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Work Ethics

A lot of us with our first thing that we're really, really profitable, but we're really, really not and I went through a small phase of this at some point in my career where I was like, man, I'm just knocking it down, but for some reason the bank it didn't quite look that way, it's just because I was spending money frivolously and it was going crazy and I was working myself into a frenzy was going nights. But one thing how many of you guys as a photographer, you would love to work from eight o'clock in the morning until roughly give or take nine nine thirty ten o'clock at night like that sounds like a successful photographer, right? No, you all said you had children. My schedule changed the day I found out my wife was pregnant, that that's the day my schedule changed, it was a hard thing to do. How many of you think that you could call your den ist and say, you know, dr abrams, listen, the only time that my husband can come in to get his teeth cleaned unfortunate because he works, you ...

know, and everything is he can come in on a friday evening it like seven do you think you won't even ask your dennis that door? Do you think you're dennis would say, okay good just come on in I guess I won't be with my family and they don't hang up on his wife like harry what do you do in that was when we're going to go on a retreat with our family honey the man that's on ly tell may could come and they want you bad enough they will get their you've always been to the dentist during the day you've taken a half day off work and I never thought this was possible my schedule now I work monday through thursday eight a m to five p m we take our last appointment at three keeping a consistent schedule is key if you're working so many hours it may look like you're you're making money but you have to divide all those hours about whatever money you're making and at the end of the day you're making minimum wage a lot of us photographers and I did that for a long time oh so eight to five and I'm done take fridays off when someone calls and says you know the only time I can come in on a friday we don't even given the chance to say that that is how you handle it okay have available appointment's monday through thursday from a m and we take our last appointment at three o'clock I happen to have a twelve thirty on thursday cannot put you down for that and then shut up don't give them justification when you had the reason that I don't have anything is because I have a family don't give him any room to argue because they will figure out a way to twist your arm and make you come in on friday on your day off, so do not do it so keep that consistent schedule for sure another thing with all the technology we have find a system, find a system that's consistent, find something that fits yourself. It's your work. I've got mine loaded on the phone, so if I'm out in public and I run into someone that knows, you know sam there's likely I mean, I've been meaning to call you need to make a session well, hey, look, let's do it right here. Why you've got him right in front of you, you better take advantage of it, jump on him right, then it's like a wounded pigeon, you see a wounded pigeon use jump down their own um, I don't mean in that way, that's just analogy and that's one for the lovely host swoop down upon them like a wounded pigeon, so but I don't know where this stuff comes from, but I just I like tio give a little I like to put a picture with what I'm explaining, so picture a wounded pigeon, you're the hog you're going to swoop down on him and take care of him all right yeah that makes sense good to tell blair alright I use success where that's what I used to amass my operating system it's my studio management system what this allows me to do is track every aspect of my business which I never thought was important years ago like I don't need to know how many newborns I'm shooting this month I don't want to know how many children that I photographed last week I don't want that important I just need to keep making money well, no, I can go back and look and say all right my seniors from j m robinson high school versus the fourteen other ones that photograph was really weak so next semester we're going to go in and really jump on this school right here and we're going to build them back up to where they need to be, so pay attention to what selling pay attention what's not selling you may be in a certain area that you know your work is stronger and other areas and it's selling mohr you may put a little bit more effort into that, so don't just close the door and say whatever comes in, I'm shooting and I'm making money because a lot of times we're not making as much as we think that we are set studio goals set those goals set him high set him attainable that's. Something I used to do. I want to make. I want to make about seven million dollars this year. That is not an attainable goal for me. Probably ever in my life. Nor do I want to make that much money. I mean, it's just not feasible. So set small goals that you can work with, right? I'm down if you can't see the goals every single day. It's never gonna happen, it's never gonna happen. The one way that we see him is right in here. We've got a white board that we keep up in the studio large. And these air goals like sports teams. I wanted to pick up two more high school contracts this year. Well, I picked those up and I got three more got five weddings. I wanted twenty. I was up the eighteen. We're falling short, so I'm going to my staff knows. Hey, to get your bonus this year we gotta elevate in these areas, so make your don't make yourself a personal whiteboard or a green board or whatever color you want to make it. Just put it in front of you so that you can see it. It's never gonna happen this isn't another thing too in my business I'm giving you kind of in this first segment I'm giving you kind of a few nuts and bolts of things that I find that are really, really important in my business and then we're gonna we're gonna open the floodgates and go crazy here in just a little while this