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How many of you guys sell packages? Okay? Randy said you sell packages and there's nothing wrong with selling packages. You know as long as you have, your package is structured in a way that is profitable with me. I didn't know how to sell packages. I was terrible at it. I would say okay, you get a sixteen twenty and let my fourteen, three, eight by tens four, five, seven eight wallets ah, goat you get a free flour you got just trying to cram everything in there to make it look appealing. Well, I was giving everything away for that certain price. So once they got that package full field it if I came home and said, hey, let me sell you this product here they're like none I've already fulfilled my package I'm good I got everything I need so it left me nowhere to go so in my studio packages are a big no no, that doesn't mean that you guys are wrong for selling packages at all. There's nothing wrong with selling packages just for me I wanted to do a little bit differently and figure out a ...

way to make it work. So when clients call and say how much is any about ten are what your packages ma'am here at blair phillips, the studio are blakefield photography, we actually have custom collections so maybe instead of calling it a package you call it a custom collection make it sound a little bit better so we say no here fortunately you can actually build your own package because we want you to be in control of your own money there's nothing worse than going and you know, your kids to it, you go to school and you have to buy all these images package b has all this stuff that you don't want but you have to buy it because you want that top thing here is your money and we want you to be in control of it. Yeah. Anyways, each section of the package has bonus incentives, so it we do it in steps do it in steps so step one there is a bonus selection and I'll show you what I'm talking about so they have the ipad in front of him and I say, take your finger swipe to the left and this is what shows up and I say, okay, uh, randy, this is the select this is the part where we're going to pick your wall portrait ce notice I didn't say long portrait I said wall portrait ce why am I sticking with just one? Why am I not trying to sell him to there's a novel idea? Who knows? So what I've done is as I said, look we're going we're going to choose your wall portrait ce when plant that seeing their light portrait yeah absolutely we're going tio all of the all of the images that were yes going to go through and we're going to pick a wall portrait portrait any image that was a yes and we go through we go through we go through and we finally get him narrowed down to the wall portrait ce and we say all right, listen we have discounts available to I wanted to point this out to you you can get one poor shirt for this price but if you get three we call it a trio then you actually get all your images at a discounted rate so it's actually cheaper for you you save more money if you buy three you know you get those coupons spend forty forty percent off once you spend a million dollars or whatever you like break your back to trying to spend one hundred dollars to save that forty percent even if you don't need it but all of a sudden you come home with that bag of shoes you like honey no there were forty percent off these things I got into such a good deal and then I say to my wife, well yeah, you could have got him for one hundred percent off if you want balled him but that's a different different deal so they pick that and now, an hour wall portrait we don't just have sixteen, twenty, twenty, twenty four I want to point out something that if you have a client, comes in and they say, I want to let my fourteen that's all along, I'll show you how to deal with them in a little while. But why? Why are we punishing clients that want to spend money that wantto have the highest in product that want tohave things available to him? Why are we punishing those so that we can capitalize on the people that don't want to spend money? What are we doing that something show you if I have a client that just says, I love I love love love these wall portrait, and I'd like to get three of them and I can tell there they're on a spending mode. I'm like, you know what? Let me fix you up with something else. I'll say. You know what? H and h color lab, which is my lab, they have some of the most innovative products and they make them available for me to give to you and they're so affordable, I'm lucky that I can pass the savings on to you, let me have lorenzo come up, if you will, I'm going to share with you guys how you can sell one image but sell it as multiple pictures look we're going to put this thing together like a puzzle here so I don't even know which where you just hold those were going to build a puzzle here we're gonna take this this is a mosaic okay and this is taking one image and it's going to take a second for us to figure out how we do it here alright don't wait for it help me put this puzzle together we're gonna hang it separately here look at that and then we hang that on up underneath over here but our arms aren't quite long enough for that uh now we can sell that as a custom wall piece that's a custom wall piece and that's four separate canvases all for one money won money on what I love the most about him is check out this thing behind me over here you see this piece of paper now when when a wife goes home and says look honey I want youto hang up for these images and I want it all to be straight and perfect it's not gonna happen but there's an option through each nation you