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Why Your Business Success Depends on Marketing

Lesson 3 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

Why Your Business Success Depends on Marketing

Lesson 3 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

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3. Why Your Business Success Depends on Marketing

April explains why your success depends on marketing and how you can bring focus to the time you spend on it.


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Why Your Business Success Depends on Marketing


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Lesson Info

Why Your Business Success Depends on Marketing

We're going to start in with today's lesson why your business success depends on marketing the objective of this lesson is to understand the importance of marketing start thinking about how marketing fits into your business plan clarify your dream business and began brainstorming how you should focus your marketing time what you'll learn why you need to clarify what you want your business in life to look like before you can create a marketing plan I talked about that a little bit but we're going to dive more into that my definition of marketing my top marketing beliefs what separates good and bad marketing and where you fall in the marketing personality quiz that I completely made up but I think is very great if you don't start with this foundation you'll waste hours upon hours on marketing strategies that aren't helping you reach your goals this is the problem people want to jump into the like really good stuff I wanted to jump into the really good stuff and things did not go as plann...

ed when I did that every time I did that when I skipped the steps when I put together a new product and I didn't think about my ideal customer and I didn't have one in mind when I was writing my cells page it never sold as well it's amazing how it really does make a difference and when you do this stuff and you see it you're gonna be like oh this is what's going on I actually do have to do this stuff that and we're going to get fun. We're gonna make the boring stuff fun if you don't understand the importance of marketing, you won't spend enough time developing a plan and working on getting your products in front of the right people and that means less growth and you want growth everybody's here to double their following so you have to do the stuff and you got to understand the importance of it, okay, I want up go into a quote cause I love quotes you guys, they're going to see really quickly that I'm a quote person don't ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go and do that because what the world needs is people who have come alive. I love this because so many times we turned outward for what we should be doing and sieve thinking about what we really want to dio and that's one of those big mistakes even when it comes to marketing you're learning a lot of stuff here, but things that don't resonate you need to set aside things that really resonated yes, I love that that's what you go with, so do you see your work as a job or calling a job or a calling who sees the creative work that they do is a calling everybody in here yes yes I love it okay perfect when you see it as a calling you're going to be much more likely to spend the time on marketing because sometimes it's hard and if you don't really love what you d'oh then you don't spend the time now if you're in that place where you're like well I kind of created this business because I wanted to make money doing something for myself and I created my very first business because I wanted to make money doing something for myself I thought it was a cool thing I was making jewelry and I was enjoying it really wass but it was not ah calling it was more like okay let's start here and see where this goes and I realize pretty soon that it wasn't the thing I wanted to be doing always just like I bet there are people right here that are like I would never want to do this and maybe you think you want to do what you're doing and you start out that way but pay attention pay attention to how you feel when you wake up in the morning are you excited to do the work excited to get to work or you're feeling like I got two d'oh x y z I'm not really feeling this if that is most days we all have those days I even have those days but if it's most days then I think it's time to really think about is it the right direction for you and it's? Hard to give up on something that you have spent a lot of time and energy into creating, but sometimes that's the best thing you can do for yourself? I started with the wedding planning bog, and when I decided to shut that down, it was a really hard decision for me because I had put years into it had thousands of readers, I was making a part time income. It wasn't anything huge. It was about four hundred fifty dollars a month, but for me, when I was also working a full time job, it was, you know, four hundred fifty extra dollars a month, it was like, all right, that's, not bad, and I realized very quickly that I didn't love it. Once I got married, I thought, I don't want to be looking at tool and ball gowns and, uh, anything to do with weddings anymore, like I'm done with weddings at this point in time, and it was a hard call for me to shut that down, but if I hadn't done it, I would not be doing this because there would be no time for bess, so if you're in that spot, I feel you now. What do you want your business to look like in one to three years? And we're considering the fact that you're feeling really good about what you d'oh you're excited about it, what do you want it to look like in one to three years? I asked this question more than once throughout this course because I really want you to be thinking about it also, there is a workbook that you can get free for our sleepy that I will show you some pages of and just a minute that will really help you to clarify this, so think about