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This is something that I used to kick and scream about I'm not a volume photographer I'm way more skilled than that you know, volume for tired feet where you just sit people down and shoot images of the same thing on and on with crappy lighting I'm not down with that all right? Well who said that you had to shoot school pictures like everybody else always shoot school pictures who said you had to do sports pictures like we had pictures made when we were kids who said you had to do it that way so you gonna be a volume photographer but you could be a really good quality volume attire for and what it does with mei I'm shooting high school sports I just got into this I've just started literally two months ago and I already have five contracts five high school contract's in less than two months it puts all my word into an endless supply of seniors I've got five high schools they're going to see me work with them all year round and this lot I swear it's like being a celebrity when I go to th...

ese high schools now after photographing them the girls like oh my god claire phillips there's claire phillips I'm like, you know, calm down just a photographer but I don't know why but they think I'm some kind of a superstar, so I'm going to roll with it you know I'm like yeah can you clean this? You all form a little bit of stepped in some bubble gum I'm kidding, but in this year around money okay and the high school sector you have spring, summer, fall winter they play sports year round so that same thing, if I could have a child bring an envelope and have allowed people with envelopes full of money, why would I? Why am I not going to be there to accept that? But what you can do is I bring my brand and my style to the school. I run it under a separate name I'm gonna run it under a separate name from here on out because I don't want people to associate necessarily blair film photography I can say, you know, action sports a division of player phillips entire fee because what I'm offering it to school for pricing is obviously a lot lower than one offered the studio so think about that. It also is just it's a lot of fun to shoot I am enjoying it, I'm really enjoying it now how in the world you land a contract that's what a lot of people probably want to know how do I go into a school and pick up a sports contract with me? It was so difficult because I had already my back was against the wall I couldn't just walk in there and say I want to be your new guy they've been working with this same photographer for twenty years which means the images look the same as they did twenty years ago they want to change the way you have to do it as you walk in there you find the athletic director he's the person that makes the decisions you have to become his friend what you also have to do is you have to shoot some samples both realistic samples and non realistic samples do something over the top and do something like he wouldn't normally for the school to get their attention and you go in and you express your professionalism and you say listen you're not going to chase anybody around worrying about where your images are if I say I'm gonna be here at two o'clock I'm gonna be here at twelve thirty I'm gonna be here I'm a dedicated team that helps me with this that's what I tell him I go shoot it by myself but I let him know that I have people at the studio to help me and listen the fastest turnaround time in the business okay I shoot your images this friday you're gonna have your images next friday that's how much I want your business and they're like wait a minute well so you're telling me that you can shoot this friday and you have all these images back next friday or what? I'll sign up, but the only way that works is because I had all these examples to show them I'm like, look, you know what you may be getting I don't know if it's like they're not and they're like good god sh where in the world it has come from, they love it and then what happened was the way I got five and I found out I heard the great fun that all the athletic director's in this one little division was having a lunch up this little local restaurant and they were having a meeting herd out to the great fine, so I just happened to be in the area with all my get up and I just happened to go in and said and knew one of the athletic directors from where I'd been working with him, I just started with him and I said, hey, listen, what are the chances give me, like, five minutes just to just to chat from it about some pictures like, yeah, fine man it's fine, I'm going there to set up this table? I mean, I look like I look like I was pro mod I mean, I was like, I've been doing this for a living forever, and I see no guys, we don't want to get your attention for just a minute, you know? And then you guys get bombarded with people coming into your school all the time wanting to do pictures wanting to do this wanting to do that I'm not here to sell you anything I'm just here to provide an awesome service for these kids because what is gonna happen is these kids they want more these days they're going to quit coming to the school and getting their images made they want what I'm doing so they're going to bypass the school and come to me I don't want that to happen I want to work for your school I want to get back to your school I want my daughter to grow up and go to your school which someone why don't want to go to that school but that's a pitch now let me explain to you something that has happened recently this happened just this past this past week on friday the first school that I started working with h h color lab offers a plethora of products I took advantage of the banners that they have and I said why don't we shoot on green screen all the high school seniors and when we hang those up in the school on friday and then on friday afternoon we take him that you have somebody