Senior Photography: Break the Mold


Senior Photography: Break the Mold


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Let's look at a few more videos and you'll get it you'll get a sense for a a style basically this was a more generic video that went out tio regular seniors so I wanted to take my senior models and I wanted to give them a video that they could email their friends and their friends simply had to click on it and it was like hey what's up guys I'm blair bicycle's tire b this is a deal your friend gave me your name everything has a video now so check this next one out hey what's up guys I'm blair with blair phillips photography and you've been to school all these years now and we feel like that now is not the time to settle for some boring senior pictures so if you like things that are unique and different that no one else is gonna have then you are at the right place because that's exactly what we do unlike most places we don't put a limit on the number of outfits you can change into way basically have a couple of hours that we're going to shoot for you guys and we've got one of the coole...

st and most laidback environments ever I'm going to show you exactly how to pose just make everything really chilled for you you're gonna get all this special treatment all this special attention and you got to be san yourself man this is gonna be pretty expensive, right? Well, no that's, actually, right in line with what the school's charging, which is crazy to me because we're doing so muchmore than anybody else's so if all this sounds like something that you'd be interested in, have mom or dad sit down, show him our website showing that these were the kind of images that you want for your senior pictures and then from there just have him give us a call we can answer any kind of question is that they have and then from there we can book you guys an appointment to come in for your senior session and we'll go from there way. We're really excited for the opportunity to hook you guys up with some also senior pictures this year. So look us up on facebook, you can always shoot us a message if you have any questions, you can email, you can call whatever comes about just remember super cool atmosphere really laid back and can't wait to hear from your way there again that's just me, I'm like a super cool atmosphere. Everything is laid back. It's chill! I have to appeal to those seniors and I'm much older than them, you know, like I said before, I'm fifty six years old, so it's hard for me too. No, I really am it's hard for me tio it's hard for me to relate sometimes you know I can't come in like yeah man it's cool just getting what's up come in and it's gonna be all right man they're going to like what is wrong with this guy this guy's an idiot so you have to just be yourself and that they're attracted to your personality they're attracted to it if they're like okay, that is I would never go there maybe you know, you have to get a little bit of acting in there and make yourself more suitable I guess I don't know but everybody has a personality you just have to dig deep and figure out a way to get out of you, you know, break out of your comfort zone every once in a while you'll see this next video that I'm really out of my comfort zone and I get into character in this video and I say, you know what? I don't care this message people can laugh at me all they want to I am doing this video for brides this is a bride video so this was the first video that kind of branched out and said, hey, you know what? We're gonna maybe start using video for some brattle stuff and see if that can get me some more weddings and it totally worked I started working at this at this place is called saratoga springs and it's a wedding venue. Beautiful place. I love shooting there's easy, it's so picture asking. I said, how do I get more weddings there? But then I did a couple weddings there, and the people are like, yeah, I don't know if I wanna I don't know if I want to put my dress down in the grass because it might get dirty or I'm like a lovable okay, we're goingto have obviously the vibe I'm giving off is not the right bob. I want these girls to know when if they choose me to shoot here. Yes way. Lovely venue. Beautiful, beautiful place. But what we do is we look for the abnormal spots. Like I said, beautiful place lot of beautiful opportunity. But what did we do? Only first got here way took the bridesmaids out walk across the street, over the fence and into the woods way, way still always capture some of the more traditional things as well, but we like to give people some different things that other people don't do when they're this ah, arrest you. You're gonna go when you want to show abroad how to pose, I showed. Every single person in the wedding party what I want them to dio don't be afraid to put yourself on front street you've got to show people what you want you lead by example or you get left in the dust way when you lead by example, you're not hoping when you get home oh my gosh, I hope I got the shots. I hope I got what I needed when you lead by example and you put yourself there on front street, you show people what you do, you're going to get a shot every time, every time, no guests or any person that would come from that venue. Do you think that they're going to be scared to go across the street over the fence into the woods? They know that I'm not the guy that's going to go to the gazebo it's just not gonna happen with me. So now through the use of these videos in my tracks and the type of seniors that I won't the type of weddings that I want and then I say, you know what? This is really get this is gaining me a lot of business. Yeah, quick question, I want to make sure I didn't see anything, can you? Great? Well, you didn't think I was some kind of crazy, but was it a trusted dress type situation like it was water being talked about in the one of the beach that one I think it seemed like it was one that was like buy water family likes it is actually getting sprayed with water rise now the one at that was on the beach that was actually that was after they just after they got married in like a day after shoot but the one at the wedding that was her regular wedding and