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This next segment is near and dear to my heart because I am very much a do it yourselfer I'm not the guy that can just go out and say let's hire crew to do this and I want change this wall here and I want to build another one here and there just doesn't work that way in my in my area with me I have to make it happen so this next segment is geared it's going to show a lot of my indoor says so if you don't have a studio or an indoor space, don't worry about it because you can still use all this stuff and create this this same type of thing outdoors somewhere. So just because this is indoor sets doesn't mean that it's on ly relatable to endures. When I first started I didn't have a studio, so I started outdoors and I would find things and build things and do things and then that way it prepared me for what I did have my studio to know that hey, I can build and do and see and create and then that way to what I like about doing it yourself is after a couple of years if you want to change it...

, I can have a big bonfire and burn it and I have very little money invested in it now some of the things I want to show you do cost more than others but most of it is all inspired by doing it yourself so this next segment again I feel like of like one of those motivational workout people but I'm not really in good shape so my goal is to motivate you again and to not feeling lazy not feel lazy this next picture I do not want you to be this guy imagine this guy when he went to work ok is this guy gonna feel really good when he goes home like I don't really feel I deal with it who cares is that how we are in our own loves is that what we're going to do? You know is that what you're gonna do not me I'm going to get off I'm gonna kick that thing out of the way I'm going to keep paving the road that I know that I need into now in my studio I basically built every step that I have grandpas thatyou he's telling me I'm doing a great job here that or that's a seattle thunderstorm I don't know one of the two we're going to go with his grandpa good talk man thanks see I still get motivation from above about that I build every set basically every one of my sets has built off of a ten by ten section so I'm probably gonna build a set I wanted to be ten feet wide and at least I was kind of like ten feet tall if possible, so ten by ten the reason being I shoot a lot of seniors, of course, but what if I want to shoot a family photograph of family? I don't want to be I don't want to have every set only designed for a newborn baby where its four feet wide and then I can house a family and say, well, if you wantto family, I'm sorry not about backgrounds worked for that so as you can see here ten feet wide, roughly ten feet tall and what I'd like to do pay attention of the floor even though this floor is very similar to the color of the floor that is that it's sitting on I build these stage floors, I'm doing basically the stage floor and what that allows me to do is just keep everything contained it keeps everything contained in that ten by ten area and doesn't let it spill off and next thing you know they must set went from ten by ten to ten by twelve to fourteen and I've got crap everywhere doesn't work that way, so everything is based on a floor I'm gonna show you how build these floors and how big these walls in just a minute you just how easy it is, you don't have to be a highly skilled carpenter to be able to do this stuff nor do you have tto hire a highly skilled carpentry either probably have someone in your family that could do this if you're not bob the builder storage areas, I'm really, really big on storage areas. When I'm working with the senior, I can walk right over to my storage area and just pull a couple things off as I need him go throw him in the pig when I'm done, take him back, throw him back out there, you're storage doesn't have to be beautiful that's one thing that I had tio have a small small arguing with my wife about she wanted to get this storage that was really beautiful and look beautiful. It looks really pretty. I was like, hey, listen let's, just go simple. It just needs to do its job. It needs to be slim, easy and then this way if we don't like it in three or four years, aiken, do something else with I can tear it apart because I put it all together with screws that way, if you ever need to dismantle it, don't use nails, you scrooge, drywall screws pull all the screws out and you got all your lumber left to build another set, who knows so always knew what everything was screws if you're doing it first set. Two two's all this little stuff everything has got a space everything has got a place and a purpose these they're just like little racks little curtain rods and then on the back of the door of god the little thing when you put your shoes in so I'm using things for what they're probably not supposed supposed to be used for but it's getting the job done same thing with little blankets and things I framed that out with uh took a two by four split it in half and built these little racks and I just throw the blankets over top of it instead of going and buying something that's really expensive you don't have to it's not about seeing how much money you can spend right so take a look if you're gonna build a set this is the easiest way that I've found to do it and trust me I've tried it six different ways from sunday and I'm going to always try and establish and use the easiest way so basically you start with a bottom plate and you put your two by fours normally about to field to foot on center when you're done with that you shed it with plywood and you've got a bass you've got something to work with if you just hang a background