take him down take him up to the field and hang them all up on the on the fence great idea they loved it they said let's do it right now I went to the school set up a green screen shot eighteen seniors one after another took two minutes apiece and we'll come back put the banners together, extracted him off the green screen putting together and I shall show you what I've got here what happened? I showed up at this school and hung these up number one the principal called and left a couple of messages on my phone and said, blair, I don't know what in the world we're going to do, but I have parents that are driving me absolutely crazy because they want to know how they can buy these banners and they want to buy mohr off like I just gave way we're doing it for the school while the parents that she said the parents are ready to write checks and she said, not only do we have that problem, but now every other sports team and our school says if they don't get a chance to have these banners they're going to another school they want these banners and I had the principal from another school, the visiting school at that football game because they all everybody has to come through the gate where all the pictures are my logo's on it that principal from the other school found me and called me and said, I don't know what's going on but we want you to do that for our school and I had to call her back and say, you know, ma'am, but unless you just must not be in the loop, but I just got your sports contract about three weeks ago, so I'm actually already scheduled to do that. I have calls an uproar with these banners right here, so I'm gonna show you what they're looking like. Let me show you here now you hang this up in a high school that's a pretty cool looking piece right there, and these kids feel like they're in an under armour commercial, you know, they love love love that, and the parents think about a friday night football game and you bring your relatives to the game and you see your son hanging up on the fence there with all of his buddies, I mean, man, that just that is spreading like wildfire. So what I've done is compensation in here look here's a few more images up compensation don't offer up a bunch of compensation when you're trying to land that contract because the standard in my area is twenty five percent of your sales go back to the school, I'm not doing that, I don't want to do that. I want to figure out ways that I can use my photography to compensate the school very simple, these banners I want think they calls me around twenty five dollars all right, I sell it back to the back to the parents or the school how are they want to do it for seventy books? It's not a lot of profit but I'm still making money but I'm not giving twenty five percent of my whole year's worth of work and so far everybody said dude, that is awesome we don't want any more compensation that that is compensation enough another way that I that I pitch it as I say look, if you give me this contract I want to come in here and work with your your books too have I want to come in here and teach a minimum of two classes to them show them the functions of their cameras show them howto work it and I'll come to a few of the games and even photograph alongside of them they love the fact that you're giving back to their children these are some of the unrealistic images of what I'm talking about not these these are all green screen and like I said it is going like crazy these were some of the images that put together to go and pitch so I grab some of these guys after practice one day I set it up I wanted to give it a different look you some lighting these girls here do something different they've never had an image like that that's not a very racy, edgy photo but it got the attention of the attention off these coaches and then whenever I'm doing my normal poses instead of you know instead of posing with a volleyball like this like there used to with the volleyball in here I let him know through my sample images you know what? We're going to break it down we're going to make it easy I'm going to start to give all of your players something that instead of their parents getting their images are actually this is what the this is what the kids do normally say, you know, this is their images that they got back school pictures teacher passes him out and then immediately they turn them over immediately because they don't want anybody to see because they're never proud of him but now all of a sudden the kids like I want to see what I want my mind you know like oh that looks so good that's awesome and then they're showing their friends and they're showing their friends kids are starting to get pumped up about it and I'm just doing what I do so I show these types of images now this next image is my traditional this is my traditional team photo that's my traditional team photo it's just relax it's loosely posed I have lighting on it like this next from the cheerleaders I'm running five lights here if you want to know how I set this up there's two lights in the background that our own far corners here and they are pointed towards each other this way, and what they're doing is they're illuminating that back wall somewhat, and then I have two lights just out of camera, back behind them that are facing this way, using it as an edge light, you know, look at the girl on the far left do you see how her arm is separated? And then the girl on the far right, her arm is separated, their legs air, separated off off the court, so I have five lights, I have one large main light of four by six main light right here, so I mean, it does take a few minutes to set this up, but if I'm going to go do it, I want to leave my brand. I want mark, my brand on it, and I want to give these school something that really proud off. So on average, I'm just going to throw on average out there and say that you could work with a school and