Joining Households, and Other Obstacles


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Joining Households, and Other Obstacles

So what happens when you're joining households? This room was actually for a blended family, her husband and wife that mary he had this was his sons rame, and then they ended up having two daughters together. So how do you what do your considerations for styles blending styles when you're joined, blending households as well? So everybody needs to feel comfortable and inspired. So j k o, you were saying this this morning that you moved into a house that you didn't exactly feel like was your house that's up? Weii, we certainly don't want that. We really don't want that for children when you're blending families, there's already, sometimes some stress going on. So how do you blend households on dh? Have everybody feel comfortable in and inspired in their space and still make it transition with the rest of the house, um, and then finding interesting and unique and not too chaotic ways to blend things that are different. So in this particular house, we we had a one spouse who was the husban...

d was very, very traditional, and the wife was really glam because she was a mix of urban and glam, like cool, hip, daring, wanted, really trendy stuff and then very classic on the other side, so how do you bring those things together without chaos? Um, and then, really understanding, this is a great point for you to think about, even if if you're working with your spouse at home, what are the non negotiables? Like what? Everything can't be a non negotiable? You don't get to say, ok, everything I say is not flexible, but everything that you say is completely flexible. That's not very fair, so each person is to bring to the table some things that are just non negotiable, like I have to have the big tv, but maybe I don't have to have a recliner. I'm happy to have a chair and ottoman, you know, that's, a great compromise that what are those non negotiables for everybody? That's living in the house? I'm so let's look at some spices for functional design, for two or even for two people and their families, and how this works, how he could blend these tears are saying this thing that their challenges, because they were kazaa home designer, they also have to keep their eye on their kids all the time, their work, although they have a set space for it, just keeps encroaching of flowing into living areas. Because that's, where her technique it's tend to be, I think this is something that a lot of people we've had lots of areas, so that encompasses the designing for kids and the designing a workspace and having, how does it not fill chaotic all in the living room? Yes, tapped out with that many times, weaken talk about that in a moment, say so, um, just thinking about blending some styles, eso let's say, I'm going to pick out a few of these, we may not cover all these just so that we don't run out of time because I want to get to the rest of our boards, but so what if a bar was really important for someone like that for entertaining? How do you blend this idea into space? I think this is a really cool, chic hip space, and, um, you know, it could be, like a second living room or something, but how do you bring something even, like an entertaining space on mix it with your style? And maybe you could you could execute that, and a whole lot of ways could be a very traditional space, or it could be a bar could be your space for entertaining other adults, you know, maybe the non negotiable is that one of the partners or spouses really wants tohave spaces that they can have friends over in their whole house feels like kitty land all the time had he create some of the grown up spaces that blend with your style or even give them a piece of their style like something more urban on dh then maybe transition it to other spaces that are more traditional, and I think he could certainly do that. That was a fun example. Um let's see what else this was ah, interesting way to hide a television so if one of the non negotiables for one of the spouses is I do not want to see a television, so doesn't even have to be this cottage look. But the concept of having something that covers up the television might allow two people to be functional. Be happy in a space on dh hit both of the non negotiables we have to have a tv and I don't want to see it. How do we make that work? I think that's a great way to blend function and style there, or even this one fighting not fighting over the flat screen television. So there's the tv just hanging on the wall and it's exposed but it's done in a way that's very traditional, very classic and something is modern. As a television, you almost don't even notice in this space you really see this as a library and a very traditional room, so jeff having a tv out does not necessarily mean that you have to abandon all of your traditional aesthetic because you don't think that's very traditional I think this is a great example of that tv has become the point of contingent for a lot of people, I think that you on and maybe here's blending some more masculine styling into a space that maybe someone thinks that that their spaces are all to femininity have to blend some things together, I think is the beautiful execution of a more masculine space, but you could transition this into maybe a glamorous interior with the curves in the crew room and the channel tough thing, you know, you could take some of those cues and bring those into other parts of the house that may be blended with the glamorous style, even though this is almost industrial, certainly urban and masculine, then I keep going so that we can look at a few other, um ideas. Ok, karima, there we go. So what about if it's, not your forever home? I think I might even run through a few of these slides and then we'll go out and go to all the pinterest sports that once, if that's okay with you guys, eso what if you're renting because some people feel like, well, this isn't my home, I don't own it, I can't do things to what can you do to bring function and style s o down where future design style just because you're renting, I had a lot of people talk about this in the last course about color because they couldn't paint the walls and it was just driving them crazy because they thought we're talking about of course on color and they can't paint the walls and I would say each time remember what paint is not the only way to bring color to a space well, the same thing just because you're renting it doesn't mean that that that things that are non negotiable with your landlord aren't the only ways to bring style into the home certainly can be accomplished with furnishings, but there's other things like temporary wall coverings, there's really cool products out there, there's temporary wall covering that sticks on like contact paper, and it could be everything from a really traditional day miss to a very glamorous goldblum made something really geometric, and that was put into an arab in space. So what can you use what products can use? And then sometimes you just go ok? I'm willing to repaint the walls I'm willing to go to some expense to make this fit my aesthetic quality here I think about this, like in show houses, when we go to a show house as a designer, we designed the whole show house, and part of the deal is you have to put it back to the condition that it was in before he did it. If that's what the owner wants and we don't fret over that too much, we still want to make a statement, so just go ahead and put the wallpaper up, and, you know, if we have to take it down and repainted, okay, it's, just part of doing business. Well, I really hope that many of you will think about this in your own spaces