it. What do you sell in one to three years? Do you have employees? If so, what do they do for you? That's a really fun one to think about it's scary for a lot of us when we're like this is this is my thing that I have worked everything I like, I've put all these hours into and now I'm handing over pieces of it, but it also could be exciting when you're thinking about the things you really don't want to be doing, it can be really exciting. I hired a man to sue to help me, she is my virtual assistant and she has made my life like this I feel like when I wake up every day, I'm like ah and getting ready for creative life beforehand, I'm being completely honest on the like, every single morning when I wake up because I have so much to dio and I'm putting so much into it with amanda sue, I was waking up thinking like I got this, this is not that I got this and it's because I got things off of my plate, so thinking about that what's, the stuff that you really like to stop doing and then what kind of content are you putting out and where and how often, how many social media followers do you have? How many emails, subscribers and blah graters you need a clear vision for your life in business before you concur can create an effective marketing plan, you just jump into the marketing stuff, then you'll probably get lost. You'll probably feel frustrated because you don't know what you're working towards, it's, hard to make decisions when you don't know what you're making decisions for. So when you're thinking about what am I gonna block today and you don't have a clear vision of where you're going it's hard to pick out what you're gonna block about that day when I know that I'm coming to creative live to teach my block planets set like I am building up content to get people excited about this course when I know. That this is where I want to be in a year it helps me to come up with the content to attract those types of people that are going to be the right people for those products and services, and it helps me figure out how I'm going to grow my business. So these are the pages I was talking about about the your dream life and business workbook, and this is really going to help you figure out what you want your business in life to look like. All of you have already had this workbook and have been playing around with it it's a fun one right now it gets you created that gets your right brain involved. I even suggest that you use embroidery thread to dio the snapshots of your dream life and I really want you to get creative and have fun with it, so take it somewhere fun like go to your local coffee shop, get yourself your favorite beverage and think about this stuff so you're in a happy place when you're doing it or go to the park to whatever is really fun for you and make it a good time. I want to show you just a couple of examples from our studio audience of some of their workbook pages because I wanted to show you how creative you can get with this stuff isn't this so fun? You guys did awesome with us I'm in love with it every time you guys emailed me more, I'm this's so fun now I couldn't put all of them up there I wish that I could but this can give you an idea of how you can just even use different colors and have fun with it you know? So what the point of this is is then to use your marketing to build your dream business in life that's the point of getting clear you can be a successful is you decide to be if you believe you can you will if you don't, you won't, right? So you have to believe you can do it and I truly believe that you can be a successful is you want to be? That doesn't mean you have tio have dreams that other people feel like are important like I know that some of you are thinking I just really want to replace my full time income that would be awesome for me and if I could do that I would be so happy and that would be the dream I'm I don't want to fill up every hour with my business and in order to create millions of dollars and that's okay too so what is marketing marketing is promoting and selling your products and services, creating value for your target market and attracting the right people to your brand by engaging and educating your customers marketing is not about manipulation, marketing feels icky when you think about it as a way to manipulate people out of their money. It feels good when the goal is to add real value to your customers lives and to sell to the right people who benefit from your products and services that's the difference and we feel really bad when we feel like we're selling in the wrong way or to the wrong people when we build up an email list and we don't feel connected to those people because we're just really trying to build an email list and then we're selling to them they're not responding and we feel like this doesn't feel good anymore that's when it's not fun that's when it feels like you are manipulating people out of their money and you're not, you're not at all we're going to get to a slide and just a little bit that talks about how when people come to your thing there often hoping that your thing is for them, they're not rooting against you. Lots of a steak like people are coming and we have to really convince them that they're going to love are saying, but when they come to it, they're probably hoping that you've got the right thing for them when I go and I'm looking for knitting patterns for instance, when I go to a website, I am hoping that that pattern this for me I'm hoping that it's going to say beginners can do this I'm hoping that when I look at it I'm thinking okay, I really can't do this I can see the steps I can see I can envision this in my mind they've got some tutorials for me so I can do this I'm going to buy I'm not hoping that I'm gonna get there and see this really pretty thing that I found on pinterest and think I'll never be able to create that for myself and when I do it's not like I'm out of the business but it's just not the right thing for me so think keep that in mind like people