up in the middle of the room when you walked by it the wind will get it you know and moves it back and forth. And you don't want to deal with all that so I build everything just like that what this allows me to do the sheet the other side of it and now I've got two sets that I can work off so my area and the studio is it's a big long rectangle but I've got built these walls down through the middle on both sides so that I can use both sides of it obviously and this is the floor but the floor the same way and I covered the floor with us be which is just basically a plywood it's the cheapest plywood they have is only seven sixteenth of an inch thick that way people can stand on their feet don't fall through it you know like we said yesterday that that would be very embarrassing for your client's company fell through your set that makes for an awkward to combination another thing I wanna point out this particular set right here look at how the background goes back behind the floor think about this if you have a background or set and you're building it it has to lay perfectly against the floor if your floors not level it's going to be higher on one side or lower so with this it just takes all that guesswork out of the way I build this floor you can pull the floor back just a little bit like your background fall down behind it and then push your floor back against it so it allows for your background to go back behind and now I have to worry about it being absolutely level. This is actually record old record labels, this isn't a background, but I don't want to worry about what it looks like where it meets the floor so that's one way around it now another backdrop I had and I get a lot of inspiration from stuff online when I walk into somewhere when I walked in here, I'm looking around at different things like they've got some panels over here and I want you know, I could throw some light behind those panels and I could make something like that work my mind is always spending and that's kind of a bad thing because it never really shuts off and the hamster's up here just run in circles all day long all day, but I saw something in the uh, in a magazine and it was called an austrian shade and it was a window covering and I really loved I washed that's all how the light was was hating it and I said, you know what? I love to do something like that in my studio, but I can't pay two hundred forty nine dollars for altering shade plus it's only three feet wide I need one this ten feet wide, so what did I do? We went to there's, a place in town that sells fabric. Women got some sheer fabric and I found the lady to make austrian shades for me for pennies on the dollar. This lady's a great seamstress. I showed her the picture of what I wanted. And she said, consider it done. She said, I got, you know, problem. Come back to pick it up and that's exactly what I wanted to take a look at this next time and just this pink, obviously. And this is the white, the amount of the amount of shadowing that goes on there, depending on how your lights were hitting it absolutely beautiful and that's something that's that's created by going and buying some sheer fabric, showing someone that does know how to do it and paying them a fair price to do it. Now, I didn't find the most expensive seamstress in town either. I had to do some research on that found a lady. I went to this tio place that sells all the fabric. And I said, listen, uh, between you and I here, I can't live ford probably, you know, to have someone here do it. But do you have anyone you could recommend that one? Might we do this on the side and she said, oh, honey, I've got the perfect lady, said she's going her husband has cancer right now and she needs anything she confined to keep her mind off of it and make some extra money I said, wasn't I am her guy came your number, calder, we worked out a deal and it's all so now I've got her actually making stuff for other photographers, so I helped build her business on the side. She does all kinds of upholstery for us now she's, like my right hand lady love her to death lover. So ideas like that if you could do with fabric it's not always about having to go and buy a background backgrounds can be expensive, so think of ways to be multi purpose. Like I said, this next slide here on the left hand side, those were just window sheers, but they work perfectly for what I need. Now look at this this our gal painted area here we had break in the studio, I don't like brick, but I get tired of brick don't break anymore I want something else I could cover it with a background or I could go buy some white paint and some blue paint mark this all taking off paint it and now by painting an avatar blue and photo shop is very, very easy to manipulate the color I like the blue, you could change it, whatever color so like right now, if I'm in this green shirt that I have on, I can make it a hue of green I go in, click on the select all the blue and use your color slider slotted to whatever color you want and we'll you're done so avatar blue, I don't know if that's actually a color if you go to home depot or lows, they're going you probably don't know what you're talking about, but get something close to that photo shop will identify with it pretty easily so for easy photoshopped manipulation that is what I love to use there and again all you do there is we we measured out we cut a little domine out of a piece of cardboard and stick it up, paint the inside, stick it up, paint the inside, stick it up it's not really that hard cause it doesn't have to be perfect in my world. Luckily, things don't have to be perfect because if they did, I suck at it. Um, same thing here, this is right this this next one is right