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SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets

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Glam Ciolor

Pye Jirsa

SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets

Pye Jirsa

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8. Glam Ciolor


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Lesson Info

Glam Ciolor

Welcome to the glam color. This is the glam color 12th Leiterman mixology tutorial. In this video, we're gonna show you how to create the glamour color preset, which is going to do this awesome before and after to your image. We're going to use the 2015 version of lightning presets system again. This is already built in. But we're gonna walk through the steps of how this mixology has created. We're gonna create the mixology in less than 10 seconds, and then we're gonna apply and develop our images in less than seconds apiece. And on top of that, we might do a little bit of advanced editing as well. All right, that was a lot of words. Let's jump right in on their press control. Air command ages to select on my images and control shift our command shift. Our just to show you that I'm resetting everything out. This is like the card trick player showing you his hand and saying, Look, there's no trickery here, except there's always tricks when it comes to magic. But not like OK, let's go a...

head. Now this preset is no denoted by this blooming highlights description next to and what that basically means that it's lowering mid tone contrast while boosting highlights, pulling down shadows and raising overall contrasts. And the effect that this has is to cause the highlights to bloom. Now it looks absolutely gorgeous over boudoir over close up portrait over fashion over backlit type porters like this where you want that blooming effect over the highlights in the background. So these are the situations that we'd typically be using it. Now, let's select this image again. It's kind of the perfect images to create the preset. I'm gonna press control shift artists or reset everything. And let's put 10 seconds upon the clock so I can show you how this preset is created. Okay, starting from the top. Well, first, before we start the clock, the exposure and temperature for this is pretty darn close to where I would want us. I'm just gonna leave it right there. What I'm gonna do here now, we can start the clock. We're gonna go natural color plus skin D sat for our foundation of this preset. OK, then we're gonna go down to our base tones. We're gonna do a levels boost, which is going to kick the highlights up and drop the shadows. We're gonna then soften up our mid tones and then add a bit of extra contrast. And Walla, our image is done. So here is the before and after to that, and you can see just those four simple clicks really did an awesome job again. This has saved out under your portrait mixology. And if you want to make tweaks to this feel free, the sharpening, the clarity, the contrast, all this is based on our style. The Linenger's a style. But if you guys want to tweak that by all means, and I'd highly encourage you to tweak it so that not everybody is producing the exact same stuff. But once we want to save that out, we'd crypt click the Create. A new preset little icon there would choose a folder, and again, I have the same selection here, where we dislike white bounce and exposure. Those air adjusted on image to image, graduate filter, radio filters. Local adjustments are image to image chromatic aberration. We leave turned on with less of the red, the lest of the rest. The rest of the lens corrections we leave turned off because again, that's an image to image choice that we want to make from here. We just hit, create. Okay, so now that we have that, let's go ahead and just select glam color. This image is practically done. I might cool this off just a little bit. I'm not even brighten it up just a little more just to have a really nice, like, high key image here. I think that looks gorgeous. Here's the before and the after for that looks fantastic. I don't need to do anything to that if I don't want to like aside from what's been done, let's go back to this image now. This isn't like a typical scene that I would use this preset for our style, and that's why we didn't uses to create the preset itself. But I do want to show you how it works here. So if we click glam color and then what we're gonna do is raise up our exposure overall in the image and then just drop in a radio filter at a negative 0.5 exposure burn, okay. And once we do that, we get this really nice effect, and you can see how it allows these highlights to really kind of bloom and create this beautiful look to the image. So here's the before, and here's the after that very simple, Very easy. And it looks fantastic. OK, let's go ahead and go to this kind of image again. You can see what it does over skin tones. Assumes I apply this. It just really brightens up the skin tones. It does a great job I'm gonna do is press are pull in that crop. It's a little bit and brighten up the image a little bit and then tone it down. Maybe in the white balance, just a tiny bit. And there we go. We have our finished image here before. After before after, of course, we could do additional retouch and all that, but it looks really nice, really great right there. And I love using his preset for again this type of a situation. This is shot through a, uh, Omega disc. Okay, so, Well, this one's a homemade of making this, but Westcott makes an omega disk. That's fantastic. You just shoot straight through it with a subject backlit. And you get this beautiful look. Watch this one single click glam color boom, boom, boom. One avenue for this particular images, I'm gonna turn on the profile correction because we are dropping some of the skin tones a little bit too dark at the bottom because of that natural vignette ing on this lens and they were just gonna tone down the temperature. And I might even bring up just my exposure a little bit and right about there might even bring it up a little brighter. Okay, now this scene was actually shot in front of a green window, by the way. So we do need to adjust the white balance a little bit, get a little bit more of the magenta is back in That looks fabulous. And I think on this image we are going to do a little bit of advanced editing in the next tutorial just to again use the brushes, go a little bit further, and let's just take a look at the before and after again for this preset. And on this image, it looks absolutely gorgeous. I love it. All right, so that's it for this tutorial. Let's move onto the next one

Class Description

CreativeLive is excited to bring you the newest SLR Lounge Lightroom Preset system and this is one of the best preset packages out there!

The Preset system can be downloaded and installed within the Bonus Materials for this course. Find how to make the most of this system in the videos that go with the class materials for this course, including tips from Pye Jirsa on how to combine presets for unique and customizable looks. 

SLR Lounge has custom built the Foundation Presets and Portrait Mixologies to give you vivid colors, tonalities, and more. This system also includes more refinement of the film presets for a more accurate emulation of some of the most classic film stocks like Kodak Portra 800, Fuji 400H, and Ilford HP5 in just 1-click.   

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom CC 2015


Gonzalo Blasco

Cool presets, but the course is a little slow...

Taras Onyshchuk

The importing by copying and pasting the presets into the directory doesn't work for me in Lightroom Classic.