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Your Marketing Plan Put Together

Lesson 26 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

Your Marketing Plan Put Together

Lesson 26 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

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26. Your Marketing Plan Put Together


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Lesson Info

Your Marketing Plan Put Together

Thank you very much. Can you believe we're on our last legs? Ah, a little sad lesson twenty for your marketing plan put together, but what we really are going to do is help you pull these pieces together before we move on let's talk about what we just covered in lesson twenty three grow your facebook and periscope following we talked about growing on both of those platforms strategies for both of those platforms. We even got on a scope so that you guys could see what that looks like and how you interact on periscope, and now we're on to lesson twenty four the last one. The objective is to put everything you've learned together into a strategic creative marketing plan while keeping in mind the most important takeaways of the boot camp. What you learn what you need to keep in mind when creating your long marketing plan an example of a year long marketing plan. What to do in the plans fail because sometimes they d'oh and the biggest takeaways from this course the things that I want you to...

be reminded of going forward and tackling this kind of all of this content if you don't put all of this information together in a distinct marketing plan, you'll still feel overwhelmed and you might not do all the great strategic things that you've come up with over the course of the five weeks of content so let's, talk about it your marketing plan put together well, you want to keep in mind are pretty much a bunch of things. First, your ideal customer and one of the things you really want to think about is her buying cycle when she's not paying attention to you. So when you've got your year mapped out, you kind of wanna look at that and maybe even put a circle around. This is when my ideal customer isn't paying attention to my stuff, so this is when I don't need to do as much of the marketing stuff and you'll see an example of this consider what you enjoy and what you don't enjoy because we want this stuff to be fun. So do the stuff that you really like doing, and you can do less of the stuff that you don't like doing. For instance, I don't like coming up with tweets every single day that's why edgar is the best thing ever because there's a library of content and I can add to it once a month or every time I put up a block post, add a couple more in there and it just schedules them out for me, and I don't have to think about it anymore, so consider that kind of stuff think about what works and what doesn't. You want to do more of what works and less of what doesn't? Lots of times we get stuck in the trap of this isn't working. I want to know why I want to fix it, and this is what I'm focusing all of my time on when I should be focusing my time on the stuff that does work. Consider how often you want a block and email your list and update your social media and what social media platforms you want to focus on. How often you want to be doing it. For instagram for twitter for facebook for periscope are you going to do a scope every day? Are you going to do a scope three times a week? Are you gonna update instagram every day? Having these kinds of accountability rules for ourselves means that we can't just I'll do it tomorrow because we've already said this is what I'm doing it these are some of the black and white rules that I really suggest people set up for themselves is knowing when you're going to do stuff and then not allowing yourself to back out on it, saying, I am not going to dinner tonight with my husband until this is done or I am not going to bed tonight until this is done, so it's got to get done. Consider how your pricing places you in the market so when you're thinking about your marketing you always want to keep in mind you're pricing and where places you in your market and then you're gonna want to put everything into a big year long calendar so that you can see all of your marketing plans at a glance for me I liketo have like a color coded system inside a planner with monthly sheets so I see everything that's going on in july everything going on in august but I also liketo have a yearly thing that I can look at that's not out all the time but it's something I can glance out on a regular basis to see okay, I've got a lot going on here I'm not gonna add anymore when somebody e mails me and say hey, can I interview you in this month? I'll say, well actually I don't have any openings this month I can do it if you'd like to push it to this month things like that so that you really know what your year looks like that's really helpful try to focus on one main thing at a time so you don't overwhelm yourself for your followers so when you're putting things in your calendar, think about what you're working on in that week what's your main thing consider what you have going on personally don't overbook so put your family vacations in that put when you like to take time off in your marketing calendar so that it's there and my marketing calendar I mark off a ton of time in december because I like to make handmade gifts. I like to make my own wrapping paper. My husband hates it because our house is calm, hover you guys, I get thes rules of like kraft paper and I just stamp and paint and go crazy it's one of my favorite months because I have so much fun doing it, but then we have wrapping paper all over the place and so he's probably watching this thinking, oh my gosh, could we? And if there's one thing he would like to end probably about my creativity would be that I have to make all of our wrapping paper every single year. So I make time for that that's part of my creativity and it gets me energized to start the year right? A lot of you with product based businesses who really do a lot of your sales in december in november, december you might not be able to take off that time, but maybe you're so time is in the summer and maybe you have lots of things that you like to do in the summertime and you can take that time off for yourself because you have