beside that is dry brushed if you want that whitewash, look on any furniture or anything don't dip your paint paint brush in there and start painting deeper paintbrush in there and then take a piece of cardboard or something beside you and go back and forth on it a few times to get a lot of the excess paint off there and then just drop brush it on their back and forth back and forth just hit it just a little bit and a little bit of the pain I'll get on it and then just keep going with that that way it's not completely white a little bit will bleed back through so you got to drive that brush out a good bit to be able to make that work this right here works really really really well for my family's I do a lot of family stuff on here and a lot of head shots for my seniors when they come in the floor on it I mean I forgot to get a picture of the floor it's a ten by ten floor but I went to lowe's and about whitewashed panelling so paneling that would go you know, old school paling would put up in your own your house you know, some people still have it I had it when I was a kid because my grand parents realise that was something I couldn't tear up very easily so they put paneling love paling up so I lived a very dark and gloomy you know childhood growing up with oak panelling it was very exciting anyways what I have is a whitewash paneling it comes in four by eight sheets I put that down and what that does is access the nice reflector coming up in other eyes and it matches and goes perfectly with this so I've got a brick wall I bought a gallon of paint those twelve dollars and about two sheets actually had to buy three because you have to waste one of them to get a two foot stripping on the side so about three pieces of that the three pieces of that stuff was thirteen dollars a piece and I got a twelve dollars gallon of paint I can roll with that for a good while and when I'm done with it painted another color painted design on it maybe you hired not higher but you commission your local high school and you say listen I've got some projects that need to be done contact the art teacher tell him what you're doing tell him what you're all about telling you would love to borrow his students as an art project and maybe they can come to your studio and paint different various projects for you that could happen as well you know that could happen as well now if you're going by backgrounds I'm a big proponent of that as well because sometimes it is cheaper to buy it than it is to build it andi even me, I have a hard time coming to terms with that because I'm like no, I can make it but it's like it's like being a plumber, you know, if you're no good with plumbing and your toilet is broken, don't let your husband fix it just go ahead and go behind his back like he wouldn't call the plumber and get it fixed because two things are gonna happen number one it's going to take him three or four weeks to get around it and then number two is still not going to be quite right, so it's like fun and your strengths and your weaknesses you go with what you're good at, you let someone else do what you're not good at, but this next one here with uh with a roller system, I found myself getting really, really aggravated and really lazy because it took a lot of effort to hang a background up and get it all looking nice and neat and man, I don't feel like changing it out I'm just just rock and roll this next one will be fine but one thing one thing that's important about this is obviously yes, this is an investment, you know it is an investment but this is something that man this thing will outlast me and my daughter can have it one day and she khun I don't know your price. Sell it to the yard sale or something. I don't know who knows let's, check out this next video and I'm gonna point out some key points in here that will save you a lot of time. Should you ever be interested in a system such as this. All right, guys, I finally made the decision. I used to be one of those that would hang backgrounds up, take him down. Hang another one. Take him down and what I found, wass found myself being lazy. But you know what? Not messing with all that. I'm going to shoot on this background that I got hanging up, and I'll just do everything on this one. Well, that is what a loser would do. Somebody doesn't want to be lazy. Don't be lazy. Do what I did check it out, danny. Danny manufacturing they've got it figured out not on ly that they haven't figured out what their backdrops hello, the freedom cloth you can throw that thing in a duffel bag, take it on location, pull it out, throw it out and it's not even wrinkled up. I'm trying to figure out how they could make me some shirts out of that stuff, but I guess I look kind of weird wearing a background of the shirt, but anyways, most of my areas in the studio are based on mall with a ten by ten square and even inside I've got like twenty five, twenty six different sets inside so check it's out there's a backdrop here but I am tired of this backdrop and I want to really impress my client and say you know what I've got behind this backdrop I've got a really cool whitewashed wall that would look really really neat so let's just do this right here my clients were like oh my gosh look at that that's so cool so it rolls all the way up and now behind this one this is my actual wall this isn't a backdrop but we turned it into a backdrop so now I've got this one here and then let's just say that little susie I can say oh my gosh you know what I've got something great that is going to go with that pink and white outfit that you have so what I want you to do is go grab your pink and white outfit and then I'll have the lighting and everything set up for you so that when you come