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Maximizing Profit

You know, we talked about being very efficient, and we talked about trying to put systems in the place so that you're not chasing your tail around in circles and with the world that we live in simple things, the world that we live in an email to your clients, how many of you guys email clients, you know, just say, yeah, almost everyone would you just say you wanted to remind them three days before their appointment, and you send them an email? How many times did they take the moment to respond back to that email? Normally not because you say, well, they were just looking for confirmation. So there's, no need to email or how many times did you email a client and it takes them four days to give you a response and that's because, you know, folks like lorenzo he's got thirteen kids, you know, he's got I mean, we know what he's doing in his spare time, and I doubt it's photography, but you know, a lorenzo lorenzo is very busy, you know? You're a busy fellow, you know, you're busy, you're bu...

sy, randy, you're busy with what you do, so imagine how a family that has three or four children, they're trying to run their business, they may be working on the side and they're not going to respond to e mails, and this used to drive me crazy and where something gives me an absolute frustration instead of continuing to go through that frustration from months upon end, I look for a solution, and what we did was we said, look, why don't we get one? We text our client's texting clients? To me? It was like, well, I don't know that might be a little informal or, you know, a little it just might be not very personal because I get these messages all the time from, like, my people that check my eyes that my optometry, the dentist office and it's just a generic. This is a reminder of your appointment at ten thirty a m on thursday, and you can tell us generic because up underneath the bus got all these codes and things like that to me, that is weak, that is not the way to go. You want everything to be very personal now everyone always has their phone, everyone, they always have their phone, even mom's, mom's air during my sessions, mom's over there texting like wildfire and like, what are you doing like they're normally they either playing that new game, candy crush or whatever? Yeah, yeah, I've never downloaded and didn't know what I'm doing, but moms over there texting so what they're texting obviously they have their phone with um um the biggest thing that texting is allowing us to do is it's allowing us to break down the barriers of communication ah lot of times an email you can't put emotion in the email so you type this long e mail no one is reading it and it's kind of sad because our society is becoming shorter and shorter and shorter and I don't mean, you know, like like this I mean in our communication thing about the way the kids you know, speak these l o l blah blah blah what all these little things that they say and it rings true with this so we are not necessarily looking for a long breakdown of hey, this is bottom of lava bubble short, sweet, straight to the point now what we do I'm gonna share with you how we use this and while we use it but one thing let's say that if I'm calling, I'm gonna call a client to remind them of their session on wednesday and this is friday I don't want wednesday to roll around and then not show up, so if I just call him and leave a message or if I just email and wait and never hear anything, I don't know if they receive that what if they don't check their email but once every six weeks then I'm sitting there twiddling my thumbs at ten o'clock when they're supposed to be there that is not helping me maximize my profits losing money so we decided way do three forms of communication we're gonna email them we're gonna call them and most importantly we're going to text them and every time that we send a text is a near immediate response like right here this is an order pickup does good afternoon this is shanna from there I hope you are enjoying a week I want to let you know that your order it's just personal is sweet it's easy is short, concise straight to the point it leaves no where else to go you can't misconstrue that in any way so to me this is a great way of ways that we're maximizing profit and these thing people say well blair, I don't want people to have my my phone number my personal number well, go to your phone provider and add another line you can add another line for normally like nine, ninety nine course you can get a phone for free this was the last year's iphone don't give you that for free I think it was or it might have been ninety nine dollars and have that dedicated studio phone that stays at the studio all the time and that that's the one that I mentioned whenever we get an email response or an email inquiry I was just swing by and scoop it up hey what's up I'm blair blah blah, blah connect with them so to me that is a huge way that we're maximizing our profits because we're able to communicate with communicate with our clients on every little detail even if it's if you're just feeling good one day and you're like, hey, I just wanted to say thank you again those little things that we can do makes a wealth of difference right now another way talked about some gear and things like that yesterday don't give me some specifics here and I want to talk about why you do this right here why are you going to change lenses so many times throughout a session? It's a personal goal for me to change my lenses four separate times are to use four separate lenses for every single session that I do now why on earth do I need to bring four set on four separate lenses? It's very simple