want you to be the right thing for them when you sign up for this course a guarantee you were hoping this is really going to help me this is really gonna help me double my followers you weren't thinking like this is crap let me sign up for this. Why marketing matters you have something unique to offer and you need to get it in front of the right people you're competing with thousands of other businesses and marketing helps you stand out without strategic marketing you're relying on customers somehow finding you and falling in love with your business and that's a plan for failure in frustration I keep reiterating things like this because I think it's so important let's talk about what good marketing is not it's not what you do after you create your product or service and that's what most people do they create their product or service and then they say okay, how do I now market? This marketing starts from pretty much moment one you need to be thinking about who is my ideal customer who is this right for how am I gonna make it? How am I going to make it something that she loves even more? How can I start talking about this now and giving sneak peeks of it because of that builds up anticipation so many times while I was talking about this course, people were saying things to me like you are such a tease I want this course now and that is exactly what you want people to set you want them thinking ok, all right already you've already sold me on this and give it to me, please is it so so many people have said I've already bought I wanted to start come on, I'm ready to go and that is because I did a really good job talking about the course in what it is and building up anticipation and there are some different schools of thought on this some people think that you should wait until closer to the release date so that people don't stop paying attention and in fact I am on the other side of that I think you should start talking about your stuff immediately because people need to see your thing multiple times before they're ready to buy it marketing and psychology suggests that you need about seven touches there it's all over the place some people say for some people say seven some people say eleven let's go with the middle let's go with seven so if they need seven touches from you that means you have to be talking about your stuff seven different times before and they need to see it those seven times so you really need to be talking about it maybe like fourteen times so that they see seven of those times so that when you launch it sales air streaming in that's how you make this stuff work because if you wait until you've already created the product you put it up on at sea or you put it up on your website and then you wonder why you get a handful of sales as opposed to maybe one hundred sales it's often because you didn't talk about it it's not just banner ads and commercials I hate this hate when people think that marketing is just advertising commercials that kind of thing marketing is so much of what you do in your business it's your product photography it's your sales copy it's your block post its your tweets that your facebook post that your instagram posts it's, when you hop on periscope and you're talking about something to do with your business in your products and your services, all of that stuff is marking good marketing is not interrupting your customers a day it's about adding joy to their day, making them feel like excited about something. Whenever I talked about this course previous to the course, I tried to do it in a way that got people excited, not in a way that people were saying, oh, my god, this course again, I wanted them to be thinking, oh, my goodness, this course again, I forgot about it. I need to go rc piece so that I don't miss out or I'm so excited about this and it's not shouting about your products and services over and over and over again, how many times do you see somebody all they're doing on twitter saying by my thing by my thing by them, I think I'm I think I'm I think I'm I think I'm I think, oh, you didn't hear anything so many times, and they wonder why nobody's following them on twitter? I I cannot tell you guys, I would say at least at least one hundred different people that I have talked teo that have said twitter isn't working for me, and I've looked at their twitter all their twitter is is here's my thing that I just put up in my etsy shop or here is my bracelet that I just put up on my website or here is this group coaching program go buy it and that's all it is it's no interaction barely barely any interaction that's all and so it's not shouting about your products and services over and over and over again which I think lots of you guys already know all of you guys already know but it's important teo reiterate good marketing is built into every aspect of her business all of the details your marketing your product or service you're getting people excited to buy it it's adding value to your ideal customers day it's a welcome part of your ideal customers day it's something that they get and they're excited you want people when you send an email out and they see that it's for muto want to open it immediately and if you're selling them something excited that you're selling them something that's when you know you're doing a really good job it's a conversation it is not just here's what I've got to offer by it marketing is really a conversation and talking to people I will tell I will give you an example of this cindy who's in the studio audience I thought she would be a really good fit for the studio audience and so I e mailed her and I said, listen, I've got this horse I think you need to be in the studio audience let's talk if you have any questions about it let's talk about your questions here's all the reasons why I think it would be a good fit for you in particular I think you will love all the other women that metadata and it was a conversation it was an email back and forth conversation about why she should invest