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Finding Your Brand Part 2

But you guys came in and you notice some of the stuff that we had already that we're going to go through and the brandon still think about the large conglomerates, the large companies you know, when you mentioned a name, you're just like a sudden you automatically think about it, think about this is where brandon can go wrong. Imagine if you were coming to my house for the first time and your whole way there you were. You were thinking okay, this guy's house is gonna look like this it's going to be gray he's goingto have carpet here he's gonna have these counts of paintings on the wall. And when you get there, it may not be anything at all like what you imagined, what if it was like, all country western and had cowboy stuff everywhere? I would give you way? I would give you a mixed signal, right? But by through that last hour, you guys could probably guess how my house would be decorated. You know, you could probably guess how I would dress, you know, if we're going to go out to dinner...

tonight, it's a nobody's going to kind of dress somewhere similar to here and I wouldn't show up with your address on because number one, that would be really weird, um but you know what to expect and I'm not going to throw you a big curveball and give you something that's, not me and that's the same thing that you want to do in our businesses, and I can't reiterate it enough, I have to be yourself. You have to be true to yourself, no matter how much you want to be someone else like when I was a kid I wanted so bad to be michael jackson. I wanted so bad to be him, but, you know, it just didn't work out, and I'm not saying that that's a bad or a good thing. Um, let's talk about some innovative ways to use some marketing products. Once you find your brand, you can take a regular product, but elevated and make it your own. So just, like, threw my lab a change color loud, they offer the same types of products to everyone, and instead of just selling it for the way it is, say, you know what? I'm gonna buy this product that you said that everyone else but I'm gonna take it over here and making my own. I'm gonna give him almost pen on things other good batter in different with that, take a plane, say a plane, but take a campus gallery rap. We sell a lot of these in the studio tons of cans gallery wraps, and I think part of the reason is is because when people come in that lines both hallways, going all the way down the hallway to the selling area, so you show what you want to sail, right? So that's, what they see and that's what they like, so I brought an example they don't want to share with you guys like, if you look at this one here and look at it from the side it's like, wait a minute, is that texture on there shouldn't stick things on prince like, why would you stick something on a print that someone just paid a lot of money for? Right? It's part of my branding, the client tale that I'm reaching out to this is what they expect they want this they don't know how many gripes about it because they trust me because I've exuded my branding and pounded it in their mind that they know that anything goes here, so these campus calorie wraps, this is a great alternative to me put this down, this is a great alternative to a framed piece, but I just started on this this morning, I just I just put a couple in here just so you get the feel for what I'm talking about this is using a regular products available you know, just about any lab, but through my lab, I used the campus killer wraps that are the metallic or not metallic the pearl finish just gives it I mean, they're beautiful love these things, but I go to the local crafts department an hour in our area like a little craft store. Can I buy these also little things here? There's little rhinestones, it come in sheets, you know, it's, just if you're if you're studio isn't bling or it isn't eclectic elegance, if it's more of a rustic, more of a country more of a pastel pretty colors, then that's the direction that you goto own it. This is me and my studio, so I'm showing you how I do things differently. I'm not saying that I'm not saying that you run out and start putting rhinestones on everything. I'm not saying that that's how you're gonna be successful at all because it may not make, you know, make sense. Like, what was your name again, sir? Randy let's take randy presence randy, he and I are very different both and just sheerly, because, you know, we come from a different generation, you know, rain is a little older than I am, maybe a couple years or so in a randy randy if he starts putting rhinestones on his campus gallery, rap's his family is probably going to think there's a little something wrong with him somewhere you know randy has to find a way to put rhinestones on his canvas if you know what I'm saying and that's not anything to be taken out of context either but randy has to find a way to take this canvas and put randy spin on things I'm just merely giving you an example of something that we do and as you got saw in there you know we basically are just sticking these things on something that was shiny to begin with even if they're here I just something to give it a different look now is this for every client? Absolutely not but is this for the majority of my clients absolutely so why is that why why would most of my clients be cool with this why would they why would a lot of my clients be okay with that because they've already seen your style yeah expect bingo thinking thinking exactly I'll give you something in a minute just for such a good answer but the bad thing is I'm gonna give you all of you guys but she had a good point she said you know the reason is because my clients have given them have paved the road to know what to expect so they expect for me whatever I give