is something that works me to death when's the last time you had, like the most perfect customer service experience probably a long time like back in the seventies probably right? It just doesn't happen anymore doesn't happen you go into a restaurant now and it's like how can I help you? Wow, aren't we brought eyed bushy tailed this morning? Why? I mean, what is the deal with us? I don't get it. What is wrong with our society? We've all become sedentary and we don't want to go support the effort that it takes to be nice and just be pleasant put on a smile it's not gonna kill you think about this when someone calls your studio and this is for the internet viewers a cz well, if you ever have staff and someone answers the phone playful photography how may I help you or their field photography where eight by tens are plentiful? How may I help you? What do you how do you want people to do it so train them. How do you wanna handle? I've worked for nine years to get my telephone rings, so if I hear that it's anything other than the way I would want to do it now, I'm gonna have to deal with that and that person is gonna have to do to get some training. Are there going to have to kick rocks? They're going to move on down the road because I've worked too hard to have it mess up my work from nine years to get that person to call and then that's how they're being treated, what, like a preacher all of a sudden? So work on your inquires when your phone rings or someone send you an email don't just don't just send them a little e mail bag, but if he did this, what if you take your iphone? You put it on camera mode, you flip the camera around to you and you say it was lorenza? Yeah, you say take just a second hit record. Lorenzo what's up, man, my name is blair and you just sent me an email recently listen, I'm really, really busy right now working on some other project, but I wanted to let you know that I got your email. And, man, I'm so appreciative of you sending me that I can't wait to talk to you and I'm going to send you. I'm going to send you a call here in just a little while, but I wanted you to bill to put a face with a name and just tell you how much I appreciate it. So hang tight and I'll be right with you, man text that tillman lorenzo's like, oh, man, I was cool. You know what? I called a guy today about some pictures from my daughter, her senior pictures. And this guy sent me of video bag crazy other places as you call. Hello? When would you like to book your session? Ok. All right. Yes, man, that sounds good. Thank you. Where's. Lorenzo going to fillmore? Welcome. When lorenzo comes to the studio, lorenzo half up a second. This is how I'm going to greet lorenzo. And this is just me. So I'm telling you to be comfortable step right up here. This is how I'm not gonna do it. Hello, lorenzo. How are you? I'm blair nice to meet you, man. This is how I'm gonna greet lorenzo when I see him for the first time because we've had we've built report with one another. It's like we went to different schools together wait a minute so I agreed lorenzo and almost lorenzo what's no man good to see you, man good to see you about even doing I'm doing great. Thanks that's how I greet lorenzo I'm comfortable like that if I can't greet lorenzo like that, I need to find another business you have a seat. Thank you, buddy. So moral of that story is to be yourself, but be more than yourself. I elevate myself all the time around people because if I give off that persona it's viral people are gonna love to be around me they're gonna love it instead of I'm debbie downer I can shoot your pictures it's going to take more and more each day our society is going to require more and more out of us we're going, we're not going to keep putting up with bad service bad customer service it's not gonna happen so work ethics no your role just like the rest of used to say no your roll um I know what you're good at if you're not good at certain things, don't do them give that role to someone else. You know I'm not good at sitting at a desk for very long, I'm not good at it, so instead of trying to force myself to be good at it I'm like, you know what? I'm going to give this to you because you're really good at it. Even though I'm paying you, I'm still gonna be able to make more money because that's getting done now, I can focus on what I love to do. So if you have a person or somewhere this week, find their strengths and their weaknesses and put them where they need to go. My wife is cut out for editing. She will sit at that desk for seven hours of the time, and she has to, and I just makes my back hurt even thinking about it, it's not who I am, so I'm not gonna force myself to be that way. If I do, I'm going to fail miserably, miserably creating an efficient environment. When I walked into creative live, I was blown away with how clean, how put together everything was everything has a place, everything is labeled, and I'm walking around taking notes, I'm like, all right, I'm going, I love that idea love that idea. Even when I go into a restaurant, I look around and I look for ideas and I pull up my file, take pictures of every little thing I can think of that I can put to use in my own life. Where visual society so take advantage of everything that you can see get rid of the clutter get rid of everything that you don't use that you use every once in a while because let me tell you something I'm a true testament of this if I would have continued to live the life that I was living when I was a kid I would have on ly been probably as good as the environment that I was around now sometimes you can't rise above that, but you're only as good as the environment that you're in, you know, there's just there's no other way to put it it takes a something tremendous to make you get out of that environment, so you're on leah's good is the environment that you're in, it just puts you in a better mood too think about this when you come over vacation if you're coming home and you know that your house is clean, everything was put together when you lift your like all right kind of makes coming home feel a little bit