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Grow Your Instagram Following

Lesson 23 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

Grow Your Instagram Following

Lesson 23 from: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

April Bowles-Olin

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23. Grow Your Instagram Following


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Lesson Info

Grow Your Instagram Following

No back we're back with lesson twenty one grow your instagram following before we move in to instagram let's cover what we just covered lesson twenty choose the right social media platforms we talked about what social media platforms you should focus on how to write a social medial bio that people'll well want to follow and be friends with the types of content you should share on social media and how to get more followers on any kind of platform. And now we're going to dig into instagram, which I'm really excited about who's excited about instagram? Yeah, the objective toe learn how to use instagram to market your business and learn how to grow your instagram following and connect with your target market what you'll learn instagram one o one the changes you need to make to be successful on instagram and examples of successful instagrammers the strategy is to use to connect with your ideal customer and grow your following and why you need to pay attention to your captions and right exci...

ting ones. If your target market is hanging out on instagram regularly and you haven't joined the party you're missing out on connecting with your right people where they already are you have to do certain things to grow in in story a moon if you don't learn what those are, how to do them, you'll struggle when trying to grow on that particular platform so we're just going to first run over instagram wanna one I'm going to take you into my phone for anybody who's newer to instagram okay, so when I open instagram this is what I get this is what you see who is brand new to instagram anybody okay? We might have some viewers who are brand new to instagram so we're going to run quickly through this okay, the home button is right over where the little whom is the magnifying glass is where you will search for tags search for people the little heart button over here is where you will see what people are saying about you and when they're following you when they're commenting when they're liking when you scroll through this you see this one of the misconceptions that people have is that if you comment on somebody's instagram, they're going to see it if the person is really popular this on lee shows so many it only shows so many notifications I don't know how many it is but it's not actually that many in the grand scheme of things before it stops and so somebody could have a post up and they only see even part of the comments and the likes in the follows from that one host so don't feel like somebody is snubbing you if they don't respond back to you because they just might not have seen it especially if they're really popular I haven't gotten to that point yet where I think I'm missing comments and things like that, but there are people who have thousands and thousands of followers and it's really, they just don't see it so you could also go over to following that's under that same little heart guy, and this is where you see what other people are doing, what they air liking what they're up to, and this is how I find some of the people that I'm going to follow and then if you go over to the little profile guy that's, where you see your profiled in your instagram now I'm going to do a fun little thing. I'm gonna scroll through my instagram and I want you guys, teo, raise your hands when you think that your we're getting to the point where I changed things and got serious about instagram, okay, so there's a point where I decided I really wanted to brand my instagram, I wanted to take it seriously, and I think you guys are going to be able to stay, so we're going to scroll thrill everybody just raise their hands when you feel like I'm getting to that point where it feels like the pictures don't match any more everybody saw it, everybody saw it right there too, right here. This is when I didn't know what I was doing with instagram I was newer to the platform I didn't have a clear idea of where I was taking things and then we scroll through and it feels like everything feels like it's supposed to be here if you're my right person you want to follow me now I want to do that you want todo exactly exactly okay, so this is how I got really clear on it there was a photographer at this retreat that I attended cindy was at the retreat it's called the movers and maker summit and she's a professional photographer and she talked about how you have to really at it what you're sharing on instagram you wanna share your kids you want to share your pad you want to share what you had for dinner but it does not work on instagram you have got to really be clear and focused about what you're sharing if you want to do it right and you want it to be for your business as opposed to something that you use personally and that stuck with me then also the fact that she said use the same sort of editing process is so that everything looks like it goes together and then we're going to talk about having a clear thread running through things that's the other piece having that clear thread and create aiding