say look send me hemming that print out some of that print out with it these things on the bag they have a little class it's so easy you just take a thumb tack you hang this on your wall and you poke it right through the middle right there and then poking through the middle middle middle and you tear that down and then that's where you put your screws so that when you hang these things up you know they're going to be absolutely perfectly level so I'm selling this to my clients and I'm saying look I'm not just gonna leave you hanging I'm going to give you the tools to even go home so that your husband won't screw this up like he probably does everything else right I'm making jokes of course now let me say another option that I give him a cz well so I've got a plethora there's no way a client's homecoming and say yeah he just didn't really have a lot of products that I liked not at all lorenzo let me grab you one more time partner sorry manu he's like I didn't sign up for all this look okay hold that one all right he's gonna hold that and then I'll hold this one there's like seven prints that go with this thing there's like seven of them here so we hang these in a four years somewhere separate I'm just a little bit mix and match um different ways they have several of them but the lab they're pre designed in a configuration such as this now I'm able to offer wall clusters multiple canvases and I can sell these by selling point on these is that they listen thank you sir. I can say this is you don't have to buy a frame a custom frame for every one of these these gallery wraps you're going to also because they would become ready tto hang on your wall so you don't have to worry about anything one little tiny hole in your wall is all you need. These things are lightweight and they're absolutely beautiful, so everything you need comes ready to go and again, if your lab or who you're getting your pictures from is creating you a lot of work, you're not really that efficient with my lab, everything I get in again, I don't have to worry about it, I'm basically unpackaged pull the pull the order form out or the invoice and I'll wrap it back up I don't look at it, I don't have to sit and look and research and make sure it's the way it needs to be and if you're having to do that, then maybe, you know, you look into something look into the change maybe, but if you're happy with what you're getting, then my message is to keep rocking on what you have, but there are alternatives again even for these the clusters look at this huge piece of paper here it's this easy you hanging on the wall and you're good to go, so in that first step there I have several different options to fit every different taste if have them or plain customer they get the trio if I have the one that's more century they get a cluster or they get a mosaic everything is in there anything they need now we go from there and I say, well, what if what about like standard prince versus metal prince versus gallery wraps, rap clusters? I mean there's just a ton of stuff in there obviously those air priced a little bit differently but you've got something for everybody in their right, so if you don't have that variety, you need to get with someone that we'll have a variety for you. Now when we're there, check this out bonus items I have bonus items in here get a fifty dollar frame credit for any portrait that you buy now what do I do there? I just go in and I'm mark my frame prices up about fifty dollars really I'm not giving them a fifty dollar frame credit? Does that sound mean? It does, but I'm not making a ton of money on my frames anyway and I'm not afraid to say if I can profit one hundred dollars on a thirty about forty frame I'm cool with that it takes me three minutes to frame a picture and it's out the door, so why are we not making unavailable so those bonus items include trio's weaken say look, you get the trios, you get three or mohr standard prints and honestly, if you buy three you're technically if you look at the pricing it's about a twenty percent discount all across the board that's the way I talk to my clients by the way, twenty percent discount across the board so now we got that we mentioned the frame credit and every single image gets that fifty, fifty dollars towards there and now if they had that fifty dollars frame credit, they're probably going to buy a frame because I'm a frames price to the level toe where they can afford them so almost everybody does that now way that we elevate our frame sales is a lot of towns I'll spray paint on the week so as a custom paint but you know hey, spray paint can be custom okay, whatever, but we spray painted it it's a custom piece to match your decor so should we had that client that won't something like that all this thing we have that available so I've got three or four different levels of everything so there's no doubt excel frames that's where I'll buy a lot of money, you get sixteen twenty all wood frames for thirty eight books I mean that that's like getting it for free basically and I marked up another hundred so I'll make a hundred books right so those atoms like we were talking about we have composites, h and h has slim wraps, have the senior blocks, the senior blocks are super super also these senior blocks right here allow you to incorporate multiple images on one block that hangs on the wall and we're using this as an add on that I'll share with you in a little while, but the senior blocks are also a lot of the girls were wanting this for their room. They want us for their room and again, ancient age doesn't awesome job of getting those to our doorstep. So there's