you know what? If you could what if you could make ten or fifteen thousand dollars a year off of school, I mean, I would I would load my equipment up and go out there and do that it's literally like shooting fish in a barrel I can shoot I shot one hundred eight football players at this very school one hundred and eight football players both senior varsity and junior varsity and in one hour and forty five minutes I show up so everything up I shoot for an hour and forty five minutes and I go home and that night my first when I did I was so excited I went home and I opened up every single envelope and got all the checks out I had a stack of chicks and I sat right there and added every one of them up just cause I was that excited I was like bingo we're going after more schools now so I'm diversifying but I'm putting myself in a diversity that is good for me you don't think that all these girls right here are gonna want to come to me for senior photography or just say if even four of them do that's four more than I had right? So we have multiple products that we sail that's another thing in a school sector don't just sell the pictures if I'm going to sell anything I'm gonna have multiple things take a look at this right here I'm gonna show you what we're doing that's so different all right? This is a standard water bottle that we get from h and h color lab there's nothing you know it's a great quality but what do we do? We design it we take the time and create a template and we design it indicative of something that a kid would actually really want instead of just you know, like a coffee mug when you have a coffee mug and you just put the image on their a picture and nothing else was like all cool that's so clever no one wants that his kids are buying these things left and right and they don't even want one but they wanted because it's designed indicative of my brand and they love it so if I didn't offer it to them they couldn't buy it parents alright every parent is there tearing these things out this little chain this is a dog tag made out of metal high quality print information age and parents are loving this now I'm making all my money off of this stuff no, I'm only marking this up to where I'm making three, four, five books because the more I can get out there in front of people, the better off I'm going to be right so key chains iphone cases these bag tags you saw this yesterday thes bag tags people tear these up they're made out of like really hard acrylic and I'll tell you about some fund raising opportunities that h and h helps me with get into some dance schools will get in that in just a minute so don't lose sight of that ornaments everything you can think of they have products available for it everything those band I would say my favorite for sure and the thing that we get the most compliments owner obviously the banners here's how shoot him we show how shoot him really quick because it's really important to have a lighting just right now green screen look at this kid on the left see how he's got good edge lighting the lighting has to be really strong on his edges of his body that's going to help extract him from the background and it's going to make it look realistic you can't take a regular picture and put it into like a high definition scene it's gonna look all messed up and this poor girl with her hair style I don't know what anyways that's another that's another story another story I'm one to talk about someone's hair right anyways lorenzo you probably used to do that now look what happened to you ordering all right now when I checked this out I photograph one hundred and eight football players today I go back to the studio and in the morning those images are cold, quick, edited, uploaded ordered they're already done it's that fast and it's because we're using easy sports agent each has their own division of sports they have their own dedicated staff towards they have their own programs it's so easy to order this stop it associates names with everything it's ridiculously easy so I encourage you what you're using now is kind of giving you a fit or you're really scared about it call h and h no they've got tutorials they'll have someone walking through it they'll help you with that first order to see it all the way through prime example I sent my first order I goofed up I'm messed up on the color they said blair well these images don't really look like your images that normally do do you want to fix that? Let me see oh yeah what just about messed up they help me with that so sports telling you sports is the way to go I'm even thinking of trying to get like twenty sports contracts and I might even I'm going to pull back away from some of those weddings I'm doing and I might even I might even limit my sessions in the studio and I might even take three months of the year off who knows who knows there's potential there that's more time for my family I'm on it so let's see if the internet has a couple of questions I'm sure they've got one and actually you have one what you got man this is awesome again you know? Yeah, nothing you just also think ah so when you shoot those free like and I set up is that the way that you show us with the strip lions it's the exact same way? That way you don't get the lens flare because you normally, when I'm shooting these, I'm shooting in the hallway at school and I have to keep the lights really close. So about keeping those lights really close, I would get really bad lens flare, but having those strip banks, those those egg crates in there, that's goingto desperately help you from there dramatically help you! And how do you order? How do you shoot the background? Is it although from down directly it's all the green screen? I have a green screen screen back background that I got from westcott and let me tell you, westcott has the number one leading extraction tool in america. You buy the green screen background and