him because I'm consistent I keep harping on the consistency thing so take normal products tournament is something turn it in to put your own spin on it if you don't like it put a different spin on it reach out to the youth in your area you know, if you go to church if you go where ever reach out to the youth and that's where like randy, you know that's a little bit older, you know? And I don't mean that in about minutes just you're older than I am so randy's a little older than I am, randy has to his branding you're branding is way more important at this point because you've got like, a one shot deal there where it's like if you come in and muddy the water all up, you're gonna have to wait for it to settle back down and try it again some of us we got that one opportunity to really make it stick so randy, you're going to go home and you're gonna figure out a way what your brand is and you're going to say, you know what? I'm going to own it and I'm going to be true to myself I'm not gonna be like blair and where my hair on spiked up and act like I'm twenty years old if he said I own this beard, I've got my beard and I'm gonna own it, you know? I'm going to make it work for me and that's, exactly what you're going to do now. I'm so excited to see where all of you go with it and I want to keep up with each want toby after this and see the changes you're going to make so that's the biggest thing is knowing your brand, owning it and stay in true if you start jumping off, you know, falling off the wagon and going a whole different direction the clients are never going to identify with you because you're all over the place, and that made that mistake early on. But recently we said, hey, no matter how much I want to be this guy, this is what I have to be so even simple things like what about a simple appointment card? This is something that works my nerves right here. It's drives me crazy. You all for a high end product, high and service, everything looks great, but your marketing materials are printed on the eight and a half by eleven piece of paper from a neat jet printer. It's almost like this think putting cloth seats in a ferrari. What? Why would you do that? You know, that makes no sense whatsoever. So we have a ferrari were gonna put italian leather, innit? We're in a wrap the steering wheel with italian leather we're gonna put nice tires on I want this car to be stellar I don't wanna have it halfway right what's really popular in my area is guys will take a a car that cost about a thousand dollars and I'll put a set of wheels on us about six thousand dollars they got their brand and their priorities all mixed up you know you say you were from georgia so you know we were there, man where they're nothing bad or wrong with that that's just what they do so even a simple reminder card we get reminder cards you only got one of these we get our reminder cards for information each color lab is well and what is this it's a folded business card that is printed on pearl? I spare no expense with this. This is what I am getting my client to remind them of their appointment with me. Why am I going to jot that down on a sticky note? Does this cost me extra money? Of course, but this is built into my cost of goods. This is built into my session fee bill tending my five by sevens everything is accounted for so instead of giving them that piece of paper that they're like oh yeah this is everything I give them they're going to say oh my gosh even all the way down to the toilet paper that god has is awesome which is really not but you know I'd go through and marco sometimes I'll write little funny sayings through the through the roll and roll it back up gotta always be on your mind maybe that's taking it a bit for if we start getting like because then people wiping no that wouldn't no no no no that's taking it too far that's when you can take branding to for you got a lot of breathe a little bit but I want to give you guys one of these and we're gonna talk about these as well so here so it ran you take one down pass it around ninety nine bottles of beer on the wall now with this this is a two part deal let's talk about deferred diversifying some of your products as well when you look at this put the top or on the bottom there says photo session and then underneath that is his order session so we're using this product for two separate uses but look out have mine decorated here instead of using a pan or a sharpie alternate the celibate in true fashion to the brand in my studio I've used arrives I use a rhinestone how many women I don't understand what there is power in a rhinestone I don't get it I don't get it I have no clue I thought about you know if I could go back to the years when I was dating there is no lodge show up girl's house like this right here. Hey, how you doing? Good to see you. All right. You ready? They would square they would have been all over me. I don't know, but there's so many women, they're coming out like, oh, it's that love that how you do that, you're just so creative every little thing sticks in their mind and fellas in the room and and men on the internet do women ever forget anything new? That's exactly right. That's, exactly right. And that's not a slam towards women. That is a mere observation. Because without women, way would be you know, even without mine, I wouldn't even be here today for sure. So we have to give you ladies a lot of credit. Um, but yeah, it's print on pearl. They get used to seeing high end, high quality products that's what they grow to expect and there's not a better compliment other than man, even everything all the way even down to your appointment card. You're nice. I think I have a question actually, just a comment from nc fan who says the southern girls love the bling bling hey that's on sea fan that's that's the way straight to the women's heart