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HDR Vivid Color

Lesson 11 from: SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets

Pye Jirsa

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11. HDR Vivid Color

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Lesson Info

HDR Vivid Color

welcome into the HDR vivid color 12th mixology, where we're gonna teach you how to create this preset included in the preset system version 2015 each different color, which will take your raw file from this to this in one single click. And you know what? Let's cover what settings are actually going on in this preset at the end of it, just for a little bonus already. So we're going to first is we're gonna go through all these different images and again with the 12th mentalities, we're going to show you how to create the preset in less than 10 seconds. We're also gonna apply it and show the basic developing for each of these images in less than 10 seconds and won't even do a little bit of advanced editing on some of them, too. And you know what? If it takes 12 seconds, please forget it. It's 10 seconds roughly. Let's select all of our images so all them naysayers can know that these air all re set out on a press control shift. Our or command shift our to get everything reset to their bas...

ic raw forms. Now what we knew select this image right here and again when we're creating presets. We do want to make sure that our exposure is roughly correct. The thing is that with a HDR push, like what we're essentially doing here is we're taking a single raw file, right? We're taking a single raw file that has all the information, all the detail there, from the shadows of the highlights. And we're pushing it with this type of a preset. So we're not necessarily trying to get to an exposure that has all the correct skin tones. What we're trying to do is get to an exposure where we have all the dynamic range possible. And so this is actually the correct exposure, so just completely reset out is totally fine. Now you can take a look at what the final effect is going to do. Is gonna really lift out all this shadows. It's gonna bring out the highlights is going to really just make for dramatic image. And so this type of a preset is best used over wide dramatic environmental portrait like this, where the couple is far away, because it's really gonna go kind of crazy on skin tones. So if the couple is too close, I would stick to the HDR natural or just one of the other presets. But these are the situation. Women use it on these super wide, kind of more landscape. Ask fine art type environmental portrait's. That was a lot of talking. Let's go ahead. We're gonna put 10 seconds on the clock and what we do down here is let's drop open into our foundation. And what we're doing here is we're gonna select first dramatic color plus skin D set. Okay, we're gonna go to HDR plus plus. Plus, we're gonna drop down here and we're gonna do a little bit of a hardened effect. I'm also gonna boost contrast, and then I'm gonna add a bit of D. Hayes into this just to really kick it up a little bit in terms of the overall contrast and we get to the final look. Now, of course, you can dial in a different set of definition tones for your specific look in your specific style. That's totally fine. But you can see how in those simple steps went from this to this. Now this image isn't necessarily 100% complete for me, I would probably do a little more. But let's just take a look at what is happening with this preset so up in the basic tones you can see we're pulling. Our highlights are whites downward, raising the shadows of 80 and blacks up to 100. We leave a little bit of shadows in there because we do want to have some pure blacks in the shot. We also want some pure highlights, and we're getting that contrast back with this contrast at 100% we're also adding a little bit of mid tone contrast with a boost and clarity. We're adding vibrance and saturation, I think I said vibrance. I did say vibrance. That's all right, though a tone here. We have a standard contrast boosting tone curve here, and you can look at what's going on inside of the age of cell again. If you don't have the presets and you're watching this just posit, you can take a look and see what we're doing here is enhancing colors by pulling out a little bit of that skin. Tones of skin tones don't go to nuclear, and they were adding back things like yellows and blues and the other tones in the image that are gonna really make for a vivid kind of ah, look okay down our detail. We have our standards sharpening, which has been modified for the 2015 system, and everything else is good, except for we've or everything will just standard, I should say, Except for that D hes so D. Hayes's again new to version CC of the presets system are sorry version cc of light room. And what that does is it really kicks up the overall kind of blacks in the image or the overall contrast. If we go the opposite way, you can actually see it adds back haze, which kind of create some cool effects to which will might use later on. But for this kind of preset really works wonders because it adds a lot of contrast back, and I really dig that use for it. Okay, so now that we're here, I'm going to just raise up my exposure a little bit more. I'm gonna drop in a radio filter with a 0. burn, and we're gonna call it good right about there. So here's our final before and after with this image Super awesome. Let's go ahead. We're gonna go to this. I mean, this is just a standard landscape image that follows this same kind of style principal. It's one that I would use the preset on again. Remember that this is saved under the HDR vivid. So if you have the precepts, you don't need to save it out. But if you did want to say those settings the typical settings that we'd save presets under de selecting white balance exposure, graduate filter radio and de selecting everything but chromatic aberration in the lens corrections again, if you're following along, just feel free deposited could die on these settings and give everything your own name and whatever, but we're gonna go ahead and drop out of this. Let's go ahead and select HD everyone color and boom. One click. We go from that to this, and I'm gonna do just to make a couple minor modifications here to exposure and maybe a little bit to my temperature. That looks fabulous. Perfect. Let's go on to another image will select this guy again fairly wide, just wide enough to use this preset on. But let's go ahead and drop it on hdr vivid. And I'm going to from here is just dial up that exposure and get kind of the correct white balance over the skin again, If your skin goes a little bit to nuclear, you've got that ah, little brush in there that you can use to brush it out. So what I might do is just drop in my radio filter and this is kind of the end of my basic adjustments. I'm gonna do one little advance adjustment and just use my UN enhanced HDR skin again. And if you're following along and you don't have that preset, then just feel free to pause and dial it in manually, OK? Just gonna pull this off the skins. We just get a little more subtle skin tone, a little more natural skin tones. This looks Charlotte. All right, take a look. That final before and after. Look at that. We get nice, beautiful skin tones before after before. After I love all the detail, it brings out these things. By the way, let me show you another use for I'm gonna choose my highlight Bloom right here. So one of the uses that I loved doing with this tool is to paint it over scenes like this where I really want the highlights on the rocks just to pop a little bit more. Okay, so I can paint this over that, and it's just gonna give everything like all these little highlights, just a little bit of a kick to it. And when I show you the before and after, you'll really see that effect. I'm gonna just make sure it's not on her legs on their legs. Okay, so watch this. I'm gonna turn it off. See that nice little kick that it gives me and those highlights? It looks beautiful. Okay, Final before and after with our advanced little edit there. Simple, easy peasy. Let's go on to the next image. Gotta love Disney Concert Hall. Okay, go ahead, select HDR. Vivid color gets us really solid, like, really close to where we want it to be. I just gonna dial in a slightly better white balance for those skin tones. Right about there is great gonna drop in that radio. I'm gonna go about right here, change it to a negative 0.5, and then just bring the exposure up a little bit. that's it. Like that before and after. So that is the HDR vivid color preset. It's how we would use it. It's the settings and kind of what makes this preset tick and how to get there in four simple clicks with a lighter in prison system. Alright, guys, we'll see you in the next video.

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