that's the thing to do is you can do a lot of this stuff without tearing everything up you know and you can make it seem that you're going all the way but you're just maybe just going halfway so you know you can kind of trick your audience in tow thinking that and these guys went everywhere did pictures he's been all over the world and when really may not may not have I've got one more video they don't want to show you guys it's kind of newborns that's one of my highest average is across the board monetarily wise and it's rare that you see a lot of guys that shoot that photograph newborns I have a tremendous love for children I love love love children and I'm very good with babies and as a result I make good money with babies and instead of only focusing on seniors I said well these seniors gonna get older there they're gonna have babies so why not just keep it all in house and then they're gonna get married well, no, actually well, you're in the south they had the baby on the way we do things in a little bit of ah reverse order there so it runs, you know, threefold there. So what about and again, this is all senior relatives so don't jump in fence your time, not babies I'm trying to give you some well rounded ideas and I'm not only thinking about one particular thing, so I take the senior videos and I say, what about a mom that calls up? Uh, yeah, I was one of happens is a newborn session I remember I've waited nine years for that phone to ring for her to call, so if I just say yes, I am a newborn session is one fifty okay, thank you. Oh, my gosh, I'm gonna flip out I'm gonna I'm gonna tear the phone part of somebody does that. I wanted to be more heartfelt. What if I send her a video in a quick email and said, look, let me call you back in like, five minutes I want you to watch this video just so you kind of get understanding what I'm talking about let's watch this next video see if you can't feel a little bit of compassion coming for me even though we may have never met I got it first of all, congratulations on the newest addition to your family there's a lot of things going on right now and what I think you do not want youto in the important ways about seven years ago and one of the biggest gold besides creating really images wass to create anyone friendship every person way never wanted anyone still being rushed for feeling just a number and in those seven years before really really far achieved that wait a minute studio with on differences that are that are coming and just having one background cue from or putting the baby that way really important when you work with newborn you really never know what they're gonna be in when you get them out of their element is coming you're opening yourself up to that element of surprise to make you feel really comfortable never wait instead of thirty or forty minutes being rushed to get only blocked off a couple of hours and that is plenty of time baby pussy or here she is fan diaper change or you need a little bit of wei have time to do that never ever ever really, really important keeping everything really queen really sanitize everywhere you go you can bob and kind of times I'm a father myself so all of our taking our way get regulated newest addition to your family a lot of changes right now really appreciate it tom check this out everything that we do but for one hundred ten percent effort where you're waiting for you guys for that new warning just give us a call or e mails whatever what? Take here from there everything way everything is really consistent their questions I just want to come in I have a twenty one one sold your video just totally sold me especially when you kind of have a baby kind of trying to cry and him the talk about, you know, some of the key things I will concern, whether it's thirty you know, sensitize and all this you just like I mean, I want to shoot with you you view around here and say that makes perfect sense for me to go right into this next topic and I appreciate that comment and that's that's the reaction that I want, you know, that's what I'm going for so even you know me it makes me almost here up and I'm the one that was there but that's a great question did you hear? He said he said I said the key things that he wanted to hear that made that connection with him. So if you're going to do a video yourself, you're gonna need a few things here jot down five to seven main objectives the little things that are going tug at their heartstrings jot down five to seven and when I'm scripting a video I'll get a gigantic piece of cardboard with a with a big marker and I'll write him out one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and I'll put it over in the corner and I'm like first intro hey guys, I'm blair hey, guys, what's up! I'm blair blair phyllis entirely bubba, bubba then appalls and I go to the next number two okay, I've been shooting the icicle sr so scripted out make it easier. It allows you elaborate on those objectives and then again scout that location is gonna fit your brands gonna look right for you and if you have to rent equipment are varro equipment, you can rent equipment for paintings on the dollar. But what about all of this stuff? Obviously, but I'm telling it makes a big difference. One of a couple big things, why was microphone you gotta have a wireless microphone to get good voice or it's just going to be it's going to miss me, miss, make sure your videos they're no longer than two and a half minutes to an atm anus and use royalty free music. You can't have the latest, you know miley cyrus song on there, which we wouldn't have that anyways, but I'm kidding you can't have that, you can't say hey don't call him at work when you've got people's work that you've copied on your own promo materials that's just not a good look you know it's not a good look and I actually got a treat for you guys later whenever it comes to music I'll give you that on the last day so little little something coming your way well something something check this out everything switched for us everything made a big change for us recently in our model program it ran its course for you know, three four years and then I said I again it's working but I want to rock the apple cart I want to