again, I don't understand it, but maybe sometimes into the carolinas we have our priorities mixed up I don't know but in sea fan thank you for that comment to keep us going their way have these indicative off whatever type of session it is as well so if it's a baby um I'm going to give them something with the senior image on it it doesn't make sense it's gotta create that warm connection in their heart make them feel good, make them make them feel like that is specialized to them that's another thing a lot of people say well blair, how do you photograph all of this stuff and be good at it like I don't I don't think you could do that you have to pick one thing and go on and do it really well and I say, well, why can't you just pick a bunch of things and try to be really good at all of them? You know, what's wrong with that? My dad never told me that son you're only going to be good at one thing no, no tell your kids tell your family tell everybody, lift him up so you know what? You're going to be good at everything there's a there's a novel idea what about that so again thank you cards and my getting would blair phillips photography would we get a generic printed card? Probably not does that mean it's wrong if you do that absolutely not. But we've had nine years of building my brand in a way that that I want it so when I give someone a thank you card and this is some that's important too every week excuse me every week we take I'm not trying to about two or three weeks sit down at your desk. Just pick someone at random right thumb a thank you card. Just pick one of your past clients that came two months ago, right? Um thank you hard randy. I sit in my dad's thought about you and your family christmases common. So naturally I thought about you and I just wanted to say thank you hope you have a great holiday and look forward to seeing you guys again out out somewhere make christmas whatever and when he gets that he's going to open up and it's going to stick with him for a day or two and he's like man, I got all the time in this busy world that we're in an e mail means absolutely nothing anymore I could send him the e mail and he's like, oh, yeah, who big wolf he was sitting there drinking coffee and sent an email big deal you take the time to do this now with my card, we used these designer cards from h and h as well and I'm not this isn't like an infomercial for agent h this is what I use this is what I'm doing here so these cards see how they designed their fold over designed everything looks prim proper and matches my brand nothing says thank you all right picture this client just came in spent two thousand dollars with you nothing says thank you like a five cent breath mint when they go to check out my well thank you so much for your order here's a breath mint really that's what we're giving people so even a thank you card now I'm not going to just stop with that thank you card before it goes out I must tell you we're going to call one of these things off and I'll stick it down all right in here somewhere wait for it bam don't now it is not only personalized but it is really personalized and it matches the branding. So now when they come back to the city they know I'm not going to attract the client that on lee wants pictures made with I don't know what the white background on the wicker basket because they're this doesn't scream white background wicker basket and there's nothing wrong with the white background wicker basket let me say that but we open it up there's a message in here it's a message from the studio so I want to include staff we've all signed it here is computer generated obviously but then is my time to give that heartfelt message it's not a generic card not a generic art society is just not taking the time to do this anymore and in my opinion what we're doing as photographers is definitely not a necessity that photography is not a necessity I've got friends of mine now they've got a little baby uh she's a little over a year old and I'm going to put him in a headlock when I get home because they still don't have a digital camera to take pictures of kids every day they walk around they pull out the iphone they don't have a single picture printed they don't they don't happen and there's so many family growing up how many kids do you know it's a day that are going to grow up and have those you guys have photo albums from when you were a kid at some point yeah this generation uh they're not gonna have it they're not going to because people don't value photography is much so the reason that I'm elevating all this stuff I'm telling you to elevate it is because this is what it's gonna take I'm not saying that ryan stones where one is going to take but we're gonna have to spend that extra money we're gonna have to go the extra mile and create those products they're going to stand out and there's just no other way to do it let's move forward here, okay? Even even when someone picks up a framed wall portrait a framed wall portrait this's a holiday card but we don't use it as a holiday card. We use it as an instruction card, so you fucked around and it says officially certified by blair film photography and it on the back it talks about print care how to care for your print now wow on earth people probably aren't even gonna read this, but I just charged a good bit of money for that, so if I can give them this, it makes it feel more justified when they get home. It's just like if you go to a boutique a fancy little clothing boutique, right? Yes, sure, we're spending to save you spent two hundred dollars on a pair of jeans it's like, but if that lady throws him down in a wal mart bag and hand them to you, it really doesn't feel good, but if you spend two hundred dollars on a pair of jeans and she puts it in this nice bag, wraps it all up, puts a little sticker on it, puts it on the