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Black Crush

Lesson 6 from: SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets

Pye Jirsa

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6. Black Crush

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Lesson Info

Black Crush

It's 12th Black crush mixology time. We're gonna create a lovely little preset to go from this to this. Preserving our awesome blacks were to create the mixology in under 10 seconds. And then we're gonna apply that mixology and develop all three of these images in different scenes in less than 10 seconds apiece as well. We're roughly around. Okay, let's go ahead and jump right in. Now Black Crush is again one of the presets that's already included in the 2015 later in presets system under Black crushed 11 d wouldn't go ahead and create this mess. They preach this crease that I think I said, create this crease set. But I want to say create this preset. It's a little early. I haven't had my dose of caffeine yet. Okay, so what this priest is great for is for silhouette shots for flair, shots for shots. We have flair, that kind of washout contrast or even shot that Aaron overcast where you're just lacking contrast and you want to boost the blacks back in. A lot of different studios have th...

is kind of style as their typical style, as well as their signature style they do a black crushed because they like that deep black look. And again, while we're customizing to kind of our version of this preset, you guys can customize however you like, But we're gonna go ahead and show you guys. So what we're gonna do is get from this to this lovely little image. Let's jump in and get started. We have three different examples a silhouette, a flare and the low contrast kind of overcast image to apply this to select all of our images Press control, shift our or command shift our to reset them all out. And now you can trust me because you guys have seen the other videos I should say. You guys and gals all right, whenever we're creating preset first thing that we do is adjust our exposure to roughly where we would want it, Which is right about here. The temperature looks pretty good where it's at. Okay, So what I'm gonna do now is ask our lovely little editors to put 10 seconds on the clock and before I click, one thing to kind of consider is what you want this preset to have. We choose this foundation color based on the color that we want the image to contained. We wanted to have natural color, more dramatic color or maybe black and white ing. Or maybe film it color. Do you want it to have skin d saturation to preserve skin detail or not skin detail but the saturation of skin without getting over saturate areas and overly red and orange areas. So just kind of think about what it is that you would prefer for me. I'm gonna go with the natural plus skin D sets. Let's start that timer. Now we're in a click there and then all we're gonna do is drop into our base tones and we're gonna go to a black crush and I'm gonna step that black crushed down to about that plus level and then all I'm gonna do is go to contrast and let's do a little bit of a contrast boost and I'm done three clicks, folks, and we're done. So what we have here is we have contrast, boosted. We have blacks highlights. We have everything basically being pulled down. So we're preserving some of the highlights, but we're really dropping and deepening those black quite a bit. We're dropping a little bit of clarity again. You guys gonna leave this wherever you like? But I do like a little bit of clarity subtracted out. You can see that the skin be sat kind of pulled out a little bit. The reds and the oranges. We have a really beautiful final look. So look, this image before and after, that's kind of a big difference there. So once array to save out a preset once again, you'd simply click. Plus, you'd select Check all de select white balance and exposure. Dislike your local area adjustments de select lens corrections except for chromatic aberration. Choose the folder of your choice and choose a name of your choice as well and hit Create again. We already have this selected out here with our vivid color or sorry with our black crush right there. So here's our preset. Now let's go ahead and choose our other images. We're going to start with that flare image right here. And by the way, for this image, I might just down down my temperature a wee little bit. Once that final is done, there we go. Love it, love it, love it, love it all right. So for this image, let's go ahead. Jump the develop module on a select black crush. This is our flare silhouette shot. We're gonna go ahead and pull up the exposure and boom, we're done. Look at that. We retain a lovely amount of contrast even though we have a flare coming in, which is washing things out of it. One thing I love to do here we're gonna do. Ah, quick, little advanced edit. By selecting a graduated filter, we're gonna go down. I have this awesome little sun flare brush. We select that, pull it in from the right side and then dragged that pin all the way back to right about there, and they were gonna select this lovely little brush again. This is a new light room six or light from cc addition, which is the brush that we can use to paint out graduate filter effects, Which is cool because I'm gonna do is using my, ah, large brush and holding on altar option. I'm just gonna feather this off so that we're not affecting Dad and our little young little girl nearly as much. Just leaving that flare off in the corner and you can see how awesome this is looking. We just kind of amplify that flare coming in. Looks beautiful. Us here. Is that before and our after fantabulous. I'm even gonna brighten that up a little bit more. Awesome. Okay, now let's go on to our final image. This is our wedding photo here. If lightning would at least catch up to what I'm trying to do, and what we're gonna do is just correct this crop real quick. You guys can start the timer if you like. That's all right with me. We're gonna select Black Crush, and for this one, I'm gonna pump it up a little bit. So we have, ah, bright image, and I'm gonna leave it with this beautiful warmth. It looks gorgeous. Just gonna leave it right about there. We have these kind of warm, golden skin tones. You guys can leave this exposure anywhere that you would like. If you want to leave it a little bit darker, you can if you want to leave it brighter, you can. With these types of the shots, I'm gonna kind of expose for the highlights. And so we're kind of well, basically for the highlights. in her skin. So if you look close, we're kind of exposing for this little highlight, leaving most of her skin in the shadow. That what? We also have this beautiful detail in the dress right here. Now, this is one image. That and by the way, here's the before and the after for language looks gorgeous. This is one of those images where you could do several different things. A square crop would look beautiful on this image. Okay, so long as we have the entire dress in the crop, which it looks like we have at least most of it. So I love that. But I would like to preserve the entire shot. What I do want to do is kind of correct. The that kind of sounds funny. I do want to do This is one of those cases where I do want to add profile correction into this lens. And then what that's gonna do is correct out the bend in that top, you know, piece of the whatever that is. The curtain, the the molding, the crown molding. That's what that is, my bad. And what we do is add my own vignette back in to kind of like pull it into the center. Now, remember, we have some flair still selected. So once we pulled this kind of whereto roughly, we want it, I'm gonna go back and we're gonna go to a exposure burn, and then we can just click, hold down, Ault or option. And there's pull that back until we get it to a lovely little point that I like it. And I kind of like it right about here. This looks beautiful. It's again. All right, So now we have that kind of corrected Ah, perspective and distortion correction on there. Let's gorgeous kind of did a little bit of ah, pull into on her, which I think looks really nice and flattering. Looks beautiful. If you don't like these things on the bottom, what I would probably do is just grab it another burn brush. And rather than trying, Teoh just burned the shadows on Lee Basically. So I chose Shadow on Lee Byrne. And rather than trying to, like, retouch that at least for right now, I don't really need to worry about it. I'm just gonna basically do a burn across the bottom to kind of make it really not part of the image anymore. So it's just nice and dark and and it kind of adds a nice bit of mood to it. I might even do that burn up here, actually know, maybe a tiny bit of earn, but we'll just pull it back a little bit on the top. So I'm just gonna pull this across the top and it may be a little bit across the sides and what I'm gonna do, just feather. This one just got hold down, Alter option and pull this one back a little bit, so it's a little bit less pronounced cool. Let's actually switch the top 12 and exposure just so it kind of adjust everything together. So it's not just affecting shadows. It looks a little weird when it affects just shadows. When there's highlights in that area, that's gorgeous. There's a before and after. All right, we're done with our three images and with the black crush mixology hope youll enjoy. See you all next video

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