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Vivid Crush B&W

Lesson 16 from: SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets

Pye Jirsa

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16. Vivid Crush B&W

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Lesson Info

Vivid Crush B&W

It's time for the vivid black crush, black and white, 12th mixology where we're gonna go from this image to this awesome high energy of black and white. Look in simply 10 seconds in creating the mixology itself, and then we're gonna go and process Each of these images within 10 seconds. Might be a little bit. Advance work might be a little extra explaining along the way, but you get the point. So let's jump in. I'm gonna select all three of these images. Press control, shift our or command shift our to reset everything out. And let's go ahead and talk about when I would typically or when we would as a studio typically used the vivid black crush we labeled on here dance and energy because this is sort of a high energy style of production has a lot of kind of grit to it. It's great for street portraiture. It's great for dance floor. It's great for high energy type motions that you really want to just given extra punch, too. So most commonly for us in the studio were using this on the dan...

ce floor. OK, so that's kind of where best lend itself at least in our style of wedding photography. But I know a lot of studios that like to go with this look for, say, other types of shots to give me more candid imagery. It could even be straight up, Porter said. They simply like to have a more vivid and kind of almost grungy kind of look to the image. And I don't want to say grungy because it's not really necessarily grungy is just, ah, lot of clarity and a lot of detail in this kind of shots, where, as we go for more of that soft kind of a look in general with our portraiture. So let's talk about what goes into creating this preset. Let's go over the actual mixology, and then we'll cover kind of what's done to get to that overall look. All right, so let's go ahead and put 10 seconds on the clock. We're gonna follow RFs BD framework and we're to start with a foundation so we'll start with the black and white with natural toning, and then we're gonna do is go into base tones, and we're gonna do just a slight black crust of this image. Now, where this image gets a lot of its grit from is from basically the clarity. So we're gonna bring up mid tone definition to kind of hard on it quite a bit, and then we're gonna add some contrast of the image. Now, overall, this is what creates that kind of grit in that grungy look to the image. And you can go as high as you'd like. So what those four clicks were done. But if you want to take it up further and you want to have even more greedy and grungy look than you can do that and have and I actually like it for this image, the reason why we keep it a little lower is because at around 40 it works for most images. Okay, so it works for most dance floor shots at this point. When we take it up and we make it very hard, it'll work for some dance four shots, and for others, it's really not gonna work. So we kind of design it toe work over most images, and then we can adjust on an image damage basis as needed. There's one other little trick here that I do want to show you guys in the advanced the A. C s framework under color toning. We have awesome new color tones in here for modern black and white and camera calibration. One of those is the warm kick. Now what we have by definition, when you select the this little foundation preset the natural toning, it's gonna drop in with a warm kick already. But if you want to modify that color, toning you can by simply clicking one of these. It comes in with just that standard warm kick. But if you want even warmer skin tones, you can simply pull it up. And it's gonna just basically pull out skin tones a little bit. Maurin the shots while dropping other color tones into the background. So I'm gonna leave where it's at, because it's totally fine with those four clicks. But that's just an option of going further and kind of fine tuning your specific color toning for and you can see what it does over two camera calibration. So let's just go ahead and let's finish out this image. I want to go to a square crop. I love square cross because they're very instagram friendly. They're very Facebook friendly, and they make for great canvases to in general just a very great format that I'm a big fan off. I'm dropping in a radio, Grady, and just to pull in the attention right into her. And here we go. We have this beautiful hi action, high energy type. Look to the image. Now. The only thing that I might modify on this specific image is I might just crank up the ah, the contrast just a little bit. So I might go up a little bit higher in contrast for this specific image, but not for the preset overall, because again we want to design a present toe work over the majority of images. So here's where we were to start. And here's where we finished up with this preset, and I might even back it off just one step two plus 75 instead. And that looks really, really nice. If you want to save is that you go to plus and then you can select everything that we have here. To simply click, check all dese like white balance and exposure, graduate filters and radio, and just select only chromatic aberration and then just select a folder and give it a name. We already have this saved out, so it is saved currently under vivid black crush. And, of course, if I click this, the clarity are sorry. The contrast does drop a little bit, which you noticed, but it looks very nice. And it's a great high energy look. Now, let's compare this to what the standard black and white would have been. So what we'll do we'll do is just press control shift. See your command ship. See, we're in a copy. Everything here to our clipboard. I'm gonna reset this out by President Control, shift our or command shift. Our and we're gonna do is just switch this over to Ah, it's actually before we reset that. We had exposure at 0.6. So let's go ahead now and reset it. We're gonna put exposure at 0.6. We're gonna flip this to black, white, bright, pressing V. I'm gonna go down to my history palette right here and just make this my before shot, and then we're gonna paste in that final setting. And let's look at that before now and after, so you can see how cool this effect is and this really adding extra energy and extra grit to kind of a shot like this song. Big fan. Other things that we like to do on dance Lord is a little tip. Stay in tight, Stay in close. You want to have a shot that looks like it has a lot of energy, Get close, have limbs and things coming towards the camera, and it will make things look more awesome. See this? Like that. You have this low energy. You have this high energy you like that yielded. Okay, so let's show you just a couple of situations. This is another type of situation that, depending on your style, if you like that more vivid and kind of black crush. Look, it works well in these shots. I'm not gonna say it doesn't. It's just not necessarily our style. But you see, it has a really great look to it. We can finish that image within just a single click and an exposure adjustment again. When you're doing black and whites, One thing that people often forget is to make sure that you are adjusting your temperature as well. So it's always a good idea. Just toe. Make sure that your temperature is kind of on point, then adjust your exposure to wherever you'd like, or you can even adjust exposure afterwards. Doesn't matter. But just make sure you adjust your temperature before you apply the vivid black crush cause then it switches into black and white. But you can see with this image, and it has a really nice, more vivid look to this type of a shot. Now this image works particularly well with this effect, simply because there's a lot of flat lighting on their faces. There's not a lot of direction of that light as very flat and soft, flattering light to begin with. So if we pump up the detail, it's totally fine. But there are images where when you have shadows, when you have kind of maybe someone with more skin detail, it's gonna bring out a lot of that in an unflattering type of away. So just be aware of it. But that is the vivid black crush, black and white preset 12th mixology video. My name is Pie. I'll see you all in the next video

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