a lot of times if you're a seventy two, two hundred shooter mean you shoot with that seventy, two hundred all the town that's my go to linz and that's what I'm going to use well, everyone of your images are gonna somewhat have a similar characteristics like similar perspective, if you will, so for me I'll start out with a twenty four to seventy that allows me to never disengage with my client it's a twenty four to seventy I'm not running across the room without two hundred okay, turn your head down to the right a little bit and I'll go fix something and then I run back over here I'm disengaging with them so I start off with the twenty four to seventy that allows me to be very close up front personal with them because I shoot with a twenty four to seventy differently than I would with an eighty five and eighty five millimeter is gonna force me to shoot in a different way which is going to maximize my profits because I'm going to go to sell more images because now I have more variety once I get more comfortable with my client then I will pull out the seventy two, two hundred and that is what I'm really trying to compress the background shooting at two point eight and I was zoom all the way out of two hundred and back up and use manual zoom of that time either move forward or move backwards love shooting at two hundred but not for every image and then when I pull out the x century lighting with the light cart and I want to get that seen it about wide open look right there that's when we go with the fourteen to twenty four I want to create something really wide something unique but think if I had my fourteen to twenty for my camera for the whole thing every one of my image is going to be shot from a similar perspective and it's gonna have a similar look so to maximize your profits I'm going to guarantee that they will rise you force yourself to use different lenses maybe you don't have four lenses maybe you have to make sure that you coming with the two together just think of them as your children and don't leave one of your kids at home when you head out don't leave him don't leave him behind and the use of the light card now I've got all my stuff right there so I don't have to carry it pick it up change it that's another thing that I found you know if you simplify things and you make things easier, you'll do them or right now like I said yesterday with the backdrops if you have to hang him up every time you want to use one you find yourself just saying, you know what? Forget it I'm not doing that so definitely don't do that you have a quick question yeah, I have the same settle lands whose great um one question is that we have to seventy two hundred you could practically just set it to eighty five on and just shoot without changing in ellen's when you kind of do it deliberately because then I would just be shooting eighty five on lee. And when I put the twenty four to seventy, I'll use it twenty four, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy. I use it all different ways. So if I set it on eighty five, then to me, my eighty five one point four it honestly gives me a tremendously different look and setting my seventy, seventy two, two hundred and eighty five and shooting at two point eight. So it just it's one of those things, if you get in the habit of changing it will force you to change is a photographer. I promise you that is a good point because you could theoretically shoot eighty five and achieve the same thing, but it's still gonna look different. But for me putting that different lanzone it's like, okay, I gotta get my feet moving here makes my feet move because even if I'm at eighty five with that seventy two, two hundred, I find that I stay in the same spot all the time. You know, I just stay right there in that same spot, so switch him up and it'll force you to literally move your feet and get the dance in a little bit, good question, good question, but that does make sense again. There's several different ways to do the same thing but for me just gets me moving a little bit gets the blood flowing and it looks good to my clients too because I can tell them hey, listen, I want you to look at this look at this camera bag right here you see all this equipment we're getting rid of where all this stuff out with you young lady and I let him know that you know what? I have seventy two hundred dollars or so and he's all of them again it's validating my pricing a little bit too another thing to maximize your profits you have to do this you don't have to but one of my things that I do that makes it work mixing up that lighting when you go out on set when you go out on a location when you go any client when they come in your door go home and force yourself into using a certain type of lighting that you just do not like you're like I'm scared of it mom tenant I'm intimidated by it I don't want to do it make yourself got into the bright sun and use a gobo used subtract of lighting and then had to add lighting back put yourself in that uncomfortable situation and that's what I've done and by now I'm really comfortable with all realms of lighting and by putting yourself in those uncomfortable situations you will figure out a way to make it work let me say this when you're going out and you want to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation don't just jump into the most uncomfortable situation you confined and start there that's not a good look so what I've done is in every session I'll go ahead and hit my sweet spots I'll do what I normally do what I feel is comfortable and then just say if I'm photographing right here in my best light is coming from right here straight ahead I will say you know what now on this last one slip around this way I'm gonna