a place for your person so I think that's pretty much and then when you go to the little camera guy that's how you get your photos and so I have put in a bunch of white photos here so that you guys don't see crazy things that my husband does or my dogs but because nobody wants to see that this's where you choose your photos or this is where you can take photos so that's the basics that's the one o one of instagram anybody have any questions since you guys all know instagram pretty well anything that I left out that somebody else might wonder about that you guys know off now pretty good maybe there's a direct messaging the direct messaging I don't even direct message I don't even know about that can you tell me about that police when you're in your home screen account showing right now but up where there it is when you're in the feed you can see up at the top right hand corner there's like a file box on and if somebody sends you can send a picture it's really easy now they change it you can send a picture or you can share somebody ifyou're looking through your feet and you see something you like you can share see that like crooked arrow next to the speech bubble you can share a picture with somebody that you love so you could send that picture to anybody that you're friends with okay, and then tell them a little message about it, and you can have a conversation back and forth so you could expose in theory ask other people to, you know, share with their friends. They could do really easily now, but it shows up in that little box that's how I communicate with my thirteen year old daughter because they stopped speaking at thirteen, they communicate only through instagram, pervan and that's. Why I know about that one that's. Perfect. I love it and I thought of a couple more things while you were talking a cz. Well, if your brand new, then you probably don't know that you press this little heart guy. If you want to like something that just means that you like the photo or if you want to comment, you press the little speech bubble and you can leave a comment and then when you go over here to your profile, the other thing I wanted to point out is that you can look at your profile like this in this grid, or you can look at it with all your photos scrolling down like this. And I never look at people's accounts like that I always look at it like a grid, but I've heard other people say that they sometimes switch over and look at people's accounts you do amanda and so it's a good idea to see what your account looks like like that so that you know what other people are seeing and then there's this little guy this little like it almost looks like the periscope button up there and that is geo tagging your post I turned that off because it gets so close to where you really are that it can show exactly where you are in that moment or the street that you're on and so that's a no go for me I don't even like to do it when I'm out in public I just I like to keep it off because I'm afraid that I'm going to forget and then it's going to tag other other photos and when you go over here to this little guy left lets himself out I'm glad chris had that comments I could think of these we've got the little photos of you so I got there by pressing the little guy button that is over on the right midway up the screen and these are photos that people have tagged of me so this is one from creative live yea I love that one okay, so let's see what this is all right so this probably not something I want tagged in my feet when people are looking for me so I'm going to go to the little uh the little dots down there and then I'm gonna go to photo options and then I'm going to go hide from my profile and then it's no longer going to show that I'm tagged and so then when it refreshes it's gone yeah I'm not going for good and you want the photos of you to look also very branded and so going through and just hiding that is helpful when people are looking for stuff from you so that is the one oh one for you guys and will be coming back to that so that I can show you some editing that ideo I'll show you that in just a little bit but if we can go back to the keynote for now thank you very much why do people love instagram why do they spend time there why do you think why do you love instagram it's easy you don't have to do anything just look at night yeah I'm sitting in my doctor's office an instagram is my go to because it's like pretty photos and I'm kind of transported to another place and I'm looking at things that are making me happy in a place that can cause a little bit of anxiety I goto instagram all the time when I need a happy moment instagram come to me, I love together for inspiration, especially for, like kraft inspiration or artistic inspiration, and I'll just, like, take a screenshot of whatever I see, and then I can look at it later on my desktop and be like, how they do that. Can you tell people how you take a screenshot, you hold down the round button and then you press the top sleep button or whatever at the same time? Yeah, a lot of people don't realize that that's also great tip for periscope if somebody is saying you should follow someone, so but that person is not on the periscope and you can't just click on their name and follow them, and you're trying to frantically remember who the person is or write it down screenshot it, periscope screenshot things, but yeah, that's a great tip. Anybody else go for any other