there's tons of things in that step one there's, no doubt that we have something they want. And that ad on is this kind of the one, ninety five. So we tell him, look, while you just picked out all of your portrait, I won't let you know that we have a special going right now that you could do an ad on from this next session for one ninety five and you could get any products in there and it's normally a lot more than that. But we just want to show our appreciation and make things available to you should you want it. So at least show it to him right and that's only available after they purchased their wall portrait I know this seems like a lot but it's going to start to make a little bit more sense here in just a few minutes you're all on viewers are probably yeah I'm sure hoping so right but we feature multiple images in these senior blocks things like that so if they want multiple images on one thing that's a way to do it again one ninety five that's what we're using there now custom collections step two we say okay, now go to step two this is where you're going to choose your albums, your albums most clients I used to try and sell albums at the end of the session or at the end of ah of a cell session and they were already spent now it's step to this is what you have to do now what if those people come in and I say, well, I can't afford an album we've got a solution for that we've got three or four different ways that you can buy and album but it's perfect for all of those images that you said yes to I'd hate to see you mom I'd hate to see you get six of these images printed and then leave the other forty here that would break my heart and that would kill you on the drive home I know they're going to buy an album now, it's perfect for all those images you said yes to that's how we sell it now we have levels of albums. Okay, so check this out. I don't want to again punish the client that wants to spend a lot of money. Now, if I can offer an album in something like this for that high end client like this who's box and then I can pull this thing out this a designer album with designer materials and I can say, look, this is our couture album, mom, this is basically this is kind of like a wedding album, but this is for your senior this's for the client that wants to spend a little bit more money with me. This isn't a cheap album that I sell to them. This is a high an album, but I get it at a really affordable price so I can mark it up a lot and make a lot of money from it. A lot of people think h and h they just print images. They are a major player in the album game, major player in the album game, and they're coming up with innovative ways like this box here. I mean, that is how I want to put this on the table way all for smaller ones because some of the materials the acrylic, rain with orange gator you know how long it took me to to track this orange gator down? I got this down in the panhandle in florida when I was down there last week and yeah, but vibrant colors, different types of finishes I mean, these guys are my one stop shop now there I'm not having a shop around everywhere to find the products that I need so we have that custom couture album mom says, well that's too expensive a little more than what I wanted then I play off that's ok? We'll listen where you're gonna probably be the most suited is you're gonna go in the middle the blues book, which is a photo panel book and I pull this out and I say this is a photo pano book mom actually, I call it a blues book because be ale is blair and then use e is susie suzanne that's my wife so equal parts go into the design, so we made it our own name and we call it a blues book and we put all the images in there and this we sell it actually for three, seventy five some people say, well, that's not very much what doesn't cost me much from my lab doesn't call so much so therefore I can sell it for not a lot, but again I'm building a sale as I'm going right if they don't want that I've got another option you can do these guys here okay, we'll look this is another alternative to an album here. This is a proof magazine but we call it a flip book we say we can get all those images in a book for you no problem and then they say, well, blair, I don't know that might be a little much for me okay don't worry. I've got more options and we have folios and we all for four different styles of folios. So on page one two style one we have style two three four as an example to show them the different styles they can choose from it's printed front bag we get these from our lab is well, one stop shop this is an actual kid here shows you what a panel looks all right. Polio yeah, good deal shows you what a folio looks like. They've changed over the years it's not no longer than you know, the one that you just slip it in and off you go. So we're offering high end products because we're we're trying to reach high end clients right that's what we're going for so now we have the album self selection done so again they can spend a lot of money or they can spend a little bit we're going to try and get him to go towards the middle so almost every one of my clients buys one of these photo panel books ninety percent of them always does that always so the blues book or the flip book which is a press proof magazine or the polio like getting ahead of myself sometimes now proof box this is something we just added recently too we take a they designed these they have these boxes and were like how come we use these? They're normally people use them as like a valet box where you throw your keys and stuff in them at the end of the day and we said, well, why don't we use