and come and be in the studio audience right? It wasn't wait yeah yeah and when it's a conversation it feels a lot better did you feel like how april really wants me to be there? Absolutely yeah, I was I mean, I was flattered that you even asked me to come I was scared to death to come, but I wanted to come because I believe in what you teach and give great value and I knew I would get tons of value from coming if I hadn't sent you that email I wouldn't be here you wouldn't be here. Yeah when I fall and it's something that makes your ideal customers heart beat a little faster with excitement like excited to be a part of your world excited to be on your block excited to open your email excited to see your instagram account there are instagram accounts that I love so much that I go and I look for and I'm hoping that they've added new pictures because the pictures are something that gets me really inspired and yeah, you'll get a kick out of this one of my clients follows you on periscope and we were in the middle of a coaching call and she looked down she said oh april just hopped on periscope we better get off of here so excited just coming right there just like I know you're gonna wanna be on there too let's stop right now e I love it I do get a kick out of that I love that so this is shifting your mindset so that you look at marketing as a positive thing because you're going to be so much more excited to do it so I mentioned this earlier but I want to just go over it again when someone joins your webinar read your handmade bracelet description emails you questions about your web design packages there hoping you're going to be the person you're there hoping you're going to be the right person the right brand most people are rooting for you not against you now there are some drugs who are rooting against you because they root against everybody we can't pay attention to those people those are the five percent hopefully less than that of people we're concentrating on the main majority of people who come to your web site hoping that it's the right fit hoping that you're going to help them or coming to let say trish coming to your jewelry and hoping that it's the jewelry for them people are hoping for that so then we just have to give them a reason we have to show them that we are the right person now for the really fun stuff we're going to do the marketing personality quiz this is in your workbook on page aids and for those of you watching at home I want to know your answers too so please share them let's go to section one okay there are a lot of questions in this quiz so this is what we're going to dio I'm gonna read it out and you're just going to put the first thing that comes to mind the first number that comes to mind it's on a scale of one to ten one being the least true for you and ten being the most true for you so you're just gonna put down exactly what comes to mind this isn't gonna be like well maybe I'm in a door seven I don't know just put whatever comes to mind because that's usually the right one and then we second guess ourselves all right, so number one I enjoy taking photos of my life number two I know where I get the best natural light for photos in my house it's where I have a light box or photo lights number three I enjoy taking photos of my work number four I like sharing photos on social media number five when shopping online photos draw me and more than copy so more than sales copy the product description number six when learning I need visuals to best understand the concepts number seven I have a product based business number eight I enjoy telling stories with photos more than words number nine when looking for inspiration I turned to magazines, pinterest and or instagram number ten I know howto operate my camera I heard a giggle it's okay if you're scoring low for some of the things that's actually good just to be honest number eleven I've taken or want to take a photography class number twelve I enjoy the creative process of editing photos so now we're going to try really hard to count up our scores correctly I should have said bring a calculator for this shouldn't I have so try to count up your scores do the best that you can even if it's not completely perfect it's okay, I scored in eighty eight on this when I answered these questions. This is about trying to figure out where you fall within photography, visuals, that type of marketing and whether you should maybe hire it out maybe whether you should build your business around images and visuals and photography man decree got that you got a high score on this one one fifteen so here is the results if you scored one two thirty well if you score the one, you're not doing this right because you can't score one but but if you fall in this range you should avoid platforms that air visually based like instagram and pinterest hire out photography for your business this is not your strength this is not your strong suit and it's probably not something that you really like this is a really low score for something like this, which means you really should think about hiring it out did anybody score really low? No, I didn't think so creatives normally do not on ly focused time on instagram and pinterest ifyou're a product based business and your target market is there this is if you score thirty one to sixty batch photo days together to get them out of the way or hired out so this is I'm not terribly low, but photography just isn't one of my favorite things I landed but I'm super lucky because I have an extraordinarily creative daughter who's really into it. So yeah, you gotta help me honey hired out to the kids just everything's that I that we joke about with my husband that I'm like I'm hiring it out to my husband and you're my personal chef here's what I want for dinner if you scored a sixty one to ninety, I would say focus um social media time on instagram and pinterest use photos throughout your block post and emails look for more ways to integrate photography into your business