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The Ordering Process

I'm going to share with you guys all of the products that actually help make us a lot of money. A lot of times, people just say, yeah, well, we sell this and we sell this and we saw this and this? Well, I decided, you know what? Instead of just telling you about it, I'm gonna bring everything here, I want to show you about it so that you can get a sense of exactly how we do things and how we use them to elevate our profits. And, you know, again, we're only as good as the lab that you used, and I'm a pram example that, you know, I'm very, very confident in every product that I have every party that I have, I can't wait to deliver to my client because I know that when it comes in, I don't really even have to unwrap it and look at it and inspect it because I know it's going to be spot on. I know that. So my friends and family h and h color lab were nice enough to get all of these goods here, and I said, look, if we're gonna get him here want to make sure it's all the stuff that I use with...

my designs and my wife's designs, and we're going to show you exactly how we do it. And going to teach you and show you how not to work for free anymore no one wants to work for free right? Anybody want to work for free anymore? I wouldn't I wouldn't think so so post such session education when you're done with the session have you ever had those clients come in and just say if you do in an order appointment or if you're someone that post images online have you ever had those clients they just say yeah, I'm just I'm just not ready to order today or they say, well, I know we had this day said and I'm here and I looked at all the images but is there any way you could just post them online for me and because my husband he really would like to look at him as well do you know what that means? That means two different things that means I don't really want to make this decision today because my husband will kill me if I spend as much money and it also means if you post them online for me sir, I promise I'll look at him tonight um and the thousand dollar order that I had well probably diminished to about two hundred dollars you have to get him in that state when they're in the most emotional vulnerability that they're in and I don't mean that in a bad way again we have to make money as a photographer we have to use all these tools available to make money. We would never go to our client's job and say, hey, you know what, this week, is there any way that you could work for half of what your wage normally is? So why are we letting our clients do that? So you have to educate a great sale starts from the very first phone call if you're having clients, they're like, well, I didn't know I didn't know it was gonna be this much or it's how? What is? Oh, no, I don't know that I can afford that or oh, I don't know and we didn't do the proper education leading up to that. So what I do when a client comes in for their session before they leave before they leave, we go over the ordering process so that there's no confusion, no confusing whatsoever. And when they come in and they're checking out, I say, listen, we need to make an order appointment time for you. I don't say a viewing session or a time for you to come back and look at your images. I say we need to schedule an order appointment time for you. And I followed that up by saying, this will be the time that you're going to come in, you're going to place your order all the money that is do will be paid that day. So what I want you to do is I want you to bring any decision maker that you can think of if your husband or your spouse or your boyfriend or your neighbor, your mother, father, grandparents, anybody that needs to be here, let's, schedule it on a day that they can be here because we're going to go through everything with a fine tooth comb. I'm going to make it really easy for you to make your decisions, it's going to be one of the easiest sales processes you've ever had in your life, and I followed up by saying, listen and it's not going to win this high pressure deals where I'm like oh, if you buy this, ugo, none of that you're here, you spend your money the way you won't make it easy so people like the fact that we are communicating with them so they know what they're getting themselves into it's just like you guys. You submitted a video, you knew what you were getting into. Maybe not exactly with me, but you knew you were going toe sit and learn now it would be really awkward if you came in and you thought that we're gonna be going out on location and shooting for three days, and you're like, wait a minute, we're going, we're going to sit here like and learning that I didn't realize that, so make it awkward, so communicate, communicate, stay consistent, what I do. I issue parents homework, so if a senior senior mother not seen your mother, that would be kind of awkward wouldn't a senior's mother, uh, issue her homework? And I say, listen, you've got homework to do, and this is what I want you to do. I want you to take this thing right here and I want you to take it home, and I want you to peel the back of it off, and I'm going to actually send you a video that's going to reiterate all this so I'll say, tell him what they do with it it's got all the instructions of what they do, and I've got a video that will explain it, so I'm not gonna kill everything now, but what they do is they take this piece, they peel the back of it all, and they stick it on the wall. I'll share with you in a minute what we do with it this comes from ancient h this is a wall cling and it will not tear up sheet rock we do large like thirty about forties that are all designed with beautiful images and design work and kids are actually sticking these on their bedroom wall because it's a poster that you can put on the wall you can peel it off and it doesn't mess up the wall so I can cover two things that can be for the parent and say this won't tear up your wall and I could be there for the child saying listen you need to talk your mom into this because it's going awesome in your room so again peel it off stick it on the wall this is part of their homework it's got all the