have you go over there and face office away it's terrible lighting but I'm going to force myself to create a completely different look by doing that the background may go darker, it may go lighter, it may go shade whatever, but you never know until you try it and you're gonna go over there and if you don't like it, don't take one shot and like, oh yeah, that doesn't look any that's terrible take your shot and say all right, sweet let's move right over here so even if you don't like it don't don't ever tell a client that doesn't look good, you want them to think you are pro level right now on average I'm not sure what the averages of what people deliver as finished images now you know, people look at this in different ways they say, well, I want my clients that have a lot to choose from because if I don't have enough, you know it looks like maybe they didn't know the money is not justified hey wass I spent two hundred dollars on this session and I only got twenty five images. Well, my clients don't think that because I give him four hundred images to choose from, well, for me that's not a good idea either I deliver forty to sixty finished images and there's a reason that I do that because too many images and trust me, I know this from experience in my own studio if you give them too many images it's an immediate shutdown, they already have a lot on their mind and they're saying I just can't quite decide I want to show you later in the sales presentation of how you kind of guide their hand, but you pull them into the direction you want them to go. So forty to sixty images is a plenty for an average senior session even well above average senior session because with forty to sixty I'm shooting for one of the albums I'm shooting for an album now if I have eighty images in an album on the album, I have to add more pages which is going to cost me more money so I don't want to put forty pages in there and, you know, it's been a really thick book with one page on each, you know, are one image on each page wanna mix it up and have several images on the page, so I don't have a least forty to sixty images it's going to be really thin book, so the more pages and more justified it feels, which is crazy and our society we want mohr, you know, look at our plates of food versus, you know, someone in england, you know, they have little portions and you do that, you do that here, we're going to we're going to be mad if you go to a restaurant and we got this little tiny portion of food. So uh, and while I'm shooting those forty sixty image is the reason I shoot forty to sixty is I'm shooting for additional products, I wantto have enough in my image bank to take advantage of all of the awesome products I'm going to share with you guys today from agent each color lab, I don't have the images to fulfill that then what am I doing? Why not capitalizing on that now another thing that's going to help us maximize our profit because time is money and one of the biggest mistakes we make his photographers is not valuing our time we just look at the cost of goods and we say all right, it costs me x amount of dollars to produce this that's what the lab bill says so I'm charging this so I'm making money well, that's not the case you have to create a shooting system when you walk out there's nothing better think about going out on a wedding or a senior chute and you walk out the door and you say, man, I have no clue what I'm gonna do here and you're just trying to stall and you're wasting time you're like, okay? And you're talking to a client, but you're looking at the corner of your eye and seeing what's over here like, ok, yeah eso like your outfit, we're going to go, we're gonna go right over here. Yeah, I do this all the times, not big deal and you'll struggle and all the sudden you're one and a half hour session turns into three hours because you're struggling. So do this if you have to take go through. This is a very good thing that I love doing this every once in a long go through some of your favorite images your most favorite images that you've ever shot and I don't care if you have to take a picture of him with your iphone take a picture of all the favorite images you shot just say they're just say there's ten of them make those ten your core poses remember those remember how in malm opposing guys there is a name recognition you know even if the young girl's name or the young guy's name you know say hey this is the lorenzo this is the randy this's the lee this is put a name with it so you can remember and then when you walk out you've got your handful of goto poses and you're just right there working bam bam bam bam bam bam and you're sitting there scratching your head when or where to go again time is absolute money so pick that handful of goto poses and then once you have those you build from there you know, if you pose someone with his table and you've got your go to pose turning into form or before you leave force yourself even if you don't even like the pose you're like I'm running out of ideas here this is probably gonna look don't but I'm gonna try it anyways I want you to do this and twist up that's gonna look great, it may look crazy, it may turn into something and you may look at it when you get back and you may learn from it and say, oh, that looks so better if I would have turned out this way or put this hand up or move this down so learn from what you're doing, make a few mistakes every once in a while trust me, I'll make a ton of mistakes every single day, so but what I'm doing is I try to learn from him now. It's taken me thirty five years to do that, so now I'm learning from my mistakes now, there's another thing you can do that I really feel like helps maximize my profits, and it