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What's Your Home Design Personality?

Lesson 7 of 34

Breaking Down Artistic Traveler

Tobi Fairley

What's Your Home Design Personality?

Tobi Fairley

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7. Breaking Down Artistic Traveler


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Breaking Down Artistic Traveler

Ok, so for those of you, we left out this morning that weren't traditional or or urban, we're going to get into your styles, or if you're not any of these, you might have a little piece of these in your personality, so let's jump in and see what these look like. So the artistic traveler this's the one that everybody on the chat room was, uh, aspiring to be right, people want to be this sounds so cool and so educated, and so, you know, worldly to be able to consider yourself the artistic traveler, which I think is really interesting myself, I would love to be that as well, I'm so what does an artistic traveler really embrace in their design style? We'll hear some of the things that we would think about if this was our design style eso collected now, this morning we talked about traditional styles being also potentially collected collecting antiques and things, but I think the difference here is this whole traveler approaches that it's much more global and it's collecting it's not just s...

omeone who collects maybe american antiques or french antiques, but it's something that's, that's, a little more broad and it's a little more, you know, maybe eclectic if we jokes in the promo a little bit about, you know, my whole idea for teaching this course was if you just always call your style of collective because you have a whole bunch of stuff that you throw together we don't want you to do that anymore but this would be the style that I think most embodies what a lot of us think as eclectic a lot of different things coming together in one place and working working well together so collected for sure and I just use this term but really global so not just one or two areas of the world not just american design not just english but really encompassing kind of the whole globe whether it's you know things from various countries in europe it could be anything it could be south america and it could be mexican it could be any sort of design style that you love that you want to bring in to your home with this artistic traveler concept on dh it's certainly layered so I think that's one of the things that makes it the most interesting it's very, um dimensional it's very has a lot of depth there's so many stories there you could really dig into kind of like a little bit like some of the traditional homes that would later things and there's a lot of different history happening with the global home with a global aesthetic but again a lot of it's it's more broad it's, more it's it's more it's you know less of one period more broad thinking and you're collecting and maybe even you would call it exotic some of us would call it that a friend of mine suzanne cast or who's a great designer in atlanta georgia did a fabulous project for a client in africa and I think about that when I think of this whole idea of artistic traveler and even the room we saw this morning that kind of looked like it had the mosquito netting that hand of has that feel of the project she did actually in a home in africa which was amazing so definitely a little exotic I think and then really rich and textured so it's a lot about textiles I would say that the tio two styles that really embrace textiles fabrics more than any others would be the traditional style in this style so a lot of the style is achieved through the actual fabrics that are layered in and the prints on the fabrics hand blocking batiks all sorts of interesting we woven pieces and it's really kind of the a defining moment for this style in a lot of ways is the pattern that's brought in so let's look at a few of the products like we did this morning just to kind of get a feel for what that looks like so this is from a company called lawyer rugs and so this is just a great example of the kind of patterns that you might say of course there's so many this is just one example, but this would certainly fit the idea of an artistic traveler with this sort of block print idea it's really a woven rug but it's it's the same types of prints we see a lot in the hand blocked faces that we imagine in this style on dh then here's a nate accessory from a company called the phillips collection so this certainly has that global aesthetic to it. So if you love this this is one of the things that might help you define your style being artistic traveler absolutely love these she's shearling cheers and they could live in a glamorous space for sure, but I think that they are very well they're very well suited for this style with the shearling back so really fun texture um and I think these air great kind of trendy peace but they wouldn't feel trendy if they were in this style category I love this piece is well, so we've talked about wood and how it shows up in the other two styles here's how it might show up in the artistic traveler style this is a designer john strauss who makes the furniture designer who makes these great pieces and so you could certainly use that in an urban home but I think that it's very, very well suited for this idea I love that it's just that I um you know very organic the overall edges air shown it's kind of just like a found object that you've made into a piece of furniture and then certainly something that represents some of the patterns like we were talking about so way I had mentioned earlier that if you wanted to dip your toe in the water of this category one of the easiest ways would be too introduced things like pillows or other textiles into your space like maybe a throw or a blanket or something with pattern and it really starts embracing this asshole style idea so any of these pieces of furniture that any of you really respond to because I think that they could easily transition I see lots of nodding easily transition into a traditional are classic space don't you think what in particular anybody want toe I love this piece in that everybody responds to that really will not you know because it's the modern it's too moderate so is it the medal that makes you so if it didn't have it had two two wooden legs would be something that it's still too earthy for you so not formal enough maybe write a modern cabin rush this um okay and so on and what about these really they can create a lot of chatter all about themselves because they're so they're sheikh they're cool they're crazy they're a little you know just kind of wild out of the box so they could go in a lot of spaces they could actually even show up when we start working