better, but that never happens, right? We come back from vacation and our house is an absolute wreck because we have left everything there everything and we're like, oh, got something home to mess it up mohr so take that timeto clean your environment, keep your environment clean just like your body you wouldn't put you know we wouldn't eat dirt and you know, drink gasoline and maybe some of you do but it's harmful so keep that out get it out of here I don't know why I said that no one each dirt drinks gasoline my grandfather he used to say that I would run through the place that satan is with a gallon of gas he said he'd run through there with a gallon of gas hey said I was kind of a rebel but yet put in a better mood and it makes you way more productive if you only have to focus on one thing, you're going to be good at it but if you have to focus on seventeen other things before you can even get to the one thing you're supposed to do, you're going to suck at it don't mean I don't mean it any other way than just that like take out this is adam's desk right here adam has the freedom to set things up the way that he wants whatever makes him more efficient. You know my desk is normally not as clean as adam's disc because I don't sit at my desk very often so my desk was a catchall I don't good with sitting down and you know I have a desk I should have a chair and no desk that's what I should have but he says things up in a way that makes him efficient and I've worked on that I'm that kind of guy that if we had to move that couch right now I could get it in my truck I would never never pick it up I would never pick it up because I've learned to do everything by myself and I've learned of ways to do things without stressing myself I can put that couch in my truck without picking it up I didn't say I wouldn't have to do something I would put it on a dolly I would lay on his back on a dolly I would roll it all the way my truck and I would lift one end of it and put it right in right in there it's you got to figure out ways to make things easy and streamline things same thing like um cabinets in our studio have you ever had this a client to say picks up in order she comes in say oh lory is so good to see you let me go find your order sweetie hang on just a second okay and you walk back and you're shuffling around you can't find it you know you had it and it's oh my gosh what do I do then you had to go back up and shit chad you know half of the girls don't blame it on the lab blame it on the lab so we put these cabinets in the place we had cabinets built in our studio and it was no more expensive than going and buying a cabinet we had a custom built force everyone knows where things are so there's no guessing everything's alphabet todd so now it's more productive my folks can get the order give it to the client, go backto work instead of spending hours looking for something it just doesn't work so custom made to fit our orders it did it was an investment but look at what I'm saved over the past year of not having to go and look for stuff I've probably gained twenty hours worth of time that an employee or myself can gain from same thing with the large portrait right next to that large cabinet is another large cattle with slot outdoors alphabetized all the orders going there it is so nice knowing where everything is now I didn't spend most of my life knowing that, but now thanks to my wife and other people like that I'm not good at things I rely on those people that are good at things same thing here like we have a craft area we'll get in a lot of this stuff in a little while to things that we do with specialty products that are really, really need everything there helps maintain efficiency if you can go to a band band do you work and go it's lovely just like this place in here and created love I went there had some breakfast this morning as you got sawn off like, did they come in and design the stuff like everything they do here is spot on perfect. I don't get it. How did they have time to do this? But they have, like little ninjas running around the background just doing stuff. I don't get it up front when I say get rid of the clutter and I'll get rid of the clutter. That is where people are going to come greet you think of your life that first appearance, you know that that sounds even before I came in yesterday, I went to the hotel and took a shower and tried to make myself look halfway presentable, which I already looked as good as I was going to look, but I was like, well, the first impression I'm already southern that's one strike against me. So where I've got weird hair, two strikes, I don't want to give him a third one, so take that extra moment is spruce everything up so even upfront, neat and tidy, everything has a place, everything has a place now. This is something cool, too, that we did we put in our old studio when someone would come in to pick up the order, you have to walk all the way up front. Hey, laurey, you here to pick up your order? Yeah. Okay, cool. I'll be right back. We'll call all the way to the back bringing all way to the front and they go all the way to the back and sit down and I got to think. And I was like, I could be more efficient in this. I need to move my production area to the front of studio so that I'm not doing so much walking. I calculated it and I was walking like six miles a day. Tom's how many ever minutes by the end of the month I could gain another six hours worth of time despite moving production of the front. So that's what we did. So now we have a little have a little. This will be calling television gas for loss of words. Here we have a television television monitor and we have a little camera out front and in production. This is up above. So anytime someone walked in them and I can say, hey, that's, lorenzo, get his order together and meet him out front. So when lorenzo comes in, he shuts the door and it's like from behind the counter someone appears it's like hello, lorenzo, I have your order and lorenzo was like, oh, man in the world, are you doing? So we're efficient clients like that lorenzo doesn't have time to sit