on our blog's again forever that right there is the thing that's going to get people to say yes please give me more where can I give you my money? I want this. Anybody else have an example? All right have a feature I can remove texture from watercolors benefit you have more time to make your watercolors. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, so amanda sue is my virtual assistant and one of the things I had her do for me is take off the texture on the backgrounds of my water color so that in the workbook you can see my watercolors and they're on a plain white background but it takes some time to do that and therefore I was able to do more of it because she helped me with that and got rid of that part of it. So it made my life so much easier and so that is really the benefit that taking off the texture yeah that's nice that's the logical part of it. But the benefit is I've got so much more time to work on this creative live course that it makes me feel a lot that are a lot less stressed. So I want everybody to pick one of your products and think about the features and the benefits this's on workbook page ninety one an amateur entrepreneur only focuses on the features when you see a listing product listing and there are on ly features listed there's something is missing, something is missing and it's often because the person just doesn't know because again it's like anything else, we're not born knowing this, so if you on ly have features right now, then nothing's wrong with you, but you need to change it. You need to make it so that you've got those benefits as well, and the benefits are more important. They should be higher up on your sales pitch of the emotional part, and you say you make the choices your emotions first, then let the features be there later on when you need to rationalize that emotional decision, so put the benefits first, then put the features later. Exactly, exactly, and you can keep brainstorming this stuff. You need to be very clear about what your customer gets and what happens after the sale in your sales copy. This is where customers can get confused and they don't know, and this is a very easy fix is to be very clear about this so that they know exactly what's gonna happen. If there's any confusion, your sales will suffer if they don't know if you're selling let's, say something downloadable, if they don't know when they're going to get that downloadable thing, your sales will suffer just because they don't know. So if there's a time frame, you will get this within twenty four hours then people feel more comfortable I know what I'm getting I can pay for this and I feel more comfortable or for of course that I have on blacksburg belle I am very clear about okay you're going to pay and put in your card information or pay via paypal and then you're going to get sent to a registration form where you register for the course and then you're going to have access to the course log in and if you have any issues you can email me at blacksburg balaji mail dot com and I would be happy to help I'm giving them clear instructions so they know exactly what to expect so that they're not thinking ok I pay for this course and then what happens it needs to be that clear it needs to be that obvious so that there's no confusion so does this mean then that on etsy we call it a product description or item description is that really a sales page? Yeah, same thing ok same that I never thought of it like that. Yeah. Good question. Thank you. Um on that but is it okay to have it be exactly the same? Um if you are selling off your own website versus at sea um if you're considering that your sales page well with etc I think you need to tweak it a little whatever platform you're selling on, you need to do tweak it so that it works with that platform so it's probably not going to look the exact same as if it's on your website, but the rules apply that that's very similar, but you need to think about if something really works on s e u want to dio what works in nancy, and if that negates one of the rules, then you just don't follow that. So let's, talk about the top ten reasons your sales copy isn't converting number one, you haven't given your prospects a reason toe by now you have to give a reason to buy. Now remember these iraq's experiment where it was much more likely that people let somebody cut in front of them? Just if they said, because I have copies to make, you have to give them a reason limited time, offer sale, limited supply price, increase free bonus or just saying something that talks about buying now and why. So for instance, for this course, I could say by now to double your followers by the end of october, I'm giving people a reason to buy, they could buy any time and do that, but really, that gives that push of I want to have my followers doubled by the end of october, so I'm going to buy now. So it doesn't necessarily have to be like a limited supply or a price increase or sail or a free bonus. It doesn't have to be one of those things, but you do have to give a reason by now and learnt this new technique. Yeah, it can be really simple, but you need to have something there. Number two, your language doesn't resonate with your target market. The language that you're using doesn't resonate with your target market. If your sales page isn't converting, I would say, switch around some of your copy and see if that helps, because what do you have to lose if it's not converting and people aren't buying thing, you might as well try out different thanks, and we talk teo different customers in different way, so make sure for that product you're talking to that particular customer in the right way and it's hard to do that that's not necessarily a very easy thing to do, so a lot of times it does take experimentation. I have messed this up before I have had launches that