turn it over I want to reinvent everything that I've been doing so that's what we did when we started the little rock star program now instead of being called a senior model you're called a blair phillips photography little rock star and any what reason that I do it that way just to create a following has anybody ever heard of there's a lady I think it's lady gaga or something like that I'm kidding everybody's heard of her everybody knows her no matter who you are raining you know lady gaga right? I dont tell me the story I heard when you pulled out this morning I heard you jamming out to it I saw you um and randy knows that you know what you know you know lady gaga everybody does she's created a brand that no matter whether you like her or not, you know she is, and no matter where, whether people like me or not, my name is in their mouth, so I wanted to create a following, and I wanted to carry it through with a rock store theme because that's kind of our studio it's more the rock star type we wanted to get people that feel I'm not a rock store. I don't pretend to be organ about that person. I just surround myself that things that made look like a rock star, but I'm not the rock star guy, I'm just plain old me, we wanted to create that following, and we wanted to do all video, no more promotional stuff we did, we switched toe all video because we're going to an all video studio were like, that's, just how we're going to go. We're going there now watch the advancements and watch the changes that we made but there's, similar characteristics and all three years videos. The one thing that I put in all three of these videos is I create a sense of urgency. So I said, hey, you got to get mom or dad on board right away, and I say you've got to get mom or dad on board, get him to call us no less than three times I want to get contact with their parents. The kids think it's all frilly and pretty moms and one paying for it. I want to talk to mom. I won't talk to you, I'll photograph you, but I want talk. Your mom she's, the one paying for it. So watch this next video and you'll see a big change and we'll see where we went from. Climb the ladder got to here we started using some more professional lighting. I used the westcott t sixes, the continuous light, much like what's in here and let's, take a look and see the changes here like it looks the same to me. So you've been to school all of these years. Graduation is just around the corner. Don't you think you deserve more than just settle for boring senior pictures that looked like everyone else? Hey, guys, I'm blair with blair phillips photography and your name has been given us about one of our current blair phillips, retired senior ambassador and I think that you would be a great fit. For our brand new program that we're kicking off is the biggest and the best that we've had this before, and it's called the blair folks retired the little rock star program, so you may be asking yourself what's a little rock star, a blair full of photography little rock star is basically where we're gonna hand select ten people from each school to represent blair for tires. You're going to go through the school, you're going to go somewhere and get your senior pictures made anyways, so why not come to blare filled? I hired one of the most award winning studios in the area and let us take care of that and reward you for doing what you're going to do anyway. We've been lucky enough to be photographing seniors for about seven years now, and we have a brand new studio that really reflects who we are and what we're all about. You've got a ton of different backdrop options, a ton of different sets for twenty twelve, we got a brand new prop shop that we're building in the back for an outdoor area, so the options are absolutely. Thiss year, a little rock star has an opportunity to win four concert tickets of your choice with limo there and back and roll out the red carpet for you to any concert that you want to go to. One of the most important things we have to do from here is definitely getting mom and dad on board, take them to our website, shore my facebook, get them from mayor with type of images that you're looking for, let him know that you don't want to settle for the stuff they do a school that you want, a lot of different backgrounds, a lot of different sets, you want different locations and we're the ones that could do it get mom or dad to give us a call. We'll set up a time for you guys to swing by for a little mini consultation, and we'll share with you guys exactly what we're all about show you some more examples and share a little bit more about all the incentives and the bonus is you're gonna receive for being a little rock star. Remember, we're on ly handpicking ten people from each school so it's really important to get mom or dad to give us a call? We'll set up your consultation, we'll get the ball rolling remember bigger and better than last year, so give us a call in that sense of urgency. Making them think that I'm cool are making them think that the whole process is cool I want to open it back up in just a few minutes to some questions, but I want to run through some of the person what we're doing differently this year than what we have in some of the other ones same type of thing there got the names from last year. This time we have the video link, we give that to all the seniors we photographed the year before, they email that to all of their friends and it looks like it's directed shrieked from them it's like, you know, hey, this is that check this video out is awesome! We handpicked ten people from each school, not ten beautiful people give everybody a chance each demographic and they're each demographic don't leave anybody out and then biggest thing that we do now that's differently are these different as we have a console with the parents. If I've got it, I'll schedule it on a night on an evening where I could get like fifteen of them together do it in a group because we're what I said if one kid does it, they're all gonna want it they're all gonna want to follow, so we do that it explains who I am, what they're therefore what I'm all about and we tour the studio and we just kind of that's when we hand out all the all of