around and wait for me to go fumble through stuff he's going to lose interest in that he's gonna lose it, keep things within an arm's reach that she used every day. All right, why would it make sense for my coffee cup, which this isn't called, but why would it make sense to keep this on the other side of the room? So every time I warned that I had to go over there and get it. If you use something once a day, once a day habit within arm's reach. All right, if you use something once a week, keep it on the other side of the room. If you something once a month, I don't even have it in that room. Get it out of there. Put it somewhere else that will help you become way, way, way more fish way more efficient. Keep think about ways to use certain products to your advantage. Like you know, they make media card holders and they make they make a product for everything. But instead of my wife loves using this here, this is ah lucite business card holder from staples and that's why she uses to keep media card then. But everything is nice and efficient she's got it right there you guys don't even you probably don't even you probably have never seen one of these before have you? You see that right there says one gigabyte you probably never even seen that right and I've got a five twelve as well that's what I used to shoot on a one on one game card so I don't know when I go out of like all right man for this session you got sixty seven images right here so better make all of them count so instead of going out with eight gig and just firing off, you know, seven hundred images I was trained trained myself you got sixty seven images, you better make them all count, so don't take seventeen of the same image and you know, I hope that you got something there don't do that but keep things in the same place so you don't ever have to search for it, so every time my wife needs a needs to give me one or she needs to put it where it goes, she knows right where it is and I love that over there says I'm going crazy I don't know when she died I just saw that the other day and this program says I'm going crazy on I guess I'm hoping that that's not directed necessarily towards me o r is a result of me but I don't know it could could be could very well be just brings me to a point that I want to share something with you guys and I'm actually answer me this here lost car keys of course everyone's misplaced their car keys everyone have you ever went out and photographed a senior for two hours when it's ninety seven degrees outside and you get amazing images you're both drinks from sweat her makeup has already slid down her face and now is on her shoulder and its going to slide down and get in her drink cup that's how hot it is and you do all that and you you go back and you're just so exciting right now I can't wait for these images that's going to be a big moneymaker well, she shows up at your studio for her order appointment in two weeks from then and it's like hey man, what are you doing here like I'm here from order appointment oh yeah yeah about that yeah cool good to see you give me just one minute, okay? And you go back. I don't even know where the media card is I can't find the media card that I shot on what did I do with it that has happened to me, okay, but it wasn't because I didn't do what I was supposed to do with it maybe, but we have a system that will is full proof that will follow your client from conception. I mean, your conception, your relationship with them that's weird relationship with them and conception but it's going to follow them from day one all the way through and we do it with this right here we do it with a traveller and what a traveller is is basically a it's a nine by eleven manila envelope with a clasp on the back of it. And this right here is every single step of the workflow that goes into her from when she comes in all the way through. And the way you can figure this out is my lab again agent each color lab helping with this they said blair, go to your studio right now on a sticky note on a separate tickets so you know, every single step that goes into a session every single step write it down, man, I covered up this wall right here. Will they not realise they said, well, blair, look combined some of those steps to get there. They said you could you really don't need to do this because this is an adding value and this isn't adding value that's just something that you're doing so you could put this with this step and combined those two before you know it, they went from here to streamline to this and now when a client walks in we know exactly where they're order where there herself is when just have had a session this morning today's sessions all I have to do walk over reach in pull out she's in she's first well, just keep using lorenzo's an example lorenzo's first I pull it out inside of there is my model release have a model released with terms conditions, all that legal jargon that you have tohave I got all that and she feels that out and it goes right back in here never to be seen again unless we should need it now inside that same manila envelope is my media cord, so I don't have to go and get one it's another step why would I have to greet her, do her paperwork and then go get a media card so see extremely on that as well. So it's already in there, I'll pull that out, we go start working, we're there, we're almost finished and then every single step along the way that is taken when I'm done with that session right here phone consultation traveler ready media card number info into success where blah blah blah blah blah blah blah media model release son and then after I'm done right here, this is me bp photograph session I check it off and then from there I put the media card in there everything has finished, everything is done. We're gonna go from there though. That's good, but what I do with it now I then take it over and put it in the next person which is suzanne. It goes into her file for the next day so that when suzanne comes in she walks into the office, closes open, opens her foul for the day, pulls lorenzo's traveler out she knows exactly what's