this in an innovative way put the kid's picture on the front and then when they open it it can have every single image in a five by seven form that they could just pull out and always have and flip through leave it on the coffee table when you have company parents love this they can take this and lay it all out on the table and look at it so again it's an innovative product when we're using using it to our advantage proof boxes are awesome their gift rewards are actually get prints step three so now mom, this is where we're going to choose your gift prince anyone from that ma anyone a cz for his grand parents, aunts and uncles cousins, anybody this is we're going to choose those images now if you'll notice in true fashion we have bonus rewards we say look, you buy five, you get one free by eight, you get two free so if you've got someone that's at three and you say, well, I just wanted to point out to you if you if you choose to maura I'll give you one absolutely free or if you're at six and you say, listen, if you choose to maura, I'll give you two for free and you can get any size you want to it doesn't matter to me doesn't matter so it's food for thought it gives them something to think about and also all the gifts prints were getting ready to change this and they're all going to be the same exact price we did the math I think I can gain another eight thousand dollars for my studio by keeping all these the same price. We've done a lot of thinking through it and I think I can gain that much more money by not nickel and diming people now step for to follow the system mom step for is we're going to choose your wallets well, wallace I don't really want wallet and I look a senior and I said, hey, listen, I just wanna let you know that for any image that you buy in a wallet, that is what we're gonna give you two go on your facebook page then all the sudden it's like, well mom we've got to get wallace is I want it on my facebook kind of hate you they won't say that because if they do I'll put him in time out we don't play that at my studio so for any image that they buy they get those for a facebook now all of a sudden they want to buy wallets and now you're saying yourself well what my clients don't want all this stuff they just want pictures they just won't images I'll show you how to deal with that in a minute so after we're done with that that finishes our sales presentation for him they're done but I throw that plant a little seed and say hey don't forget about those graduation announcements you know it's not a step but we do want to show it and make it available and I also want to let you know that there are lab they do have some amazing jewelry you got all kinds of products I want to just show you some of this stuff and we show it to him and it may spark another sale it's like the check out counter you pull something off the checkout and you you make it yours it goes in your car you didn't even know you wanted it until you saw it right exactly now we get we used these bonus levels overall once everything is finished and they think that they're done we dangle something else in front of me and say, hey, listen, let's, just take this, uh, this one in the middle, so we know you're fifteen hundred dollars, you know, I wanna let you know that if you if you can, if you spend three hundred mb or I'm gonna give you a higher is damage high rez disc of all these images, and you can do whatever you want to with him, so if you would like, we can go back through, I'm sure we can pick out just a few more things, and you're going to get something that would cost you normally, like two thousand dollars. Like, well, I guess if I've come this far, what's another few hundred dollars and then we can sell it that way. So there's several different levels in there now you figure out what fits you the best, but give them a little incentive of something that doesn't cost you much. If someone's going to spend two thousand dollars for me personally, I don't care if they own the images I'm like taken. I've made my money, I'm not worried about it. Do I care where they go get him printed at that point? No, because I've sold him everything that's going to go in their house, so I'm not a big advocate of just selling the disc and that's it, but I share with you how we handle that. So those bonus levels, those are my sales goals that I want to reach. I want to reach that eighteen hundred dollar mark every single session, at least that if I can. Now, what do you do if you have that guy that comes in and he says, I'll see what you're trying to do here, he's like, I'm not buying this whole one two, three, four thing. All I want is eight by tens I want ten, eight by tens that's all I've ever gotten before that's all I'm getting now, like, okay, mohr on no problem, you're going to flip over, you're going to flip over to the very next page. We've got this one designs, just especially for you, with no images, there's an extra dollar sign or there's a dollar son to make it have one more digit there's no incentives you can buy from the ala carte menu, sir, if you care too. So if your are going to buy those eight by tens and you said he wanted those in pearl, whereas if you would have followed the step process you could've got anything you wanted, any finish at the same price, but here I'm going to charge you more for it. So if you really want to go there, we'll go there. So they go over to here and they say, all right, I won't I won't ten of the eight by tens, seventy bucks apiece. Okay, sir. So you're going to spend seven hundred dollars on ten, eight by tens and it would break your heart if I told you what those