you get the software that comes. You click the button and it pulls everything off, fine hairs and everything. It will just drag it right off so easy save you hours of time. That's how I'm able to do these it's such a quick taste in the background, you shoot it or not composes those air those ones like when I'm out in seattle and I see something really neat and intriguing, I'll take an image of it. And I say I'll takes about five or six seven images and I shoot that in like an hd are mode and merge it altogether and create an hd, our background, and you, khun by hdr backgrounds online as well. So do a google search google search of hdr backgrounds where do I buy them? And you can definitely find some there so let's see how we got one more here and then we'll go to the internet? Yeah, with the banner that you, uh, put there, huh? How did you present that to the school again? I mean, was that something? Did you show them one of those parties that something you offered them and it was included in the price already? Now the first one that I did, I came out of pocket home because they've never seen it. Except I did shoot an example because I can't explain to them how cool this is unless they see it. I shot the example they said let's, do it. I said, all right, lock him up and do it. I didn't even want to get involved and how much to charge what it was going to do. I knew if I got him up in the school, everybody's gonna want him. So now I've got I had to go back to these parents and say, listen, you know, if you want these there seventy five dollars and now it's not the parents they say I want three of them so the first batch I did out of pocket just to get it going so may have to come out of pocket just a little bit so you're first the first football team that you did all the players was out of pocket yes, all of it was out of pocket for a couple of weeks until I presented it and then the parent started paying for him, okay, you got it if that was my son on there because I had two football players, I'd be buying them hey let's just pretend like this is your new song and you can I'll sell you this one in just a minute what's the internet saying what's up guys what's going on? I knocked out a lot of questions because ax man, photo stuff and grammar all of wonder you know what? You used to process your green screen photos and if you guys didn't catch that that was the westcott green screen background and their extractor tools software that comes with it I just want to make sure you guys did hear that correctly and then on ben your hd select image selections are from doing google search and finding and buying one online khun do that or you know you can find there's ah company and I think it's called photo matics that you can shoot you have to shoot from a tripod you set your camera for brackett exposures meaning you're going to bracket all the way from you know way underexposed toa way overexposed and it's going to take a sequence of images and then you're gonna merge that together through a program such as photo matics and it's going to create that tru hd or look and then that's what you're going to use now that you have an awesome image you're going to put it on top of an hd our background and it's gonna look awesome so you have to shoot the right background you know you can't just put that that image on a plain background and it looked the same it has to be I like to put my athlete in places where they don't belong so take it take it for instance here when's the last time you saw a girl hitting a softball in a warehouse probably not recently but I like it it's different it's intriguing it gets people looking so you got to be outside the box a little bit right yeah it makes the students look like super heroes in their own like cool video game yeah like I said I'm a superstar at these schools now they think that I'm hung the moon crazy cool and those of couple people lynn m c g and em design are both wondering what material are those sports posters printed on? I'm not exactly sure it's almost like a it's the same time it's a really hard material that's kind of like a vinyl so it's a vinyl material on dh they put the rivets in um the good thing about these is throug h and h you can leave these things outside they could get rained on they're made for weather so you can hang them indoors you could leave him outside and they've got to figure out a price point that they give them to me for they give them to you for we can make a pretty nice profit off so it's not one of those things that this so expensive that we can make small profit from yeah you're selling in quantities to because everybody wants yeah exactly cool all right let's see another question up is from amanda snyder from north carolina and also stephanie d do you have to get a separate business license and everything when you have a separate divisions like with your school in sports photography and you have the clients in the sports section also signed a contract last model release yeah she would want to set up a separate llc basically that is a completely separate division run your taxes for everything that you do they're run that through a whole separate a book but luckily it's not it's not a lot to keep up with, you know it's very simple, very, very simple, you know? And you can always you can also that could help you with a little bit of a tax write off if you need some equipment and things, you know that's a good avenue to go from there. So you have a question over here, lorenzo? Yes, although do they have, like most of us, I am sure, you know, so yes, absolutely they have all source of sizes. I think they go all the way up to, like a four by eight or something like that. But I've found just for my personal use and asking parents and asking the schools that this size right here seems to be the best and that is the two foot to football five foot it seems to work the best because everybody can handle