going on when she's done with it, she checks off what she does and it goes in the next person that has to deal with it goes in there folder and then they can pick it up and at any time of lorenzo calls his hey, man, I was just checking the status on my order. Put on just one second. Lorenzo, I've gotta file here. We keep everything organized. We governor warns those pull him out. Lorenzo all right, man, we got your order place on the night and throughout order confirmation here is looking like it's scheduled of being alone. It's well, so I will give you a call. As I said, I would do so I don't know why you're calling me, but I'll be I'll give you a call as soon as it gets here, I promise you because man, I want you to have these things. They are gonna look awesome in your in your house here. And it's even got packaging like order. Unpackaged portrait, son, every single step is there. We're never having to guess. Now we dont on ly have those just for just for regular sessions. We've got him same type of thing here. This is a wedding traveler for every wedding. That wedding that I do has a traveler with every step of my work flow on the folder so that when I'm done with the wedding, I come back, all the cards get deposited in there they go into that next file, everything is there, it's all there baby plans. We saw a lot of baby plans. I've got everything that I need right there, it's all been thought through. So each time I don't have to wear my going. What am I doing? What's going on here? Um, order traveler someone calls before and places an order. I've got a traveler for that. If you guys stick around long enough, I'll figure out a way to put a traveler on you guys to get you home so that if you get lost, all they have to do is pull out your little travelers in your pocket and say, okay, lorenzo is supposed to go here next and he's supposed to see this person lorenzo here. Just take your paper and just followed just following directions and you'll get there because you know, it's guys, we're not gonna stop and ask directions, right? That's the whole that's a whole. Another that's a whole. Another day right there, um, efficient office. As I said before, one of one of the biggest things that I found to keep me from being very profitable is not having anything efficient, not having a place for everything to go. And that is just a simple a cz I can put it and a hard ball, not because it's. So I look at the offices of facebook of these big conglomerates, even creative love. They have so much to keep up with here to produce what they do. But everything here has its own place. Everything is labeled, they don't do that because it's just kind of how we feel like doing it. They do it that way because that's how it has to be done or these guys are going to know what's going on no one's going to know another thing keeping up with your expenses, this is something that had to learn the hard way as well. How in the world do you keep up with everything I wouldn't bought one of these things it's it's called a neat desk where you just take your receipt and slide it through and it automatically just it's like a wizard it is and it's done you can take a picture of your receipt with your phone and send it to the appropriate software because again without proper bookkeeping man I wouldn't even be here because I may think right? Well cool I've got thirteen thousand dollars in the bank and then my statement says uh uh no way all for that but you've got like eight dollars in there but I think I'm doing good so again, this is kind of redundant information, but this is personal life mixed with business we have to have this so imagine this imagine me switch gears you imagine me I just got finally got my own studio, right? And I'm like it was about to be old now and then what happened years ago was everyone the economy started really going down, everybody wouldn't bought a camera and they said, you know what? I'm a photographer now I can do this and instead of putting those people down and saying, oh it's a mom with a camera or a dad with a camera I cannot stand it when people say that number one because I'm a dad, I have a camera you know what my putting so much negative energy into that like focus on you and what you're doing don't worry about what someone else is doing it will only bring you down so don't don't get involved in that so check this new photographer here I got my skill set together you know I've been I've been working at the school of hard knocks come a new studio open just got it all finished and here I am I'm open I'm ready ready to start this new journey of my life and in all of a sudden competition starts showing off they used to never be anyone that took pictures out in front of a studio and now in the evenings I see like minivan after minivan after minivan pulling up these women pulling their cameras out and man pulling the cameras out and they're just out there like doing sessions and I'm like, what is this studio what do you do in and what they're doing is they're charging three dollars for an eight by ten and I'm trying to charge a premium because I have a big overhead there's nothing wrong with what she she's trying to provide for her family there's nothing wrong with that but we have to do is educate her and to knowing that hey, you may not really be making money you know there's a girl in my area and I'm not down in her at all she'll do a two hour session and give you all the images edited for one hundred dollars well that's when you really get down and look at it she's really not making much money and I don't mean that in a negative way but survey your competition pick out where everybody is get on equal playing field try to so that then people can make a choice based upon skill set or a style not solely all numb because you know what the new standard is now the new standard is well, good enough is okay. That's our new standard let's go back here. I'm already all these I'm ready. I'm ready to open up and then this happens this guy shows up oh yeah that's him that's him that's the guy right there so I'm trying to get big money for my pictures and this guy shows