things cost me from my lab, but I'll be glad to do that, so he feels like he got over on me and my cool was seven hundred dollars for ten, eight by tens. I mean, it worked with that. So instead of getting, you know, getting messed up like I used to now even that guy, okay? Sorry I got something for you don't worry about it, no problem. So we've got something for him too, and all of our stuff is pre designed, so it loads right into your ipad or whatever you want to sell from from your computer. You don't do any work, you can just drag and drop your prices in drag and drop your name, you can rearrange it, you can change the text, you can change the configuration gives you a great go by, but I'm telling you there's been four people in three years that have tried that ala carte method that have booked with system and said not buying an album I'm not buying all that, but even if they don't I'm still making a nice profit, right? I'm still doing it now when we're in that sales presentation, no final prices are calculated in the sales room I don't give them a total and say all right, you know your order is that, you know, is it three thousand dollars? Because then they're going to like, my gosh, I want to sell them stuff all the way up to the check out counter, so the only time they see their price is when they're getting ready to pay and I say, okay, ma'am, here is your total right here and I'll start talking about something else because I'm already shut everything down everything's done everything's printed out, you're not going to likely go back and say player, I don't know I need to make some changes will say, well, if you feel that impaired about me, we can go back it'll take me a few minutes to start all that stuff back over and we can go through it all again, but if this is a little much for you, I can work out a payment plan for you and they're like oh, okay, I can work on that so we leave the room completely get out of there go away they sign off on the order form any corrections that have been made they sign off on it so that way when we order it every thing's done we know they signed off on it in this right? What do you do if you have that dreaded disc question that seems to be the standard now uh yeah, I just how much is it just for the disk I'm like well sir, you know, we don't really just sell the disc you know, we're trying to instil the value of prince you know how many discs do you have hanging on your wall home, sir? Not very many so we're trying to instil the value of prince and if they just are very persistent and they say I want the disk I want to discuss what to discuss this. Okay, fine, I'm not going to go out of business, but I will sell you the disc not a problem once you meet the minimum order of one thousand dollars it's available for five hundred dollars so I'm not saying no, but I'm not saying yes I'm going to sell prints one way or another so that client calls and ask about a disc one tell matt on the phone so that way when they come in for the older appointment, they know not to really ask about you already covered it. I'm not shooting, I'm not photographing clients, they're going to rake me over the coals and even on a disk, whenever we design something for a disc, we're not going to put the disc down in a little plastic sleeve and hand it to him if they're going to spend that much money on a disk, I'm going to put it in a trifle that I get from h n h were going to design it, I'm going to put a little seedy hub in the middle of it. I want to snap it down in there because I won't even that disk to match my brand, right? Everything has to match everything, so we're sparing no expense and we're making everything match. So if you are not laying the groundwork for your clients and your leaving little loopholes that they can crawl, crawl through and they'll call their friends say, janet, listen, if you got a blair for your older appointment, you can do this and mix this with this, and you can actually come out cheaper with my system there's no way they're going to do that there's no way, so what you have to do is you have to educate him. And then what you're gonna do is when you're done educating him I want you to go back and educate him seymour on what they're getting themselves into and then a great sale starts with the first phone call that client calls educate him let him know how you work let him know how you structure business let him know that this isn't going to be I'm not just a run run of the mill for tyre for this gun charge you twenty dollars let him know that you're worth it you know lead with small talk so I was telling you yesterday ask him about their family asking the questions you know where you guys live where you from where do you work what do you do you have any relatives that live over here near me this is where I live what do you know what do you like doing your spare time do you work out lead with that small talk and then tell your clients what they say well how much is an eight by ten don't tell him this is what we do we say well what we say you can say I understand how you feel about pricing but we found is once we told the clients how we do all of our sailing they felt this way and they felt that we had the best cell system ever and they loved it so most of our clients typically spend anywhere from I typically spend from here and up, so you know, if you want your minimum order to be five hundred dollars or a thousand, say, most of our clients typically spend a thousand dollars and go up from there, depending upon what they won't. And then once you say that, be quiet, don't tell them why you charge this and why you do this, you've already