have just flopped, and then I've revamped the sales copy, and then it was a success, same product, different sales copy, different results and it's really, because I wasn't talking to my person in the right way, and a soon as I started it was successful to a lot of times you just need to play around with it number three you haven't provided any testimonials or case studies this is so important this is so so so so so important you need to have these I know it can be a little stressful and nerve racking to ask people for this but if they've bought from you and they love your stuff they'll want to give it to you they'll want to provide it I think you need to have a good amount is having at least three for each thing or on each page so if you have a product based business it doesn't necessarily have to be for that specific product but having testimonials on every single listing is going to help and if you switch them up some at least something that will help us well and being very clear that if it's not for that specific day it can be for your knitting patterns in general but not necessarily for that knitting pattern then that's okay as long as it's clear that it's for your knitting patterns in general so when I use something when it comes to the testimonials like what all can you count as a testimony like if somebody gives you a shout out on social media can you use that or if they emailing they're like oh my god this was like the best thing ever because this is what happened can you use that? Do you need to e mail them back and say, hey, that was great can I put them on my page like how does this work? Yeah if it's on social media they're already sharing a publicly so you can absolutely use it if they're emailing you then you e mailed them back and say thank you so much for this I can't say it even better than you did can I please use this as a testimonial on whatever it is? Yeah, so if it's private ask if it's public than there already sharing it they already want people to know they're already shouting from the rooftops about it awesome anybody else? I think what also counts as a testimonial of you have product say like trish in here jules, I mean your jewelry like if people have their own pictures wearing that jewelry like that could count as a testimonial excels thinking of like my stamps and like I see people using it in their projects and sometimes I include that in my newsletter and say, look at how like other people have used this and it converts the sales because people are like I want to use it like that s so like with your knitting patterns like maybe people who have bought and made it can submit their own pictures and say like, this is how I used it and look, I made like a sweater or something. Yeah that's like a case study for a service based business that would be kind of like a case study yeah, and it works really, really well, yeah, absolutely. Number four your copy is too dense it's not broken up with visuals heading subheadings bolding bullets lists you need to make it scannable and break it up. I see this all the time where there there's big huge chunks of text and it just feels very overwhelming for the person there and it's kind of like walking into forever twenty one and being really overwhelmed it overwhelms the person who's coming to your website your solution service product seems to complicate it this happens a lot too because you want to over deliver you want to give away everything you want to sell it all and it seems really complicated and so people are turned off by that one of the reasons I think seven habits of highly effective people is really um something that would work well and works well is because it's so simple seven habits if feels a doable chris was talking about in a previous lesson if you have ah block post with four big blunder meant big blunders which we were talking about amanda's block post it feels doable so even solutions and your stuff when it's a lot of complication it can turn people off you've given it all away on the sales page, so you're saying everything on the sales page and you're not leaving any mystery or secrets. So for me, the way that I use mystery, I'm really bad at mystery that's, like one of the worst things for me is trying to create mystery and secrets because I'm a very open person. And so, like, mystique is not my thing, however, when I'm writing a sales page, I used bullet points that intrigue people that keep people excited, the bullet points for this course that I keep reading, that I'm talking about what you will learn that has the mystery and secrets that I'm talking about. So you want to watch that lesson to find out what I'm saying in those bullet points? So when I say something like, you will find out the top ten reasons why we're sales copy isn't converting people want tio watch to see what those top ten reasons are. You've included other things besides sail this copy in the buy button on your sales page, so links to other things an opt in included other things on your sales page. You don't want to include other things on yourselves page because you want the only option is for people to buy, you want that to be the only option, and it can be. Can you want? Sometimes you want to add more stuff to it but limit yourself tell yourself that what you want people to do on this page is to buy and that's the reason for it and so do I you're opting put your optimum on the landing page the only other the only kind of exception to this is if you have an etsy shop in your linking toe other related products, so you're sending them to other sales pages and you could do this within your own website too, so if you're linking to products that they might like because they're on that sales page that's when this can this is an exception to that rule I had my product is a little bit complicated, so I have ah frequently asked questions