instructions ownit of what I need them to do before they come back for the order appointment now as of yesterday my bin day before you got saul that we do a lot of video marketing right? Lots of video marketing so do you think I'm just gonna talk to my client and say do this they're going to take this stick it in their pocket book they're going to go outside, get in the car and they're going toe forget everything that we just talked about so when they get home nestled safely in their inbox is going to be what video exactly it's a video of follow up video of exactly what they need to do. Is this redundant? Of course it is, but they're goingto watch this video and recap more than they're going to sit there and listen to me of what I just told them. You can basically explain it until you're blue in the face, but again breaking down the community, the communication barriers, having a video for every aspect of your business to me is very, very important, very important. So take a look. This next video this is me explaining how they're going to use this wall cling and what they're going to do with it, and then we're gonna talk a little bit further about why we do this in just a moment. S o your session is done, and first of all, very, very sincere and genuine. Thank you for coming in. We really enjoyed working with you guys and look forward to seeing you again sometime. So from here, this is the part that you're going to come back and do your order appointment that's where we're gonna walk you through everything, make it really, really easy to make your decisions kind of just lay it all out on the table for you, the next part is turning it over to adam. He's my right hand man he's going to make everything really comfortable for you show you all the options and basically just walking right through it so again, thank you very much for coming hey guys, I'm adam with blair phillips photography well, thank you again for coming in for your session with blair I know you're absolutely going to love your photos so your order points coming up in a few days and we want to make sure that we prepare you as best we can for so first things first whenever you left you were given one of these now you might ask yourself what's the purpose well, basis is kind of like your homework before you come back in for your quarter point basing what we'd like you to do find three to five places in your home that you think a wall portrait look great you can be in your bedroom living room hallway that's completely up to you guys, so find three or five places clear the wall and this is basically a stick now don't worry it's not gonna take paint off or anything like that it's meant to be on walls so simply pill the back ofthe place it up onto the wall step back as far as you can ten feet great if you can't work in ten feet that's perfectly fine too, but step back take a photo with any digital camera now this can be a regular nikon coolpix or it could be your smartphone whatever is more convenient for you so simply take a photo with this on the wall of each of those three to five places you know those photos to us you can email at blair at blair phillips photography and we'll get these and it come time your order appointment will be able to shave exactly what different photos will look like in frames over that in those particular areas in your house it's a great way to really help you choose what wall fortunato work best I'm sure you're wondering about packages and how those work when it worries we have something that's really awesome we call it a custom collection now in most places they normally have preset packages where you choose package a b, c or d now that's all well and good but we don't like doing that necessarily for couple of reasons one you're not really in control of what you get you might get stuffed with fifteen eight by tens if you don't want fifteen eight by tens you shouldn't have to get him so what we have are custom collection is a great way for you to customize your package it's basically build your own package you can choose what signs wall portrait you want you can even choose different types of albums, different types of gift france eight buttons and smaller and even wallets you choose the amount and you shoot what poses it's really really nice and I'll go into it a lot more detail when you come in for your order point all right lastly your order appointments in just a few days so wanna main things we really want to make sure you guys understand and be sure that any decision makers who will be either making decisions on what type of photos you get or even the financial decisions we want to make sure they're here at the war department now this could be parents this could be grandparent's or any other sort of guardian make sure they're here and will definitely get you guys fixed up with your own package all right well thank you so very much we really appreciate it we can't wait see your photos no they're gonna look amazing so if you have any questions feel free to call the studio our number here is seven o four eight five five three six five six you can also email us at blair at blair phillips photography dot com or you can hook up with us on facebook, twitter whatever works best for you so once again we can't wait to see you guys have an awesome day now should there be any reason that a client is not prepared when they come back for the order appointment not at all if they're not prepared after that there is a serious problem and that's when I would take offense and I would say look, you gotta lock this down like we've done everything we've texted you the information we've emailed it I sent a singing telegram to your to your house I didn't do a singing telegram let's talk about order appointments this is where a lot of people really missed the boat and let's talk about your area and you're set up what do you have? Do you have your all of your products out from people to see agent age color lab for in my opinion has the most spectacular array of products available and they make it so easy for me to have all these tools available to make money so if you don't have it out I'm never gonna buy it just like the check out counter put all your goods out so that they can see it