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Glam B&W

Lesson 17 from: SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets

Pye Jirsa

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17. Glam B&W

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Lesson Info

Glam B&W

allow Mi amigos about the only Spanish. I speak about the right from teaching as in English. In this tutorial, we are going to be going over the glam black of my present, which is gonna take your image from this to this. This lovely little black and white mixology is fantastic over skin tones. It looks amazing for bourgeois and so forth. We're gonna talk about not only how to create this preset, we're gonna create the mixology in less than 10 seconds. We're also gonna apply it to other images that's gonna look fantastic with and talk about what kind of scenes this looks great with. And we're gonna talk about what settings make this preset tick, if you will. Okay, let's jump in from the top. I'm gonna go ahead and just reset out everything by pressing control, shift our and then let's go ahead and dive into this. That's command shift are, by the way, if you're on a Mac, I get sorry. I wonder if he has actually like, need me to say it anymore. You guys have heard me say it so many times.

Let's go and just do a basic black and white conversion with this By pressing V, I'm gonna go ahead and right click right here in the history and say, Copy history, Step to before and now What I would do is apply this glam black and white and wow one click and we're good to go. Let's look at this before and after. So here is the standard lighter in black and white conversion. Here is the glam black and white conversion. What's happening here is you'll notice that we wrote in blooming highlights. What this present essentially doing is it's allowing highlights toe open up and sort of bloom around and diffuse themselves around other objects. It works incredibly well in two situations. One where you're dealing with close ups, boudoir, anything that you want. Skin tones to have a very soft and flattering look. Two. In scenes that are basically backlit, like this one, where we have, like this grass and kind of their softly back, we want to have that blooming look to an image. So let's talk about how this preset is made. Let's first just create our mixology by going through and let's just ah, let's just aladin manually Now there are really two things that give this preset. It's look and what we're doing essentially is we're opening up mid toned contrast by dropping clarity and then we're increasing. We're doing a levels boost by basically pulling up the brightness of our highlights and are whites and dropping that blacks and shadows. So we're adding, were basically reducing overall mid tone contrast and then adding it back to the blacks in the highlights. And it creates this look. So let's do this from scratch. We're gonna create the mixology right now. We're gonna put 10 seconds on the clock. I'm gonna go ahead and just reset this out, and what we'll do is we'll start with a foundation. We're just gonna go ahead to black and white natural toning. We're gonna use bass tones with a levels boost, and this is what's gonna pull up the highlights while dropping the shadows, and then their definition we're gonna soften mid tone definition. And these three clicks are the primary clicks that get us to our glamorous black and white look. So it's very simple to get there, and you could see exactly what was done to get to this step. So let's go ahead and select gland black and white. And if we did it correctly, nothing changes because that was the preset. So let's look at the before and the after of that standard black and white conversion. Let's talk about the differences of what's being done here. So over on the right side, you can see the highlights are being pulled and whites are being pulled. This is brightening up skin tones, which are in that brighter range, and it's making them look very white and flattering and so forth. We're pulling down our shadows and are blacks, which is retaining contrast. So we're deepening the black, so we have a good amount of shadow both on this side of the spectrum. We have a good amount of highlight, both on the right side of our hissed a gram. We're adding a little bit of contrast and look at this clarity drop. So we're dropping clarity quite significantly, and this is what's allowing that mid tone contrast to kind of open up in bloom around the subject. We have a standard s curve that's boosting overall contrast. We have that brightening effect. So again, with that um preset with that standard foundation Where is it? Right here. This standard foundation. Natural toning We have added in there this color Tony adjustment for warm kick. So what that's done is it's raised the red, orange and yellow mix, so we kind of brighten up skin tones in those warm tones. We've also flipped the camera calibrations that we have again kind of brightened up those warmer tones. So we get a very flattering overall look to the image, and it looks looks fantastic. It's a great portrait preset. Okay, so now that we did that image and let's go ahead and we're going to do something just a little bit more, we haven't hardly done any stylization. So this is an image that I think would be kind of cool to do it on. So I'm gonna add in a radio plus plus and I'm gonna press shift em, or you can simply click over here in the radio filters. I was gonna move my pins right over my models body right there, okay? Or my client's body either way, and we get this really beautiful kind of softening effect that goes on outside of the frame. If you want to adjust the size of these. You can, of course. But I really like them where they're at. Sam's gonna leave them right there. And what I might do is just a tiny, tiny bit of retouched just on her just on this little part of the face right there. So I'm just gonna kind of remove these little flecks in specs on the skin. Very simple. Very easy healing. Not trying to anything crazy. There we go. Okay, that gorgeous. So here is that final before and the final after. Let's go on to the next image. So we're gonna go to this image right now. Let's go ahead and click. I'm gonna go ahead and first just press V so we can get to our standard black white conversion. Save this as our before, and then we're gonna go ahead and just apply our Glamoc black and white preset. Okay, again, One click and we get to really nice result. All we're gonna do from here is just adjust the exposure a little bit, and it looks fantastic. If you guys wanna just exposure, will not Sorry, not exposure, but a contrast and clarity on an individual basis. You can but This looks great in my mind. So let's leave that right there. Let's look at the before and the after for that one. So here's that before, here's the after again, there's only a 0.4 exposure adjustment. So if we were to actually go back and compare apples to apples, this was a little bit of Ah, let's do this. Let's do that. And then let's switch this over to black and white. I just reset it out by pressing control shift our I'm resetting this. Gonna put my exposure in at 0.4. Switch this to Black Member pressing V. Now, let's use this as our before. So now we can compare apples to apples. Okay, so now let's apply that preset. So again, we have a good before and after. So here's that Glamoc, Black and white, Beautiful. And now look at the before and after. So standard black white conversion to the preset black of my conversion. All right. Same thing here. What I'm gonna do here is ah, let's go ahead. And I think let's just take a look just so I can I really just want to have a good before and after so I'm just gonna just check this real fast and let's dial in our exposures that we know where it should be. Okay, so should be about 0.5. So let's go ahead and we're gonna reset by President Control Shift are gonna go 0.5 in a press V so that we can get our before copy history, step by right clicking and then clicking that little copy. And then we're just gonna apply this glam black and white. And this is one of those images that I love to use a square crop I love again. Square crops are fantastic. It's very social, media friendly, very canvas and print sales friendly. That's great. And look at this. Look at the before and the after, and you can see exactly what I mean by highlights blooming looking kind of the way that these three grass the highlights kind of bloom around the shirt and so forth, and you can see it kind of wrapping. And we got beautiful skin tones. You even see how the skin kind of blooms a little bit over the background and so forth. It looks really nice and has this great dreamy look to the image. Absolutely. Love this preset. All right, so that's it for this tutorial. Hopefully, you enjoyed this glam black and white preset and how it works again. My name is Pie. I'll see you all in the next video.

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