those really good months and it allows you to take time off we all need that especially as creatives we need that time to re energize and ask yourself are you doing at least one thing each month to grow your following grow your customers grow your business and when you put all of this together it can be really simple I'm going to show it to you because it is really simple we're going to bring on the yearlong marketing plan that I've worked on on the flip chart and I'm going to show you how this might be put together an example of what this might look like so this looks a bit crazy I know when I was putting this together I hope this looks like a mess, but this is what the inside of my brain looks like sometimes so imagine being in there, okay, so what I've done is I've just started in november and then I've gone through the months and I've added things and and I've got a color coded system in case you guys can't see it we've got the ex is the red x is air for blawg and email so I've got that happening every tuesday I've got facebook whenever you see this little purple box that means a facebook post so I did that sometimes just once a week on thursdays sometimes I put it in thursday and saturday and this is an example not from my business but just a business in general then for periscope it's got this little teal star ass trick and I put that in put it in a lot when there's a product launch so right up here when you see everything jumbled together that's a product launch or when we've got holiday sales and then and here this is the slow month but all of the lines that you see that air these gold mines, those air twitter. So what I did is to post on sunday to posts on monday one post every tuesday three post everyone's say one post every thursday to post every friday, three post every sunday and what you would do is in anger you would have it so that your calendar says ah, post goes out twice on saturday or on sunday, and then you would set it up that way inside of her social media so that it's just pulling it out. So for instance, when I've got my saturday here and there are three posts, I might schedule one for six a m one for two p m and then one for eleven p m and that way edgar is pulling it out at those different times every single saturday, so I know it's happening, but I don't have to do any of the work on those days, then we have instagram and instagram is just a tiny little green dot and I put it everywhere because for this business, they're gonna post on instagram every single day, no matter what one picture they're going to batch photo days so that they're not taking an editing photos every single day, but they are going to post a photo every single day, even when they've got family holiday. So I've also put in these blue circles around some of the days, and that means guess post or interview so you can see how that might look on a regular basis over a year you might have one or two or even three guests, post or interviews, I think doing more than that can be really overwhelming unless that your specific strategy for growth. One month I wrote seventeen or eighteen guest posts, but I was working really hard to grow my block readership that month, and that was what I was completely focused on. It was not focused on social media, I was not worrying about any of that other stuff. I didn't have a product launch going on, really, it was growing my block readership at that point in time, but for normally it would look something like this, then I've got little blue boxes around a couple of places, one in january one and wit in may for conferences, and then I've got these raspberry colored boxes and that's for speaking teaching, and I've got two of those there and so this month right here I've got slow time, so I've got product brainstorm marketing blogging content calendar when you're really slow that's when you can batch together a bunch of content, you can just knock out a bunch of block post you don't have sales coming in we'll get your block post ready for when you have a big launch and you can't do it get them done ahead of time get your social media done ahead of time right up a bunch of tweets right of a bunch of facebook posts batch together your photos so this is what something like that could look like and I'm gonna move over to this side for a second too in case you guys couldn't see so that you get a better look at what this looks like do you guys have any questions about this? Yeah, what do you do about staff that sort of comes up like right now? It's the end of october and you've planned out conferences and vacations for where what you know so far but let's say something comes up like in june for a speaking event, our conference next september what do you do that so I would just playing around it I would just well first I look at a calendar to say can I say yes to this? Is it possible for me to say yes to this and first when I get an opportunity, it has to be a big yes, because everything you spend time on in your business means you're not spending time on something else, which could be creating one of your favorite products. It could be even just spending time with your family. It doesn't even have to be business related. So everything you're saying yes to for me has got to be a huge yes, I do not say yes to stuff unless it is so that's first second I would look at my calendar and see can this fit and if it's something that I'm dying to dio, I will switch things around and make time for something that is really important to me. So that's what I would do but I like to have a starting base and these little blue circles, maybe this is kind of like when I would liketo have a guest post so it might not happen that day, but I know a couple weeks in advance, I need to pitch it and hopefully get a yes back if not pitch another one, and if they publish it on that day, great, if they publish it another day in that time, it just means I'm working toward that at that point in time. So you can you can play in that stuff to the best of your ability, but it doesn't always work out as perfectly as you would like, and during the product launches there's a lot of stuff like you can't even see what I've written there because there's we're pera scoping every day we're blogging we are putting out is many guests post interviews as we can. We're posting on facebook more than we