up and he's telling me man, you're crazy why are you charging that much? He said I can get people on eight by ten right here for two dollars to both and he said that's gonna look find us down here by the water they're not gonna know the difference so this is what I have to compete with and I have to compete with those clients are like, well, why are you charging that this guy down here do it for two dollars so that's that's where I wass that was my new start, that's when everybody started showing up for the camera started, you know, santa move tire for so then I had knew I had to educate more and had to educate myself more on how to raise my level of work even more and again, if your neighbor is one of those as a camera and they say, hey, I take pictures too, and they haven't had any training or don't put him down, don't don't don't do that don't make anyone else sound really, really bad for your own good, because it will come back to get you and it just doesn't have a good look for you broke I mean, not a good look, it's not a good look when I said price yourself accordingly. I made this mistake when I first started so that's, why I'm telling you guys this now, when I first started, I just picked the price and I said, now that seems good, but what I was doing is my competition that had been in years in business for years and years and years now I was producing work that was equivalent to theirs, but a much lower price, so I started getting a lot of people from her coming to me. Based solely on price, and I feel bad about it now, but I didn't know any better, but how to do over again? I would go and view that that lady, she probably won't listen to me anyways, but I would have visited her and said, listen, I don't want to mess up your business, I want to be on an equal playing field, you know? So let's, what are you charging? You know, I want to be in line of what you're charging because I want to give people the option based upon where they want to go, not solely on price, so don't base yourself solely own price, and if your neighbors your competition doesn't want to get together and talk about it, then you know it'll be their loss in the end. So do all of your do all of your homework so again with senior business, how is it in seattle? I don't know if it's this way, but where I am we compete with a mega megacorporations life touched, you know, all those guys, we have to compete with them because an hour and where the standard is from, when I'm a child all the way up to a senior, we know that our senior pictures are gonna be made at school. We show up on picture day they have about three or four these really awesome says and that's what we're gonna have for our senior pictures that's just we don't know any other so these kids are going to the school and they pay a lot of money for the type of work that they get not saying it's good, bad or indifferent, but a lot of times I hear the parents complained, so I have to go out and I have to tell them hey, listen, we have to work really, really hard to let them know that there is a choice available and like, hey, I'm over here like, look here, I could do I'm going in there like, really? We thought we had to go through the school, so I'm having a work super super hard and our third segment, I'm going to share about model programs in ways that we have to dig really hard and dig really deep to get people to know who we are, to trust us and come with us and spend money with us and then also recruit other people that will follow and do the same thing. So it's not just a walk in the park for me, I don't just have open the doors and the seniors just flood and it just doesn't happen did you have a question? Okay, I got you if he's picking his nose is funny, you better be careful that cameras on you, man. I'm kidding. Totally kidding. He did not do that. He did not do that. So we have to compete with those guys so I don't want you to think that I'm not gonna, and I think I've done a pretty good job in this first segment of laying down on a foundation of knowing okay, well, maybe this guy just because he wears his hair kind of wild, he doesn't maybe he's, not the rock store attitude got that maybe I thought, iwas I'm no different than anybody in this room, and we're just going to continue over these next three days to break everything down and get to the nuts and bolts of how this stuff works. So I wanted to take this first segment and really know who I wass and the kind of understand, you know, a little bit about where you guys, where is will so senior photos again, their shot at the school. I don't want to go in bad mouth school photographer and make them look really, really bad, you know? And so I have to figure out a way to not talk about about them and just elevate myself, I don't want to get into that negative stuff.

Class Description

Are you ready to add a new, lucrative dimension to your photography business? Join award-winning photographer Blair Phillips for an introduction to everything you need to know about taking portraits for high school seniors.

In this three-day course, you’ll learn about how to market yourself to the high school audience, no matter where you live or who you know. Blair will discuss his signature techniques for effortless, versatile posing. You’ll also learn everything you need to know about both off-camera and natural lighting, including how to create foolproof lighting setups, even if you’re working without an assistant. Blair will also cover strategies for creating a productive workflow and working confidently in a wide variety of settings.

By the end of this course, you’ll have be equipped with the core marketing techniques and one-of-a-kind photography skills needed to connect with high school seniors, give them results they’ll love, and grow your business.


a Creativelive Student

Blair is great. This class is packed full of great info and is a genuine good hearted person.. Really like his approach with high school seniors. I recommend it.


Loved watching Blair Phillips. He has so much energy and is very entertaining to watch. He was extremely well prepared and did a fantastic job.