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Soft Skin Color

Lesson 3 from: SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets

Pye Jirsa

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Lesson Info

3. Soft Skin Color

Lesson Info

Soft Skin Color

welcome you lovely folks to another 12th mixology. This time we're covering the soft skin color preset in the porter mixology, which will take your image from this lovely shot right here, too. This beautiful thing. All right, One single click. We're gonna create that mixology in less than 10 seconds, and then we're gonna apply this mixology across and develop four different images each in less than 10 seconds. Now, let's go ahead and jump in. Now, the whole thing note here is that the soft skin color preset is designed to give very soft and milky skin tones. It reduces clarity. It reduces detail and so forth. And so it's best used on close up portrait sit. Could be a close of wedding portrait at close up. Just portrait of somebody. It could be a boudoir portrait. It could be a newborn, like my lovely daughter Ellie here. It could be anything but it's best for these types of close up shots. So let's go ahead and we're gonna jump in my present control air command a and resetting all of t...

hese different images by pressing control, shift our command shift our view on a Mac that way. You know I'm not trying to cheat you. I think I just said Kita instead of cheetah. But that's okay. Let's keep going. All right. So you can see that these are the raw files. And what we want to do is we're gonna create that mixology again. It's already saved out. You don't need to go about saving this. We're gonna show you how to save it. But we're showing you the steps that you understand the present system better again. We're still using the basic framework. Just the F S B D framework. Where we going to use a foundation? We don't really need to style eyes it. We are my modified based owns we'll see on. And then we're just gonna modify definitional, but to kind of soften up the image and get our contrast and so forth. So before we go about creating a preset, I'm not gonna click to zoom. I'm gonna just quickly adjust in my exposure. Just that I have an exposure that's close to where I want it. And I think white balance and everything else is pretty dang good. But I want that just so as we dial in things we can kind of get an idea of what the image needs were to go ahead and open up my foundation. And I'd like 10 seconds on the clock poor before you lovely video editors. Let's go ahead and get started. We're gonna click natural color plus skin d sad because I do want natural color. But I want to reduce some of the saturation. The skin just a bit now with highly recovery comes with the standard amount. And I kind of wanted to keep this standard amount in there. But let's go to definition and I'm gonna soften up the image quite a bit and then add back in just a little bit of contrast just to kind of even out. And that's it. We're done. That would have been three clicks if I didn't do little playing around my bass tones. Okay, so that's a We have gone from this image right here to this image. Now, let's go ahead and do one thing. I want to show you guys, I'm gonna create a virtual copy just real fast by President, Control of pasta, beer command, apostrophe. And then I'm gonna do on this one. I'm gonna reset this out by pressing control, shift our and just dialing that exposure adjustment. So that way, you guys can see what these two murders look like with just those three clicks. OK, so that's the image. With just the exposure adjustment, it looks a little bit flat. Here's the image with everything, and you can see that I'm gonna zoom into this just a little bit. But you can see how beautiful our colors look. We have soft skin. We have some of the D reading going on, so it's just kind of keeping the skin nice and and milky smooth while still retaining lots of beautiful detail. That's it for this shot. And one thing to kind of keep in mind, too, is that if we jump in the develop module, you'll notice that in the FSB framework under definition, you can also adjust your sharpening amount. So if you want to develop a certain preset for maybe just newborns, you might reduce some of the sharpening. We might even keep your smid tones softening even higher than what we did again. Adjust in the specifics to base on what your style is. This is kind of where our Linenger's A style is at for these types of images. But once I have that in there, I'm gonna go ahead and save this preset out. So what I would do again is again organize your presets in a manner that makes sense and it's easy to find with this has already saved out. But what we would do if we wanted to save a mixology is click right here. Under create new preset, we would select check all de select white balance exposure, your local area adjustments, your lens corrections with the exception of chromatic aberration leaving everything else on. And then, of course, save it into the right folder with the right name and then hit create. Okay, Now, again, we already have that saved, which is this little guy right here. So let's go ahead. And once that's done, the next step that I would recommend when you're creating presets and I haven't really talked about this yet is to test these presets over other images just to make sure that it works. And so if you want to make any revisions, I'll show you how that would be done. So let's go ahead. We're gonna apply this preset to this image we're going to first is just kind of get my white balance and everything dialed in, get my temperature. And again, I'm not doing that because this is like the way that my workflow typically is. I'm doing it because it makes more sense. When I show you the guys that presets, you can see what's happening with everything. Once the preset is clicked, okay, click, soft skin color and gorgeous. We have this beautiful kind of glowing skin. We have great color, natural color. It looks fantastic. Okay, let's go on to this next image, and we're gonna go ahead and click Soft skin color one. My everything about this image is pretty much done. Like my exposure and white balance. Everything is great. So I'm just gonna click this and see where we're at. And this looks beautiful. I love the way that looks. I might just pull in a little bit of ah burn from this right side using a graduated filter just to kind of pull down the right side a little bit in that frame. But that looks fantastic. Let's look at that before and after one single click That's gorgeous. And what we might do is in the next. But I'm gonna show you this image and we'll do another advanced edit as well. Let's go ahead. It's like this one again. Soft skin color. We're gonna dial in just a slightly. I love like going bright on these types of images because it really does a beautiful job with skin tone. And that looks gorgeous. I might even go a little brighter right there. Perfect. Okay, let's look at that before and after. One thing I do in this kind of images just crop a little bit, cause the crop is a little bit wind. I'm showing a little too much of her arms. I'm just gonna click are and pulling that crop a little bit and then pulled to the right just so that we don't show as much of her shoulder on the left side. That's gorgeous. All right, now, on top of this, let me show you one little fun thing. Let's go over to stylization. Let's just say for this particular image I want to exaggerate that blur effect. I'm gonna add a radio plus filter. OK, Now what that's gonna do is drop to radio filters. Depending on which one you select, it will determine the strength of it. We're in a press shift. Em, or you can also just click on the radio filters over here. And if you watch that primer video, you'll remember that this drops in to radio filters, and all we got to do is move these into the right place. And we have this beautiful softening effect over the image, and it looks fantastic. And if you want to reduce the strength of the effect you can very simply, very easily, just by clicking the radio plus or or radio plus plus depending on what strength you basically want in the image. But that's gorgeous as well. Lovett We're done with all four of these images, and hopefully you enjoyed this tutorial. So let's head on to the next video now.

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