nice thing, puts little frilly tissue papers in and hand it to you, it matches it feels a little bit better but I'll still have buyer's remorse when I get home, but it feels a little bit better and that's what we have to do with our client so that's, why each one of them it's something simple is now going back to that this card right here, I wanted to give our online viewers because this with creative lob is not obviously just about the viewers in here. Unfortunately, I know you guys are going to be sad now, but it's about reaching out to connecting with a broader our audience is well, so I want to give everyone the opportunity two we've done all the design work for these cards here if you choose that, you know what? I would love to have those appointment card, but with day care and my other job, and we're tryingto be successful in entirety I don't have the time or the know how to do all that in somebody's give it to me, okay, fine, we've listened and we're going to give it to you is a free download here uh, the appointment card template all you have to do basically is you click on it, drag your logo into it, size it, let it go sanitation h get printed its that easy so if you want, you can even change the burbage if you wanted to, everything is click change, click change, so get going, blair flips, workshops, dot com and you could do a free download there, and that is just one of the many things that will be giving to you guys as well as all the online viewers as well. So go home and make a difference don't do the same thing you've done year after year, you know, do something crazy. I don't don't get too crazy, though, because your spouse they'll say, look, I don't know where you've been the past few days, but you need to go back and get yourself checked back out here because I don't know what's going on, you know, be true again, I say it all the time, be true, but elevate everything that you're doing now again, going back to this campus here. Will this work in seattle? I don't know, you know, there's, everything works everywhere. It just depends on how you sell it and how hard you want to work at it. You know, we've got some clients that come in that they may not be into that, and if they're not not into the one hundred percent, we'll figure out something that will elevate our product just a little bit more let's, talk about your space. Let's talk about how you decorate, you know, if you're going to have a studio, what am I going to do here? How do I want this to look? Because I'm telling you it's not just about the way it looks it's about creating an environment for spending and it took me a while to learn this. Do you realize this was the first time I realized picture this and you think this happened? All of you guys, you're walking through the mall carrying your bags and all of a sudden you won't pass this one store music's thumping and here you smell like hanna smells good smells like a teenager, but it's not it's a good smell. What is that? You realize that companies like hollister, american eagle all that they actually pay people tow, walk through their store like every ten minutes and spray cologne in the air don't go by and all the new clothes they spray all the clothes with cologne because it's a brand identity, they want you to know when you walk by and you smell it, even if you're not looking at it. That's the store that's this store I know exactly what it is, I know what it is, so these companies have gone above and beyond to make sure that you can recognize and identify with their brand now randy would you when you walk by and smell that it may not you may be like how I had stuff smells when you walk in you maybe you know you may be like suppose pretty good when you walk in it may be the kind of story that you're like I got to go check that out so it just depends you know it's not for everybody just like your business don't consume yourself trying to appeal to everyone because just like with those large conglomerates they're not for everyone you know you don't see eighty five year old man buying blue jeans and hollister you know if you do there's you know there's somebody needs to watch him you know there's there's something going on and if he drives one of those vans with a little bubble window in the back then you really need to watch him really need to watch him so my studio look these these guys have good taste here that got grey yeah they probably copy that for me just saying I'm kidding but I wanted gray silver white black one of chandeliers that were dripping with crystals and whatever and let me say this to my studio you know it looks very high end and it is a high end city but everything in there was dawn on a shoestring budget let me just tell you like the whites that I have in there these crystal chandelier couldn't afford those normally but I've searched and searched and dog and dug and dug and dug and dug, and I wouldn't take no for an answer. When we found those online, I think they were like for fifty bucks, whereas most stores and went to there like, yeah, these on eighteen fifty, you know, if you buy today, we'll give you a free ride to clean them, all right? That's not I don't even need to be in there, so I had to scour the internet and find it so no matter where you wanted to go, there is a way to get there. You may have to do like me and, you know, go around the mountain and through the valley, and but you're going to be able to get there, you're going to get there so aesthetically when you walk in there's over in here, like is ostrich leather now is that necessary know that calls me gnome or to do it cost me probably less to do that, and it would be to finish the sheet rock so it's, not about spending a lot of money. This was cheaper than she wrong about this stuff on ebay, I put the phone pad behind it looked on the internet of howto howto poster. Cut