now talk about the layout of your room these are twenty four by thirties in your area don't put eight by ten eleven by fourteen sixteen twenty twenty twenty four and I don't do that thing where it lined them all up where someone can pick what they want because every single time that I was will gravitate towards the middle and you have that client it'll come in and say what I want I want a really big eleven by fourteen and you're like well okay first of all that's not eleven or fourteen so the way that we sell large images is really, really easy we have twenty four about thirties and thirty about fortis frames prince and it's very strategically done we have full body images we don't have a face shots we have big, large full body images pull back so that people look small so it takes a large image to make them look bigger so in that space where they thought they wanted eleven fourteen they really don't know it but they need like a twenty four by thirty so if you show a larger prints they'll say, well, I like that what size is that? I'll say well, man, you know you were thinking about let my fourteen but that's actually twenty four by thirty oh, wow. Well, that's what? I need to feel that area yeah, exactly. So you have to have that visual another thing. All right? Use ipads for your sales presentations. I used to do everything on paper everything on paper, a little catalog basically for every single line and what made me mad was my clients would come and they say, well, can I have three four they used to take to some friends I have a complex system I don't want to just throw everything out there I want to talk to people about my pricing so I would be s here that was three dollars I got mad at that I was cheap so I went to I went toe apple and of all the refurbished ipads all right and I put our whole entire sales program on the ipads and we did it in a j paid form so you loaded up as images and the people just scroll through it there's no recurring calls what if I want to change my prices my fear of having to buy five hundred more of those things of those paper I would not do it so I wouldn't keep mice price is the same for a year basically until I ran out of them but with this there's no recurring calls none whatsoever I can change my prices any time and people really like technology they're liking it so in the sales room I have three ipads I have one for the parent one for the other parent or the child and then I have one for the little kids that come in that run around and drive mom absolutely crazy and wreck my sale and we put them some little game zone I say look you coming buddy won't you sit down over here and what you get up on some angry birds? Okay that's what we do and it really really helps because moms get frustrated and they locked down because their kids over there tearing something up and they say I just I just can't do this today blair khun can you put you disposed to my line I'm going to wreck your sail by doing that can you just post them online and you've lost all that work that you tried to do I want to talk through the whole process of how we handle on order appointment what what what do we do from start to finish to ensure that every single client that comes in we reward them with awesome prints and they reward us by paying us what we feel like that were worth and again it feels so good going to work now that I have a confidence sales system that I want to share with you guys that is so bulletproof there's no way that it's not gonna work there's no way prime example when I first started in photography all right my average was three hundred twenty dollars that's what I gave that was like one of the highest package is three hundred twenty dollars well people would feel that package and it left him nowhere to go because they say well I'm already got it I don't need any more we figure out a way to let the client be in control but they're really not and check this out here's the process when they first come into the theater room we have on the screen we have one of their graduation announcements it's pre design and it's on the screen why don't we have a graduation announcement already up because they don't know that we all for them but through h and age are awesome lab we don't just have a plain jane type thing here we've got designer announcements that we can offer with lots of images pearl paper we've got different types of designer cards that we create announcements out off on the back and you know what? You know how we sell these? We say, look, do you know how much more money and how many more checks you're going to get if you send these to your family versus that one you're gonna get from the school and quite frankly, these air actually cheaper than the ones that they get from school and their custom designed, but they don't know that we have them available if I don't present them to them, right? So we've got several different templates that we use for that as well. Now we show everything through an emoto, so we load all of their images into an emotive, which is an awesome slideshow maker you load it, it does the music hits it to the beat it's amazing all some product so they sit down and they watch a video of their images and then from there we pull up pro select, which is how we sail that's our selling software and then from there once we start selling, we obviously make money right now go back to that graduation announcement I used to never really sell graduation announcements because I didn't advertise him, but what we do is we show that at the very beginning we say hey, listen, the plan a little scene for you we're going to go back at the end of all this and we're gonna go ahead and just design you one that you really really like that we will have it on file, but we'll get to that later so we go ahead and do that with these senior card templates you know you can spend hours upon hours designing stuff, but if you have a core group of templates that you can use and manipulate and you just drag it in and that's all you have to do, you don't have to do anything else nothing else so as a result of that we had a big demand of people saying can you help me design these five by seven his honor cards here? Can you help me with that? I