back we'll be ready to roll and then whatever I say you know what I like this too but what would look really, really good is the one where you have those green tone if you will bring those green tones back out here and with the flip of a button denny has hooked us up here and giving us the tools that we need to get that you get the gist of it that's something that I thought all right, that's a waste of money completely but it's not a waste of money. Uh, now moving on craigslist, craigslist is a great place to find props for free now, piano you get a piano, I would definitely suggest getting four, five, six, seven eight of your closest friends that have muscles and get a six pack of water or something, and treat them to that because meaning a piano is not that easy. However, you confined in abundance of free items such as this on craig's list in your own area, just go to craigslist, go to the free section and you'll probably be amazed at what you can find in there. A lot of stuff you don't want, which is what people were given away for free, but I brought this to the studio, and I'll tell you the proper aging for a piano. You know, you could take a beautiful piano and you can make it aged perfectly by leaving it out in the rain for three point five months, three point five months leave it out in the weather, of course, in seattle here might be maybe a week as much rain as they get that's proper aging so what happens is I had had someone come to the studio and I saw this old piano in there like I'll wait a minute man I've got a piano are you looking for another one are you looking for now I got like four pianos now I don't know what to do with because people now I'll even bring it to you just to get rid of it something here bring it on man why not? So we use this one one year for christmas we actually spray painted it gold which I don't know why I did that but I did and it worked perfect for christmas pictures and then I was like, well, you know what? I've got this goal get this background that go with it for maybe a year and when I'm done with it I painted and I might put it outside so I show you what I've done to repurpose this piano in another area here in just a little bit now I loved shooting on an exterior wall that had crackled paint you know that but that's so hard to replicate it's really hard to replicate that crackle paint look without paying a faux finish for a lot of money to do it well I saw this wall that I loved and then my heart was getting broken because they were going to tear this house down so this is what used to be and then on the left so what happened when I was out for lunch one day and I rode by and I saw this house running on the shootings like no no no no no run over there and this guy's on the bulldozer and he takes his earphones like what is this spiky haired freak won't like what I said sir before you tear this house down is there any way that I could bring my solves all over here and just get a portion of this he's like, well, son, you got about fifteen minutes and this whole house is gonna be going ran got my stuff come on I just tear the whole wall law and get out of the way and then I took it off piece by piece by piece nail by nail by nail brought it back to the studio and I built a ten by ten wall and I covered it with that old side in that old wooden siding and it looks awesome looks awesome now same type of thing was getting ready to happen in another place I saw an old fella that his barn was tear it was falling down and I said, sir, what do you do with that barn like? Well, I'm probably just gonna let nature take care of it and I said, well, you know what if I'm just kind of help you know kick it over a little bit, make it fall so it's not a hazard to anyone and then I'll gladly come over and help this man a little bit only thing I wanna ask you just let me have on old rusted tan that's really not you it's not really usable for anything but you know, just maybe I'll just take some of that he said I don't care whatever luckily, he was nice enough to say that now if you tell them that you're going to be using it for photography, they're gonna want to charge you so don't ever tell him what you're using the four just tell him you're a recycler or something that we don't lie because I am recycling I'm up cycling but this metal roofing tan oh, by the way, I found this couch right here twenty eight dollars at the thrift store twenty eight bucks and it it lays down into a bed so I've taken actually quite a few naps on there when I've had a really bad headache in the studio food for thought, but yeah roof in tennis multi purpose look in the background there I mean it matches girls that have dark hair and then people with blond hair pulls them off the background a little bit newspaper I saw this in a magazine like, what can I do that I contacted uh I've got a cousin that works for the newspaper said hey save me a few newspapers every night just kind of just hold on to him for me right no problem so the ones that are no good he threw threw him in a big being comes back what I did with this wall that was a set of shooting with the plow would I use sheet rock and had to finish it and I just took a staple gun had an intern cut out all the clippings make sure there was no bad titles because you don't want to have a close up image of someone and it says you know, serial rapists found you know saturday you don't you don't want that so get rid of all the titles or I did and then I don't know it's cool and see how someone were different colors if you want himto age believe him out in the sun for about three days they'll turn this light ugly yellow plaque color or you can pour tea bag like forty all over him and they'll get like a brownish color you can