take a photography course to stay inspired and get yourself re re energized and ninety one toe one twenty photography should be a daily part of your business if it isn't the main chunk already build your block posts around your photos posted on instagram challenge connect with creatives who were strong at copy and collaborate this is also a good way to figure out like who you should connect with and collaborate on because you both bring different strengths to the table so who got really high who was a really high score? Yeah, a lot of you amanda talk about your your score you weren't surprised where you know, the only thing that I scored lower on is the product based business, but I'm moving towards that so at some point I'm hoping it'll be a ten so otherwise you know everything else was a ten everything else was a ten anybody do all tens somebody online said they were natalie paper florist that there were ten and she looks ten on all the questions I love it so everything should be images, visuals, photos and it's going to make you happier when you score really high on something like this it's going to make you happier when a lot of your marketing has to do with something that you enjoy doing all right, section two same thing one being the least true for you and ten being the most true for you number one I prefer writing a tweet over posting a photo on instagram number two I get excited when I sit down to write sales copy I'm hearing grown thief number three I'm giddy on blawg post writing days number for being a writer has always been my dream number five I feel like I've found my voice number six I get at least ten comments on each block post number seven people tell me that they're jealous that writing seems to come so easily to me number eight writing a product description is easier than taking product photos number nine I enjoy sharing my opinions with my blah graders number ten I start or in my day with journaling chris wants everybody to start their day with journaling number eleven I carry a notebook with me or use my phone to jot down content ideas throughout the day and this is for content ideas for written content number twelve I enjoy the creative process of editing my writing who enjoys editing their writing only a couple of us only a few of us yeah all right, so who is scoring adding up your scores? Who was scoring really low on this one at least half of you and anybody scoring really high only a few of us would about online they're taking a minute to put in every sport taking their minute of foreigners for ok, where shall talk to me about scoring low? I just have like blocks about writing and chris's I'm helping make it get over it but it's a process? Yeah, what air the blocks I have that terrible um voice the dead blowfish thing where I feel like I have a good personality and in person you d'oh, but it just doesn't come out in my writing, I get like, all like schooley and like you need to remember, bro, you're the turtle ship ideo walkabout that tell us more about what you're saying, chris uh there's this we'll talk about this when we get into into yeah when I'm out there doing my thing, but one of the biggest things that stops us from enjoying writing is that we have this idea that we have to be perfect and we have to be the expert and we have to show only the things like strength and intelligence and polish and perfection and that's not humanity like it's one super impossible to do it and you set up yourself tio hate what you say because you can't meet those expectations and it's uncomfortable because you're pretending to be somebody else and it doesn't work as well because the vulnerability like the cracks there where the light gets in and leonard cohen said, and it's totally true the humanity is the thing that people love, they love the soft underbelly, you know, your turtle shell is cool and everything but that's not what people want to snuggle with. I felt my ideal customer kind of expects me to be a certain way meaning what? What certainly, um really professional and, like family oriented and I am those things, but I'm also kind of like out there a little bit bold, and they have allowed mountain see that's what I would expect I would expect bold, I would expect, um, cool, cool we're going out together, I think you're just such a cool person thinks you've got one of those personalities that just fits in, and I feel like a cool I mean, that's, the word that comes to mind every time it's that you're cool person, yeah, so if that's not coming out in your writing, then yeah, there's something, yeah, all right, so let's talk about the low scores in the high scores and then we can find out online what you guys were scoring. If you've got a low score, you should avoid twitter and focus on visuals like on facebook or instagram you should hire out copyrighting and written social media updates, you should focus your block post on visuals, not writing makes sense right thirty one to sixty on ly focused time on twitter if your service based business in your target market is there and then batch content days together to get them out of the way or hire it out, that can make it easier for those of you who struggle with writing once you get into that flow, then you can probably get a lot more done, so instead of trying to do a little bit each day, practicing a little bit each day in the mornings is a good thing we're in the evenings but then having a batch content day where you're putting together a lot of your content can be helpful. Sixty one to ninety focus social media time on twitter and facebook focused the majority of your block post and emails on content put together a series of well written auto responders to connect with your subscribers, take a copyrighting course to stay inspired and push yourself creatively so when you get higher up you want to build all of this kind of stuff into your business. Ninety one to one twenty writing should be a daily part of your business if it isn't the main chunk already build your block post