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Vivid Color

Lesson 5 from: SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets

Pye Jirsa

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5. Vivid Color

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Lesson Info

Vivid Color

12th mixology time, we're gonna create the vivid color lightning preset, which is already included in the light from prison system version 2015. And that's gonna take your image from this original to this in less than 10 seconds. Well, actually, gonna create that mixology in less than 10 seconds, and then we're gonna develop all three of these images in less than 10 seconds apiece. It's a fantastic present. You're all gonna love it. So let's jump in. And I want to mention that this priest is is great. We use it a lot. This is kind of the signature style for our vivid color images. And we use this over typically either environmental type portrait, so wider portrait like this. We generally wouldn't go much closer than this for this type of a preset, because it does kind of punch up skin tones quite a bit. Same thing with this. It's like a wide angle wedding party shot, and we also use it for a lot of detail images. So it's a fantastic preset, but I would just kind of make that little adv...

isement that if it's a close up portrait, I'd stick to either signature or really soft colors what we typically use for those types of images. But what we're going to first is let's select all these images by President Control A. We're gonna press control, shift our command, shift our to reset out everything. So you guys know that I'm not Chechnya were actually going to start from scratch with each of these raw files. Now we're going to first. Of course, when we're creating a preset is dialling our exposure to roughly where we would like it. I'm gonna bring my temperature up just a little bit, too. Roughly where I would like it get. It doesn't need to be perfect, but we just wanna have it close so that when we start making preset system adjustments, we understand again, this has already saved out as a preset. But we're showing you so you guys can see the workflow and methodology behind the preset system. So let's put 10 seconds up on the clock. We're gonna start out, we're gonna select dramatic color plus skin d sat. Why? Because I want dramatic color and the images gonna dialing a beautiful age of cell but also de saturate skin a little bit, so it's not too gnarly. We're also gonna harden up the mid tone definition a little bit and then add a bit of contrast. And boom we have are vivid color preset. So let's check out the before and after afford this specific image. Here's the before Here's the after looks fantastic whenever you create a preset and I say that kind of a Russian accent when you ever you great I don't know if that was Russian, but it sounded kind of weird to me. Either way, all right, Whatever you created preset, I would recommend that you press j just to see if you, you know, clipped any of your shadows or blown any other highlights basically in cream that preset If it's a preset that you want to do that been great. But if it's a preset that you buy, basically want to keep your definition than press Jay's, you can see the clipping and highlight alert, and it looks like we're good. We're solid there, so let's just take a quick glance at what's being done Now. We have our basic exposure settings. We have our base tone settings being dialed, and we're pulling on our highlights and are whites a little bit raising the shadows and blacks just a hint and adding quite a bit of contrast and also a bit of clarity to get that boost. We also have a bit of vibrance and saturation that are kicking up in the shot. This is all applied with that dramatic color and skin D set, and the other thing that's done is that we're pulling the saturation in various degrees. We're pulling the reds and oranges down a little bit to preserve good skin tone, and we're also boosting other tones to again. Give it that more vivid kick and you'll notice in the luminous we're doing the same thing. So if you don't have the present, you can dial them in. But why don't you have them? They're really fantastic. If I do say so myself, Last thing I'm gonna do with this particular images drop in a little bit of a radio filter with a 0. exposure burn right here. And just to bring attention right in that center point, I'm gonna even just click up a little bit to make it less dramatic. All right, so here's that final before and after for that image. Now, if you want to save out a preset, what you do is just go simply click. Plus, you're gonna put this into the folder of your choosing. Give it the name of your choosing. And again, we've already saved as vivid color. So it's already in your preset system. If you're using the present system, click check all de select white bounds and exposure. Because we do that on an individual image basis. We also do our graduate filters and radio filters and other local adjustments on an individual image basis and same thing with lens corrections. Except for chromatic aberration. You can pretty much turn this off on safely throughout all the images, but all the other basically lens corrections. I do like to adjust on an image damage basis, and then you'd hit create to save out that preset. So we're gonna cancel out this cause we already have it saved. Let's go ahead and process the other images. Gonna put 10 seconds on the clock or do you want to just trust me? I see you just trust me. All right, so we're gonna click Vivid color. I'm gonna go ahead and just adjust my exposure up a little bit, maybe dialing a tiny bit more warmth. I do like a bit of warm from these type of shots. Press are just to adjust my crop. And they were gonna pull in the crop a little bit to straighten this out, and that's it. So look at the before and the after, but four and D after I could do this all day, people. But I want All right, let's go. That final image and this is that detail shot this image. This wedding was actually styled by Genie Savage, who is one of our amazingly talented wedding coordinators. And let's go ahead. I shot. That's actually to be cropped Square so that we can throw this up on INSTAGRAM. So I knew was a shot that she would like showing all these vines and flowers and this beautiful set up the chandeliers. This