on the mix they could show up in a really fun way in a very sleek urban um project and that could be the only texture that came into the space well let's jump in and look at um some oops I'm going the wrong way at some of the rooms for this style and start breaking down what's happening in the artistic traveler style okay did any of you how many of you in this space felt like you was this one of your categories did anybody I like it like a secondary category free there's ah when we get to shopping there's all kinds of resource is for this but there's one company called serena and lily that I think does this look really well you know, a lot of you know that go there from here. Okay? So there's a lot of ways this design can show this this style can show up one way would be to have almost no color and this is definitely that kind of look so very neutral and the whole story is really about what's happening with the different textures in the space so um probably lane scores more masculine teo I would think this particular space and but very very different from something um like maybe this which is just crazy with color and I think this is really this is an interesting space this could, you know, be anywhere in america from a palm beach house tio something that's just truly representative of a lot of different travels or collections that someone might have I think this is the one of the more of bold versions of artistic travel or for sure it encompasses a lot of things with this lacquer piece you know that could lean towards something much more modern but it's the mix that makes this most representative of the style like he traveled to a lot of different places and brought heritage pieces and you know, I had really representing a whole bunch of different things in one space here which is why I say this one mostly ins towards what we would typically consider an eclectic look I think I love this space how do you know what do you think about this space so it's amazing and it's like and probably an indonesian bid there it's at least something like that? I'm not certain of the heritage of that piece but I love that it has been prison it executed it with this cobalt paint so it makes it much more fun a little less, you know, serious a little a little less drab because I think one of the things with with maybe that first room is you could lose a little s if there's not anything happening besides all of these same types of materials and finishes and so I think that really jazz is that it makes it certainly much more um you know, better eye candy for magazines, much more photo worthy I think with the blue anybody feel like that they could bring this into their home and whether in your traditional, um, traditional style so there's definitely some traditional elements particularly you could relate to the wood finishes I'm sure if you were traditional I mean even the bed though that the shapes and the forms of the bed could fit in a traditional styling on this one as well. I think that that's a campaign so I've been talking about campaign furniture today already. So for those of you who don't know what a typical campaign pieces there really known for this type of hardware that's hidden that recesses into the cabinet, these brackets on the corners, the legs that air like almost more like you consider like a director's chair they were intended to fold up. So the whole idea of this is it was the camping furniture and is used and by the british and that war times and they would set up camp and then I would close it all up and take it with them and it would travel with him but it's very much on trend and popular at the moment at the same time it's a very, very classic piece so it's not trendy it's just kind of like on pinterest trending right now so you know, just because something is popular doesn't mean it's trendy but and so this is what you're probably seeing lots of these around out in the on the internet and home furnishing stores and they're very popular but they certainly fit well with the artistic traveler style there really sort of the whole concept of in that show okay let's look at some stuff that's really different but that was a little hard to see this is what what you can't see it probably that you might consider that more of that boho kind of bohemian chic we see a lot of this what I think a lot of young people in urban spaces that don't want to have an urban styles that like and more collected look it's a lot of vintage things a lot of layering I think there's probably a better picture of something similar let me look and say maybe this when I love I love this space um so the pattern really becomes what's so important to the artistic traveler style I love these woven baskets so imagine I mean you you could purchase those somewhere but well is even more interesting insulin is if you had actually collected those in your travels that I think that's what sophie fun and glamorous about this idea of buying things as you travel some other notable things in this room are the hammered metal so that certainly has a look that's consistent with uh this global feel and um so and it's just the layering of the mix and mixing of the pillows not a lot of symmetry happening and something that's collected and then I love this too because the great warren refuge in kind of leather on the chair lots of pattern happening I think that for me some of the most interesting homes that I go into whether they're the ones that I design or not typically a lot of times aren't when there's some of these styles but they're so interesting to me because we get back to that whole piece that we started with this morning that a home should tell the story of the people who lived there and so don't you all know people that you go to their home and they have all these amazing things and they've come from all plate over the world and their travels and so you really want to find out what the story is behind them and this is when they traveled to different lands and it's just really exciting and interesting or if they're just collectors even of antique pieces I think it's still so interesting to hear the story behind all of them and why they chose to mix them together in that room tells that kind of story to me seems to have a suggestion of different cultures, as you've obviously got the asian buddha in there, but he also I think something about that art speaks africa to me, maybe the the rug as well. So you can actually mix up different for teachers disabilities. And I was in morocco, yeah, last year and so that's what that were that they were tons of these drugs, a lot of my designer friends who were on this trip with me, we're shipping these back because they've become so popular, so certainly some african flavor this pace, maybe even has a little bit of, like an