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This is something that is very important once you reach a point where even if you've been in the business for a long time and your website just isn't really up to par how many of us khun truly holding her hand and say every image on our website we're super proud ofthe no because you update your style style grows your images grow but your work on your website never does you don't go back in and change it because it's a pain to do it it's so aggravating alright no flash all right people can't see it on certain devices I've got something I've got a plan for you my website I've got like seven different websites I used to work with companies that sold template based products you could never get in touch with them they'd had no kind of support I've got one that's still owes me seven hundred dollars I can't even get in touch with him I will never never see it no one would answer the phone photo biz web solutions they are in my opinion the leader of the pack when it comes to a template based w...

ebsite you can overnight have a website looks just like mine you can change the whole face of your website with a click of a button you can give it a whole new style a whole new look a whole new template all the way through you can upload full size images with a breeze and if you have any sort of any sort of backup but all were like well can figure this out they have a dedicated team of people larger than this building that we're in right now that will pick up the phone and help you for three hours that they need to now why would it be important for me to have five separate websites? Why is that one websites enough right? No think about it if I'm a high school senior do I want to thumb through pictures of newborns and don't want to click on on a page that has a newborn on the front no I want to go to something that is designed specifically for senior if I'm a new mother or a new father searching for a new born photographers I don't want to go somewhere this centime mixed signals that's got rock and roll mixed with teddy bears it's just not a good look not a good look so here that's my senior site that's the weddings the babies, the family's everything has a sub site so they're not fishing through it so I have a landing page but then we have separate sites they click on it click click click each side it takes him to a whole another room so that's something to think about so something that's going to become even more popular I feel is your blawg all right, most people don't even have a blogger they don't want to fool with it it's a pain in the butt but you gotta have a backup plan you gotta have a way to up nature work what if social media fails when facebook goes away? What if pinterest goes away when all that stuff is going to continue to change? Who knows? Maybe one day we'll go away and you're left with nothing you're like gosh, you should rely on that and that was all hand well, you've gotta blawg when I use it is very personal it's way more personal than facebook and you're in control of your blawg no one else is in control so what you want teo to gain people is host a contest on your vlog haven't you arial that takes him from facebook? They click there, it takes him to your block right up with stories that hey, I really, really want you guys to start following I'm going to start phasing away from facebook just a little bit because I want to post a lot of my attention to my block and if you need content hosted hosted contest it says, hey, give me your best story about this or what's your best experience with this where do you go for this? You've got your content right there ask clients to write customer right testimonials they'll do all the commentary for you and videos I have my seniors I say look, I want you to go home just make a video of how you fail getting your senior pictures made here some of them I throw away because they suck it's like I feel really good about going to get my pictures made blair fills the tire of you because he was really cool and he takes good pictures I'm like okay thank you lacey that was great I'm gonna throw that garbage because you're a terrible actress but cue them on what you want them to say I got this next senior this next one is a video and the audio quality is absolutely horrible because she did it from her computer that is horrible but it's really I said listen hailey I want you to go home and I want you just off the cuff talk to pretend as though you're talking to other seniors that maybe thinking of coming here you want to encourage them on while they should come here and this is what this is what she did right before I came and I love it it's so pure so riel let go of my finger pictures with a lot of fun you made my mom come with me to the section way get there and wait where are you? I'm sorry and I thought it was and that was that I don't have a fancy pictures and, you know, like really girl pose. It was funny and it was like you were my friend taking my picture on a professional photographer and it was a super great experience. Now, every time I hear I started talking about getting the dishes done a favor stop where philip there's no one better. They're not good people. The audio quality was terrible. But you see the enthusiasm there, that's why I gotta ask a bunch of seniors to do it because you're gonna get it done all the time and then you find a diamond in the rough. She really enjoyed her experience, but she was charismatic, and she did what I asked her to do so I can put that on facebook. I can put that on my block. I could put that everywhere, and I'll put her to use what we're going to re film it because that was absolutely terrible. But that's, what I had to go with it was organic. It was really all right. Let's. Move forward. Unconventional marketing. Kick it up a notch here. Uh, doctor's offices. All right, why would I wantto goto an orthodontist and say, hey, can you send people my way? And they have good smiles they care about what they look like they have money you know and again I'm not only targeting people that have money don't I don't want to come off as like well he only works for people that have money well do you want to work for people that don't have money? I want to work with people that like pictures that care about the amount of work that goes into it they care about their appearance I'm targeting rising seniors so when I said earlier a product very similar to this I make one for the dentist office there are four the orthodontist and I said listen, I went in his business he hired me to do commercial failure for him and I said a said mark listen, you got the kind of clients I want I've got the clinic clients that she want a lot of my clients have really jacked up teeth so they're going to be great for you and he said, well, what are you getting that man I said let's figure out what a market share man I said why don't why don't I put something together and why don't we give it to these people that care about their appearance because number one I know that they're pre qualified for me I know that there there I know they have the money I know they care about what it looked like and I said what if we put one of these down in every single bag the take home bag the day to get there braces off and this is a gift from you it says we've experienced an amazing journey together so in celebration of your incredible new smiles your honor and pleasure to provide a complimentary session with the award winning the tire for blair phillips it looks like he gave it to him but really on the one giving it to him if they call that's great if they don't that's not great that's great too but those people are going to get it and they're gonna call their scheduled appointment they're going to come in and spend money one of my largest orders actually the largest order I had last year was from a fellow orthodontist that was a friend of his that he showed this card to and he said what do I want to call him and get a session so he called book the session it was the most was my biggest sale ever the sky had to holmes and he wanted to outfit both of them with large porters and I just about fell out whenever he kept ordering but it can happen so don't be afraid to give a little bit but given the right ways because if you just go in everywhere and you start handing out free sessions you're going to get people that don't value the work and I'm really kind of hesitant sometimes on doing things this way, but you got to take a chance sometimes and it's coming from a pre qualified client. But you have to do, though, is when they do call you say, oh, you just got your braces off that is also my love to see your smile. We'd love to have you in there. Now, let me tell you a little bit about my business, you go through the whole steal whole skills well, and you say, you know, here we do ourselves a little bit differently. We do have a five hundred dollar minimum order, and then you just keep your if they're like, okay, well, I'm going, oh, yeah, I'm going to call you back on that don't try to talk them into coming, let him go. It may not be the right client for you, that's. How you get over that awkwardness of hash man, I don't know is how much oh my gosh, you are killing me here, so think clever ways to market don't cost you a lot of money, and you never know what can happen.

Class Description

Are you ready to add a new, lucrative dimension to your photography business? Join award-winning photographer Blair Phillips for an introduction to everything you need to know about taking portraits for high school seniors.

In this three-day course, you’ll learn about how to market yourself to the high school audience, no matter where you live or who you know. Blair will discuss his signature techniques for effortless, versatile posing. You’ll also learn everything you need to know about both off-camera and natural lighting, including how to create foolproof lighting setups, even if you’re working without an assistant. Blair will also cover strategies for creating a productive workflow and working confidently in a wide variety of settings.

By the end of this course, you’ll have be equipped with the core marketing techniques and one-of-a-kind photography skills needed to connect with high school seniors, give them results they’ll love, and grow your business.


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Blair is great. This class is packed full of great info and is a genuine good hearted person.. Really like his approach with high school seniors. I recommend it.


Loved watching Blair Phillips. He has so much energy and is very entertaining to watch. He was extremely well prepared and did a fantastic job.