reason to instagram? I go there if I'm starting to get interested in something, and I kind of want to see, like some other examples of it, like, um, even before I started seeing olivia stuff, I realized that I really love hand lettering, and I really want to get into that, and so I went on instagram and found some of the hashtags and the keywords and started looking around to see, like, what is the range of that what all can that look like to kind of see? Like what would what direction do I like the best? What style do I like the best? So I know where to go to start learning. I did that to you. I did that with I got into bullet journaling, and then I found that it was like a whole world jump planners, landers and bullet journals, lander scuffle I feel like a lot of times people don't necessarily search for hashtags and less they're looking for something specific like that and I think especially for makers it works well. Tio use hashtags because people will look specifically for that kind of thing, especially for inspiration. I know hashtag has worked well for you, olivia right? Oh, all of my lettering pieces there hashtag with brush lettering, brush, calligraphy, brush script like the whole gamut of ways that you could call brush lettering and it works really well because those are the hashtags I used to find other people. Yeah, thanks. Um if you have products and you can make up your own hashtag so sometimes I would. When I saw my stuff, I tell people if you use it like tag like hashtag christine here in our hash tag designed by sea each or something and when I checked that hashtag it's like oh, because they don't tag near anything sometimes so I just see that they put it on like all these air cool projects I used my stamps I didn't know and so it's kind of collects all those stuff in one place yeah, yeah, yeah, let's agree. And because people also well, sometimes you're loyal people will search for that kind of thing well like the challenges to eternal in challenges and the writing challenge that everybody's doing because it was their homework that's you can hash take any pictures of that on on instagram and see it too, and then I can see what everybody's doing in which a hash tag for that again thirty days with a k so if you want to succeed on instagram, you have to keep this stuff in mind. You have to keep the fact that this is what people are going therefore in mind, if you're posting really badly lit photo's blurry photos for posting eighty seven thousand pictures of your kids, then people probably aren't going to be following you for your business, maybe there are other moms and they're really excited by that and they might follow you for that reason, but they're probably not going to be following you for business reasons and people don't want to be sold to over and over and over and over again so that's also something to keep in mind you need a clear thread running through your photos you need to have a theme or a clear thread running through all of them so that they look good together and that they make sense examples black and way pastels, jewel tones landscape pigs with quotes, same editing process actions it can be a lot of different things you don't have to really limit yourself if you're somebody who says I could never do all black and white don't do all black and way it's, you can pick something else that's less limiting you just need to make sure it looks like it belongs together. When we were scrolling through my photos, you guys all knew the moment and that's because all the other photos pretty much go together there might be one or two and they're that feel a bit off, but for the most part they go together stay on brand it's tempting to post other things, but don't do it at it what you share and instead post that stuff on your personal facebook page that's what it's there for to share with your friends and your family and the people who really care about seeing your pets they care about maybe what you eat for dinner, they care about your kids you know I love seeing when my friends were my personal friends post about their babies or their kids I get excited but when somebody I don't know post about it unnecessarily if it doesn't fit in and it's not on brand it doesn't excite me especially if it's a lot of it but you don't want all of the same even though you want to have a theme you don't want to have like the same photo over and over and over and over try different angles have some close up some further away center some put some with the object on the right sum with the object on the left so that even the placement of the main object is different in your photos mix it up keep it interesting and think magazine spread so think about how a magazine doesn't have the same like not everything is just centered they might have something where the person is centered and then they might have one where they're off to the side and then they might have one from really far away and then another up close of the person's face that's because it works really well together when you have those types of photos together so I'm gonna show you guys some examples of accounts that do this really well of course hillary rushford because she's like the instagram queen if you want to learn instagram in more detail this is your go to girl this is her account and it all works really well together she has lots of style photos she's got a photo here where she's showing food but it's it's a story it's not