is showing my clients that I've done a little bit of homework and I've educated myself, delves into their personal life just a little bit because I'm genuinely interested and I want to know things about them. So what I rely on is job forms, job form, dot com to freeform service, you can go there and they have all sorts of forms and you can create a form that fits your needs and it's absolutely free. So who wouldn't want that worrying? We not using stuff like this? What job form, what form allows me to do is it allows me to collect information about a senior and it's sent one week before the session. So it's a basic questionnaire, you know? Hey, what kind of music you listen to? What what high school do you go to? Where do you work when you want to do when you get older? No, not every time I don't rely on that, and when they come in on and I haven't say, okay, so it says here that you love new kids on the block. Is that still accurate? Or it says, here your favorite food is pizza no that's the wrong way to communicate, I look through it, I'll pick it up, you know, a few days before they come in or let me not live the minute before they come in and I'll look at it and I read through a read through with there may be something kind of funny or quirky in there that I'm like that's pretty interesting. Wow, who knew? So she plays guitar and, you know, she got fired from her last job from for stealing a steak. Whenever I know something about the client, I have the gift of gabai could normally talk to anybody, and but if you don't, this is a good way. Open up some berries of communication for you, and you can read through the questions that you so choose, you know, it could be something trivial. Where you from, um, you know, are your grand? Are you close with your parents or whatever? And it allows you to have a little ammunition when you walk into that camera room and it's like hey there, randy, how are you says here that you are not that it says here that reindeer you have big music guy he's yeah, sure, man, but I already know on here that he loves garth brooks for some reason and I can say yeah, me too you man and I'm kind of kind of grooving on some country music here lately, man, and you, who do you like any garth brooks are no, he likes garth brooks because I've already read it, but it gives me something to go buy something to lead into. So if you're not really good with communication with your client's job forms is the way to go. This is kind of an idea of what it is, you know, down here favorite things to do favorite music artists describe your style who referred you it's something generic don't make it a seventeen page essay short and sweet and make it simple because teenagers unfortunately our school systems are letting us down so they are not very good with feeling stuff about or at least in my harry anyways, so make it simple, make it clean, make it easy and they will fill it out and they can email that right back to you and you've got some memo I have a question, randi set up your backdrops for the background you're going to use your what right now, it doesn't really help me with the backdrops quite as much it does kind of help me with the style a little bit, you know? I mean, if I know that that describe your style and she says, I really love playing the piano, and I've played piano in my whole life, and I love to read and I love going to the movies, and obviously I already know that I'm going to approach her a little bit differently than I would my tone is going to change, I'm not gonna walk in and approach her the same way I would with a girl that says, I love death metal rock and, you know, I have a pet snake I'm going to approach her way differently. I would the piano girl, the piano girl, I'm gonna walk in because I already know I'm saying, hey, kathy it's, so nice to meet you. How are you today? The girl? That's rock? I'm a coming, I'm like what's up girl, how you doing? You know, I don't know, I may even have a guitar and walk up and, you know, be playing the guitar just something funny, even though I can't play the guitar, but I can act like I can and I'll hand it to her and say, here, do you think and then she'll get all awkward, and I'm like, I can't really play the guitar. I just wrote that and then it's something to talk about, but, you know, I think it definitely gives you a one of the things that I love is on my schedule in success where there's a section for notes and each session is coming in for that day. One of the things that helps him maximize my profit is there are notes, or at least they're supposed to be notes, and it says, you know, lorenzo, nine o'clock am he's, a senior from westbrook high school, and I click on notes and there's. A lot of this information is already long in there. Lorenzo has five kids and he's in high school that z busy. Do you know lorenzo lives on east out of town? He loves whatever well, that allows me to already get a preconceived idea of kind of what I think he's going to be like, so it just helps me in my mind prepare. I like to be mentally prepared, just like coming in here. I would never come into creative live when we're supposed to be on air at nine, I would never show up at eight fifty and be unprepared you can't you have to treat it as a serious game. I've been here almost up and I've been here every day I've been outside waiting for the doors unlock like this might let me in before the employees in here because I want to be prepared, I want to own it and I want to be really good at it. I want to be really good at it. Another thing to maximize your profits is you have to be consistent, you have to be there's no way that we're ever going to make more money if we're not doing things on a consistent basis because