him and it doesn't. It doesn't become so large that it's hard to manage, so be cool to see what people would do in the same scenario with like a bride and groom, you never know like a pre wedding shoot what they would do at the wedding that could be kind of fun, you never know going back just a little bit tio the images you took of the hunters, yes all right let's see this is from green earth photography in denver asking if you did something different like that you need to buy special equipment and props for that shoot how do you charge them for that? Well the cool thing is I didn't buy anything above and beyond what I already had I took three lights that I already had and I took the camera that I already had I relied on them to provide the props you know I went out in the woods so that's where my creativity came in and I found spots in the woods that I thought would be very nice and let's photograph nice and I use the elements of what was there because on something like that you wanted to be organic and indicative of what it would normally look like now they brought all of their hunting equipment and things like that so they they brought it all for me again was like shooting fish in a barrel so you know I think sometimes if you bring too much it can start to look on organic and not quite as original. Okay let's chat room is off the hook right now can you please hold those banners up again and can you also let them know the different sizes that they can order for sure the smallest to the largest this's a two foot by five foot now they come even smaller and they come much larger just go to h and h color lab and look at their specialty banners, and I think you're going to be really blown away with number one, the quality and the number two the price will be really blown away and they smell really good too, so you'll be blown away by the price, but they won't be blown away in the weather. That's. Exactly. Right now I want to get into I've got a couple of more things that I'm doing their volume. I know he's like, are you serious right now? All right, picture this. Do you think I would ever go and photograph a preschool? Yeah, why not? Preschool? I want to go photograph a preschool that seems ridiculous. Why would I want to do that? It's like shooting fish in a barrel, right? You got it. So I'm going to bring my style and my brand and as a matter of fact, if you go to, you'll have to go to my instagram to see the picture of my wife. Posted it yesterday. It's blair underscore phillips on instagram and you'll see a picture of my lovely daughter and the most recent one I did I did this wednesday and thursday before did it twenty eight sessions home saturday, so thursday and friday? Well, I show up to the preschool I bring us sit I don't just bring a backdrop I bring us set I'll make it look all some indicative of my brand I use high quality lighting I have people that are buying thirty about fortis off a preschool image what does that say about your brand that says you're doing something right now? I've got about eight preschools and I'm shooting all year both in the fall and then in the spring and it's a cash cow it's so much fun and I'm developing relationships with all these parents that have other children that are going to grow into senior's girl into marriages and then they're going to start hunting on your photograph, their hunting pictures so it's always something think about now one of our biggest sellers okay, this is what kicked it all off dance photography now who would not like to go and gaz, listen, this is realistic here I'm being real with you I'm not trying to brag and say I'll make a lot of money and lovable I'm being real with you I'm no different than any one of you sitting your bottom in that chair right there nobody but when I started I landed my first dance school okay, I can go to this dance school and worked for three evenings not days, three evenings and my profit not sales my profit is over fifteen thousand dollars for working three evenings do you think you think I'm not going to go after more though you're on that whiteboard that I had to the studio that said goals and day of studios that is my biggest money maker right there that's my biggest moneymaker but if you're going to go in and do it, you've got to use good lighting you've gotta use good lighting lighting is key this is this this is my standard look for a dance portrait but my parents love the fact that they can notice a difference and they have porsche quality lighting in my dance stuff now dance packages asian h prince these for me as well I'm not going to go in and offer a high end product even on a dance studio and give them low and materials it matches my brand right it's brand reflective and I guess I'm giving you guys all my pricing that I've worked on for eight years the packages the moms can't go out in the hallway and say, hey karen, if you do this, you can get around this and get what you want no, no, no, no, no I've worked it out same thing with my sports almost sports packages h and h prints all of these they've got all these there you just drag and drop your images in so easy so if you want to get started, you can make excuses or you can use cos that will make it happen, right? The kids come in that they dropped their money down in its seals up, they hand it to me, I shoot him and off they go I'm loving life. Look, when they come back, I don't even have to touch him. Check this out. They come back and these right here they're pre packaged with the kid's name on top in alphabetical order. You know what I do from there? I put him back in the box, I take him to the school and this is how it works. Take them all back to the school and I say, all right, guys, here you go and I leave, I've done what I give him to the athletic director. He sounds off on a piece of paper, santa delivered him and we're out, we're gone. Dance studios are huge, huge, huge money number one