it shorter, glued it and put it rapid, tsh and next thing you know, I've got panels in there that it makes me look like I spent thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars that quite frankly, I don't have again. I don't know who in the world is going to change. These things are going to clean these things. I sure hope it's not going to be me but that's probably just looking like moving forward, even the outside of our studio. Well, what in the world? It's? A ghost? Just kidding. I did that the other night before I came. I was taking some long exposures and was like we just stand here for one of these and freak people out. But it's halloween we have light bulbs that change color. I know it's there like okay. Is that really necessary? No. But again, you have to understand. I should have taken a picture what's next to me. The buildings that are all next to me on both sides. They were built in the thirties and they have not changed a thing since the thirties. Maybe a coat of paint. So it's like on the end, people ride buys all dark, but in the spirit of halloween, our lights for the color of pumpkins. Doesn't make sense no, it is it's something I want to do do I feel good? Do I feel good when people ride by absolutely I've got people that can play right by your studio today that is awesome how did you do that? Well, what do you like to know? Bless you. What do you like to know? Another thing that's really important to my brand is music anywhere that you go in my studio you're going to see you're gonna hear music not see if you see it that you've got some sick powers you're going to hear music everywhere I go prom example when I walked in here this morning it was really, really quiet I'm the new guy here I didn't want to say hey, uh can you turn the radio or something that I feel like I'm in a funeral home? I want to say that because they're like okay who's this guy think he is we don't have music here but just and true creative loud form in about five minutes it kicked on and we were in here doing our thing music just help it it helps everything helps a matter of fact we should be terminal now but my mood went from me and I'm really nervous you know I'm nervous about how this is gonna unfold today my mood went from that so I just completely forgot what I was doing great oh gosh like right now don't even know where I was going with that I'm kidding but I completely forgot what I was doing and that ease my mind so everywhere you go in the studio no matter where you are even outside of my studio when you pull up out in the parking lot and it's so funny guy have they have the older generation where I live it's a very one mind in town so so funny khun sit in the lobby and watch and they walked by you know they're walking by on they'll stop no look around you here the mute music pumping you no no don't look in there and I'll say I know you know they walk by and then I walk out with my hair the way it isn't like that and that dope has got another one I guess I don't know I don't really appealed to the older crowd in my community you know, at face value but if they give me a chance to come out and talk with them and help put their stuff in the car like oh no yeah, I know you all have heard gertrude talk about you you're just a sweet young man you do some crazy pictures though I don't understand that mess in their own those seoul tables and all that stuff but anyways everywhere you go there's music in the dressing room in the bathroom, when people go in to relieve themselves in the bathroom there going to be in there, they're going to like, way to go there we go that far way, maybe maybe that's crossing the line, I get it, but you know, if you're kind of my studio, you are going to jam even why you're on the toilet that's how that's, how much we're embedded with music, their dressing room is so little things that you can do with your brand that create a wealth, just a wealth of goodness for you we got these markers, you know that right on the car windows just get just married, you know, don't don't blow your horn all that good stuff. Well, we said, why don't we get some of those and what we just draw on the mirror? We got a big it's like a four foot by foot mirror, so we just drawn there, it takes just a second to do it, and it comes off with windex. I wish I had a dollar for every senior that I've seen on facebook, they'll standing about here, mom, take a picture of me and they'll stand next to the mirror and they're like or whatever, you know, and then they tagged that to my page, it goes on my page it's amazing the amount of the amount of goodness that comes out of doing something that's so cheap so I keep going back and I don't know why I keep saying this other than it's just where my heart is because I guess I've been in underdog my whole life and I choose to be that way a lot of times I want to be the underdog I don't ever want to feel like I've made it you know black yeah I'm good I no I'm good I'm the man now I will never be that guy because you're never good enough so it's not about spending the money like I think I keep going back to that because the way I grew up you know I didn't have everything just like some of you may not so it's not about that it's about the little things in life you can do I can accomplish the same thing with a marker that any other studio khun do was spend in ten thousand dollars on the same exact idea same thing with a three dollar marker so it's all about the little things you know when I told you about people going to the restroom who would have thought that I would have a slide dedicated to my bathroom? All right yeah exactly the bathroom we have got large that's uh that's a twenty by thirty in our bathroom like who hangs large canvases in their bathroom well hey, this might spark an idea you know you're in there on the john and you can look