have a template available for that and we're doing everything half price so check that out that's on our workshops page if you struggle with templates we got you covered no need to worry about it I'm moving back to the an emoto we say I want you mom, listen I want you to sit back, relax I'm gonna dim the lights and I want you to look at the fruits of my labor and the fruits of all of your labor and just enjoy it for a minute don't worry about making decisions I want you just to watch it and we've put together an example this is an actual example of video of what the client sees when they first come in the very first thing we cut the lights out we cue the video and we get ready to play it so let's take a look at this video here and you'll get a sense of exactly from a bird's eye view ofthe what a client sees when they come to our studio wait let's talk about the time process the process of how we show the images what are we doing? How are how are the people seem images to buy them we're using pro select its a great selling tool it's a it's a system that's been designed by photographers for photographers to sell their images so this is basically what the client sees when the images whenever the emotive slide show's over we say all right let's get down to business here this is what they see and then this is what we see so we don't show them the back end now what what it allows you to do is if you look at this next slide here there's a yes a maybe in a no category well me out we only use the yes and no because this is pretty definitive I'll say look, if it's if it's a maybe go ahead and throw it in the throat in the yes because I want to make that maybe into a yes so I said if there is just something that you see that you just like whoa that's terrible say no if you remotely like it to say yes and all we do is we go through when we just scroll through the images really quick and she says yes we hit number three no number five yes three yes, yes, yes real real simple I don't want her to sit and contemplate over for a long time because I don't want to feel like she's getting rid of a lot of them either so she'll say no to only a select handful but now is the time when we say do you remember that homework that I gave you? Do you remember the homework mom? The reason that we gave you that homework is because now we're going to show you this new feature that is called a room view and this is going to allow us to start selling larger portrait and it allows me to show you exactly what it's gonna look like in your home whatever size you want it and it's going to show the frame I can show it unframed I can show a hard on vertical upside down inside out whatever you want. So now they have a visual it's a custom like a custom designer for them now so that climate comes and says, I want that really big eight by ten oh, yeah, you do home. Okay, let me show you just how stupid that's gonna look, ok? That's what you're about ten is gonna like your wall portrait. Obviously, I would never say that to a client. This is for teaching purposes, but I'll say me I mean, are you sure about anybody else? And we just show you, you know that and this is why we put these into place so you don't make a big mistake here. Now let me show you what it looks like if we would put at least a twenty four by thirty you know, personally, I would probably go a little bit bigger if I were you, but I already see that you're a little apprehensive on that. So I want to give you what you want and what you think fits best. You know, I'm not a professional. I don't do this every day. You do obviously don't say that either, so if she is just set on eight by tens, then you can still sell her eight by tens so you have to have a backup plan for everything and she says no I'm an eight by ten type of girl, okay? That's fun what about I sell you a group of eight by tens so in my cells process I'm never settling for one I'm always going after more so instead of selling one, I want to sell more and I said, you know what? We'll sell those groupings and we'll design let me design you some eight by tens as wall art when we put together some wall art they say, man, this is this is actually going pretty good now what I'm doing is I'm pulling more money for my studio, but I'm also designing something they're going through design course with me or with adam and they're making it I'm making it really simple form I'm making it so easy for them to open up their checkbook and be able to write a check if you don't put all this technology out in front of you to give you the tools to make you confident and to make you appear that you know what you're doing, then you know you may not get there you want to instill that confidence in your client that I mean, this guy was state of the art he had when he showed me what it looked like, um a walls and everything

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Are you ready to add a new, lucrative dimension to your photography business? Join award-winning photographer Blair Phillips for an introduction to everything you need to know about taking portraits for high school seniors.

In this three-day course, you’ll learn about how to market yourself to the high school audience, no matter where you live or who you know. Blair will discuss his signature techniques for effortless, versatile posing. You’ll also learn everything you need to know about both off-camera and natural lighting, including how to create foolproof lighting setups, even if you’re working without an assistant. Blair will also cover strategies for creating a productive workflow and working confidently in a wide variety of settings.

By the end of this course, you’ll have be equipped with the core marketing techniques and one-of-a-kind photography skills needed to connect with high school seniors, give them results they’ll love, and grow your business.


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Blair is great. This class is packed full of great info and is a genuine good hearted person.. Really like his approach with high school seniors. I recommend it.


Loved watching Blair Phillips. He has so much energy and is very entertaining to watch. He was extremely well prepared and did a fantastic job.