just food it's not just dinner on a plate she's got this pretty photo of the up close flowers but then you can see the palm trees in the back she loves color you can see that and then she's got this elegant excellence little not quote but phrase up there that fits with everything I mean it just all really fits together and they're all different with a similar field she does this really well I think that she like I envy her in the way that she has learned how to master instagram floor away kat this is her instagram account and she's got over twenty thousand followers and the reason why is because her instagram account is amazing she shows her art she's an artist so a lot of it is going to be her art but it's not just her art I think that that is one of the things that sets her apart and makes people excited she shows her art being used and then she also shows thes doors because it matches like the coloring on that matches with the little cat below it it all goes together really well peaches to pearls this has a really clean soft look and this is a really great example of showing different things again, but making it work there's a picture of her, but then there's a picture of coffee doughnut notebook this is the kind of thing that I'm talking, chris, that I'm talking to you about. This creates a story I have a couple pictures with my notebook and my coffee and a rainbow sprinkle donut, no joke, but it's not as pretty, but I would. One of the things I would invest in is I would have this is what I d'oh I have a wire basket that I got off of amazon for or fifteen dollars, twenty dollars I keep all my instagram props in it, and now I'm moving into a second basket because I've got a bunch of stuff, but one of the things I would start collecting if I was you is cute. No bucks, I think that's a pretty good idea. Yeah, but I got something for me that's homework that I enjoy, lots of cute notebooks, cute mugs, also doable and then thinking of easy ways, I think yeah, cookie, anything that is pretty it's the best homework ever. I love it, you just want to create a story, a story for your for your person this is simple green smoothies, and they have lots of smoothie recipes interspersed with other types of photos lots of food photos and one of the reasons that their instagram account works really well is that they share recipes the full recipe, as the caption and so people love it, it's really valuable, so I think that they have pretty great photos, but they're out of all the photos, they're not necessarily the ones that jump out the most at me, but the fact that they include full recipes I'm down, I'm there, you're giving away that great content you've got me, bonnie joy marie pastels soft feeling uh, chris, another thing, mac keyboard with a mouse with a cup of coffee that creates a story, anything, when it comes to writing like even having going out and do it, having like a picnic blanket with a stack of books and in your laptop, that could be a really fun story that you're setting up for somebody and I have my like the old typewriter that I read it so I can take that out and get brita run around town without again and take some photos. Hello, sarah tramp her is a really bright, colorful, bright blue, bright pink, bright yellow, and it works because we've got all of those bright colors together, just like anything else in your business, you need a strategy, so go back to your answer to fill in the blank statement in less in nineteen when my ideal customer buys my blank she's trying to blank and then now what you want to do is change it to win my ideal customer follows me on instagram she wants to blink what you fill in the blank is what you want to build your instagram content around, so in my ideal customer follows me on instagram she often wants to be inspired she wants teo see pretty things she wants an interruption to her day where she feels like that is what my life could be like that is what you get when you become a successful entrepreneur and it can just be like sequins with a keyboard and it feels like that's exciting it's like the dream version the dream version I could see that working for for me to the dream version of writing yeah for trish things that I'm thinking of is having like a thing of bath salts with a candle and even uh you know a necklace or ring sitting next to it one of your ring sitting next to it you can include your stuff in it sometimes sometimes not, but when we're thinking pamper me take really good care of myself, you can put together some outfits just having them like laid out on a white backdrop and just taking a a photo of the outfit photos of yourself with your jewelry and your cute outfits there are lots of things because I think your person is still wanting to be pampered, she still wanting to try to take good care of herself, she still wants to believe that she can do that. So that's the kind of atmosphere you want to create anybody have any questions about this one? No, michelle, what did you put down for this one? What is your person want when she follows you? I put, be inspired and feel joyful. What more let's dig deeper? I'd actually thought of something, and it flew out of my head. Of course it does not happen be reminded of the fun experiences that that they're having on that they've had a lot of my instagram stuff is like, fun stuff that I'm doing, yeah, I think she wants to have that sentimental feel like, yeah, sentimental, she wants to get brought