indonesian kind of flavor to it. So I agree, that's what's most interesting about this and that's kind of why I was saying, as opposed to, say, a traditional home that's going to, you know, mix a few cultures in a few different geographic regions, but not as many it doesn't feel global. Well, I don't I don't necessarily a traditional room that has french and english and american antiques that would never really consider that global I mean it's, a very specific parts of the world from different places, but it doesn't feel as collected as a room like this I agree it's funny there's a little there's a little conversation stream on chat right now beech co says no dawn says for some reason the artistic traveler reminds me of the seventy speech coaxes how hard being called a hippie and then comey says yes a romantic notion of the hippie does that romantic I think romantic is that's a good one a gentle way a little bit hippy but I think for me it's just more is about when I look at these spaces I see someone who's really confident tio teo blend all of these things do you see that I think in a sense rooms that are that are more haphazard at first glance actually are really more daring and a lot of ways because I don't know I find it a little more difficult to mix a lot of things together like you were saying earlier and have them work have it be successful have it not look like a hodgepodge or something that doesn't really relate so I find them very very daring and very confident this one's really interesting I mean that I love this is certainly modern this piece ah in a sense but they also it also the forms speak back to things that you would see from different cultures to and even look at this piece there's like a horn sculpture mixed with this really modern light fixture but just the perfect sort of mix of sleek and textured in this space I think that makes it so interesting hanging chair more than I could tell you anything else and I still want to get one before I die because I grew up in a house that was very very traditional and so the idea of having this hanging chair in any room is never going to stop that we've definitely kidsrooms before I think I should and one of the projects that I brought last time that's really fun I love this is well so this is really really a modern execution of a collection isn't that beautiful so it's really really simple ah I think that is so great looking there's so much texture so whether any of these had any meaning to you I think they're still interesting in the composition but I just love how clean and simple is so this is probably a blend of like a bee in a see somebody who's a modern urban kind of thinker but somebody who also loves to travel which I think is really really beautiful in many lies as opposed to this he was also you know it's a total collection of things but not at all an edited way it's sort of anything goes in this space and but it feels really warm it feels like there's a party going on in there to me it feels like a personality of feeling it's very interesting I love the table the table could be very traditional in many respects but it works so well and again it's the pattern that pretty much makes each of these artistic spaces really come toe life the pillows the chair pattern the table where I think that start to give that idea of artistic traveler for sure also the senate the branch the tree branches I think have ballot okay let's look at this one that this certainly is that seventies kind of hippie vibe innocence so even though we're looking at retain and I don't know if that's men's anita would what kind of wood that is that's a great sculptural coffee table but almost a shag rug this this very seventies conversation pit to me but it could be in a very modern homos well current so has anybody like this? Look, this is a tough one, isn't he like this one? Sally this is sort of party party had yeah, you know, when that comment before was it's a little seventeenth I mean, it is to me that's a little bit what I grew up sleeping on that side for while my parents were partying with their friends I met there, I think I did yeah, I was at the audience feel about that exploring they kind of said now they weren't a big fan of that one so leslie, I guess remind me how many questions sort of identified as the sea in this area I think the picture that you showed up there so similar to my house that funny it's just you know, the one to carry to election security collection because it's almost like for mostly be but if you're going to have a collection, do it nice and clean and orderly and that I most resonated with and it's right back very beautiful you're being see teresa you well, I was just going to say we're going through the a b c d I recently redid my daughters, my eighteen year old daughter's bedroom and I was on pinterest looking for ideas and she was very much I don't know mom just do whatever she went to college and I wanted to surprise her when she got back, but I her style really is this and I found that I ended up doing a lot of this kind of thing going to cost plus picking up and she likes to travel that's her thing she loves travel on beaches and things like that so I just really is this kind of a bohemians kind of viewpoint um let's let me look and see if there's any more than that feel a little more traditional that some of you could relate to, so what let's look at this one so that becomes a little more palatable to the traditionalist as in it but you still see flavors I mean even if it could almost fit in a glam glam space actually but there's a lot of flavors of this traveled kind of us that it collected aesthetic the artwork the lighting fixture the this is that's one of the over died that's an oriental over died road that I was talking about so antique oriental rugs or even sometimes this one in particular they're sewn in patchwork patterns and then they're over died in one color so that certainly has the flavor of the artistic traveling a lot of times the colors that they're over dating are the strong pigments that you would see from different locations and traveling like the indigos and the rich reds and last time you know how we talked about the history of where a lot of pigment and color came from and so it's very in egyptian there's a lot of different cultures that bring a lot of those color pigments that we enjoy like um cobalt blue you know into our life they come from different places and so you see them represented in things like this rug over died room I love that are traditionalists is holding strong even that we can't sweat here it all even I showed this my appeal to traditional she's like melt not may I'm not moving I'm not sway and I liked the chairs so they were more that was it very of everything else I like the cemetery that picture but only