would normally most of the time I have posting on facebook once a week or twice a week every once in a while, I've got it thursday and saturday, so it really just depends on what you have going on. I've got the holiday push up here in case it's, a product based business, and they've got the holidays to contend with, so I put some periscopes, but not as much as I would for a launch. I didn't put any guest post or interviews because there's just not time for it during that time of year, so you really also have to think about what do I have time for what's realistic so that you do the stuff that's on your your calendar so that it doesn't get to that point you're like I can't possibly dio and you of this stuff when I was preparing for this creative life course. It would have been great if I had could have written let's say, ten gas post, but I knew that was not doable. That was not possible. So I wrote to guess posts that was something that felt realistic to me that I could keep up with things in my own business. I could create this course, make it the best I could possibly be and due to guest posts on top of that, that was doable. So you have to also keep in mind what you can actually dio any other questions you have your, you know, what products you want to launch let's say we're talking about november um, and you have all these scheduled tweets that you've done in, edgar, how do you build in, like, a more relevant type of tweet? I mean, are you doing by? I guess, you know, how do you bring in the relevancy when you've scheduled everything? I guess that's a really good question, okay, so within an edgar, you khun set up different categories, and you should set up different categories of content, so one category might be launch, and then what you do is you go into the calendar and you say every friday you're going to send something from the launch category, and so you're putting in all of your launch content into that category every friday it's sending something out from the launch category and you could do it every monday wednesday friday that it's in something out relevant to that launch its really cool how they have it that you could do that kind of thing so you don't have to go in and add in each of those relevant tweets okay, that makes more sense yeah anybody else? I have a question to stepping back a minute before we get in there we start doing all of this stuff the first meet thing we need to really understand is the buying cycle and I know there's no shortcuts I know that there's no magic wand that anybody can shake for it, but do you have any just it's sort of beginner? Where do you start to figure out the buying cycle of your ideal people? So for me it was really thinking about ok, when is a creative entrepreneur? When is a maker the busiest it's the holidays usually for most people it's the holidays. So right, then I know that they're not going to be paying close attention to me in the holiday, so I can kind of cross that off my list unless I feel like I have to launch something because I need the money my business is new and I've got to be bringing in money on a constant basis, which thankfully I'm not at that point now I can take off the holidays when I know people aren't paying attention to me, so thinking about your ideal customer knowing when they're the busiest also sometimes they're less likely to pay attention to my stuff in the summer and I've just known that from experience just from seeing the levels in the way that things go when it comes to blogging and that kind of stuff the fall the fall is one of the perfect times because they want their ducks in a row for the holidays so that's really come from experience and just thinking, when are they the most? When are they the busiest um and then talking to people who are in your market so I would just ask the ladies who were in here, I would ask them, when are you paying attention tio business related information such as things that would help you with blogging? Is there a time period when you really aren't paying attention to that? Trish? Is there a time period when you're really not paying attention to it? When is it? And I would be a different segment for her because I have a day job and I'm a teacher soon late july early august I'm not paying attention because I'm getting my classroom ready become may I'm starting to get excited, what can I do in june? What can I do the beginning of july so I'm like some kind of a different segment for you, but definitely then and then when things slow down, maybe september october, I'm starting to pay attention again. I'm starting to surface again, I would imagine january would the people that are like it's a fresh new year? What if I always wanted to do? I've always wanted to write e found that january's actually supersaturated because every single person wants to jump on that s o midway through february, I talked to people about how it's okay, that you're not meeting your perfection expiry no, those those things that you planned on the first day of january and you thought it was gonna happen, I do the same thing that doesn't happen for any of us. So midway through february is a really good time for the planning stuff I found, but it's cool to think, yeah, about because I one of the things that I've realized over the course of this whole boot camp, is that I've been totally neglecting a huge section of people that I really would love to work with, and I've been focusing on creatives and I've been focusing on full time freelancers and super service providers because that's closer to who I am right now on what I'm doing, but people like olivia and like trash. Who are professionals and they have a full time job is well, I love working with you guys too and there's a there's a whole other set of things that we can do together so I need to be thinking about you more yeah, I've I've seen that may is actually also another month that people are really paying attention and it surprised me and I always wondered why may but that makes sense starting to leave our crop behind the end of our summer yeah I d'oh I do have a group of teachers and people come out of hibernation teo in may particularly where I am things start to melt a little bit in may and it's like we survived way could get outside again soon what will we do with our lives now that the sun is shining in the world's not