back to that so I could even see having, like, analys in wonderland book with a cup of tea, and then I could see, like a handwritten note and some other things a candle I love mugs of tea bunks, um, coffee, that's like my go to thing, acute pencil, whatever, and could see that kind of thing and then also kind of like for me I want to feel like the cool chick when I come to your instagram account because I feel like you're such a cool chick that that's kind of what I want to feel like a swell so if you can mix those two together I think you'd be doing really well okay, I was thinking because that my stuff is your memories put onto jewelry and that's what I'm taking pictures of this stuff that I want to remember but I need to tie that into how the picture could be made into a horrible memory for you yeah yeah yeah and creating that sentimental experience I'm not really that good at instead I feel like I'm good at the picture part but not the business part because I only recently realized that I haven't even been tagging my stuff at sea so work tio like the necklace that amanda was wearing I was thinking could we had like a scene of like san francisco and then you have like the next shot was like you're a piece of jewelry yeah like when I saw that I'm like, oh, I want that you know, for our community and for her I'm here and so they're on your instagram you have this the scene of the moment and then that you're a piece of jewelry because it like can you see it captured in something that you can take away? Okay? Yeah thanks okay, tweet me what's one of your answers for when my ideal customer follows me on instagram she wants to blink send me a tweet, let me know I want to know when my ideal customer follows me on instagram, she wants to see what life is like for a successful entrepreneur be inspired to work on her creative business, get business tiffs and a visually appealing way wants to find out what's going on with business with my business, behind the scenes, connect with other creative entrepreneurs and feel like her business dreams are possible. So here is one of my instagram pictures that's popular and I think it's because it's a really fun picture and my person likes business to be fun and so this speaks to her and then also I'm talking about doubling your block readership with one guest post tripling your email list with one speaking engagement, growing your instagram and how you can figure out those things where you confined how I've talked about those things. So I am talking business here, but I'm duke trying to do it in a fun way, then this one, I've been having so much fun playing with water color can't stop won't stop and this is again because my person really loves to see what I'm working on this is not perfect like I don't feel my watercolors out of place where perfect or amazing, but I love it so much and I feel like it's good enough and so I think a lot of us need to give ourselves permission to show the stuff that is good enough in the progress because people like to see the progress. This is not an amazing masterpiece, but people really loved it here's another one, spent six hour snapping an editing photos for creative live slides today photo days are always one of my favorites this is a pic of our coffee table with my beloved typewriter from my parents this shows the set up of my house it creates kind of that dream feeling so many people told me like I love this this is something that I love I love that this is your house and a macaroon shot had a photo shoot with macaroons today took about three hundred fifty photos this afternoon. Now I've got lots of new photos for my creative life sides e a and this is just showing behind the scenes like you're going to see this soon and this is what I've been working on that's the kind of stuff that people want to see your photos have to be really, really good or great, so take lots of photos for every photo of my niece on instagram I've taken at least ten different options at least ten but more like twenty five, fifty sometimes sometimes I don't share anything from what I've what I've shot, use your dslr riel camera, email them to yourself, open them in your email and save them to your phone, open and instagram, and they'll be in your photo roll that's how you can use your camera or dslr. Some people think that you could only take them from your phone, but you can use this process to take them or you can use dropbox that yeah, edit your photos every single time every every single time, even if it's just little tweaks, it makes a huge difference. Use natural light it go back to lesson eight for more help with photos so tip take your followers to another place with your photos inspire her what kind of experience or you trying to create for her? We have an example here, jenna cite her instagram sip bite go okay, so I want you guys to tell me what you're what your first impressions are when you see this right? Is there? Is there anything we can't? We're not sliding now because this is a screenshot, but is there anything that stands out that maybe you don't know if it fits or not? Or everything feels like it goes together? It's very clean, but I don't know what the middle picture is it's a sunset so if we slip if we went further down we might be able to see if everything looks like it goes together but there is a bright feeling there's a creative feeling I feel like but what I was sliding through there were a couple that I could point out