Mobile Audio with the iRig Mic Field


Mobile Filmmaking with IK Multimedia and FiLMiC Pro


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Mobile Audio with the iRig Mic Field

We're going to play a brief little tomb in a video that showcases how important audio is and how if I've done incredibly well it can take your production to another level and then we have a little special sendoff hello and we're back um excited to showcase our special musical guests who I think you will recognize him and his brother when we see them uh want to showcase the I rig mike field which we have plugged into a six plus we're going to be getting stereo audio uh looping out through the headphone jack um and we've disabled the audio gain control inside the app and you can see that by the double audio meters letting you know that you're capturing stereo audio um and so I think we're pretty much about ready to go I'm in a veer into the shot maybe halfway through the song and just show you a little special teaser of a product that we've been working for a while and are excited to bring back on the market um okay, just grab a quick little look at this right here this is the long await...

ed return of the filmic remote uh app looks quite a bit different than before and showcasing it here in beta um and were often running you bet awesome so thiss my brother david came in today we're gonna play a song called always I want to three I told you from the start, he said. I heard you, I heard I didn't believe you. I mean, states, mistakes, my family, my mind, my mind. I'm still dying to be a way. Oh, wait, oh, wait, I thought, wait, you south jackson street city bus rolled by, stole that sweet sound, it's. So you weigh, so take me back to july. Hi, you're square you in that dress in that dress in a soft way that way, wait, wait, happens to the best way. Oh!

Class Description

In the last few years, mobile tools for filmmakers, musicians and creators have become more powerful, useful and more widely adopted. IK Multimedia has developed a range of products that are affordable and effective when paired with market leading filmmaking tools like FiLMiC Pro.

In Mobile Filmmaking with IK Multimedia and FiLMiC Pro, Neill Barham, the founder of Cinegenix and FiLMiC Pro, and noted cinematographer, Jonathan Houser will show how to use their mobile app with the IK Multimedia's iRig PRO and iRig Mic Field to get incredible shots and capture pristine audio that will fool anyone into thinking you have the budget of a hollywood film.

Listen to special guest filmmakers Sean Baker and Chris Bergoch talk about how they used iPhones and FiLMiC Pro to make their Sundance hit Tangerine, which was acquired by Magnolia Pictures and will be released theatrically this July. See the trailer here.

Both the iRig PRO and FiLMiC Pro were recently featured in an Apple iPad commercial with Martin Scorsese and are becoming more widely used as professional tools for filmmakers. Learn how to use them to get the breathtaking shots you want. See commercial here.