it goes back to that whole time management, you're not managing your time exactly right, and these are things that I've learned from h and h color lab, my family there at a change couple they said, listen, we can help you maximize your time, we can help you with all this that's what I love about partnering with companies that have your best interests at heart have those sort of resource is that helped me maximize my time if I feel like I'm struggling in an area I can call him so hey, help me with this and they have systems in place that said, well, this is kind of what we do this what we do and I'm like you're a genius, why didn't I think of that? And if you're not being consistent what do you think that does to clients? If you're all over the place and you're not consistent the way you handled things, what do you think? I would think that it would make me kind of question your ability to right be a good photographer and I would lack trust in you exactly now and that's a great point say I should have said that, mikey no, you guys are awesome! The third segment, I think I'm gonna have you come up today and do this one she's like don't even joke like that I got you, I got you, but yeah, that's great that you have to have your clients have to have a certain amount of confidence that that you and still into them because if they're leery about any part of the whole session, your dollar signs were going down, so the more you can build that out, the more you could be consistent, the more your profits are going to rise, right? So you're sending a mixed signals just when she said I don't, I don't know this guy seems to be all over the place like one minute he's doing this, and then he forgot this and he took us out of this location and he forgot to put a media card in the car are in the camera, but remember yesterday, what do you do? We're going to do about media cards from now wayto pick up something that a lot of that is exactly where I carry an extra media card in the car as a backup yeah, we talked about that and that, you know, and that yeah, good point, way cool, cool, cool, yeah, I got you and we appreciate that, but, uh, one of my favorite things and I know you've got it, but being being consistent and I've said this before, but part of being consistent is showing what you want to sell, it goes right back to the same thing of hey, if you want to sell this, you have to put it in front of them or they can't buy it think about the check out counter, you know, when you go to a grocery store, they do this stuff on purpose for us, people that have children, do they not? And you roll up there and you're like, ok, this isn't going to be a quick line it's not gonna take long, and then for some reason the register runs out of register tape and you're like, man, I've got a two year old and I got to get her out of here because any minute now she's going to start showing out she wants out of this buggy here and then she looks over and my hand in my daughter's case, she sees elmo and she's like m o l o l o dad, I almost all right? Well, I'm buying an elmo because now we're sitting there for ten minutes waiting on customer service aisle for great, so if you're not showing what you want to sell, they're never going you're never able to sell it, so they put all those little trinkets and on the gum and the candy because you get up there and you're not thinking, hey, I need the u s a u s a today magazine, but oh, hey, look, I'll get that, okay? Well, I'm just standing here doing nothing let me get one of these two and one of these, so they're doing that on a very much a purpose. Now this is a section that I really, really love it took me almost about seven years to figure out how in the world toe handle clothing changes. Now, the way you stay on time and the way you can lose a lot of time is your client's changing seniors especially they get in there with me? I've got that four foot mirror this huge and they get in there and they look at the sales and they cramp and they do their thing and they may put something on there like I just want my rear look big and asking me that come on the dressing room with them or do you like these shoes with this? No, that doesn't work with me because what happens is then that's kind of met prolong your session remember I said two hours we can be done I've got him on lee our every two hours so if I run over I messed myself up for the rest of the day so you can't do that now tell them to bring way more than they need because again they're going to show up with three or four tank tops and it's going to make your work not enjoyable, not enjoy what at all you know, some people send home a style guide you know, bring this this this and this personally I don't do that because you know, I was a child it didn't really have a lot of close growing up, you know, remember, I remember one year I wore some red jogging pants and some pink converse tennis shoes don't ask why, but man not wore those red jogging pants like all year and it was one of those things it's like hey, can I get some new shoes? These are these are starting to come apart, you know, like, well son, when they completely fall apart, we'll see about getting you some but in the meantime just keep working on what you got. Just make sure you high step with that right foot. So you don't trip and it wasn't that bad. I'm just kidding, but I don't want to make someone that doesn't have a certain brand of clothing or a certain style of clothing. I don't want to make them feel bad if I say give them images, bring this something like this, something like this they may not have, they may not have that, and I don't want to make them feel any less important than someone that does have it. So I just tell them to bring a lot