over and see your engagement picture you know I mean, who knows? Yeah, good question. I have a quick question because you start by using a three dollar market right on the window but it just kind of sparked a question that I came up with a thank you card because you write a personalized message what type of pain to use because you get one and right but it won't dry oh yeah no that's that's a very good question too I use a just a plain big ballpoint pen that's not not the flow pin that's got the late like the liquidy ink in there because you have that you've got to sit there nobody has time for that right? So yeah good question is too plain old pan and it writes perfectly on the parole papers. So good question lorenzo but again, if I don't put stuff out for people to think about and people to buy they're playing out not going to buy it so I can plan to see that hey, you know what I know this seems kinda crazy, but that area that you have in your bathroom one of these one of these senior pictures senior picture collages a small one could go in there to decorate and add value to that that's kind of far fetched but it could happen so if you don't throw it out there it's never gonna happen you know you shoot or you sell what you show you don't show it you know I'm going to sell it I can't tell you how beautiful something is all day long but until I can show you a tangible piece of it you're not really that interested in it, right she's like a car salesman I mean sounds even in the car lot and said just give me a blue one that's kind of, you know, maybe forty five thousand miles leather seats just going like that no, we going man we inspect that we drive it, we kick the tires and all that so same thing with all our products here. Good well went to good. Well, that's where I got my life pictures for there I got a gold light fixture like something my grand parents would have had I spray painted it we bought little lamp shades to go on it we glue little frilly feathers around it and that's we've got a psychedelic looking weird looks like dead chickens up on the on the so it's you know, and again that's a tip that this is probably, uh, sensor dust all in my camera that's not designed to be a texture unfortunately, um so again, how many times have you heard me say it's not about seeing how much money you can spend or well I can't afford what you have, blair well, hello that's probably a twenty dollar light picture that's cheaper than anything you can go by in a large hardware store in our studio space. My brand expresses variety that's just it would be a lot my life would be so much more simplified if I could just honing in on this and let this be what I do but my mind is never going to be happy doing that. I'm gonna go get it, guy, I have to go have to go so my studio expresses a variety so when you look at the studio, I've got set, set, set, set, set sets it since all the way down all the way down and then back up the other side and it's because as a photographer, my world is a lot more fun when I have a lot of different things to work with and let me say this for the viewers and especially for you guys that I start off with a studio full of shooting bays and no, absolutely not. I struggled for years going outside saying all right, let's go this oak tree over here's manus is an all smoke tree this thing is seven hundred years old and it's been in my family it's just you're going to love it it's going to be great I got green leaves and texture and roots and it's going to be just gonna be great I've done it I had to own it the hell's my oak tree I had to own it so I think that's why this feels so good to be here talking to you guys because my dad didn't start this business and hand everything I mean I've had to look right up underneath here all right? This is a piece of carpet underneath here that is that's that was me years and years ago and now I'm at least on top of the carpet so that's that was me I'm on top of the carpet and I'm happy here I always wanna climb which is where you guys are so a lot of variety is fun it's not necessary you don't have to have it but that's just what I like part of my brand people know that they're gonna have that she's reaching for the mike. Ladies and gentlemen she kicked it I thought she had a question no problem same thing when I talked about creating an environment for spending when people round the corner and see our theater room this is where we sell I don't want them to walk in and sit on a foldable metal chair like they would have a church picnic because it just doesn't create an environment for things I want those people my clients when they walk in around the corner I want them to say this right here in their mind rules is going to cause me that's what I wanted to say and I'm not trying to rip anybody off I'm trying to get the most that I can for the amount of work that I put into it so I set up a room that says, hey, I'm not cheap not cheap again this room looks really high end did everything in there on a budget prom example the ceiling that looks like a pretty high end sailing right there I worked with a country contractor in my area and he said, hey, you've got people that I would liketo have here clientele matches my brand and I said, well, yeah well uh we want to about there big guy I said you want to trade a little bit of work he said, what do you got? I said she's doing me a really trick ceiling in here and everybody that comes in here I'll tell him that you built it they said, oh, I knew that so he built the ceiling for me so I've traded out my services I help his business he owes mind now I've got man I've got a whole room full of people that I worked with on that same and we market share now this doesn't look quite as beautiful the took the label off for there's other reasons involved that you guys just don't need to worry about I'm kidding