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Day 3 Wrap-Up

You know, I don't think we could have had a better person to show us light room five how lucky we were we that we got it landed this week and we had you here to show us his part timing? Absolutely thank you so much for not only later in five but everything that you shown us this week it's just been completely fantastic and you guys out there and the internet have been loving this class and a couple of quotes I gotto pull him out from photographic elements on ly jared can use superior meticulous information and show us how we can be more efficient using it jared platt equals incredible information and practical everyday applications of that information on dh then this last one very detailed from margot kelly very detailed and informative course I am blown away jared it's cold and windy and chandler right now I love it but you might not wear well, I will love going back to chandler because I get to see my family but I won't be happy about cold, cold cold that's well, professor platt has ...

gone into every nook and cranny of light room and I know that I think I can confidently say that that most photographers that own light room are utilizing maybe twenty percent of its capabilities after seeing everything that is possible within light room for and I like him five it's really exciting tio learn what we can dio and I know that that that group of photographers that are under utilizing the program is probably you out there watching right now if you've missed any part of the course just to remind you jared has covered everything from importing images to organizing the catalogs editing in the developed module walk us through the process of creating beautiful proof albums for clients a cz well as the best practice for exporting images for the web are blog's facebook everything creating such is and now videos and no light room five I could go on and on there was so much information that I had no idea was even possible within the software and jared has brought it to you today, so if you're a seasoned light room user or you're new to the program, this course is definitely for you highly highly recommended purchasing this and applying everything that it but jarrod's offered to save time and really offer amazing things for our clients. Along with the three days of videos, this course comes with a bonus materials on forty of jared's presets as well as printing templates it's an amazing deal and you can get all of this for one hundred forty nine dollars however the clock is ticking if you scroll down on the screen, you'll see a little timer and I believe we're at about five hours and eighteen minutes left to purchase this course at an amazing price of ninety nine dollars. So scroll down and buy this course, you guys. Not only this course, which has been just absolutely fantastic, but we have a ton of amazing photographers come into town in the next few weeks. Few months. Joelle is going to be here one of the biggest names hottest names of photography right now, april twenty ninth to teach a three day course. And of course, dave cross is coming as well to teach four days of photoshopped to two day classes. So check out those two classes and everything else at creative live dot com slash courses. Yes. And we also have john gringo is coming tomorrow to teach an in depth class on kennan. Sixty will walk us through the operations and the menus. And, of course, take amazing photos throughout the day. The teaching process. So check that out again. Created live dot com forward slash courses and join us tomorrow morning for that class at nine and pacific standard time. Thank you so much again. Everyone for joining us, it's been a privilege. Just show this all with you and that my friends is a wrap.

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Join Jared as he takes you through every single module in Lightroom! Learn everything from importing to exporting and everything in-between. You'll learn to edit, organize and share your photos.

Started using Lightroom last year but you just can't get the hang of it, or you bought it but it's still on the shelf because you're afraid of new software? Maybe you've only heard about Lightroom and you're not sure how it works or why you need it. Or you've been using it for a few years, but you've only been using a few very basic modules and you haven't ventured out to discover its full capabilities. Whatever your situation is, you need Lightroom 101 with The Lightroom Professor, Jared Platt. With Jared's simple, direct and entertaining approach to teaching and his vast knowledge of Lightroom, you will be using Lightroom to the fullest capacity in no time. Don't spend months or years discovering Lightroom—spend three days with Jared and learn everything you need to know!

If you took Jared's Ultimate Lightroom Workflow class on creativeLIVE, you learned the workflow surrounding Lightroom. Now it's time to learn the nuts and bolts of every option and every slider and become a master at using the most powerful and simple photo tool ever built.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 4