but in all my cells paige, do you think I should have that off? No that's totally fire that's that is a piece of your sales painted as opposed tio it's not like sending them to a block post okay, where you're talking about something completely different because you've got the frequently asked questions you're gonna have more sales because people don't buy when they're confused and so that's actually a good thing it's a great question number eight your copy is way too long or way too short sometimes you don't describe something enough and so people don't know what they're going to get and then sometimes you are very, very, very wordy, and it goes on forever and it's way too long, and people struggled to get through it. My sales copy is often long it's, not for something like my marketing for creatives e book, but for course that somebody is going to invest three hundred dollars, and the sales copy is longer, but I ask myself, is every piece of this necessary, and I get rid of the things that aren't necessary and keep the stuff that isthe so again, you can have a long sales page, and it makes sense, but it has to make sense it has teo, you don't want to just include things just for the sake of including them, and you definitely want to make sure that you're including enough information, so one of the things that you can do is give people a sneak peak so that they can see what your thing is, especially if you're a service based business and let's, say it's, a mastermind and let's say you have worksheets in the mastermind giving a sneak peek of those worksheets, or if their videos showing a snippet of one of the videos so that people can see what it's going to be like to be inside of it, so they get an idea of whether or not it's for them when you're when you hide that stuff, people think you're hiding it for a reason, or they wonder if they don't trust you already, then they might wonder what's going on here? Why aren't you showing what this actually looks like? You talk about yourself and why you wanted to create the product instead of talking to your customer about higher product can help her makers make this mistake a lot, they say. I created this product because I really wanted to create this product because and then number ten, you haven't addressed all objections with your copy and testimonials, so objections or why your customers hesitating or why they are might object to buying. We talked about collecting testimonials and the questions to ask, and one of the questions was about hesitation. And did you has it hesitate before buying? And if so, why did you decide to buy those hesitations are going to help you figure out the objections, and then you can also really get into your ideal customers hen and try to think of why would she object to this and then deal with that? So if it's that you have a high price, there might be a hesitation you're loyal, ideal customers are not going to say this isn't worth it, but they might hesitate a little bit over a high price we talked about reframing high prices, that's one way you can deal with that objection or having a testimonial that says this is worth every penny and talks about why it's so valuable that helps having that right near that by button, when something is a little bit more expensive, so dealing with all objections, and it could be that I don't know how long this necklace is, so I can't buy it, or I don't know what these earrings would look like on me, so I can't buy it, or I don't know what it's made out of or any of that kind of stuff. There are a myriad of reasons, and so you have to address that on your product descriptions and sales pages. Any questions about any of these? Everybody feeling good? So more tips for effective sales copy make your call, the action less corporate and more emotional examples by this sterling silver ring now versus choose beautiful design. Choose this ring that's more emotional, it pulls you in a little bit more number two example, select your gym membership today versus join your neighbors, a twenty four hour fitness that pulls you in a little bit more it's, more of an emotional appeal. Think about the fact that people care more about losses than gains, so if that that that is applicable to your product or service think about that we've talked about that some how if you have a limited number of something, then people will lose out if they don't buy it, and they really love it. You want to let them know that you have a limited number of whatever it is or if there is a limited time, remember to use pre suppositions. What will your girlfriend say when you wear this necklace to brunch next week instead of if you buy this necklace that the debt to that to that? Don't use your sales page to share your process? Do that and block post emails social media your sales page is the place to sell your thing use up selling and etc listings linked to related products to keep prospects in your shop longer, longer, you can keep your customers with you, your potential customers with you the better and give people a peek inside. So we talked a little bit about this if you're selling a membership program show what's inside of the membership program, you're selling workbook show a few of the worksheet. You don't want to give it all away, but you want to show a bit of it you don't want people wondering why you're you might be hiding something all right if we could pull up the sails pages that we have all right, we've got a few sales pages up here pulled up that we're going to run through and talk about what works. Sin. What? What? Maybe we could change about these. So first, olivia, if you want to come up and join me, lets all get her out of a block. Okay. So, first of all, your sales pages really great. Thank you. So, let's, start with that. Really? Is it's very visually appealing? Yeah. And I mean right away. You draw