trying to kill us way had a rough winter last year anybody else have trouble knowing when their buyers are paying attention? Jenna maybe not. I just realized you're talking this through um that at least for travel related post ideo I'm interested tio maybe find out like when target starts putting out bathing suits or other things because maybe there's like march other things that help I mean determine it yeah around march that's when I see them putting it on and like really already stop it, please yeah yeah, but I am getting excited at the same time I'm like no for bathing suits but I'm also getting excited to think about are we gonna go anywhere special and I'm not even a travel person so I start to think about that when when like chris said things start to thaw anybody else have trouble with that one before we move on okay so let's talk about what happens if something doesn't work because they're going to be times that it doesn't work and it breaks your heart and it makes you feel like oh so the first thing is tohave an emergency plan in place know whatyou d'oh when something isn't going the way that you want? Teo no the steps that you take I know what I d'oh I'ii email my immediately my carly's from harvey blawg I email her immediately and say I'm struggling with this what do you think? And she'll email me back I'll hear from her like that or she'll say lets get on skype and talk through this and then I usually say okay I need to step away from my computer maybe my husband and I go get lunch or dinner depending on what time it is I kind of even sometimes stop working for the day so I can get my thoughts collected in a way where I'm not beating myself up for things not working out the way that I want them to work out so thinking about what's the plan when something doesn't work out just so you have it in place just so you have a person a lifeline to hold onto and say please help pulled me through this because I'm struggling don't blame others or you're not going to do the work to try and fix it I see this a lot like my customers just won't buy my thing they want everything for free they won't buy my thing and usually it has also some stuff to do with what you're doing it's not just your customers and you're probably attracting the wrong people or my customers desert cheaper they're not paying attention and I have all of these good things to offer so don't blame any anybody else look at what you can fix because you can't fix anybody else you can't help what they're doing learn from it what went wrong and what can you change next time? This could be the best way to figure out how to do things the right way in your business is from failing that's when I've learned the most that's when I have learned the most of my businesses when I have really bombed something and I know how I can fix it the next time and I really look at I don't just say oh this is too painful to look at I'm not gonna even think about it because sometimes we do that too even if it's something as simple as a block post, you don't get any reaction, you don't get any comments and instead of saying, oh, I'm just not going to even look at that block post again because it's too hard and it hurts look at it, see what went wrong and asked for feedback from people in and out of your niche because you might not see something that other people see I've had somebody come to me before and she's like I don't get it, I don't understand why by my sales page isn't converting, and I looked at her sales, paige and I said, because it's so confusing, no one can figure it out. This is really confusing. I can't even tell where the buy button nous so and she's like, but it's so clear like it's it's right here and I'm saying, yeah, but it's not clear to anybody else, and so she fixed up the things that were confusing in sales started coming in, but she couldn't see it because she was working day in and day out on it and it's hard to kind of see that stuff from the outside, so get feedback used the private facebook group and tell us I'm struggling with this or this doesn't work can you guys tell me what you see? Because often you just don't see what other people say use the marketing planner pages and fun stuff like while she taped and stickers to make planning more fun and I wanted to share this fun little marketing planner with you guys while I have the opportunity with some of the pages pages in it so this is what I like to play with and have fun with and I've kept this one pretty pretty clean I haven't written it yet because I wanted to keep it to show everybody and there's a bonus video on this where I take everything out but I've got a fun little clip ease from kate spade and little page flags in here and washy tape wrapped around laminated cards of my water color and then I've got some fun just little water color artwork in here see if we can unstick the washi tape from it some fun little watercolors and then I always like to have something really cute here and have a laminating machine that really just cost about maybe thirty, forty dollars it wasn't expensive you have one too right cindy lying with it yet but I'm going to run again when I thought about getting a laminating machine I thought it was gonna run me a little bit more than that I did too yeah so I've got some fun watercolors in here I've got a little post it note that's not sticky so I put some washi tape down and then I've got oh I've got a little san francisco card in here from the rifle paper company because obviously I'm in san francisco but then I've got the lesson pages in here with a little binder clip and I've gone through and inserted a bunch of these planner pages so that when I get home I can go ahead and make this messy again so that I can use it the way that I would use it and then I've got this little guy that sticks up is like a little bookmark so I think this kind of stuff makes planning so much more fun it really does for us creatives we need to let ourselves have fun so that's what I encourage you to dio like get messy even you could create an art journal that your planner that's this messy kind of thing that's fun to go in and plan and play and come up with facebook ideas or come up with a picture list for instagram it would make that process more fun yeah absolutely yeah anybody have fun in this way when they're planning their marketing yet