our information that they can take with him and we're actually booking all their appointments that night some book and fifteen appointments every night that I have a console and it is working great this is the material that they take home again nicely printed it's not a bunch of junk this is on the forefront of my program so I wanted to look awesome and then even inside of there lots of pretty pictures the ver bitches nice there's a lot of texture it matches my brand fully and what we're doing while they're theirs we say look, while you're here we're going to have many facebook session for you it's just going to just three to five images this to show you how we work together, how all posed with you how I'll make it really, really easy we send them that they put on their facebook they're good to go what we did differently this year as well as we said, you know what for every for every every senior everything you're a rock star or little rock store we're going give you gas session tickets I want you to give these to two of your best friends because I want them to come with you to your session allows him to bring a friend and we know may throw that man two to three photos just kind of see what's up three if they send three seniors we give one hundred dollars also then we're passing these out these air all over the schools were doing t shirts and we do these t shirts in a way that people would wanna wear him it's not like the big bull he sure this like here is a free shirt you can go home and use it for a sleep shirt it's the slim fit burnout t shirt that though actually where to school that they actually will wear it and we said as our big reward at the end remember, we always have a big reward at the end said this year you and three friends can go to a concert of your choice I didn't say I didn't tell you we will be sitting in the loan but you're going to go to the concert we're going to the limo there and back and life is going to be good now we're not doing model cards anymore because we developed we didn't develop but we stumbled upon something new and it's called sticky albums and it's basically I can put their images on an app I can send it to them via email they click on it open and it says download to home screen they click the button and all the sudden it shows up as an app on their iphone and then they condense text that our email it to all of their friends and it becomes viral, you can track how many times they sent it out. So if I see that leslie is not sending that, I can pick up the phone say, leslie, you gotta check this out. I don't know what's going on, but I see you haven't been doing that very much lately. So what's the deal here so it makes it trackable its communication. And what do you do if? What do you do if one of situations were like, I don't have any current seniors, I don't have any seniors. You tell me about all these model programs, but I don't have any body what will I do? It's easy, it's very, very easy. Go out and shoot all some examples for marketing purposes. Get your niece, get your cousin, get your friend's cousin, get someone, go out and shoot some of the most the most awesome images that you feel like you're capable of. If it takes you all day to shoot him, go do it that's what she want to be on the front that's what she want to be so you can't put regular images that you gotta draw their attention, you know, like the one that I have in front of here, this isn't an average senior picture but this is going to make the people pick it up and say, I want to see that let me see that let me see that she's got rhinestones glued their face like what? What is that it's got to grab their attention? It can be boring and can't be mundane type in this down on the bottom that's a bit lee right here type that in and you can say fifty dollars off a full membership that's basically like getting it for free pretty much so that's pretty much the deal of the century there but we want to give back some things to you guys to help you out as well I know that's a lot of information to take in and I'm hoping that we've got some questions but I want you to understand as well that if you don't have a lot of business right now or you do have a lot of business, you can still take a lot of these things that we put into place and probably used and you can say, well, I like the fact that he did this this one year but I don't like all that also has too much work you can simplify and keep it to what works for you, but to recap you can start even if you don't have any seniors you can start with somebody that you know they're your senior, they have friends trust me even if you have to do it at a small bit of a discounted rate to kind of get started for a couple people but don't wait too long like the text mp five eight seven guided don't wait too long to to start really charging, so I want to open it back up to some questions both online and then as well as if you guys have some and what kind of see if we can make sense of some of this stuff and we'll go from there yes, with your models about that outfit? Yeah, and do you have those and don's? What a tree, right? She asked, do I discuss with the models about their outfits? And I've got a in one of my programs that were going to deliver I thinkit's tomorrow I'm going to go into great detail that it's going to save you so much time and so much aggravation about their outfits, so I'll get in a little bit I'm on almost spoiled everything for tomorrow, but yes, we are very deeply involved but were involved from a distance I don't I don't necessarily tell them to bring an outfit that looks just like this it looks just like this just like this, but you do have to tell them to bring a lot of stuff because if you don't they're going to show up with a variety of three tank tops that they it's a variety to them but as a tyre for it's less inspiring to photograph when you don't have good outfit so you definitely want to consult with them on their outfits for sure yes, I actually had a couple questions were only allowed one here creative live I'm so sorry well, I'm getting the first question how long is your season then because you said it's not you're you know the model programs right? Is it just from january till they graduate