done that, so tell how much it is and then be quiet. Just be quiet, layer groundwork, laywer groundwork build up your brand when you're talking to him on the phone that very first time, build your brand through your expressions through what you're saying, build up their experience so that they're excited about it before they even come in. And if you're letting people walk on your order appointment day, if you're letting them all and they're saying, I just can't decide today, it is just like the bubble gum theory put bubble gum in your mouth, it's wonderful, you love it, you're not going. You're not going to be interested in that two days later, going to spit it out in an hour and it's old news, it's exactly what will happen with all of your all of your images now we tell him to these custom collection prices, they're only available for today. So we tell the client if you don't order today, unfortunately prices are going to be elevated and I blame it on the lab say we've contractor with our lab and they give us special pricing throughout these incentives that we all for and they're on ly good the day of your older appointment because we've already pre selected your name they know who you are that's probably telling a story there but that's that's what I would tell him listen, I've gotta eat I got a two year old daughter that I like to put on nice clothes and I love her to death and I want her to have nice things if I'm going to work, I'm going to get paid for it no doubt that's why I'll put this stuff in place and I'm going to get paid for your words that you're worth it you you you you and especially you guys, you're worth it. So don't sell yourself short and don't not believe in your work and don't not believe in what you're capable of post images online for the family on lee after they place their order on ly after if you place those images online from look at and make decisions in my opinion you man's what just forget it and I know this from experience I had a whole file cabinet in my studio full of clients that never placed orders and I looked at all of those and looked at all the hours I had invested, and it made me so mad that's why I switched to this cell system afflicted overnight to sailors used to be done this way I came in the next morning and I said, you know what? This we're not doing any more, I'm switching to this and any client that won't conform to it, then I can't worry with it, you know, I can't worry about it, I have to go after that client is going to respect what I'm doing. So remember, I went from three hundred twenty dollars, okay, that's all I could get out of my client's years ago was three hundred twenty dollars. I put this system in place the very next day in my small market had a sixteen hundred dollar order and that's the most anybody what has ever spent on order for me and I'm tells because the way I laid it down, they wanted everything, and I left those little bonus levels so that once they finish there like, oh, wait a minute, I can get that to what we had for that and as well, and for those clients that couldn't afford that, we put together an easy payment plan, so there's no way someone can say, well, I can't do it every single step is covered and we say listen, if you can't do it, what I've done listen, I understand where you are trust me, I need to be on a payment plan right now as well so what I can do for you is we offer an easy three payment for a program where we'll break it up into thirds we'll take your car number and will automatically charge it every two weeks and or every three weeks if you need it and that way you can still have what you need and it's not going to really put a hurt on you during this financial time right now. So we all for that as well and there's a lot of people taken advantage of that and if I wouldn't offer it and they may have to reduce their order drastically so throughout all this had a big demand and people said, listen, can you make that as easy as you say and put it on a disk so that I could just download it to my computer and just basically I can change everything to my pricing and I could just drag and drop my images in and it's all pre design and looked just like that? Well, yeah, and we'll even do it and we'll give it we'll give it to you at half price and we have five of these we have a cell system for newborns cell system that's designed completely different for seniors a cell system that design is on completely different looking for families because families they happen normally, you know, once every few years seniors happen once so the prices are different than they would be for a child. I want the child to come back more and more and more so if you're interested in that go to the website blair phillips workshops dot com and we can hook you guys up with that and we'll support you all the way so I think from here there's got to be a couple of questions somewhere so we'll check with our live audience and then we want to give our online viewers on opportunity to voice their questions as well yes what's your question well, first thiss seems I all some system it's great that you make it available come flake so for those of us coconut starting out we don't really have a studio wait, can you suggest we carry on apart us office it's not how you go about it, right? And, um I guess that's the question yeah, I most certainly would carry these products with me is it a lot more work? Absolutely well clients by a fashion cover album in a nicely designed box if they can't see it maybe, but if they can feel it and touch it and put it in their hands they're probably more out to buy it, and it validates you as a