and say this doesn't particularly match everything else but I think you're off to a really great start and then we have another one for you and this is the used to cork and they're all pictures of wine corks now everybody else can probably tell which one doesn't necessarily really fit and it's this one right here because they're all dark and then we've got this one that slight yeah, I think I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing and I think a lot of these tips um hopefully in a month everything I look different but it is hard I think when you're trying to figure out how to a, um create something from a blogger and to something that's a steady um stream of information so thank you for yeah yeah I mean you saw my instagram it was not always the way that is now that's ok like it's totally okay and then this is patty's this is her in graham what do you guys think about this? What are your first impressions when we get to patty colorful crafter? Yeah, crafty I can't believe she said she didn't have lifestyle shots either well this's so normally I don't have all that but I put that in because we're on the trip look how good it is so normally I don't do a lot of that kind of thing but okay now it's full of pictures I really like that picture of your knitting on the airplane that is my favorite photo out of these ones yeah seriously yeah yeah yeah I just didn't put it up because I was like then your anus so beautiful because it's like the colors and the texture of it is already so interesting and great wait lia so cool so you could do just about anything and you can show everybody that you can knit everywhere one thing I hate is when you go teo I shouldn't say hey I do not like it when you go to someone who ignatz and all you see is hat, hat, hat, hat hat hat okay I mean, that looks just like all the same after a while yeah yeah I agree. Yeah and I think one of the things that you are going to need to dio is really mix things up because sometimes if we had patty's instagram up here we would see that sometimes there are lots of shots of I'm guessing willie and then there are lots of shots of maybe it a bunch of the knitted products done yeah, because I have a plan, right? So what's happening is I'm going, oh, man it's four o'clock I haven't put anything up. Let me go to dropbox and figure out what to put up there. And then I'll go well, I've done three days of dogs. Maybe I need to find a model so it's like I don't have any there's, no plan. So what you want to dio is you wanna look at your instagram and you want to see what you've posted recently and come up with something that works with it, but that's a little bit different each time, and if you're doing that, then you'll be you'll be good and thinking about okay. I had a bunch of like, all of these are the person is pretty much centered if you have somebody who is really further over that would kind of even just give it a little bit more variety. Okay, so things like that to think about, but I think a lot of you guys are on a really good track. Um, if you have, I have that problem, teo, where I will, um, will post the similar things like a few days in a row and just go back to your feet and delete those because after there up for a couple days no one's going to see him in the in the feed anyway they're only going to see him in your feed yeah, yeah don't show mind right now because it probably looks like crap your hair's isn't up here don't get so let's talk about captions don't spend so much time creating beautiful branded photos and then flocked together. The first caption that comes to mind that's wasting your hard work so break the pattern say something with your personality and details zuman what does this really mean? What does this really look like questions engage your followers I get the most comments on my instagram photos when I ask a question because people feel like they want to hear from me use hashtags wisely and when they make sense for the photo, I heard somebody give advice to always use the hashtag etc seller so my husband and I joke he'll send me a tweet that just theo wait but on lee used it if it makes sense because of somebody clicks on your photo thinking that it relates as to that thing and it doesn't they're not gonna follow you they're not going to check out your thing anymore they're just going to get annoyed create a plan if you have a plan in advance you khun batch create your content spend three hours taking an editing photos for the neck is two weeks and have that plan in mind thinking okay, I need some of this I need some of this. I need some of this create a content calendar for your instagram account. This could really help you, especially patty. You could know. Okay, today is a dog day. Today is a model date today is a lifestyle shop day and that could really help you so that you're not thinking. Okay, it's four o'clock what do I do? Be consistent, it creates trust with your followers and it keeps you accountable. Use the link and your profile strategically and mention it in your captions. Let people know if I have a block post I'm talking about I'll let them know if you want to read the block post. The link is in my profile an experiment with timing. I did the best results at like seven or eight a m in the morning or like eleven to eleven at night to, like two a m other people get really good results at those times. Still, you get results and waking up in the morning and I hit snooze on the