yeah some of you guys deal encourage everybody to do it so I've got five reminders big takeaways from the course that I've pulled out that I think are really important and then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna ask you guys if I left anything out that was kind of your big takeaway that you want to share reminder number one planning saves time and energy and makes it more likely that you'll actually do the work it makes it more likely that you'll do the work put together, the yearly plan you is the bonus planner pages that are with purchase of this course make sure you've got a plan going in especially for your launch, especially for your sales final set that stuff up getting creative pays off it makes marketing more fun and often results in more followers because when you do something different people pay attention they noticed they get excited themselves reminder number three is you want to make an emotional connection that's what leads to more sales and follower the emotional connection that is so important don't leave that piece out think about what's the before what's that after for your customer after she goes through your boot camp you're blogging boot camp after she gets your jewelry after she gives that gift that is gonna light somebody up what's the before of that and what's the after and how can you translate that in your copy in in your photos number four use exciting details, zoom in and ask what does this really look like? What does this really name for me? This is one of the biggest takeaways from this course because you can do it with pretty much anything and it makes a huge difference I've repeated it so many times that I think I'm having dreams now where I'm saying to myself what does this really look a lot like what does this really mean that's when I know that I'm doing good and reminder five is break the pattern especially with headlines first sentences sales copy and social media updates break that pattern so that people can wake up and pay attention to what you're doing those are the five big keep reminders for me big takeaways for me anybody help else have anything different when I realised we were talking about doing the auto responder responders in the sales funnels that's something that I've been wanting to dio but I felt like it was an enormous huge task and I realized that I'd already done a lot of the work and I just needed to put it into that automated thing it was like all of the fireworks went off and it was a very good feeling s o that's that's my biggest thing yeah so do you think that's what you're going to dio pretty much immediately absolutely it's the first well first actually I have to repair a lecture series from the university and my town that I'm teaching it next week but after that that's not exciting very exciting yeah that'll be cool and as soon as I'm done that then I'm going to go in and set up a share in the facebook group I want you when you've set it up I will yeah, for sure anybody else have a take away other than these five man too? So I finally get email segmenting I hear people talking about it all the time, and I actually left one of the, um the email people that I was with because their big thing is email segmenting and I just didn't get it. I'm like, I don't understand why can't we just have it all on a different list? Like, why would I want it all to be on one list, but in different groups, I don't understand that now I get it, all right, go and get it set up hey, that makes you so happy anybody else just like the overall theme of kind of keeping it simple and getting in and like, doing what you need to do with social media and then having time for other things. Um, so yeah, just not over complicating it are trying to make it this huge, elaborate thing which we all want to dio we all want to make it this huge, elaborate big, and it doesn't need to be in the high leverage tasks, spending the majority of your time on high leverage tasks, and then the other stuff like the social media being like the sprinkles on the cupcake kind of thing angie, I think, is slowing down before I came here, I just felt like, okay, I need work us with any more. You're not it only goodness on kind of get mad in my market, and maybe I'm getting mad at people who are really not my ideal client avatar. And I think from, um, what you've taught is that a sustainable business takes time and that sometimes we have to go back to being creative and like being who we really are and let that come out. And then once we take our time and we put out quality work, then everything else will come into play. And now I don't. I don't feel like a chicken with his head cut off like you know how I feel like now. I feel like I can do it, just small chunks and just deliver when you deliver it, make sure it's your best work. Yeah, always make it your best work, do less so you can make it your best work. You nailed it, taking the time to be creative and having fun with it because all of us started this for a reason. And it wasn't because we wanted to, you know, murder ourselves with work that we hated, right? This is not the reason that we did this we did it because we wanted to have that space for creativity in our lives and then we somehow created a situation where we had less fakes for creativity their lives but I think you nailed that yeah, letting yourself be creative and let that be the thing because we're in charge yeah, we sometimes forget that we're in charge have been the worst boss ever terrible boss, I need to work on that you say to yourself like, oh, I have to post on facebook every day and then you're you think you have to think to yourself, but I made that rule so I don't have to post on facebook every day I'm the one who came up with that, yeah reminding ourselves that we're our own boss. Um one of the things that I'm gonna take away is about the ideal customer and, um when you talk about pain point and I'm like, what is their pain point like, are they experiencing pain that I need to solve? But then I've reframed and it's like it's not paint what the thing that triggered it was what are they lying away thinking about three a m and that and to be I'm like, I hope they're not lying awake, thinking about anything at three and that I can help him with but maybe they're thinking about how much fun they had that day and how can