of variety that way. It's, non controversial and you don't ever feel bad about it. Express a two hour window when they walk in. Of course, this is all done before the session. You've already told him this three a text and e mail a verbal everything. But when I come in, I say, listen, my regime and listen, you know the deal, we've got two hours, ok? Two hours is yours. So if you want to dilly dallying around in a dressing room and take thirty five minutes to change clothes, you really go mess yourself up here now, I want a photograph of many of these outfits as we possibly can. So when you come back in the dressing room I want you to be like a speed changer get it done knocking out so we can go photograph some more so the two hours is yours so don't waste it ok, I'll be ready for in a minute and then I leave a state I make my statement and then I'd be quiet don't say anything else about it if they want to change their hair or something like that you can do it but it has to be has to be quick quick question now that's for the studio that's awesome, but what if your are actually out on location? I mean, are you in a bigger vehicle in which they contains or write you no yeah, he was he missed us yesterday I have ah little portable changing room it's like one of those pop up things that just folds up like a like a reflector would and that that makes it really, really nice and it takes a liability away from you know what? She's in her car and you know, you turn around somewhere and it's like, oh gosh, I didn't I'm sorry I forgot you were there and she's you know, I just don't really like that I don't like that when they get there do you pick the coal for them? Yes, I picked the clothes now actually I've all share what I've got another segment here they will talk about that but I sent in a sense pick the clothes I can say lay it all out and I'll come in and say ok, you know, I've got something about perfect with this this is gonna be great you're gonna love it I'm really enthused about it so when they're putting it on there like already like okay he's already got some things going too great for this I'm ready to go see what it is so yes, I am picking that the outfits to a certain degree I leave a little bit of leeway I'm getting to that in just a little bit on dh actually the next slide talks about that ask mom for her favorite so I choose the ones I want but before I even get started say mom, listen which one which one of these outfits is your absolute favorite? Which one of these are you just going to die if you don't see her a picture and mom she feels important and she's like, oh, let me just show you and are in the senior will know me do this right here she's like mom, I don't like that and then I'll say, look, I don't know who's paying for these I'm like, look, you can give your mom one outfit it's not gonna kill you just do it so I know that that's one outfit we're definitely gonna use definitely and then I asked my senior alright now tell me if there's one outfit in here that you're just gonna kick and scream and you just don't know what you're gonna do if we do not photograph in that particular outfit I want you to point it out to me I'm covering mom I'm covering the senior and the rest of it's fair game now we'll ask them to say listen is there any of these that you just don't like that she brought and you're just like an early like this but he told me to bring a lot if they point those out I will throw them back over in the suitcase not teo we don't wanna mess with those so I do control it but I still give them a little bit of control as well so hopefully that helps with how do you handle outfits how are you shooting your sessions in two hours and being done? I hope that's a big help there now for maximizing profits just like you guys are here okay you are you have a question about the outfits it's kind of related yeah, you know how about makeup like tio I have higher artist to do the midnight ball didn't come with the make up what a great question about makeup I don't hire an artist and I'll tell you what I've done that in the past where I'll have a girl come in and she wants makeup, we hire an artist to come in to do the makeup well, that artist doesn't necessarily know this girl, and she doesn't know how she only wears her makeup, but a high school senior is, too is too uncomfortable to say as she's putting it on she's like, do you like that? The senior is not going to say not really like that she's going to say, yeah, that looks good and then her whole session she's not going to like because she doesn't like the way this girl did her makeup same thing with hair. She may not like the way the girl fixes her hair, but she's too immature to say, I don't really like the direction we're going into that. So for me, I tell them if you won't make up, bring your makeup, have someone that can come with you to do your makeup or you do your own makeup that way just kind of takes that liability off of me a little bit. Um, another way to maximize your profit is exactly what you're doing right now you are here with creative lives, you are here to educate yourself. Pig maybe two or three things throughout the year that you may want to travel to that you're going to say you know what? I have researched this convention and I'm telling you this looks like the place for me this looks like a place for me one of those that really helped me the most is obviously creative live and then right behind them is sync and that senior or less actually senior and youth national convention and it is dedicated specifically to seniors so I know when I go to florida for this event it is jam packed with nothing but the latest greatest senior information on the planet. Every single session is dedicated