around your writing writing a book, spend time writing clever captions for your photos on instagram so don't just focus on the photos focused on the caption since this is your your sweet spot connect with creatives were strong at photography and visuals and collaborate this is just a starting point this is just a jumping off point to get you thinking about the ways that you can kind of get some of this stuff that you don't love off of off of your plate and get more of the stuff that you do love onto your plate what about online? Anybody sharing? Yeah a lot of shares a lot of shares they run the gamut but there's a lot of lows people said super caress that I like editing but that's the only ten terror the pa trait makers as weak weak only forty four for section two I'd like to write but I'm scared I sound like everyone else and a wee bit fake um our secret tree as a low low low let's see jen loops that I love riding with the block comments questions shot my score down and brenda wait so I like writing for myself and I like editing but I hate the idea of having to have a block for my business. Mmm well we're going to get you over that hopefully I think it's really important we'll talk about why it's really important and how to use it in a way that feels good to you and all of that kind of stuff all right we've got section three and for those of you who were really low on the writings stuff we haven't entire session that's going to really help you out, because even if you don't love writing, you have to do a lot of it for your business. Fortunately, whereas if you don't love photography and visuals, you can get away with doing less of that, but the writing portion you really can't. So what we're going to do is we're going to focus on improving those areas for you, hopefully so that you like it more, because when it gets easier, you do like it more. And so we're really going to try to help with that there's a lot of emotional stuff with writing, too, because it's so intimate you're giving your it's yourself, it's, your personality that you're trying to put out there and it's super frightening. So a lot of those super low scores when you get more comfortable and confident, you might find that you love it, that it's your thing and you just had to learn to allow that softness out and be okay with the vulnerability I love that, yeah. What if the first one you got that oh, my god, photography should like be your jam, and then on the second one, you got that? You should also be focusing on twitter and facebook, like do all the things, but manager time really, really well or well, I scored really pretty well on visuals, and I scored really well on the writing part as well, and so I'm one of the life I feel like you're one of the lucky. Once you have a lot more to choose from, you have a lot more to go with you, so you can still choose where you want to focus your time, but unlike the people who are really strong at one and really just like the other, definitely strong around the photography side, I love photography, I've taken photog three courses have to talk to amanda and gotten tips on boosting my photography. One of my photos posted on instagram, one of my friends said, oh my god, I thought it was a stock photo always like he is judging, but I also like, I want to be a writer, but yeah, the block comments thing and editing and that kind of stuff that, like drug my score down to the this isn't your ultimate thing here, but you're not bad at it either. It's like yeah, I was on the sixty one to ninety, where you focus on twitter and facebook cells like, okay could do all the things, but yeah, we're going to talk about using the room and I feel like my people are probably very, very visual, so that's probably probably more where I should focus on is the photography and probably don't worry we have an entire lesson on figuring out media platform, so don't you worry? All right, section three same thing one being leeched true for you ten being the most true for you number one I love chatting about my business with customers number two I enjoy talking about my business with friends number three I know where the best natural light for video is in my house and or I have video lights number four I love teaching number five I feel comfortable in front of the video camera number six I enjoy doing my hair and makeup in getting dressed up man, you don't love that well, you're so adorable, with or without makeup number seven I enjoy public speaking number eight live q and a's get me pumped up, not terrified get you pumped up number nine I enjoy being interviewed about my business so if somebody send you an e mail saying can I interview you I do this broadcast would you be like yes or would you feel like uh makes me nervous number ten I want to help others learn how to do what I do or I want to help others will learn how to do what I I can teach you know, maybe you don't specifically cell that saying for instance, maybe you want to teach how to make jewelry, but you don't sell jewelry number eleven I prefer video overwriting and number twelve I want speaking engagements to be a big part of my business model and then we're gonna add up the scores. I scored a one twelve on this one way higher than I am writing one interesting that you do very well on video periscope things like that you d'oh really well, but I have a hard time keeping it concise because I get all chatty, but I think your people like that and they like hanging with you and listening so I think that's okay herschell got ten on everything except I do not enjoy doing my hair makeup and get it that's okay? You don't have to like that part you're then you were scoring the highest high there could be one or two that don't really match and it's because they don't match not because you're not really strong in this, but just because it's not the right fit or with like block comments you can love too, right? But maybe you are newer blogging, and so you don't get a ton of log comments or you turn them off or whatever, and