me in. So the very first thing, though, that I would change is changing the why? Because it's up so close, I would bring that further down in the one thing that I saw that I was like, ooh, this needs to go up higher. Go down here, down here. If you commit to three weeks of practice with my recommended schedule, you'll be a pro in less than a month. Data data data that this is the benefit like you, if you practice this long, this is when you're going to see results. So if you bring this up higher, it's going to help even more and bringing the y down, because again, at this point in time, people don't necessarily care why you created it, they care what's in it for them okay, but you have so many amazing things working for you and this so let's talk about those the way that you broke things up is really, really great. So you have bullet points, you have headings. That right? There is something that everybody means. You have testimonials. You've got a very clear called action. Click here to buy. Now you've got more testimonials. You've got the details so that people know these air the features so they know what they're getting now. One of the things I would maybe d'oh not let's. See, is there a link for you to sign up for an affiliate to be an affiliate? Yeah, at the very bottom. Okay, so a couple of things, if it was me, I would probably take off the op tin and I would put the opt in on a landing page and get people to opt in that way so that when they're coming to the sales page that's all they're focused on and just see, just experiment and see if that works, then I would also take become an affiliate off as well is what people to be buying the product. That's what, you want them therefore and have another page set up for them to become an affiliate or even send that information out to people who are buying your product because they're going to be the most interested in becoming an affiliate and they're going to be able to talk about your product in a really great way okay, what do you guys think? This is a pretty great sales, paige, isn't it? I pulled it up because it's such a good example thank you and it just so people know it does actually work so I am getting sails out of it and I am getting people. This is the only place on my online presence where that often exists for this list and the reason why I put it here was I guess before I had a product to sell, I put the opt in there as ah coming soon get notified and then I never changed it, so I guess that's what happens when you just sort of add bits and pieces here? Yeah, standard like the whole thing all at once. Yeah, yeah, we all do that kind of thing. Absolutely. Um so I would I would take it off or if you if you really want to leave it in I would change it up because it feels like it doesn't feel is visually appealing is everything else on your sales paige everything else and like who I really like the way that that looks and this feels like it's just quickly put together did you quickly put it together yes yeah yeah okay so if you want to keep it on there I suggest taking it off and seeing if sales increase and seeing if you can drive people to that landing page and then set up a sales funnel which we're going to talk about okay? So we're going to talk about putting this onto a landing page setting up a sales final so that people are just buying automatically twenty four seven wouldn't that be awesome on dh then they're coming to the sales page and that's what they're focusing on okay amanda, come on up all right all right this is amanda's work with me paige and I brought this one up because lots of people have work with me pages on their website so I think you are going to know what the first thing I'm going to say is probably right the fact that you have I am passionate about making you shine online I want you to succeed because I believe that is women were strong and brilliant and that our message needs to be shared with the world. So you're talking about yourself as opposed teo your customer so that's the first change that I would make on here and then I'm wondering I watched the video and I think it's it's actually really cool why is it so small? Um I don't know it's small ok, so I was like what I need bigger please so I would make the video bigger and actually what I would do is cut it in half I won't take out about half because they're a little vignettes that could be even more powerful if they were cutting that if they were shorter actually made it for school you did yeah and I didn't re edit it for my page I just kind of threw it up there so that's probably why it's also small you know, because I didn't do that whole editing process that I should have done yeah yeah so I would make that bigger and I would probably put it down just a little bit I wouldn't have it the very first thing because once you make a bigger you may need thio kind of break up the text with it and I would switch around the copy so that you're not talking about you so tell me you could even have it say something like, um I'm passionate about making you shine online okay? So first what does this really mean? What does this really look like? So let's zoom in a little bit tighter I I really want people to be able to just have their website or their branding put together so that way they can sell their things without being able to see other things, they can't make a living do the things that they love. They can't succeed and that's, but I want them to succeed. So yeah. Okay, so I think it knowing you and your brand, I think it's very clear that you want to help people, and I think you can put that kind of copy further down. So shining online. What does that exactly mean? Um, just that their personality, their things that are so great about them, come out, that it's just it's a parent it's really evident that it's? Not something that's kind of like