photographer, and it makes you look better because you bringing all these high end products into their home and you're making them available for purchase. So if you don't bring him in for and make them available, it's a lot harder to buy them, you know, it's, just like if you have to order something online, you know, if I told you, hey, you can have this today at this price or I can't show you what it looks like, but it's really, really awesome, but if you order it online, I can have it to you in three weeks. You're more apt to buy it if I can show it to you right now. So I would say, you know, take advantage of some of the sales at h and h has they run sales all the time and buy you some of those sample products? Yeah, so do you have people like they've gone to the ordering process, and they do get a certain amount of images online because if you have someone say, oh, you know what? If you know the grandpa that can't make it wants to come see those videos, so are they only gonna order from, I guess, with the client? Chose anyways their wares is there that option somewhere down the line for those people they're going to say? Well, you know what if my aunt wants picture something like that but that they don't want to spend the money to order the print for the ant themselves, right? Then say I don't want to they don't want to do what now they don't want, so they're not wanting a place that order for the extended family right? Then they want them to be able to see it later yeah that's a great question we make those images available for that extended family on ly for a week that creates a sense of urgency and we say no after you place your initial order, then we will make those available for your family to see. So yes, we do post and we posed all the images because it's easier just to click, command a and select all of them and just upload all of them rather than going through and pick out the ones that they ordered. So after they make that initial purchase are they create their order and pay for it, then we post them online, but just for a week because we want to create that sense of urgency so that was a great question as well what are our lovely viewers on the internet saying the internet is on fire right now there are so many great questions coming and I think you just hit the perfect topic that so many of us struggle with, so I'm going to just jump right in and we'll start with marie bonne and says as a photographer I asked for the disk because I know I can get those products how do you feel about other photographers doing this to you? Yeah if it's another photographer that's coming into my studio you know I mean they understand what products calls you know they understand that we're making decent money and you know, if they won't on ly the disc I mean, I'll sell it to him but I got to sell them that disk at a profit margin of what I think is very fair and if they're not willing to pay me because they say, oh, well, it's just a disc like no, no, no it's not just a discus hoursworth of my work is yearsworth of much training, so if they're not willing to pay that, don't bend over backwards to help them out, charge what she won't and charge what you feel like you should because if you don't you're gonna hate your job, you're going to hate your job I'm so much more creative now that I'm using this sale system because I know that every client that comes in is going to spend a good bit of money I'm so much more motivated to goto work I'll whistle while I'm work I'm skipping the work I'm happy he's tails like I'm not even looking forward this session coming in and that's when you do your worst work what do you have lorenza when you know if you don't have a studio is kind of what was going on if you don't have a studio, do you take your products to their home? Or do you mean like a central location? Not necessarily at a coffee shop or something like that? Yeah, you know for me I would kind of rather go into their home because you know like you have children, you don't have to worry about them coming to your home and making sure everything is put where it needs to be and you interrupted the sail it's okay if it gets interrupted at their home because that's on them I would much rather go to their home because then I could say you know what? This would be a lovely area for one of these mosaic prince let me show you what I'm talking about I happened to bring one with me and you can kind of lay it out and show her and if she can visualize it she's going to buy it she's definitely going by so great question similar question from the internet but how about for out of town clients as well yeah out of town clients you know that's where with me I have a lot of clients that come from out of town but that's where you know using this little guy right here and doing the room view where they send you the images and you can kind of place the images on their wall you know that that's what I d'oh if you don't have a theater room obviously it's going to be pretty difficult you know to make that work depending upon where they are you know maybe you go to their home if they're not that far away so that that's a tough question yeah that was from zana who says her clients there about six hours away from her yeah that's gonna be tough to drive back and forth there zana so maybe you have to post them online but you post them online online and you figure out a way to make it so that is tom sensitive that they have to order within twenty four hours and give them some sort of a little tiny bonus if they fill that order within twenty four hours that doesn't cost you much money I think with that you have to create