they're paying to go there, so, you know, they have a little bit of extra money. They care about what they look like, these girls right here, they're going to become your high school seniors now, same thing with these guys, and I just want to show I want to show you some more of this stuff that we're using to capitalize on these dance studios. This is a lot of stuff, but check it out. All right? You want to see what I'm selling the dance studio looking all this go looking everything like this. All right? Otter box cases who would not want another box? Haste is customized. What about a laptop? I mean, a ipad sleeve that's customized. I can just drag and drop and put this stuff in here and order a product. All right, wallace wallace, that mom's will actually carry and use it's crazy garden flags. Let me show you this garden flying from the south here. I can use my pocket knife. Watch this. All right. Garden flag. Why own earth would you ever want a garden flag hanging out of your daughter? Why not? Why not? We've got templates available. Imagine that we've got templates available for all these products as well. It's not what I'm showing you. These. Um this doesn't know the when I got back. I want to talk about gifting again. This is a senior announcement. This is a graduation announcement that I've caught up into small pieces and it's got key pieces and they're announcing the graduation of from west roe and then we rotate has got her face. This is something that a parent could buy if they would want it make it available for them to buy to show you some more of that stuff really quick talked about graduation announcement earlier all right now watch is this what if we take that very first graduation announcement that goes on top and we give mom this one way take just a couple of minutes and just trick it out but some rhinestones on it you don't think that mom is going to take this to everybody that she can think of and say I want to show you this yeah it takes like two seconds to do something like that what about jewelry? What about jewelry like this that people would actually wear what stuff like that be innovative don't stop looking look at this table right here everything I could possibly need to sell to someone is here h and h has figured out okay we've got to go out and get the latest greatest equipment and the greatest greatest of everything we confined and make it available for these people so they can make money and that's exactly what we've done here it's ridiculous the amount of products we have here and they've helped me with everything all my ordering everything the way that we handle ordering the weather we handle ordering the dance studio pictures they've got a program for that easy event it's a scan system basically the kids come in I take their card I put it down on little pedestal a photograph will take their cars all of stays in order and when I get back to the studio, we scan the card and then we scan whatever packages they won't be that easy. I feel like I'm at walmart checking people out. I like it. I get scan happy. Sometimes I order three or four packages for the wrong people, but I well, I love it. I love it. This is really popular with a lot of my volleyball girls. These statuettes. People love these things loving these little these prints here when you go back and forth and it makes like shows movement, can you not see that it makes movement it's going back and forth here, I'll throw it to you. Just getting I'm getting mouse pads. Not just I mean, did I ever think is a senior photographer? I'm gonna be selling mouse pads. You're really cool. We sell mouth buys. All right, but if I can sell my mouse pad for twenty bucks, that might cost me, like, eight bucks. Why am I not? And then things really stink. What I'm gonna do for you guys is like I said, part of coming to creative live and part of being here and submitting those videos and why it is so important to keep those videos coming in. For creative lob submissions is all the stuff that we're gonna hook you guys up with I got some really, really cool things in store for you guys coming up so there there's just a plethora of things and the moral of this whole program is to hopefully get you excited and thinking, wait a minute, I feel like my business is drying up I don't have the clients coming through the door that I used to look hello diversify there's ways to get your checkbook back up to where it needs to be is this easy? No isn't easy once you get it going, yes, I'm not going to go broke, I'm the count, you can cut my legs off and I'm going to say, don't worry about our crawl, I'll be there and you're going to do the exact same thing, so we're going to randy for a quick question we're going to give our internet viewers just a moment to cue up some really good questions I want some good ones now and let's see what randy has to say commercial products did you play with them afterwards? That is a personal question did I play with the personal, the soul generals, whatever the shooting, the arrows did you shoot? Oh, I got you, I got you, I got you but you know it's been quite interesting because all of those things that I get I mean of course you know they'll send it to me and they're like hey, you know I hear you prime example I'll give you one of the companies probably no one's ever heard of under armour I'm sure yeah never heard of them well, I now get a really nice discount if under armour fifty percent so now under armour I've got a huge hook up with him that's a big help but I get a lot of free products from other people stuff that I really wasn't even interested in and they'll send it in and I'm like, oh my gosh, this is the coolest thing ever like I would have never even known was available so yeah, I mean you get the perks that you get from it are awesome now I'm not making money off him yet, but in turn I am because I'm getting a lot of free stuff so there are perks and