they have a memory of that beautiful day that meant so much to them yeah yeah and maybe the pain point isn't as serious as I'm lying wake feeling like the world is over instead maybe it's that they get lots of anxiety about giving gifts and that's the pain point cause I know lots of people who had a lot of anxiety around gift giving and my husband tells me often he's like thank goodness for you and you pick out all the guests for all the women in our lives because or else I would be picking out like this ugly thing over here that nobody actually lines and so he would have a lot of anxiety around giving gifts if it weren't for me but I know friends who get really anxious about gift giving so that is a pain point it's not like oh my gosh, my world's going to be older? No, I realize that there are that is a pain point for some people but the thought that it's just this day was so great and how can I remember it? And so I'm gonna so adding more joy you really want to be the business that's adding more gentle italy o'dea oh yeah and that's, what would make you happy? Yes, yeah, very. I couldn't tell that anybody else biggest takeaway really is the part where every time you say when you're going to post something like what's the purpose what's your strategy, what you know and so for me it's like, how does this fit into the bigger picture of, you know, like my customer and what I want them tohave and yeah, and it's just like, oh, yeah, I didn't think of that because it's always like, oh, I need to post something on instagram today and then I don't think, well, how does that fit into what I'm trying to say? And, yeah, even with like, the what does your customer lie to them selves about? And then so I feel like that opens up a lot of other things that I can like post or talk about, like with the block post ideas it's like, yeah, it's, not just stamp stamp stamps, it's like here's, everything else that's happening in their life and how I can kind of get into that. And so in like the big, the big picture becomes more, I guess it's not sales e because it's like here helping you with all these other things and it's not just you don't just hear from me if you want to stamp something because you know what the eye can't just keep selling that stuff, so yeah, that was my biggest awesome! I love all of these that makes me so happy. I want to remind you guys that you've got this s u dio, and if you need a virtual hug or high five or encouragement or feedback or anything that's, why you get in the private facebook groups so that we can all be there for each other over the course of time, while we're trying to plan our marketing and do this work because we're all there for each other, we've all experienced it, and when you get in there and you say this is what I'm going through, I can guarantee other people are going to say, oh, my goodness, me too, or this is what you khun dio this is how you convicts it, so we're going to give each other lots of virtual hugs and high fives along the way. Today's mission is to play in your marketing on a big yearly calendar for at least the next six months. Bonus points if you plan for the next year, share your biggest takeaway from the boot camp in the private facebook group because I want to hear from everybody at home about that I want to think the guest instructors and contributors candor string them, made it our lives so much easier when it comes to product photos, I was telling my husband that I can't wait to go home and get a piece of big phone board and put wrapping paper on it. It's gonna be the best ever. And then chris broke down the writing process for us and made it so much easier that is so helpful. So thank you so much, chris. And then amanda worked with so many of the women in the studio audience making their websites even better because we know first impressions are really difficult and they're really important, and she provided a bonus workbook that you can get with purchase that's amazing! So thank you, amanda. I also want to thank all of you guys in the studio audience because this course would not be the same without you. You've all brought something different, all different perspectives. You I've been able to use you all his examples, this course really wouldn't be the same without you, so I reap. I really appreciate you guys, the online audience, thank you so much for hanging in with me and taking the scores. I appreciate every one of you as well. Chris and eliza, who have been the producers behind the scenes, making this kind of stuff work elizabeth, who is the executive producer who kind of is the one who first contacted me about ever being on creative live and so she's the reason that I'm here today, I really appreciate that the entire crew and staff members because what goes on behind the scenes is insane, the amount of things going on all of the working pieces, my husband, my sweet husband who helped us with the video lesson and who has been helping me. We have pictures of every outfit I've been wearing and so he's been back there like, okay, this's, your necklace these are your earrings. Go ryan, who I worked with on the creative live blogged for my guest posts he's been super helpful, amanda sue, because along the way you have helped me in so many ways that people will never even know the bloggers who participated in the block tour for this course. I want to think all of you, thank you so much for helping me spread the word about this course and many of you participated in that. So thank you anyone who has shared this course because I want to get this in front of his many people as possible. I really think it can change people's lives, that's what I wanted to do with this and of course, my family and friends who have stuck with me while I have been like I'm in my work bubble. Don't talk to me, so thank you to all my family and friends who have also been helping out. I want to leave you guys with this quote. The most successful people are lifelong learners. They constantly asked questions and never ceased to explore the wonder field filled world around them. So keep learning, keep growing, and you'll be just fine. So now I want to invite everybody up here for a champagne toast, because we need to celebrate for you guys. Thank you so much. All right, ladies, thank you so much for sticking in with me. I love every one of you, teo.