the chairs that you think that this is one of the great things about this some people won't know who they are and so it will give them a sense of who they are. But one of the things that this also is helps you, you know, be very confident that have it and embracing my style and I'm not wavering. So what about this one? I really love this one, do you? Does anybody love this? It could easily and probably is like a new york apartment or new york flat and it's really only the peace behind the bid that starts to give it that international flavor maybe maybe the bench but the bench really kind of hits on that modern urban piece. S o I think this is a beautiful way if you just have a tiny bit of interest in this style and how to start bringing it in, this makes a whole lot of sense and then you could easily change this fabric if it was something that didn't work for you long term with the retired of but I think that was a great image much cleaner and then we looked at this one this morning, but I think this is certainly there's some very traditional things happening in this space is well but it's the bed kits thie sorry I mean the suzanne e bed covering that is really setting that town for two traveled in global look here, okay? And maybe just one more I think this chest is very if it's not serena and lily it's it's the type of thing that they create but this in lay like bone in lay that kind of look but this this room particular has a very modern execution as well because of its the monochromatic color palette. So last time I was here we were talking about color palettes we talked about monochromatic it specifically and I think that what makes this really appealing probably to a broader base of people is that the color palette is really serene so it makes it phil the bad leg very traditional yeah, tha institutional the curve of the chest in the front, you sly molding and the molding and then the the wallpaper I did like that room wait until you're traveling just it's just a shame. So so what is our online audience saying that any of any of us people out there really resonating with this style design queen has an interesting which a question which I think would arise a lot with this style and that is that is it hard to combine your own personal photos plus items from your travel and things you've inherited some of those things you didn't pick you know your own photos so you're in florida is the things that you've got from the travels, but you've also inherited stuff that you may not have had so much of us saying so this's the this is the perfect style tio capture a lot of those different things because you can imagine this is even in this example this is pretty clean, but imagine even if you had inherited a, um an antique cabinet or something, you could have a display of things that you collected in it and it could work very well, especially even in a warm wood tongues we've seen tons of wood tones on a lot of these images to actually think that wouldn't be hard to do it all. I think this would be the perfect style for bringing all of those things together. So it seems like on the fame of a few of those like the one that day marie love that had the white with all the curated stuff yes, and then that one that you just showed us it seems like if you want to have all those disparate things, you almost need to sort of separate them and then just had them in a section yes, I think that's a great a great point, so one of my favorite design tips this is one of those that you can write down and use in any style is that any collection is goingto have more impact if it is presented and displayed as a whole, so a lot of people collect things, and they have them all over their home a little here, a little there on a tabletop in a bookcase, and no one ever really recognizes that it's a collection and didn't have very much impact, but the minute that you display it all as a group, it suddenly has so much drama and so much interest, it becomes a conversation piece that really captures people's attention. So I think that's an excellent point, that if you really want to show off any kind of collection, whether it's flow blue china, like we saw in the english room or something like this that's, very global and traveled, you're going to make the most impact and it's going to be most exciting if it's presented as a grouping or as a whole excellent point. Yes to even in my business, when I have a collection of things they like, I love to collect old oil cans if I put in the half house early all to my it doesn't no one's really interested, but when I display it together as a collection, they're just automatically did they just fly out of there, so I don't like when you group things like not that. Really, it does have a lot of impact will people just don't notice it is particularly and say a traditional interior or something like this there so much to take in already that most people aren't in the space long enough to go around and really noticed that you had three of these in this room into in this room said it makes sense when you think about it, but I agree I think I love to use this in every style of interior I love to use this approach to displaying any kind of collection as a whole so great point sally or the online audience member I should be I'm really intrigued by the one with the map wallpaper I think a lot of this resonate with this t just from the standpoint of traveling the world and I don't know about all of you, but I actually want one of these large mass because I want to be the person that gets to put all those little pins and all the places I've been, it feels like it feels exciting and for me, a person who is a list maker, I love that I have checked that place off the list been to that that place that's really, really fun and exciting is also a great conversation piece, so I also love this, um, really, really fun and very, very conversational isn't

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I was happy to get this class on sale at a time when I needed it. We were painting and replacing some furniture so it helped me get some clarity on what is most important to me. As a photographer I can appreciate most styles and colors so the class helped me hone in on what my design personality is (eclectic mostly) which helped me focus on things to inspire me.

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What a generous offering. I got so much out of this course. Sure, some of the style references are a little out-moded, but it's incredibly thorough. Tobi is so knowledgeable about all of the styles and is gifted at helping students ensure style and functionality. Dive in! You'll learn so much about your own style and how to make your home flow in a way that you love.

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