hidden, like with chris's page. He kind of buried her, you know, in her web site, rather than letting herself shine and just let you know everybody see her for who she is. I want people to see her because that's what's so great about her brand. Yeah, okay, so the things that are I'm pulling out of there really kind of almost branding made easy and injecting your personality. And still I want to still play around with resuming and even more and seeing what that looks like I would keep, I was like, get out your notebook, and I would write this at the top of the notebook, and then I would keep saying what does it look like and keep writing it out over and over again until you get really detailed and zoomed in because I think lots of people would want to work with you how is this how is this converting for you not so well okay so one of the things I think also is that there isn't a ton of information but it's okay because then you go down here and you can see what the options are but one of the things I would do is get rid of the about paige stuff because you want them to work with you and I would have more on this I would really think about what does it really mean for my customer when I I am able to help her get clear on her branding what does that do for her? How does it make her feel what does it do for her business? It increases her sails at homes or make more money but also it really helped her feel proud of her website it's probably makes her feel like she can finally tell her friends that she has a business without feeling embarrassed that was me for a while I didn't want to tell anybody that I had a business that I knew in real life because I was embarrassed of what my website looked like so I would start getting really focused on that okay and talk about that immediately, okay I think I put like more attention to like my about paige and I did try to do that whole paying attention to my customer thing at the beginning and all of that, but then when it came to this page is leg that's going to put it there because I don't I'm not I'm not a silly person I feel like I'm being sales e when I have this page I know that's not, but I just feel like even having it they were being sales so you're running a business I know you have to make money I know I have to eat yeah, you also deserve to get paid for what you d'oh who in here feels like amanda deserves to get paid for what she does yes, we all think that so you have to figure out what is it that makes you feel like you don't deserve that? What is it going on so that we can help you move, pal cast it so that we can help you because you are amazing and your work is really great and so we have to switch this up because this isn't sales e this isn't this isn't sales e enough it's kind of just like yeah, exactly you're doing that thing that I talked about earlier like here is kind of my thing if you're interested maybe kind of check it out but really? You don't have to don't worry that's what the impression you're giving really you need to talk about are you embarrassed by your website if so I can help you fix it this is how this is how I help women build their brands in a way that makes them proud to share it with other people and makes the money okay, I have a lot of work does that thomas carrie it yeah, a little bit a little scary but I think it's just my being in my own head the things that I tell myself and I I mean I have sales and stuff but it's usually through referrals, but I wanted to be like where I don't lose the mo mentum where I don't you know how those long periods of time where there's nothing coming in so I know I need to work on it it's just let me tell you why you have sails through referrals it's because people love working with you if you did not have sails through referrals than it would be that you people don't enjoy working with you they don't think you're that great at what you d'oh but that's how you're getting all your sales that's got to give you a little bit of confidence that people were referring other people to you I'm referring people to you, I'm telling people to go and check out your stuff I asked to you to contribute to the scores because I've got so much confidence that you are so great at what you d'oh anybody else have anything to add to that she did an amazing job with my sight yeah, she did it I didn't give her any input very little did your first just deeply magically created this you know, great place absolutely how to refer her oh, I laughed when I saw the video because one thing that she kept tell me about my own about paige was your pictures were so small your pictures were so small you need to make them bigger we want teo I don't take my own advice ever lies so this is what you're going to dio and you need a little bit of a pep talk you're going to talk to one of us you're going to get into the private facebook group you're going to say I'm updating this can I have some feedback and we're all going to tell you what we think and how great you're doing right? Because that's what this is for all right wait can pull back up the keynotes that would be awesome today's mission today's mission is to go through one of your product descriptions sales pages and make sure your copy will convert by avoiding the top ten reasons your sales copy isn't converting go through it make sure that you are dealing with all of those things share it in the private facebook group, asking for feedback from other member. So once you've gone through it and made changes to it, you can get feedback from people. Get in there, ask for feedback, and we'll give it to you. There are lots of people in there already. Hundreds of entrepreneurs are already in that private facebook group, giving each other support and that's what its force for you guys to give each other that feed back.

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