or do you actually start from the first year we actually our season we start shooting like really sessions they know me don't even like to do him until they get out of school, which is weird because at school you know they're trained all throughout the years that you're going to school to get your seeing pictures made but they have to come and get those made during this summer when school is out so they're accustomed to doing it in the summer so my season of shooting is normally june july august and then I'll have a few linger through september and then it slowly starts to taper back off so may june, july august those air my really hot months and really hot in the south if you know what I mean so yeah june july, august, september that's our heavy shooting months and then as soon as the shooting dies off that's what I know okay town to start marketing for next year you know? So I'm not waiting until june to start marketing I'm starting marketing again you know, november december I'm starting to really get the ball rolling for you know for that so hopefully I'll help you we'll get there. Yeah, good deal. Any other questions from you guys? Yeah, you have a question which is totally unrelated to that part the junk yard who you have problems getting in there with a senior photograph or are they give you in now? I've got I've got some really, really heavy duty. I found out the heavy duty bolt cutters worked the best, but now I'm kidding. I built a relationship with a with a guy that owns the junkyard. I had to go do a a photo shoot for a magazine and they said, hey, just do your thing we like what you do and they had this motorcycle that was it was a sixty thousand on a motorcycle and they said, do you think I said good? We're taking it to the junk yard and they're like what that makes no sense. I like that's why your viewers are going to read it because it makes no sense and that's what we did, I struck up a relationship again I'm when I'm out in public and I meet people I treat that relationship as if you know what what if we need something from one one another one day I wanna be able to see that guy again in ten years and my oh hey blair how you doing man? You know I don't want to be like a jerk over there that did this that the other I wantto be able to go back so while I'm there I kind of kicked the tires around a little bit not say man, this isn't all someplace like I'm never in a million years and even knew it was here and you know I say have you ever you know would you ever consider just throwing out there? Would you ever consider letting me come back and you know, I work a lot with high school seniors would you allow me to come back and just do a little test shoot or some kind of show you what they looked like luckily said, well yes fine man so I didn't want did this that shooting I shouldn't the images he was born away you did that out here is like what in the world man and I told him my life story I told him how I grew up and what I was trying to do and he embraced it he said you know what man? He said I just I like the fact to see young people trying to make it and and I gathered that from him so we bonded not in that way but we bonded and now I can't go out there any time he'll even come on the day that he's all right he's not even open and I'll unlock it for so never shut your clothes your back or turn your back on an opportunity because you never know what could happen first question I'm going to follow up question on the location is from nutmeg wondering how do you go about getting permission for shots like your weight room like the shot of the boy in the weight room? It looks like it's in the school gym you're just talking about like that one relationship you have with the junk yard and how do you do that for like school gyms and other locations? Yeah that's a good question you know, not every where you're gonna go is going to be like oh yeah, sure come on in blair we know you are I think that's a great idea most people would be like myself and say, well, that's a huge liability and I won't nothing of it. So get off my property or I'm gonna call the police and I'm sure you know here in seattle it's probably that way you know you can't just roll up on someone's property start shooting and it looks really bad if you do that as a rogue photographer and get ran off the situation you know somebody comes out you know what do you do on that doesn't look good on our part so to answer that you know it's just being genuine not everywhere you go is going to say yes but if I have a location that I feel like I could be to my benefit I go in and plead my case you know this is what I do man this is where I'm coming from and I almost act like kind of act like a child for a second believe it or not and and almost act desperate and very needy and instead of coming in and saying you know hey, I know the show about this place here you know it's also man I love this place you know this is this is just awesome I come in and it's almost like I'm pitiful and I say aye sir our young I'm blair with clear fills with harvey and I noticed that you have you got an awesome place here and you know I didn't know what the chances would be you know letting me maybe come take some pictures here I'm a photographer in town local guy I'm a young guy and I'm just trying to provide for my family and make a living and you know I didn't know if maybe possibly would ever consider letting me use your place sometimes for photography almost that confuse and act like a child that way you kind of have to feed their ego a little bit and I'm not doing this to be manipulative yeah, I am but you have teo you have to feed their ego a little bit and let them feel like yeah, I got the upper hand here this is my place what you want, boy you have to kind of play that that's at least that's what I'm doing to gain access and I'm a friend them uh make myself a friend of them and you know, like the gym I know the coaches there and I expressed to the coaches know hey, man, listen these guys your players they work so hard throughout the year you know, I would love to come into your gym and be able to showcase your gym in a way that they still super proud of and give them a memory of all the hard work that you've put