alarm and like, I'm not ready to get it obeyed yet, but I could look at instagram for a minute yeah, tip video stand out because they aren't is common, so if you're comfortable making short little videos, use it let's talk about some growth strategies one is to host an instagram challenge. Join an instagram challenge or host to give away. I hosted an instagram challenge that has over two thousand post with that hashtag on it now, and it doubled my instagram following create a hashtag and encourage people to use it example from a beautiful mess. The hashtag is a bm life is colorful, and then they use that to post people's photos and give them credit. Of course, there are one hundred eighty two thousand plus post using that hash tag. If you post on instagram with something related to this course, use the hashtag bell live and I might regret in your photo giving you credit, so use the hashtag and we can help each other out, and people can see what your posting at the end of each week jot down which instagram photo got the most likes and which one got the most comments, do the same at the end of the month. Pay attention to what your followers love and what they don't really connect to do more of what works, and before we head out, I'm just going to show you guys how I edit a photo on my phone, something that I've taken with my phone, so if we can perfect, I'm going to show you a selfie photo how I added that because that mostly what I edit on my phone as opposed tio what I usually take with my camera most my photos ninety five percent of my instagram photos when I started to get serious with instagram come from my dslr that doesn't mean that you need one to take really pretty photos but that's what I do because that's what I get the best results from but I'm going to show you what we do here okay we're going to start with camera plus and we're just gonna add a photo by going up to that little plus sign goingto all photos and clicking on this photo and importing at editing it and I like this one just for one particular filter and it's this vibrant filter now I like to pull it down some because I don't like it that vibrant but it gives it a little bit more life so with a lot of my selfies are you go in and do that so yes we'll keep that we're done with this one we will save it then we go out of there I'm going to go to face tune, face, tune I love face to him okay? We're gonna pull up no we want to get a new photo here we go over to the little camera open photo all photo I'm going to take the photo that I just I was working on okay then I'm going to get bigger oh my goodness I'm sorry that you have to see this okay I'm going to get bigger let's see about right there and then I'm gonna click on smooth and then just rub my finger over the places that I'm like this needs to be more smooth then I'm gonna click yes then go to another area do the same thing kind of smooth anything out that I'm like you know really like how bumpy that looks click the yes then you can see before after particularly okay looks like I am much younger then I'm gonna go in and sharpen up the details on my eyes so impressing details and then I'm just swiping over that area it kind of pops my eyelashes a bit click yes go back down so that you guys can see before after look at my eyes before after okay then we're going to save two camera ll then we're going to go teo after light it pulled up all photos pull up the most recent one use it I like after light for the filters that they have so let's see coral crest frost kind of like this okay I like this one the most like I like that one and if I were to use it I would bring it down but I'm going to use this one right here because I like the way that it gives a little color pop so we're gonna go with that done save two camera all okay and then we'll come back over here to photos all photos and I'm going to show you guys this is what we started with this was next this was next and then that's what we ended with so those are the apse that I used to edit a selfie on my phone and make myself look like I don't have wrinkles and if I was showing my teeth, I would also use in let's see and let me make sure I'm telling you the right one and face too and there's a little whiten you just scrub over the teeth and make them lighter, so if we could jump back to keynotes, does anybody have any questions about that? Just the camera you're just a regular camera app it was a nap it's called camera plus him replace camera plus in the vibrant I pick vibrant and then I pull it down because it's a little too vibrant then the other one was the second one was face tune and that's the one that took away the wrinkles made my eyes um more detailed and then after light is the one that I really like filters on that will add a little finishing touch to anybody else have any questions today's mission decide on the theme for your instagram account the running thread that will create cohesion create your content plan for instagram schedule a day or morning or afternoon for batch photography and editing and post a photo with the hashtag bell. Live and search for it and connect and follow each other. Don't just post it so that I'll see it, but post it and then we'll all search for it on instagram, and you can see who else is taking the class. Who else is trying to improve their instagram photos? And it will be a lot of fun. We'll have a lot of fun with each other.

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