if you don't own the space because, yes, there is some expense to repainting a room when you move out. But how much pleasure could you get out of it? And was it worth the energy in the time and the money to repay, to have it really reflected in your style while you're living there, and a lot of times for me, I would say it's that it certainly is, um also let's move to another a couple of other thoughts on this, so for well being, this is where that idea of maybes in or yoga other things happening in your house, how do you make well being a priority and still have style in your space? So are their spaces where people can get some privacy, because sometimes just that noise reduction, taking the volume down, having some piece of quote in quiet eyes really key to the well being of your space maybe that's your sleeping quarters or farther away from the teenager's rooms you know what is the well being peace for you and the people have places to go and can you use your style to create nooks and and spaces in your house that give people this kind of support that they need for their well being? What about storage and organizations? Because chaos and clutter khun b one of the biggest problems for people's well being that visual clutter and visual noise eyes so what is your organization look like in your house? Is there enough natural light coming in daylight is really I see in those happening right here, you know, a lot of things like depression and other things can happen because you don't get enough sunlight into your space so heavy addressed that are you thinking about that when you're thinking about buying new houses are remodeling the lighting that's coming in? S o none of these air style specific and there's a solution for all of these no matter what your personal aesthetic is s so we'll look in just a moment at some of this when we go, we can do that now, actually, because the section after this is all about your homework so let's look at the pinterest boards really quickly so just a few things here that they're this so if it's not your forever space, what can you do tio to a space even if you can't paint the walls will this spice has a ton of style and yes the doors or black and maybe would have to leave the doors white but an all white room that you can't paint if it's not your forever home or you're rinsing can have loads of personality can't it just with the things that you bring into the space color style pattern? This is a great jonathan adler room and I think that's a gorgeous example of that something that could work if you couldn't paint the walls or if the walls were all white certainly all your drama can come from furnishings and color and pattern this is very glamorous on and so this could be a focal point if there was no interesting architectural detail ing in the space can you create interest and focal points with furnishings and you certainly hand because just like molding applied to the wall or crown molding can add a lot of interest you really can get that same thing just from this the curves of this chair what's your great I'm changing your hardware could be with something that you could do and um you know certainly you might not want to do this if you weren't going to be in a space for a while but you could do that and you could change it back before you leave just put all the ugly door knobs in a clause that our cabinet cabinetry hardware in a closet don't get rid of it and then you khun take yours with you and you leave again here's some of this a great temporary wallpaper so you could take an accent wall and just put that up like contact paper you can order it in different patterns I think he can even customize the colors and the scale of theirs several great companies including one called tim paper that does this so that would be a fun way to get a look in a temporary space. This is great for if you do on your house but in a kid's room or a teen dinara space that you don't the I think they're gonna want it like that forever it's a great temporary solution for some punch to a wall or, um behind the bed, that sort of thing um, so so I'm going to move on to some others but just thinking of even using things like fabrics, the headboard in the window treatment here again to a really neutral space you could do something like this if you couldn't change the wall so this is where I want you to make sure that you're not waiting to tell your story until you have your forever house because your story can unfold in a white envelope and be really, really dramatic and dynamic for sure um and then finally will look at, um son ideas for bringing your style to your well being so you know, really traditional home could have some little spaces that air tucked into the the architecture that allow people to get away, have some privacy or have a place to get out of the the fray of what's happening in your house a d heavy thought about that in your own home? This is that might look in a really traditional classic home it's fun to think about ways to make space is so this is kind of your idea of having a lot of storage you're thinking about it for an office, but what other things to people have to store? This is almost like a mud room slash butler's pantry very very chic there's some great big large baskets here I mean, you know, the wellies air at the bottoms there's a lot of just general things that you wouldn't typically think being unnecessarily glamorous, but they're organized and presented in that glamorous way and my last time I had built ins in a home office I had my treadmill in the space, I have my home office in the space and then part of the cabinetry I used exactly like this for my butler's pantry, so it was so much fun as I love to cook and entertain so this section was all of my cake plates and things exactly like this. Over here, we're covered boxes that had things for where kraft things photographs, but it always really fun and internet energizing for me to be in the space really, really organized on dh. It was inspiring to me, and I worked out in that space. So it was a very small room. But it had a lot of different functions happening, including my well being with treadmill in the space. Maybe you have a little space that's, not in your home. That's for well being. Maybe it's a pool house, maybe it's a backyard retreat. That's. A fun thing to think about. One of my friends, michael devine, has this amazing entertainer, and he designs fabrics. He has a home in upstate new york, and he took a metal building from, like home depot and put when those in and drapery and and it's this a little bag, a tail in the back, in the backyard, in the garden and we dine out there, it's exquisite on and it's the same idea. And it was truly a little modular building that he bought from a hardware type store. You know, homestore really fun, I'm certainly thinking about storage. So we were asking a moment ago about storage. This these kinds of things were great, even for offices. But how? Thinking about putting them in closets. So maybe you don't want to see all of that stuff, actually, in your workspace. Maybe you went convert closets and other things to hold your storage, but certainly for well being is helpful and then there's all kinds of things. You can also go out. I think we're gonna. I'm gonna wrap up here so I can. We can get you to your homework but thinking about clever ways for hours in space is air yoga spaces to be either in a modern urban place because someone was asking about was in earlier, um, or something, you know, maybe more artistic, or even something more traditional on dh. How do you car about those spaces in your house? So that's, a lot of function that you need to think about as well.

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