recall them up you can spray paint him even whatever corrugated tin you may have seen issues before you go to your hardware store you get these sheets of corrugated ten like roofing tonight and I've got mine and like a circular fashioning a half circle I built a little frame back behind it screwed into it and I love how the light hits it the light hits it in different ways creates a shadow side, creates a highlight side love using this use that a lot with sports things uh all sorts of things now there's a website I'm going to give you but be careful when you take this in for this next one is called shop wild things dot com you be real careful when you typed out in the wild things and get you sometimes but shot wild things dot com that's where I got crystal curtains and they're coming for foot sections and I want to think they're like ten or twelve feet long they're really, really long getting in all different colors, all different sizes and it's just something fun that I that I can hang up I can pull it to the side when I'm not using it I can let it go on I want to use it, get your girls in their wrap him up you guys probably gonna be photographing the whole lot with the crystal curtains that's probably not going to be a good look and then from there move forward I guess I got so many ideas of things and this isn't just ideas that have picked off line like, oh, I think this will be a good idea try this and see if it works this isn't my studio every single one of these is mine it's stuff that I've built and then I used so I know it works and I know it's cheap to produce it so I'm not blowing a bunch of smoke for you here old doors you can go almost anywhere and found old doors what I do is I go to old houses that look like they're falling apart and I try and find out who owns them see what they're gonna do with it see if they let me have the doors sometimes they think I'm an idiot so when they do we have a local store is called a habitat restore habitat for humanity they have a restore where people can donate items and then they resell them for money so I go to the habitat restore and they have all kinds of doors and I can buy these doors for fifteen twenty dollars apiece and I brought all these doors back and I put it together in like a fan shaped painting with metallic with metallic paint and now I've got something that's really cool and matchup color harmonies so if a girl has a dress that will match that that's where we go it's easy it works when I'm tired of that color blue I can paint it another color aiken stick something on it I can do whatever so there's no wrong or right right way to do it now more of these doors these air in their original state I love putting something this kind of old and weathered was something really, really pretty it's kind of like my relationship with my wife old and weathered she's very very pretty so we get a lot of looks when we go out or she does she's height what are you doing? You must be blind but yeah, I love that put the chandelier with something old is part of my brand remember us and eclectic elegance so it's like something that doesn't fit was something that is really, really pretty so you take something really, really pretty put it somewhere that it doesn't belong on that becomes part of my brand that's what I really, really enjoy this is how I hope those things together like a little ninety degree bracket and I screwed into the side of one of the doors and then screw down into the end of the top of the other door so they're free standing so you can pull them off the wall and you can use both sides of him if you wanted to and then for furniture I have to go by pretty silver couch go thrift store buy you buy an old chair by your own couch and old stools from suitcases whatever bicycle no finds something throw it in there and you've got a really, really cool set there moving forward most of my seniors so funny I'm no clue what a record is like a walk in and they see these oh my gosh, what are these like big black cds or something? They don't even know what a laser disc is they don't know all they know is like a like an mp three they barely know what a cd is anymore and he threw out a cassette tape blow their mind for sure, but it works out really well for me because the thrift store that I get all my things from actually rent the building to them. So when I bought the commercial spaces, this is nothing when I bought my commercial spaces that was four buildings all connected and by the fire wall in between all of them so they were separate partials, but when I was able to do is my my payment only went up three hundred dollars from renting it to actually buying all of them because I subleased the other spaces to other people, so we've started becoming a good business decision makers. Now the thrift store is right next door to doors now when you're running a high and studio, there is no better place to put your studio than next to a thrift store not a good decision there, but again none of my clients would come from my town, so I got on the first door all the time and they say blair, listen, we got some stuff out back for you so they've learned stuff that no one wants they save it for me to look through pilfer through and what I don't want to throw away it was a big tub of records and they said blair no one's gonna buy these records do you want these? And I was like, oh man, are you crazy? Yes so I take these records and I start just tear them apart and I cut the took the actual record covers and I just started stapling onto the wall randomly just all over the wall there's ah there's all source of artists in here that people don't even know like kids they don't know who michael jackson is chuck mangione e they have no clue so