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Ana CR

This Boot camp came on the best moment. this is the best way to introduce the arid topic of marketing to creative people that really dread to deal with this part of their business. I am in the middle of creating my web site, brand, everything, and all the ideas and tips given here are going to make a real difference in the way I approach my tasks for the next few weeks. I find it so amazing that you and CreativeLive offer this course! It is an amazing, outstanding qualtity and even though we are in Lesson 5 I learnt so much already. I don`t want miss a minute of what is said and offered here. My view of Marketing changed already and is moving forward. I love the easy to swallow way of presenting all the topics. I am very visual so I love your presentation style and the level of detail you go into to make the course come alive. All the pictures and the color palette you use really make me feel welcome and happy to be here. I really appreciate the effort April puts into making this a comprehensive and engaging course. April & CreativeLive have been above and beyond generous in what you have provided for free for the ones seeing it LIVE, I just feel that the price of the 5-week course is an incredible deal and I am sure I will hit the buy button before this is over just because I want to see what more is in the rest of the material. Thank you very much CL and April, keep up the good work!!!

Denise Chakinis

I haven't completely finished the course but I have been working through the wonderful workbook. My time to listen is very limited but the book alone is worth the cost. I love April's spirit and openness to share so much information. I also love many of the things that she loves such as Anthropology candles. A beautiful person with a lot of knowledge to give. Once again Creative Live thank you for bringing such inspiring people to our world.

Josh McLaglen

I have just found PinPinterestand it is so amazing .Pinterest has never been so easier before. I used to feel Pinterest is so time-taking and still not getting preferable results. I was kind of demotivated due to unsuccessful results after spending a lot of time on Pinterest. Then I started searching for a tool that can help me out from my busy schedule and I found PinPinterest being the easiest yet valuable asset to my successful Pinterest account now. Schedule as many pins as you want to and to as many boards you want to by pin scheduling feature. The main catch is that it’s free to use tool and with easy setup. In all, I just loved PinPinterest and I can’t think my Pinterest account this much successful without PinPinterest having my back.

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