so you just kind of discount that when you take it out of your score, anybody else, anybody get really low on this? I didn't get low, but I I don't like speaking in public I know I come across as I'm comfortable, but I want to do these things so I don't know like I have to push myself out of my comfort zone completely. I don't know if that's just like time will make it easier or what I I definitely want to do this in my business, okay, you want to know something about me? I took a public speaking class in college and I hated it. I was so, so nervous, I didn't want to be in the course we had to take it, it was required so I had to take this public speaking course. It was my worst nightmare every time I would get up in front of everybody and speak, I felt like I sounded ridiculous when the way didn't I got fair an a minus in that class, I did really well, but it was hair if I ng to me and I thought I'm never going to do something like this ever again I would never put myself in this situation why would I do this? And so I've gotten so passionate about the stuff that I talk about and I really loved that part of it and I love connecting with you guys that I've gotten myself over that scared of public speaking scared of teaching in a live environment kind of thing the very first time I did it I was still terrified I mean when I spoke at the etc success symposium I wanted to walk out like I was so terrified I did really well but inside I was screaming and you know, my feet were like sliding out of my shoes because they were so sweaty andi I was I was terrified I was really scared but now I'm comfortable like right now standing here I got this I'm good but it took time it definitely built up so if it's something that you want to dio and you're excited about I wouldn't rule it out just because it makes you nervous that can be the thing that you end up really loving because this is kind of my favorite thing to do with periscope I tried I think I did for scopes and then I have not done it sense because I'm so nervous I don't know why because I can't edit it I guess perfectionism time thing, but I want to do it I think about all these things I can dio and how to help people, but I just I haven't made that leap again I have just kind of put it off and put it off and put it off, so yeah, yeah, I mean, it is scary when it's something that is a real fear and all I can say is the more you do it, the better it gets and the more comfortable it gets and the the things that would necessarily throw you off in the beginning don't anymore, like when somebody joins one of my periscopes and they're saying crazy things, I'm like, oh, goodbye and just walked at first I was like, what if somebody comes on and says, like, you're so ugly and fat and I would you know what I mean, it would be scary, but now I'm like, you're gone and it doesn't, you know, the more I've done it, then we're comfortable, like, get with it, and so that would be my my suggestion is you've gotta push knowing that it's something that you want to dio and that it feels like a good fit for your business, you've got to push yourself but do it in a way that feels comfortable so do a periscope that's five minutes long, get on she'll stay on for five minutes, maybe even three, three minutes could be good. Have your topic planned out ahead of time? You're going to share this tip in this tip and that's all you're going to do and then you're going to say, ok, I'll see you next time and you hop off and you've done it and you've done it again and then the next day you do the same thing, and the next day you do it for one minute longer than the next day, you do the same thing and you do it for one minute longer, and you keep doing that until you've built it up to where you're not scared of it anymore. Okay, that's. Excellent. I think I can do that. Yeah, you could do it. I promise. Anybody online cheering? Yes, lots of shares. So donna burlando said seventy five for this section on ly because I cannot seem to get myself in front of the video camera. Um, someone got said whoa, I got one hundred eleven on this one, mate. Got one twenty. I'm sarah shot says I can do, but I don't love this stuff anderson photo. Why? See said fifty seven all over the map on this quiz wired and fires and I hate how I look on camera and v doula from india said I have stage fright yeah yeah I can relate teo a lot of that stuff um so if you could do it but you don't love it then then you don't want to make it a big thing of yours in your business because you want to really love it and then as faras not liking the way you look on video camera I feel like we all I don't like does anybody really like I look so good on video camera anybody I know and then if the lighting is perfect like I do a scope outside by the lake sometimes and I go back home and I always look at it to see howto should I remove this like how did you get it felt good at the time but but I go back I'll be like oh, this son is looking making me look really vibrant and young in this one and they dig it but it's not something I can count on yeah yeah, only recurring yeah they're some for creative live there some days when I can go back and watch but my very first course a day one I cannot watch it I cannot I wore my favorite outfit of all time but on video I feel like it looked horrendous and I don't like what are you thinking so I can't even watch it I can't I can't and you know we are so much harder on ourselves so everybody else is probably thinking you look good and I'm thinking wow, I look like I should not be up there right now okay, so let's talk about your scores one through thirty you should avoid video in live streaming video such as you to in periscope focus your content on visual and written content and don't include videos on sales pages so you can have cells pages with how videos or with videos just don't include them thirty one to sixty on ly focus time on periscope if your service based business and your target market is there use the videos on yourselves