anyways I take those records I throw him out on the floor I didn't blow him down I did at first but don't do that because what'll happen is a girl to get up there with their high heels and she'll snap one off him and then you have to dig you have to dig the glue up and it's a mess I just throw mall down so they move around so I tell my client look, when you step up here be careful cause they will move on you and it's a great set great set I love it's one of my favorites to use when I have the girl come in that's not the real really real pretty you know like I want everything pregnant proper she's more of a one of those kids that her mom's like yeah I don't know what has gotten in her but she is all in his rock and roll stuff gosh then I can relate to her and I can say you know what I like to rocknroll too and I got just the type of stuff for you so you can see through the use of just some of the sets that I showed you so far is so multi purposed if I rely on one particular thing matter of fact uh my granddad told me this if you were a lie on ly one thing it's likely to turn out the disappointment and that's so true if you put all your eggs in one basket it's probably going to disappoint you at some point so that's a quote that I loved to live by laying people laying those girls down on the floor putting their legs up against the wall it just opened up a new animal for me love it love it for extra credit I would ask who who knows who that guy is in the middle there but I'm not going to uh paper you get seamless paper I checked this out follow me here on this one go go go to your hardware store get a roll of four foot tall paper like kraft paper it's basically like florence you would stuff you would roll out if you were having construction done it's your home it's just like it's kind of like what a paper bag would be made out to get from the grocery store roll that paper out and as you roll it out just start like crinkling it together as you're going crinkling it altogether and staple it as you're going crinkling and staple in it and do like three or four rows of it and then look at what just paper can create look at that backdrop right there out of paper look at the dimension that that's in there and if you cross light it oh man it is awesome so what ideals? I took three strips of this it's four foot wide so it took three strips hung up sideways staple it to the wall man it made an awesome background and it was a roll of paper I think the roll of paper it might have been eighteen books and I had a ton of paper left over now what I do when I'm done with this is actually take spray paint and going there all kinds of random spray paint colors and just start spraying it all over the place different places then I use that for a little while and when I'm done with it I'll cut it up into strips or tear it up into strips and that will become firestarter from outdoor fireplace so it's multipurpose right? I'm giving back, giving back a lot of people really, really, really went crazy whenever they first saw us doing this one in this is something that is easy to do if you do it the right way just like most things, what if you take like this sofa on the left? This was a sofa that my grandmother would have had years and years ago it was a gosh awful thing I mean, back in the day it was really nice, but it's like thirty eight feet long, I don't know what happened catches back then you should be so long, but you can paint this stuff they can use household paint to paint furniture like how I would never have thought that was possible, but what we learned was, as you have to mix in an ingredient called fabric medium and it is basically it allows the paint to create and hold elasticity so that when you sit on it, the paint doesn't crack it allows it to bend and fold and pull apart. So when you're doing this, you want to go about three parts paint toe one part fabric medium and you could get fabric medium and a local craft store hobby hobby store like hobby lobby they'll have it in there or might just be easier to order online but it's called fabric medium and I don't use any specific brand any of it is pretty much all in one the same but like this one here on the right this was a peace that I ran across at a sale adam not a pusher shop put a storage unit it wasn't opposed to shot that's right? This guy had a sign out front said you know massive sale today while rolled in because I'm always looking for stuff and I'm like I want to see what you got he had this thing and uh I found it on the internet it retails for forty five hundred dollars I bought it for seventy five books being in the right place at the right time I guess someone dropped it off never came to pick it up there lost my game so about having seventy five dollars invested and I was like, you know what after I used it for a while it was like brown and rid but after we used it for a while us let's go with it we painted it works perfect thiss pink couch I got inspired by the rock star cash and I said I was painting peake and gold same type of thing it just adds a little splash of color in there little splash of color breaks up the monotony of being plain I think the cushions from that rock star theme couch turn the cushions up. And now I've got a backdrop to use. So being being handy, ingenuity and thinking outside of your our little box that we put ourselves in. And I can use this white colored furniture that we've just painted. And when I'm done with it, paint it something else, or give it away, have very little invested in it. Three stores can be your go to places. First. Doors, that's, that's, where I go, when I'm looking for problems. That's, absolutely where, where I go.

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