them through in this gym and that put that lasting memory that you know hey, coach johnson man he usedto mean hey really made us work hard in this gym but this this is who I am so I always give it a personal connection as well, so there's no easy way to go about it you know, you go in, you plead your case and then you shut up for a minute and let them talk and then see where it goes some people say yes, some people say get out of here right now and see where it goes I like that your approach to networking is very genuine and honest absolutely very subtle you know it doesn't come home very, very strong and abrasive it has to be very, very easy that's why when I go to new york and you know people give me stuff for free in new york I'll go in order, you know, order something to drink and people are like here, man, just just take it don't even don't even pay for it like you're just so nice I'm like no, I'm just me so in the south is different appear over here it's probably little different so depends on where you are what's another one. All right? So going into video marketing all those videos you for showing us those great videos money rodriguez and a couple other people are wondering we noticed that in the videos you didn't have any still images in there is that on purpose? Is it because you want teo show more of the experience side instead of product and that's that yeah that's a good question the reason we didn't do it is because we want down to focus on the message that I'm sending them and not get wrapped up in and they may see video, video, video and steel and it may remind him of a girl that they know at school that they don't like and it could totally turn them off or they may look at her hair and they say, oh my gosh, I love the way her hair is I'm gonna go to google and look at this here different hairstyle are they made love her jacket and I like to keep it pretty fluid all the way through with video and not break it up because I want to leave them in a state of suspense like man, I want to see what this is about go to the website you know we said make sure you go to the website the first call to action when they're done with out that I walked him to go that website so that's why we choose to do it that way not that that's a good idea or a bad idea that's just kind of my thought process behind it very cool alright so myself included and macintosh and profit over many others video getting into video fusion aren't you know, just actual video marketing it's a daunting task because it's so time consuming and we already are so busy, so questions that are coming in is how long does it take to make the videos including editing and what software to use in any great tips that you can share on how we can streamline it so fast and easy for I think one of the biggest things is in your shooting processes if you're ever going to do video you don't go into it just like this segment today you know I didn't show up last night and say I need to throw together something for these people tomorrow I mean I've spent you know weeks upon weeks upon weeks getting this material to get for you guys so imagine how chaotic it would been if there was no direction in here today and I would have been all over the place I've been sitting on the couch laying on the counter they said blair you must stand right here don't move do you hear me um same thing when you're making a video you have to have those five to seven key points laid out to give you something to go by if you have a scripted out look at it say it look at it say it look at it say it and rehearse it a little bit the shooting and is pretty easy if you mess up one I like what I would like to do is go back in and delete that file completely so that when you get finished you got seven files that you know are usable and then with mei I'm fortunate because I have adam at the studio that is great with editing and adam he edits everything for me and he uses adobe uh, adobe premier now, again, you don't have to use that, you know, you don't have to get started in all that, but that's, what we use and I would say, putting together a from a video like that, I'm going to guess we may have for maybe four, five hours worth of actual shooting and editing to get to a final product. So it's not a tom, but you have to understand that video is going to see me all the way through for a full year, so you know, if it takes me a day to produce it and be done with it, then I'm okay with it, I'm okay with throwing that in name and then one last question on video marketing from meg wondering when violet bind royalty free music, then you can always use that music on cds and videos for clients to purchase. Is that correct? Can you clarify? That is correct, and I will tell you if you stay tuned, I will tell you what I use and where I get it from, and we've got something like I said, for all of you guys for that, too, so you're definitely going. You've got to use roti free music, because, again, if it's in question, if you like, I should not do this shit or not. Don't do it, don't even go there. Don't even open the door for the opportunity. So yes, when you buy a royalty free music, you can do with it, whatever you so choose, you know, always check, though you can check with some some stuff they may have, like a little calls and there in the fine print that says, you can't use it for reproducible products that you make money from and you sail and things like that. So if you're buying from somewhere, ask him those questions. You know? Yes, I'm photographer and I sell slide shows. Can I sell this to my client using your music? And if they say yes telling you wanted spelled out in writing, you can almost can't trust anybody anymore, and I hate that that our society is getting that way. But you have to always have something in writing just to protect yourself. A lot of people out there looking to take advantage of folks just like us.

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Are you ready to add a new, lucrative dimension to your photography business? Join award-winning photographer Blair Phillips for an introduction to everything you need to know about taking portraits for high school seniors.

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