amazing. This is only half the room, by the way. It is absolutely incredible wedding. Okay, let's go ahead and just crop this and I'm gonna go to a 1 to 1 square crop for insta. We're gonna pull this in. I'm gonna bring it right to about there and now I'm gonna ply my vivid color and this look, beauty mus I'm just gonna dial up my exposure a little bit and bring my temperature down a little bit. I like a little bit of warmth to it, but not too much Now. What I want to do is show you one additional little tweak here. By the way, if we want to like, let's say, preserve a little bit more of those highlights, What we can do is drop into our base tones and we can just dial the highlight recovery up a little bit and they'll preserve more highlights. So easy peasy. You can also do the same thing will a similar thing by boosting HDR. But the difference with HDR versus hi recovery is that HDR lifts the shadows in addition to pulling down the highlights, whereas highly recovery preserve shadows where they're at and basically pulls down our highlights. So actually, don't mind that hdr plus, let's just leave it right there Now, One thing that you'll notice is that on this very center table right here, there is this light that's landing on the table, that it looks like basically, when they set up the lighting, we might They might have been missing a gel or something. So the light is brighter, and it's also a different color temperature from the other lights around this area. Now, you know, it is thinks that this stuff happens, but we can help everybody out by simply doing a little fix here in light room. So let's do just take an extra 30 seconds and do a quick fix inside of light room. So when we do first is I'm gonna get my exposure in this area kind of right on. So I'm gonna do is just click, and we're gonna select exposure. We're gonna just click in this area right here, and what I'm gonna actually do is let's get a little more precise with that, I'm gonna undo this by pressing Control Z or Command Z. I was gonna paint this over the area that actually want to effect right here. That's really the only bright area in the image. And what we do is, instead of adjusting exposure, we can adjust. Actually, the the highlights on Lee OK, so let's just pull highlights only, and let's pull whites down a little bit with it. Something to bring it down to about right there. And I'm gonna paint out of areas around that. I don't want this to be affecting. Okay, so with that one single adjustment, we basically adjust the exposure to about right. But now we have to address that color issue. So when do is click new, and this time we're gonna go to a temperature breast brush, breasts, the temperature breath. Now, this is just a basic warmer temperature brush. The reason I'm using this is so I can see where it's basically being implied. I'm gonna use a fairly large brush with a large feather as well to kind of hit this little, you know, Looks like that spotlight is basically right here. Someone adjust that sized about right here and just click once and let it feather off naturally around it. Essentially. Actually, we can make that a little bit bigger, I think. Let's just make it a little bigger Click once and then let it feather off all around that area. And now all we have to do is just tweak that white balance. So we're just gonna bring our white balance down. I'm gonna take the temperature up until I get a nice little even temperature and looks like about plus 15. I'm gonna bring out some of the pinks a little bit, so we're gonna make it a little more green. What's going to bring out some of that saturation A little bit in this area just so that we can kind of Diallo in our own saturation over this particular spot. And if you need to You convinced? Kind of paced basically paint out to some of the edges. If you need to kind of cover something, edges a little more, But just go ahead and look at that. I'm gonna turn this off and on and you'll see that effect making a huge difference in this little area. The image. Now we can spend a little bit of extra time just to kind of perfect those colors. So let's just kind of drag it down to here. I'm gonna paint it off of this area. Over here is the holding out alter option was painting it out of that top area so you can kind of see the final, uh, let's take a look at that final mask in just a moment. Okay, So kind of just leaving it in those areas, living in a feather off. So look at the mass now. Gonna press. Oh, so you guys can see it and that looks pretty Dang close. I think we could do a little bit of extra tweaks here, so let's just bring maybe the white balance down a tiny, tiny bit actual. Let's go up and then let's bring it down so we can kind of see it shifting back. I'm gonna look directly at my screen so I can see it coming back. And it looks pretty solid right about here. Which was about where we're at. Let's see if we want to take the greens out. Yeah, I think I want just a little bit less pink in it. And then move dial down the color temperature we could spend forever. Justin is very, but the point is, is that we're gonna get it far closer to where it should be. And we might actually need Teoh make a couple different adjustments at once. Okay, so it looks like there's a little highlight point right there, and we're just gonna paint this off of the bottom area a little bit. Okay, that's great. And then we're gonna click new, and then I'm gonna zoom into this little area right there where there's a tiny bit of extra pink there and again, we're just gonna dial the pink down a little bit, maybe a little bit of warmth and just put that right here. Okay? Now it's zoom out and take a look. What I just do. Just delete that. Let's do that one more time. There we go. Okay, Now, it's not necessarily perfect, but it's far better than where it was. And it's actually now. Usable is not basically a ah major distraction with this kind of a square crop of that table being front center. So look at where it waas and where is after we completed. If you want to spend a little bit of extra time to get these kind of things perfect, you're welcome to, but I think for the purpose of editorial, you guys get it. Look at the before and after on this image looks beautiful. Us love it. And we are done with this tutorial. So let's move on to the next one

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