when clients come in they sit down hey, randy care something drink anyone water you want water? Yeah okay grab you want to come back and my brand this is just who I am instead of walking over setting in their cup holder right here I'm gonna tell cece to you this is this is my brand this is who I am lorenzo he got man bottle water deal now throw back I'll take it back from him but that's just that's who I am that's how I am is what I do um but own hours trying hold this real still here this is a square many business card it's from our from our lab a square many business card and as our logo on the front and then on the back has h two o but it's our brand even with water I want to brand my water I can take water that I get for three dollars for twenty four of them tie a ribbon around it card on it women are they they're just like oh my god they put it and they'll go back and say, do you not blow airfields were there today and let me just tell you sander's pictures are to die for but even his water has stuff on it he does not play same thing so if you ever wanted to try something like that and true blair phillips photography fashion we're gonna give you guys that for free if you want a free download of that go to the site and all you do is click drag pushers in their recent just size it and you're good to go so if you want one of those for free and there's no strings no strings attached okay all right good deal dasha thanks so yeah go check that out you get it for free another thing and again this this section is based pretty much solely on branding and I'm crying trying light really hammer the branding thing and you in your minds because branding is so important and it's going to become more and more important as each month goes by in our society even our file cabinets even our file cabinets the little labels they're going to file cabinets have done I mean is that excessive yes excessive doesn't match my brand yeah does it cost a lot of money? No, we've got interns that we get from the high school and they learn a lot about blinking out stuff let's just say that way uh they get a full educational course in in this type of stuff so um we again this is craft paper not kraft paper was that wait for it merry one so even these this is scrapbook paper and we got the local thinks hobby library something that we get scrap of paper cut in little pieces drop it down in there and there you go there you have it so super simple adds a lot of value for very little money very little money lampshades everything in there is just everything in there everything matches remember when I talked about the smell you know ah recognizable snail and things like that same thing there we have wait for it we have two types off candles that we run for different seasons let's just take this season for now and you walk in the studio soon as you open up the door again like punched in the face with this sweet cinnamon pumpkin it just makes sense it doesn't feel like a commercial environment you know and it's again very little money but for a lot of return a lot of return there and then once it gets closer to christmas randy you'll appreciate that that I have fresh balls in there no problem um in case you guys didn't know randy does he is he helps out santa claus during the season I didn't realize that he makes appearances so kudos to you for that so he brands himself for that and photography is just multicultural all around the place that's what you call spread it out making it work um so again little money big return and create that brand identity all the way down to even your smell when you walk in there's five senses that we all have, you know the sight, sound, taste, feel or touch we've got all those so brand yourself in every one of those and don't just say, all right, well, I've got a pretty couch and a nice plant here. That's good enough, you know, go that extra mile, because if you're not going to go the extra mile, all those competitors, competitors in your area there, they're going to do it. So you got one shot at it, you know, one shot and that's it because a lot easier to do it right now to do it the right way. Now that it is to spend the next two years having to rebuild and get you back to the point where you were. So does that make sense? So if you just like graduating high school, I tell these kids all the time, do it right now so that you won't have to in four years from now, come back to this point, rebuild the last four years of your life to get back to your starting point.

Class Description

Are you ready to add a new, lucrative dimension to your photography business? Join award-winning photographer Blair Phillips for an introduction to everything you need to know about taking portraits for high school seniors.

In this three-day course, you’ll learn about how to market yourself to the high school audience, no matter where you live or who you know. Blair will discuss his signature techniques for effortless, versatile posing. You’ll also learn everything you need to know about both off-camera and natural lighting, including how to create foolproof lighting setups, even if you’re working without an assistant. Blair will also cover strategies for creating a productive workflow and working confidently in a wide variety of settings.

By the end of this course, you’ll have be equipped with the core marketing techniques and one-of-a-kind photography skills needed to connect with high school seniors, give them results they’ll love, and grow your business.


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Blair is great. This class is packed full of great info and is a genuine good hearted person.. Really like his approach with high school seniors. I recommend it.


Loved watching Blair Phillips. He has so much energy and is very entertaining to watch. He was extremely well prepared and did a fantastic job.