a sense of urgency for sure capitalized while it's really fresh capitalized when when they first see it and the emotions are strong great advice thank you and land here any what? You got me going back to the pictures on the disk um I've done it before I'm going to worry about because when I show them the picture I done my prince yes go home a print on the print saying it's not the same quality and then they come back to you say what did you sell me yeah right so how do you do with education you have to educate decline and knowing you know hey, you know randy, you want about this disc you know I'm glad to sell it to you it's gonna be a premium price because you're getting all the images you know so you're you're in turn buying all the images that you probably don't need but I'll be glad to sell it to you but keep in mind I work with h and h color lab which is allowed that calibrates their systems every thirty minutes they're one of the leaders in the world with color calibration if you go to the local drugstore they probably calibrated there's about thirty years ago so it's going to be green is going to be sayin it's not gonna look is good so I just want you to know that you know that I'm gonna have to charge your premium for a product that you're not really going to be super happy with so I think as long as you educate him and lay all that ground work in then you don't have to worry about him coming back to you what else do we have on the internet all right, so lots of great top is coming in but one that has come up over and over again from lindsay see kept part and many many others how do the clients receive the products after the final payment or before and how do you use a scheduled card payment? Yeah, the scheduled card payment is through success where they have things built in because it's four photographers built by fa tire for the software is so they understand their needs so it's all built into the software is very easy just click click click filling the information and it automatically does everything for you um and the other question was how did they receive there? Their image is their final payment or before the final payment they if they haven't broken down into thirds they have to pay the final amount before they get even anything as much as a wallet I don't but I don't let him pay a third and they say, well, is there any way I could just get those wallets because they've got to go in these announcements and then I'll pay the rest everything has to pay paid in full before they get anything learn from experience I've done that before and say well, can I just get those few eight by tens I need for something ok? You've already paid a third I'll give you that they've already got their fix they forget about it, tom goes about and they forget about it so absolutely they get nothing until everything is paid in full think if you took a shirt to a screen printer because some screen print and they're gonna make you pay up front because when it's done they can't sell that screen printed shirt to anyone else because it's custom to you you can explain that to your clients one more here I think it was kind of may have ever been answered, but like if if if it's an out of town customer do you have their products drop ship to them or duke now I don't have them drop shipped always have them shipped to my studio because I want to put my own little finishing touches on it thank you notice things like that and then I ship it to him yeah, all right, so many great fantastic questions coming and you guys thank you very much for engaging I'm going to shout out one more question before we head over to our lunch break and that will be from apple. Ashley and many others let's see a follow up from aaliyah, carol and also murray bond as well but wondering how many years did it take you to get to this high end couture market? Was the process of development for your business to get to that level you know, especially for those just starting out can they immediately offer all of these at ah higher rate price or do you have to slowly work your way up and easier customers into that? Yeah that's a great question and that's that's one of a lot of people there like oh no it's easy and I just started out and money just poured in and about choked because I made so much money let me tell you how strong I mean I struggled a little bit early on and I know exactly what you're talking about it took me about four years to reach a point where I was like, man, this is this is going all right like we're really making some good money we're making good profit I'm enjoying it but you know, I didn't start off with the best I mean, I may have started off and all of these products I have I may have just had this one but then I made a little bit more and I said, hey, they keep coming up with a really awesome products now I'm gonna add this one and then I'm going to add this one and then I'm gonna have this one so you know you you have to put the cart or you can't put the cart before the horse you have to establish the horse first and then get the car so by all means don't get frustrated, because I'm telling you everything I'm doing. You guys can have the same stuff going on in a matter of no time, even this bad economy, even this bad market, bad press, you, khun do it. And it did. It took me about four years to reach a point where the phone was just ringing off the hook. Like right now, my first available appointment is like after christmas, because we've built it that way, and you guys can do the exact same thing. So I encourage you to get out there and get it done.

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