photography is well perks and photography as well. So let's go to the internet and another dying to ask a few questions you were so innovative this is great getting people thinking of just not country on one area of their business to expand and let me say this to I have to give credit to my wife because she is a very big part of all of this and I would not be here doing it if she were not pushing me in that direction, I'm the one that's on the forefront and she's the one that's on the back on the back end of things making things happen on the back in so I had to make sure that she gets a lot of credit for this is well on adam. He helps move these banners, does a great job. So I always have to give credit where credit is due. So want to make sure that we're doing that as well. But yes, shoot let's, talk about let's. Start us off with talking about your template. I mean, this is like overwhelming amount of narcotics, and you put so much time already into customizing and designing, making amazing template. So these air available in your store? Correct? Yes, blair yeah, blair films, workshops, dot com everything like even even like a bag tag template. You know, if you want to do a bag tag and you don't want, you don't want to try and design all this stuff. We've already got it to where it's size for this product and you can change things around. He ordered throug h and h you order the product through ancient age you get the template from our website and we went on there and made all the templates half price we've slashed everything in the store half price until the end of the day tomorrow just to help out just to help out thank you so much again that's blair phillips workshops dot com go to the store section there's different areas under the story section different areas have different templates so there's one for marketing and business that was some of the marketing templars used yesterday today we're talking about the product template so that's all the right there at your fingertips you guys okay? So getting back to questions now all right? Wendy ann is wondering do you shoot in all of this on your own? I mean this is a lot of work one hundred percent by myself and I'll tell you why I do it by myself now I'm young now if I were sixty years old I would definitely probably not do this by myself but while I'm young I'm going to hit it really hard the reason I don't bring in other photographers is quite frankly because I don't feel like I want the stress of worrying if they're going to do it as good as I'm gonna want it done what if I have a school of two hundred kids and two him up? Photographers call in sick I don't have the luxury of calling in sick but yes it's very common thursday I shot a preschool friday I shot a preschool saturday at twenty eight appointments sunday morning early I boarded the plane to come here I've been teaching for three days now when I fly back tomorrow I have a volleyball team to photograph I have weddings every weekend I mean I'm a very busy guy but I get it done because have systems in place that I'm like I'm like the marines are are the seal team run in I get the job done and I get out so yes I do I do the shooting all by myself but I could not do the shooting without my wife there to do all the editing for me there is no way no way all right that is fantastic we all need suzanne way all need one for sure. Okay. Next question for apollo george oh, photography can you please explain how you organize student by student and how you upload the pictures to easy event? I think he means as you're shooting them I mean that's a lot of kids to keep track of and who's in what order and that's a great point. Almost every athlete has a number number fifty eight, forty two number forty three and what I do is I have someone there with me I'll have either a coach or I'll take someone from the studio, and their sole job is to line these kids up. I'll even put tape on the floor and give instructions. All right, guys, listen, everybody love right here, stand order, and I'll put tape on the floor of where they're supposed to stand and I'll show him all one times a group I'll say, look, this is gonna be your pot's going to stand here, left, left, right here, drop your shoulder hand on the hip everybody's got it. So that way, I don't have to try and pose every single person, and then when they come up, we write all their numbers down on a piece of paper and order. So if you're number forty six, forty two, forty three I write on my paper forty six, forty two, forty three so I know that when I snap here, I've got number forty six out decided I know your name, so I have a visual identification of who is this? I don't know. It's number forty six oh, that's adam lambert are that's randy peterson. So we have a name recognition with that, so it makes it really, really easy. You almost can't mess it up, you really can't mess it up. Perfect awesome. Thank you for explaining that. All right, next question from o brown asking if you shoot by yourself and you have multiple sports contracts in the same area, what happens if they have games on the same day? Yeah, I'm not really photographing a lot of the games part of my deal was this is our home too. One sporting event for each sport, so I'm only going a one football game one wrestling match, I wanna one volleyball game, I'm not going to mold to pull games, you know, and that's something that I offered at my first few schools and I realized if I have twenty schools, that means I'm going to a lot of games, I don't want to do all that, so I'm not going to keep offering that. That was something in the beginning that I thought I would have to offer in order to let me get the contract, but now I'm realizing, I don't even have to all for that, you know, I'm I'm not really gonna offer that up a lot more, because that could turn into a full time job all within itself.

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