towards teaching seniors, so I know that that is a place for me to go. So every look that just gave me a chill bumps right and it's not because it's cold in here is that true. I learned so much from there the people that put it on or so genuine they own a senior business so they know what we need as students so they scour the earth find the best of the best and they bring them every year and one thing that I've asked him to do is help us out this you know said, look, can you help these people get there and they said for creative live and you guys will do whatever another one find a forum find some sort of an online forum that you can belong to post images, get critique look at other people's work asked them questions it allows you access to thousands of photographers all over the world all over another one keep mom involved if you want your profits to go up now I kind of joked earlier you know when I gave them the mother buffer you know I keep mom involved but from a distance so I keep mom involved but from a distance don't let mom come in there and mess with your senior that you just tell her straight up like mom, that is just unacceptable behavior and they will be real with your clients and joke with him don't be afraid to you know, to rip him a little bit and tell him exactly how you feel make a joke about it you know, say, love your daughter she's probably going to scratch your eyes out if you do that again so I want you to get over here and I want you to sit your little self down and I want you to chill out okay don't get up again unless you're getting ready to have a have a accident in your pants all right? And then they get a sense for this guy's really serious but he's kind of joking around too, but okay, I will another thing allow yourself time to chit chat when I'm photographed, its not like okay, stand here. Stand here. Stand here. Stand here. I've allowed myself enough time to be profitable, but I've allowed myself enough time that when we get our first set, I can stand here for a few minutes and I can chitchat. I can talk about whatever you know I could talk about a concert this coming town again talk about her shoes. I could talk about her friends or you know where he goes to school. I can do that. That's my business. I don't want it to be so commercialized that everything is okay. We're going to do this. This this and this it's transparent. I'm organic. I'm riel. So take a few minutes before you get started on each set. Just chit chat with the people. Sit down with him for a minute. It will go a long, long way. No one else is doing that. You go get a cup of coffee from a local coffee place. You walk in and help you show you three ninety eight. Uh, what's your name. Okay. Next. How better does it feel when you walk in and say? Hey, how are you doing today, man? I'm fine. How are you? I'm doing pretty good, man, I'm just glad that gladys sons out here uh, I'm looking forward to a good day. Guys got big plans this weekend. We're going out to the game. What about you, man? You got big plans for the weekend talking to me or is he only like a bluetooth or what? You know, it feels better. So even if people don't do that for you, try to do it for them. Some people don't like the chit chat. Some people don't like it, but if they don't like it, do it anyways because it'll make it less awkward for you. Let's talk a little bit about some short term goals to raise your profits and this is what I do all right down. Just say for the next month I'll write down maybe three just short term goals, three short term goals things that I know I can achieve really short in a short, short period of time and it may be something as simple is alright my short term go I want to learn to put my stuff back where it goes after every session that's probably not gonna happen every time for me and but that's a short term goal I want to work on that something I can fix right now and then I may think in the beginning, the month I may throw out one long term goal. What's, the long term goal that I want to achieve over the next twelve months. It's. Like trying to pick, you know, twelve per month that are attainable. And it may be something as simple as I want to put a put aside, you know, whatever extra money I have, because I really want to get a whole new set of lights for this side of the studio. That's, a long term goal. But unless I write it down, and unless I see it, I don't remember it.

Class Description

Are you ready to add a new, lucrative dimension to your photography business? Join award-winning photographer Blair Phillips for an introduction to everything you need to know about taking portraits for high school seniors.

In this three-day course, you’ll learn about how to market yourself to the high school audience, no matter where you live or who you know. Blair will discuss his signature techniques for effortless, versatile posing. You’ll also learn everything you need to know about both off-camera and natural lighting, including how to create foolproof lighting setups, even if you’re working without an assistant. Blair will also cover strategies for creating a productive workflow and working confidently in a wide variety of settings.

By the end of this course, you’ll have be equipped with the core marketing techniques and one-of-a-kind photography skills needed to connect with high school seniors, give them results they’ll love, and grow your business.


a Creativelive Student

Blair is great. This class is packed full of great info and is a genuine good hearted person.. Really like his approach with high school seniors. I recommend it.


Loved watching Blair Phillips. He has so much energy and is very entertaining to watch. He was extremely well prepared and did a fantastic job.