pages if you think it will help more than photos especially if you can hire a professional video crew for the filming and editing so if there are ways to make it easier do it if there aren't ways to make it easier than do less of it sixty one to ninety focus social media time on periscope in youtube focus the majority of your block post in emails on videos for your next launch create a video of siri's take a course on video or video editing tto learn more and push yourself creatively ninety one to one twenty video and or live streaming should be a daily part of your business if it isn't the main chunk already build your block post around video teach an online course use video on instagram check out conferences to speak out and submit applications get involved if this is your thing do more of it all right let's talk about my top five marketing beliefs one is strategic marketing equal success so we want to be strategic that one's pretty simple number two you should build a marketing plan around your strengths and passions that was the point for that fun little quiz was to get us excited and thinking about this kind of stuff but really build it around your strengths and passions number three marketing is a positive thing I believe this whole heartedly number four marketing does not equal advertising I've already brought that up but I am very passionate about that that is not what marketing is it could be a small piece and number five never tried to sell to the wrong people to make a quick buck and along with us never lie to make a quick buck it's not worth it in the long run it might feel like I need money right now so I'm going to try to embellish this but it's never worth it and this faras advertising advertising won't help an unsuccessful poorly planned business just because you can get people there because you're paying for advertising doesn't mean that it's going to help you once you get them there so all the other stuff that I'm talking about like advertising is the last piece if you really want to do it but you need to get all your ducks in a row before when you see the positive power of marketing, you can't help but start to get more comfortable with it and enjoy it so when you're starting to apply this stuff and you see how well it works and how you're getting new followers and how people are responding to you and engaging with you and they're excited about what you're doing, you're not gonna be able to help but enjoy it and have fun with it and want to do more of it and you have to get comfortable with selling your success depends on it, so we're going to talk about selling over and over again and really getting confident because we want to bring in followers, convert them into customer and with that said, I feel like there is this dichotomy between men and women men I feel like they say I have this product it's this much money this is what it is do you want to buy it? And women say I've got this sort of like this product that is kind of like this this much money, but I'm not really sure if that's gonna be my price, that might be less than that. Um uh if you if you want more information I could probably give you more information, but only if you want it and I'll try to help you um let's let's, stop talking about my thing like I feel like there is this big division and it's not always like that I mean obviously it's not always like that but often it's pretty clear once you get confident about it and it's and it's also more people who are confident with selling and people who aren't confident with selling but I feel like it comes really easy to men for some reason and it comes a lot harder to women the man to your I was just going to say at the very end of all of that then I usually say for its free way we're striking that from your vocabulary ous you're not allowed to say that anymore I'll try I want youto have me in your head and when you're about to say that instead I want you to say would you like um would you like to see the sales page or should I know this is what you say? Should I send you a follow up email with more information? I will have to repeat that over and over until way want to get really confident with selling we want to be in the place where we say here's this product or service that I have here's what it's about here's how it can help you this is how much it costs would you like it? And once we get to that place it also makes the other person more comfortable because when you're uncomfortable talking about your stuff and saying they didn't know their getting more like, well hell what? Maybe I don't want this and they're kind of backing away as well, so we want to get comfortable selling we're going to talk more about that in the next lesson and we're going to keep talking about it. So for today's mission, I want you to fill out the your dream life and business workbook that's free with r s v p if you already haven't done so. I know some people are svp for this course super early and have already done this homework so good for you get extra bonus points, but if you haven't do that that's the very first thing you need to do to keep going with this course number two brainstorm marketing ideas based on your results from the marketing personality quiz especially if you had any big ah ha moments if there was anything that really stuck out to you and you were thinking how I should be doing more of this start to brainstorm them number three r s v p for the live calls so the live spree cast calls the q and a call is to go ahead and our svp for them so that you have saved your seats and you will get notified on the day of the call and then follow me on periscope that blacks for bell so that we can keep chatting each day. We can keep continuing the conversations. If you have questions about something that is specific to your business, then I will be able to help you and make sure that you download and print the workbook. This is really, really, really going to help you a lot.

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